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Poor Quality Products, Poor Customer Service, Will Not Issue Refund
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I were not satisfied with the products from Cobalt Chrome Forever. We tried to address these concerns directly with the seller, but unfortunately he was unresponsive.

Our first complaint was that the sizing of the rings was completely off, hence both rings needed to be exchanged. Once we returned the items to the seller, he failed to communicate with us despite my repeated attempts to make contact with the seller. This made us nervous and caused us to look into his company and his record. We found that he was selling the exact same rings for half-price on a site. At this point I contacted the seller and said I wanted a complete refund. He markets his products as being "on sale" from $159 etc on his own website, yet sells the same product for 49.99 on an outside site. We felt duped and that the quality of these products was cheaper than we wanted for wedding bands. He replied that their policy did not allow for returns. This was news to us.

The seller never disclosed upon checkout that the he would not grant a refund for items. When a buyer checks out on his website, there is no mention of their refund policy. If someone clicks on the "Shipping and Returns" button on his website, it simply states:

All rings shipped from within the United Sates free of charge. Delivery usually takes 3-4 days. Expedited shipping is available. International shipping is also available for customers outside the United States for a single low flat rate.

If a return or size exchange is needed please contact our support staff.

He has his merchandise back and we are dissatisfied with his product (both the sizing and the price) so we do not want an exchange. He never disclosed his refund policy to us. Also, I found he WILL do refunds (there is another complaint on this site), but it seems he tries to make it as difficult as possible.

We now have a dispute filed with PayPal.
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User Replies:
spec on 09/05/2013:
I had a somewhat similar experience with Cobalt Chrome Forever - they do not offer refunds, even though this is not stated anywhere on the website. PayPal however supported my case, and offered a refund. I hope you also got your refund through PayPal.
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Terrible way to do business
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- Ordered a wedding band from merchant - Cobalt Chrome Forever- online.
Emailed seller that the ring did not work out as I needed a different style and size. Seller replied for me to find another style and I could exchange the first ring. I looked through website but the sale price I got for my ring (65.00) was no longer going on and to exchange for a second ring would be double in price. So I requested a refund from the seller due to this. His response was if I'm doing an exchange he could give me a better price. That price was 25.00. So I returned the first ring, at my cost naturally. Over 2 weeks later, the exchange style arrived, but that ring didn't work either so I had to ship that back as well. Seller only refunded me the cost of the first ring since he claimed the 25.00 style exchange covers his shipping and processing fees. Really? He did NOT ever disclose that the 25.00 was nonrefundable. Further, I did not get credited for the return of the first ring until I followed up with Seller.
These transactions were completed through PayPal. Unfortunately the seller separated the 2 transactions so Paypal cannot dispute the 25.00 charge since its not considered a tangible item but a service.
Bottom line: Any reputable seller will make it clear what purchases are refundable or not- Up front, seller should have said that if I choose the 25.00 style exchange and I need to return the ring, the 25.00 will not be refunded. I don't like dishonest merchants.
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User Replies:
unhappycouple on 07/24/2013:
Unfortunately we've also had a poor experience with this company. I just posted a review about it through this website. Bottom line: we're dissatisfied with the product and the seller will not refund any of our money. He has his product back and I'm stuck with the bill (currently disputing the transaction through PayPal). I cannot imagine operating an internet-based business this way. Extremely poor customer service.
rory on 07/30/2013:
I actually had a great experience with this company, shipping to Australia we both ended up with the wrong size (due to differences in US/AUS sizing) but the owner was easy to deal with and the product was good.
spec on 09/05/2013:
I wish I had read this review before ordering our wedding rings in June 2013. Due to last minute problems, we ordered the rings only 10 days before the wedding. The site said that delivery is 3 days, so we thought it would be enough time. However a few days later, I e-mailed the seller asking if our rings had been shipped, and he said no, because "they are being handmade to order". I then requested to cancel the order and asked to get a refund, however the seller insisted that the rings are "custom-made" and they do not offer refunds. None of this was mentioned at the time of order, so naturally I disputed the transaction through Paypal, and luckily in the end Paypal ruled in my favor, and I got my money back.

The bottom line is - do not do business with if there is even a slight chance you may want to get a refund! They will do everything not to give you your money back (without any warning that all sales are final, apart from exchanges).
frustratedbride on 10/08/2013:
I wish I had read this review before ordering from this company. We have had to exchange our rings twice to get the right sizing. (We had the second ring sized by a jeweler who said it wasn't true to size, close, but not true to size) Then the merchant refused to take a phone call from me so that I could get his opinion of the next ring I should exchange for and proceeded to tell me in email that I was wrong and jewelers didn't know how to size the rings correctly. To add to the frustration, it would take them several days to two weeks to respond to my emails. I am on edge about this company and their service. I hope the third ring works out, but I know I probably won't get my money back from them. I am going to be out $100. Not worth the hassle. Definitely not worth my husband being band-less two months after our wedding.
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