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Rip Off!!
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I went to Coggin Nissan on Atlantic in June of 2007 wanting to trade in a 1996 Acura Integra. I inquired about a Pathfinder online. When I got down to the dealership, they showed me a bunch of cars that did not interest me and not once did they show me a pathfinder. They said it was outside of my budget, which they assumed because I was 18 years old at the time. They never asked me how much I made nor did they ask for a pay stub. They showed me more cars and I kept telling them I wanted an suv.

So he took me behind a chain-linked fence where they keep the cars that people have traded in. He showed me a 2003 Nissan Xterra that I really liked. It was dirty because it looked like it had been sitting there awhile. It had leather seats which I liked since he said most Xterras do not come with leather seats and that this was a special edition that was rare, which he was right about that. He asked me if I liked it and if this was the one. I asked him if I could test-drive the car. This is what he told me:" Well, the problem with that is its behind all these cars and we would have to move them and its just a hassle so I'll let you drive another Xterra." Me being 18 and nieve said, "OK." After I test-drove the other Xterra I decided that I liked it and still wanted the other one.

They took me back inside to sign a bunch of papers. I told him that I wanted to trade in my Integra for the Xterra. He said no problem. And I told him I had another car that my grandparents had given to me the previous year that was not drivable. And he said that was great. He went into his manager's office to discuss it with him. He then came back into his office where I was sitting and told me that they'd give me $1,000 for my Integra and $500 for my Celica. And I said that was fine. They sent me home to get the titles of both cars.

They told me I could drive the Xterra that I had test-drove. So I came back with the titles and signed them over. We finished the rest of the paper-work. But then the finance manager told me that they needed another $500 down because the bank had asked for it. I said no. And he said no problem. One of the things I now realize that they did wrong was have me sign over my cars before I was even financed.

When they gave me a copy of the contract that I had already signed, I looked over it and realized that my Celica was not listed but my Integra was liested as a trade in for $1,500 which was the total amount they were going to give me. I told them about this problem and they said I could go ahead and keep the Celica. I said OK. They let me drive home with the loaner car because my Xterra that I bought was going to get cleaned up before they gave it to me.

I had it about a week. Then I showed my grandparents the car and the contract and they Were very upset, along with my father, who almost had a heart-attack when I told him. They said it was all wrong and that I was to pay $380 a month for 6 years! My dad contacted his attorney. I went to his attorney in Fernandina Beach. I gave him my contract to look over. He had his assistant write a letter to Coggin about the problems. They said there was nothing I could do. But my father was still upset about the whole thing so he decided to go to the dealership with me and work out a deal. My father was so mad that he yelled at every single sales person and they basically laughed in our faces because they knew I was a young girl and they had swindled money out of me. We ended up with the same deal. I drove home with the car a few days later when my step-father gave me a ride to the dealership.

I have had the car for over a year now and I am working on a lawsuit with them. There is a huge Class-Action lawsuit against Coggin going on right now. I realized Some new things they did wrong. When I called my bank, First Florida Credit Union, and I asked to see my original credit application and my loan approval, they refused saying that there was a "discrepancy" in my loan. The lady on the phone also told me that it looked like there was a co-signer on the loan, which there is not. That is another red flag. Coggin must have somehow made a deal with the bank by either lying and forging a second signature or something else. I am investigating this right now. Car-buyers usually never see a copy of the loan approval because it has the sales man's commission listed on it and they don't want the customer to see it. But by law, I am entitled to see it if I request to. And they denied me that access.

I had no previous credit and no proof of income. There is no way I would be approved for an $18,000 car loan for 6 years unless the dealership somehow falsified my papers, which I believe they did. If anyone else has a similar problem with this company or any other major problem, I would like to know. And I do have an attorney that is working on the big lawsuit so if you would like to get the information on what you can do, ask me because I will tell you. And to anyone planning on buying a car from any Coggin store, DON'T. You will regret it!!!
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BobJohn on 10/21/2008:
I don't know what I would have done when I was 18 but I would have been wide open to the same kind of tactics. I was quite gullible. You did just about everything wrong but if you can prove Coggin did something illegal that might be enough to get them to take the car back and cancel the loan. Maybe. Until you are more familiar with car dealerships please take someone with you and make sure you read every piece of paperwork before you sign it (doing the math too) and make sure you test drive the vehicle you are buying. Good luck.
Ponie on 10/21/2008:
this is one of the funniest letters I've read in a long time.
Anonymous on 10/21/2008:
Nothing funny about this letter that I see - A young, inexperienced person with no credit history got scammed by a car dealership - I too would have been easily conned when I was 18 and didn't have much life experience.

jsammc, thanks for sharing your experience so that others may think twice before blindly trusting anyone and signing away their life. Good luck!
NickL11354 on 10/21/2008:
Here are lessons on buying a car:
1) Do not goto any dealership unless you are going to see a specific car you inquired about. If they don't have, do a price switch, say you must finance with their F&I dept to receive the internet price, walk out

2) Never trade in at the dealership. This is just profit because you will be lowballed and the amount you are upside down on gets rolled into the new car loan

3) You should always pay cash for a car whether it is a $4,000 used POS, or a $60,000 car. Cars are not real estate and do not appreciate in value. You can get a decent used car for only $25,000 cash.
Anonymous on 10/21/2008:
"You can get a decent used car for only $25,000 cash"

Nick, what do you do for a living?
madconsumer on 10/21/2008:
if one only had 25k lying around.

one way would to be a drug dealer. then one would have that kind of cash.

besides, if one does have 25k in the bank, you can get a loan.

paying cash for a vehicle does go against some modes of thinking.
jktshff1 on 10/21/2008:
While I understand the op's complaint and it is probably well justified. Live within your means!!
One has 25k in the bank by living within their means and paying cash for what they "need" instead of using "credit"
At $100.00 a week, that's $5,200 a year x 5 (typical car loan) = cash to pay for that vehicle.
Instant gratification = bad credit, no cash, long term problems.
Sorry for the has been too easy for too long, and now everybody is paying for it.
What 18yr old kid needs a $25,000 car...and that was used???
My daughter's 1st car was a $500.00 Chevette and she was glad to have it. I paid for the car with the understanding that she would have to provide insurance, gas and upkeep.
madconsumer on 10/21/2008:
jktshff1, I agree, my first car was a ford pinto, hand me down.
lguise on 11/09/2008:
where is this huge class action lawsuit going on and how to I contact them to jump on board. They asked me to falsify documents and wrote falsified information on a legal binding contract.
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Stay away from this dishonest Organization
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I promised myself not to have any contact with Coggin Nissan at Atlantic ever again.

Last year I was having AC problems (system going empty) and one of my co-workers who had a Nissan convinced me about returning to Coggin Nissan but their location at the Avenues. I regret it. After leaving my truck there they called me saying they had run a complete Diagnostic and I had a High Pressure Hose leak, being quoted at $ 435 for part, labor, refilling the system, adjusting compressor’s belt, etc I ordered the service, they gave me also a courtesy estimate for additional work needed in my vehicle. 3 days later I was without AC again with the system empty again. I took the truck back and a few hours later they called me saying a had a bad Evaporator and the new repair was $650. When I inquired on how the bad evaporator was not diagnosed 3 days ago they claimed it had failed since then, I pointed out that if a full estimate for over $1000 would have been presented to me at first I would have explored other options they quickly told me that they were willing to work with me towards trading my truck in. I told them that I still wanted my truck but I found dishonest the way they were proceeding, how could I be sure there was not something else coming after the evaporator? I told them not to touch my vehicle anymore that I was going to pick it up.

Again they gave me a courtesy written estimate of problems found, it looked strange that several items did not coincide with the previous estimate written only 3 days ago. In particular it caught my eye a power steering hose leak. A few days later I noticed a hissing sound when turning with the engine cold, I inspected under the hood and saw a lot of fluid coming down from under the power steering reservoir. After wiping the area off I found the clamp attached to the bottom reservoir fitting had mysteriously gotten loose. I re-tightened it and after topping off the reservoir I had no problems for months.

I know the Coggin Nissan managers will come here to claim they will take corrective action, I read some of their comments in other posts. Do not believe them, they are a nest of dishonest vipers who when can not make money out of new car sales they will do whatever it takes to rip you off in the repair shop.

Since then I take both our cars to RPM Automotive and the change has been from night to day. I will not go back to Coggin Nissan, not even to pick up the AC dust caps that they did not put back when my truck was last there.
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Coggin Nissan Is A Rip Off!!!
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- My wife and I recently (30 Days ago) purchased a 2004 Nissan Sentra at Coggin Nissan of the Avenues. We have had the car for 25 days. The car is currently at the service station being looked at by their certified mechanics.
Here's what their certified mechanics say is wrong with the car.

- All the belts have to be replaced
- It needs a new battery
- The electrical system has to be looked at because something is not right
- There is a problem with a heat shield that is over the catalytic converter, that has to be replaced. This is from an accident that happened with the previous owners. The car was in a severe head on collision and had severe damage reported on the car fax (which the dealer would not give to us until after we signed our contract)
- The frame is bent
- There's a loud knocking noise coming from the car due to the accident.

THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT TOLD US THE CAR SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN SOLD THE WAY IT WAS TO US BECAUSE IT WASN'T PROPERLY INSPECTED BEFORE LEAVING THE LOT. Everyone at the dealer agrees with us that it's not fair but they are not willing to say we screwed up lets fix it. We purchased an extended warranty because the car is an older vehicle. We take the car in for service and this is what they tell us.

Coggin Nissan has a 5 day quality assurance on all their used vehicles! They will not pay for any of the repairs. Our extended warranty does not cover anything on the list above. They told us they can trade this car in for another vehicle and add the negative equity from the Nissan onto the newer car, and our payments would be higher.

They can't just take the car back and give us another one. With tax, tag and finance charges we are paying a total of 15,000 dollars on a 2004 Nissan Sentra.

Our total estimate for repairs is $2237.91. Why should the consumer suffer for their mistakes?? The employees are rude and have no respect. My next step is an attorney.

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User Replies:
BobJohn on 08/28/2008:
Why didn't you do a CarFax yourself, it costs $20 for 1 car. Why didn't you have the car inspected by an independent mechanic BEFORE buying it? Didn't you hear the loud knocking noise when you test drove it? You better have an independent mechanic look at it now - they are normally cheaper on repairs than the dealer. It is too late now to do anything about the price, but go to and see how much your car is worth (estimated) based on condition and mileage.
Anonymous on 08/28/2008:
If they didn't allow you to have a CarFax report, you should have known something was wrong. You could have gotten the vehicle identification number yourself by looking at the car. NEVER sign a contract before you know what's wrong with it. It's always a good idea to have a different mechanic look at it that isn't affiliated with the dealership. I hate to say it, but this one is on you.
Anonymous on 08/28/2008:
When I bought my Jetta, the dealership had a CarFax report printed and waiting for me when I walked in, it was the first thing they handed me.

Sorry to hear about what happened, and since I'm not very educated on this, I'll wait til someone else replies, but aren't dealerships required to release accident information to potential buyers?
isullivan08 on 08/29/2008:
I know our attorney said we have a case. The car fax says it had extensive damage to the vehicle. My attorney said that when that happens it's normally totaled or salvaged. So we're doing the whole arbitration now.
lguise on 11/09/2008:
You are not the only one that has experienced their lack of respect for the customer and "their" so called legal dealings. They asked us to falsify paper work and on the "legal binding" contract, they printed the wrong mileage and knew they were doing it. We are taking the vehicle back to them and taking them to court. We went to the Coggin Nissan on Atlantic. Adriane who is in charge of the finance department lied to our faces and he knows he did it. We asked him if that's what he's sticking to even in court and he said "yes, absolutely?". They are crooked and shady and are thieves.
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