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Dishonest Real Estate Practices
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Rating: 1/51
LONGVIEW, WASHINGTON -- I submitted an offer on a bank owned property through Coldwell Banker Baine Realestate and they were less than honest about submitting offers. Then when a full price offer was made he stated that the offer was outbid. Property is still on the market, not pending and he sent a rejection of offer that had no dates or names just stamped rejected. Every time an offer was made he stated that there was another offer that was better. He wouldn't accept the earnest money only a letter of proof of funds.

These were all cash offers with no strings. He has been nothing less than dishonest.
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JoeKay on 06/22/2013:
Realtors rank with car salesmen and lawyers in money grubbing. What happened here is nothing new. This property must be a good deal - but it is basically "reserved" for some realtor or his friends. It is not open to you.

It's important to note that during the flush of foreclosures (mysteriously stopped in 2010 - I know people who still live in a house they could never afford...) the realtors in my area (flyover country) were not answering calls from anyone wanting to see a foreclosed property, let alone accepting offers. Why? Because they were grabbing up all those bargains, trading 'em like baseball cards...and guess what? Now in flyover country, real estate of any worth has increased in price some 20 to 30% since 2010! Note how many listings say "agent owned." That's right. They are now cashing in on their "investment". An investment you got shut out of!

The foreclosure market, supposedly designed to take real estate that people could not afford, sell it to cash customers, was rigged. A real estate license was far more important than oodles of cash when it came to acquiring those properties. I became aware of it then and apparently, its still going on. Good luck if you want to bid on foreclosed property. My advice: get a realtor license first.
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Agents working for a commisson not YOU!
Posted by on
ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA -- Warning! Agents at this office do not look out for your interests but their own to make a commission. We were working with an agent at this office that showed us poor homes in our price range and nice homes in the next price range. She attempted to pressure us into an offer on a house that she admitted one week later was $50,000 over priced! She tried to get us to ignore a possible mold and just make an over priced offer! Worst of all when we sent her a cancellation of contract letter she would not sign it saying she did not agree with our reasons. Now we have to put our lives on hold until the contract runs out. The manager of the office says she stands behind her agent and I say she does not look out for her clients interests!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/05/2006:
I hate these high pressure fast talkin' salesmen with their polo shirt bloated beer bellies smelling like smoke, yellowed out teeth and reeking coffee breath!
glc on 05/05/2006:
And you should have seen the male salesmen!
Timboss on 05/08/2006:
I learn somthing everyday. Why sign a contract with an agent go BUY a house. Agents are a dime a dozen and with the Internet you only need them when YOU find the house you want. If you don't want to use the Internet then the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is used by almost all realtors. What if you were to buy a house from a different agent or frow owner - do you still have to pay your current agent even if they didn't show the house? And, yes, agents are their to earn a commission just like any business.
Timboss on 05/09/2006:
I better use spell check next post.
bullied by bill on 05/24/2013:
I am living in a foreclosure property that this office is listing. They don't give 24 hour notice for showings. Don't care about the fact that we are a family still paying FULL rent. Its ALL about making them money. Sad that there is no integrity in this office! I am getting an attorney on my Dr's advice. Actually my medical team is so shocked by their poor behavior and the immense amount of stress they are adding, they found me a great lawyer for free. This office has no morals or compassion. I'm sorry that you have to go through that!
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