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POOR - POOR Customer Service!!!
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MENA, ARKANSAS -- Yes, I do have an account with this collection service, BUT, that does not warrant being treated so badly. I was hung up on TWICE. I'm the one who called the company trying to work out a resolution to my credit issue with this collection company. They DID NOT call me. I called them trying to work things out. Because I am on Social Security Total Disability, and make $869/month to which $426 goes to my mental medications and the other $443 goes to buy food (I make too much to be on welfare they say), and to raise my 7 year old little girl! I cannot make it by paying $288/month to this company. I then told them that I would have to go with a Credit Counseling agency and the man hung up on me while I was still talking to him. Then, I called back and spoke with his boss, supposedly and she hung up on me, also, JUST because I could not agree to the $288/month that they are wanting me to pay them. I then called back asking could I get a NEW copy of the form that they sent to me in January that had an address on it that I lived at 4 years ago. I JUST got the letter this past Friday! Again, I CALLED THEM!!! I don't have a telephone service, SO, they accused me of NOT giving them ample info to contact me. I gave them my new address! That should be ample enough. I don't need these MEAN people calling me all of the time. If they would have worked out the $50/month payment with me, I wouldn't have to seek help from a Credit Counseling service.

I understand why these people have such LOW ratings on here! 100% 1 star rating!!! I understand!
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warddw1526 on 04/02/2007:
Just asking. How much is the total balance? For example, if you owe $10,000 on the card, while $50 a month is what you can afford, may not be reasonable payment arrangements in their minds. On the other hand, if you only owe $500, it would be a completely different story.
rhondam718732 on 04/02/2007:
If they are not getting anything right now wouldn't $50 be better than nothing? I would try sending in $50, clearly marked with the aCCOUNT #, ETC and see if they accept it.
poppapia on 04/02/2007:
If your finances are really this tight, as much as I hate to admit it, you really need to see a bankruptcy lawyer.
voiceoff on 04/12/2007:
You said these mean people call you all the time but admit that you are the one calling them. If they cannot cut off your service or harm you, why are you calling them anyway? Are you trying to prevent having this reported to credit bureaus?That would make sense. Are you still being charged high interest on this debt? I think counceling may help because then they contact the councelor not you, But be careful. They are not all alike.
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