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POOR - POOR Customer Service!!!
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MENA, ARKANSAS -- Yes, I do have an account with this collection service, BUT, that does not warrant being treated so badly. I was hung up on TWICE. I'm the one who called the company trying to work out a resolution to my credit issue with this collection company. They DID NOT call me. I called them trying to work things out. Because I am on Social Security Total Disability, and make $869/month to which $426 goes to my mental medications and the other $443 goes to buy food (I make too much to be on welfare they say), and to raise my 7 year old little girl! I cannot make it by paying $288/month to this company. I then told them that I would have to go with a Credit Counseling agency and the man hung up on me while I was still talking to him. Then, I called back and spoke with his boss, supposedly and she hung up on me, also, JUST because I could not agree to the $288/month that they are wanting me to pay them. I then called back asking could I get a NEW copy of the form that they sent to me in January that had an address on it that I lived at 4 years ago. I JUST got the letter this past Friday! Again, I CALLED THEM!!! I don't have a telephone service, SO, they accused me of NOT giving them ample info to contact me. I gave them my new address! That should be ample enough. I don't need these MEAN people calling me all of the time. If they would have worked out the $50/month payment with me, I wouldn't have to seek help from a Credit Counseling service.

I understand why these people have such LOW ratings on here! 100% 1 star rating!!! I understand!
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