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Would not settle with me unless I gave banking information to them over the phone
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- They have been calling my husbands cell phone and said that they had mailed us 2 letters in the mail but we never received them. So I call them and ask them to resend the information to us and they said they would. I never got it again. I called them and they told me that a payment of 125.00 would bring my account up to date if they received it by 1-25-08; I sent the check for 125.00 to them by this date and they returned it saying they didn't accept payments. I call them today and they gave me 3 different quotes that they would settle for: 994.56, 964.19 and 1285.58.

They wanted me to post date a check and give them my banking info and when I refused they said they would not wait for a check to be mailed and to clear the bank, I again refused to give info over the phone, so this time Melvin Taylor sent me to his superisor and she too, hung up on me when I refused. I want to settle for the lowest price they quoted but I will not give them my banking info over the phone.

I also want them to send me the letter again so that I will have something with their company name on it and possible contact info.
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DebtorBasher on 03/04/2008:
If they asked for that payment and did not accept it then I would not trust making a settlement with them. By law, they CAN NOT refuse ANY payment you send them. The CAN say it isn't an acceptable payment or arrangement, but they CAN NOT refuse it. Settlements CAN be done by a mailed in check...but in this case, I woudn't send them a check, with a company like this I'd only send a Money Order and keep tracking info and your payment receipt for your records. Send for a debt validation...if they are willing to take a settlement, TELL them, don't ask them, to send you the settlement offer in writing. They will most likely tell you they don't do it...but yes, they can. They are just trying to get the urgency of the payment because that is what the collector's bonus' are based this point, I would NOT give any bank info to this company and only deal with Money orders and you can still sent that payment to JCPenney. Try to work out a settlement with JCPenney instead. Keep us Posted.
Starlord on 03/04/2008:
Go, DB!!
CrazyRedHead on 03/05/2008:
I also refuse to give any collector my banking info, or any post dated checks. I got burned once doing that. We set up a settlement of three payments, but once they got my banking info they ran the full amount through. It didn't damage my bank account but it sure put a crimp in it for the next two weeks. That was the only and last time I did that. Everyone else either will have to settle for a money order or nothing.
DebtorBasher on 03/05/2008:
Remember, it is also against the law to ASK for a "post dated check". They can accept one, if the debtor offers it...but a collector can not ask for it. Chase Mortgage thought they were smart by asking the customer's for a "Future dated check"...I told them they were wrong, but they didn't care, they said, "Well, we can't ask for a POST dated check, and that's not what we're asking for, that's why we ask for a Future dated check"....Chase needs to go DOOOOOOOOWN!
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