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Would not settle with me unless I gave banking information to them over the phone
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- They have been calling my husbands cell phone and said that they had mailed us 2 letters in the mail but we never received them. So I call them and ask them to resend the information to us and they said they would. I never got it again. I called them and they told me that a payment of 125.00 would bring my account up to date if they received it by 1-25-08; I sent the check for 125.00 to them by this date and they returned it saying they didn't accept payments. I call them today and they gave me 3 different quotes that they would settle for: 994.56, 964.19 and 1285.58.

They wanted me to post date a check and give them my banking info and when I refused they said they would not wait for a check to be mailed and to clear the bank, I again refused to give info over the phone, so this time Melvin Taylor sent me to his superisor and she too, hung up on me when I refused. I want to settle for the lowest price they quoted but I will not give them my banking info over the phone.

I also want them to send me the letter again so that I will have something with their company name on it and possible contact info.
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