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College Works Painting

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College Works Painting
1682 Langley Ave.
Irvine, CA 92614
888-450-9675 (ph)
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Poor Paint Job
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Rating: 1/51

RACINE, WISCONSIN -- Do not use College Works painters for a Stucco house. They were inexperienced in preparing our Stucco Home for painting. Did not fully clean or brush the dirt off the stucco. Did not fill cracks or inspect the house prior to painting. They are not neat or careful. Did not caulk around window to prevent water intrusions.

Stucco has a lot of cracks, hairline and others. These crack were to be filled prior to painting. They did a few on one side of the house and found it very labor intense and choose not to do the whole house. All cracks must be filled prior to washing or painting for a good job to be done. We were very clear when we spoke to Karl about the work we expected to be done.

Without any advance notice on Friday a young man arrived at about 7:30 pm and began power washing our house. He did not come to our door to tell us he was going to work on our house. He just showed up and unhooked our garden hoses and hooked up his power washer. He did not move anything away from our walls. Just tried to sprayed around thing and avoid our open windows.. He did not power wash the 2nd story or front entry.

We had windows open and he did not care. He left by 8:30 pm and he did not reconnect our hoses. We were told by Karl work was going to start our house Monday. Karl, claims he told us work would start before. NO, NO we had work to do to clear areas for the painters on the weekend.

Two College Works (Jesse and Mercedes) arrived on Monday morning and started painting. They did not have a broom or long brush to finish cleaning the Stucco. They had a small hand held whisk broom which hardly, if every, left the plastic box it came in. Power wash from Friday night was a very poor job. Jesse acknowledge that the wash was very poor, but he painted right over the dirty stucco. I informed Jesse I could still see bleed though and told him a second coat is necessary as the paint they chose states for coverage; Karl stated it would. I asked why Mercedes wasn't back rolling with a thick nap roller. They ignore me and kept working.

Contract note: Fill all cracks - They choose not to fill all cracks, in fact only did a couple. Fill needs to cure before painting but they painted over and then told us they mixed they used to fill is coming out. Did not go back and repair. I personally talked to the young man to be sure all cracks were filled. He got on his phone to Karl and ignore my statements. They taped very few areas, and the amount of over spray on our black light fixtures and railings was totally unacceptable. They do not cover well if at all. All side of our house had over spray and all of our wall fixtures.

BE very specific on your contract. Karl verbally ensured us they would clean our house. Contract note: power spray as necessary – therefore they did not power spray the 2nd story nor brush or remove dirt or mildew from most of the house. They did not move anything that was along the walls, they spray around. We explain our house had not been sealed or painted for over 15 years and we needed it done right. Karl assured us it would be.

When choosing a paint be sure to state how the paint should be applied: brushed on rolled on or sprayed on with back brush. College Works chose to spray and not back brush. And did a very poor job applying. They missed or just did not paint behind things. If they could not spray it did not get painted. They did not have proper tools, like good paint brushes and rollers or pan to put paint in. They only used the cans of paint to get paint out of.

Paint quality: Karl recommended a very good paint. He emphasized how good the paint was and how it will cover and beautify our home. Contract note: one coat. Very strange when we saw the poor coverage we were getting we look up the paint. Sherwin ** states for coverage two coats are required. College Works would not honor what paint spec call for. We ended up with a lot of bleed through and missed areas that were not finished correctly. Finish is not uniform and cut line is so jagged it looks terrible.

During contract discussions, WE made Karl aware that several area of our home had stains. He assured me that paint would cover and we would be happy. We would not need to prime any areas. If you have stains on your Stucco insist on a stain covering primer be applied before that paint. Every day the two painters arrived whenever. We were never informed of a start or finish time. They did not introduce themselves. They just entered our yard and set up. One morning while we were still in bed we were woken by very loud music from a radio. We did not appreciate the loud music at 7:30 am.

Clean up was washing a small roller with our garden hose, spraying all the excess paint on our grass. I told them this was not good. The young girl said it is biodegradable and would not hurt our grass. OK, it does not hurt our grass, but we now have an area of white grass and brown grass. They did this every day and it looks terrible. They store what little equipment they had under a tarp in our yard.

Inspection per contact: We were to have a nightly walk around with Karl. This is THIRD night and we still have not had one. He is the team leader – shows up when Jesse, calls or text him with our concerns. I do not feel Karl is addressing any of our concerns. Listens well, nods well, and then ignores what we are telling. He is telling us this is normal and we will be happy before the job is done.

Thursday, work continues and no change to how they paint or protect our house or clean up. Now our front evergreens are sprayed white in various spots. Our porch railings are more white than black. Over spray is everywhere. We are told they have to do touch up and will clean our rails. They did not.

Thursday evening Karl shows up and ask how we like the job. Our reply was it looks terrible. He was stunned. We confronted him about the contract note: nightly walk around. Karl said why didn't we call him. Like we are to do his job for him and he was not concerned. It in the contact KARL. WE knew His painters were calling him daily with our concerns, because they stopped doing anything and hung out in the yard on the phone.

After the walk around they spent another couple of hours painting the unpainted areas and trying addressing our concerns. WE are not happy with all the work. We must do the make our house look like what we expected from College Works. They offered a small dollar adjustment for the over spray and agreed it was unacceptable. Karl took our check and left. Karl stated if we did not pay them they would put a 10 year lien on our house.

Company Response 07/17/2015:

Hi, we are so sorry to hear about your experience. Your interaction with our company has certainly been unacceptable on our part and we'd like to do everything we can to make this right for you. We have limited information here on the site. Can you call us at 888-450-9675 or email us at so we can help you out ASAP?

Nightmare, Inexperience, Constant Renegotiating After Contract Signed, Sloppy Unprofessional
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER -- It was time to have our 105-year-old house painted again after 12 years. We decided that we would give a college student the opportunity to do the work having had great success with another company called College Pro painters. When the student came to our door from College Works Painting based out of Irvine CA, we thought "let's give them an opportunity." Turns out the company is run like a pyramid. They do not provide adequate paint training and send teams out into the workforce green, without proper tools.

Some of the reasons for why things were being done were so far off the mark we had to finally say STOP before more damage is done to the house. What took our previous workers 3 weeks to complete once College Works arrived we were told they would be here for 4 days which included pressure washing, scraping, priming, and a spray coat so thin you could see the bare wood underneath.

We were told that they pressure wash and scrape and prime right away because the wood is soft from the pressure wash and the paint scraping is easier. As they gouged their way through the soft wood I couldn't believe my eyes and a few hours later came home to find they had primed the wet wood and an hour or two later sprayed the paint.

The next day told the story. Paint was blistering, and bubbles under the old paint had formed. To cut our losses we had a stop order and have been forced to find someone qualified to paint and repair damage done by inexperience students. I don't blame them entirely but College Works Painting is the one that should be held accountable for taking student money and having them invest in this business.

Yes, they are student investors whose source of income is based on speed not a job well done. I can only say that if anyone in Canada or US is considering using College Works I say be careful and buyer beware because you are not going to get what you think you are. We were lead to believe the house was going to be brushed and they came with a sprayer that holds one quart at a time nothing of commercial quality.

Think twice before you hire the student and do you due diligence when it comes to researching the company. You are not going to get what you have signed on the dotted line for. Reviews for this company are strictly from investor perspective and customer reviews are non-existent. In summary, sales pitch great you know--help a student, quality of work in the basement.

Company Response 07/17/2015:

Hi, we are so sorry to hear about your experience. Your interaction with our company has certainly been unacceptable on our part and we'd like to do everything we can to make this right for you. We have limited information here on the site. Can you call us at 888-450-9675 or email us at so we can help you out ASAP?

Great Internship, Wonderful Experience
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Rating: 5/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- This College Works Internship, is one unlike any other. They train you to run a business. Now, obviously if you don't have the work ethic to run a business then you shouldn't be running one. Also this internship isn't for the average person, but it fits perfectly for others. I would do this internship again given the opportunity. They also plan out an end of the year trip to Cancun, Mexico, as well as fun contests throughout the year to win for the summer time. I have had a wonderful experience with this internship and I have learned life lessons from it. I am so grateful to cherish this experience with running a business.

Untrained, Inexperienced
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Rating: 2/51

HOLLY SPRINGS, NORTH CAROLINA -- Exterior painting on our home into 2nd week. Already complained to supervisor. 1 painter who knows what he is doing is telling 2 college kids what to do. We have had to point out spots they missed as they were about to paint over spots that had not been power washed yet. We are ready to have them be done and leave. We paid more than standard job should take just because we thought it was a good deed we were doing to help college kids.

Being an Intern Got Me an Interview
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Rating: 5/51

AUSTIN -- I was an intern in the spring and summer of 2014. I'll admit, it was not walk in the park. The first note to take is that the College Works Painting internship is an investment into your future. From the start, each weekend I was out knocking on doors in the Austin area while my friends were out having fun. Through the week, I spent hours lining up my weekend schedule, and making sure clients and I were on the same page about how their personal estimate would go.

I would also try to understand some of their concerns about the company or the quality of work; this is an understandable concern because, come on, you're a 20-something year old college kid who doesn't have it all figured out... yet. All of my clients were very well-to-do Austin residents, and my attitude as a young professional was very clear to them.

During the summer (production season) I had trouble finding the right painters to do the work. My first crew was spectacular, but they ended up finding work closer to their homes in San Marcos. The endless training of painters seemed daunting. I had already thought about quitting (like the countless hundreds who already did) during the spring, but I knew I'd regret it. I buckled down and eventually found a diamond in the rough. My lead painter was a 19 year old sophomore at UT who had never touched a paint brush in his life.

* This is for potential clients and potential interns alike: The best painters are those taught with patience and detail. Experienced painters often cut corners to cut costs, while new painters only know what the intern has taught them... so you're able to built their skill set from level 0.

This guy ended up painting over half of my houses with the help of guys that HE ended up training for me. I was able to manage multiple other job sites in the Georgetown, Cedar Park, West and South Austin areas. My branch was the highest revenue-producing branch in Texas at $100,000+ and I also completed the internship with multiple positive online reviews, the award for excellent customer service (my clients cared about me and I cared about them), and I was intern of the year. Oh yeah, Cancun was a blast.

The skills I learned at College Works Painting are still paying dividends. As the "subject" line states, running a branch for CWP got me an internship working for a media production group dealing with private companies whose annual revenue exceeds $20 million dollars. My experience as a manager was the single resume bullet point that the interviewer asked me about. Now, you tell me what 20-something year old can hold their own in a room full of CEO's and multimillionaires... this one.

More than anything, CWP has enabled me to restore balance in my life. It taught me to plan time for people that matter, it challenged my ambition to succeed, and best of all- and likely the least 'talked' about benefit- it trained me to listen and control the tempo of conversation.

"It's not for everyone," is the most accurate description of CWP. There is a reason thousands of interns are recruited every year and only a few hundred finish. College Works isn't just an internship, it's a platform for you to start successful habits in your life. I encourage you to think hard about making the commitment. Ask yourself what you're made of. Think about the time you'll have to spend giving it all you've got.

Think about the sacrifice you're going to have to make and some of the people you'll have to disappoint (not clients, FRIENDS that don't understand why you're doing it). Then, think about how different your life will be once you've earned all of the intangible skills and all of the respect from your peers and clients. If it seems worth it to you, then step up and accept it.

Vandalism and Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51 - Consumer improved rating by 1 stars

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- We have a serious customer service and vandalism issue with this company. We worked with a young man who was originally supposed to paint our house named **. Due to delays with our HOA, he had to give the job to a man named ** when it came time to complete the painting job. During this time, they lost our agreed upon and HOA-approved paint sample. Once they figured it out, they did a good job, but removed several of fixtures from our house, including pigeon-proofing spikes that we had paid another company to install years before.

They did not ask before removing these spikes, and ** had told us they could paint over them (which is best so that they remain blended in with the house). So, not only did they remove them without permission, break several of them in the process, but they then stated they could not put them back on because they did not have the right glue.

Long story short, after weeks of push back from the company, speaking with a manager named **, as well as a manager named ** who had told me personally that they would take care of it, the only way to get it done is for US to pay out of pocket for the glue so that they themselves could put the, now broken, pieces of these spikes back on our house. Oh, and did I mention that by removing these spikes, they have now negated our warranty with the pigeon-proofing company???

I'm very pleased with the paint job itself, but the lack of respect for our property and subsequent rude and unethical treatment when all we asked is that they fix this mistake is absolutely unacceptable. Shame on you College Works! We will be reporting this to the Better Business Bureau.

Resolution Update 02/03/2015:

College Works has now corrected the issue, had the pigeon spikes replaced, and we are now happy with the results.

Company Response 01/19/2015:

Trisha and Joshua, we are very happy that you are satisfied with the quality of the paint job. We're very disappointed that the experience was so terrible though. What can we do to help you remedy this situation? Please do not hesitate to contact us at 888-450-9675.

The Painting Internship
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Rating: 4/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- It was my freshman year at the University of Texas at Austin when I first heard of College Works Painting. I actually thought it was some research internship when I first received a call to go to an information session. It wasn't. My first reaction to the internship was negative since I was a science major. Why not just do research? Also it seemed like it was very difficult and time-consuming. Then I started to think about what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to go.

One of the things I realized is that when it came to anything other than math and science, I was pretty bad at it. With dreams as big as I had, I was going to need two things: work experience, and the ability to deal with people. From what I could tell, even though it was never something I imagined I'd ever be doing, running a painting business for the summer would get me those two things. So I went ahead and got the internship.

I remember the internship as being a constant rush and I remember being out of my comfort zone 95% of the time. It felt like there was always something to get done, it was kind of exhilarating. Even though most of the things I was doing made me extremely nervous, such as doing a sales presentation without prior sales experience, I found myself learning them pretty fast. I realized that when you work at a fast pace, and have a lot to get done, you become really good at things very fast.

Never before had I felt pushed in this way, so this was the first time I had learned that lesson. By the end of the internship, after a ton of hard work and lots of paint, I had achieved what I set out to find and more. I had work experience, and the ability to deal with people.

Honestly, I would not recommend this internship to most people. Here's why: not everyone is ready to grow up and start working hard. If you are ready for a challenge, and you have the maturity to think long-term about your future. Then do it. However, if you are scared about missing out on partying, school clubs, and the "college experience," then don't do it; not because you won't ever party, I partied a lot, but because you are not mature enough for it.

Incredible and Challenging Experience.
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Rating: 4/51

EUGENE, OREGON -- My experience with College Works has overall been incredible. When I happened upon the internship 2 years ago I knew it was unlike any other internship I've happened upon. I immediately was intrigued. I know there are reviews out there of bad experiences and such from interns and it was certainly the single most challenging thing I have ever done, don't get me wrong. However, This type of internship sparked my interest because I knew if I completed something as challenging as this I would be proud to say that I have done it.

The way I look at things, anything worth doing is going to be a challenge... that is what makes it worth it. My first year I ran an $80,000 business with many bumps along the way and let me tell you, I was not very good at this business to start out. Typically what ends up happening is college students find out that it is going to be challenging and give up when the going gets tough...I didn't. I stuck it out! Passed every challenge and each struggle and was eventually able to say that at 19 years old I was able to run a very successful $80,000 business and made 38% profit! Now that isn't typical.

The average is around 20% but I was diligent with making sure I knew where every penny was spent and spent countless hours on my job sites ensuring my guys were as efficient and quick as possible. This last year I came back to the company and ran a $104,000 business and learned even more! Personally, even though I had some struggles along the way it was honestly one of the best decisions I ever made. I learned so much about myself and how to run a business and I wouldn't have given that up for anything! I currently am a DM in Eugene, OR and I am now helping to give other students a similar experience I had.

The more lives I can touch and impact, and help them realize that they can do anything that they work diligently for I will consider myself successful. I am thoroughly happy with my experience and highly encourage individuals with immense ambition and drive to do the internship and be ready for a life altering experience!

CWP prepared me for the "real world"
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Rating: 5/51

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Through the interview process, the company warned me that this was going to be one of the hardest things I had ever done but also one of the most rewarding experiences. They were completely right on both counts. I came into this company with absolutely zero sales or management experience and I definitely struggled at the start. However, as I progressed, I began to realize that I didn't struggle because of a lack of support or talent; all of my difficulties with booking work and marketing my business stemmed from a lack of effort on my part.

College Works Painting worked very hard to make sure I had the tools necessary to succeed. I had weekly meetings with my District Manager as well as frequent meetings with the VP of Sales and Marketing and even meetings with the CEO. With all of this help, though, they can't do the work for you. They would frequently put the problems and solutions squarely on my shoulders, which got frustrating for me at certain points.

There were a lot of times when I wished they would just tell me what to do, but instead they would ask "how are you going to solve this?" and "what could you do next time to avoid this situation and be more successful?" I was expected to come to every meeting prepared with what I wanted to talk about, having a clear handle on the strengths and weaknesses of my branch.

While it was frustrating and difficult, I am so thankful for the opportunities, skills and lessons I took from this internship. In the professional world, there is no one there to baby you through your job. Sure, you get training and people will (hopefully) be there to help you when you need it, but you will not be successful and progress in your career if you do not take ownership and responsibility for your work.

I exited college and was hired directly into management. I am now an Operations Manager for a nationwide management consulting firm and I owe most of my success to the experience and knowledge I gained through College Works Painting. They aren't lying to you; this will be incredibly challenging AND incredibly rewarding. I got to go to Cancun, Mexico 3 times, California twice and Park City, Utah twice as well as countless weekend retreats.

I got to make great money as a college student and build great relationships along the way. But, ultimately, my greatest reward was in the skills transferred and mindset instilled in me by CWP: Be your best in everything you do.

Unprofessional Painters
By -

First Impressions: I should have known there was going to be trouble ahead when the branch manager for College Works Painting, was a day late for our first meeting at my home in March. College Works Painting (and Student Works Painting owned and operated under parent National Services Group) recruits college students to essentially run franchises in towns across the country. These students are responsible for hiring workers and making sales of their painting services to businesses and residents in their area.

This initial meeting was supposed to be an introduction, presentation of the work College Works Painting does, and a 2 hour walk-around followed by presentation of an estimate/quote to paint my house. The branch manager assured me that she would have a 2-week intensive training and I wouldn't be required to make a final payment until I was completely satisfied with the results.

A couple days after this first meeting the branch manager called to see if I was ready to sign a contract for the job because the summer was booking up quickly with jobs. I felt pressured into making my decision hastily, but having worked my way through college and paying my own tuition and expenses, I appreciated young people willing to work hard. A week later I signed a contract to have the body of the house painted (no doors or window trim), and I asked to have the work done in late July because we were expecting a new baby in the last part of June and a vacation planned the first of August.

Poor Communication: In April a College Works Painting sign was placed in my front yard. I never heard from College Works Painting again until early July when the branch manager said she'd like to start the job. I explained we agreed that work would start in late July. The next 2 months were a series of missed and late appointments. The branch manager never came to the house at times scheduled, often arriving an hour late or not at all. I frequently left work early to be home on time for scheduled meetings only to wait an hour or more, and sometimes no one would come at all.

At the first meeting just before work was to begin in late July the branch manager, my wife, and I discussed what color to paint the house. There was a semi-transparent stain already on the cedar clapboard siding. The branch manager recommended using a solid color acrylic stain because it would last longer than a semi-transparent. She said she would come the next day to put a small test patch on an inconspicuous area of the house to show what the color would look like. No one came the next day.

Test Patch: 3 days later the test patch was applied while we were away for the weekend. The inconspicuous area where College Works chose to do the test patch was 3 feet by 1 foot right next to the front door. The solid color stain looked like a dark brown patch of paint and didn't look at all like a stain. Due to the location of the test patch, we couldn't now opt to use a semi-transparent stain as was currently on the house because the dark brown patch would be an obvious blemish and eye-sore.

Our only option now was to have the entire house painted. College Works Painting agreed and said it would change the cost, an increase of $1300 above the original quote. I knew it would take more work and materials to paint instead of stain, and despite not having the option to stain the house anymore, we agreed and selected a light green color for the body of the house. Still no doors or window trim would be painted.

Work Begins: On August 1, a worker came to the house to begin the prep work taping and covering the windows and doors with plastic. The worker finished covering about half the windows, enclosing the windows on the living room, kitchen, dining room, and porch. I called the branch manager that morning to discuss her plans and when the job would be finished. College Works Painting didn't call back. The following day no one came to the house and the branch manager didn't return my call until that night.

No one came back to the house to finish the prep work for a week. This was August and we were baking inside the house because the windows were covered with plastic. On August 6 College Works Painting returned my phone calls which I had been placing twice a day for four days to find out what was happening and when the house would be painted. The branch manager said she would have the house finished in two days. I explained that we were going away for a vacation the next day and she should have the house done in plenty of time before we return seven days later.

On August 13 we returned from vacation and found one worker at the house applying the first coat of paint. All the windows were still covered over two weeks later. The branch manager promised the job would take no more than four days when we signed the contract. The painter got about half the house painted with a first coat of paint, but couldn't continue because the sprayer was malfunctioning, and there was no ladder left for him to reach the second floor. That night I noticed that College Works Painting was not using a primer, a critical error because they were painting a light color over a dark stain and because cedar siding is known to stain paint over time as tannic acids bleed out of the wood and through the paint.

The next two days no more work was done on the house, and the branch manager did not return my phone calls. I was forced to call the College Works Painting headquarters and voice my complaints. On August 16 the branch manager called me and said she would have the first coat and the entire second coat finished by the end of the day. This seemed unbelievable, but I was happy to see such a flourish of work being done after such a long wait and so much frustration. We scheduled a walk-around to review the work at 6:30 that evening.

That evening I got home and saw a disaster. The paint was streaked and splotchy around the entire house. There was paint splatter on the driveway, plants, and brick patio all around the house. There were several spots on the house that still showed the original brown color, and every door and window frame had been dripped on or sprayed with paint. The branch manager arrived 30 minutes late at 7:00, and the first thing she said when she saw the house was, "This looks terrible." We walked around the house and I pointed at all the touch-ups needed and paint damage to the patio and landscape.

She said College Works would be back the next day to fix the touch-ups, but the streaked and splotchy paint was the result of conditions of the wood siding that she could not have foreseen, and I would have to pay for another coat of paint if I wanted it fixed. I stated that I had contracted College Works Painting to paint my house. At no time, and nowhere in the quotation or contract was there a specification for 2 coats of paint only.

No one came the next day as promised to fix the problems, but the branch manager came that night and said I would need to pay another $800 to fix the streaked and splotchy paint with another coat of paint. I explained again the contract was to paint the house to my complete satisfaction, not to apply 2 coats of paint.

College Works said they would not do anymore work on the house, not even correct the damages to the landscaping, window trim, and doors, until I made a payment, contradicting our original contract to pay when the job was finished. At this point the branch manager told me she didn't think I would ever pay. I explained that we have a contract to which we are both bound and that I would pay but not until the job is finished as written in the contract written by College Works Painting.

College Works never came back to finish the job after this, and I incurred approximately $1500 in expenses and time to repair the damages to doors, window trim, landscape and patios caused by College Works painters.

During the following 2 months the paint on the house began to be stained by the tannic acids bleeding from the cedar siding through the latex paint. I spoke with 5 different experienced professional painters and they all said that any experienced painter would have known that to prevent this from happening with cedar wood siding, a stain blocking primer needed to be used first followed by the latex paint. College Works Painting did not use a primer, instead they only applied 2 coats of latex paint.

The House Still Looks Bad: Eventually College Works Painting took me to small claims court to force a payment from me despite admitting on the claim that they had not finished the job. The settlement awarded me reimbursement of the $1500 in materials and time I had put into repairing many of the damages caused by College Works Painting, and College Works was required to return to my house to remove the stains on the paint, then prime, and repaint the areas of cedar bleeding. They were also required to apply more paint where "lap-lines" showed from paint application (the streaks).

The problems with splotchy paint appearance are still not resolved, but having had enough frustration I let College Works Painting finish the work by correcting the cedar bleeding problems that we could see. I paid the balance due for the job minus the $1500 owed to me for my expenses, and learned my lesson about hiring unprofessional workers. Time will tell if the cedar bleeding will be a problem in areas that weren't repainted, and I will repaint the areas showing streaks on my own to insure it is done right and put this behind me.

Final Warning: My final warning and words of wisdom gained through this experience are that if you want unprofessional results, hire unprofessional painters. I did, and that's what I got. I recommend hiring only experienced, professional painters when the time comes to improve or maintain the exterior appearance of what is likely the biggest investment you have. There are probably some college kids who can do a good job painting houses, but it's not a risk worth taking without seeing their previous work.

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