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Unauthorized deductions
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I just ordered there free sample so I could try the product. Next thing I know there is a deduction of $78. made on my credit card putting my card over the limit which is another charge of $35. I call to cancel order, now I have to jump through hoops to try & get a refund on the $78. nevermind the over the limit charge....feel cheated, have not even tried the product nor will I at this point not interested...
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GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- I had a trial bottle of pill, because of being hospitalized, I couldn't cancel the order. They proceeded to take money out my bank acct. I explained that because of being in the hospital, I couldn't cancel. They should refund my money because of special situations. They were told that I'm sending their product back. Which I
did this morning. I don't want their products.

Please help? If not I'll try small claims court.
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