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Unauthorized deductions
Posted by on
I just ordered there free sample so I could try the product. Next thing I know there is a deduction of $78. made on my credit card putting my card over the limit which is another charge of $35. I call to cancel order, now I have to jump through hoops to try & get a refund on the $78. nevermind the over the limit charge....feel cheated, have not even tried the product nor will I at this point not interested...
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Anonymous on 08/31/2007:
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Starlord on 08/31/2007:
If you notice wherever you got the brilliant idea of sending for the FREE sample. There was a disclaimer that said something to the effect of : Credit card required for shipping and handling of free sample. Accepting free sample is contingent upon subscribing to monthly shipment and electronic withdrawal. In other words it is not unauthorized withdrawal from your account. You gave them the account information, and by accepting the free sample, you agreed to the shipments of whatever it is, but also to the electronic withdrawal of funds to pay for said product. I wish people would understand this. Everyone who posts cries about the companies illegally taking their money. It is not illegal, dummies, you gave them that right.
Anonymous on 08/31/2007:
We need a boilerplate for this one.
klgmom on 09/19/2007:
Hi. The same exact thing happened to me. A $78 charge showed up on my statement.. they only refunded $55. Beware.. don't buy.. company cheats you and the product sucks!
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Posted by on
GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- I had a trial bottle of pill, because of being hospitalized, I couldn't cancel the order. They proceeded to take money out my bank acct. I explained that because of being in the hospital, I couldn't cancel. They should refund my money because of special situations. They were told that I'm sending their product back. Which I
did this morning. I don't want their products.

Please help? If not I'll try small claims court.
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Anonymous on 08/15/2007:
Best you stand in line with all the others who failed to read the fine print. When ordering the free sample you also authorized them to begin sending the product on a regular basis and take the money out of your bank. One of the worst mistakes so many people make with an online or phone purchase is using a debit card. It becomes easy for them to take money whenever and whatever amount they like. Sending to product back will not result in a refund because they refuse any returns even if you never opened the box. All you can do is cancel any further shipments. And close the debit account, open a new one.
shawnp80 on 08/15/2007:
That's pretty crappy..
loneyfever on 08/16/2007:
So it's like these people can get away with this kind of tactic with no problem. Why should I have to change my acct which means a big headache, new cards and everything is done though this acct. That's an inconvience for me.
That changes getting anything off of the computer whether
it's a good company or not.
MsMindy on 09/04/2008:
You need to contact the internet crimes bureau. They handle ONLY internet crimes. Small claims can't doa dang thing .....try Internet Crime Bureau and then go to .....the can help protect your credit cards from fraudulent charges and such.
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