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Totally Scammed and Deceived
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WILLIAMSBURGS, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a Time Share at Colonial Crossings in Williamsburg, VA. I am not satisfied and they totally misrepresented what the time share was offering. We were shown the drawings for what was to come....a beautiful water park, on the wall for completion in 2011. What a great place this was going to be. I was so excited that I was going to have a lifetime of excitement for us to take our grand-kids to. I cannot logon to my account and the prices of other exchanges are higher than booking trips yourself. We now learned that there will never a water park and I am displeased to be lied to in this tough economy, This would have been a great place being close to home and being grandfathered as an original owner, know what another scam...

I am willing to join up with others to sue them to get back what we where lied to about getting. I could have brought another timeshare sompelace that offers these services, even if I had to pay airfare..
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MDSasquatch on 03/04/2011:
Maybe they were referring to the Huge waterpark that is a part of Busch Gardens, it is in Williamsburg.
getoverit on 03/04/2011:
I hope you have those promises in writing.
Skye on 03/04/2011:
Whatever you do, MD< do not mention Busch Gardens. I almost head my head taken off, when I suggested other nice places, such as Busch Gardens, and Kings Dominion.

From all the complaints, none of the people got what they were told they would be getting, a new waterpark.
rivahgirl on 04/04/2011:
There has allegedly been fraudulent activities with the management/development of Colonial Crossings by Land'Or International. If you would like to join with others (such as myself) in filing a lawsuit, act quickly and contact:

Stuart R. Sadler, ESQ
3079 Rockfish Valley Highway
P.O. Box 638
Nellysford, Va. 22958
Avis Mint on 06/30/2011:
You should file a claim on, It is similar to this site, they do consumer complaints and file class action law suits on behalf of the victims.

This company seems to be ripping off a lot of people so you have a chance of getting your money back. I got ripped off on an auction site and file a complaint and earlier this week scam books legal team filed a consumer class action lawsuit against bidrack. It looks like the 500+ victims might get their refund after all.

Good Luck!

Merrie on 08/05/2013:
I too bought at Colonial Crossings Williamsburg with the promosie of a water park. It's been impossible to find out the status of the development. I was told that Colonial Crossing Williamsburg is being bought by another company. I just want out.
Rebekah on 08/14/2013:
We also bought with Colonial Crossing back in 2005 and have since gotten rid of the timeshare through legal action. We were promised a waterpark and tons of amenities and none ever came to fruition.
Becca on 11/20/2013:
We were also very disappointed to find that most of the information that was told to us when we purchased was all lies. The sad part is that it was their cruel intentions from the start, as they have been running this same scam on owners of their Bahamas property. Rebekah from the 08/14/13 post, can you tell me who you used when you took legal action?
Tracy on 12/22/2013:
Becca, did you ever did out name? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Misrepresentation of what was to come
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My husband and I purchased a Time Share at Colonial Crossings in Williamsburg, VA several years ago. We were shown the drawings for what was to come....a beautiful water park....what a great place this was going to be for us to take the grandkikds to. We pay the mortgage payment every month and the quarterly Maintenance Fees. After the expected completion date went by and heard nothing more about the water park we drove there....nothing had been ground breaking...nothing. We spoke with management and were told that with the economy, the Board of Directors didn't feel it was prudent to enter into any constrction loans.
Yet, I read that this is not the real reason....that the property cannot obtain the proper approvals from the County.
The folks who created this Time Share were slick....there is no mention of the "proposed' water park in the contract....yet it's what the entire sales pitch was based I was told by them that there was nothing I can do. From what I'm finding, none of the re-sale places will touch this property...
If any owners want to pursue this misrepresentation of the facts, count us in. I will gladly testify to what we were told and what is the reality.
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Skye on 01/16/2011:
Seems you aren't the only people out there, who are disappointed with their timeshare. Lots of other complaints also regarding the water park that never opened. Not sure how this is their fault, the fault would be with the investors and contractors who were to open a water park.
Debbielynn27 on 01/16/2011:
Actually, it is with them....before they made the promises, they should have had the County approvals in place. When they say they said they were breaking ground yet didn't have the County permits, they lied. This is a small resort....Landor International....the only other property they supposedly own is in the's just a glorified hotel that I'm paying for. They were lucky that the bottom fell out of the housing market....they've been able to use that as an excuse. But the real reason is the lack of County approval.
Skye on 01/16/2011:
They should have, but hey didn't. Did you ask them if they had all the necessary permits and county approval and did they absolutely guarantee a water park was going to be built?

I understand your frustration. The good thing is, there are lots of other fun places to visit. Busch Gardens, Old Williamsburg, Kings Dominion. We vacationed there a lot, and always enjoyed our trips.
clutzycook on 01/16/2011:
I think the OP is more irritated with the fact that they paid mortgage payments and maintenance fees for a number of years and now they have nothing to show for it.
dianedyer on 09/07/2011:
I too have been lied to by this piece of crap company, I have taken them to court but the system protects them against the owners. They lie and steal from us legally and the gov't won't do anything to stop it. I refuse to pay any more maitanance fee's. Now they are sending me to creditors trying to make me pay. I feel if we all band together and expose this company to the fullest extent maybe we can get rid of these thieves. I have written to the BBB and I will find other avenues to expose their theivery and lies. I will picket if I have to. I will call the news stations and show them everything they did to me. They are still advertising that water park on their website. When I purchased this they gave me a paper that had talked about the water park and even said they would give me so many free passes for it every year. I have a letter from York County saying they have never interacted with them at all concerning their property. The grounds are Indian Burial grounds and they have never been allowed to build what they said. Anyone want to join in with me to attack these liars or have any ideas for me please let me know. They are getting away with this because no one knows what to due to get rid of these cockroaches.
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Send Me Your Experiences! I'm Your Erin Brockovich!!!
Posted by on
WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA -- In or around Summer 2005, my at the time husband and I signed a contract to be members of an indoor water park. Two days following the signing, my husband got hurt and we could no longer afford it. At that point I called colonial Williamsburg to start the process of cancellation. They informed me I had to do so in writing, my first mistake being I did not send it registered mail and maintain a copy.

I kept receiving billings, in September 2006 I called to verify the account had been canceled, at that point I was informed it was indeed canceled. Several years later, much to my surprise, I was being sued... FOR $24,000.00! The original contract however was, if I remember correctly, approximately $11,000.

As my ex-husband is currently slipping below the radar, I have been going at this on my own. After hiring a lawyer and losing the suite for lack of evidence of my cancellation, I expressed my grief to a personal friend who sells time shares himself. I was then informed that the ENTIRE thing had been a huge rip-off and it was supposed to be built 10 YEARS AGO! I have since been looking into these matters myself trying to find out what exactly he meant.


I have found HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of complaints, all encompassing the same things. Currently I am doing my own investigation, possibly with the assistance of an attorney soon. My goal being to get a class action suite going.

Where we currently stand people is on the edge, with strength in numbers and all of your stories to send in, this could very reasonably be resolved.

Please e-mail me your stories and any contact information if you wish to join in or be of assistance. I DO CURRENTLY HAVE A LAWYER, who may be interested in taking over the class action suit, additional lawyers to be brought on if necessary.
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/06/2010:
This is interesting. Keep us posted, please.
jktshff1 on 10/06/2010:
While most "class action" requests on this site really don't have merit. This seems justified. Good Luck....VH
MaryLynne54 on 10/19/2010:
I was scammed by them also and would glady join in a class action suit. We bought into the scam in 2005 and are still paying maintenance fees for nothing!
colonialscam on 01/04/2011:
We were scammed in 2007 and paid $17,000 in full for our week. We continue to pay maintenance fees... and are sick because they keep increasing we just want out of the fees. The water park is never coming EVER. We only bought because we live close and thought we could visit it, because our charter membership includes free passes to a water park that doesn't even exist.
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Timeshare! Colonial Crossings Of Williamsburg - Beware!
Posted by on
WILLLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA -- I own one timeshare in Williamsburg w/RCI reservation, have many weeks, can go hundreds of places in US & overseas (but usually can't get "the good places" even after years on a list. BUT a new timeshare came to Williamsburg, VA in 2005, Colonial Crossings, PUSHING AN INDOOR WATERPARK, outside LAZYRIVER, HORSEBACK RIDING, etc. WE COULD NOT GO THERE WITH OUR OTHER TIMESHARE BECAUSE THIS COMPANY ONLY USED INTERVAL RESERVATION SYSTEM, NOT RCI. So we bought because my precious grandson was only 1 and wanted it FOR HIM. (Otherwise, we had gone to Williamsburg our whole life, and would never have visited our timeshare there).

GUESS WHAT, THEY VERY CAREFULLY DID NOT MENTION ANYWHERE IN OUR CONTRACT ANYTHING ABOUT THE ABOVE AMENITIES. It's 2009 and STILL NOTHING! I did get one letter about "water problems". I've been told I can't file a suit because it's past the statute of limitation! I still owe thousands and this will ruin my credit because I REFUSE TO PAY ANY LONGER! What's there now? the original old buildings, which smell musty and something is wrong with the air/heat/ventilation and a small new section with NO FURNITURE YET.

My friends visited and LEFT AFTER ONE HOUR~! I need help?

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/17/2009:
Why are you complaining about Colonial Crossing when your timeshare is with a different company?
angelina1 on 02/17/2009:
did you get my reply? sorry if I confused anyone. I have 2 timeshares-colonial crossings of Williamsburg promised 4 yrs ago when just opening, HUGE indoorwater park in 1-2 years. NOTHING. lazy river on the outside around the place, horsebackriding, et.c NOTHING. yet I'm paying a fortune and 1 yr old grandson BIG NOW. Massnutten ski resort promised "sleeps 8" yes, it does, 4 a year "every other year". wow.
julisa on 04/13/2009:
I also own timeshare with colonial crossings of Williamsburg. and recently sent a letter.
sweetpea101 on 09/03/2009:
OK, you have 2 different timeshares with 2 different companies... I see. I am trying to find any old newspapers from about that time to see if they made any official announcements regarding a water park.
wilberforce on 04/26/2010:
I am interested in starting a Class Action suit if we can. I am appalled at the complacency of this business.
Fraud Alert on 10/02/2010:
I have filed a FTC complaint with the feds. Please email me your story and at . I will add an addendum to the FTC complaint already filed....
Fighting Colonial on 10/06/2010:
To the person who didn't understand why someone was complaining.colonial crossings has riped off several hundred possibaly thousands of people.
MaryLynne54 on 10/18/2010:
I am sending my story to you fraud alert! Colonial Crossings is a scam!
Debbielynn27 on 01/18/2011:
Please see my post from 1/16/2011. I am very interested in investigating what avenues are available for us to pursue.
I made my complaints known to the folks at Colonial least they stopped calling me for referrals!!
colonialscam on 01/21/2011:
I am totally in. We were lied to about the waterpark....and the ability to exchange for the Bahamas. We have tried to exchange it several times and no luck even year out. I found thought thw waybacktimemachine that they used to mention the waterpark on their website, but no longer do. Hmmmm. I tried to get them to take it back since its paid for, they refused. They just want to stick me with the maintenance fees for the rest of my life because no one else wants this place. I could just stop paying the maintenane fees but I don't want to take the credit hit right now. I can afford to pay them but I don't WANT to because they lied to me and this place is a dump. Help. I'm filing with BBB next week. I noticed they lost their accreditation Jan 5th of this year.
OUT-OF-IT on 11/21/2011:
I was a colonial crossings owner and tried to give my timeshare back as well, it was paid off as well,and I also did not want to take a credit hit either. I contacted a company in Williamsburg to sell the timeshare for me, instead of selling my timeshare I did a deed assumption. I paid the legal fees closing costs and I was out of that timeshare now it is someone elses problem not mine. the # to the place is 757-258-5863 if you want out..
Out-of-It on 11/21/2011:
Attn: ColonialScam - I owned at colonial crossings, last year I contacted a company and got out of the timeshare for good paid a local company closing costs and legal fees and now it is someone elses problem not mine. the number to the company is (757)258-5863 if you want out of your timeshare.
Sharon on 07/04/2013:
My sister brought ythe time share in 2008 because of the Underground water park at Colonial crossing we stayed at the condo when we went to the time share meeting then after she brought it 08 she tried to go back in July of 09 it was book and every time after park is still not built this is a fraud they are still calling for payments
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Beware of Colonial Crossings!
Posted by on
200 ENGLISH GARDEN WAY, VIRGINIA -- I was told 4 to 5 years ago that Colonial Crossings would have an inside water park by the next year and that if I bought a timeshare I could enjoy the park with friends 12 months a year. I have asked every single year since and still no water park. They have built more timeshare units, again promising the buyers the same lie about an inside water park but still have not come through. I have complained to the BBB and Va. Consumers Affairs office and written about everyone I can but still nothing. Buyers beware, Colonial Crossings will lie and twist things around trying to get a sell. And once you buy don't think you can sell it, it doesn't work that way. You are STUCK!

Colonial Crossings will do anything to get you to sign. DON'T BELIEVE THEM.....THEY ARE LIARS!!!!!!!
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rivahgirl on 04/04/2011:
There has allegedly been fraudulent activities with the management/development of Colonial Crossings by Land'Or International. If you would like to join with others (such as myself) in filing a lawsuit, act quickly and contact:

Stuart R. Sadler, ESQ
3079 Rockfish Valley Highway
P.O. Box 638
Nellysford, Va. 22958
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Deeded Time Share in Williamsburg VA
Posted by on
WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA -- If you're expecting to find the water park you were promised when you purchased you time share at Colonial Crossings of Williamsburg, don't look too hard. You won't find it. We bought here in 2005, took the tour, saw the giant color renditions of what the water park would look like and were told the construction that was in progress was related to the water park. It was not, they did build two new buildings with much better accommodations, but no water park.

It's the details we discovered are as much a problem as the missing water park. Units are not always clean and ready for guests, decks always need attention. We've been here every year since we bought in and not once have we had a deck that is clean. Seems like everyone spills everything on the deck, but it's never cleaned up.

Last year we arrived and went to the Managers Welcome Party expecting it to be like the year before, it was not. Instead of a catered pool side party, with a band, about 30 guests were crammed into a small room off the sales lobby. They actually had punch in construction site type coolers.

But back to the details, it doesn't seem like anyone has the job of managing the day to day aspects of ensuring details are taken care of. When the pool opens each day, it's void of towels until you remind the Event Staff kid watching the pool. Same with towels in the fitness room. The stair wells in our building are filthy as are the windows you have to walk past climbing the stairs to your unit. It's in the details.

I could go own, but the bottom line is that if you can get a unit for what you feel is a good price, and like coming to Williamsburg, then buy. If you're looking for the next Great Wolf Lodge, then this is not it, and may never be.

Lastly, when you get a call the week before your visit for a member update, don't go. It's a sales pitch to get you to upgrade. We went last year, were promised a dinner voucher but when we asked about the water park the sales guy knew nothing. When asked if this was a member update on the facility, he said yes. But then wanted to shift back to the sales pitch. Our time was wasted and the guy never gave us the voucher.
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Anonymous on 07/17/2009:
Timeshares are a ripoff no matter how you look at it, and I work for one.
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This Place Is Not What They Said It Would Be!
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23606, VIRGINIA -- Colonial Crossings of Williamsburg Va this place is fake as it could get I mean they promise a waterpark were's it at? They promise all these things to do and its nothing but a scam you pay all this money out for the place for what a swimming pool and a room I'm mean if I wanted that I would stay at a nice hotel with the same thing a pool and a room. Also you pay for a maintenance fee when the place is still dirty. So why pay for any of this its not what they said it was going to be as much as I spend on this scam I could stay at a nice hotel every other month or go on a vocation some were nice for the money that I spend there. If anyone reads this I highly tell you please don't get involved with this scam its not what they say it is.

Thank you


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Anonymous on 05/01/2009:
Directly from their website (the all caps are mine):

"Colonial Crossings Resort, located in Williamsburg Virginia is being developed by Land'or Williamsburg, LLC.
The resort is postured to captivate a new era of vacationers and those desiring a higher level of vacation ownership. The PROPOSED amenities for the resort include a variety of family entertainment facilities. PROPOSED are a water park, pools, picnic areas, fishing ponds, walking trails, food services, spas and lounges."
Anonymous on 05/01/2009:
Sounds like someone bought into a time share sales person's hype and not was real. With all the proposed amenities in question and not there, buyers should use caution and walk out on the presentation if they smell a scam.

Sales people promising the World and the property failing to deliver is nothing new. Just ask our ex resident time share specialist what's real and what's just a bunch of hot air and hype.

Helpful review though as it may help others avoid the same possible mistake.
Slimjim on 05/01/2009:
I wonder if pirate sold this unit when he was nthebiz. This may have been before they shot down his blow up on-site slip n slide proposal. On the other hand, maybe he just spec-ed the kitchen though.
BokiBean on 05/01/2009:
Wonder what Jim Baker is up to these days....sounds like one of his rackets. VH
MaryLynne54 on 10/18/2010:
I too was scammed by them. I pay maintenance fees for nothing. If enough people try to sue them do you think there is a chance anyone could get their money back?
Weedwhacked on 10/18/2010:
I worked for a timeshare company for 3 years and can honestly say that if its not a scam it is still a ripoff. Don't believe the salespeople!
colonialscam on 01/04/2011:
We bought the sales pitch in 2007. We saw all the beautiful drawings of the proposed water park. We thought it will be just like Great Wolf lodge a really successful resort across the street. All LIES. Our Charter membership certificate says right on it that it includes free passes to a water park, the water park doesn't even exist. We were told it would be finished in 2008 at the latest. Jan 2011 and the haven't even started. It is never going to happen.
Starlord on 01/05/2011:
In Pinal County, AZ, we used to have a fishing place called Picacho Reservoir. They came up with a plan to make it into a lovely water resort, with fishing, boating, swimming and camping sites. They stopped the water flowing into the reservoir and tore the whole place up with heavy machinery. Then, one day, they announced they had run out of money. Not long before we moved to Washington, we visited what heen Picacho Reservoir, which at that time was a huge ugly scar on the earth, and totally unable to be fished.
colonialscam on 01/21/2011:
They are liars. They won't even let you out of your contract when it is paid in full! You'll never get out EVER unless you runin your credit. And you can't trade with interval for anything decent at a decent time.
rivahgirl on 04/04/2011:
NOW is your chance to join with everyone that you meet on these message boards to take action against CCW and Land'Or. There is definite firm legal ground to stand on. There has allegedly been fraudulent activities with the management/development of Colonial Crossings by Land'Or International. If you would like to join with others (such as myself) in filing a lawsuit, act quickly and contact:

Stuart R. Sadler, ESQ
3079 Rockfish Valley Highway
P.O. Box 638
Nellysford, Va. 22958
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Posted by on
WILLIAMSBURG, VIRGINIA -- I really wish would have read this before I bought in because we took the ride for the water park as well I did not know about the horses but the pond was also mentioned. The guy that set up our contract was supposed to be the owners son. I emailed him recently only to find out he was no longer with Colonial Crossing or in the state of VA. They also had us to purchase this quality time program in that you pay 149 a year from and you get to use other vacation spots and you can only book for a week at at time and even with the points you have it will still cost you 600-800 a week. Oh and if you can't go the old week guess what YOU LOSE OUT. Now we have gotten two months behind in our payments and Resort Funding who was aware we filed bankruptcy are using all kind of threatening tactics to collect and I have been paying them just not what they want. I really wish I would have read this first.
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saj80 on 05/11/2010:
If you filed bankruptcy why are you still paying for a time share? Wasn't this debt discharged? If it was part of the bankruptcy filing, then they can not legally collect or contact you. If so, notify your bankruptcy attorney and have him/her send a cease & desist letter.
ymb1012 on 05/13/2010:
We filed before we signed the contract and we instructed them of that. They told us that as long as they were not included it would not be an issue. I wanted to consult with an attorney first. The guy was so convinced my husband that it was now or never and I don't know how he sold him on the idea. I really wish we would not signed it but then afterwards since we made another bad choice then added it. We are just really stuck.
Solumina on 07/08/2010:
If a timeshare company is willing to sell to you even though you are recently filed for bankruptcy then it is almost certainly a scam as much of the profit from selling to you comes from long term ownership and the fees associated with keeping an account active so they view anyone with really shaky credit as being high risk, most won't even let you go to their sales presentations if you have filed bankruptcy in the last 7 years.
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