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Comcast needs a class-action lawsuit and the N. England phone number!
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SOUTERN NEW ENGLAND, MASSACHUSETTS -- Hi there, I can tell by all the negative complaints about Comcast services in general that a lot of us are suffering under what can nearly be described as a monopoly on a product which seems almost too cheap to be true; then you get it and realize that it really is too cheap! We live in Massachusetts, for any here in Southern New England. My partner and I first signed up with Comcast and got their full-digital package (cable, cable internet "service," and "digital voice").

The telephone service can only be described by negative terms; just to name a few: abominable, reprehensible, impossibly time-consuming, horrific, and exasperating. I'm sure others can think of many others. The first address, we had to have repair techs come out no less than 6 times to fix the problems that were often caused by the tech before them.

We got several menial $15-30 credits on our bill - mostly because of the lengths of time we had to use day minutes on our cell phones and because I not only have a terminal illness, but I was trying to recover from TWO (2) back to back bacterial-community acquired pneumonia and the stress was causing serious issues with my breathing when getting nowhere and trying to bang the concept into the service reps head that, hey "I NEED PHONE SERVICE; THIS IS A NECESSITY, NOT A LUXURY AS AT ANY POINT MY LUNGS COULD FILL UP AND I WOULD NEED 911 AS WELL AS ACCESS TO MY DOCTOR'S OFFICE 24/7/365. Hello, are you listening?"

I never verbally berated the reps because they didn't screw up the service, but I did threaten to go to the top of the chain of command if they didn't get it right. Just to drive my point home a bit further, I asked innocently enough, "Do you have a phone number for the S. New England Executive Office's Problem Resolution Center?" No one seemed able to get the number to me.

So I recited it to the head of the regional c. service supervisory team - it's in Chelmsford, Massachusetts and the NUMBER TO CALL IS 888-309-2583 and the person to talk to who will take action, and not just to help me but who has records of every person to whom I've talked to. Her name is ** and her extension is as follows: **. Wow, did they work hard to please me after that little tete-a-tete.

Once again for those who are scanning for the NEW ENGLAND PROBLEM RESOLUTION CENTER IN CHELMSFORD, MA is: 888-309-2583 and the extension for ** is: **. I hope that this information will help at least one other exasperated consumer/lassoed bull get back at Comcast for any shoddy service. You can use this number just to get customer service to act the way you should and to assure that when you ask for some reimbursement for your time, cell bills, frustration, stress, get something better than peanuts.

Oh, and incidentally, my next call at our new address - after 3 service calls in the first week, all of which were justified as things which should have been checked out when the service was first installed, is going to be to ** at the Southern New England Executive Offices. Sincerely, Thethorinater

Worst Customer Service Ever
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HORROR STORY 1: Only a week after having my service installed at my place of business, I experienced a complete service blackout. I had no phone, no fax, and no internet. My business relies on all three of these services, so no service meant losing money. I called in, and I was told someone could come take a look at what they thought was a "faulty modem" the next evening. The next evening? That would mean I would lose many valuable phone calls.

I was extremely upset, but since there was nothing that could be done, I though "at least customers can leave us a voice mail, and I will call them back on my cell". WRONG! Everyone that called, heard the same thing, "CLICK". The line hung up on all my customers!

Finally, about 6 hours later, the service returned on its own. I guess the faulty modem box was magically repaired. I called them the next day to tell them that the service came back, but that maybe it was a good idea for someone to come take a look at my lines to see what could have caused this. After all, it's not a home that was left without a phone; it was business. They said that if the service returned, someone would go out there for a fee. A fee? What? That's right! Even though it was extremely serious that I had no phone, no fax, no internet, no means of dialing 911 in case of an emergency, and not even a working voice mail, I would have to pay. Nice.

HORROR STORY 2: About 4 days after my first bad experience with Comcast, I decided to call and ask about the international calling rates. I was going to travel, and wanted to call a car rental place in Mexico. I did not receive a welcome kit with all that was included in my plan, so I decided to call. To make a very long story short, I was transferred 7 times. Yes! Seven times! I was on the phone explaining my question for about an hour. I kept getting transferred to the same number!

Finally, someone told me that I was supposed to have been taken care of at that number I had initially called, and that he was going to place me on three-way calling to hear them when they told me they couldn't help me. That way, he could tell the manager that they weren't doing their job. What the hell? How unprofessional is that? I ended up finding the rates online.

Horror story 3: I received my first bill and I am being billed for cable TV. Who the hell ordered cable TV? Nobody. I called again to have that removed and - surprise, surprise! - I was transferred a total of 5 times, and once I had to call again cause the system hung up on me as I waited. Finally, (about 40 minutes later) I was helped by a man who said, "Someone at your business must have called and added cable TV to the package". WHAT? I am the only one who makes ANY type of order. I am the owner.

I politely told him this was impossible, so he then said, "Oh! I just noticed this is a free service. I added the charges on internet, and the charges on phone, and they equal the amount you're being billed, so then it's free." What a sarcastic moron! I tried telling him that I received a bundle discount that was being cancelled out by the addition of the cable TV, and he said, "Where is this on your bill?" Since I didn't have my bill in front of me, he said "Being the nice guy that I am, I will wait so you find your bill". I told him I had it in my office at work, but that I appreciated his help, and he said "Okay", and hung up!! I HATE THIS COMPANY! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE THEY EMPLOY?

By -

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND -- I am not one to bad mouth a company but this company deserves to be investigated and then their doors shut. I am a patient man but I am at the end of my ropes with Comcast. I will explain. I changed my cable/internet/phone services over to Comcast from RCN (formerly Starpower) because that RCN isn't a good company either. I had RCN Internet and my computer was crashing and stalling and pop-ups were a plenty.

I was told by RCN that the problem with my internet service was my Compaq computer. My computer was just 3 years old but RCN talked me into buying a new computer, stating to me that my computer was at fault. The last time RCN came to my home, the technician came in here and sat down and booted up my Compaq. He did a check and shook his head telling me in a slurred manner (still believe the man was on dope or burned out on alcohol) that it was definitely my Compaq. I go and buy a Dell computer and lay out roughly $1900.00 for a computer, monitor and printer. Things were going smoothly for maybe 3 weeks when once again I began experiencing problems.

I called RCN and they once again sent out another technician. I was frustered and this time this technician told me he would check the telephone power for a lower power balance. He climbed our telephone pole like Oliver Wendel Douglas did on "Green Acres" and then returned to my new Dell computer. He shook his head and said he would talk to the base office. He then got on his small walkie talkie and after a brief conversation told me "it was good to go".

So, he left my home and when I got on line my new Dell computer wouldn't even boot up. I then discovered to my horror that the technician left two crucial wires dangling from the back of my computer. At that point and time I called Starpower and told them to come and disconnect my internet. I changed my internet over to Comcast but kept the cable and phone with Starpower.

On my first bill from Comcast I got a whooping bill for $61.00 for high-speed internet services. I broke the package arrangement with Starpower (now RCN) and I decided at that point and time it would be more economical for me to have all my services changed to Comcast and receive their special deal of cable/internet/ and digital phone for $179.00. I wanted to keep my original phone number and Comcast of Rockville, Maryland reassured me to no end that what they would do is assign me a "temporary number" and in 10 business days, they would port my number from RCN and get me back my original phone number.

Now keep in mind I did this in late-January and I still don't have my phone number restored. I am pleading with everyone out there to avoid both Comcast and RCN for these two companies are just out there for the take. I called Comcast so many times in regards to my phone number; I guess I will have to take them to court. Comcast is telling me that RCN won't give up my number to them and RCN won't even discuss it with me. I sent registered letters and threatened them with court action and they are just thumbing their noses at me. I won't tolerate it and if I have to spend BIG BUCKS to get satisfaction, I will.

I wrote the main headquarters in Pennsylvania and told them of what the Rockville, Maryland office is doing and they just listened and then promised me they would "look into it". Now is that a good way to handle a customers problems? I don't think so. Not only that but when I spoke with a representative in the Rockville, Maryland Comcast office, they told me a week ago it would be "next day". So far I haven't seen anything in regards to this madness ending. When you call the 1-888-Comcast number you are put on hold for a minimum of 45 minutes and then you get a bozo who speaks broken English and probably doesn't know where he ** at last.

I am fed up. I gave them to after the Easter holidays and I am going to file a small claims action suit. As for the $218.00 bill I got in the mail yesterday...all I can say is "NO WAY IN HELL" - I am very willing to do battle in court. I wrote the Maryland Consumer Affairs Board which deals with cable issues and I am waiting. I have no phone service whatsoever in my home for Comcast did something to the temporary number. I would love to fire the whole lot. Same thing with RCN.

Not The Best Call Center
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Rating: 1/51

ALEXANDRIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- The call center informed me I could get all of my call log on their website. But it only goes back 90 days. Knowing I had to go to court in two days. And I did not know I would have to have my lawyer contact the legal department until I went on an online chat with Joielyn the night before I was to go to court.

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Rating: 1/51

VERO BEACH, FLORIDA -- When I ordered telephone service from Comcast Cable Co., I was not informed that I had to have a cable outlet at the computer site. As a result it created a hardship and a delay of service to revert to my previous system. This complete disregard for the potential customer is both apathetic and almost malicious in attitude of the power that be...not to mention the four hours of waiting time for the belligerent "installer" to arrive.

Comcast digital phone service
By -

Comcast digital phone service is the worst. If it looks cloudy, the phone service is affected. Overall their service techs are confused, and seem to not know how to correct issues with Comcast digital services.

International Calling Plan!!!
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I signed up for Comcast in an effort to make very affordable calls internationally. Upon the entire sales-seduction process, I was informed that my calls internationally would be less than 10 cents per minute. In fact, I said "thanks I'll think about it." Called back and spoke with someone else to ask again. Same information. So I said OK - I'm in. Boy was I shocked when I got my bill and it was 4x the amount I imagined it would be!

I immediately called to find out why the charges were so high. I was told that calls to a cell phone were of a different rate than calling to a land line. Then some garbage about cell towers and taxes, etc. I kindly explained that I was a new customer and I had been informed that calls were less than a dime a minute, and was given zero knowledge that there was a difference between calling land lines and cell phones. I said I will accept these terms from this point forward, but I need them to retro-activate the costs and apply them to the originally affirmed sum. I was told someone would "call me back." Of course they didn't.

I waited three days, and called again. I explained the situation again, and the woman said I had an "open ticket" to correct the problem, and they would honor it "and call me back." Subsequently they put a block on my international calling while it is "under review." I thought that was rather responsible considering it could be ripe time for them to earn more money! So here I wait through the weekend, staring at the phone hoping Comcast calls soon. This is ridiculous. I loathe to think I'm about to spend more time and breaths explaining to yet another person about my situation and to please figure it out asap!

Poor Customer Service
By -

BEAVERTON, OREGON -- Comcast Of Oregon LLC - purchased AT&T Broadband Digital Telephony service back in 2004. Comcast never had billing correct entire time and required me, the customer, to quote tariff rate posted at Public Utility Commission to resolve billing issues over a three-year period. Comcast Corporation decided to cancel Digital Telephony Service and start Digital Voice (same technology - but required "soft migration"€ of users off DTS onto DV - Read: Comcast doesn'€™t pay tariffs or isn'€™t subject to FCC PUC rules). I opted out and choose to port-out my existing phone number to Verizon.

Comcast botched the work order and my cancelled service. Three levels of escalation with Comcast management refused to rectify the problem (wouldn'€™t acknowledge any ability to resolve; guess they were used to the ways of cable). Under DTS, the FCC and PUC tariff rules apply. I filed with both agencies and escalated one level and had immediate response from "executive level" at Comcast. Beware of DV and the limitations of what a reduction in service means to you, the end customer. As for me I will remain with the local exchange, interstate, and international carrier who specializes in telephone communication. It is your money, spend as you see appropriate, but beware when complications to service, due to weather, capacity, where you experience service interruption.

Comcast is disgusting
By -

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I had digital voice installed on September 25th. It went out the same day, taking my internet with it. It took 8 days and 3-4 hours a day calling Comcast to get someone out. I got hung up on, disconnected and lied to. Nobody calls back. Every time I had to call back and go through the menu again and get a new person who put me on hold. I had to call them on my emergency cell phone, spending a small fortune. I had to call a lot of people to give them my alternate number. I could not work on the computer or pay bills.

When it WAS fixed, they could not re-connect my internet as I was on a special for $20 a month and they could not put in that code. They re-installed me at $33 a month. They could not give me a full credit as that would have to go to a supervisor; would I like to hold? I am writing to the FCC, Comcast and everybody else in an official capacity.

Digital Phone Service
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DANVERS, MASSACHUSETTS -- LET THE BUYER BEWARE. When we switched to digital phone service several mos. ago, we believed we would get the same speedy repair service as we always got from our local phone co. We were wrong. When I called to say our phone was dead I was told that the "earliest truck available to fix it would come sometime on Monday"...meaning we would be without phone service for five days. We do not have a cellphone! I complained loudly, said I was cancelling our bundled contract and asked to speak to a supervisor...then they tell me it can be fixed tomorrow afternoon. FCC does not regulate this.

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