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Comcast doesn't sell your phone number, "it's publicly available"
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So, after 7 years of having Comcast, we decided to take advantage of the 2 year $119 for all 3 services promotion. Actually, it's a great promotion as I live off the internet, my family watches TV and we have a home phone for emergencies. Unfortunately, as a current customer, I was ineligible for any upgrades. So, we canceled our account and set it up in my wife's name. It took 1 week for everything to be set up and we lost our old phone number (who cares, it's an emergency number anyway). The service was installed 7-14-2009. Since then, we have had 54 (FIFTY-FOUR) SEPARATE solicitations. Let's name a few: Wall Street Journal, 24/7 security, TeleEurope, ARC, Sullivan Promotions, Viking Magazines, Homestar, Des Moines Inc, etc. I called Comcast and was very irritated that my number is unpublished and they would sell my name and phone number. After calling and talking to them, they told me that "there wasn't a code for an unpublished request" in the system and that my phone number was readily available to anyone who searched the public records. So I asked when they distribute the names and numbers. His response was at the end of every month. Then he backtracked and told me its all done electronically every day but Comcast doesn't earn a single cent off this publication. Yeah right. He told me to put my name and number on the DO NOT CALL list and if I had any further questions or should he put my name and number in the unpublished registry for a fee of $2.50 per month? Uhhhhhhh.....I hung up on him. :)
International Calling Plan!!!
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I signed up for Comcast in an effort to make very affordable calls internationally. Upon the entire sales-seduction process, I was informed that my calls internationally would be less than 10 cents per minute. In fact, I said "thanks I'll think about it." Called back and spoke with someone else to ask again. Same information. So I said OK - I'm in. Boy was I shocked when I got my bill and it was 4x the amount I imagined it would be! I immediately called to find out why the charges were so high. I was told that calls to a cell phone were of a different rate than calling to a land line. Then some garbage about cell towers and taxes, etc. I kindly explained that I was a new customer and I had been informed that calls were less than a dime a minute, and was given zero knowledge that there was a difference between calling land lines and cell phones. I said I will accept these terms from this point forward, but I need them to retro activate the costs and apply them to the originally affirmed sum. I was told someone would "call me back." Of course they didn't. I waited three days, and called again. I explained the situation again, and the woman said I had an "open ticket" to correct the problem, and they would honor it "and call me back." Subsequently they put a block on my international calling while it is "under review." I thought that was rather responsible considering it could be ripe time for them to earn more money! So here I wait through the weekend, staring at the phone hoping Comcast calls soon.

This is ridiculous. I loathe to think I'm about to spend more time and breaths explaining to yet another person about my situation and to please figure it out asap!
Comcast digital phone service
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Comcast digital phone service is the worst. If it looks cloudy the phone service is affected. Overall there service techs are confused, and seem to not know how to correct issues with Comcast digital services.
Be Specific When You Disconnect Your Phone.....
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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I disconnected my service with Comcast. I called the old number to make sure it was disconnected. The Comcast number referred them to my prive (non Comcast) cell phone number. I immediately called them and I was told that it would take 72 hours for them to correct the problem (NOT TRUE). I spoke to with useless "MANAGER". For the next two days, the number continued to give out my PRIVATE non Comcast cell phone number. I called again, in a matter of 30 minutes, the problem was resolved.

Comcast is a terrible company. Most of the customer service representative do not know how to help the customers. I filed a complaint with the FCC!
Poor Customer Service
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BEAVERTON, OREGON -- Comcast Of Oregon LLC - purchased AT&T Broadband Digital Telephony service back in 2004.

Comcast never had billing correct entire time and required me the customer to quote tariff rate posted at Public Utility Commission to resolve billing issues over a three year period.

Comcast Corporation decided to cancel Digital Telephony Service and start Digital Voice. (Same technology - but required "soft migration” of users off DTS onto DV. (Read: Comcast doesn’t pay tariffs or isn’t subject to FCC PUC rules)

I opted out and choose to port-out my existing phone number to Verizon. Comcast botched the work order and my cancelled service. Three levels of escalation with Comcast management refused to rectify the problem. (wouldn’t acknowledge any ability to resolve)(Guess they were used to the ways of cable)

Under DTS, the FCC and PUC tariff rules apply. I filed with both agencies and escalated one level and had immediate response from "executive level" at Comcast.

Beware of DV and the limitations of what a reduction in service means to you, the end customer.

As for me I will remain with the local exchange, interstate, and international carrier who specializes in telephone communication.

It is your money, spend as you see appropriate but beware when complications to service, due to weather, capacity, where you experience service interruption....


Comcast is disgusting
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BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I had digital voice installed on September 25th. It went out the same day, taking my internet with it. It took 8 days and 3-4 hours a day calling Comcast to get someone out. I got hung up on, disconnected and lied to. Nobody calls back. Every time I had to call back and go through the menu again and get a new person who put me on hold. I had to call them on my emergency cell phone, spending a small fortune. I had to call a lot of people to give them my alternate number. I could not work on the computer or pay bills.When it WAS fixed, they could not re-connect my internet as I was on a special for $20 a month and they could not put in that code. They re-installed me at $33 a month.

They could not give me a full credit as that would have to go to a supervisor; would I like to hold? I am writing to the FCC, Comcast and everybody else in an official capacity.
Digital Phone Service
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When we switched to digital phone service several mos. ago we believed we would get the same speedy repair service as we always got from our local phone co. We were wrong.

When I called to say our phone was dead I was told that the "earliest truck available to fix it would come sometime on Monday"....meaning we would be without phone service for five days. We do not have a cellphone!

I complained loudly, said I was cancelling our bundled contract and asked to speak to a supervisor... then they tell me it can be fixed tomorrow afternoon. FCC does not regulate this.
Basic vs digital phone service
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FERNDALE, WASHINGTON -- I have kept my basic phone service with Comcast despite repeated offers to upgrade to digital phone service for the "same price". What they fail to mention is that said digital service increases to 46.00 per month after one year.

I received a letter in the mail stating that my basic phone service will be discontinued and the only option is to sign up for the digital phone service.

So I took matters into my own hands and cancelled my basic phone service. I sure Comcast is operating under basic consumer protection guidelines but I just can't help but feeling angry at having to switch to a service that is double the price just for the privilege of retaining my phone number.

Other than this, I am happy with Comcast. I just think that they should make comparable offer to basic phone service for those people unwilling to pay 50.00 a month for phone service.
Misleading Sales Information / Unresponsive release of phone line.
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CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- Comcast Telemarketer contacted me regarding using Comcast's Digital Voice System. Upon saying I was interested, but only if the following two features were available, he said he researched and found they were available. The services are remote call forwarding and busy dial rollover. After installation I was informed neither feature was available.

Within 2 weeks both phone lines went down and I was informed that it would take, and it did take, 72 hours to repair it. The service technician went around and uplugged my several phones and when he left he only plugged one back in. Within another week, the lines went down again, this time repaired next day by replacing the modem.

I then requested AT&T switch my phone back to them. It took Comcast over 1 week to release the phone number, and then only one of the two. After three weeks the other phone number release has been rejected 3 times, stated reason, AT&T is only requesting one number being released and Comcast says they have two numbers. This is not the case as one number was already released.

Emails to Comcast and phone calls have not yet resolved this problem. One service rep at Comcast told me that I should start over with AT&T.

I was told by the AT&T rep (of course some prejudice here) that they are having this type of trouble with Comcast not releasing the numbers.
No show to install/lousey customer service
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TENNESSEE -- Two weeks ago I called to arrange cable service for my mother. She just moved into an independent living apartment. While I was on the line they told me about their great telephone service. I decided to ger her both of the services. They said it would take two weeks to install them. They showed up to do the televison as scheduled. Yesterday they called to confirm the telephone install. They never showed up. I called and complained, they did a special form to expediate the service, and said a supervisor would call me within one hour. I am still on hold, I called an hour and a half later. They offered to have the install rescheduled for the middle of October. I asked to talk to a supervisor, and have been on hold for over 15 minutes at this point. I would just hang up but I want to know how long they think I will stay on hold. It has now been 30 minutes. I don't think they are taking me serious do you?
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