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Comcast Rips Off The Disabled
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PALM BEACH FLORIDA CORPORATE OFFICES, FLORIDA -- We became members in 2011 Oct 30. They hooked up the equipment wrong and had to return. I had issues within 24 hours. The real problem started Dec 2011. When we could not watch channels due to all kinds of different interference on different channels. The internet did not work and they told us we had to buy a splitter and router from Walmart at our cost . To use the internet we had to unhook the TV and then hook up the internet this went on for 2 years.

My husband was disabled and had a feeding tube in his stomach he had cancer. I have a FDA recall implant in my back my spine is broken and the implant grows into my organs so it rips my organs every time I had to change TV to internet back to TV. Then you could not watch the TV because the internet was on. They said I had to many walls in my house 1400 square feet 2 bedroom home. They promised the would credit us for all the trouble when the issue was fixed. Well I had over 50 tech here and 278 hours on the phone with this company. I know I should have thrown their junk in the street. 4 other neighbors on a 10 house block had the same problem and was promised the same compensation.

They changed my DVR boxes on all 3 TV because they said the boxes were bad. Well again its their equipment I should not have to pay for boxes that do not work. Replacing the boxes never ever fixed the issue. They told me they ran and changed the wires from our phone pole were the signal come through to the house 7 times according to an independent company it was never change and was a lie. Another issue they steal, every time the took a box out to be changed the did not take it off the bill I was paying for 3 boxes on each TV - 3 TVs for 2 years before I caught that issue.I was also paying for HD never hooked until Dec 2013.

Their customer service team is well trained to quote we will compensate you. All I got was the refund for the boxes they overcharged me and the no shows tech credits. The did allow us HBO and Starz for free for a couple of months but you could not watch those either. Due to both of us being disabled, my husband fighting cancer with no insurance after being fired from his job the last thing we need was to fight a cable company. We were kind understanding and gave them 3 years to fix the issues. I have my DVR's that shows issues until the day we were disconnected. On May 31 2013 They quoted me a special bundle package for 119.00 month for phone, internet and TV. I was paying over 200.00 a month. I spent 9 hours on the phone because the new package discounted channels. I was quoted wrong 3 times and had to speak to 7 supervisors to fix the price issue which shows as a credit on my bill of 30.,00. That was the only way the supervisor could fix the billing issue. Well the phone did not work. People from landlines just received a dead line no sound.

After 3 years I finally said fine you can not fix the issues I can live with that but I am due a credit for 3 years of services issues. Not a 3 year credit some reasonable refund.for the time, pain, and no service. When the love of your life is dying changing cable not top of the list but I believed they were honest. MY BAD. I watch what ever channel is working, I bought a cell phone so I took care of the phone issue for now, They did finally fix the internet in DEC 2013. But all the pain the techs in and out of your house when you are both in such pain is crazy.

The last issue was they wanted again to come in and change the boxes. They said our boxes are old. So again bad boxes. Their tech department told me and I quote 1 box might go bad but not all 3. they just change them. Their equipment, techs, and corporate office are the worse I have ever talked. to. I am a customer service manager for 30 years and we always stood behind what we promised. I believed they would also . NOT TRUE and changing TV boxes does not fix the phone they blamed that on Verizon issues., however the people calling me also have AT&T and Comcast.

Join us make a complaint with the FCC, Its the old bait and switch they will cheat you. So far, I have had 362 people change in 3 states and that one weeks work. DO NOT LOSE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.
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Devious? Or Merely Stupid?
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CONCORD, CALIFORNIA -- So, we rely heavily on WiFi in our house, and Comcast was the only company that could offer enough mgps to meet our needs ( AT&T came close, but we had 'have cable, too' in order to get the higher WiFi). The sales representative I got on the phone way over-promised and utterly undelivered. According to her, we could get a Triple Play of the high speed Internet we needed, as well as phone and 80 channels of cable (including HBO)- all for $119 per month. Additionally, she said, she could charge us $30 for the install fee (usually $99). I told her I needed to talk to my wife about it, and she agreed to call me the next day.

- What she did instead-
She proceeded to process the order, and the next day (unbeknownst to us) had a technician come over and flip the Comcast switch (previous occupant had Comcast). At that point, Comcast started charging us for service, even though there had been no install, and I had not yet determined what package I wanted.

Additionally, when I called back the next day I was told that the actual cost of the package was going to be $159 per month, and there was no way that the install could be done at $30 (which I was fine with, but why lie?). The person assisting looked at the order she had placed and it was a mess.

- The following month
Received a whopping bill for both service and install, since they started billing us 2 weeks before the actual install. Called to complain, and was told that there was nothing they could do: service started the day they flipped the switch. As I was happy with the phone/internet (we dropped the TV because the original representative had lied to us and there was no HBO included), I agreed to pay the bill.

I paid the bill, and 5 days later received a notification threatening that our service would be pulled due to non-payment. Checked my bill pay and saw that the payment I had sent to them had been deducted from my account. Called them up and asked if they'd received payment. They said they typically receive notification of payment within 3 days of being paid online. I pointed out that it was FIVE days, and is my service at risk of being pulled? I was advised that I should check it again in a couple of days ('because it takes a few days for payments to post', though I again pointed out that it had been ), and if my service gets interrupted they would reinstate it upon receipt of payment for 'ONLY A $25 RECONNECT FEE!!!' Total bargain, when you pay your bills online and on time... ARE THEY KIDDING ME???

This is by far the worst customer service I've experienced, bar none. If their products didn't work acceptably (and weren't the only ones who could offer the wireless speeds we need), I would drop them faster than a politician can lie. I cannot believe these folks haven't gone bankrupt. Yet.
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thmdallas on 08/01/2014:


With Sympathy
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Comcast reps are very good at apologizing, and no wonder.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Comcast service representatives are so good at apologizing because they must have to do it so often.

My experience started with over 40 minutes on the phone attempting to request a simple disconnect of services, which included;
Waiting on hold, only to be finally transferred to a representative on the west coast, after providing my name, address and account number. I live on the east coast. The west coast representative then told me he would have to transfer me to someone else. Another 5 to 10 minutes on hold. I was then asked to repeat all details I had just provided; ie account number, name, address, etc.

This was the first week of July, and I identified my disconnect date as July 31st. The representative then asked me for a forwarding address to send the final invoice. Since I'm moving to Canada, I provided the address of the house I'm moving into, there. The representative was confused, asking me what state the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, is in...He then asked me for the zip code there. I explained to him that Canada has postal codes, which are made up of numbers and letters. I then read the 6 digit postal code to him. He told me he was unable to accept it, and that the address had to be in the United States. I told him that after July 31st I would not have a US address, and that it shocked me that a company like Comcast can't sent a piece of mail outside American borders, especially to a country like Canada, that shares international borders with the US. I told him that this was Comcast's problem, not mine and we ended the call.

About a week later, on July 15th, I decided to take my Comcast television cable-boxes to a local Comcast service center, and asked the fellow behind the counter to double check that my disconnect date was still July 31st, as I wanted to continue having access to my email account. He happily assured me that there would be no issues. And just to be sure, as I was leaving I asked him to confirm it again. He told me there would be no problem, that his system said it was, in fact, July 31st.
Of course about an hour later, when I attempted to access my email account, from my girlfriend's home office, I could not get into the account. The prompt told me the account was closed. So another 30 minutes on the phone, with an apologizing representative, but eventually just to be told that I would have to call back the next morning to speak with another department. The next morning I called again, and was assured by another apologizing representative that my email was back on line. I asked her to wait while I checked. I couldn't get in, and she sounded shocked. She apologized again, and transferred me to another representative This person told me that I would have to re-boot my router. The problem here was that I was not at home, I was still at my girlfriend's. I was an hour away from my condo, and was planning on leaving town and not returning to my condo for 10 days.
I was getting angry, and the representative told me there was no other alternative. So after nearly another 40 minutes on the phone, I hung up and drove back to my condo (an hours drive) turned on the computer, and called Comcast, again. She checked the router remotely and told me all was fixed. But then, I couldn't even get on the internet. The rep, continually apologizing, told me the only solution was now to send a service person to the condo, but couldn't get someone there for two days. Remember, by this time, I had planned to be 3 hours north of the city on my vacation, and I could not wait any longer to leave. I told the Comcast representative that I was extremely frustrated and that their customer service was nothing short of abysmal. I told her that I would put rabbit ears on my roof before ever purchasing Comcast services again.
And finally (the fun continues) yesterday, the new tenants of the condo, who move in August 1st emailed me to tell me that they can't open a new account with Comcast because there is no disconnect in place from me. After blowing about 2 gaskets, I called Comcast, again. After another 40 minutes of apologies and comments like "I really don't know how this happened" by the rep, I was able to re-activate the disconnect. Again, lots of apologizing.
I'd estimate that this series of events ate up nearly 3 hours of my time, and caused me to be extremely late for my first stop on my working vacation. And that doesn't account for the stress and frustration I experienced. Comcast is a large company, which benefits from a monopoly on neighborhoods in Boston. In other words, my neighborhood in Boston, which is an older established area, is not serviced by Verizon, RCN, or any other providers of internet, TV and phone. Therefore I had no choice but to use Comcast. At the end of the day Comcast, which promotes there 24 / 7 customer service guarantees, and trains people to apologize endlessly, doesn't really have to care about their customers. Hell will freeze over before I would ever use them again, and that will be a long time, even with global warming.
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Joy on 07/31/2013:
I hear you, Jimtrites1! I live just north of Boston and have had a nightmare situation. Someone hacked into my network and PC this past week, and the local police took a statement and report. I actually have video footage of the hacker searching through files on my PC! The local police told me to try to get information from Comcast, such as an IP trace of the hacker, and so I called and called and called Comcast's customer service lines. My calls we re-routed and dropped a total of 7 times! And then the Comcast rep finally said that I would have to pay for "signature support" in order to find out information about the hacking. I am a careful Internet user and so I am wondering how many other people have been victims of hacking because Comcast does not provide the kind of service and protection you need.

BTW: Posted in the NY Times today: “Comcast Profits Jumps 28.6% on Growth of Broadband.” Brian L. Roberts, Chief Exec at Comcast said that this is due to “focus on delivering innovative products and superior customer experience.” I say, bullshit! Comcast’s second-quarter earnings rose to 1.7 billion because customers can’t find any alternative providers, so we settle for the only thing available. And we put our lives and identities in danger.
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Bait and Switch Promotion
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- On June 20, 2013 I called Comcast Customer Service to ask about a bundle promotion I saw online for "TV and Internet for $49.99 for first 6 Months". I told the Customer Service Rep (Chris) that I had seen the offer online and in fact had the page open now and wanted to ask a few questions before I signed up.
I further went on to describe the deal, for New Customers in my town in Tennessee. It listed 45+ channels on cable and 50 Mbps internet service.
I was promptly "corrected" by Chris that, "Oh no, Internet service starts at $79.99 per month at that speed."
I told him that I had it on my screen right now, I was looking at it right now. Chris said, "Hold on, I'll ask a Supervisor."
After a short time he came back on and told me, "Sir, that's an old advertisement. We don't do that anymore."
My turn, I said, "But the advertisement says this offer is good until June 30, 2013."
Silence, and then, "I'll ask a Supervisor."
Chris: "Sir, that is for internet only."
Me: "I'm looking at the offer on my screen now. It says 45+ channels, 50Mbps for New Customers in my area, $49.99 for first six months".
Chris: "I'll ask a Supervisor:
Shortly afterward Chris came back on, "Sir, that offer is only for existing customers."
Me: "It says "New Customer Offer" on the screen."
Chris: "I'll ask a Supervisor."
Chris returns, "Sir, that offer is not on our web site."
Me: "The search bar says "wwwb. Comcast. xfinity/ etc./ etc ....)
Chris: "I'll ask a Supervisor."
Me: "Wait a minute. I see it on my screen and you tell me it's not a valid offer, it's for existing customers, it's not from "your" website. I've heard a lot about the crappy service you give to customers but I never thought I would have to deal with it BEFORE I was even a customer. Never mind, cram your TV and internet service!!!" CLICK !!!!

My recommendation is Do Not Deal With Comcast. They try and rip you off even before you become a customer now.
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Comcast HD Technology Fee
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have had Comcast HD for about 6 years. This month, out of nowhere, a new charge appeared on my bill HD Technology Fee 9.95. I chatted with someone to get it removed last week, they said, it's a mistake, I will take it off. Nothing showed up online for a credit to my bill so I chatted again today. Again, the person said not to worry, we will take it off. She never said your HD channels will be gone. Obviously, why would I pay extra for 2 HD boxes and not want the HD service.

Well, when I turned on my TV today, my HD channels were gone. So I called, and the woman said if we remove the fee, your HD channels will be gone. She also said my bill had not gone up, they just broke out the charge separately, I said the bill did go up by the new fee. She got my channels back and then at the end she said my bill would go up. She then tried to sell me more channels and phone service when she knew I was trying to get my bill down. This is after 4 months ago they gave me a special deal which was to include everything, now they add a new charge.

So now with Comcast, to get HD it cost you extra $20 a month, 9.95 for fee and 9.25 for HD box. Since I have 2 HD boxes, I get charged another 9.25 for the second box. Even the Comcast people do not know if this is mistake or not because I got different answers from different people. Until now, the HD was included with my first box because the first 9.25 on my bill said HD Digital Preferred and now it just says Digital Preferred and I have the HD charge separate. Comcast is a ripoff.
Resolution Update 06/17/2012:
I got my next Comcast bill today and they did stop the extra 9.95 I was billed last month for HD Technology Fee and I still have my HD channels (I lost them once again after I wrote this review but I won't go into that now.) They left the HD Technology Fee on the bill but they are not charging for one of my HD boxes. I'm assuming that with the HD Technology Fee, you get 1 HD box with it. That could be why they told me my bill shouldn't have gone up. Anyway, its back to what it should be. I only have 1 more month left on my promotion, hopefully, they can help me out next month to get another promotion, otherwise, Comcast is really expensive. I am happy they corrected my bill but its a shame I lost my HD channels twice and had to talk/chat with 4 or 5 different people to get it resolved.
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User Replies:
ok4now on 05/28/2012:
Hello? Now you are finding out what Comcast is all about. This is why I couldn't wait to leave them. If you want true HD programming without the the nickel & dime expense there is only one option....Verizon FIOS. Yes you will read complaints. My experience with them after three years has been flawless. No problems, great HD programs, super fast internet and dead reliable phone service. Dump Comcast and switch to FIOS, you will be much happier.
Alain on 05/29/2012:
I haven't seen this on our Comcast bill yet, but thanks to your review, I'll be looking out for it. I appreciate the heads up, Unhappy!
trmn8r on 05/29/2012:
Hello? If your billing rate and/or "breakouts" changed you should have been notified.

I'd be on the phone to Comcast a few more times until I received an explanation of this that makes sense. Or leave.

Two reps have told you that your bill has not gone up, but it has. Somebody has some splainin to do, Lucy. My *guess* is at the end of the day, someone will fess up and admit that your bill has indeed gone up.
Bill Proctor on 08/03/2013:
My local Comcast rep. said it was a "Federal Tax", and they (Comcast) had nothing to do with the fee ($9.95 pr month) ?????????????????????.
cb29 on 10/29/2013:
You don't have to have the HD technology. Tell them to take it off the bill. All TVs are set up with HD now, so it's not necessary.
sickofcomcast on 01/02/2014:
We have had similar problems with Comcast. When living in DE we never had problems but since living in the Baltimore area for the past year and a half, we end up with HD charges and DVR charges.....and we don't have a DVR or DVR service. We have to call them and battle over the bill. We have had it. In just 2 more days, we will have Verizon Fios installed. We are in hopes of a much better experience. Oh, and during the unexpected storm the end of June 2012 we lost cable/internet service for a full week. We called and reported it and then called again at the end of the week. When we asked about reducing our bill for the month, we were told we should have asked for it when we reported the outage. We had to talk to several people before we got some resolution to this. We should NOT have to beg for refunds or bill adjustments when the charges are not valid charges.
Pissed@Comcast on 01/14/2014:
I have been with Comcast for over 10 years but being that when you move they have to create a new account for you (which I don't understand why they just can't update the address..I mean they have all this technology) they are pretty incapable of pinpointing long-term customers (unless you a person that never moved).

Anyhow life happens and I got behind (not Comcast fault) so I had like a $268 balance and I called the representative and I said I can pay $200 and the remaining I would pay with my next bill. Representative said okay and that she would make 'note' of it on the account. So I paid the what I promised to have them a week later turn me off.

So I called and say why did you disconnect me and the representative was like well you have a $68 past due balance. I was like okay I know this because I called last week and the representative said okay. So back and forth and back and forth talking to people even the useless DM of the area to sum it up they thought they could extort it out me. But no one could ever explain to me how 'certain' people could run up a 600 bill before they was cut off but I called explained what I could give and get turned off for a balance under $100. Their only answer was it is a 'case' by 'case' situation so my case of I did pay something and made arrangements didn't fall as one that could be that 'case by case' situation.

I am a person about principle and Comcast didn't value my commitment of 10 years to them so I let them keep their service and returned their boxes. But then 4 days later after dropping off my boxes to the main station I have a representative call saying they could make arrangements for someone to pick up the boxes but if I would like my service back on they could set up a payment arrangement to get me back on. I would be an idiot to fall for something like that if they was incapable of keeping the original arrangement they agreed on in the first place.

Sorry Comcast but in the real world (well for me anyway) A roof over my head comes before a TV that I don't watch. I only pay you exorbitant prices because you decide to put the 'KIDS' channels on you higher packages. Now I have Verizon Fios I am pretty sure they appreciate the assistance of getting a new customer.
D.Lomas on 01/19/2014:
Comcast is corporate piracy. Public is subjected to deliberate malpractice in that access to anybody with competence is deliberately blocked while customers struggle impossibly to have dialogue with non English speaking offshore comcast " specialists-in- non-comprehension". Many non productive efforts with offshore customer reps have wasted endless time while I tried to listen to incomprehensible accented twaddle in their weird English usage. OBVIOUSLY the chaos is corporate intention, created to hinder solutions thus deflecting customers' grievances from reasonable resolution. The company's "customer services" are a malicious anti customer management system designed to cloak their middle finger indifference to the customer, and its polices are manipulative to an extreme. (eg "ghost" supervisors )
A disgusting group of corporate gougers using all the tricks of their corporate greed motivated methods to give minimum value for money .
Time for government to look into the cable monopoly
Read the many other complaints floating around the web including even some current jaded employees of the comcast group
JAMES SMITH on 02/07/2014:
Cindy on 02/24/2014:
I cancelled service, the customer service lady said she would ship out boxes to return the equipment. She said that was the easiest. I finally got the boxes from UPS and I packed up a modem and 2 TV boxes and shipped them back. They are now saying I never returned the modem. He asked if I took a picture of the serial # on the modem, no I did not. No one said I should have done that!!! How can they receive the cable boxes and not the modem??
I will never use this company again. I now have local channels only with an antenna(Free TV).
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Customer Commendation
Posted by on

The matter concerning a credit to my account has been an ongoing, agonizing situation for me since November, 2010. I was charged for a month’s service I did not receive and an upgrade I did not request. Since November, 2010 I have called continuously about once a month in reference to this matter. Various customer service representatives indicated to me that my account was noted, yet did not care enough to note the records. Frustrated with requesting return phone calls from supervisors, I turned in my equipment to AT&T.

I am a previous telephone employee and know the importance of noting the records when customers call regarding various concerns. On June 17, 2011, I got lucky when Ms. Beverly Travis answered my phone call. It took quite a long time reviewing and re-reviewing my account. She asked if I had the time to look over my records and took the time to actually listen to my concerns. After re-reading the records and looking at the date that I actually picked up the equipment, November 14, 2010 and checking and noting that the date the service technician came to activate my service was a month later, she realized that I could not have been receiving the digital service for which I have been charged from November to December. Ms Travis read the notes indicating that I still had the limited basic plan that ran around $15.00 a month until December 13, 2010 when the service tech came to my home. Only she also realized which was clearly noted in the records that the 49.95 credit to my account was requested from the service technician because he had to call the office for them to activate the box. And per Comcast policy, if the equipment is hooked up correctly, the customer is not charged. Thus, she realized the credit received was for the activation only.

It a shame that it has taken so long for someone to understand and comprehend what I had stated endlessly and what is written plain for any representative to view. Before this fiasco, I was very pleased with my Comcast service. I had been a customer for years, paid faithfully and paid my account in full just before turning in my equipment. Because of continued phone calls to closed ears and what I considered as uncaring and inefficient customer service, I returned my equipment. Hopefully, with this resolve, I can reinstate for service in the future.

I would like to render a gracious ‘thank you’ to Ms. Beverly Travis located in the Hazelwood, Missouri customer call center. She took the time to make me feel that my concerns important. She didn’t put me on hold for long periods of time, she informed me when she was reading the notes and kept me abreast of what she was doing. You advertise your commitment to customer service, yet I can vouch for one Comcast employee who has demonstrated this promise and displayed the time and professionalism to illustrate that she does care and that I am considered as a significant person to Comcast. She made me feel that ‘I matter’.

Neeka Davis 6/17/2011
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User Replies:
Alain on 06/19/2011:
Good review and I'm glad to see that someone with Comcast did their best to finally offer some resolution to your problem.
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Lack of customer service
Posted by on
Policy regarding Customer Service.

Yesterday my wife tells me that she has spent 2 times 40 minutes speaking to someone in the far-east who didn't even listen to her and suggested that the order for a self install cable box would not be here in time for the Stanley Cup final, game 7 and the final game. I am a fan of the Bruins.

However when I arrived home there was the cable box neatly packed and left outside my front door. I collected and examined the contents reading the instructions and realized it wasn't rocket science. All I had to do was connect three wires. I completed the task in less than a couple of minutes and waited the compulsory 20 minutes for something to happen. Nothing happened. In fact 4.25 hours later I was still in the same position, but by this time I knew the Bruins had won 4-0. How did I know? Because my wife emailed me and told me the result. I still didn't have television.

In the interim I had spoken to at least three different Asian young ladies and a male supervisor. They are always polite, but achieve zero except increase my blood pressure. By 11.45pm I had given up. The supervisor who should be fired put me on hold and the phone went on and on and on until in the end after an inordinate amount of time the call dropped. The three young ladies had me pressing buttons on my remote. They asked me to undo and reconnect cables. It was all designed as a nonsense exercise. They were obviously reading from a script and they couldn't deviate from that script.

How dare you call yourselves number in cable television? I have direct TV at my home but it is not available at my city apartment. It looks like I am going to have to seek alternative arrangements. Frankly your service is dreadful and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. The customer is your future and to treat him so badly is shame on you.

This morning I called to ask them to collect the equipment that they dumped on my doorstep and was promptly told to deliver it by hand to the local Comcast office. I am not the UPS or FedEx or the USPS and I am not going to return it. I will leave it in exactly the same position that I found it. I waited to arrange for a collection because I want to be reasonable and guess what, I waited and waited and waited and no reply. I called again and the same thing occurred. I have made 7 calls to Comcast, and my wife has made two before me. When will you understand people are not prepared to wait 40 minutes every time they need to speak to anyone.

The cheek of trying to market your company on the basis of putting the customer first is galling. That is a joke and if it wasn't so frustrating I could laugh.

This morning I spoke with Lisa at your executive head office and asked if she could resolve the issue. She said she would. I am prepared to wait until the end of business hours today to see if it is resolved. I am not going to take time off work to put right your wrongs.

My advice to all of you at Comcast is to look for another job. Comcast is big but not that big that they can't fail. If they keep this up that is exactly what will happen.

I know they can get it right; they did at my business for 6 years without any trouble. OK there was teething problems getting it working, but once it was working, I never had any trouble. You should be striving to get it right and not fob people off by getting Sunshine (that was what she called herself) and Rani and others to fob the customer off. I am going to write to my senator asking him to look at your monopoly position and to determine whether the federal Government can intervene on behalf of the consumer
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 06/16/2011:
"The customer is first" is the second biggest fairy tale in business after "The customer is always right." The truth is that the money is first and the customer can take a long walk off a short cliff :).
PepperElf on 06/16/2011:
I guess you can stick to your guns and refuse to return the equipment...

However that also means they can legally send you a bill for the equipment if I'm not mistaken... and if it goes unpaid, send it to collections.

Sometimes taking a stand feels good, feels like you're sticking it to them but... in the long run they can often win the game via that method.
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Worst company ever- Comcast
Posted by on
Dear Comcast,

Your customer service is really really poor and bad. I've been using Comcast for over 5 years, not because I love the service, but because I don't have any other company's service where I live.
However, it's been so unbelievably annoying and terrifying whenever there is an issue with Comcast.
Whether it was cable or internet or just box outside of the building, I would call the customer service and they will have technician come in to fix the issue. Not only they are not on time, but they don't know what they are doing most of the time.

Almost every time, I have rude customer service representatives on the other line. Since I moved into new address and transferred the service to new house, I wasn't getting any OnDemand movies. I wasn't able to purchase movies and I had 3-4 technicians came, but no one was able to figure it out. So I gave up. But I'm still paying the same bill as everyone else who gets the service.
The corporate says I can't get the credit back or money back because it's just a service. Yeah, and I'm not getting that service... is this that hard for you to understand??

At least the free movies worked, so I was fine with what I have. But then recently Comcast cable box broke outside of the house, and the tech person came to fix it. After that I wasn't able to get the free movies through OnDemand either. When I called yesterday after waiting for couple of weeks to see if it's going to work again, the customer service representative reboot the box etc., and I asked her how long I need to wait til I check the OnDemand again. And she said 5 minutes, and I asked her more questions about 'what can she do if it doesn't work just like the OnDemand movie's not working?'. She was soooo rude and keep repeating herself. Yeah, I already heard that, but you are not answering my question. When I asked her the same question she is not answering, she immediately transferred me to technician without asking me whether it's OK or not or at least some other company reps. tell you 'please hold or something'. In the middle of conversation, she was gone. All the sudden this tech person is saying hello and I needed to repeat everything again. She was not only speaking rude but her action was ridiculously rude. I wish I had her name written down. But then this tech person had also same annoying rude tone in his voice when I told him what just happened.

This is so typical every time I call to Comcast and this is getting ridiculous. I'm not the only one who has so much bad experience with the Comcast service. Not only your customer reps stinks, but your service has so much issues. I practically call almost every month or every other month to report the problem. My colleagues at work also agree with me. They hated your service so much, they switched to other cable company. If I could, I would switch the service right away.

The problems? I think your company needs to hire quality customer service representatives. If you don't have resources to hire and pay more for better personnel, then TRAIN them!!
Even last night that lady representative told me to wait 5 minutes until open the OnDemand, but then when I spoke to the tech person on a very same phone line, he says I need to wait 30 minutes at least. What is wrong with your employees or say what is wrong with your company?

Also, TRAIN your technicians. Every time someone comes to fix the thing, they say the different thing, and it doesn't look good on your company. Don't spend money on the TV commercial which people like me don't even believe because we are so annoyed by your company. And start investing hiring a quality customer service reps and training technicians. Whenever I see your TV commercial, it makes me so mad and I just change the channel. Because your words don't match with your service!

Your customer service representative are really really rude and have very poor attitude. I don't think your company will survive very long with this poor service. Bankrupt is only thing I see if you continue this.
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Skye on 03/07/2011:
It seems with Comcast, certain area's, get excellent service, and other area's, not so much.

madconsumer on 03/07/2011:
comcast offers something for not arriving on time.

locally, I have had comcast for 10 years with zero complaints. superb customer service agents, and the techs arrived on time, called prior to arriving, and did the work perfectly.
NickL11354 on 03/07/2011:
The thing is that in many areas there is only one cable company that serves the area. Verizon FIOS isn't much better.
Cablevision or Optimum Online was 100% better than Comcast in the Boston area which offers less than 1/2 of the selection I got from Optimum (Cablevision) at a higher price. You can only get about 20-25 HD Channels and I was told On Demand is an additional service that would cost an extra $24.99 a month
ok4now on 03/07/2011:
As a former Comcast customer I can relate to many of the negative issues in your post. They're tech support is horribe, they get little or no training. Their employees are dressed like ghetto when making a house call. It usually takes them 3 to 4 service calls before they get it right. Visiting the local Comcast customer service center is a real experience. I feel like I'm in the Welfare Office. The employees all seem lethargic and act like they're doing you a favor to even address you. As Skye pointed out this may be a local issue. I moved out of Philly and now have Verizon Fios. Yes they also have complaints but my experience with them has been excellent. More H.D. channels, faster internet, reliable phone service (copper lines not voip) and zero problems. Definitely better than Comcast.
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Thank You Comcast
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THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA -- It all started Jan 3rd 2011 Cable TV was installed in my home not a great TV signal Not HD was requested but almost as acceptable as Antenna TV signal on Jan 4th @ 5pm TV went out a call to Comcast advised a technician could not be sent out til Thursday Jan 6th (great). A cable TV contractor working for Comcast arrived @ home and confirmed that there was no signal TV or on outside wall of home. He advised my wife that it was late in the day and that trouble was in big green box in front yard and that he would return first job Friday Morning with Supervisor since that was above his qualifications. At 2pm still a no show I called Comcast and was advised problem was fixed previous day by a technician and I related the conversation from my wife but what do we know. The Representative advised he personally contacted the Repair Department and a technician would be dispatched soon. Told JUST WHAT I WANTED TO HEAR and hung up. Well @ 5pm I received a call from my wife she did get a call from the technician and all ne did was complain that since it wasn't fixed the first time he would have to return @ his own expense and would be reimbursed for travel or time. Well it was 7pm before we knew it which prompted another call to Comcast. Due to unusually high call volumes a wait of 10 min + referring me to Internet. I waited and spoke to another representative at the call center explained the problem and was told problem was cleared the day before due to a major outage I explained to her it has been out since Tuesday and blah blah blah dead silence and a big OH? Well I started my rant again being understanding I finally explained if I could not get an answer on exactly when service would be restored "I Will disconnect Service " Tel #,s were taken and I was assured a Representative would return a call ASAP. Well it is now 0933PM Sunday I have checked my Message line, Answering machine Cell phones 1 and 2 no voice mail has been left.

At 5pm I called Dish Network service will be installed Tuesday Jan 11th. I wasted a weekend about this BS not really went over to friends home watched football games TV on satellite TV great signal. Glad I didn't take Comcast offer on Internet and Voice imagine what that would be like. Monday morning will be fun time to call Comcast and Disconnect Service OH yeah what service. Comcast can contact be but the answer is still NO!
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Comcast Un-Support
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I have been working with Comcast to solve a problem with my signal being unacceptable for over six months. I moved from a thirty-five year old home with neglected wiring and minmal issues to a fifteen year old home in great shape. Since this move I have had serious pixilation issues with my cable signal, my phone signal breaks up so horribly the person on the other end of the line cannot hear me much of the time.
All of this began in June of 2010. I called Comcast due to the pixilation preventing my family from watching any television whatsoever. The picture and audio signal were so badly broken up we could not make heads or tails of the shows. They informed me that the entire neighborhood was having problems and to be paitent; it would clear on its own. I took them at their word and waited for three weeks for it to clear. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were continuing to work on the problem. I called again. This time there was heavy rain in the area and they blamed the pixilation on that, stating that I need to be paitent still; they had just finished repairs on the neighborhood lines. I took them at their word again.
Come the end of the second month, I began to become a bit frustrated. I am generally a patient person. I call again and this time request someone be sent out. I did not describe the issue as pixilation; rather I said the television signal was broken up. I later learned they wrote this down as "HD problem". A couple of days later the technician arrives to fix the problem and replaces the wires directly on the outside of the house, stating he is sure that is the problem and to be patient as it may take the lines some time to clear the reception. I wait two weeks again and call. The problem is no better. They send another technician who says, oh its the box. They replace the box and the wires in the back to the wall. Two weeks later, we are still having pixilation. I think it is minorly improved, but it is still too bad to watch anything. I call again. This technician says the previous technician did not inspect the wires they replaced and that they were bad: the male and female ends were too far in and too far out. I hope this is the end and thank him. He tells me if I have to call again to explain the problem as pixilation so they know clearly what they are dealing with. Two weeks later, the pixilation is still present. The next technician comes out and replaces the box again. Two to three weeks later, the pixilation, although still somewhat improved, is too horrible to make sense of any shows. I call again; they send out another technician. He says he can't find the problem. I am told to bring the box in to a local Comcast box store and swap it. I do.
On a side note, in the last month we replaced our television. It was having trouble with lighting, so we thought perhaps the unit was the problem. Nothing about the pixilation changed with a brand new television. After the last six months of excuses and run around and finally getting the problem solved, I call up Comcast. (I had requested a credit when the first technician was sent out. I was told to wait a couple of weeks after the problem was solved.) I called and explained the last six months of problems, asking for a credit again. They say they only see one month of problems in their records. What! I calmly explain what has been going on. I can tell him there have been at least five different technicians to my house. I can tell them everything that was replaced each time. They keep repeating they only see the last month. When pushed, Alicia tells me that she does see a history back to September, but that was an HD issue, not a pixilation issue. I explain that I have no idea why the technicians worded it differently but the problem has been the same all along. I also have to argue the point of the second DVR box replacement. She states that they show we made an upgrade. The DVR box that was replaced was the older version with a smaller hard drive in comparison to the new one. However they are both Comcast brand DVR boxes. I would never consider this an upgrade. Conveniently, Comcast has labeled the box replacement thus to avoid having to tie the two service calls together. I have things I need to do, so I have to let her go. I call again the next day and speak to Heather. She is much nicer and agrees to give me a $50 credit easily. However, I have been paying over that each month for the television service I was not receiving for six months. I explain this fact again. She says they only have thirty days of history on this issue. I explain again each thing that was replaced by all the different technicians and how long ago. She is quiet, but I would not say she listened.
During this conversation she notices my telephone service is breaking up so badly she cannot hear me. She quickly uses this as a reason to transfer me to tech support and not have to talk to me anymore. Tech support repeats the fact that I am really broken up and sets up an appointment for my phone to be serviced. I have also been dealing with the phone problem for six months, but it has not caused me to be unable to use the phone for long periods of time and has been intermittent. When I called Comcast service once before, they told me that as the problem was intermittent they could do nothing unless I called when it was occurring. The problem is when it is occurring was usually in the evening, when on tech is available. I didn’t see the point. So, I have been putting up with it.
I wait until the technician comes out for the phone, hoping that after this is fixed, I can make some headway with Comcast on a reasonable credit for my bill. I have always paid full and on time. The technician, Jeremy, comes out to the house and tests the modem, the lines, even the neighborhood box and says everything is in the green. He can’t find the problem. So he leaves me his number and takes off, telling me to call if the problem reoccurs. He is the nicest person I have dealt with during my talks with Comcast. I decide to wait to call them about a credit as the phone is not fixed. I receive a call from customer service asking me to take a survey about my satisfaction with Comcast. The automated voice says they want me to be fully satisfied. I am not, and I say so. The automated service transfers me to customer care as a result of my statement.
I speak to an entry level support person and receive the same rig amoral of excuse and “we don’t see records that far back regarding this issue”. Apparently they change the wording on their records so the problems don’t match and then lose the majority to avoid having to take responsibility for their screw ups. I ask to speak to someone who can help me. I am transferred to Kristen. I speak to her for all of thirty seconds when she hangs up on me. This entire time I have spoken calmly and quietly to each person, regardless of my frustration. I realize they are only pegs in the machine and do not have real power. I wait a couple of minutes to see if she will call back. I don’t know why I did. Part of me wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt that she did not do so intentionally and it was an accident.
I call back and ask to speak to Kristen again; explaining I think she accidentally disconnected our line. The person I am speaking with places me on hold and then returns to state in a strained and odd voice that Kristen is “not able to come to the phone”. I ask if there is someone else available. I am transferred to Brandon. He is pleasant enough, as pegs go. However he repeats the same load of junk I have been told before. I may as well have been talking to a brick wall. What is the point of having a customer service department when not one individual is individualistic? They are all robotic drones and none of them will give any credit to the reality of my situation. I have been patient for six months on the basis of the idea that Comcast will see reason when I call up and give me at least one month’s bill credit for six months of frustration.
Jeremy calls me back three hours after he was here and offers to come out and replace the modem on the chance it will fix the phone, despite the fact that everything tested green. I take him up on the offer. He does so, and again is very nice and apologetic about the service issues we have had despite the fact that he has even less responsibility regarding my satisfaction than customer un-service.
After the experience I have just had, I cannot see how any satellite company could be any worse. I will be letting everyone know that aside from their technician, Jeremy, Comcast does not give a damn about their customer satisfaction. It is simply a catch phrase for sales and nothing more. Stay the hell away from this horrible and careless company. We have a satellite dish on our roof from the last individuals who owned this house. We were going to take it down. I’m glad we have not yet. I am talking to the satellite company first thing tomorrow.
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