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"NEW" Modem
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Rating: 1/51

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- I have been paying almost 90 dollars a month for just Internet! Okay, I paid it. It was high speed on downloading on demand. I have DirecTV. I was told to switch to the new and improved modem. So, I did. Hooked it up and download is so slow it usually says cannot download. I called support and was told that they would send a cable box to hook to modem. And as soon as I hook that up, now remember I have DirecTV, unhook the box and my modem will run fast. Really?

As I expected no box showed up. I called back and was told they don't do that! I said, "yeah I thought so." So, then I was told I need a computer hooked up so they can check the speed of modem. Well, I don't have a computer, I have an iPad. I was then told, "Until you hook up computer we can't help you!" About to switch over to AT&T. I am so dissatisfied with the service and, of course, the price! Comcast is proud of their service but does not back up that great service they claim to have.

Incompetent Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ACWORTH, GEORGIA -- I received a letter and a votive message that I need to upgrade modem and cable boxes or I'd lose service. The website given does not exist; phone number has been disconnected. I called Comcast to schedule service call. They could not come for 3 weeks. Asked for phone number of Comcast office nearest me. The number they gave me has been disconnected. I drove an hour to the office and they had closed early for holiday. I'm still without Internet service. To add insult to injury, each service representative asked at the end of each call, "Can I help you with anything else?" Anything else? They couldn't hep me with anything!!! Not much service in customer service.

Terrible Tech Support, Customer Support and Even Worse, Installation Services
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I change my provider to Comcast, expecting to receive better services. Requested the disconnection of my existing service the day that Comcast committed to install Xfinity. They came on a Friday, but were not able to install the services as an outside wire needed to be installed. So they committed to work on the wiring required and on Tuesday they sent a Technician to install the services inside the home.

The technician could not install because the outside wire was still missing. Then we received a call stating than in 2 days the technicians will come to do the job. Nothing happen on Saturday, 7 days later, I was still without service and when I call to find out if the technician was sent to do the wiring and when will they come to do the inside, they hang up on me!!! That's it. I cancel the order and went back to my old provider. This company lacks of respect and commitment. They are careless and useless once they get you on a contract. After you agreed to get their service, you become the 5th person after NOBODY.

Stay Away From Comcast
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Rating: 1/51

DUMFRIES, VIRGINIA -- Stay away from Comcast! I canceled my account and when I did, I asked for a balance. And now I got a bill that's more than double. I called their so called customer service and according to them there is nothing they can do. Worthless company!!!

Major Issues With Billing!
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Rating: 1/51

YUBA CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I contacted the billing dept with Comcast because I felt that my bill was too low. They reassured me that $43.09 was my total bill due, only to receive a bill the next month for $174 due to their misfiling. They refused to help correct the situation and demanded I pay that outrageous bill. Mind you I only have Basic Cable. I asked they disconnect my services, yet they refused. Very disappointing.

The Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

HIALEAH, FLORIDA -- In my 49 years of existence I have never written a letter of complaint but I am so APPALLED at Comcast Customer Service that I feel forced to write my first one. Let me start by saying that I would have never thought a company like Comcast would turn out to be the company with the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

My father'€™s cable went out last Friday, January 17, 2014. He went to the Hialeah Comcast office to advise them of the problem. After waiting in a two hour line they told him that from now on he needed the cable box to be connected. He went home and did just that. However it didn'€™t work. Seeing my father'€™s frustration, because that he is 84 years old and TV is his biggest form of entertainment, I decided to take matters into my own hands and called Comcast for a technical call service.

After going through all of the automated services and sending signals to the cable box Comcast finally agreed that a technician had to service my father. At this point my father had been without cable for three days. A technician was scheduled to come on that Tuesday and never showed. I called to let them know this. Again, a person came on and tried to tell me what to do with the box, etc.

With no apologies given for the not show call they scheduled yet another appointment for Saturday, Jan. 25, 2014. This time they called my dad and by accident my dad pressed the wrong button. Within 20 seconds I was calling Comcast back to let them know of the mistake but they said that appointment couldn'€™t take place anymore and that the earliest they could come was on Wednesday, Jan. 29 for a $30.00 fee. I was very upset and hung up on the guy, called back and was able to get someone friendlier who scheduled a call for the following day, Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014 from 10-12.

By Sunday at 12:00 no one had showed up and when I called they told me that the appointment was cancelled due to a power outage. At this time I was furious. How can an appointment be cancelled due to a power outage when it is obvious that my father'€™s cable service interruption was there before the power outage took place? I felt my blood pressure rising and the lady finally put me through to a supervisor who assured me someone would be there on that day and gave me a priority number of **. She said someone would call me back to give me a time of arrival. Sunday came and went and no one called.

Meanwhile, my poor 84 year old father has been sitting doing nothing waiting for the Comcast technician to come. Today, Monday, January 27, 2014, I called Comcast once again. This time I got someone who told me the computer said that a technician was scheduled to go to my father'€™s house on Wednesday, Jan. 29, from 1:00-“ 3:00. To say that I was angry, frustrated and helpless is an understatement. I hung up, called back and this time the lady told me now that the priority number which I was given on Sunday was never inputted correctly into the computer therefore that is the reason no one ever called.

She proceeded to tell me that a call would take place on Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2014, from 1:00 to 3:00. I told her a service call had to take placed TODAY, Monday, Jan. 27 because my father had been without cable for a week and a half. I proceeded to tell her that she needed to cancel someone else or pay a tech over time but that my father deserved at least that. She told me no problem that she was going to call me back with another priority number and the problem would be resolved today. Needless to say, today came and went and I never got a call back.

I am appalled that these people represent Comcast. My father has a homeowners association which contracts Comcast therefore it is the only reason that keeps us tied to Comcast. If not I would have been gone a long time ago. I have U-Verse and had been thinking of switching over to get Infinity since U-Verse is a little bit overpriced. I wouldn'€™t switch to Comcast even if you told me I could have it for free. What a difference with customer service.

This is not the end of it. My next step is to get the residents' signatures for the association to withdraw from Comcast as I have already found out how many residents are dissatisfied with Comcast'€™s services. I will also post my bad experiences and bad reviews for Comcast on the internet where I see possible. It is the worst company I have ever dealt with. The bad experience has left us aggravated, helpless, used and fooled.

I am a teacher and this morning on my way to work was when I called. I felt so frustrated and upset that I got into a car accident but then again that'€™s a whole different story that I am sure Comcast couldn't care less about. All I heard from your workers is "€œI feel your frustration." I told them that it was obvious they had been trained to say that for by then I had heard it 100 times. I asked them to please stop saying it because it just made me more furious.

I forgot to tell you that after my accident my husband took over the situation and tried taking care of the problem from his job. They told him not to worry that they would take care of it today. Comcast assured that my father would get a call before the service call today. NO ONE CALLED!!! Comcast is truly the worst company I have ever dealt with. They don'€™t care about their customers or anything else and I will make sure that everyone and every possible source of communication finds out about my experience.

Awful Customer Service!!!! Bad Business! Comcast Ripping People Off!
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Rating: 1/51

DANIA BEACH, FLORIDA -- I have NEVER had such a nasty experience with anything that I have with Comcast! Here is the story: I was living in a condo where the cable was included and I have to pay only for the internet. I chose Blast Internet and was paying $34.99 per month plus all the fees. The total bill was $43.47.

In the beginning of April I was moving to the new community. I called Comcast to set up the move. The representative informed me that the cable is not included anymore, and asked me what services I want to have. I told her, that I want to keep my Blast internet, as to the cable I only watch TNT, FX, SYFY and NBA. The representative told me that these channels are in the Digital Starter package and the price for the internet and this cable will be $54.99 + fees. I agreed even though I couldn't understand why the bill is so high. I will be paying now $73.47 for internet + cable TV with Digital starter package.

My services worked for 3 days, after that everything went OFF and it says: Requires Activation. Called Comcast 5 times to do the activation – nothing helped. Finally they said that the technician has to come over to see what's wrong. The technician came on April 23. Mind you, I was without service for 2 weeks already. The technician has to re-wire the house, because whoever connected it the first time made a mistake! Also the technician informed me that I have only Limited Basic TV. I was really frustrated.

Called Comcast AGAIN!!!!! Spoke with really nice representative who informed that the $54.99 per month is a promotion for Blast Internet + Limited Basic TV! I was like: ‘But that's not what I was told!” He apologized and told me that he will contact the Resolution department so they can fix the situation.

The resolution department then informed him that even though they don't have the package for this price – they will create the package specifically for me, so I will have Digital Starter TV + Blast Internet for $54.99. The representative informed me, that Resolution department will create a package and will take them 1-3 days and they will contact me. NOBODY DID!

I called the Resolution department on April 25 to check the status. The representative was really nasty and told me that the only way he can do it is for me to pay $89.99. I got frustrated and told him that the previous representative assured me that they can do it and about the price and also he was in contact with the resolution department. “That's not true! I apologize for miscommunication...” And so on and so forth. I asked to talk to the supervisor – He said that the supervisor is not available and he can create a memo, so that the supervisor will get back to me within 24-48 hours. Guess what? Nobody did get back to me.

Today is April 28, I will pay for this month service which I didn't have $73.47. I called Comcast again – got the same response about $89.99 + fees. Comcast is ripping people off. In my new community Comcast has internet monopoly, so not any other company can provide the internet service. And as everybody knows, only when you bundle you can get the decent pricing. My friend lives in North Miami – she is paying $64 for Blast Internet + Digital Starter package (fees included). And since I live in the community where Comcast has monopoly – I will pay $105 per month for the same services!!!

BIGGEST LEGALIZED SCAM EVER!!! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! COMCAST IS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!!! I would gladly cancel the service, but I can't, because nobody will be able to provide internet for me. I'm stuck with Comcast! After so many years with Comcast this all came as a nasty surprise! I was really under the impression that Comcast has nice service in all areas!! I was mistaken!!! I would NEVER recommend Comcast to anybody and will definitely post my story everywhere!! What an awful, nasty and frustrating experience!!! BAD BUSINESS!!! AWFUL COMPANY!!!

Horrible Support!
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Rating: 1/51

SANTA MARIA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been on the phone with tech support numerous times per week for this last month for numerous issues. It seems like every single "tech" I speak to can do nothing but verify my account, reset my box, then try their best to get me off the phone as quick as possible. Last Saturday I upgraded my service from the BlastPlus! package to a Triple Play package with preferred digital HDTV and 50Mb internet.

I was told by the phone sales agent that the TV service would be available within the next hour or two, and that the box would not need to be switched out. I was also told that for the phone service would be unavailable until I received my new modem, and that the existing internet service would remain active on my existing modem. The extra TV channels never came, and I called support to troubleshoot this issue. I was told by an Agent that the service has not been activated on my box yet, and that I should call back tomorrow if its still not working.

Next day, still do not have the channels. Called support again, and spoke to another agent who told me that the upgraded package has not been activated on my equipment yet, but that he would be happy to activate it for me. He said that he activated the services on my equipment, and to give it an hour or so before the upgraded services become available.

Two hours later, still no channels, so I called back. I spoke to another agent, who asked me what my issue was. I told him that I recently upgraded my services and that the changes still have not taken effect. CST said that the package has a work order that has not been completed yet, and that to complete the work order I would need to speak with someone from billing. I told him that the previous agent said that he had activated the new services onto my equipment, and he insisted that there is a pending work order stopping the service from working, and that he could not do it on his end.

I asked to speak with a manager, and was told that there is no manager available and that one would call me back within 30 minutes if I gave him my callback number. I gave the agent my callback number, and waited. I did not receive a call back.

Fast forward to today, when I come home from work to find that both TV and internet are both down completely. I contact support again, and am told by agent (**, was told her operator id was **) to connect my new modem. Connect the modem, and get no service. I was told that this issue would need to be escalated, and that she would get a Comcast special care agent(?) on the line with me to assist further. Was transferred to another queue, and was greeted by a woman named ** (Agent id **) who answered the phone and asked me what my issue was.

The previous agent did not give her any information whatsoever regarding my case, just transferred me to another call queue. I had to re-verify my account again, and give her the history of what has been going on. Agent resets my box and modem, neither come online. Agent then said that she would need to escalate the issue to a level two tech. I told her that she just did the same thing that the last agent did, and asked to speak with a manager. She said that a manager was unavailable, and that I should at least try to speak with the level two tech to try to resolve my issue.

I asked the agent to please get the level two agent on the line before transferring me so that she can give him some info regarding my issue so we would not have to start from the beginning all over again. The agent said that she would do that, and put me on hold. 15 seconds later, I get cold transferred to another queue. I was greeted by agent ** (agent id **), who started from scratch asking me what my issue was and if I could verify my account info. The previous agent did not speak to her at all. I verified my account info AGAIN, and gave them a rundown of my issue AGAIN, and was told by the agent that she would run a diagnostic on my box.

After 5 minutes, she told me that my box is showing that it is offline. She then reset my box and modem, and told me to call back in a half hour if service is not restored. I still asked to speak with a supervisor regarding the way things have been going, and am again told that a supervisor was unavailable. I told the agent that I would wait, and waited on the line, checking in every couple minutes. After about 20 minutes, I was hung up on. Internet service has since come up, TV however is completely down still. No supervisor has called me back, and I do not want to call support again just so they can reset my box and tell me to call tomorrow.

What is going on with phone support? Every time I call, the next agent has no idea what happened in the previous calls. I don't know if it is their standard policy to leave no notation when a customer calls support or what, but this is ridiculous. I've asked agents for case id's, and I am told that they cannot give me a case id, but they are taking notes. Then when I speak with the next agent, when I ask they say they see no notation on my account. Nobody has any clue what the last guy did, which I guess doesn't matter because all they do is reset the box anyway. Every time I ask for a supervisor I am told they are unavailable, or that one will call me back.

I get wildly different agent numbers as well. I am not even sure they are giving me their correct names and agent numbers. It's as though phone support has no accountability whatsoever. If anyone else has had issues like mine, please chime in.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- Contacted Comcast on Sept 22nd to cancel services, spoke with a representative who was processing the request and informed me the prorated balance would be refunded to my account. November 7th, received a bill from Comcast for service, contacted once again and discussed situation with another rep. In review he saw that the account was supposed to be cancelled, according to him, on the 24th. I argued and stated I had called on the 22nd but after a minute conceded the two days wasn't worth arguing any further. The agent agreed to backdate the cancellation to the 24th and refund the unused portion of my services.

November 16th, opened a bill from Comcast showing an outstanding charge of $67. Contacted Comcast immediately and after 2 reps found out this was a $90 charge for non-return equipment. I stated we had never been told we needed to return the equipment and that we would do so immediately. Equipment was returned on Nov 17th to a Comcast brick and mortar facility and a receipt showing the return was obtained.

Early December, contacted Comcast again to complete closing out the account. Agent stated it was in process but didn't see the returned equipment. December 29th, contacted Comcast yet again as I had not received the outstanding credit. Spoke to an agent who informed me that I had not received any credit because I was being charged for services from the backdated cancellation of Sept 24th through to November 17th when I returned my device. I disputed stating I had done what was required and it was Comcast's issue if they couldn't disconnect service after it was requested.

I was told a research ticket was filed for their back office team to investigate internet usage to determine if they could complete the credit. I was told if there was no usage that the credit would be applied. I was told a supervisor would contact me within 2 weeks with the results – no contact ever.

January 15th Contacted Comcast, was routed through 4 agents, finally to a retention agent. After providing a detailed update of what has occurred provided a $60 credit and stated the Supervisor would have to provide the remaining amount but he/she was not in and would not be back in the office until that Thursday but when they arrive back they would process the remaining credit to 0 out the account and contact me – no contact ever.

I contacted Comcast on January 22nd, finally reaching an agent after working my way through the sales department. I again explained my situation to a Billing representative who stated he couldn't help. I asked for a supervisor and was promptly disconnected. Second call January 22nd, again routed through sales - got a hold of an agent named **. He reviewed my account and was working on making the credit to the account when, surprise, promptly disconnected.

It has been 4 months since cancelling my services. I am due approximately $23 in refund, yet Comcast has charged me $90 for equipment that I returned and haven't been credited, in fact they have refused to provide a credit for the equipment yet they are in possession of it. I still don't have my refund, I have been put into collections and threatened to report the past due amount to the credit bureaus. I have performed my duties in this relationship while Comcast has continually failed to follow up on their commitments. I want the account closed, my payment refunded and a guarantee nothing will be reported to the credit reporting bureaus.

Feeling Lied To and Frustrated
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Rating: 1/51

CHICO, CALIFORNIA -- I have had Comcast for 4 years now. Overall, the product works and I am pleased. However, when there is a problem, it is HORRIBLE! These last few months have been the worst service I have gotten from any company ever! To be honest, I am frustrated at the lack of customer service and what seems to be poor communication within the Comcast Company.

From March 1st until the end of May, I did not receive Comcast Internet service because of ongoing and unresolved issues. During this time I still paid anywhere from $48-$79 per month. The Internet was shutting off multiple times a day, leaving a small window of an hour or so to use it. We would attempt to reset the modem, check for loose cables, stop and restart everything, but most times this did not work. When that was the case, I had to call the Comcast office and have them restart our modem from their end. I did this anywhere from 2-7 times a week for three months.

Since March 1st, I have called numerous times! I have called to have a technician come out and check the internet connection at least four times, I have called to have assistance restarting our modem 30+ times, I have gone in to exchange our modem twice, and I have even called to attempt to resolve our billing 6+ times. It took THREE MONTHS and EIGHT DAYS, for the Internet issues to even begin being resolved! I feel that I have been paying a company to lie to me in order to placate my anger while they do nothing to resolve the issues.

Here is a short summary of my life with Comcast in the last three months: Four Technicians came to the home and claimed they had “fixed the problem.” Within an hour, the Internet was once again broken. On the phone daily, employees promise that the issue is resolved. The Internet would crash within the hour. Told that wiring in the house may need to be fixed to resolve issue. Rewired home and problem persists. Told that Comcast wiring in the neighborhood is broken. Neighborhood technician fixes the problem and the problem continues. Went to the Comcast office to try two new modems. Problem unresolved and monthly bill is raised.

I have noticed my service bill has gone up since April 1st. I do not understand nor do I want to pay since I have not received any services promised for March, April or May. When I call, I am told a supervisor is not in, they are on a trip, and they are too busy to answer my call. I called the billing department around May 28th and was promised that a supervisor would be calling me back no later than June 4th to resolve the issue. This never happened. I called back in an attempt to have the conversation I was promised and was told that my credits are on hold and a supervisor is not in at the moment to discuss it further.

Many times I have been told that I will get a credit on my account but this is never given. It wasn't until I spoke with someone from the Loyalties department that I was finally helped with my billing. This was, however, after I threatened to cancel my service due to the employee demeaning and accusing me! I am unimpressed.

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