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Awful Customer Service!!!! Bad Business! Comcast Ripping People Off!
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Rating: 1/51

DANIA BEACH, FLORIDA -- I have NEVER had such a nasty experience with anything that I have with Comcast! Here is the story: I was living in a condo where the cable was included and I have to pay only for the internet. I chose Blast Internet and was paying $34.99 per month plus all the fees. The total bill was $43.47.

In the beginning of April I was moving to the new community. I called Comcast to set up the move. The representative informed me that the cable is not included anymore, and asked me what services I want to have. I told her, that I want to keep my Blast internet, as to the cable I only watch TNT, FX, SYFY and NBA. The representative told me that these channels are in the Digital Starter package and the price for the internet and this cable will be $54.99 + fees. I agreed even though I couldn't understand why the bill is so high. I will be paying now $73.47 for internet + cable TV with Digital starter package.

My services worked for 3 days, after that everything went OFF and it says: Requires Activation. Called Comcast 5 times to do the activation – nothing helped. Finally they said that the technician has to come over to see what's wrong. The technician came on April 23. Mind you, I was without service for 2 weeks already. The technician has to re-wire the house, because whoever connected it the first time made a mistake! Also the technician informed me that I have only Limited Basic TV. I was really frustrated.

Called Comcast AGAIN!!!!! Spoke with really nice representative who informed that the $54.99 per month is a promotion for Blast Internet + Limited Basic TV! I was like: ‘But that's not what I was told!” He apologized and told me that he will contact the Resolution department so they can fix the situation.

The resolution department then informed him that even though they don't have the package for this price – they will create the package specifically for me, so I will have Digital Starter TV + Blast Internet for $54.99. The representative informed me, that Resolution department will create a package and will take them 1-3 days and they will contact me. NOBODY DID!

I called the Resolution department on April 25 to check the status. The representative was really nasty and told me that the only way he can do it is for me to pay $89.99. I got frustrated and told him that the previous representative assured me that they can do it and about the price and also he was in contact with the resolution department. “That's not true! I apologize for miscommunication...” And so on and so forth. I asked to talk to the supervisor – He said that the supervisor is not available and he can create a memo, so that the supervisor will get back to me within 24-48 hours. Guess what? Nobody did get back to me.

Today is April 28, I will pay for this month service which I didn't have $73.47. I called Comcast again – got the same response about $89.99 + fees. Comcast is ripping people off. In my new community Comcast has internet monopoly, so not any other company can provide the internet service. And as everybody knows, only when you bundle you can get the decent pricing. My friend lives in North Miami – she is paying $64 for Blast Internet + Digital Starter package (fees included). And since I live in the community where Comcast has monopoly – I will pay $105 per month for the same services!!!

BIGGEST LEGALIZED SCAM EVER!!! AWFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! COMCAST IS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!!! I would gladly cancel the service, but I can't, because nobody will be able to provide internet for me. I'm stuck with Comcast! After so many years with Comcast this all came as a nasty surprise! I was really under the impression that Comcast has nice service in all areas!! I was mistaken!!! I would NEVER recommend Comcast to anybody and will definitely post my story everywhere!! What an awful, nasty and frustrating experience!!! BAD BUSINESS!!! AWFUL COMPANY!!!

Poor Service, Poorer Care
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- So, I was a loyal Comcast customer for over 10 years, beginning in 2000. Then, I started having trouble with some of my services and decided to give AT&T Uverse a shot, since they finally showed up in my community. Loved it, loved them, and loved their consistent attention and care for their customers... not to say they don't have issues at times, but they handle things so very well that they make you feel bad for even bringing it up. That said... I had to move, just up the street to a new community, and I am being forced to use Comcast (Bulk services?).

I upgraded to the triple play back on the 5th of June, and was told that the equipment would be delivered within 3-5 business days. Great. Fantastic. On the the 10th I called just to see where things were... to ask when I might be receiving my equipment... and was told that the order was still sitting in their system with a "pending" status, so had never been forwarded to the warehouse that ships the equipment -- I asked how that could possibly have happened, and I also asked what would have been the outcome had I not called to check. Dude said, "... no one would have known if you had not called..." What?!

So I said, "...alrighty then... let's get that fixed -- and by the way... can you send that to me fast-tracked, since I am now without TV, Internet, or phone?" He said, " problem... just one thing though, you're gonna need to pay $29 for the quicker shipment." At that point I was so frustrated that I just said, "Whatever." And he said they would "share" the cost with me. You know, like it was MY fault that they didn't do their jobs correctly the first time. Fine. On the 15th, still no equipment.

Third call. "Oh, wait... we just now sent that package out to you... and we don't have any actual tracking information to help determine when you will actually get the package. Could be tomorrow, could be a couple of days after that." Package showed up on the 16th. But wait, there were only two of the four pieces of equipment I was expecting. Fourth call. Rep says, "Your account activity actually shows that it's been cancelled... and it looks like prior to the cancellation, there were only two pieces of equipment ordered." What?! "Yep..."

Four reps and two supervisors later, I am being told that I now have to wait for a call tomorrow (18th) for the account to be straightened out. And if I try to make any changes to the account (since none of the reps actually got my itemization correct), then "...the audit department would make it so that NO SERVICES would be connected at my location..." What?!

The last representative I spoke to acted as if I had called back all those times to make changes to my order, when in fact, each time I called back -- BECAUSE OF THEIR TOTAL AND COMPLETE LACK OF COMPETENCE -- I had them read back to me what was shown in the order and IT WAS NEVER CORRECT. How is that my fault?

These folks really don't give a crap about customer service or just plain SERVICE for that matter. I just don't get how they can all be so callous regarding how they affect our lives. I know they have a ton of customers, and I know they have it so that you are basically stuck in certain situations or areas; however, know this... depending on where you live, work, & play, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THEM AT ALL. I have the option to split up my services and only take the Basic/Expanded that the complex forces us to use... and I will use another company for my internet and phone. ANY OTHER COMPANY.

Almost everything you watch on Cable can now be accessed through the internet and all sorts of apps. Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, etc., are now viable options to completely do away with cable. Comcast has basically ensured that I will now be one of the loudest voices in the "down-with-Comcast" arena.

My puny little dollars may not make a big difference to them... but by God, I will spend the rest of my days trying to convert as many folks as I can reach. THEY ARE RIDICULOUS. They need to train their employees to actually know their product and to actually care about the customers on the other end of the dollars they collect every dang month!

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- Contacted Comcast on Sept 22nd to cancel services, spoke with a representative who was processing the request and informed me the prorated balance would be refunded to my account. November 7th, received a bill from Comcast for service, contacted once again and discussed situation with another rep. In review he saw that the account was supposed to be cancelled, according to him, on the 24th. I argued and stated I had called on the 22nd but after a minute conceded the two days wasn't worth arguing any further. The agent agreed to backdate the cancellation to the 24th and refund the unused portion of my services.

November 16th, opened a bill from Comcast showing an outstanding charge of $67. Contacted Comcast immediately and after 2 reps found out this was a $90 charge for non-return equipment. I stated we had never been told we needed to return the equipment and that we would do so immediately. Equipment was returned on Nov 17th to a Comcast brick and mortar facility and a receipt showing the return was obtained.

Early December, contacted Comcast again to complete closing out the account. Agent stated it was in process but didn't see the returned equipment. December 29th, contacted Comcast yet again as I had not received the outstanding credit. Spoke to an agent who informed me that I had not received any credit because I was being charged for services from the backdated cancellation of Sept 24th through to November 17th when I returned my device. I disputed stating I had done what was required and it was Comcast's issue if they couldn't disconnect service after it was requested.

I was told a research ticket was filed for their back office team to investigate internet usage to determine if they could complete the credit. I was told if there was no usage that the credit would be applied. I was told a supervisor would contact me within 2 weeks with the results – no contact ever.

January 15th Contacted Comcast, was routed through 4 agents, finally to a retention agent. After providing a detailed update of what has occurred provided a $60 credit and stated the Supervisor would have to provide the remaining amount but he/she was not in and would not be back in the office until that Thursday but when they arrive back they would process the remaining credit to 0 out the account and contact me – no contact ever.

I contacted Comcast on January 22nd, finally reaching an agent after working my way through the sales department. I again explained my situation to a Billing representative who stated he couldn't help. I asked for a supervisor and was promptly disconnected. Second call January 22nd, again routed through sales - got a hold of an agent named **. He reviewed my account and was working on making the credit to the account when, surprise, promptly disconnected.

It has been 4 months since cancelling my services. I am due approximately $23 in refund, yet Comcast has charged me $90 for equipment that I returned and haven't been credited, in fact they have refused to provide a credit for the equipment yet they are in possession of it. I still don't have my refund, I have been put into collections and threatened to report the past due amount to the credit bureaus. I have performed my duties in this relationship while Comcast has continually failed to follow up on their commitments. I want the account closed, my payment refunded and a guarantee nothing will be reported to the credit reporting bureaus.

Comcast Lies
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Rating: 1/51

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Since July 27, 2014 I have had nothing but issues dealing with your company. I have reached out to you and it continues to serve as no help. It all began when I was going to cancel services that Sunday because I was paying too much and the 300gb data cap. Not sure if any of you all have kids that require service for school, but I do. Which means we need data. We have not once gone over, but I was looking into going back to school myself. Well if I could have got my cap increased.

Anyway, so I make a call to Comcast. The lady was real nice - sold me on the x1 digital preferred plus, 105 tier internet with unlimited data and the phone, for under 150 a month for 1 year. Great let's do this. Scheduled an appointment for Wednesday, I don't know why but I felt like it was too good to be true. Well I researched it and it turned out that you all don't offer unlimited data. But I saw locations that offer 600gb. I called back on Monday - explained what I found.

The lady was like, "Yeah we don't do unlimited data." She was like, "We do have the 600gb that comes with the 105 tier." I was like great. I asked her check and make sure it was all in the system correctly. She said it was not. She said they didn't include the internet. She said she fixed it. Tuesday rolls around and since there was already 1 error and already been misinformed once thought I would just verify. Lady got on the phone - confirmed all the information, I confirmed the 600 gb. Everything was ready to go.

Wednesday tech shows up 2 minutes late, not too bad. Looks at the paper work as "I oh can't do nothing - codes are wrong." Makes a couple calls and leaves. So I call again, ** was like, "Yeah codes are all wrong," said, "No problem. We will get them fixed and get a tech back out there to you." He told me had to put the schedule in for Monday just to hold a time. Went over what I had ordered and confirmed the data limit of 600gb. Said he was giving it to his supervisor so we could rush a tech out, plus just to make sure he got all incorrect codes off.

Thursday rolls around - no word so I call, said no tech was available today maybe Friday. Said ok - had representative confirm what was ordered. Had her confirm the data cap. She said 600. Friday arrives. No word. I called and explained this needs to be done today cause otherwise will increase the proration and cause me a double bill. She said would take care of that. Had her confirm the account again and what was the data cap 600. Said ok. Saturday no tech confirmed all. Sunday I took a day off from dealing with Comcast.

Monday arrives tech showed up, and was only going to install the internet. Explained no supposed to be internet and x1. He agrees to go and get a box. Finally all installed. Finally. Well wish that was the end. That night pulled up my data cap info still reporting 300. Figured maybe it takes 24 hours to update. So I look the next morning still 300. Called and was told all those people I spoke to were wrong. Asked for a supervisor, I got with attitude "will not do you any good. Will tell you the same thing." I said ok.

Reached to corporate, nothing but "sorry and we will take care of teaching" but not happening. Even at 1 point ** with corporate was like, "Yeah you are a part of the 600gb data area." 2 hours later "sorry no you're not." Plus the internet is no faster and constantly drops. They sent a Tech out and that night it was great.

Next day same thing. COMCAST I am calling you out. I have given you the chance to honor what was promised. I have listen and defended for years. You have promised a better Comcast and better customer service. Here is your chance to deliver what your people have promised. Not asking for anything but was promised, if can't make it happen in residential give me my package as a business customer. Do whatever is necessary. Now you all will not even return my call.

So Comcast, here is your chance to prove you are that company you claim to be. Brian Roberts CEO this is your company - make changes. Also someone truly fix my internet. I am starting to think it is being done intentional because you want to get back at me for calling you out on promises you have yet to deliver. But I don't think it's a conspiracy. Just think most of your reps are incorrectly trained and have no empowerment. But what does Brian Roberts care, it's not affecting his paycheck. Since 8/22/14 now corporate will not even return my calls.

Feeling Lied To and Frustrated
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Rating: 1/51

CHICO, CALIFORNIA -- I have had Comcast for 4 years now. Overall, the product works and I am pleased. However, when there is a problem, it is HORRIBLE! These last few months have been the worst service I have gotten from any company ever! To be honest, I am frustrated at the lack of customer service and what seems to be poor communication within the Comcast Company.

From March 1st until the end of May, I did not receive Comcast Internet service because of ongoing and unresolved issues. During this time I still paid anywhere from $48-$79 per month. The Internet was shutting off multiple times a day, leaving a small window of an hour or so to use it. We would attempt to reset the modem, check for loose cables, stop and restart everything, but most times this did not work. When that was the case, I had to call the Comcast office and have them restart our modem from their end. I did this anywhere from 2-7 times a week for three months.

Since March 1st, I have called numerous times! I have called to have a technician come out and check the internet connection at least four times, I have called to have assistance restarting our modem 30+ times, I have gone in to exchange our modem twice, and I have even called to attempt to resolve our billing 6+ times. It took THREE MONTHS and EIGHT DAYS, for the Internet issues to even begin being resolved! I feel that I have been paying a company to lie to me in order to placate my anger while they do nothing to resolve the issues.

Here is a short summary of my life with Comcast in the last three months: Four Technicians came to the home and claimed they had “fixed the problem.” Within an hour, the Internet was once again broken. On the phone daily, employees promise that the issue is resolved. The Internet would crash within the hour. Told that wiring in the house may need to be fixed to resolve issue. Rewired home and problem persists. Told that Comcast wiring in the neighborhood is broken. Neighborhood technician fixes the problem and the problem continues. Went to the Comcast office to try two new modems. Problem unresolved and monthly bill is raised.

I have noticed my service bill has gone up since April 1st. I do not understand nor do I want to pay since I have not received any services promised for March, April or May. When I call, I am told a supervisor is not in, they are on a trip, and they are too busy to answer my call. I called the billing department around May 28th and was promised that a supervisor would be calling me back no later than June 4th to resolve the issue. This never happened. I called back in an attempt to have the conversation I was promised and was told that my credits are on hold and a supervisor is not in at the moment to discuss it further.

Many times I have been told that I will get a credit on my account but this is never given. It wasn't until I spoke with someone from the Loyalties department that I was finally helped with my billing. This was, however, after I threatened to cancel my service due to the employee demeaning and accusing me! I am unimpressed.

Comcast Rips Off the Disabled
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Rating: 1/51

PALM BEACH FLORIDA CORPORATE OFFICES, FLORIDA -- We became members in 2011 Oct 30. They hooked up the equipment wrong and had to return. I had issues within 24 hours. The real problem started Dec 2011. When we could not watch channels due to all kinds of different interference on different channels. The internet did not work and they told us we had to buy a splitter and router from Wal-Mart at our cost. To use the internet we had to unhook the TV and then hook up the internet. This went on for 2 years.

My husband was disabled and had a feeding tube in his stomach - he had cancer. I have a FDA recall implant in my back - my spine is broken and the implant grows into my organs so it rips my organs every time I had to change TV to internet back to TV. Then you could not watch the TV because the internet was on. They said I had too many walls in my house - 1400 square feet 2 bedroom home. They promised they would credit us for all the trouble when the issue was fixed.

Well I had over 50 tech here and 278 hours on the phone with this company. I know I should have thrown their junk in the street. 4 other neighbors on a 10 house block had the same problem and was promised the same compensation.

They changed my DVR boxes on all 3 TV because they said the boxes were bad. Well again it's their equipment. I should not have to pay for boxes that do not work. Replacing the boxes never ever fixed the issue. They told me they ran and changed the wires from our phone pole where the signal come through to the house 7 times. According to an independent company it was never change and was a lie.

Another issue - they steal, every time they took a box out to be changed the did not take it off the bill I was paying for 3 boxes on each TV - 3 TVs for 2 years before I caught that issue. I was also paying for HD - never hooked until Dec 2013. Their customer service team is well trained to quote "We will compensate you." All I got was the refund for the boxes they overcharged me and the no shows tech credits. They did allow us HBO and Starz for free for a couple of months but you could not watch those either.

Due to both of us being disabled, my husband fighting cancer with no insurance after being fired from his job, the last thing we need was to fight a cable company. We were kind, understanding and gave them 3 years to fix the issues. I have my DVR's that shows issues until the day we were disconnected.

On May 31, 2013 they quoted me a special bundle package for 119.00 month for phone, internet and TV. I was paying over 200.00 a month. I spent 9 hours on the phone because the new package discounted channels. I was quoted wrong 3 times and had to speak to 7 supervisors to fix the price issue which shows as a credit on my bill of 30.00. That was the only way the supervisor could fix the billing issue. Well the phone did not work. People from landlines just received a dead line - no sound.

After 3 years I finally said, "Fine. You can not fix the issues." I can live with that but I am due a credit for 3 years of services issues. Not a 3 year credit some reasonable refund for the time, pain, and no service. When the love of your life is dying changing cable not top of the list but I believed they were honest. MY BAD. I watch whatever channel is working, I bought a cell phone so I took care of the phone issue for now. They did finally fix the internet in DEC 2013. But all the pain the techs in and out of your house when you are both in such pain is crazy.

The last issue was they wanted again to come in and change the boxes. They said our boxes are old. So again bad boxes. Their tech department told me and I quote, "1 box might go bad but not all 3." They just change them. Their equipment, techs, and corporate office are the worse I have ever talked to. I am a customer service manager for 30 years and we always stood behind what we promised. I believed they would also. NOT TRUE and changing TV boxes does not fix the phone. They blamed that on Verizon issues, however the people calling me also have AT&T and Comcast.

Join us make a complaint with the FCC. It's the old bait and switch - they will cheat you. So far, I have had 362 people change in 3 states and that one week's work. DO NOT LOSE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY.

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Rating: 1/51

NASHUA, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I have been through hell this last week with this company. I was part of a bulk plan through my apartment complex and left with no choice but to use the company and forced to pay for cable whether I wanted it or not. The crazy thing is it would seem not a single customer representative has ever heard of a bulk account or at the very least has no clue how to manage these accounts.

It was a nightmare setting up and was a nightmare to give back the box for the cable and transfer my internet when I moved out. Endless call transfers that get you nowhere! And some of the nastiest/rudest customer service I have ever received from any company! I was very clear about wanting the exact same internet service I was already receiving in my old place moved to my new place, when they told me the price it had gone up. I asked why and was told it is just the price being offered, come to find out they upped my speed and were charging me extra!

I went into the store to give the boxes back after I actually moved. They informed me my set up that I was assured several times over the phone was all good to go was actually not processed because they forgot to disconnect the previous tenants service. I was again assured it was all taken care of, but then I got home only to find my internet was not working in my new place even though it was prior to going into the store. I then had to call Comcast yet again to try and resolve my issue.

I was called "ma'am" despite repeatedly saying my name was Mathew which I corrected them on only to be called ma'am 1 min later by the same (barely English speaking) representative. I asked to speak to a supervisor but was instead transferred to IT. I would drop Comcast in a heart beat but just like my previous apartment, my current apartments only option is Comcast, what a nightmare! I would strongly recommend if you have other options than Comcast to seek them out and don't get stuck in their trap, you will never get out, just transferred, and transferred, and transferred....

Told One Price and Then Charged Way More
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Rating: 1/51

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- My mother, which I help out at times since she's 87 years old, has had Infinity for a few years with TV, phone and Internet. Her modem started having trouble so I took it in to Infinity to exchange. The person at the counter claimed she could save money each month by switching to a new bundle, adding security. I told the lady several times that we didn't need security but she said it'd be worth it so she could lower the total monthly bill from $192 to $153. There would only be an installation fee of $16.50 for 6 months. Sounded good and my mother had the package changed, thinking now her bill would be around $170 a month for six months and then down to $153 a month.

Her first bill came and it is $314.17. That's way higher! She didn't cancel the security system before 30 days because she'd no idea her bill would be higher than they originally told her in the Infinity office. Now they want $1000 + to cancel the security system that she didn't need or want in the first place, plus she has installation fees and a higher monthly bill than before! They definitely tricked her into something she doesn't need. She has never used the security and never will. So we'll end up paying $1000 plus for absolutely nothing.

Comcast was very dishonest on this matter. Sounds like elder abuse to me. I've called several times to Comcast plus gone to their office several times and I get various excuses and a refusal to budge, just saying we signed and are stuck with it. The installer told her she could cancel within 30 days with no penalty, but of course the first bill, charging way more than they originally told her, didn't come tell after 30 days so we didn't know we should cancel before the bill came. They clearly are taking advantage of an 87 year old that trusted what they said.

Improper Troubleshooting, Trouble Tickets Canceled, Flawed Management, Lied to Repeatedly
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Rating: 3/51

WOODBINE, GEORGIA -- Tuesday 28 April 2015, a technician arrived to troubleshoot the loss of reported failed channels. Before his arrival two of three channels had been restored remotely. The technician was unaware the reported channels were missing on all TV sets in the house. When replacing the LR TV coax connector and observing the signal was not restored, he was surprised. I asked why he replaced that connector as the report I made stated it was a loss to all TVs, not the LR set. He replaced numerous coaxial connectors, and talked to someone several times, but did not correct the fault or identify where the fault existed.

When I received an automated Comcast call requesting a performance rating, my responses triggered two responses; notification a supervisor would be calling me to discuss the work and I was asked to give an oral report via their message system. No supervisor ever called, as promised; perhaps my oral report emphasized the technician was improperly trained... but not why his supervisor could not lead him to understand how to use his equipment. I requested the technician compare other signals to observe what the strength of the missing channel should have, to no avail.

Thirty six hours later, I called to ascertain when the next technician would arrive to conduct troubleshooting, I learned the earlier trouble ticket was cancelled without repairs being completed and without my consent or knowledge. I initiated a new ticket. Saturday, 2 May 2015, a different technician arrived and immediately identified the fault was off my property entirely, and was isolated to the amplifier for the entire subdivision. Exactly what I reported to both technicians, as the most recent other faults had been isolated to that equipment. This technician was quick, efficient, accurate, in short... perfect.

He explained he could not perform the repairs as his department had separated those duties to more senior personnel. The repair now fell to the maintenance group. The next Tuesday, 5 May 2015, I called Comcast for an update. Again, someone had cancelled my trouble ticket. No new ticket for Maintenance group repairs had been created, until I promoted them to issue a new ticket. The fault still exists, and IMO, no trouble ticket should ever be cancelled until a new ticket is issued and the customer is apprised of the shift to the new ticket... along with scheduling a repair timeframe.

In this case, my presence is not required, as the technician can observe the loss of signal before repairs and the restoration of a signal at the remote repair site itself. Despite being told a supervisor would call me via automated message once and twice by live agents, no such call was made. We have an answering machine, should I have not been available. I have spoken to supervisors twice in the last 15 years while at this location.

Comcast Deceptive Customer Retention Practices
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Rating: 1/51

EAST BAY, CALIFORNIA -- I am a Comcast residential customer, fresh off several phone calls with two different Comcast reps in Billing and, thirdly, a supervisor. The reason I originally called is to inquire about contract renewal pricing, given that I am at the end of my original 12 month promo pricing as of this month.

The first two reps insisted I signed up for a "2 year contract" when I initially established my service in Jan 2014. I said I wasn't aware of this, that I had no record or recollection of anything beyond a 12-month promotional rate period. When I insisted they provide me evidence of this, the first representative gave me a non-working Internet link to follow "on my own" to see the terms of my agreement. I hung up and attempted to find the material, to no avail. I called back, and the second rep, **, said he could not send or direct me to anything, it was just "what we have in our records."

He further indicated the notes from he first representative reflected that TODAY I signed up for a new 2-year agreement. Whoa??? I asked him to ID the name of the first representative I spoke with, said "he didn't leave his name" on the note. (As if the system doesn't record that?!) I very pointedly insisted on a supervisor, was told none was available. (Actually it is believable there are no supervisors of these people.) Eventually after 5 minutes of insisting, I was transferred to ** in the "escalation department."

First off, I asked ** what is going on in the notes, why the first representative would make such a misrepresentation and why no one could send or direct me to written evidence of a so-called 2-yr contract. ** kept changing the subject, instead tried to find me better pricing, though he could not. So, just to see, I asked ** to confirm the contract termination date in their system. THE PUNCHLINE... ** conceded I was NOT UNDER A CONTRACT, THAT I WAS PAYING MONTH TO MONTH.

I asked why the first two representatives flat out told me I was, ** said he did not know, "Perhaps they had the wrong information." I am inclined to believe **, both because he shares my understanding, and further he is at a separate call center likely not "in" on the angle of trying to convince customers of nonexistent contract terms.

So, today I had two Comcast reps TELL ME FLAT OUT LIES in order to protect their non-promo pricing and/or keep me from switching. More amazingly there are droves of internet posts that I find going back years on this same theme; either Comcast management doesn't read the feedback, doesn't care, or encourages this sort of thing. All three are reasons not to business with this fraud of a company. I am cancelling my service, and plan to broadcast far and wide online of my above account.

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