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Comcast Corporation
1500 Market St FL 33e
Philadelphia, PA 19102-4782
215-665-1700 (ph)
215-981-7790 (fax)
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Customer Service
By -

MANASSAS, UTAH -- This company has no concern in keeping me as a "valued" customer. Below is a letter I actually hand carried to my local Comcast office. This produced no results. You might read this letter and swear I had to embellish parts of it because it is so over the top regarding Comcasts ability to solve the most basic of cable problems. I can only state that every word of it is factual. Just in case someone at Comcast reads this and takes pity on me, my account number is [snip]

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have no idea why I am writing this e-mail because in the past month I have received absolutely no help from your company with my internet service, phone service and digital TV problems. The breakdowns in your ability to solve my problem with all three of your products have gone far beyond frustrating and have even surpassed laughable. The direct TV commercial where the CEO of a cable company, surrounded by his management team, asks "how is our customer service" and one guy just starts cracking up really does sum up your commitment to keeping me as a customer.

I don't even know where to begin in explaining my experience. I hope you have some time on your hands because this will take awhile to read. Over a month ago I began my quest. We started having problems with our internet service. Some days it would work and other days it would not. Then the phone developed the same intermittent problem, and last but not least, my digital TV service would not. and still does not, receive any of the premium channels and is not getting HD reception. I made several calls about the internet problem. The call center tried several times to fix it over the phone but did not resolve the issue. Finally I was told my modem was bad because Comcast could not see it on the network. I purchased a new one and it seemed to help the problem for a week or so. When it stopped working again, a tech said I had a very weak signal and setup a Sunday appointment to have a field technician come out. The appointment time I was given was from 9 am to 12 noon.

That Sunday at 9:15 I received a call from someone at Comcast stating that he was a manager and that he was able to pick up my modem on his end and asked if I still wanted to have someone come out to the house. I re-explained my problem that I had a weak signal and it was not just the modem but the phone and TV as well. He said " Well I guess we can still come out but its your call". That was the exact moment I realized nothing would be getting fixed at my house that day. Two employees showed up an hour later and , go figure, that one of them sounded just like the same "so called manager" I just spoke with. They never came in the house to verify my problems. One guy went to the pole and looked up and said that the wrong type of cable was used and a crew would need to come out and re-drop the right cable. They were getting ready to leave when one tech stated " I guess we had better check the signal at the box on the house". Pretty much seems like a no brainer to me but who am I to say. The tech confirmed that indeed my signal was weak. It took all my efforts to not to just bust out laughing. Hell I could have told them that on the phone and saved them the trip.

The problem was already discovered, by Comcast, over a week ago. The tech handed me an invoice stating the problem. He also said that he would schedule an appointment to have a new cable put in. When I asked him about a time frame, of the appointment, he could not even give me a two-week window. He did say, however, not to call customer support again because this would just delay the process. I waited 2 weeks and no new cable. I went against the techs advice and recalled customer support. A very nice woman answered the phone and looked into the problem. I was told the appointment was scheduled, but for some reason, canceled. She said she would contact the field manager and he would call me with the new appointment time. Another week, and another call to customer support. Again, a very nice woman tried to assist me. She stated no appointment was scheduled and she would send an e-mail to someone in the field and they would contact me.

I must be a chump to fall for that old trick again. I was, not even, that concerned when she asked me how to spell aerial and reoccurring. I bet you can guess what happened next. If you though "nothing" then winner, winner, chicken dinner. Another week and another phone call. Again, a very nice woman tried to assist me. She put me on hold and called the field techs. She came back on line and told me that an appointment was set up for the following day. I swear, I thought I had just won the lottery, an actual appointment with an actual person and it only took four or five tries. Who says, that a company ranked at the bottom of all US companies in customer service, can't make an actual appointment. Sign me up to a lifetime contract with these guys. The next day, a tech indeed showed up looked right back up that same pole and announced he had just run out of cable and would come back later. Eight hours later he showed up, looked right back up the same ole pole and said his ladder would not reach due to the drainage ditch in front of it. Wow, now that's really COMCASTIC. I have now been waiting five days for a bucket truck to somehow make it back to that troublesome pole. While I am waiting I'll just go down to my $3000 dollar paper weight ( my HD TV ) and dream about the good old days when it actually worked. I would call an old friend to lend me a shoulder to cry on but alas that's out again too. Hey, at least my internet service is working today. One out of three isn't that bad.

A faithful Customer for Life,

Vincent M Atkinson
Manassas, VA 20112

P.S. I would have sent this from home but our email service only receives mail. We have not been able to send an e-mail for months. Nice way to cut down on complaints. I bet it was the same guy that was cracking up over the customer service question mentioned above that though up that little trick.

This Is The Final Straw!
By -

COLORADO -- At one time I actually liked Comcast. If there was a problem you called and someone actually came on the phone after punching in a few keys. Now they make you jump through hoops after they caused the problem in the first place.
Comcast is billing me for a service charge for something that was their fault not mine. I even confirmed that with the technician when he came over.
I have cable in every room in my house and I moved my computer back to another room and couldn't get the cable working. Should have had a cable connection there. It was there before but not now.

I called up Comcast to make an appointment and got the run around. A supervisor was supposed to call me back from the call center and didn't. I have names, times and dates since I log all my notes for obvious reasons now.
The technicians are friendly and I have no problem with them. Its the customer service reps (oops I mean the non-customer reps that has brought me to the point where I felt I had to tell my horror story online so others may hopefully avert this same problem simply by avoiding Comcast.
Now about the billing problem.

First I sent an email and the person who answered me told me I had to either call or do "live chat".

I was trying to get credit for the previous down time when Comcast had a problem in my area. I went without cable almost the whole day. So I tried to do live chat" and I thought my computer was going to crash. I kept on getting the hourglass until I just gave up.

So I called and went through all the menu options. I finally got someone in a call center who I really thought I woke up as he sounded like he was sleeping. Nice but no help. I told him about my billing problem and he is not even responding to what I am saying. So I asked for a supervisor if he couldn't help me and he said to hold on. Well I held on and held on but no one came to the phone so I hung up.

A little while later I called a local number. I thought this would work. But all I got was a recording which said over and over again "thank you for calling Comcast". So I hung up.

Then I tried to call back the same number I did when I got in touch with Mr Sleepy Head. Now I got a woman who was mumbling so bad I didn't have a clue to what she just said). OK now I got her name after a few attempts. But all she is concerned with is who I am. Who in the world would call Comcast if they weren't the person on that account? I AM the person on this account and I don't' even want to call them. Why the heck would anybody else want to call them? What would they get by calling someone else's cable company? Where is the logic in this?

Aggravation maybe? She wants to verify who I am. She asked me for my name, address, account number and phone number which I already had keyed in per the announcement to do so. Now this woman is asking me for my social security # the last 4 digits??!!!

What in the world does Comcast need with my social security number ? I don't even remember ever giving Comcast my social. I already gave her all the other identifying information. Why is this woman giving me such a hard time? I told her she was the only person that ever asked me for my social and that I wasn't giving it out to her.

Now I asked for a supervisor because its obvious to me that this woman doesn't care about my problem. All she wants to know is who I am, where I live and what my social security # is.

I don't give my social security # to anyone unless its my doctors (and I even question giving it to them now whether its really needed). I am started to get a little teed off by this time.

I didn't make this mistake they did and its costing me a lot of precious time since I need to get back to work! This woman refused to give me to a supervisor until I told her the problem which I already told her it was a billing problem. She was arrogant and rude and hard to understand so I had to keep asking her what she just said.

Finally she said she would transfer me to a supervisor but she only put me on hold. I waited and waiting thinking she hung up. Then I hear a faraway voice and I didn't who if she was talking to me or someone was talking to her.
Finally I said "are you talking to me"? She said hold on for a supervisor. This was the 3rd time I was told to hold on for a supervisor. Like how long do I have to hold on for a supervisor?

I'm starting to wonder if there are any supervisors there since I never ever talked to one. Either they are on the phone with someone or in a meeting. This is the standard answer.

Now I know this is fruitless. I have never spoken to a supervisor at Comcast. Even when I was assured someone would call me back from the call center no one did.

I am now going to cancel my account as soon as I find another cable company which of course is the big problem in the first place. Comcast is the only provider in my area for cable.

I have a home business and I need cable but I am now at the point where I am considering downgrading to DSL with Verizon. Or maybe a laptop would work for me if I could get wi-fi. Something I am going to have to look into now.
Verizon at least has people that are NICE to you when you call. They don't try to torment you. I am waiting for Verizon to have Fios in my area and so far they don't and Optimum is not in my area either who I heard good things about.
Maybe if Comcast stopped sending me weekly literature about their great three in one package deals and utilized some of that marketing money for customer service training this would have a different outcome.

I was actually thinking about their three in one package deal but they lock you in for 2 years and no way am I going to do that now with all these problems.

Today so far between waiting on the phone for a Comcast supervisor, trying to get online with them and now writing this horror story I have fallen behind in my work and will have to probably work late again to make up for this lost time. Thanks Comcast I really needed this!

Hopefully this is the last time I will ever have to complain about Comcast since I will soon be joining the ranks of others who have left Comcast behind in the hopes of something better.

Comcast Customer Service Sucks!
By -

DEPTFORD, NEW JERSEY -- Chat id : a705af9b-89a6-40bf-a521-1a337b39e439
Problem : Order Information

Scott > Order Information
Chris.18156 > Hello Scott_, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Chris.18156. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Chris.18156 > I will be happy to assist you with your order.
Scott_ > This is Beth Pfaff
Scott_ > OK
Chris.18156 > May I please have your account number?
Chris.18156 > May I please have your full phone number with area code?
Chris.18156 > Thank you.
Scott_ > welcome
Scott_ > Very happy with Comcast service
Scott_ > I won't be switching to Version
Chris.18156 > Thank you.
Scott_ > however I do want the Blast!
Scott_ > Blast! me
Scott_ > you can throw in a little extra too if you want
Scott_ > never fast know
Scott_ > instant gratification...
Chris.18156 > Unfortunately I can not upgrade service as there is a hold placed on your account. It is $172.26 overdue at the moment.
Scott_ > just paid it cause I knew you would say that
Scott_ > via credit card
Scott_ > no check
Scott_ > not check
Scott_ > BAM!
Scott_ > Chris?
Chris.18156 > A credit card payment can take up to 48 hours to process.
Scott_ > that's nice
Scott_ > so Blast! me
Chris.18156 > Until the payment posts to your account, any upgrade or downgrade request will not go through.
Scott_ > so call someone and get the hold off please
Chris.18156 > Please chat back when the payment has processed, and an agent will be able to upgrade your service.
Scott_ > no
Scott_ > if you cannot help me'
Scott_ > forward me to the supervisor
Scott_ > this is not good customer servce
Scott_ > I want to complete this transaction now
Scott_ > I want to complete this transaction now

Scott_ > I don't want to wait
Chris.18156 > My supervisor will not be able to remove the hold. Would you still like to speak to my supervisor?
Scott_ > yes
Scott_ > customer service grade D-
Chris.18156 > One moment please
Chris.18156 > My supervisor will connect in a moment.
Scott_ > Jepoardy Music Plays......
Scott_ > Customer begins to fall asleep
Chris.18156 > Please wait, while the problem is escalated to another analyst
Melissa.7786 > Hello, my name is Melissa. I am Chris's supervisor. Please give me a moment to read the transcript thus far.
Scott_ > customer wakes up
Scott_ > OK
Scott_ > bye chris
Scott_ > such a nice young chap
Melissa.7786 > I understand that you wish to upgrade your service.
Melissa.7786 > I understand that you wish to upgrade your service.
Melissa.7786 > The program will not allow us to add any additional service as long as there is an upgrade hold on the account.
Melissa.7786 > You will need to contact the local office to have this lifted.
Scott_ > Yes I would like to purchase something from Comcast..which will generate Comcast revenue
Scott_ > OK please contract the local office for me and I will hold
Melissa.7786 > I understand your frustration however, you will need to contact the local office directly.
Scott_ > no I will need you to take care of this customer service sales request from beginning to end
Scott_ > please help me help you
Scott_ > you know these calls are monitored
Scott_ > and you don't want to be stuck giving poor customer services right?
Scott_ > you know "the customer is always right"
Scott_ > the first rule?
Melissa.7786 > Scott, I am unable to contact the local office for you. As Chris mentioned if you wait a day or so, we will be able to process the upgrade. At this time, we are unable to do so.
Scott_ > your raise this year might depend on this call....
Scott_ > so lets get this sale taken care of
Scott_ > don't push me off
Scott_ > and try to send me to someone else that won't be able to help me
Scott_ > are you really Chris's supervisor?
Scott_ > or just a coworker?
Melissa.7786 > I am Chris's performance supervisor.
Scott_ > If I can call so can you
Scott_ > so who is Chris's manager?
Scott_ > and your manager?
Scott_ > because I am not going to tolerate this
Scott_ > I want Blast! and I want to buy it now...
Melissa.7786 > The reason why an upgrade would be put on your account is because it has been overdue and the only department that can lift this is the local office which you need to contact yourself.
Scott_ > and I want you to call
Scott_ > no you can contact them as well
Melissa.7786 > Scott, they need to speak to you directly. I cannot work as a go between in this case.
Scott_ > just get them in this chat
Scott_ > very simple
Melissa.7786 > We are a national call center and do not have access to local chat.
Scott_ > HELP your customer
Scott_ > so call them
Melissa.7786 > If you call us at 1-800-COMCAST, you can be transferred to the correct office.
Scott_ > no'
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > I need you to get this problem resloved
Scott_ > yes I want Blast!
Scott_ > now are you telling me to call who?
Scott_ > 08096
Melissa.7786 > Scott, you will need to wait a few days then for the payment to post.
Scott_ > is my area code
Scott_ > who are you telling me to call?
Scott_ > no you said call your local office
Scott_ > and they will lift the hold
Melissa.7786 > You will need to contact the billing department who will be able to direct you to the local office.
Scott_ > just re read it
Scott_ > and what will the local office do for me
Melissa.7786 > I am looking for your local office if you would like to call them directly. The local office is able to lift the upgrade hold for you.
Scott_ > so if they can lift it just CALL them
Scott_ > ssy I have a customer on the line that I am upgrading
Scott_ > and he has paid via creit card and has not been processed yet
Scott_ > please verify that and lift the hold
Melissa.7786 > Scott, you will need to talk to the local department directly.
Scott_ > very simple
Scott_ > no you can do it
Melissa.7786 > Here is the local office information for you:
Scott_ > this is what customer service is all about
Melissa.7786 > Gloucester
Address: Hours:
304 South Broad St
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Phone: 800-266-2278 Monday,Wednesday and Friday 8:30am to 5pm, Tuesday and Thursday 8:30am to 8pm, Saturday 8:30am to 5pm
Scott_ > to call
Scott_ > so call them
Melissa.7786 > Scott, you will need to speak directly to your local office or wait 24 hours.
Scott_ > no you call them
Scott_ > or send me to your supervisor
Scott_ > remember I am going to email this converstation to someone
Scott_ > so be careful
Scott_ > that is if I don't get Blast! soon
Scott_ > so you better be sure you follow policy
Melissa.7786 > Scott, you can email this conversation to whomever you like. Our guidelines are that you need to contact your local office directly.
Scott_ > simple customer service common sense says just handle the call
Scott_ > I don't believe that
Scott_ > you have a sale
Scott_ > you have new revenue
Scott_ > you do what it takes to book it
Scott_ > Verizon is on your heels
Scott_ > you could lose a valued customer
Scott_ > if your smart you just do what it takes to please the customer
Scott_ > Right Miss Missy?
Scott_ > think outside the box
Melissa.7786 > Scott, the reason why there is an upgrade hold on your account is because the account has been past due.
Scott_ > its your business its your new money
Scott_ > oh OK now blame it on the customer
Scott_ > that a good option
Melissa.7786 > You will need to contact the local office to have this lifted.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > just make the sale Missy
Melissa.7786 > As I have explained, the system will not allow us to do this until you have contacted the local office to have the upgrade hold lifted.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > yes I want my Blast! or I want to speak with your supervisor so I can tell
Scott_ > him about this poor customer service from you and Chris
Melissa.7786 > I am the highest level of support at this call center.
Scott_ > well what are we going to do
Melissa.7786 > My performance manager's name is Matthew Nopper.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > because I am not just going to go away..
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > there has to be an escalation path
Scott_ > a name don't give me nothign to help me
Melissa.7786 > Yes, you need to speak directly to your local office.
Scott_ > you have to get me to someone who can help me
Scott_ > no
Scott_ > Get Matt
Melissa.7786 > Matthew does not work out of this call center.
Scott_ > so you customer has a proplem that you cannot handle
Scott_ > and you have to get him to somone who can help him
Scott_ > since you refuse to
Melissa.7786 > Scott, I have directed you to your local office. I cannot send you there directly as you will need to call in.
Scott_ > I wonder if Verizon would do this to their customers
Scott_ > no you call them and get the ban lifted
Melissa.7786 > Scott, what is your relationship to the account holder as I do not see you as authorized on this account.
Scott_ > this is not Scott this is Beth
Scott_ > computer auto signs in
Scott_ > oh now we are going to try to get out of the call that way
Scott_ > Nice Missy
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > anything to keep from doing work or going out of you way
Scott_ > yes
Scott_ > I need HELP!
Scott_ > customer needs some service
Scott_ > HELP!
Scott_ > I need BLAST!
Melissa.7786 > You have been directed to the local office which is the correct department that you require to have the upgrade hold removed.
Scott_ > you should be able to do that
Melissa.7786 > Until you contact your local office we cannot process any orders for you.
Scott_ > if customer service cannot who can?
Scott_ > HELP!
Scott_ > help me missy
Melissa.7786 > You must call your local office.
Scott_ > get my Blast order processed
Scott_ > call one of your cowokers and have them help u
Scott_ > make this sale
Scott_ >
Melissa.7786 > Beth, as I have repeatedly explained, you will need to call your local office.
Scott_ > come on missy this is sim[ple customomer service
Scott_ > customer service 101
Scott_ > you are getting a D- so far
Scott_ > and I have said YOU call
Scott_ > I paid !
Scott_ > via Credit card!
Scott_ > instant
Scott_ > don't
Scott_ > done
Melissa.7786 > As I have explained, you need to speak directly to your local office as they are the department that has placed this hold on your account.
Scott_ > you have the payment
Scott_ > I will not
Scott_ > YOU call
Scott_ > why cannot you CALL missy?
Melissa.7786 > Beth, I cannot make promises for you that is why you need to speak to the local office directly.
Scott_ > What is the reason for this policy?
Scott_ > promises ?
Scott_ > Why does the customre have to call ?
Melissa.7786 > The reason for an upgrade hold policy is that payments have been routinely late.
Scott_ > what is so special about calling the local office?
Scott_ > so don't you charge late fees ?
Melissa.7786 > The local office is the department that has put the hold on your account.
Melissa.7786 > You need to speak to the local office.
Scott_ > I'm not sad when I get money for doing nothing are you?
Scott_ > YOU CALL!
Scott_ > fix the problem
Scott_ > or send me to Matt
Melissa.7786 > We do not have access to phones as we are a chat department.
Scott_ > or someone that can help me
Melissa.7786 > Beth,
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > I need help
Scott_ > and you know what to do
Scott_ > Help me or get me to someone who can
Melissa.7786 > To receive the help you are requesting, you will need to speak to your local office directly.
Scott_ > Missy...
Melissa.7786 > You will need to speak to your local office directly.
Scott_ > you need to help
Scott_ > me
Scott_ > I am not going away
Melissa.7786 > This is the help that I am authorized to provide you.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > I don't believe htat
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > yes I need blast!
Scott_ > yes
Melissa.7786 > As discussed, you will need to contact your local office.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > you are saying you don't have a phone?
Scott_ > to call anyone?
Melissa.7786 > I cannot speak to the local office for you as they need to speak directly to you.
Scott_ > why?
Melissa.7786 > They need to hear your voice not mine.
Scott_ > tell me why
Scott_ > about what?
Scott_ > about what?

Scott_ > why do they need to hear my voice?
Scott_ > you work for the company
Melissa.7786 > Because if I called them claiming I was you, that would be fraud.
Scott_ > you work for Comcast
Melissa.7786 > You need to contact your local office directly.
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > come on Missy
Melissa.7786 > Is there anything else I could assist you with today?
Scott_ > this is rediculus
Scott_ > there is no reason
Scott_ > they need to hear my voice
Scott_ > you need to admit that
Melissa.7786 > As there is nothing else I can assist you with today, I will need to release this chat.
Melissa.7786 > Thank you for contacting Comcast! We appreciate your business!
Melissa.7786 > If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Chat or E-Mail (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Comcast also offers excellent FAQ and Help forums located at to help you reach a resolution independently.
Melissa.7786 > If you need assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us through Live Chat or E-Mail (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Comcast also offers excellent FAQ and Help forums located at to help you reach a resolution independently.
Melissa.7786 > Have a great day!
Scott_ > help
Melissa.7786 > Analyst has closed chat and left the room

You got to Fight for Your Rights
By -

SUGAR LAND, TEXAS -- I had been a loyal cable subscriber for well over 20 years. Before Comcast came along, my cable company was Time Warner. Although I heard of many complaints against Time Warner, I never personally experienced any problems with them. I thought their customer service was reasonable. When I had a problem they promptly corrected it. In the spring of 2007 Comcast took over. Perhaps it was just a coincidence but I began having some problems with my digital cable reception. At first it was just an occasional hindrance but throughout the summer it got noticeably worst, so bad that several channels were completely unwatchable. I contacted Comcast service in September and a technician came out as scheduled. He was nice and changed out some older wiring coming into the house. Unfortunately it didn't help. Another tech was called out and he said the wiring in the house itself needed to be upgraded to cure the problem. Apparently Comcast uses outside contractors for this type of work, not their own technicians. So a time and date was scheduled for this rewire. This is where the fun begins:

I took a day off work. I was told they would be at my house between 8am and noon. No one showed, no one called. I finally called Comcast and after getting the run-around for several minutes, I was told the service man sent out for the rewire was a “commercial” installer and realized when he drove up to my house at around 8am, that it was a “residential” rewire and drove on. Of course no one at Comcast called to inform me of this oversight. If I had not called them, I would probably still be waiting for their arrival. At any rate, it was rescheduled for the following week.

I took ANOTHER day off work, (a half day this time) and the contractors actually showed up at my door as scheduled. Only instead of a rewire like their work order said, they messed around with my current wiring and told me a rewire was not needed, only an amplifier that they could get me for around $50. They told me they would have another guy come out and install the amplifier the next day. I was a little skeptical of these guys. (They totally screwed up the wiring around the TV and cable box). After they left I called Comcast service and told them what they had told me and they informed me one of their technicians could install an amp if it was needed and at half the price. They agreed the contractors were only trying to take advantage of me but all they could do was schedule another technician to come out. So for the third time a Comcast technician came out. I explained what I had been through, he did some checking and said that an amplifier would NOT help my problem, in fact would only make it worse, so once again he scheduled a rewire for my house.

And once again I took a day off work to wait for the contractor to show up and rewire my house. Once again I was told they would be at my house between 8 am and noon. Once again no one showed and no one called. Once again after patiently waiting 4 hours for someone to show up at my house, I called Comcast to question what happened. Once again I got the run-around and passed on to different people before finally I was given the same excuse as the first day. A “commercial installer” was wrongly scheduled to come to my house and once again the rewire would have to be rescheduled.

That was the breaking point for me. I tried to complain on the phone to a supervisor but was told they were tied up and unable to talk to me. I was told someone would call me back but of course no one did. I wrote emails but was told all they could do was schedule another technician to come out. So the next day I shopped around for other options. Since Comcast has a monopoly on cable in our area, my only alternative was two different satellite companies. I chose the one that sounded best and scheduled a day for installation. It meant taking one more day off work but it was worth it. I then took my cable box to the local Comcast office, turned it in and informed them I would be cancelling my service effective immediately. The satellite installers showed up on schedule, totally rewired my whole house and now I have a better picture then I ever had before.

This would be the end to my story if I had not received a bill from Comcast a month later for amount of $69.29 which they said was the unpaid balance I owed them. Since Comcast had caused me to miss time from my job, instead of a check I enclosed a letter addressing what I had been through, told them they had cost me over $300 in lost wages and suggested if they reimbursed me for my lost wages THEN I would pay my bill. I figured they would just drop the whole thing and we would both just cut our losses and move on. NOT SO. The other day I got a second bill, not direct from Comcast, but from a collection agency. Now they want $81.76. (additional late fees? collection fees? who knows?)

Now I'm contemplating taking Comcast to small claims court and suing them for my lost wages just to get back at them. It will mean taking more time off work and although I know just paying the bill would be the easiest and smartest thing to do, this has now become PERSONAL. I'm tired of a conglomerate like Comcast thinking they can push their customers around and hold us hostage for their incompetence. I feel it's time to take a stand.

I apologize for the lengthy complaint but could not state all the facts in a more condensed version. What's sad is all of this could have probably been prevented if Comcast did not use unreliable outside contractors.

Resolution Update 01/17/2008:

Today I received a call from Comcast headquarters. They have agreed to give me a $0 balance and apologized for the inconvenience. I don't know if it was the BBB complaint or the threat to take them to court that persuaded them. Just glad it's over and I could not be happier with my satellite service.

Incompetent Unprofessional Customer Service
By -

Example of customer service to date. Below is email I sent to Then after I ask them to research I had to go ahead and do another email to tell them what happened. Overall, I have just wasted so much time and energy to get my issue resolved. I can't believe this company is handled the way they are and the CEO and VP's get paid no matter what. They need to find people that are more competent to run this company.

1st Email:


Brian Roberts - Chairman/CEO
D'Arcy Rudney - Senior Vice President
Jennifer Khoury - Senior Director of Corporate Consumer Communications


I'm writing to you in regards to your customer service and lack of professionalism. I have had nothing but stress and aggrevation with your company. I'm trying to have service set up for my family and the amount of time I have wasted is uncalled for and not acceptable. All my problems started on 09/17/07 and as of yet, we have not had the service we requested.

Never in my life have I experieced the worst customer service. I have heard nothing but negativity regarding Comcast services and have experienced this first hand. The lack of knowledge your employees have is a disgrace. Call waiting time is ridiculous. I was told calls are dropped because it takes to long to input information into your systems. No return phone calls even when I was told by your supervisors this would be done.

I ask for an explanation of why your company is being handled this way. I want to know what is going to be done to fix this problem. I want all calls pulled and representatives/supervisors who worked on my family's account to be made aware of the problem's they have caused starting from day one. The problem's I have experienced should not be happening to anyone. I need to have answers. No company such as yours should be in business. If it weren't for my job and area I live I would not have Comcast to service me. Your company is a disgrace. I have researched and found so many complaints toward Comcast and from what I can tell, everything is being ignored. You people are being paid for what? Get your job done right or find someone else who can manage this company better. Your employees need training on what should and should not be said. Others need to be trained fully in order to speak to a client. Hold time is absurd and dropped calls are a problem. Your clients have to explain one situation at least six to seven times to different analysts without resolution. Even speaking to a supervisor has empty promises. I have nothing but one let down after another. Again, this is unacceptable. I expect answers and am looking into further to make sure my complaint is heard. I have all the dates and full detailed explanation of every incident I have dealt with Comcast. I am so outraged and tired of having to explain the problem's I have dealt with. If you people know how to do your job you will have all calls pulled and names of representatives/supervisors dealing with my family's account. If I need to do your job for you, of course, I can go ahead and waste more of my time to tell you how horrible your company is. My job itself deals with customer service and I could never imagine letting one of my clients go through what I have gone through. My clients are treated fairly. Any issues or problems are handled approprietly and in a timely manner to make sure they receive the best customer service and satisfaction they deserve. Your company for being as well known as you are still has a lot of work ahead of you when it comes to customer relations.

XXXX XXXX ( Daughter of XXXX XXXX)
(860) XXX-XXXX

2nd Email:

Sept 19

First phone call on hold for 20 minutes before anyone answered. First analyst put me on hold 3x and didn't really know what she was doing. I had been on the phone with her for 20 minutes. After 3rd hold my call was dropped and redirected to another area. I had to explain my whole situation from the beginning. I found out as well that the I needed my father's social security number before I could do anything. I was already irate at the fact the first analyst never told me this and it was almost 10:00pm. I questioned the analyst regarding holding time and my call being dropped. He indicated to me that because there is so much information to put into your systems sometimes calls get dropped due to length of time. Your employee's need to be trained on what to and not to say. A supervisor was put on and I advised her of what had already happened to me. This is almost 1hr into this phone call with nothing resolved. She stated that what happened to me never happened before. Again, previous analyst had the slip of the tongue and told me otherwise regarding dropped calls. She lied. I've experienced this in the past with amount of time wasted to get a request done and have heard nothing but negativity when it comes to Customer Service. She indicated I could continue to complain but it wouldn't get me anywhere or resolve anything. I asked her if I was wasting her time? This was the wrong thing to say to me. She stated that she would have someone call me the next day at my convenience and to make sure I had what I needed to completed my request. I told her I needed to be contacted after 8pm on 09/20/07. I was not going to take anytime from my work schedule to deal with this matter. I had asked her also if she could find out who the first rep I spoke to was. I was told that nothing could be found on the system. Overall, 1 hour on phone with nothing done.

Sept 20

This is an escalated situation and I was advised on 09/19/07 someone would contact me to resolve my problem. No phone call.

Sept 21

I called Comcast from work early in the morning. I explained how upset I was not getting a phone call. I didn't want to waste anymore time and needed to have someone contact me this same night. I was told a supervisor would call and handle. I also found that the first supervisor I spoke to on the 19th indicated she could not find the person's name I had dealt within my first 20 minute conversion. I found this really hard to believe that you systems would not have this information. Come to find out, the analysts name was Daniell. Your employees try to cover up as well for each other in your company.

Later that night, I did receive a call and spoke to Kim and was helpful and understanding. I advised her that I wanted my request to be handled as quickly as possible to avoid wasting anymore of my time. At first she indicated that she needed authorization from my family to take a service request from me. Again, I was very upset that no one advised me of this as well. Kim in turn was able to override this and had me complete a third party verification. Before this, I had already explained what I needed for my family and to have an appointment set up. An appointment was made for Thursday, Sept 27 between 12-4pm.

Sept 27

Waited for Comcast to arrive from 12-4pm. At 3:45pm I called to find out about the delay and wanted to know when service was going to be done. I was told the order was canceled. My family and I were very upset at this point. We were never advised of this and wasted our time once again. I told the analyst I wanted someone at the house on Friday. The analyst I spoke to on this day told me we would have a call within one hour to resolve this matter. Once again, no phone call after one hour. I had to call again. This time I spoke to Blair #40188. Blair was very helpful and understanding of the situation. He took down all the details in regards to the unresolved and unacceptable issues that have been occurring. He told me that he couldn't guarantee service on Friday but I would receive a call within 24 hrs. He issued a ticket for me # XXXXXXXXXXX.

Sept 28

As if matters could not get any worse. No phone call received from Comcast again. I had to call and find out what was going on. The representative I spoke to, Linda, knew this was an escalated issue and I was advised Bruce-MGR would call me back within 5 minutes. He did return my call and I stressed how aggravated I had been with Comcast employees and customer service. He indicated that Comcast was coming on Monday, October 1st. I questioned whether someone was going to call and advise of this or just assume we knew like our cancellation of service we were never told amount for our appointment on 09/28/07.
I had indicated to one analyst that I wanted a call from the CEO or VP of Comcast. I was advised that this could not be done. I questioned if there was a way for me to contact them or were they unreachable? He told me they are unreachable and no one could contact them. What type of company is this? I'm trying to get down to the root of matter and find out what the problem is. What I'm finding is not acceptable and so far, no one cares.

This whole thing has been nothing but a horrifying experience. The amount of time wasted and lack of customer service knowledge is absurd and unprofessional. I'm trying my best to explain all my frustrations but still don't feel that I'm getting the point through. Never in my life have I dealt with such incompetence. I have researched so many complaints similar to mine and your company is still no better.

Again, I have had to do your job for you and repeat everything that I have gone through. Putting it into words does not justify what I really had to deal with so I've explained everything the best I could. I'd gladly except a call from your CEO or VP's of Comcast but I know no one would dare attempt this. I'm just the average consumer that you people don't give a damn about as long as your company gets paid and hires people who can't handle their jobs.

Now tell me, again, what does your company plan to do about this? I want answer's. Or, do I need to repeat my self another 10X before anything gets done or resolved? Can someone please handle and do their job right the first time?

Repair and Service
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- This is a copy of the fax sent to corporate.All Reference to names etc, X'ed out.It is now 7 Feb still no contact from Augusta or Corporate and Guess what Packet loss still,speed slower than dial-up And no line crew seen in the area by the neighborhood watch homes or retired families in the area.

From: The XXXXX 18 January 2007
Account no. XXXXX
Augusta. Georgia 308XX

To: Comcast corporate
1500 Market St.
Phil. PA 19102
FAX 215-981-7790

To whom it may concern:

My high speed internet and cable TV service was ordered on 3oct.2006 and installed by a contractor for Comcast on 5 Oct 06 at that time the tech. informed me it couldn't be done because there was a pc problem. I informed the tech that I am a certified. IT security specialist there was nothing wrong with my PC.The tech then went outside for a while then came back and informed me that he would have to cancel the job and that I would have to call Comcast to come back to install the internet service because he didn't have very much cable on his truck and that he also couldn't access the crawl space under the house. I then walked to the side of the house and slid open the skirting then walked over to his truck pointed out to him that he had at least 10 ft of cable to do the job. He completed the job after approx.3 hours.

My internet connection speed has never been consistent but packet loss has been .Packet loss was 80-100% So I called support at 706-733-7712 and the 1800-Comcast number on 8 Jan 07 numerous times and could not get through so I called 9 Jan 07 and after a 45-50 min wait talked to CSR she verified 68% packet loss of 50 sent and 90% at a hundred sent she then placed an order for three days later (11 Jan 07)

On 10 Jan07 Comcast Augusta, GA. polled the modem with an 80% and polled 4hr.-24hr.and 7 day history and verified a good few drops

On 11 Jan 07 I left from North Carolina early to be at the house and meet with the Comcast tech. At approx. 10:00 or 10:15 am. I received a call from a person stating he was a Comcast tech. and he could not find my address and that he might have to cancel the job? (Famous words) I then told him to stay where he was I would come and get him This was approx. at 10:30 I found him at a gas station and noticed that he was a contractor for Comcast. .I then had him follow me to the house. When he came in he was preparing to swap out the modem without checking any thing outside or any thing on the PC. I asked him if he had a signal meter So he went outside to get his meter. In doing so I noticed he didn't have any kind of latter or shovel just basic tools and supplies just thrown in to a storage container in the bed of his truck. When he came back in he didn't seem to know what to do So I showed him how to access the CMD prompt to check for packet loss and verify ip address and how to check the modem stats using ( snr:33.6db at 513.250 mhz, fwr:-6.2dbmv,return at 26.5dbmv at 31.0 mhz.I then gave him a tour and showed him the rg-59 outside at the house box also the compression fittings inside and out where the center conductor was protruding ¼ inch past the fittings I also pointed out the dielectric was !/4 inch inside the fitting and not flush (suck-out) The contractor then stated you seem to no a lot about the internet .I then informed him of my back ground . He then went out to his truck and called his supervisor after 10 min approx .He returned to me and handed me the phone. The supervisor ask me what the problem was not is. And then came the BS.I shared with him (fore- mentioned.) and my back ground .His attitude changed toward me and stated he was sorry and that my internet would be working before the tech .left He then asked to speak to the tech. I went back in and the tech. was outside for a good while he came back in and said he would have to re-sch .the job because he couldn't access under the house (more famous words) I showed him how to assess the crawlspace and where the house box is. {which I had to open).I left him alone again He replaced the rg-59 with a new rg-6 and also replaced the connectors inside and out he came back in to have me sign the work order he then got into his truck and started to leave when I asked him if he balanced the modem he didn't know what I meant .And if he closed the house box (he forgot to).after he closed the box. He soon departed faster than he came. After he left I looked over the work order again and noticed he wired 2 outlets he did not. In the associated check list column he had checked cust. Ed handout which he didn't and that he had performed a drop certification??? No ladder to access the Tap at the pole. And the time on the work order was wrong displaying 55 mins of work time instead of close to 2 ½ hrs.

On 11 Jan 07 same days Ms.XXXX came home and pointed out to me the skirting on the entire side of the house was thrown on the ground and the cable that was replaced was not buried aprox 6ft and was exposed through the fence. I then reset the skirting. While I was doing this Ms.XXXX came out and told me the internet was out. (Go figure send out an install contractor with No tools and No PC knowledge to do a service order). Who routes Comcast work? And is there any training required other than a driver's license?

On 11 Jan 07 same day I called Comcast Augusta 706-733-7712 after another long wait A CSR answered she was rude first off I then explained to her the problem She stated your problem is "not" my job I'll have to transfer you she did she hung up I then called back and asked to speak to a supervisor . A CSR supervisor came on the line I informed her of the problem .She was very nice but again she had to transfer me. I was sent to a voice mail. Which I left a message I then called again this time I wanted the number to Comcast corp. to make a complaint I was informed By the CSR that know one there has the address or the phone number to corporate and that she would transfer me to a different supervisor again voicemail I left a message called it a day after 3 plus hrs run around.

On 12 Jan 07 (am) no word from any supervisor I called Again this time I was told it was a contractor issue and they transferred me to the voice mail of a Mr. Kenneth XXXXXXX I left him a brief message of the problem and the address, home phone number and cell number

On 15 Jan 07-17 Jan 07 again packet loss every day 60% to !00%

On 17 Jan 07 (pm) called to set up a service call again. Can't contact a supervisor, and no return calls from any supervisor. I set up a time for a service call for 18 Jan 07 and told the CSR please note on the work order do not send a contractor or I will have to cancel my service and go to DSL and a Sat system (speeds are slower but consistent and better customer support thus far)

On 18 Jan 07 no show no call from 0730-11:30 am from anyone from Comcast (time frame has been missed!). At approx.12:25pm same day received a call from D A Tech.706-4XX-XXXX confirming my am service call? (Just a little bit late wouldn't you think?) I asked if they were being sent for the service call she stated yes I then informed her I requested a Comcast tech. I thanked her for calling and that I was going to call and cancel my service she asked me not to cancel the service she would call Comcast. At approx 12:35 pm I called Comcast after a 30min. Wait A CSR answered and I told her I wanted to cancel my service( finely I'm speaking to nice person I wish I could have taken down her name) she showed concern and asked me not to drop Comcast service .She asked me to hold and she was back with me very fast! She talked to dispatch and informed me that there would be a tech from Comcast sent in the pm. and that she gave me service credit and credit for the contractor missing the appt.

At 1600 hrs a Comcast tech. # XXX called to say he was on the way at 1639hrs he pulled in to the drive way as he said he would (he met his time frame) He informed me on everything he was doing He checked the PC all the levels from the tap ground block and the modem .During the check he found leakage from the tap to the house he went under the house and at grn block and found the leakage one of the connectors (very bad suck-out) and 5 inches from the same connector crimp in the cable to the point of just breaking the center connector. All from one of the contract company's ether CTIF tech # 464 from the first install fore mentioned or DA technologies tech # 318 from the service call on 11 Jan 07.Tech.# 223 also called his Supervisor XXXX and informed him of what he found and that a line tech will be needed to check for the second problem on the main line. The tech a Mr. XXXX # and his supervisor should be commended they were polite, professional, and Knew there jobs. And I will keep my services awaiting the line tech hopefully Comcast tech! As far as the rest of the crew I think this letter sums it up. (Slack) I had planned to switch over to your other digital and mostly your phone service but even with battery back up I fear that any 911 needs would place this home in peril.

Thank you,

Contact information on file

Comcast Makes Mistakes and Covers Them Up
By -

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- To Whom It May Concern:

I am a very angry customer (or about to be ex-customer) of your Comcast cable company. For over two years now, I have enjoyed your company's service, especially the WWE pay-per-views that I purchase every month. But, as of January. 28th, 2007, I can no longer accept this brutal mistreatment of a loyal customer.

On the 4th of August, 2006. My girlfriend and I put in a request to transfer services to our new apartment. I wrote a check, (which is enclosed) for 90.00 dollars for the first month's bill for our new apartment. So, my girlfriend and I moved into our new apartment under the idea that everything was taking care of cable wise. Three months pass and I look at our cable bill and see that we are paying way over the amount that was quoted to us, even after all the pay-per-views. We call our local Comcast and a customer rep was very helpful in assisting us. Come to finds out, that we were being charge for a bunch of extra options that we didn't even have... We had been charge for internet, additional cable channels, such as Showtime and another movie channel that we did not sign up for, and we were charged for two DVR boxes and two remotes. Which in reality, we only have one box and one remote. And on top of that, we only had cable in one room. So, the sale rep credited us back all of our fees from the internet, extra cable channels and the extra box and remote that we were being charge. She also sent out a tech. to give us another DVR box for our second room. The tech came the very next day, which was on a Sunday, and did a great job in installing everything. That is how you are supposed to treat a customer.

But a month later, it was totally different and I couldn't believe this was the same company who had been treating us fairly. A month later our cable service was disconnected with no notice or anything. I called Comcast and they actually told me that we were three months behind on our bill... (WHAT!!!) Comcast stated that we owed over 400.00 dollars on our bill. After further argument and researching, I found out that these quotes were false. Yes, I do admit, the last check that my girlfriend and I wrote did bounce, it was written off of the wrong account, and I even told the customer service rep. that and we will fully pay the amount and any fees with that check, that was our mistake. But, come to find out, that the 90.00 dollar check that I had written to Comcast back in August for the first months bill, went to the wrong account. Then, once they found out that it went to the wrong account, they refunded my check to the account at my old address... Comcast also owed us 188.00 dollars for internet services that where never requested in my new apartment. Comcast said that the work order stated that the tech. that set up my new apartment came inside and set up the internet. (THAT IS A LIE) First of all, it took the tech. a week to come out to set up our new apartment, and when he did finally come, the only thing he did was check the outlets, because I had already hooked up my cable because I kept my same DVR box.

Now that leaves us with the problem today, January 28th, 2007. Comcast said that they would not turn on my service until all balances are paid. Over 400.00 dollars in our new apartment and a back old balance of 270.00 in our old apartment. (WAIT) For one, we never had a back balance in our old apartment; that was all paid-up. BECAUSE I know, you can't transfer cable in the same name to another address if there is still a balance, so where did they come up with 270.00 of cable fees in my old apartment. I even ask the lady, to make sure, who's name the cable is under, and she said the accounts are under both names. Really, I didn't know you can open up a ton of accounts in the same name, that's news to me!!! And the fact that the work order said that he install a modem and internet in our new apartment, really, our laptop crashed well before we moved into our new apartment, so what computer did he hook it up to??? We don't owe any money on any old address and we don't owe over 400.00 dollars either. I didn't authorize that 90.00 check to go anywhere but to my new apartment on my new account, not on some other person's account and then to an old (made-up) account that was pulled out of thin air. So minus that 188.00 dollars, also that 90.00 dollars from this ridiculous 400 dollars plus bill and you get something like 145.00. That is how much that I agree to pay, 145.00 and plus the returned check fee of 36 dollars. That is all that I will agree to pay, and we didn't have cable for half of January so, prorate that.

Also, the customer service rep. was very nasty, Thomasine Carter... And her number is 804-266-1900 and her extension is 7417, she laughed and giggled on a number of occasions, it wouldn't be so funny if this was to happen to her... The young girls that I spoke to about this same account through this month and last were way more professional then her, you should listen to all the recordings since December. The number I call from was either (937) 603-1730, (804) 287-6569, or (804) 349-8881. One young lady named Maria was very knowledgeable and helpful. Ms. Thomasine Carter also refused me when I asked countless times to speak with a supervisor. I am pretty sure that if I call any other business and ask to speak with a supervisor, unless he or she is not busy, I will get a supervisor. Ms. Carter flat out told me that her supervisor is not going to deal with this today, (please listen to the recording) of January 28th 2007, at 1:30pm. And whoever the supervisor on duty was that day, needs to be fired for lack of a backbone!!!!

So again, I will pay the amount of 145.00 and the return check fee and that is it!! I am in the process of terminating my account and service with Comcast and I will be DISABLING THE CABLING and moving to DIRECTV. As a customer I have never been treated like this and I will make sure and tell everyone I can about the heinous mistreatment that I have been met with by Comcast. No one is perfect, and computers mess up to, if you make a mistake, don't cover it up, admit IT and correct IT, so we can all go on living our lives. Thanks you for attention

Very Angry Customer/ Ex-Customer,

Brooks J. Blake

The same NO-response Game you're familiar with
By -

I am emailing because I wish to file a corporate complaint as well as vent about the service (lack of)of Comcast in the Manassas, Prince WIlliam County, VA market, or at least in my neighborhood. The story is basically the same as the article published in the Washington Post in June 14, 2005 titled "Six Weeks Stuck in Comcast Limbo". It is listed if you google "Comcast Corporate Complaints"

I am an owner/publisher of advertising magazines and work from home, so does my wife, a realtor. I depend on high speed internet to transfer large files to my corporate office in Charlotte, NC and when the system is slow or down, I am out of work. This has been a problem consistently since last October 2005, about a year.

In Oct '05 I switched to broadband internet access with Comcast since the files were getting much too big to transfer through dial up service. After 2 years of waiting since my driveway is very long, about 1000 feet, Comcast finally agreed to offer service to me Back in 2003 they refused. I think it was because they were so busy it just wasn't worth their time to run the cable, even though my neighbor had one whose driveway is about the same length, and despite the offer that I would pay for the installation. It has been a nightmare ever since.

The internet never worked very fast from day one. I did not know what was normal since I had just switched from dial up, but I certainly knew when it just wasn't working at all. On or about June of 2006, I added television service since my DISH Network system was worn out. I figured I would take advantage of the discounts available by multiple services and the Comcast people assured me the problem would be fixed immediately. Since I had no experience with Comcast ever before, I trusted they would do what they promised. Another problem was that since I traveled so much, at the time, I did not realize that the Comcast signal was not only too weak to run both services but was in fact too weak to run just the internet alone properly. I had no choice since Verizon does not offer DSL here, or I would have switched to Verizon in a heartbeat. I just thought it was an occasional problem, a "things happen" kind of thing and they would be responsive to fix problems when they arose. They also assumed that since I did not call to complain regularly that everything must be OK. I did not call because I was often out of town for extended periods. Everything was certainly NOT OK.

Once I stopped traveling as much, I worked much more from home (or attempted to do so) and the volume of file transfers I need to send has increased dramatically. I waited, called, complained, pleaded and begged them to find the problem and fix it, to no avail. Maybe I was much too nice or patient. I NEVER received a single return phonecall. NEVER a kept promise. In the summer of 2006, about 3 months ago, I called to complain once more, finally decided to cancel and return to DISH for television, spend more money but thought "at least it works", and was "sold" by a Comcast rep that everything was fixed and they assured me it would work as designed. At that moment it was working. It actually worked fine for about 3 days before and about 3 days after that telephone call when he convinced me it would be fine. I really wanted this to be true. It was not.

The rest of the story turned ugly. The Comcast rep was so sure everything was fine he convinced me to take advantage of the offers and the savings, so I even added Comcast VOIP service to now have ALL of my communications through Comcast even though I told him that I cannot risk going without communications and that I did NOT want to find out later that the bugs are not fixed. It was a major problem from day 1 of setting up the phone service. For months I would telephone, telephone techs would run tests and have me unplug and do tests from their scripted troubleshooter guidebook. I would reboot the modem, etc, etc. and eventually they would give up a schedule a Level 1 field tech to come out, waste more of my time and they would fix nothing. At one point a Comcast tech showed up and actually asked me what I thought the problem was. ..Unbelievable! I would constantly run up and down the stairs to the basement to switch the cable from television to internet and HOPE it was strong enough to run the just the internet and the telephone. Most of the time it was not and I was "out of business" for a few hours to a few days. I spent many hours of time and aggravation playing this cable swap game, usually to no ultimate benefit. By this time I could BE a Level 1 tech for Comcast.

For months the billing department did not seem to have any problems with their billing system. They had no problem calling me for payment but seemed to have a lapse of information to answer the question about a credit for service I was not receiving. I was paying for phone, television and internet without a single small courtesy adjustment for my trouble, or the lack of service????? I think ?I finally received one small token adjustment in August although for months I paid for services which I could only use one at a time, never together at the same time.

For months my family was not able to watch Television while the cable was connected to the modem (not even actually "on-Line"). This was because the signal was not strong enough to connect the internet cable AND the Television AND the telephone at the same time. It seems that there was enough signal to run the phone and TV but not the internet. Sometimes it was too weak to run the phone and the internet together, OR the phone and the TV. NEVER could it ever run the internet with TV service and the phone at the same time. I would have settled for slow, like Mr. Gandhi, but I had nothing. Sometimes there was not even enough signal to run the phone and internet and I would be forced to disconnect the phone just to have internet service, sometime I had no internet service at all even if nothing else was connected. What about a router? Certainly not at any time.

To add insult to injury, a level 3 tech finally came out and diagnosed the problem. All the other less qualified techs tested the "tap" as the street and diagnosed no problem. The level 3 tech realized that the driveway is 1000 feet long and referred it to "Construction" to run a new "Tap" or a "Plant extension". It seems that Comcast normally runs only 250 to 400 feet of cable before they come up and install an amplifier to carry the signal strength adequately to it's final destination. This was the problem. There was a cable installed with a 1000 foot run with no amplifier. It seems the level 3 tech had serviced my neighbor who had his "drop" reduced by moving the "tap" or installing a "plant extension" or perhaps it was installed correctly the first time, I do not know. There seems to be adequate signal carried to his home. So why was this such a problem for Comcast? Why does it take so long to fix what should have been an easy fix? This has been a problem for a year and finally diagnosed about 3 months ago! Still no correction.

I have a very long history in the Comcast Customer Service records. I have been complaining nicely and patiently for about a year. I have waited and waited because I want it to work, I need it to work, and I trusted that such a big company would fix the problem in a reasonable timeframe. But no.

It is now October 12, 2006 and I am still waiting. The telephone just rang while I'm writing this email and the caller cannot hear me. A Comcast problem that has happened several times before. If I wait a minute or they call back in two, it works again. Sometime eeven today I cannot get on the internet, I'll wait for a few minutes and maybe I can-Maybe. There is no consistency, no trend as far as time of day or day of the week. It is a completely random and sporadic signal. I have since cancelled Comcast television service and gone back to DISH. I plan on canceling the telephone service tomorrow and going back to Verizon. This will cost me a lot more money for three different Utility companies, but at least I can HOPE to have internet service occasionally (the cable will be dedicated only to internet access) without having to run up and down the stairs to change the connections at the cable box in the basement. I am not terribly optimistic though, since I know from experience that even when it is JUST the internet, I have no confidence it will work even then.

I WISH I had the luxury of a "Six Weeks Stuck in Comcast Limbo", but for me it has been the better part of a year.

What can I do??

Signed, "Frustrated and Exhausted";

Kevin M. Germain
PO BOX 533
Bristow, VA 20136 (If it's working-Maybe)

Customer Commendation
By -

COLLEGE PARK, GA, GEORGIA -- The matter concerning a credit to my account has been an ongoing, agonizing situation for me since November, 2010. I was charged for a month's service I did not receive and an upgrade I did not request. Since November, 2010 I have called continuously about once a month in reference to this matter. Various customer service representatives indicated to me that my account was noted, yet did not care enough to note the records. Frustrated with requesting return phone calls from supervisors, I turned in my equipment to AT&T.

I am a previous telephone employee and know the importance of noting the records when customers call regarding various concerns. On June 17, 2011, I got lucky when Ms. Beverly ** answered my phone call. It took quite a long time reviewing and re-reviewing my account. She asked if I had the time to look over my records and took the time to actually listen to my concerns.

After re-reading the records and looking at the date that I actually picked up the equipment, November 14, 2010 and checking and noting that the date the service technician came to activate my service was a month later, she realized that I could not have been receiving the digital service for which I have been charged from November to December. Ms ** read the notes indicating that I still had the limited basic plan that ran around $15.00 a month until December 13, 2010 when the service tech came to my home.

Only she also realized which was clearly noted in the records that the 49.95 credit to my account was requested from the service technician because he had to call the office for them to activate the box. And per Comcast policy, if the equipment is hooked up correctly, the customer is not charged. Thus, she realized the credit received was for the activation only.

It a shame that it has taken so long for someone to understand and comprehend what I had stated endlessly and what is written plain for any representative to view. Before this fiasco, I was very pleased with my Comcast service. I had been a customer for years, paid faithfully and paid my account in full just before turning in my equipment. Because of continued phone calls to closed ears and what I considered as uncaring and inefficient customer service, I returned my equipment. Hopefully, with this resolve, I can reinstate for service in the future.

I would like to render a gracious ‘thank you' to Ms. Beverly ** located in the Hazelwood, Missouri customer call center. She took the time to make me feel that my concern's important. She didn't put me on hold for long periods of time, she informed me when she was reading the notes and kept me abreast of what she was doing. You advertise your commitment to customer service, yet I can vouch for one Comcast employee who has demonstrated this promise and displayed the time and professionalism to illustrate that she does care and that I am considered as a significant person to Comcast. She made me feel that ‘I matter'.

Lack of customer service
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Policy regarding Customer Service. Yesterday my wife tells me that she has spent 2 times 40 minutes speaking to someone in the far-east who didn't even listen to her and suggested that the order for a self-install cable box would not be here in time for the Stanley Cup final, game 7 and the final game. I am a fan of the Bruins. However when I arrived home there was the cable box neatly packed and left outside my front door. I collected and examined the contents reading the instructions and realized it wasn't rocket science. All I had to do was connect three wires.

I completed the task in less than a couple of minutes and waited the compulsory 20 minutes for something to happen. Nothing happened. In fact 4.25 hours later I was still in the same position, but by this time I knew the Bruins had won 4-0. How did I know? Because my wife emailed me and told me the result. I still didn't have television. In the interim I had spoken to at least three different Asian young ladies and a male supervisor. They are always polite, but achieve zero except increase my blood pressure.

By 11:45 pm I had given up. The supervisor who should be fired put me on hold and the phone went on and on and on until in the end after an inordinate amount of time the call dropped. The three young ladies had me pressing buttons on my remote. They asked me to undo and reconnect cables. It was all designed as a nonsense exercise. They were obviously reading from a script and they couldn't deviate from that script. How dare you call yourselves number in cable television? I have DirecTV at my home but it is not available at my city apartment.

It looks like I am going to have to seek alternative arrangements. Frankly your service is dreadful and you should all be ashamed of yourselves. The customer is your future and to treat him so badly is shame on you. This morning I called to ask them to collect the equipment that they dumped on my doorstep and was promptly told to deliver it by hand to the local Comcast office. I am not the UPS or FedEx or the USPS and I am not going to return it. I will leave it in exactly the same position that I found it. I waited to arrange for a collection because I want to be reasonable and guess what? I waited and waited and waited and no reply.

I called again and the same thing occurred. I have made 7 calls to Comcast, and my wife has made two before me. When will you understand people are not prepared to wait 40 minutes every time they need to speak to anyone? The cheek of trying to market your company on the basis of putting the customer first is galling. That is a joke and if it wasn't so frustrating I could laugh.

This morning I spoke with Lisa at your executive head office and asked if she could resolve the issue. She said she would. I am prepared to wait until the end of business hours today to see if it is resolved. I am not going to take time off work to put right your wrongs.

My advice to all of you at Comcast is to look for another job. Comcast is big but not that big that they can't fail. If they keep this up that is exactly what will happen. I know they can get it right; they did at my business for 6 years without any trouble. OK there was teething problems getting it working, but once it was working, I never had any trouble. You should be striving to get it right and not fob people off by getting Sunshine (that was what she called herself) and Rani and others to fob the customer off. I am going to write to my senator asking him to look at your monopoly position and to determine whether the federal Government can intervene on behalf of the consumer.

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