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A NIGHTMARE - Years Later Even!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Comcast is a terrible company. In addition to two years of bad service at escalating prices I left my apartment after a deeply jarring roommate experience. I returned the modem and Comcast charged me for it anyways as well as for billing that was debt shared. Five years later, well after the statute of limitations, I got reported to a "zombie debt" credit agency. I'm furious. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY -- they are beyond incompetent and hugely predatory.

Good Luck Getting Help
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Rating: 1/51

Please expect to take 60-90 minutes out of your day, get transferred multiple times, spend more time on hold than talking with someone, and probably not have your issue resolved when you call into Comcast. By the way, your rates are going up, unknown to you, and you will get the run around by someone who speaks broken English as to why your bill is never the same amount each month. Good luck.

Customer Commendation
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COLLEGE PARK, GA, GEORGIA -- The matter concerning a credit to my account has been an ongoing, agonizing situation for me since November, 2010. I was charged for a month's service I did not receive and an upgrade I did not request. Since November, 2010 I have called continuously about once a month in reference to this matter. Various customer service representatives indicated to me that my account was noted, yet did not care enough to note the records. Frustrated with requesting return phone calls from supervisors, I turned in my equipment to AT&T.

I am a previous telephone employee and know the importance of noting the records when customers call regarding various concerns. On June 17, 2011, I got lucky when Ms. Beverly ** answered my phone call. It took quite a long time reviewing and re-reviewing my account. She asked if I had the time to look over my records and took the time to actually listen to my concerns.

After re-reading the records and looking at the date that I actually picked up the equipment, November 14, 2010 and checking and noting that the date the service technician came to activate my service was a month later, she realized that I could not have been receiving the digital service for which I have been charged from November to December. Ms ** read the notes indicating that I still had the limited basic plan that ran around $15.00 a month until December 13, 2010 when the service tech came to my home.

Only she also realized which was clearly noted in the records that the 49.95 credit to my account was requested from the service technician because he had to call the office for them to activate the box. And per Comcast policy, if the equipment is hooked up correctly, the customer is not charged. Thus, she realized the credit received was for the activation only.

It a shame that it has taken so long for someone to understand and comprehend what I had stated endlessly and what is written plain for any representative to view. Before this fiasco, I was very pleased with my Comcast service. I had been a customer for years, paid faithfully and paid my account in full just before turning in my equipment. Because of continued phone calls to closed ears and what I considered as uncaring and inefficient customer service, I returned my equipment. Hopefully, with this resolve, I can reinstate for service in the future.

I would like to render a gracious ‘thank you' to Ms. Beverly ** located in the Hazelwood, Missouri customer call center. She took the time to make me feel that my concern's important. She didn't put me on hold for long periods of time, she informed me when she was reading the notes and kept me abreast of what she was doing. You advertise your commitment to customer service, yet I can vouch for one Comcast employee who has demonstrated this promise and displayed the time and professionalism to illustrate that she does care and that I am considered as a significant person to Comcast. She made me feel that ‘I matter'.

Repeated Lies!!
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Comcast complaint. One consistent theme of Comcast is that no one ever does what they promise. You will be done and no one ever calls back to follow up!! We decided to get Comcast service for the first time when moving from Kansas to Indiana in November 2010. My wife has a brother who works for Comcast and our landlord also has family working for Comcast. Therefore, we began this experience with a positive outlook about the company.

We ordered Comcast's Double Play – Phone and Internet service package for $39.99/month. This was ordered online on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 12:56 P.M. Our confirmation shows Bridgevine Order Number: **. We have a printed copy of this. Our Order Reference Number was: **. Installation was scheduled for Monday, November 22, 2010, between 1-5 P.M. Ticket Number was: **.

Service was installed on time and worked fine; for exactly one week! The installation man would install only one connection for our whole home. We had a phone and two computers hooked up to it, a desktop and a laptop. On the afternoon of the next Monday, November 29, the laptop started receiving a message that Comcast was having problems connecting with it. Then began a series of trying to seek correction of this Comcast problem, beginning with online assistance and then many phone calls to their tech support.

Everyone I spoke with was polite; they just were all lacking any ability to correct the problem. They would tell me they had to send it to more technical staff within Comcast and that they would then contact me. No one would allow me to actually speak with a more technical person and I was never called back by anyone! After almost two weeks of this, I thought the problem might be with my laptop, although the messages from Comcast online always said they were having problems connecting. I wiped the computer memory clean and reloaded everything back onto it. I got the same exact message from Comcast.

A friend has AT&T Internet service, so I took my laptop there to see if it would work on AT&T. It worked immediately from first plugging it in! At this point, I decided to switch to AT&T. Even though the same service was more expensive with AT&T, at least it worked. I terminated Comcast service, effective Monday, December 20. Since it was still within the Comcast 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, I was told that I would receive a full refund of the $98.29 I had already paid. This first bill that I'd paid billed me $47.20 for monthly service, instead of the $39.99 that I had ordered!

When AT&T was here to hook up their service, they informed me that Comcast had cut all of the AT&T lines which had been in the house, running service to every room. Comcast uses totally different types of lines, going to a different location, and there was no legal reason for them to cut the AT&T lines. In fact, it was a criminal action!

On Tuesday, December 21, at 10:35 a.m. I spoke with ** at Comcast. She issued a work order, number **, for Comcast to repair the cut AT&T lines; agreeing that the lines should not have been cut! She told me that a ** (spelling?) at the Anderson Comcast office would be contacting me to get it fixed. His phone number was given as **. He left one voice mail message for me and has not returned any on the messages I have left for him! She told me that I would receive the full refund check within 4 to 6 weeks.

This guaranteeing of the refund to be in the mail within 4 to 6 weeks is a habit of Comcast, a delaying tactic that they used with me every month. They can issue bills promptly, but seem unable or unwilling to issue refund checks! At 3:45 P.M. that same day I returned the Comcast modem and power cord to their office at 335 E.10th Street, Anderson, Indiana.

On Wednesday, January 12, 2011, at 3:53 p.m., after receiving another bill from Comcast, I called them and spoke with ** in North Carolina. She told me that their records did show that I had returned the modem for which they were billing me and that I should ignore the current bill. The 'final bill' should be received by me 4-6 weeks after December 21, 2010. Then the 'refund check' should be received by me 4 weeks after that. She said they would follow up on the damage claim. No one had contacted me to repair their damage.

I next received another bill from Comcast, showing current account activity through January 14, 2011, adding more money due! It was charging me $70.14 for 'unreturned equipment'!!! On Friday, January 21, I received a COLLECTION ACTIVITY ALERT from Comcast, dated January 18, for the full amount of the bill dated January 14. After only 4 days from issuing a bill, they sent the COLLECTION ACTIVITY ALERT for the amount of $119.29!

On Thursday, January 27, 2011 at 1:54 P.M. I called Comcast and ended up speaking with ** from Fort Wayne. He was nice, polite and assured me he would take care of everything and that I'd receive the refund check in 4 weeks. However, the only thing that actually got changed was to show the return of their modem!

On February 14, Comcast billed me for $49.29 (monthly service charge, including tax)! I had terminated service two months prior and they still owed me the refund of $98.29. But, instead of refunding me, they were still charging me more!!!

On Wednesday February 22, at 4:18 p. m., I called Comcast again and spoke with ** in Indianapolis, and his supervisor **. They reassured me that I would actually get the refund check in 4 weeks, saying they could not expedite it despite its long delay. They also issued a new work order to repair my cut AT&T lines, **.

On Saturday, February 26, I received another COLLECTION ACTIVITY ALERT for the new amount of $49.29. Now, on Tuesday, March 22, I received a COLLECTION NOTICE from a collection company trying to collect this $49.29 for Comcast! I still have not received my refund check, many months promised and far past due, while Comcast still tries to collect unjustified charges! Plus, they are ruining my good credit rating!!! Can anyone help me with this monster?

Comcast Un-Support
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I have been working with Comcast to solve a problem with my signal being unacceptable for over six months. I moved from a thirty-five year old home with neglected wiring and minimal issues to a fifteen year old home in great shape. Since this move I have had serious pixelation issues with my cable signal, my phone signal breaks up so horribly the person on the other end of the line cannot hear me much of the time.

All of this began in June of 2010. I called Comcast due to the pixelation preventing my family from watching any television whatsoever. The picture and audio signal were so badly broken up we could not make heads or tails of the shows. They informed me that the entire neighborhood was having problems and to be paitent; it would clear on its own. I took them at their word and waited for three weeks for it to clear. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that they were continuing to work on the problem.

I called again. This time there was heavy rain in the area and they blamed the pixelation on that, stating that I need to be patient still; they had just finished repairs on the neighborhood lines. I took them at their word again. Come the end of the second month, I began to become a bit frustrated. I am generally a patient person. I call again and this time request someone be sent out. I did not describe the issue as pixelation; rather I said the television signal was broken up. I later learned they wrote this down as "HD problem."

A couple of days later the technician arrives to fix the problem and replaces the wires directly on the outside of the house, stating he is sure that is the problem and to be patient as it may take the lines some time to clear the reception. I wait two weeks again and call. The problem is no better. They send another technician who says, "Oh it's the box." They replace the box and the wires in the back to the wall. Two weeks later, we are still having pixelation.

I think it is minorly improved, but it is still too bad to watch anything. I call again. This technician says the previous technician did not inspect the wires they replaced and that they were bad: the male and female ends were too far in and too far out. I hope this is the end and thank him. He tells me if I have to call again to explain the problem as pixelation so they know clearly what they are dealing with.

Two weeks later, the pixelation is still present. The next technician comes out and replaces the box again. Two to three weeks later, the pixelation, although still somewhat improved, is too horrible to make sense of any shows. I call again; they send out another technician. He says he can't find the problem. I am told to bring the box in to a local Comcast box store and swap it. I do.

On a side note, in the last month we replaced our television. It was having trouble with lighting, so we thought perhaps the unit was the problem. Nothing about the pixelation changed with a brand new television. After the last six months of excuses and run around and finally getting the problem solved, I call up Comcast. (I had requested a credit when the first technician was sent out. I was told to wait a couple of weeks after the problem was solved.) I called and explained the last six months of problems, asking for a credit again. They say they only see one month of problems in their records. What!

I calmly explain what has been going on. I can tell him there have been at least five different technicians to my house. I can tell them everything that was replaced each time. They keep repeating they only see the last month. When pushed, ** tells me that she does see a history back to September, but that was an HD issue, not a pixelation issue. I explain that I have no idea why the technicians worded it differently but the problem has been the same all along.

I also have to argue the point of the second DVR box replacement. She states that they show we made an upgrade. The DVR box that was replaced was the older version with a smaller hard drive in comparison to the new one. However they are both Comcast brand DVR boxes. I would never consider this an upgrade. Conveniently, Comcast has labeled the box replacement thus to avoid having to tie the two service calls together. I have things I need to do, so I have to let her go.

I call again the next day and speak to **. She is much nicer and agrees to give me a $50 credit easily. However, I have been paying over that each month for the television service I was not receiving for six months. I explain this fact again. She says they only have thirty days of history on this issue. I explain again each thing that was replaced by all the different technicians and how long ago. She is quiet, but I would not say she listened. During this conversation she notices my telephone service is breaking up so badly she cannot hear me. She quickly uses this as a reason to transfer me to tech support and not have to talk to me anymore.

Tech support repeats the fact that I am really broken up and sets up an appointment for my phone to be serviced. I have also been dealing with the phone problem for six months, but it has not caused me to be unable to use the phone for long periods of time and has been intermittent. When I called Comcast service once before, they told me that as the problem was intermittent they could do nothing unless I called when it was occurring. The problem is when it is occurring was usually in the evening, when no tech is available. I didn't see the point. So, I have been putting up with it.

I wait until the technician comes out for the phone, hoping that after this is fixed, I can make some headway with Comcast on a reasonable credit for my bill. I have always paid full and on time. The technician, **, comes out to the house and tests the modem, the lines, even the neighborhood box and says everything is in the green. He can't find the problem. So he leaves me his number and takes off, telling me to call if the problem reoccurs. He is the nicest person I have dealt with during my talks with Comcast. I decide to wait to call them about a credit as the phone is not fixed.

I receive a call from customer service asking me to take a survey about my satisfaction with Comcast. The automated voice says they want me to be fully satisfied. I am not, and I say so. The automated service transfers me to customer care as a result of my statement. I speak to an entry level support person and receive the same rigmarole of excuse and “We don't see records that far back regarding this issue.” Apparently they change the wording on their records so the problems don't match and then lose the majority to avoid having to take responsibility for their screw ups. I ask to speak to someone who can help me. I am transferred to **.

I speak to her for all of thirty seconds when she hangs up on me. This entire time I have spoken calmly and quietly to each person, regardless of my frustration. I realize they are only pegs in the machine and do not have real power. I wait a couple of minutes to see if she will call back. I don't know why I did. Part of me wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt that she did not do so intentionally and it was an accident.

I call back and ask to speak to ** again; explaining I think she accidentally disconnected our line. The person I am speaking with places me on hold and then returns to state in a strained and odd voice that ** is “not able to come to the phone.” I ask if there is someone else available. I am transferred to **. He is pleasant enough, as pegs go. However he repeats the same load of junk I have been told before. I may as well have been talking to a brick wall.

What is the point of having a customer service department when not one individual is individualistic? They are all robotic drones and none of them will give any credit to the reality of my situation. I have been patient for six months on the basis of the idea that Comcast will see reason when I call up and give me at least one month's bill credit for six months of frustration.

** calls me back three hours after he was here and offers to come out and replace the modem on the chance it will fix the phone, despite the fact that everything tested green. I take him up on the offer. He does so, and again is very nice and apologetic about the service issues we have had despite the fact that he has even less responsibility regarding my satisfaction than customer un-service.

After the experience I have just had, I cannot see how any satellite company could be any worse. I will be letting everyone know that aside from their technician, **, Comcast does not give a damn about their customer satisfaction. It is simply a catch phrase for sales and nothing more. Stay the hell away from this horrible and careless company. We have a satellite dish on our roof from the last individuals who owned this house. We were going to take it down. I'm glad we have not yet. I am talking to the satellite company first thing tomorrow.

Billing/Customer Service/Management
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Back in Feb. 2009 I decided that I would get Comcast since they have On Demand and my girls and I both like that. So I called and got Customer Service and the lady told me that I could get a package w/ cable and internet and this package also included 1 premium channel. Well I was like "OK, we don't watch the movie channels but if it comes with it I will just discontinue it after 6 months."

Well the tech was supposed to be there at 3:30 to install, well I got a call from Comcast at 3:30 stating that they are going to have to reschedule. I was like "why?" "Well you have a cut in your line." I was like "no I don't, I had Comcast years past and had no issues and the people that live on the other side of me don't have any issues w/ their service." Well this is what the tech is reporting.

I get home and I am put on hold for 15-30 minutes. While I am on hold, I go out to my cable box and connect my line. I go in and I have cable. Tech comes on the phone and I am telling them what was said and they said no I just missed the service tech by 5 minutes and that they needed to come in my house to make sure it is working. I tell them that it is and they are like "well how do you know this?" I am like "because I hooked up the cable at the box right outside my living room." They are like "really?"

I then tell them that I will go by the office and pick up the boxes for my house. They then go on to tell me that I will still have to be charged for the service call. I was like "why? They didn't do anything. I did. You need to pay me." "Well they did come out and you weren't home." I told the person that when I talked to someone from Comcast that I wouldn't be home until 3:50 but then got a call back from them stating that they couldn't hook it up. Well needless to say they said that I wouldn't be charged. Well I got my first bill and it was almost $200.00. And yes they did charge me the service call and the free premium channel and the full amount for internet.

So I called to discuss my bill, was on hold for another 20-30 minutes. The lady I talked to didn't know what she was talking about. Well I talked to a manager and he said he fixed it. Well 2 weeks later I got another bill. It seemed like my bills were coming every 2 weeks instead of once a month. I had to call every month. Well in June I moved and I went to the local office to discontinue my service and return my boxes. Well in Aug I was still getting charged for having service at the place I moved from. My bill right now is over $400. I have wrote a letter to Corp. and I got turned over to collections.

Before I wrote the letter, I called Customer Service and was told that I had to pay for the 3 months that I didn't live there because I didn't turn in my equipment. I was like "you need to check your records again but I did turn my equipment in." She said "oh yeah I see that but you still have to pay for the additional months that you didn't live there." I was like "that is one thing you are wrong about because that is not my fault that my service didn't get turned off. It would be Comcast's." So that is when I wrote the letter and was turned over to collections. Now it is on my Credit report. So what should I do? Pay the bill or wait it out?

Wow, Really?
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I have a commercial internet account with Comcast, as I am a web designer and my internet is my company's lifeline. After experiencing a lack of service on and off for most of the morning, I called to report some issues. I was told someone would be out to my location (between 5 - 8 pm), and after a call at 11:00 am to see if I was at home, the tech finally arrived at 7:00 pm.

He was obviously frustrated, as I was most likely his last stop of the evening. My office is located in the back of the house, while the modem is in the den (where the geniuses insisted it be installed). There is no computer near the modem, but I assumed his first task would be to check the signal of the cable line to ensure the signal was being received. Instead, he asked if I had a laptop. I said I did. "Well, you need to get that," he remarked. I found his tone with me unacceptable.

I said (almost playfully) "Whatever happened to asking these days? I understand you have had a long day, but I have as well, with missed deadlines. I think you could talk to me a little better than that." "I don't have to be here," he snapped. "I am trying to help you." I was shocked at his need to make this point. "I can leave right now," he said rudely. I stared in shock that this man had the nerve to come into my home, boss me about, and then talk to me as if I were nothing. "Do you see my children standing here?" I asked. 'Why would you speak to me that way in front of them?" "You know what? Goodbye." The tech gathered his things and began to head for the door.

Flabbergasted, I said, "If you leave over something like this after I have been stranded with no service all day, I will be canceling my contract." I walked behind him in disbelief. "I don't care," he retorted, slamming my door and walking out to get into his van. I followed behind, and he drove away as I stood outside his window asking him why he was doing this.

The tech then went to his supervisor and said I was belligerent with him, and used profanity- an out and out lie. Unbeknownst to the technician, my husband was home the entire time, listening to the entire conversation on a baby monitor in the upstairs room. After my husband and I explained every detail to the "supervisor" who called, we were told that "his side" needed to be heard, and then there would be some "looking into" this. Are you kidding Comcast? Tell me you are kidding!!!

Do not expect business class service from this company. This is just one of many instances in which their professionalism and their integrity as a company has come into question during my business relationship with them. I will not stop posting this story until someone apologizes to my family and makes this right!!!

Amazing Run-Around on Live Chat
By -

Just read the chat and it tells all. Note the last guy just closed the chat without even responding. Last time I'll use live chat! Fortunately when I've used phone support, once I get through the menus, the tech is usually helpful.

Comcast Switch From McAfee to Norton
By -

I have had 1 of my computers infected with the Security Tool Virus. Comcast had changed their virus protection from McAfee to Norton and during that transfer 1 of my computer was infected with a virus. I have called Comcast 6 times, 4 times I spoke to Customer (NO) Service and was transferred 1st to McAfee that wants 99.99 to remove the virus and then to Norton that wants 89.99 to remove the virus. After I refused to pay they both suggested I call Comcast back. 6 phone calls to Comcast including 2 to Comcast Corp **, 1 returned call from Gwen ** Executive (No) Support ** and this is the result.

Comcast virus protection is a complimentary service according to Gwen ** who also informed me that I was sent notification of the change by email but when I told her that I did not receive it and asked for a copy she told me she could not send it to me in email as my computer is infected with a virus. When I corrected her and again told her that only 1 computer was infected she told me they do not send emails (huhhh), but she would be happy to send it by snail mail. The conclusion is that if I want to fax her PROOF (She hung up before giving me a fax #) that Comcast caused the virus with a receipt that they would look at my claim.

I know that I am not the only 1 out there with the problem as I was told by customer service that they have had many calls with for the same problem including the 1st customer service representative that told me her computer had also been infected. Comcast you will have better retention and spend less if you only had better Customer Service. If anyone from Comcast reads this here is a definition of Customer Service from Wikipedia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jump to: navigation, search. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.

According to Jamier L. Scott. (2002), [1] “Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation." Its importance varies by product, industry and customer; defective or broken merchandise can be exchanged, often only with a receipt and within a specified time frame. Retail stores will often have a desk or counter devoted to dealing with returns, exchanges and complaints, or will perform related functions at the point of sale.

Customer service may be provided by a person (e. g., sales and service representative), or by automated means called self-service. Examples of self service are Internet sites. The experience a customer has of a product also affect the total service experience, but this is more of a product direct feature than what is included in the definition of customer service.

Customer service is normally an integral part of a company's customer value proposition. In their book Rules to Break and Laws to Follow, Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph. D. write that "customers have memories. They will remember you, whether you remember them or not." Further, "customer trust can be destroyed at once by a major service problem, or it can be undermined one day at a time, with a thousand small demonstrations of incompetence."

[2] From the point of view of an overall sales process engineering effort, customer service plays an important role in an organization's ability to generate income and revenue. [3] From that perspective, customer service should be included as part of an overall approach to systematic improvement.

Some have argued [4] that the quality and level of customer service has decreased in recent years, and that this can be attributed to a lack of support or understanding at the executive and middle management levels of a corporation and/or a customer service policy.

Monopoly Removes Requirement to Offer Remotely Competitive Service and Services
By -

KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- They must have the ill conceived processes and systems of any established business in the whole United States.

1st. If someone needs to change their automated billing info (credit card info since you don't offer auto bank withdrawals) you make them either do it online which creates security risks or tell them to use your IVR system or force them to drive to one of their physical locations and stand in line for an hour. I had 10 companies billing my CC and all of them I could call and update my info on the phone in under 1 minute. After an hour I still could not get this done in any way using any of your systems and processes.

2nd. I tried using their IVR system and it provided no such function to change your credit card details though their reps are told it does. Worse it recognized only about 65-70% of the numbers I said 3 times in a row. Not near industry standard. AA system gets it right 100% of the time.

3rd. My email account somehow got a period where it was not supposed to be. Maybe I did it years ago however the only process you have for changing my email account info which they use as a log in ID is to delete the account. Pathetic.

4th. Their site says if you forgot your password you click this link and you will reset it for me. I click that link and you tell me you don't have a reminder question on file (how could that be?) and instruct me to re-create my profile. When I attempt to re-create my profile it tell me I can't because I already have a profile. An endless loop - how broken is that?

Basically they (a network services company) provide no way for me to resolve any of my issue except to drive to a brick and mortar store. Shocking. It's no wonder so many people are moving to other services and dumb piping them or abandoning you all together. It seems like they are only staying in business because they have a monopoly on cable infrastructure.

Their whole organization seems clueless about "real" customer service! Are they polite, sure but no one, not even a supervisor is empowered to actually do anything for the customer. Why is that? Four common scenarios that all other major companies I deal with can handle efficiently and their team can't handle even one of them even un-efficiently. Zero. It seems they don't even trust their supervisors? Not one of my problems could even be helped by their customer service supervisor yet all of them could be handled by first level reps in other companies. That is beyond pathetic!

All I hear from them is what they can't do and they have the gall to tell me it's for my security yet the bank can do it, every other company like AT&T and Verizon can do it. That's just a cope out. I doubt this won't reach any one of authority in their organization but it makes me feel better to send it as a stock holder.

They need to seriously clean house and start by putting folks in charge of Customer service that knows what it means and get a CIO who ensure systems work for customers instead of providing excuses why it can't. They should be asking themselves do other major companies do it and if the answer is yes find out how and be competitive. I say this as a ex CIO, Security Officers and current CTO.

Whoever heads your services org isn't much better as that technology is really lagging and pathetic. Their On Demand service is so bad I have to use other services (using their pipe), (other companies beta products are better than Comcast's 5 year old service?) their Guide just keeps getting worse because I keep losing more important features than I gain with each new release and the performance keeps degrading.

Their DVRs have completely inadequate processors for the job, the lag is so bad I hit the button again thinking it didn't register more times than not (then have to start the command over) and they are not near competitive when it comes to storage options no less remote access (they should have bought Slingbox and offered that years ago).

Like a huge and growing number of people I feel like I have to look at FiOS or move to DSL with Satellite because it's too painful to deal with Comcast's inadequate and inept customer service and processes and their offerings just keep getting further and further behind the market. How can they be so slow and deliver less features with lower quality?

On the business side they are not any better. I canceled all my movies channels (I had their most expensive "everything" package because they took a $2-$3 NFL channel out of my package and tried to force me to buy a whole sports package we didn't want. Their competitors let you just buy NFL and a much better package by the way. Why?

Monopoly I guess is the only answer. Unless a company has there was strong competition product innovation suffered because folks spin on features rather than executing them. Their cable infrastructure has the ability to outperform competitors and seems to which is the only reason they still have customers - it's certainly not the service they provide on top. It looks like soon they be just a big dumb pipe and all higher margin revenue will go to others if they don't clean house and put in people that deliver the features we have been waiting years for, plus some HW and SW innovation and true customer service! They're clearly headed down the blockbuster path.

I am the CTO of company that would be dead if we operated like them. They need to partner directly with some smaller more agile technology companies that can help them become an innovation leader instead of the big old slow and shrinking companies.

My gosh their Triple Play is really a joke they offer VOIP but with no innovation in the home phone HW or SW when companies out there have home phone products that are market leading and blow away all land line products. Why don't they partner with and offer those products?

Their DVRs should be ION based or at least have something like an nVidia CPU/GPUs in them so we could have rich interfaces that become more and more 3D like when working through HDMI and they should have allowed easy storage expansion years ago (I can't record more than 12 shows in HD before I start to lose stuff, if I am gone more than a few days I am screwed).

And for gosh sakes everyone provides content back up services for our cell phone and PC content - why don't they provide a DVR back up service or at least a USB Hard disk drive for their techs when our HW has to be replaced so they can back up and restore our content when swapping units. How Basic is that?

As a leading technologist, I could go on and on, it's just painful to watch your company year after year fail to live up to anything close to its potential. Is everyone asleep at Comcast or what? In 1 1/2 years any decent CTO could have products in place that changed this company into a technology leader, one the street would reward -- they need to bring in folks that can execute and then get their management out of the way because as a stock holder I am sick of your year after year wasted potential and as a customer sick of the poor service and services.

Lastly they let folks enter comments of any size on their web site then after they have tell them it can only be 1500 characters and they provide no character counter. Just another example of inept systems design. They can't even get collecting feedback right forcing us to find other examples like this site.

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