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Ongoing Issues
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Rating: 1/51

FRANKLINVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- I moved in in May. Comcast is the only service in my area. I was with DirecTV for 7 years and never had problem like Comcast has given me!!! Since May there's been a TV if not both with something going wrong. From no DVR to no channels to now our internet kicking you off every other hour and so much more. Then when you call they put you on hold forever. I pay close to $200 a month and this is the service I'm stuck with. I even had a employee argue with me over them being the best!!! Comcast is a joke and they don't care about their customers or the service as long as they get paid!!!

Comcast CS Lacked on Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

HYATTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- I called Comcast to request a service transfer to a different city of MD. We agreed upon the date to return all of the equipment. To my big surprise the service was disconnected few days later. When I returned them they apologized and opened a new account under my name. One week later again it was disconnected. I called to complain and they fixed it. Again after few days it was discontinued. They told me that I needed to call the Collection Department. When I contacted them they asked me to provide a credit card for payment of the amount of $332.98. I requested a detailed explanation about the amount. No one in Comcast could explain, but still they want the money.

Every time I talked to one of them it was a new story. Finally a CS went over the whole year payment history to conclude that I used a credit card that was declined in July 2013. I was happy to ask at least the last four numbers of that "so called credit card" since there was not any such thing. They promised to fix their mistake. However they never did despite their lack of evidence. It does affect my credit for no good reasons and they keep dropping the ball.

Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA -- Telephone, internet, and TV all went out. TV was fixed over the phone by resetting cable boxes. Scheduled appointment to have internet and phone looked at. Received email on iPhone (which is part of Comcast voice mail service) that because we didn't answer the phone when they called one hour before the appointment, the appointment was cancelled (remember phone was out of order).

Rescheduled appointment. Wife and I sat with front door open, waiting. After approximately 6 hours, received another email that said appointment was cancelled because tech showed up at door and nobody was home (a complete fabrication). Eventually found out that I had to change the phone number on my account to a cell phone so they could call. 10 hours later, a tech showed up and had the problem resolved in 10 minutes. Comcast needs to move their call center from offshore back to the states and train their operators that when a customer reports a phone out of order it will probably be impossible to reach them via phone.

Victim of Bait and Switch Consumer Fraud
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Rating: 1/51

SAINT CHARLES, ILLINOIS -- Beware of Comcast's lying sales reps. They will promise you whatever you want to hear then not follow through. A sales representative promised me that if I switched from AT&T, I would be given the same package at the same price. I have an invoice to back it up. I had DVR service on both of my TVs with AT&T but when Comcast set us up, all we received was a regular digital box on one TV and a very limited box on my second TV, and we were told we need to pay more for the DVR service. This is deliberate bait and switch consumer fraud and I will no longer deal with a company that is guilty of fraud. They should be shut down.

Comcast Reps Are Very Good at Apologizing, and No Wonder.
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Comcast service representatives are so good at apologizing because they must have to do it so often. My experience started with over 40 minutes on the phone attempting to request a simple disconnect of services, which included: Waiting on hold, only to be finally transferred to a representative on the west coast, after providing my name, address and account number. I live on the east coast. The west coast representative then told me he would have to transfer me to someone else. Another 5 to 10 minutes on hold. I was then asked to repeat all details I had just provided; i.e., account number, name, address, etc.

This was the first week of July, and I identified my disconnect date as July 31st. The representative then asked me for a forwarding address to send the final invoice. Since I'm moving to Canada, I provided the address of the house I'm moving into, there. The representative was confused, asking me what state the Canadian province of Nova Scotia is in... He then asked me for the zip code there. I explained to him that Canada has postal codes, which are made up of numbers and letters. I then read the 6 digit postal code to him. He told me he was unable to accept it, and that the address had to be in the United States.

I told him that after July 31st I would not have a US address, and that it shocked me that a company like Comcast can't sent a piece of mail outside American borders, especially to a country like Canada that shares international borders with the US. I told him that this was Comcast's problem, not mine and we ended the call.

About a week later, on July 15th, I decided to take my Comcast television cable-boxes to a local Comcast service center and asked the fellow behind the counter to double check that my disconnect date was still July 31st, as I wanted to continue having access to my email account. He happily assured me that there would be no issues. And just to be sure, as I was leaving I asked him to confirm it again. He told me there would be no problem, that his system said it was, in fact, July 31st.

Of course about an hour later, when I attempted to access my email account from my girlfriend's home office, I could not get into the account. The prompt told me the account was closed. So another 30 minutes on the phone with an apologizing representative, but eventually just to be told that I would have to call back the next morning to speak with another department.

The next morning I called again, and was assured by another apologizing representative that my email was back online. I asked her to wait while I checked. I couldn't get in, and she sounded shocked. She apologized again and transferred me to another representative. This person told me that I would have to re-boot my router. The problem here was that I was not at home, I was still at my girlfriend's. I was an hour away from my condo, and was planning on leaving town and not returning to my condo for 10 days.

I was getting angry and the representative told me there was no other alternative. So after nearly another 40 minutes on the phone, I hung up and drove back to my condo (an hour's drive), turned on the computer, and called Comcast, again. She checked the router remotely and told me all was fixed. But then, I couldn't even get on the internet. The rep, continually apologizing, told me the only solution was now to send a service person to the condo, but couldn't get someone there for two days.

Remember, by this time, I had planned to be 3 hours north of the city on my vacation and I could not wait any longer to leave. I told the Comcast representative that I was extremely frustrated and that their customer service was nothing short of abysmal. I told her that I would put rabbit ears on my roof before ever purchasing Comcast services again.

And finally (the fun continues) yesterday, the new tenants of the condo who move in August 1st emailed me to tell me that they can't open a new account with Comcast because there is no disconnect in place from me. After blowing about 2 gaskets, I called Comcast, again. After another 40 minutes of apologies and comments like "I really don't know how this happened" by the rep, I was able to re-activate the disconnect. Again, lots of apologizing.

I'd estimate that this series of events ate up nearly 3 hours of my time, and caused me to be extremely late for my first stop on my working vacation. And that doesn't account for the stress and frustration I experienced. Comcast is a large company, which benefits from a monopoly on neighborhoods in Boston. In other words, my neighborhood in Boston, which is an older established area, is not serviced by Verizon, RCN, or any other providers of internet, TV and phone. Therefore I had no choice but to use Comcast.

At the end of the day Comcast, which promotes their 24/7 customer service guarantees and trains people to apologize endlessly, doesn't really have to care about their customers. Hell will freeze over before I would ever use them again, and that will be a long time, even with global warming.

Don't Take an Attitude With Me
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COLORADO -- So I just noticed my voice mail light blinking on my phone, and checked the message. It was a call from Comcast, telling me if they cannot get in touch with me, my appointment for today would be cancelled. What! I have a scheduled appointment for tomorrow, October 12, 2011.

When I call them back to tell them, they are insisting my appointment is for today, October 11, 2011. I tell them no, it's for tomorrow, because we have dental cleaning appointments today, and have had this dental appointment for 3 months, so I know not to schedule anything for today. I would not waste some technician's time by having them come out when we aren't home. I was very polite, and just wanted to clear things up, which is the error on their part.

The guy on the other end cops an attitude with me, telling me he'll try to reschedule me for tomorrow. I say, "No we already have an appointment for tomorrow, and here is my reference number." I can hear him sighing loudly as if I'm annoying him. I'm not crazy, I know when I make appointments and mark my calendar. I made this appointment last Tuesday, which was October 4, 2011, for tomorrow October 12, 2011. I understand errors happens, but I didn't make the error and should not have to be treated rudely, when I was polite and remained polite during the entire phone call. I said thank you and good bye, and was just hung up on.

All I wanted was for them to make sure my scheduled appointment for tomorrow is still scheduled, and for some reason, they keep insisting I'm wrong. Is it that difficult to understand that today is not our appointment. So at this point, he says someone should be out here tomorrow. We'll be here waiting for our scheduled tech to arrive, tomorrow October 12, 2011 between 1-3 PM.

Has anyone been having this issue? This is our problem, when we go into the free section for movies, the TCM (Turner Classic Movies) which is free, now all say "BUY," but we get the channel so this category is free. It's been free for 4 years, and it's part of our package. So the tech department could not do anything for us by phone, so they said we need a tech to come to our home. I think it's so weird this is happening in our free category, but hopefully the tech, if they show up, can help us.

Comcast Came Through for Me -- Again
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TROY, MICHIGAN -- For about the past eight months, I've experienced occasional problems with the TV in my bedroom. The picture looked like the loose pieces of a jigsaw puzzle and the audio had static. Being the expert in electronics that I am, I very professionally attempted to resolve the problem: I jiggled the cables behind the set and it seemed to straighten out. :) After numerous episodes, I deduced it was a problem with the cable coming from the box to the TV. There were teeth marks from pliers I used quite often on this one part — loosening or tightening it.

Got to the point where my expertise was lacking so the afternoon of 7/14/11, I had to give in and contacted Comcast. The tech told me it was probably a problem with the cable box. He agreed with me that this particular box must have been brought over by Columbus. It was the big, clunky one: 19” x 11” x 3”. He said he could make an appointment for someone to come in to switch out the box and cable or, if convenient for me, I could take it into a service center and they'd do the exchange. I knew that on 7/18/11 I had to be in the area of the nearest center about 2-1/2 miles from me, so decided to take it in myself.

When I arrived, there were three people in line ahead of me. There were eight windows operating so I was called up in just a few minutes. The gentlemen who assisted me knew immediately what the problem was and went into the warehouse to get a new box and cable. He came out with a neat looking one, 6-1/2” x 5-1/2” x 2-1/2”. As he was punching in the information for the exchange, he commented: ‘You know, I can give you about 75 additional channels at no extra charge.' I told him I'd gladly take it.

While continuing to do his magic, he added: "You've been with us for quite a while. I can give you a discount on your service which will be good until the end of the year." I didn't question how much the discount would be. I also didn't mention the fact that just a short while ago I was given a $15.00/mo. discount but I'm sure he saw that since he had my account in front of him. I now have two channels I especially wanted but was too frugal (read: cheap) to pay extra to get: National Geographic and a financial channel. CNBC just doesn't give me what I want.

I post this because of all the complaints I read about Comcast. All the years I've been with them, I've had fantastic service with the exception of three months when they first came into our area. During those first months when I had a host of techs out here, one mentioned to me that the problem was Comcast bit off more than they could chew. They had to hire a lot of new techs who needed more training and AT&T's equipment (our previous supplier) was not compatible with Comcast.

I've sent an edited version of this letter to Comcast, supplying names, so that the appropriate employees could be acknowledged for their friendly, helpful service. I wish all of Comcast could use our service as training so they could avoid the many complaints they receive.

Online Chat Rep Much More Helpful Than Calling Comcast
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I cancelled my Comcast service at the end of April when I moved from my apartment to my house. After I cancelled, I was informed that I had to return the equipment to a Comcast location. I wasn't in a hurry to do this, but saw that there was a drop off location 5 minutes from my house.

When I called Comcast to make sure I could return my equipment to that location, I was informed that I could not return my equipment there because it wasn't a drop-off location. Instead, I had to go to one of two different locations. Both locations were about a 60-75 minute drive from my house (or a 50-65 minute drive from where my apartment was). I wasn't pleased about this, but knew I didn't have a choice. I planned on returning it, but I kept delaying it because of how busy I was getting.

Eventually I got an invoice in the mail from Comcast saying that I owed $380 for the equipment that wasn't returned yet. I was actually a little surprised that they didn't just take it from my credit card since I was on autopay when I was a customer of Comcast. Stupid me didn't really do much about the invoice.

Yesterday, I had some free time and remembered to talk to Comcast. I went to their website to see where the drop off locations were. Amazingly, the one close to my house was now classified as a drop-off location. I had to call Comcast though, just to make sure that I could return my equipment there. When I got a hold of someone, I explained to them that I had equipment to drop off and asked if I could return it to the Willow Grove location (close to my house). They pulled up my account and said that I could return the equipment there. I double checked to make sure that I absolutely could, and she said that I could. I was quite pleased about this.

Knowing Comcast hasn't always given me the right answers, I saw that Comcast had an online help chat available. I figured I'd give it a try to make sure I could actually return the equipment to Willow Grove. When the person came on, I explained my situation about how I was told before that I couldn't return equipment there, but I am now being told I can, so I wanted to know which is the correct answer.

She pulled up my account and informed me that I could not return the equipment there. She said I couldn't because that location is not the local Comcast branch from where my apartment was. I found that to be odd, since that location is closer to the apartment than the local branch. She did inform me that Comcast could send me a UPS box (free of charge) so that I could mail in my equipment. She gave me a link. When I clicked on it, I noticed that I could only do that if I still lived in the same place. Since I don't, I informed her of that. She said that I could mail it still, but I would have to pay for postage. I was very much happy about this.

Instead of wasting a few hours driving Comcast, waiting in line to drop off the equipment, and driving back, I can just mail in the equipment. I then proceeded to ask her how much of a credit I would be issued once the equipment is returned. She gave me exact answers so I know what to expect. She updated my address as well so that when I do return the equipment, they will send me a check for the money they owe me to my current address.

The best part about the online chat, in my mind, is that I was able to print a transcript out so that if there are any disputes about what was said, I have it in writing. Comcast has told me things in the past that they later denied, but now that I have the transcript, that won't be happening anymore. If Verizon ever does fail me in customer service and I switch back to Comcast, I will be making all of my inquiries on the online chat system.

Comcast Offers Norton but Resolution for the Problems Associated With Installing It
By -

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLORIDA -- After Comcast notified my husband and I by e-mail that the McAfee security suite included with our Comcast internet service would be expiring, we were prompted to installed their "new, free, Norton Security suite which would automatically remove McAfee (the previously offered internet security protection software program included with our internet service).

While I attempted to install the Norton onto my computer, I began receiving messages that it was having problems installing because of my operating system (Windows 7). I immediately aborted the installation and removed all part of any of this Norton program ended up partially installed into my computer and continued using my McAfee (since I had a lengthy subscription included with the purchase of my computer).

My husband on the other hand did not have any other security software program installed on his computer, other than the McAfee previously offered by Comcast. Immediately following the installation of the Norton program, onto my Husband's computer he noticed his Microsoft Outlook would no longer send and receive my e-mail.

Since we found this problem, we have already wasted more than 30 hours of our time since last week, talking to Comcast techs and supervisors on the phone only to be walked through the same basic steps we had already done every time and then ultimately told the same thing by all of these Comcast employees.... "it's a problem with Norton & you need to contact them."

Most recently, over the last two days, we have spent over 12 hours on the phone and internet with Comcast's techs and Norton customer service techs located in India in an attempt to fix the issue. Much of this time was wasted asking the customer service rep/tech in India to repeat what they said because we were having a very difficult time understanding what they were saying.

What we experienced with the Norton techs is that they appeared to be very well trained in mostly being able to say "I'm sorry" and they want to remotely removed the Norton program from your computer while you sit at your monitor and watch them fumble with your mouse opening and closing many programs on you computer while they guess as they try to figure out what to do to fix the problem.

After the tech said he had successfully removed every trace of the Norton software from the computer and the computer should be back to normal, we then attempted to send and receive e-mail from the outlook program and it still was unable to perform the task. I asked the tech if he knew how to fix the problem and after he did everything he could to avoid answering the question, finally after asking him the same question 4 times, he finally admitted he did not know how to fix the problem... WHAT?

Again I asked to be transferred to someone that knew how to fix the problem, specifically asking for a supervisor. He responded by telling me he would transfer me to a higher trained technician. I then (after waiting on hold for 21 minutes) spoke to the "higher trained tech" and this person said Norton did not have a fix for this problem and I needed to now go back to Comcast and tell them to reconfigure my e-mail set up... since it was a problem with Comcast and that I should call them to fix it.

UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE. Interestingly enough, the lesser trained Norton tech told me he did hear about several customers having this same problem with their Microsoft Outlook immediately after downloading the Norton software. During the past week, my husband and I have had a multitude of conversation with Comcast techs and Comcast Customer Service Managers and Norton Techs and Norton Advance Service Tech and Norton Tech Supervisors. The problems and issues still have yet to be resolved through either of these conglomerates.

My next step is to spend a minimum of $59 for a phone call to Microsoft and hope that one of their techs can resolve the issue... if that doesn't work I'm afraid I may have to remove Microsoft Outlook from my computer and then reinstall it (which will include copying all of my address lists and groups and all saved and sent e-mail and more, or take the computer into a professional computer repair service company to have it fixed..

I am exhausted and totally frustrated from this nightmare. It is sad to know what little professional assistance and limited troubleshooting capabilities is offered when speaking with many of the Comcast service reps before telling you it's not their problem and we should uninstall Norton if it's not working properly or just call Microsoft... it's their problem. All of the Comcast customer service seem to have the same textbook responses to the complaints and problems. What a horrible way to do business!!!

You would think with so many Comcast customers complaining and posting all over the web; the multitude of problems they are having with Comcast service and Norton antivirus and security, they would do something about it. Comcast executives should be made aware of this by their lower level employees and react to fix the problems people are having since the switch from McAfee to Norton.

In my opinion Comcast needs to provide their customer service reps with more and better technical training instead of teaching them to say "I'm sorry about your inconvenience but... you need to contact Norton or Microsoft to resolve your issues..." This is truly the worst experience I have ever had with any company and a rampant "IT'S NOT MY PROBLEM" attitude.. I wonder if these companies are aware of the customer satisfaction statistics... if you make a customer happy they will tell a couple of people, but if you make a customer unhappy, they will tell everyone they know.

HDTV Cable Box Problems
By -

What a nightmare I'm having with Comcast. Let me first say that I have basic cable, tier II cable, Silver package with the HBO channels, and high speed internet. I pay them almost $150/month for crappy service. First, had visual, but no sound from my HD cable box. I called on a Thursday afternoon and after being on hold for 34 minutes, the Comcast support rep had me unplug my box (their cure for everything), like I haven't tried that before. Of course then everything needs to reset and you can't use "On Demand". That lasts until you turn the box off. Turn it on sound. Nice. The support rep told me they couldn't send anyone until that Tuesday and someone had to be home. So, on top of no cable for 6 days, my wife had to stay home from work to let the cable guy in. He shows up, on time though, says the box is bad, takes it and installs a new one and says everything is fine. My wife checks before he leaves and sees that 90% of the channels don't work and "On Demand" doesn't work. He tells her the box is resetting and it will be fine in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later they still don't work. Oh, and I had about 20 hours of prime shows taped on the DVR cable box. He took them with him in the old box. Two hours later, still no channels. I call and after holding for 20 minutes, I get a support rep who tells me to unplug the box again, of course it doesn't help and she tells me they can have someone to my house on Friday, I ask to speak to a SUPERVISOR. They give me a SUPERVISOR who tells me they need to send someone out again, and he can have someone at my house the next day (Wednesday) at 10:30 and I have to be home. So I take Wednesday off from work so someone can be here at 10:30 as per the SUPERVISOR. No one shows up at 10:30. I figure maybe they got held up. Finally at 1:00 I call and ask to speak to another SUPERVISOR, who tells me there is no appointment because it had to cancel and someone should have called me to tell me that. After much complaining and telling the SUPERVISOR that I was going to cancel my account, she checked into some things and said they'll have someone to my house by 5:00 this afternoon. So basically we've gone one week without cable, and two days of missed work. That's a lot more than my monthly bill for cable. I'm not going to pay my bill this month because I have lost probably four months of cable bill costs just missing work. I'll bet you they'll be very fast to contact me to find out why my bill has not been paid. Actually they'll probably be even faster to shut off my service. Funny how they have that down pat. Maybe it's time we all switched to DSL and a satellite dishes. The monopoly of cable needs to stop..........(UPDATE)...Well somebody came out and said that the LAST REPAIR PERSON should have known that the latest box was bad because they are supposed to test them before they leave. He said THE LAST REPAIR PERSON probably tested it and saw a problem, but told us everything was good because he probably just "wanted to get out of here". So he said he tested it and everything is fine with ANOTHER BRAND NEW BOX. So I finally felt satisfied and tonight went in to watch television and guess what .NO SOUND AGAIN. I called Comcast, waited for 15 minutes to get someone and they told me they can have someone out to fix my box on Friday. Here it is Wednesday and I have the original problem I had last Thursday when I called. I asked for a Supervisor and they told me none was available. This will get posted on line again with the latest update. Oh, and I'm mailing a copy to the local newspaper and the Chairman of Comcast. Proobably have an update Friday when it's not working for another reason!

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