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Profanity On Public Television
By -

Excuse my first comment: this is to note explicity lyrics.

Good day. I have in just this year of 2007; become aware of the profanity loosed and having avaiability of being shown to the public on television (Comedy Central) without being subject to content, which should only be showed on a pay channel, choice select. I feel that if this company wants to quickly accessibly furnish the youth with more vulgar and profanity; they should require that paying customer, specifically, have to request this channel and pay extra, as in HBO, SHOWTIME, ENCORE and more or bleep out the much vulgar profanity as the channels USA, TBS, BET, TRIO-BRAVO, and other's etc. The only adult content words that should be allowed on basic service and public television should be, "a--", (in behind), "a--hole", "B" (in dog), "son of a b", etc. We all know the ones that definitely should not be on everyday public view or lips. But for those we pretend that we don't; they are all derogatory vularisms, in race, code or creed. On all non-select paying channels of public viewing and basic cable service; the words not to be loosed are definity "God d", "Holy S", "Ni--er" (Ni--a, Ni-er)-NoNe of these should be accessible.

In recenlty viewing a comedy stand-up by Eddie Griffin on Comedy Central; I noticed that these derogatory's were much of the content. I love Eddie Griffin; but I feel as much as we try to protect the home and what is accessible to your children, things will get through that we do not like or materials they (the children) might not fully comprehend. We try to block these channels but the older some children may get the smarter they are in knowing the unblock codes and how to bring down barricades. But as adults and parents we know that if we do not support certain things, the children will see what we do and consider it. We know that as adults if we choose not to pay for the select channel; they (the children) will have to look at, "why do they not want us watching this now". And I know that, how, your childrens outlook on life, attitudes and behaviors begin in the home, as much as we can do; we need your help to assist in these efforts. Thank you.

Try to help keep some purity, respect and privacy to growth and choice, for adults, parents and youth


Never Again, South Park
By -

I have endured a lot of pure crap, waiting for the "entertainment" and the "comedy" to begin on this Program. After watching nearly 10 years as a "defender," I sprang from my chair tonight, but I could not turn it off fast enough. I was deeply hurt and offended by their presentation of the Blessed Virgin, Mary, Mother of Jesus, "bleeding from the ass," as they put it.

I shall never, ever watch that program again, and I am almost tempted to completely stop watching Comedy Central altogether. If they are so desperate for programing to present, perhaps we all should review our choices of what we have been watching.

I'll never, ever again, allow that program to be aired in my home.

-- Paul

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