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Profanity On Public Television
Posted by on
Excuse my first comment: this is to note explicity lyrics.

Good day. I have in just this year of 2007; become aware of the profanity loosed and having avaiability of being shown to the public on television (Comedy Central) without being subject to content, which should only be showed on a pay channel, choice select. I feel that if this company wants to quickly accessibly furnish the youth with more vulgar and profanity; they should require that paying customer, specifically, have to request this channel and pay extra, as in HBO, SHOWTIME, ENCORE and more or bleep out the much vulgar profanity as the channels USA, TBS, BET, TRIO-BRAVO, and other's etc. The only adult content words that should be allowed on basic service and public television should be, "a--", (in behind), "a--hole", "B----" (in dog), "son of a b----", etc. We all know the ones that definitely should not be on everyday public view or lips. But for those we pretend that we don't; they are all derogatory vularisms, in race, code or creed. On all non-select paying channels of public viewing and basic cable service; the words not to be loosed are definity "God d---", "Holy S---", "Ni--er" (Ni--a, Ni-er)-NoNe of these should be accessible.

In recenlty viewing a comedy stand-up by Eddie Griffin on Comedy Central; I noticed that these derogatory's were much of the content. I love Eddie Griffin; but I feel as much as we try to protect the home and what is accessible to your children, things will get through that we do not like or materials they (the children) might not fully comprehend. We try to block these channels but the older some children may get the smarter they are in knowing the unblock codes and how to bring down barricades. But as adults and parents we know that if we do not support certain things, the children will see what we do and consider it. We know that as adults if we choose not to pay for the select channel; they (the children) will have to look at, "why do they not want us watching this now". And I know that, how, your childrens outlook on life, attitudes and behaviors begin in the home, as much as we can do; we need your help to assist in these efforts. Thank you.

Try to help keep some purity, respect and privacy to growth and choice, for adults, parents and youth

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/08/2007:
Try locking out the channel on your TV or sat box.
miketech on 12/08/2007:
It's on the extended cable here. Don't try and censor my world censor your own. You want to censor your world have at it with Pirates suggestions.
killerklown on 12/08/2007:
Maybe you should keep better control of your kids and what they're watching.
KCRovert on 12/08/2007:
And why are your little angels up watching Comedy Central after midnight central time on a Saturday night?? That's the only time they show "mature" programs uncut and uncensored. Plus, after every commercial break, the broadcast a warning about the content before returning to the show.

As was stated by previous posters, if you have a problem with such programming, don't let your angels watch it....rather than trying to tell the rest of us what we should or should not be viewing.
Principissa on 12/08/2007:
We have a lock on our tv so that the kids can't turn the channels to anything we don't approve. At night when they go to bed, we put the password in and we don't worry about them seeing or hearing something they shouldn't.

Also, if you look on the left hand corner of your screen you will see a rating box. Then when the show itself comes on it has a disclaimer that says it's not intended for select age groups. Do not fault the television stations for your inability to properly educate yourself on the rating system or the fact that you can not understand the disclaimer at the beginning of a show. If you turned on during the commercial break, it will still tell you the warning and show a box with the intended viewing age group. If you don't like the programming on Comedy Central don't allow your family to watch it. I on the other hand enjoy the channel and will continue to watch it after my kids go to bed.
Anonymous on 12/08/2007:
I’m sorry I cannot afford to pay for every Exclusive channel That’s why They tell the viewers that the program is Vulgar Common sense. You can watch your Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network all you want but I like variety in my service and I don’t think you needed to point out the words that are OK and are not I’m aware of them 4 letter wonders.
Anonymous on 12/08/2007:
I've read your complaint 3 times over. Do you even HAVE any children?
Starlord on 12/09/2007:
Please!!! I am so sick of people trying to decide for me what I should watch that I want to slap you silly. One of the reasons I went to satellite was that people like you have gutted broadcast television, and brought it down to a third grade level. Cable and satellite receivers have lockouts that you can prevent your children from watching what you don't wish them to see. You are more than welcome to decide what you and they may watch, but keep your cotton-pikin' fingers off my enjoyment of what I wish to see. I don't tell you what you can watch, don't try telling me.
DebtorBasher on 12/09/2007:
If you want it censored, why allow SOME cuss words and not others? Oh, SELECTIVE censoring.
It's been down hill since "Gone With The Wind".
Ben There on 12/09/2007:
"Profanity On Public Television"... Umm, last I looked Comedy Central is not a public channel but a cable channel that requires you to pay money to get it in your home. Don't like it? Stop paying your cable bill and get an antenna, use one of the many options to block the channel OR EVEN BETTER, just be a parent and control what your kids are doing (I.e. no TV in the bedroom). Schools and TVs are not replacements for old fashion parenting. I like the shows on Comedy Central, and I don't want someone who can't control their own kids to take away something I am paying for.
Mario The Great on 12/09/2007:
There should be a button on here somewhere that if pushed by 25 different, registered and verified users, will personally send someone to the posters house and slap them once OR at least delete the post for stupidity. Just because you want a world full of Ned Flanders doesn't mean that we do. Too many times have people like you wished to impose your religious and morale values on everyone. Don't tell me what I can hear and what I can't. You made a decision to watch something vulgar and now you hide behind your values telling us how you feel about it. Keep it to yourself. Perhaps you should sell your TV (if it's not rented), and live life to it's fullest and stop yelling, "Foosball is for the devil!" As always, have a great and beautifully uncensored day.


lol...Yeah, just ANOTHER closeted Republican.
Crown Jules on 12/09/2007:
Does anyone else here think that the OP would have a conniption fit if he saw the South Park episode where they say sh*t about a hundred times during a 10:00 broadcast?

Bottom line, I agree with everyone else. There aren't any children in my household so the whole parental block thing isn't a concern of mine, but what does concern me is when people try and determine what it right and wrong for everybody. Get off your high horse and join the rest of us here in the gutter. It may be a little dirty, but it can be fun.
Anonymous on 12/09/2007:
You mentioned that as kids get older that they learn the codes to unlock blocked channels. If that were to happen, you could think of a new code?
chris513 on 12/09/2007:
heres what I have to say, F***, S****, B****, A**, and finally BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTT! if your kids aren't old enough to hear profanity, send them to bed before 10, if they are above the age of 12, trust me, they hear it at school everyday.
DebtorBasher on 12/09/2007:
When I was a kid, I heard people swear...but that's where parenting comes in. We were taught not to say those words. All it took was a simple statement from my Mother telling me, "Even if I'm not around to hear you, God hears everything you say and he knows what you're thinking. If you say those bad words, God will put a black mark in his book next to your name"...That was it, I didn't have to be whipped, yelled at or punished...just a simple statement. As an adult to this day, I never swear. I see no need to. So, if your kids hear it, then you have to step in and tell them they are not to use those words. And don't believe the crap of, "well, then they won't understand why grown ups can say it but they can't" simply tell them "You're not a grown up yet".
As much as you'd like to protect your kids from bad influences and language, you can not control what they hear other people saying. So, you just have to teach them right and wrong and hope for the best....good luck to you.
Nohandle on 12/09/2007:
Tomeka, have your children been home during the daytime broadcasts? You know, the soap operas. I'm amazed at the parents who will allow children to entertain themselves watching that. No profanity, but everything else. I'm with the other members in that it's your responsibility to govern what your children watch. There are enough regulations as it is. Give adults, those who pay the bills, the option to decide what comes into the home.
Tc1073 on 12/10/2007:
Its cable its at night what do you expect? Turn PBS on or get rid of cable.
Ponie on 12/10/2007:
You have to pay to get Comedy Central sent into your home. You don't have to pay to get the network that broadcasts 'Two and a Half Men.' I've never watched that program because the trailer they used for a while made me upchuck. The stuff that came out of that snot-nosed kid's mouth made me want to hit him on both ends--a kick in the a** and a swat across the chops!

I agree with Nohandle. When idly surfing while the soaps are on, you can usually count on at least a couple of 'endearing' scenes.
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Never Again, South Park
Posted by on
I have endured a lot of pure crap, waiting for the "entertainment" and the "comedy" to begin on this Program. After watching nearly 10 years as a "defender," I sprang from my chair tonight, but I could not turn it off fast enough. I was deeply hurt and offended by their presentation of the Blessed Virgin, Mary, Mother of Jesus, "bleeding from the ass," as they put it.

I shall never, ever watch that program again, and I am almost tempted to completely stop watching Comedy Central altogether. If they are so desperate for programing to present, perhaps we all should review our choices of what we have been watching.

I'll never, ever again, allow that program to be aired in my home.

-- Paul
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
Are you kidding? This episode is nearly 2 years old. I think you are full of it.

heaven17 on 08/24/2007:
I was about to say the same thing, emt_c. Plus, South Park has made fun of everything and everybody so I can't see how any regular viewers would be surprised at anything they target.
Perhaps archibaldpaul would be better off watching something safer and more sanitized like THE FAMILY GUY.
moneybags on 08/24/2007:
You watched for 10 years and are just now realizing how crude this program is?
Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
This episode originally aired in Dec 2005. I remember cause that fat turd Bill Donohue was on every freakin cable news show demanding Viacom never show it again or include it on any DVD's.

Anyway, I'm going to go ahead and vote your contribution as 'Very Helpful' cause it made me laugh.

Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
The only one more pathetic then this post is Stew with his VH vote.
Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
That is funny. Besides, it's not like anyone is forced to watch anything in their own home. If you've been watching South Park, there have been plenty of other issues that have caused some people to become outraged. Did you just wait for the one thing that offended you? If you don't like it, turn the channel. Easy enough.
Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
Hello dianec, how are you this morning? Very good post you just wrote here and I like your logic!
Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
I never got into South Park,but I like Baseketball
Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
South Park bad, College Football good. Fight on SC!
Anonymous on 08/24/2007:
Baseball for me--go Yankees!! Hey Lidman--yes it was a good morning. Thanks!
bugaboo on 08/24/2007:
Thanks for the laugh! You've spent 10 years "waiting for the "entertainment" and the "comedy" to begin on this Program"? You might want to change the channel.
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