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Swindled Out Of My Money
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- My husband, Tierce Smith passed away Auguest 9, 2002. There is a rich rewards checking account in this institution, with a balance of approximately $5,800, which I have been trying to obtain the funds since after my husband's passing. I have been stonewalled, treated rudely, lied to, and I have been denied these funds for over 7 years. I have contacted Doris Polk and I have been lied to by her, left in the lobby for days on end, with no answers. I was then put in touch with a very rude and unprofessional gentleman by the name of D. J. Coker, who has identified himself as the senior Vice President and general counsel for Comerica Bank. He has lied to me, treated me rude, written me a scathing letter, and has unreasonably withheld my funds. They are paying a whopping $0.22 per month in interest. He told me that I would be able to obtain my funds by providing an indemnity bond., which I made arrangements to do. Mr. Coker then stopped answering and returning calls, told me I must hire a lawyer, and after 7 years, finally followed through with filing a Petition in Interpleader. Comerica Bank has deliberately, knowingly, and illegally withheld my funds. There must be a stop put to this illegal, unprofessional handling of my money. I am sure there are some Federal and State laws, which have been violated, and I would like to pursue any and all avenues to have fines and sanctions placed against this illegal and corrupt bank. Please note, there is also a sizable CD missing, which I have provided the account number to numerous people at Comerica Bank, and the individuals are as follows... Jeanie Blake, is the new branch manager at the Waxahachie, Texas location, Doris Polk at the Waxahachie location, as well as Susan Schmidt, as well as to the rude and unprofessional quote Senior Vice President/General Counsel for Comerica Bank, D. J. Coker, and all I keep being told is that they are researching it. As of June 15, 2010, they have never provided me with the information.

I have never been treated so rude and unprofessional. I cannot imagine that they be allowed to remain in business because of their illegal dealings. I recommend the Attorney General's Office initiate a suit for deceptive trade practices, and this institution should be closed.
Homeland Security Issues
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AUBURN HILLS, MICHIGAN -- I went to Comerica Bank to purchase a money order for $90. I laid the cash on the counter and was told that I could not just purchase a money order with U.S. Currency. I had to withdraw the money from my account and then purchase the money order. The manager told me that they were complying with homeland security rules and that the teller could go to jail for not complying.
I went to the local Krogers store and purchased the money order for 41 cents and nobody went to jail. Imagine that.
Turns out, that is NOT a homeland security rule. It is a bank rule. While you may commend their effort to watch money travel, they are lying to me and treating me substandard as to the terrorists wishes. I expressed my dis-like of having to select ENGLISH or SPANISH when I go to the ATM. They told me they purchased the ATM's in California and it was because of the large Mexican population. There is braille on the drive up ATM. They told me it was for the handicapped. I asked how many blind people have driven up and used the service or complained it wasn't there.
They could have just told me that the money order procedure was bank policy but they (the manager) told me it was the law.
Banks look at your account balance and treat you accordingly. They lie and assume your too stupid to figure out their actions.
One time I wanted to pay my mortgage so I signed the back of my pay check and had to add about $200 cash to it. The teller who has seen me for years and years asked for my identification. I asked if she thought I was forging that pay check and chipping in $200 cash to pay the mortgage of someone else? There are rules and there are idiots. Comerica has both.
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