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Good Time Turned Bad
Posted by H.H. on 10/26/2009
FRANKLIN, INDIANA -- Three weeks ago I stayed at the Comfort Inn in Franklin, Indiana. The service from the time I checked in, to the time I checked out, and now, has been pathetic. The hotel made a mistake with my reservation, ultimately charging me for a room I did not reserve, and three weeks later I am still awaiting someone from the hotel to call back and respond. The Choice Hotels Customer Service line has been contacted multiple times and they have not been updated on the situation from the manager or staff. I have been trying to be nice and allow the hotel to do the right thing, but I have just called my credit card company to dispute the charge because of their lack of efficiency, as well as respect for a customer. I will never do business with a Comfort Inn, or Choice Hotel, again.

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Posted by hharriso on 2012-07-06:
i understand your pain had a similar experience at comfort inn in Milwaukee Wisconsin disgusted with rude people and unauthorized charge a week after our stay! I will never stay at a choice hotel again!
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Filthy and Worst Service
Posted by Annaisgro63 on 10/19/2013
ATHENS, TENNESSEE -- There was only one person working in the entire motel. He refused to give me any military or AAA discounts off their $129 price and said it was not their policy because they don't have to since they can book all the big corporations in the area. So since my elderly handicapped mother and I were too tired to go elsewhere, we took the room. My pull-out bed was filthy with debris and dirt and I had to put the sheets on it myself. The king-sized bed for my short Mother was so high that she had to climb on it. And we needed another blanket and a toothbrush and toothpaste so I called the front desk to have someone bring it to me because I was too tired from driving all day. The clerk said I had to come down and get it. Mom and I were already upset and wanted to leave and get our money back, but the clerk refused to give us a refund saying it's against their policy. There was no comfort at all! I suggest you go to another hotel because this Comfort Inn in Athens, Tennessee doesn't care about you at all!

Oh, and I witnessed the clerk hang up on a telephone customer just because the customer was angry with the clerk's answer.
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Posted by annaisgro63 on 2013-10-21:
Also the sink in the bathroom was almost as high as my mother and me.
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Friendly Staff; Very Accommodating, Clean
Posted by Rstubbs12 on 10/01/2013
GRUNDY, VIRGINIA -- Upon arrival, the front desk person, Courtney was so welcoming and accommodating. We had been riding our motorcycle all day in the mountains and was exhausted. She was very efficient and followed up with us a half an hour later to make sure everything was satisfactory.

The next morning at breakfast, Lora was very concerned that our meal was perfect. Kudos to those ladies! Definitely would recommend comfort inn in Grundy, VA.
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Bad Service and Felt Rushed to Get Out
Posted by Free2begirlie on 09/13/2013
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- My husband had to go to school for Mercedes Benz for a week. They booked us at the Comfort Suites Choice Hotels for a week. When Friday came I asked if I could stay past the checking out time since my husband would not be finished at his school until 2/4 pm the lady at the front desk reluctantly agreed until 1:30 pm when I had to go get something out of my car and came back the key no longer worked! I asked the cleaning woman to open my door and asked what can I do about the situation, she just kind of shrugged it off and told me to just ask the other cleaning woman to open it for me! What a pain in the butt that was! I had to load up all of our stuff by myself and had to ask that woman every single time to open the door for me!

I really felt like if I stayed there for free! I will NEVER stay at another choice hotel or comfort suites again! Very bad experience and apparently I'm not the Only ONE with a complaint!!!

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Posted by Bee on 2013-09-16:
I went to the Comfort Suites website to check and see what the check in and check out times were for the hotels in Houston. There are several and the check out times are split between 11 am and 12 pm, so the fact that they let you stay until at least 1:30 was more than generous. Especially when their check in time is 2 pm.

How would you feel if you had shown up at the 2 pm check in time, to discover that your room was not ready yet? Would you be upset about that? There very well could have been people who were unable to check into their room on time because you stayed well past the check out time.

It also means the cleaning staff have to stay on later, because they have to wait for you to vacate the room before cleaning it for the next guests.

Also, when did you ask for an extended check out? You were there all week. Did you wait until the Friday to ask?
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Dirty Rooms, Rude Staff Faulty Credit Card Charges for $300.
Posted by Jwmeeks11 on 09/05/2013
KLAMATH FALLS, WASHINGTON -- I stayed one night while traveling for work. After I checked in and was all situated I noticed some ashes in the window seal. I meant to call front desk and let them know about the ashes but I got busy and forgot. I didn't want to move or complain, I just wanted them to know that the house keeper over looked them and they weren't from me. The room didn't smell like smoke at all when I went in so who knows how long the ashes had even been in there. Obviously the windows are over looked and not cleaned regularly.

Two days later I notice my account was over drawn because they charged me $300 saying I smoked in the room. I called and and talked to Maria. I told her it wasn't me, she said house keeping found the ashes and they are not refunding my money. They wouldn't listen to me or even hear me out. When I asked to talk to management or the person in charge Maria the front desk clerk told me they aren't in town.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2013-09-05:
We have had numerous complaints on M3C's about this same subject. Not just for Comfort Inn but many others. I've felt often it's someone in housekeeping doing the smoking and the guest, who has checked out, being blamed. We even had one member come on board and state he insisted on a room inspection BEFORE he checked out. Could you dispute the CC charge of $300.00? I'm no attorney but I don't know how legally you could be charged this fine without more evidence than that.
Posted by cmthru on 2013-09-05:
Call their corporate office. And stop using a debit card to pay for hotel rooms or anything else major. You gave them immediate access to your bank account. Just imagine if they entered $3000 instead of $300? You'd have a lengthy fight to get your money back.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-09-05:
Oh, how weak and terrified we are nowadays about tobacco smoke smell in a room. And, of course some hotels have recognized a good scam when they encounter an opportunity to make extra money from a guest who will likely never return. As "cmthru" said, make sure you never use a debit card for much of anything. Once the money is gone, it is probably gone forever. What you can do is dispute the charge, of course, even with a debit card but first escalate your complaint thru corporate. They have a website at: http://www.comfortinn.com/
and are part of Choice Hotels. Good luck and hope they don't start charging people who wear strong cologne and stink up the rooms. I hate cologne and perfume. 'Course, I am naturally fragrance-free.
Posted by molly brown on 2013-09-10:
yes i did file a dispute and it is being investigated. the sad part is i work @ A quality inn for choice hotels for over 2 yrs now. believe me i know how to treat a hotel room.
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No Comfort at Comfort Inn
Posted by Kathybailey53 on 10/19/2012
BILLINGS, MONTANTA -- I was booking a room for a family member who was having major surgery. I booked the room and found out with in a 2 hr window that the room was going to be needed for the next day. I called Katie the manager who said no and their policy wouldn't credit my account back. I was upset not only that my family had cancer but also she didn't care. I spoke to her supervisor who said I wasn't nice and hung up on me. I called Sarah back begging for her to understand."her words were I don't like my family I really don't care about yours" She put me on hold then another lady came on who said that something came up and Sarah had to leave. This lady was laughing and then hung up on me. This wasn't a game. I had no room for them, out money that they refused to credit my account, being laughed at, hung up on. Comfort?? NO
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Disgusted With Customer Service and Unauthorized Charges
Posted by Hharriso on 07/06/2012
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I have never been so disgusted in my life!!! we stayed at Comfort Inn in Miwaukee Wisconsin at the end of June 2012 with a lia sophia conference. Everything was ok minus the fact I needed a refridgerator for my medicine which they say they have and was told they didn't have any. I had literally been released from the hospital the day before we went and needed my medicine to be refridgerated. Strike 1

They have a front desk clerk named Katie who was rude multiple times when we were there for our three nights. We checked out and all charges came off credit card 2 days later which was only supposed to be for incidentals. We paid cash for our room so our balance was 0 on receipt when I checked out. So when a week later Comfort Inn charges my account AGAIN! I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THEY CHARGE MY CARD A WEEK LATER WHEN I OBVIOUSLY DID NOT APPROVE IT BECAUSE I'M NOW BACK IN OHIO! I WAS DISGUSTED SO AFTER THREE DAYS OF PHONE CALLS ON THE THIRD DAY I FINALLY GET A HOLD OF THE MANAGER BUT NOT AFTER BEING TREATED UNBELIEVABLY BADDDDD BY THE FRONT DESK CLERK KATIE AGAIN!

The general manager assures me it would be fixed that day. Check my bank an hour latet and not only did they not fix it they CHARGED ME AGAIN! Now my account is overdrawn. I have all kinds of fees from my bank and once again can not get a hold of anybody when I call back at 2 in the afternoon there is no one there again who can help me! Can not believe this. I have more in overdraft charges than the entire rate I paid for they stay!!!! So still waiting for a call from someone to fix!!

Meanwhile still getting charged with overdraft fees. As I mentioned I had been in the hospiptal for 11 days before leaving so I HAD NOT WORKED IN A MONTH!!! So now I have no way to cover their 400$ mistake and they are doing nothing to fix the charges with my bank!! DISGUSTED IT'S FRAUD! I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THESE CHARGES THEY ARE STEALING FROM ME AND I HAVE CALLED FOR THREE DAYS TRYING TO GET HELP AND INSTEAD THEY CHARGE ME AGAIN. And to top it of I was treated VERY BADLY BY KATIE WHO YELLED AT ME WHILE I WAS CRYING ON THE PHONE EXPLAINING THAT I NEEDED SOMEONE TO HELP ME! I WILL NEVER STAY AT A COMFORT INN AGAIN! BE CAREFUL IF YOU GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD BACAUSE THEY WIL STEAL FROM YOU!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-06:
If you are getting overdraft fees it sounds like you used a debit card, not a credit card.

One of the things I love about credit cards is stuff like this I never see - if a company mistakenly or temporarily charges me, by the time my statement is issued the charges have been refunded. I pay in full every month, so there is no interest involved.

Hopefully all this will get straightened out, and either the overdraft fees will be covered by the hotel or forgiven by the bank.
Posted by Kris10 on 2012-07-06:
Contact your bank/credit card company immediately and find out the procedures for processing a dispute. It may take some time, but they should help you fix it. You do still have the receipt that says you paid in person and if you have any other receipts for the second and third time you were charged showing you were back in Ohio, that would bolster your case as well. Go to the branch to file a dispute, if you can. Good luck.
Posted by onlooker on 2012-07-06:
As Kris noted - please go to which ever bank issued the card, talk to what ever company issued the card. Make a list of exactly what you said and did, and who you talked to at the hotel, and when.
The more you can document what happened and show the -0- balance bill, the better.
Stay calm, and good luck.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-07-06:
TRMN8r is right, realize that a debit card is not a credit card. Using a debit card for this type of charge is giving the hotel a direct line into your bank account to take money out of it. Always use a credit card for such things, because if you are overcharged you can dispute it and resolve it with the next 2 months, instead of having to fix it immediately.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-07-06:
With cards, the Hotel will often put a hold on a certain amount to make sure they get paid. It can take up to two weeks to get the hold off the account. The money is in your account but not accessible.
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-07-07:
many hotels, if you use a debit card, place a hold for a deposit or your hotel stay. If you did not have the funds in your bank, that would make your credit card go negative and the hotel would keep processing it. If you did not authorize these charges, contact your bank and file a dispute, they will investigate it and im sure take care of any late fee problems.
Posted by rls010659 on 2013-01-17:
I hope none of you ever have to stay at the Comfort Inn Athens TN. The only polite desk clerks are a man named Paul and a woman named Ashleigh. The others seem snooty and somewhat rude. So be careful. And beware of housekeeping, they have sticky fingers. The mgr Neil Mistry is a little pervert. Very touchy freely with young attractive women. If you have to make a complaint, its best to call or email corporate. Talking to the mgr is just wasting your time and breath.
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Do You Value Your Safety in a Hotel?
Posted by Nyminute on 03/28/2012
NEW JERSEY -- Took my family and our friendly beagle dog to Comfort Inn & Suites Nanuet N. Y. location. Turned out to be a horror story shortly after. Wasn't there for more than 4 hours when my dog was mauled by 2 American Terrier Pit bulls in the back returning from walking dog in the dark in the back. Thank God the area has a wonderful Hospital called Valley Cottage Hospital. Family dog required life-saving surgery and stitches to close some gruesome wounds caused by these 2 attack dogs. My helpless beagle almost killed, was saved by the doctor at this hospital. This Hotel is anything but pet friendly. Another room had a German Sheppard going nuts against the glass. Wonder which room had the lions tigers and bears. A nice pleasant getaway idea turned out to be a nightmare. The Manager yelled at me because I dared to ask for help. I was mortified and embarrassed by his treatment towards me being as well as being in shock at the time due to this incident. Manager was most unprofessional, screaming out in lobby it was my fault. Hotel is not a secure place to bring your loving pet or humans since Hotel apparently never trained management properly in dealing with crisis of this magnitude.

I would not recommend this place for anything more than directions to another Hotel in the area. They won't even pay the life saving medical treatment medical bills for my dog nor return the points I saved up. Keep in mind people do go there who don’t have pets. Their lives are in jeopardy when you don’t screen the animals you accept or limit type of breeds you allow.

If you look up American Terrier which I did when I came home you will see these animals are by design breaded to fight. What parent allows small children to pet an American Terrier or German Sheppard without fear of being mauled? If you have children be careful the back doors aren't secure and can be opened by accident from the outside as well as not closed properly to begin with. The lighting at night is almost non existent. No room numbers to indicate which room it is. All factors when making a decision which hotel has the consumers best interest in mind.

To wrap up this disaster Hotel says its pet friendly and since they don’t care what kind of animals they take in I would agree. However that’s makes it no human friendly. Be on your guard at all times because you never know when a dog or multiple dogs will escape and try to maul your dog, an adult or unfortunately one of your precious children. To add insult to injury they won't accept financial responsibility for their negligence. Remember dogs are like people and sometimes react differently under fear .

There is an expression, caveat emptor means buyer beware. It most certainly applies to this Hotel.

Good Luck

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Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-03-28:
Not all pit bulls are bad dogs. Its how the owner treats them. In this case, i would have to assume its the owners fault that these dogs are so vicious. My friend has a few and they are nice as can be, including to kids...she raises them properly. There is a lot of bad publicity about these dogs. I am sorry your dog got hurt though, i am. I am going to guess that your dog was outside and not in the hotel room?.

Btw, its not the hotels responsibility for the dog that attacked your dog. It is the owners of the dog that you should complain to.

Am sorry the manager could not help you but theres really not much they can do in this situation.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-03-28:
Agreed, Cwazy. Was your dog on a leash? Did you call the police and file a report? Did you try to get the name of the attacking dogs' owner?
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-28:
The hotel is not responsible for the actions of it's occupants, or their pets. To put this in perspective, if the OP had walked out back and got in a physical altercation with another guest, would they blame the hotel? Or call the police? The latter of course. No different with the pets.
Posted by dan gordon on 2012-03-29:
how many hotels routinely deal with pet emegencies??agreed that just because they accept pets it means little as a 'review'. Your title is also very misleading. Are all Comfort Inns to be avoided?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-03-29:
I place the responsibility for ALL of this squarely on the shoulders of the owners of those 2 dogs.

I don't see anything the hotel did wrong.

About 6 months ago, my dog was attacked by an unleashed neighbor's dog. When I attempted to help her, the attacker slashed my hand open. The owner drove me to the hospital and paid for the bill, acknowledging responsibility. What did the owner of these two pill bulls do?
Posted by BigAl on 2012-03-29:
Clutzy asked if the dog was on a leash. Not a bad question but had this dog been on a leash that fact would have been mentioned. Since somebody stuck up for pit bulls let me mention this about German Sheppards. Many guide dogs are German Sheppards. I guess I could be considered an animal lover since I have a dog but I would never stay in an animal friendly motel.
Posted by Princess W on 2012-04-14:
Wow Michael, you have spent a lot of time to tell your story to everyone that will listen. The problem here is that you accidentally opened the sliding glass doors to the wrong room and walked in on two dogs that didn't know your dog from a hole in the wall. Yes, indeed it was unfortunate and thankfully the medical attention your dog received at Valley Cottage Animal Hospital saved his life. The hotel was not at fault in any way and did everything to accomodate you in the care of your dog. If you are mad at anyone, you should have went after the owners of the dogs to see if they were going to give you any money toward the medical expenses. Sadly, you have no one really to blame but yourself for the error.
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Levittown, Puerto Rico
Posted by Emeric2011 on 05/02/2011
LEVITTOWN -- This hotel has the worst customer service. The rooms are small. You get hit at check out with TOWN TAXES BILL! The rooms have no microwaves or refrigerators. We asked for one and the owner told us no. We had a child with us which we needed a refrigerator to store groceries but he didn't care. The hallways have blown lights which in a 2 week stay were never changed. The door key cards have to be changed constantly because they deactivate. They curtain rods were torn off the wall and never fixed. We asked to be changed to a different room but they said they would charge us extra for the change. And the parking lot only holds 8 cars! Never again will I stay in this hotel.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-05-02:
I can understand how this happened and believe that it did. I lived in Puerto Rico for about a year. Although I didn't stay at this motel, I found that the attitude of management at most establishments was lackadaisical.

I hope your next trip is better. Thanks for warning others.
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Bathroom Color
Posted by Elvira01 on 06/22/2010
I recently stayed at a new Comfort Inn at St. Rose, LA. Although the place was nice the rooms are poorly lit and the choice of color for the bathroom walls is nasty. A dark Avacado Green. Not very nice for any woman trying to put on her make-up. A brighter more reflective color would have been nice. This is my only complaint about the room.
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