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Received Very Discourteous and Dishonest Treatment
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA -- When my wife and I entered Virginia 4/28/17 we stopped at the welcome center and got a coupon book. We picked a Comfort Inn in Lexington, Virginia that would be about the right distance to stay at on our return trip which had a coupon for the room we needed for $70.00 and said any day through April. I called before we got back to that location to make sure they had the room available, and the girl said they had 4 left for $186.00. I explained that I had the coupon, and she said they did not honor coupons on Friday. I told her I did not like dishonest advertisement and expected them to honor their coupon. She said to bring it in and they would review it.

When I arrived there was a capable looking young man at the desk who had the appearance of a bouncer who told me, "We are not going to honor that coupon." I asked him if they had a reason or excuse and he said they only had 4 rooms left which they would have no problem renting @186.00 and that was the only excuse they needed. He turned to the girl who seemed to be a manager and asked if she was going to honor the coupon and answered no.

I asked where the owner was and she said he was home and she had talked to him and he had said no. I asked for his name or phone number and the guy said they did not provide that information. My wife is 71 years old and I am 72. I am retired from management and my wife is retired from retail and later as a personal aide in special education. I do not think this cold discourteous treatment is proper business practice and should not be tolerated.

Hotel Stay
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Rating: 5/51

EFFINGHAM, ILLINOIS -- We were finishing an epic road trip that started in Chicago to the Grand Canyon / Vegas / Carlsbad Caverns / New Orleans and back. We stayed in hotels the whole way and this was the best one, hands down. It was clean, nice design in bathroom, a number of food choices from hotel book, and a great steakhouse next door. The front desk associate Devere was just ending her first day and still learning everything herself but every question we had she got an answer for. It was a great morning for my Father's Day and a great way to end a epic cross country trip, 5381 miles start to finish.

No Hot Water, No Ice, No Air Conditioner, Heated Pool Broken. Staff Impersonal and Unfriendly.
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Rating: 2/51

NACOGODOCHES, TEXAS -- The air conditioner never cooled the room in two days. Husband took a short ten minute shower at 2 in the afternoon and there was no hot water for hour after. I had to take freezing shower. Went for ice and all the ice machines on all three floors were broken. We stayed there to use the heated pool for our 2 yr. granddaughter. They said it was not open due to a filter problem. The desk staff was unfriendly and impersonal. The room maid was the only smiling face. If you are ok with the cosmetic look of the hotel then stay but if you want a cool room, hot water, ice for your drinks and a heated pool then stay somewhere else.

I Would Have Rather Slept At A Bus Depot
By -

DOWNTOWN KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I checked into Jacuzzi room 130 at 2 pm on 10/25/08. The room was filthy, had not been vacuumed and there were dead bugs on the floor. The Jacuzzi tub hadn't been cleaned so I had to wipe out the tub before use. Also, the caulking around the tub was tearing away, and the cold water handle would not turn off without turning it a lot. It kept spinning in circles and I had to find a happy medium to get it to turn off.

Housekeeping came to my door not once, not twice, but THREE times in the first two hours of checking in trying to deliver me towels. Had they spoken English, I probably could have gotten them to clean out the tub. Upon the first interruption, I put up the Do Not Disturb sign. The second disturbance, I had to point to the sign on the outside of the door. The third time, I was asleep and they came into the room anyway, just to deliver the towels I told them I didn't need.

Around 6 pm, I needed change and stood at the front desk for over 10 minutes without ever being acknowledged. There were people behind me waiting to check in, so I decided to go back to the room and order pizza. About 20 minutes later, I went back to the front desk to get change, and the gentlemen behind me were just being checked in. It took the clerk over 20 minutes to check in the guests that were already pre-registered to the hotel. As I was waiting at the desk to get change, my husband attempted to call the front desk on three separate occasions to inform them that we were ordering pizza, only to be hung up on all three times.

After dinner, I decided to take a shower. I believe there is faulty wiring in the room. I attempted to use their blow dryer, which I could not get to initially work. After switching the safety switch on and off a few times, the blow dryer did come on, but all the lights in the room flickered. The light above the sink where the blow dryer was plugged in completely turned off after making several crackling noises. I promptly turned off the blow dryer and unplugged it from the wall. I also noticed scorch marks next to the wall lamp on the left side of the bed's headboard.

At checkout, our stay got even worse. I was charged more than $60 over the rate of the room, and then **, the front desk clerk attempted to double charge my account on checkout. When my husband's card wouldn't accept the second charge (the same bank account), she stated she credited one card then charged the other. When my husband asked her why she did that, it was "because I told her to" which I did not. She told me I would have to call my bank because it was their problem, not hers. I asked her to call her manager, and she refused to do so.

I asked her for the corporate number to see what could be done, and she ignored my request, telling me she was too busy when no one else was at the desk. Upon asking her again, she became hostile and rude, then called the police station once, then 911 because we were "unruly" then told us to leave because she had our license plate number anyway. I had to call my father-in-law to pay with his card.

When he called the hotel, she put him on hold for over 7 minutes before hanging up on him. When he called back, she demanded him to fax his photo ID along with other personal information that was not needed for the transaction. The day after checkout, I checked my online banking and it showed two charges for the stay.

My husband then called the hotel manager, **, on Tuesday after my stay. He told her of the situation, and she said, and I quote, "You are a liar and I will not give you a refund." She kept interrupting my husband, would not listen to him, and called him a liar on several occasions. He asked if she would refund the stay, and she refused. She also said that ** was one of her best employees and had the best customer service skills of anyone at her hotel establishment. Pam refused to give us her last name, or the hotel owner's name. She said, "You'll have to come down here and find that out for yourself," and she promptly hung up on my husband.

Disgusted With Customer Service and Unauthorized Charges
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Rating: 1/51

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I have never been so disgusted in my life!!! We stayed at Comfort Inn in Milwaukee Wisconsin at the end of June 2012 with a Lia Sophia conference. Everything was ok minus the fact I needed a refrigerator for my medicine which they say they have and was told they didn't have any. I had literally been released from the hospital the day before we went and needed my medicine to be refrigerated. Strike 1.

They have a front desk clerk named ** who was rude multiple times when we were there for our three nights. We checked out and all charges came off credit card 2 days later which was only supposed to be for incidentals. We paid cash for our room so our balance was 0 on receipt when I checked out. So when a week later Comfort Inn charges my account again!

I don't understand how they charge my card a week later when I obviously did not approve it because I'm now back in Ohio! I was disgusted so after three days of phone calls on the third day I finally get a hold of the manager but not after being treated unbelievably baddd by the front desk clerk ** again!

The general manager assures me it would be fixed that day. Check my bank an hour later and not only did they not fix it - they charged me again! Now my account is overdrawn. I have all kinds of fees from my bank and once again can not get a hold of anybody. When I call back at 2 in the afternoon there is no one there again who can help me! Can not believe this. I have more in overdraft charges than the entire rate I paid for the stay!!! So still waiting for a call from someone to fix!!

Meanwhile still getting charged with overdraft fees. As I mentioned I had been in the hospital for 11 days before leaving so I had not worked in a month!!! So now I have no way to cover their 400$ mistake and they are doing nothing to fix the charges with my bank!! Disgusted - it's fraud! I did not authorize these charges they are stealing from me and I have called for three days trying to get help and instead they charge me again.

And to top it off I was treated very badly by ** who yelled at me while I was crying on the phone explaining that I needed someone to help me! I will never stay at a Comfort Inn again! Be careful if you give them a credit card because they will steal from you!

Do You Value Your Safety in a Hotel?
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- Took my family and our friendly beagle dog to Comfort Inn & Suites Nanuet N.Y. location. Turned out to be a horror story shortly after. Wasn't there for more than 4 hours when my dog was mauled by 2 American Terrier Pit bulls in the back returning from walking dog in the dark in the back. Thank God the area has a wonderful Hospital called Valley Cottage Hospital. Family dog required life-saving surgery and stitches to close some gruesome wounds caused by these 2 attack dogs. My helpless beagle almost killed, was saved by the doctor at this hospital. This Hotel is anything but pet friendly.

Another room had a German Shepherd going nuts against the glass. Wonder which room had the lions, tigers and bears. A nice pleasant getaway idea turned out to be a nightmare. The Manager yelled at me because I dared to ask for help. I was mortified and embarrassed by his treatment towards me being as well as being in shock at the time due to this incident. Manager was most unprofessional, screaming out in lobby it was my fault. Hotel is not a secure place to bring your loving pet or humans since Hotel apparently never trained management properly in dealing with crisis of this magnitude.

I would not recommend this place for anything more than directions to another Hotel in the area. They won't even pay the life saving medical treatment medical bills for my dog nor return the points I saved up. Keep in mind people do go there who don't have pets. Their lives are in jeopardy when you don't screen the animals you accept or limit type of breeds you allow.

If you look up American Terrier which I did when I came home you will see these animals are by design breeded to fight. What parent allows small children to pet an American Terrier or German Shepherd without fear of being mauled? If you have children be careful - the back doors aren't secure and can be opened by accident from the outside as well as not closed properly to begin with. The lighting at night is almost non existent. No room numbers to indicate which room it is. All factors when making a decision which hotel has the consumers best interest in mind.

To wrap up this disaster Hotel says it's pet friendly and since they don't care what kind of animals they take in I would agree. However that makes it no human friendly. Be on your guard at all times because you never know when a dog or multiple dogs will escape and try to maul your dog, an adult or unfortunately one of your precious children. To add insult to injury they won't accept financial responsibility for their negligence. Remember dogs are like people and sometimes react differently under fear. There is an expression, caveat emptor means buyer beware. It most certainly applies to this Hotel. Good Luck.

Screamed at by Front Desk Clerk
By -

15000 U.S. HIGHWAY 441, EUSTIS, FLORIDA 32726 -- We stayed at this hotel located in Eustice, Florida, (FLB51). When we arrived they were changing names from Days Inn to Comfort Inn & Suites. The front desk clerk was nice but did not know completely how to operate the computer and made some customers feel uncomfortable.

But anyway my wife on the 2nd day had a rash started on her body and her neck became real stiff, so we went to see a doctor and it not get better. So we took her to the emergency room of a hospital and we had to stay most into the late evening.

When we came back, that next morning I had to go to a meeting. I came back so I thought early enough to avoid an additional room charge, and we had to check out. So come to find out they charged us for a full day and I called and the front desk clerk, he was very rude yelling and screaming at me and I felt very threatened. He said that the charge was going to stay on my bill and that was pretty much the way it would be. And by the way we had some type of marks on the pillow cases and there were some type of mildew or mold on the rim of the tub in the bathroom.

The front desk clerk finally said the owner would be in the next morning at 8:00 a. m., so I called the next morning and the front desk clerk said he was out of town for a week. So then I had called the corporate office and complained. They said he would respond in 72 hours. He did respond and said that the charges were right, he never asked how my wife was feeling or about what was said to me from his employee. So in closing I will see what type remedy will be allowed per the law and seek that! I will never stay at that hotel again and I may never stay at Comfort Inn & Suites because of this.

Cape Canaveral, FL
By -

CAPE CANAVERAL, FLORIDA -- Stayed at this Comfort Inn and Suites in Cape Canaveral, Florida for 2 days and nights in February 2009, before leaving on a cruise. They have a "Cruise Package" where parking your car in their lot and a shuttle to the ship is included in the price of your stay. We had 2 nights and days there before our cruise. Excellent stay!!!

The hotel was exceptionally clean and smelled fresh, the staff was most helpful and friendly, the free morning breakfast was good with the usual continental items, but also hot items like biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and the "fix your own" waffles. They had 2 breakfast attendants who were very helpful and cheerful, and kept our table cleared and clean. We left them a nice tip in the tip jar on the way out. We went to the Kennedy Space center the first day and had a relaxing day at the nice pool and gym the next.

The day of the cruise, they allowed us to park in the hotel parking lot for a week as opposed to paying $125 at the Port parking lot. The hotel is in a nice area and we felt good about leaving our car there. The staff keeps an eye on the lot and Police regularly patrol the hotels in the area. That morning a shuttle service was provided for the short ride to the ship. They loaded our baggage, transported us in an air conditioned bus, and the driver, **, was a great guy. He was humorous and lighthearted, but informed all of us about what to expect when we arrived and returned. We never had to touch our bags except to bring them from our room to the lobby.

After the cruise, we were picked up, our bags loaded and transported bag to our hotel and our car. It was certainly a stress free embarkation and exit from the cruise to our car. I would suggest this First Rate hotel to anyone taking a cruise out of Cape Canaveral/Port Canaveral.

Bad One Night Stay
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- We were going on a trip and was leaving from the Tampa Airport so this was a convenient hotel for us - The Comfort Inn RJ Stadium. So we booked a room for this night and the night of our return. Our first night was a week night and we got in late and were headed early to the airport so we're pretty tired and did not really get a chance to take it all in. Did not notice anything amiss that night.

For our second night which was a Saturday, we were placed next to football fans who were a little loud at 2:00 AM, but oh well. The drink machine only took change (we did not have any). The bed had a dead moth with bugs in it. I had to call at almost 3:00 AM to have my bed changed, yuck!

Then we were packing and heading out the door at 11:05 AM and the maid was already trying to kick us out by saying, "Time to check out or are you staying another day?" After all of this, the room next door put a nasty note on our car because security came and they thought we had called them. When we complained to the front desk of everything that had taken place, she said so sorry and handed us our bill to sign. We were charged the full price. We left angry, upset, tired and not feeling appreciated as a customer.

Then came a charge on our Credit Card bill for another $35 - same day. I called and they said a blanket was missing. I explained what had happened that night and the changing of the linen early morning hours and he did not leave a blanket, she said it should have been on the bed. I said no and we did not take it. I mean really after the dirty sheets, why would I want an old dirty blanket.... She finally said o.k. and that she would credit the amount back to us. It is yet to be seen.

We have stayed at other hotels in this chain and usually like them. This parrticular hotel, I feel is just under bad management and is in need of some changes. Anyway, we will never stay at the Comfort Inn RJ Stadium (FL724) again and will pass on this info to others.

Good Time Turned Bad
By -

FRANKLIN, INDIANA -- Three weeks ago I stayed at the Comfort Inn in Franklin, Indiana. The service from the time I checked in, to the time I checked out, and now, has been pathetic. The hotel made a mistake with my reservation, ultimately charging me for a room I did not reserve, and three weeks later I am still awaiting someone from the hotel to call back and respond.

The Choice Hotels Customer Service line has been contacted multiple times and they have not been updated on the situation from the manager or staff. I have been trying to be nice and allow the hotel to do the right thing, but I have just called my credit card company to dispute the charge because of their lack of efficiency, as well as respect for a customer. I will never do business with a Comfort Inn, or Choice Hotel, again.

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