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Poor Breakfast Management
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CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO -- We just got back from spending 4 nights at the Castle Rock, CO Comfort Suites. The first morning there was orange juice at the breakfast bar. Next morning only apple juice. When asked, the server just said they were out. Next two mornings they were also out. Inquired at the desk and was told they ran out because of a blizzard the week before and no deliveries since then. I asked if there were no grocery stores in Castle Rock that carried orange juice, but was told only one person is on duty and can't leave. Amazing.

We travel there in April every year for a glass show held nearby. This was our first stay in this hotel. And our last. Don't these places realize it is the little things that decide if we will return?
Out $120
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FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I made a one night reservation at the Comfort Suites Hotel Airport in Fort Myers, FL, not being aware of their 24 hour cancellation policy. (I cannot find any reference to the policy on their reservation page.) My flight from MI was delayed due to weather, and I therefore missed my connection to Fort Myers. I called the hotel to cancel my reservation and was informed I would be charged for the room anyway. Don't hotels cater to travelers, and don't travelers sometimes have travel difficulties?

Airlines rarely cancel flights 24 hours in advance. I will NEVER make a reservation at this hotel chain again.
"No Show" Charges At Comfort Suites In Denton, Texas After Lengthy Stay
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Every Christmas I have a lengthy stay at Comfort Suites in Denton and this year hoping for a cheap air fare I double booked the rooms until I new exact dates of arrival and departure. Well my American Express bill arrived and I am billed three times (@$100 a night) for "No Show"

I actually stayed for 10 days, I notified them at the desk when I checked in of the double booking and even contacted by telephone of the situation BEFORE my arrival. Now here I am..having to pay 3 separate "no show" fees. The Manager will not even take my telephone call to hear my explanation and he is standing on his decision I "no showed" for three extra reservations and I am to pay for it.

So I am paying an extra $300 dollars (+/-) for "no show" penalty.

Before I arrived to the hotel I called by telephone in advance of the exact arrival dates and again when I arrived made a "in person" explanation of this...this is robbery, I feel I am stuck to pay and have no recourse. What can I do?

One thing is sure...They have lost me and my family as customers now after many years of frequent reservations it comes to this?

Can anybody suggest what I can do about this?

What Is This?
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GLEN ALLEN, VA, VIRGINIA -- The general manager was OK she could have been a little more professional and attentive to her employees. But my main problem was the continental breakfast host, he seemed to be more interested in flirting then giving customer service. He asked me if I had a man and for what purpose was it of his to know!!!! When I did need him to help me because there was not any more food left and it was about 8:30am, he was a no show for about 30 minutes. The place was a mess and where was he to clean it.

I would never recommend someone to stay here with that kind of service. House keeping was OK.
Bad One Night Stay
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- We were going on a trip and was leaving from the Tampa Airport so this was a convient hotel for us - The Comfort Inn RJ Stadium. So we booked a room for this night and the night of our return. Our first night was a week night and we got in late and were headed early to the airport so were pretty tired and did not really get a chance to take it all in. Did not notice anything amiss that night.

For our second night which was a Saturday, we were placed next to football fans who were a little loud at 2:00 AM, but oh well. The drink machine only took change (we did not have any). The bed had a dead moth with bugs in it. I had to call at almost 3:00 AM to have my bed changed, yuck!

Then We were packing and heading out the door at 11:05 AM and the maid was already trying to kick us out by saying - Time to check out or are you staying another day? After all of this, the room next door put a nasty note on our car because security came and they thought we had called them. When we complained to the front desk of everything that had taken place, she said so sorry and handed us our bill to sign. We were charged the full price. We left angry, upset, tired and not feeling appreciated as a customer.

Then came a charge on our Credit Card bill for another $35 - same day. I called and they said a blanket was missing. I explained what had happened that night and the chaning of the linen early morning hours and he did not leave a blanket, she said it should have been on the bed. I said no and we did not take it.

I mean really after the dirty sheets, why would I want an old dirty blanket.... She finally said o.k. and that she would credit the amount back to us. It is yet to be seen. We have stayed at other hotels in this chain and usually like them. This parrticular hotel, I feel is just under bad management and is in need of some changes.

Anyway, we will never stay at the Comfort Inn RJ Stadium (FL724) again and will pass on this inof to others.
Bathroom Color
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I recently stayed at a new Comfort Inn at St. Rose, LA. Although the place was nice the rooms are poorly lit and the choice of color for the bathroom walls is nasty. A dark Avacado Green. Not very nice for any woman trying to put on her make-up. A brighter more reflective color would have been nice. This is my only complaint about the room.
Foul Smelling Room
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MARIETTA21, GEORGIA -- When I arrived at this hotel on a late Friday night I checked in under a free night provision. The room was small (the kitchenette was larger than the sleeping area) and smelled like wet baby urine. It smelled liked the carpet had gotten wet, and they just let it air out without changing it.

I had another reservation for two nights on the following day but cancelled. Do not stay here!!!
Theft of Clothing
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- I wanted to let anyone who is going to stay in the Mesquite/Dallas area to stay clear of the Comfort Inn, 923 Windbell Circle, Mesquite TX 75149.

The house keeper(s) are thieves! My wife and I had clothes stolen from our room (even after tipping the house keepers.

Despite repeated phone calls to the head of house keeping and to the manager, no one would return our calls.
Fleas In Room
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- My husband and I drove 2 1/2 hours to San Antonio to take our toddler to see Sesame Street Live. The hotel appeared clean, but that night after showering and getting into bed I complained to my husband that my feet itched. I did not remove the entire bedding (I did a spot check), however the next morning I noticed bites on my feet and when I pulled the sheets back you could visibly see several fleas! I went to the front desk, but the clerk stated she would call the GM and go look at the room with housekeeping later. I stood there as she "phoned" the GM and asked me if we could check out as planned and the GM would refund the card back once he came in later. Well that never happened. In fact I left several messages by phone, and finally got a response after I faxed a letter.

His excuse... yes they were recently treated for fleas, they only found one in our room, and with this being Texas we must have brought it with us!!! Don't stay here unless you take bug spray!!!!!!!!!
Choice Hotel Comfort Suites - El Dorado, AR
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EL DORADO, ARKANSAS -- We're frequent Choice Hotel clients and have seen both outstanding and sub-par. While staying in El Dorado, AR, we were completely dissatisfied with the cleanliness of the rooms. Our first room had a filthy bath and wet sheets!! After calling the front desk and moving rooms, we were again unsatisfied. The room, a non-smoking, smelled like an ashtray.

There were dead bugs in the corners, and the bath was again dirty - water spots all over, like it hadn't been cleaned in forever. The desk attendant was so helpful, but nothing could change the fact the rooms were inadequately cleaned!

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