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Commerce bank
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Kansas City, MO 64106
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Commerce Bank Is Tricky
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Rating: 2/51

MISSOURI -- I agree with you that Commerce Bank is tricky. I have been with them for about 6 years and they will do everything in their power to overdraft you. I have had debits appear in the pending section, then disappear and re-appear in processed section a week later more times than I can count. If you put a deposit in and go spend the money, they will always process the debit before the deposit and the tellers are always rude when you call them.

I also have problems with their monthly charges. Mine always come out on random days (meaning it could be the 20th of the month or the last day, there is no scheduled day) and it will always be when your account reaches under a certain dollar amount as if the computer is set up to take it out when it's about $15 and you make a purchase. The $10 monthly fee (which I think is b.s.) comes out before the debit every time. Also these monthly fees just started appearing out of nowhere.

I signed up for free checking and when I called up to ask why is there service charges the teller just played stupid and said "that's how it's always been". Keep in mind I had been banking with them for nearly 4 years at the time. I don't really understand how they can change the agreement that you signed up for, but they did. I mean really, is that even legal? Isn't there a law that says you are grandfathered in?

If you are banking with Commerce (or Comi Bank that we jokingly call it in our house), I would recommend keeping a checkbook and documenting your spending, don't rely on their online banking. In my opinion it is designed to overdraft you, not help you. And as far as people on here saying you should have "X" about of dollars in your account at all times, not everyone has money to leave in the bank. I single-handedly support my family and live paycheck to paycheck so these $35 to me is a lot when I have food to buy or clothes for my child, so please don't be so condescending.

Rude and Harassing Collection Procedures
By -

I have been with the Downtown Branch of Commerce Bank for about 8 years or so. I have my VISA Card with them, and a high credit limit. For two consecutive months I have not received a bill on my Commerce Bank VISA, and it has nothing to do with the Post Office because I have NEVER had a problem with them, and ALL my other mail and bills have arrived timely.

Please note: The people at the St. Louis Downtown Branch are wonderful, friendly and helpful and very responsive, especially **. I have absolutely no complaint about them. HOWEVER, Kansas City is apparently staffed by quite a few "jerks" who seem to care nothing for your problems when you call them.

EACH TIME they have failed to send me my VISA bill, they have tacked a $35 charge for "late payment" when they did not provide me with a bill. They haughtily tell me they sent it to the address I gave them, but the bills have stopped coming, and no one there seems to care. They obviously would rather dun me $35 each time they fail to provide me with a bill. BUT that's not the worst part, although I am demanding they remove the two $35 charges.

They have been calling me every day just after 9 AM and usually just before 9 PM, though tonight it was at 7:13 PM and they left a message to call their billing/collections department. I called back at about 9 PM and after wading through their voice mail system, I finally got through to a human being. I didn't raise my voice or use any bad language, but I told the lady that they seem to have a policy of harassing their customers until they have thoroughly demoralized them and bills get paid just to stop the harassment. She abruptly told me she didn't have to take that from me. I didn't use curse words or raise my voice, but she hung up on me.

THEY are the ones who keep failing to provide me with a bill, yet they hit me with their late payment fees and the irritating phone calls. If they call me early in the morning (let's assume for a moment my payments are legitimately late), do they somehow think I can have a payment in their hands in Kansas City that evening? What is the purpose of the evening calls if not to harass?

They may think they are within the parameters of the applicable federal collection statutes, but if they keep it up, I am going to file a lawsuit against Commerce Bank here in St Louis seeking actual and punitive damages for the intentional infliction of emotional distress. And I'll have one of my friends file it, but actually, I have been trying jury cases for 35+ years, and this one would be like falling off a log.

Judging from some of the other complaints I have read tonight, they have a real problem in their Collection Dept. and in other departments in Kansas City, and they ought to try to be understanding and helpful rather than sarcastic, supercilious and rude.

I am now done, but I hope all the people out there who have had problems with the sending of their VISA bills, unjust and unfair late charges, and complete rudeness when the customer calls seeking help, will write and share their experiences.

Overdraft Fee & Selective Posting of Debits
By -

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I have had an account with Commerce Bank since 1984. I never had problems until May 2010. May 1, 2010 my Visa was stolen and used. I went to Commerce to stop the use of the card and get a new one. An investigation had to be conducted which would take about 3 weeks. Commerce Bank did advance/replace the money stolen. But that's when the nightmares started.

I was having issues with creditors. May 17, 2010 I call Commerce to inquire about stop checking payments. I was told that each check would be $30.00. I requested (2) stop payments, $60, on May 17, 2010 and one on May 29, 2010, $30.00. The bank sent checks through anyway. I went to Commerce on Blue Ridge Blvd and request a restriction be put on the account, they continued to send the checks through. Each time I was charge insufficient funds and return check fees. Several time the account got up to $892.00. This went on week after the stop payment until May 29, 2010.

That same day I went into the bank at the Plaza Office and request that my account be changed. When I was write a check, the bank would not pay as your debits came in, they choose to pay the largest down. I disagree with that, if I send a check in on Friday, it gets to the bank on Monday along with an ATM purchase that came in on Monday. I feel the account should be debited the way the transaction come in. Do not rearrange the order in which the debits came into the bank to warrant adding an insufficient charge. I sorry to be rambling on, but I am really upset by the way my account and myself was treated in this matter.

Finally Commerce Bank locked my account after receiving my direct deposit without notification. I had to wait all week before I could get them on the phone. I had to take off work. Wait until 9:30 am to get to talk with the Manager of the Plaza, ** something, who informed me that he had closed my new account because of too much activity and insufficient funds in 30 days. I did have direct deposit. I do owe a balance of $234.16 to Commerce Bank because of all the insufficient fund fee and all the return check fee charge after $90.00 stop payment was paid.

I was told by a Commerce Bank representative that the creditors had the right to be paid. WELL AS A CUSTOMER, WHEN I PAY FOR A SERVICE, I have the right to get what I pay for, not get charged continuously with a double whammy for something I paid to stop. That bank employee is paid to do a service, not be anyone's financial advisor. The comments and thoughts should stay to herself.

It turns out I paid a total of $90.00 to Commerce Bank to stop payment and the checks kept going through from May to the end of June or first of July. Should this get looked into because it happen to a lot of people? I'm on board with any action that takes place. It's just not right Commerce just disregarded the 26 year that I banked with them.

Avoid Commerce Bank NA (KS/MO)
By -

MISSOURI -- I have banked with Commerce for well over a decade. In the last two years, however, their service has deteriorated to the point where I fired them and went with US Bank. Good luck finding a live knowledgeable person when you call the customer service 800 number. After jumping through multiple hoops, you will eventually reach one. I suggest calling twice if you want to compare what you are told. If you have lots of time, three times is even better.

The ATM card they gave me worked at every ATM in St. Louis and surrounding areas...but not at any of the five Commerce Bank locations I went to. You can imagine how much I was charged then for transactions. When I requested a new card that would actually work at one of the Commerce ATMs, they sent me a Visa check my deceased husband's name (he wasn't on my accounts). After multiple attempts (see number 1 above) to reach a live person, I was issued a new ATM card. Oh wait,, it wasn' was another damn Visa check card which I specifically stated that I did NOT want. (They charge you $1.50/month for this thing.)

I used Bill Pay, alleged to be free, a few times. Oh, it's not free...I was charged $6.95/month for it. This was reversed when I stomped into a branch and spoke with a VP guy when I cancelled the checking account three weeks ago. But wait, there's more! The VP guy did NOT cancel my account as requested. He just cancelled my ability to look at the account on line. He also did not return my phone calls when the check I was told would be mailed for the balance did not arrive.

I ended up cancelling it by writing a check to myself for the balance. I was told by the teller at the drive-up window yesterday: "You can't do that." I said, "Give me my money now." She did. Good-bye Commerce. You will not be missed.

Bank Elsewhere
By -

I am an attorney writing in complete disgust as to the way my client was treated at this bank. In order to prove her case, my client requires her bank statements from 2007-08. She needs them by February 17, 2010. My client went into the branch in December 2009 to request them. She did not have her old account number with her, but gave her social security number and name. After weeks of following up, she returned again on February 4, only to be informed that they could not locate the account without her account number. If she had known that in the first place, she would have immediately returned with her account number.

Regardless, she proceeded to provide them with her account number on that day. She was told that it would take another three weeks. She then put me on the phone in order to notify them that this was unacceptable, that she needed the statements by February 17, 2010. I notified them of the dire consequences to my client if she did obtain the statements by that date. They were unsympathetic and stated there was nothing they could do.

I suggested that she ask them to at least write a letter confirming the existence of the account in 2007-08, which branch managers do all the time. Without explanation, they refused and stated that the same people who would take three weeks to research her old statements would take three weeks to write the letter. They suggested to her that she call customer service. She asked them to call customer service, since they are supposedly there to serve her, and they refused.

They then threatened to remove her from the premises because she was taking up too much time and they were unable to assist the other customers--not because she was unruly or belligerent (which she was not), but because she was taking too much of their time! I find this the most appalling of bad customer service stories that I have ever heard. Not only did the branch refuse to write a letter confirming existence of an account, which they do all the time, but they then threatened to remove a customer from the premises because she was politely demanding that they correct their own mistake. Unbelievable. I urge all to do their banking elsewhere.

They don't protect they extract
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- These people are the worse. Everything was fine as long as you had money in the account but as soon as your money got low there were some definite problems. They have some "condition" your account goes in after X amount of overdraws that no matter how much money you put in it will take 7 business days for it to hit your account.

By the way, they don't notify you when your account hits this mysterious "condition" until you deposit your money. By the way, even after you money has been deposited you will still receive overdraft fees based on your account balance BEFORE the money was deposited so they can maximize the fees for you automatic ACH payments. Don't fall victim like I did, be careful where you put your money everybody.

They Keep Sending Me Emails but I Don't Have an Account With Them
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Rating: 1/51

I have been getting three or four emails each day telling me that there is some sort of problem with my account. The emails always show the last few digits of an account number. Those are different every time. I don't have an account with Commerce Bank, and have never had an account with them!

Being concerned that this is a scam or a phishing attempt, I looked on the web for "Commerce Bank". Sure enough I found a reasonable looking web page. That page listed a phone number that matched the phone number in the emails that I've been getting, so I decided that maybe it's legitimate. So I called that number.

After getting past a couple of "press 1 for ..." messages, I got to a message that asked me to enter MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! Not my account number or my name, MY SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER! That just didn't sound legitimate so I hung up. I still don't know whether Commerce Bank is a scam or a real bank. Can anyone tell me?

Inactive Account Fee
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Rating: 1/51

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MISSOURI -- My wife has been a depositor with Commerce Bank since around 2008. As of August 2012 she had $550 in an account with them. They posted on their website some malarkey about an "inactive account fee". When we tried to check the balance today (3/21/2015), she has less than $40. This is the result of the inactive account fees.

Considering that inactive account literally means we didn't touch the money, under what "best practices" do they justify charging a customer over $500 for the Great Privilege of having a deposit account? Yes, it is our fault (we haven't done anything with that account for almost 3 years), but we feel cheated that they took so much without trying to contact us about it. Go with a Credit Union!

Mislead to Keep Account Open, Then Charged Late Fees When Told Not to Pay
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KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- I have been trying to resolve this problem for over 2 months now. I called to close the account and they stated, "you still have an Expedia credit for $50." I kept it open and charged a hotel, expecting my refund on the next bill. It was not on there. I called and was told that offer never existed. I do not have any other cards, so I know that is not true.

I was told they would investigate it and get back to me, that I should wait for the new bill to be sent. When the bill arrived, there was no refund and a late charge was added. I called back 3 times and each time was told that I had to talk to the supervisor that took my information and she would call me back since she is always off when I call. I still have not received a call. My payment is due in 5 days and I'm sure I will get charged again for a late payment. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I feel violated and disgusted.

Rude, Refuse to Help

GRANDVIEW, MISSOURI -- I am 60 years old, have been disabled for 5 years and have a problem with Commerce Bank purposely withholding proper documents I need to file my taxes and therefore I have been unable to file my taxes this year. I got a 1099 form from them for closing out my IRA with them for a little over $1,000 in 2009.

They have records on file, all the documentation they need to veryify I am disabled, I mean my doctor sent them a letter plus when I had my account with them they knew that every month I received a disability check from Social Security. So they are well-aware I am disabled and have been for years. They also know my age and based on my age there is also no reason for having coded my 1099 as taxable/penalty for early withdrawal.

I have tried to talk to them, the main customer service with Commerce Bank says that I have to handle this through my local branch. That is the Grandview, Missouri branch and they don't return my phone calls. They did call once saying they needed a letter from my doctor but I called back to advise them they already have a letter, I needed to get it for them once before but they deny they have it.

So I told them forget the disability based on my age, there is no penalty or taxes either but they never even bother to call me back. The person I talked to at the Grandview branch is someone called **. I left messages on several voice mails and no one ever returns my call. So I called and talked to a supervisor and she refused to help and just said they need the letter.

They are being deliberately difficult and not helping to give me the documents they are required to give me and I am now fed up with wasting my time to get a document they have the ability and the requirement to supply me but refuse to do so. I told them I will contact the IRS and they can deal with it, but I definitely would recommend anyone looking for a good bank to avoid Commerce like the plague because if you ever have a dispute over a fraudulent charge or an issue like this, Commerce does everything in their power to be NOT HELPFUL.

I am going to spend my time on the internet on every available site warning people about the unethical and illegal behavior of Commerce Bank and its employees and its obstructionist activities. If I can't file my taxes, I will make use of my time warning any and all about Commerce Bank.

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