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If I wasn't white.. I would get the products/services without any problems
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PEMBROKE, MASSACHUSETTS -- The healthcare system here is Massachusetts is so broken.. it cannot be fixed.

Broken for everyone who is NOT a minority.

I am a white woman.. just a few years shy of medicare (and can hardly wait) as then I won't be asked to pay $115 for a medicine and use a lesser quality generic drug that does not work for me BUT even though it retails at $110 !! The drug will be covered by the insurance company...

My ONLY alternative... pay $115 for a drug that works or $20 for a drug that doesn't...

EVERY TIME I have called Commonwealth Care the response has been the same.. if my 'preferred language' was other than English.. I wouldn't have this problems....

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dan gordon on 02/02/2009:
there was just an article today how Lipitor advertised its better than a generic but will soon become a generic when its patent expires. Are you saying that white people are prescribed generics but minorities can get name brand drugs? Wow what a lawsuit you might have.
Anonymous on 02/02/2009:
I'm afraid you are mistaken my dear! Anyone who thinks the health care system is broken based on there skin color IS a minority. Maybe you should try this and see if you get better results: get a tanning bed, lay in it til you're skin is very dark, dye youre hair black, and change your name to Juanita Gonzales.
jktshff1 on 02/02/2009:
You just haven't figured out how the system works. It does take a lot of time to jump through the hoops and figure out just exactly who to talk to and what to do.
Someone could start a pretty good business helping people figure it all out.
BokiBean on 02/02/2009:
My sister says this to me all the time..that generic drugs aren't the same as their brand name counterparts. I just don't buy it.

Every generic drug I've been prescribed worked exactly like the brand name version; FDA works pretty hard to insure that this is so.

People convince themselves that generic isn't as good and it goes downhill from there.
BokiBean on 02/02/2009:
My sis swears by it too...I just smile and nod.
Anonymous on 02/02/2009:
AlleyS is closer to being right than is Boki. For a drug to be marketed as a generic, the FDA requires that the generic have 'at least' 85% of the patent med's active ingredient. To avoid dosing issues, most generics come very close to having 100%. But, where dosing is not critical (per FDA criteria), many generics come closer to only having 85-90% of the active ingredient of the patent med. A little basic pharmacology for y'all.
BokiBean on 02/02/2009:
Thanks for setting me straight, Doc.
MRM on 02/02/2009:
Thanks for the tidbit, Doc.
Anonymous on 02/02/2009:
You're welcome. Oddly a lot of practicing docs don't know (or have forgotten) this. The OPs fondness for Mediscam (oops Medicare, honest mistake) will vanish once she's on it.
BokiBean on 02/02/2009:
Doc, amen to that!
Anonymous on 02/02/2009:
I can relate to what she says. My health care provider, which is not the same as hers, will only give me generics, and won't pay for the same scrip I had for years on the old provider. On the other hand, my sister who works at South SHore Hospital (the OP can relate) assures me that if I come into the Emergency Room and tell them I have a bellyache and no insurance, I'll get just the meds I want.
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