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Commonwealth Care
30 Winter Street
Boston, MA 02108
1-866-610-2273 (ph)
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If I wasn't white.. I would get the products/services without any problems
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PEMBROKE, MASSACHUSETTS -- The healthcare system here is Massachusetts is so broken.. it cannot be fixed.

Broken for everyone who is NOT a minority.

I am a white woman.. just a few years shy of medicare (and can hardly wait) as then I won't be asked to pay $115 for a medicine and use a lesser quality generic drug that does not work for me BUT even though it retails at $110 !! The drug will be covered by the insurance company...

My ONLY alternative... pay $115 for a drug that works or $20 for a drug that doesn't...

EVERY TIME I have called Commonwealth Care the response has been the same.. if my 'preferred language' was other than English.. I wouldn't have this problems....

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