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Horrible way to spend my money
By -

ILLINOIS -- ComEd are crooks. If I weren't civilized I go crazy. I've been paying my bills on time every month for the last 2 years when I moved into this building. Initially, I was told to wait for a bill to be sent upon my wanting to put the bill in my name. Months passed I continued to pay average $70 month.

In February of last year I received a whopping bill for almost 200x more than I had been previously paying (avg. $40). I called and suggested to them that there must be a problem of some sort. Their only option was to enroll in the deferred or budget billing, of which I enrolled - I had to pay my monthly bill $45.60 - in addition to the amount broken up while on the plan an additional $50-80. I finally paid it off, thinking that if my bills are $60-75 dollars I'd rather just pay that than pay double, right?

So I did, and as of October last year I made what I thought was the final payment ($148.00) towards the budget billing payment. Hurray... I was free from additional fees. I continued to pay the amount billed to me $70-80 per month and two weeks ago I get a bill for $1,083.28 DUE IMMEDIATELY 4/15. NEEDLES TO SAY I WAS AGHAST. How could my bill have gotten so high?

Talking to Comed was not helpful at all, as far as they are concerned the $1,083.28 is due immediately. They claim the meter could not be read due to the dog - the dog was in the house during the winter and why could they not have called me so that I could let my landlady know of them being expected. That's baloney.

My frustration/question is this: How are they able to tell me what my average bill is $133.23 and NOT give me anything more than an estimated bill. I'd rather get an over-estimation and have credit than under estimation and have my service threatened with disconnection - wouldn't you? Actually I'd rather they get it right the first and every time.

As of 10 minutes ago (I was on hold for 40 waiting for a supervisor) after paying $75 - they demanded $245 - I have to re-enroll in the deferred billing at a rate of $92.33 for the next 12 months in ADDITION to my average/estimated bill - which they cannot tell me right now.

I asked for the name and address of the district manager. ** claims there isn't one but I can address a letter to a manager. I certainly will be writing them as well as the Lisa Madigan, and anyone else who will listen. I make $2,005 a month. I pay my bills based on monthly billing and have not received any disconnection or grossly inflamed bills other than from Comed. Comed is the only utility company that can charge whatever for whatever reason and demand you pay or have your utilities shut off. As far as they are concerned they don't make mistakes and we are held to their abuse - yes abuse.

They are aware that there is slight to no competition and they have us by the gonads. They can estimate, guesstimate, overrate, and not be held accountable. I have an infant and an asthmatic child and have paid my bills so that I would not be a in predicament. This is worse than taxes. It just doesn't seem right. I've already been through this and here we go again. Comed is a ripoff and the deregulation is a little too late. I've looked into Spark energy and wonder if they will be any better. Frankly, ANY company would be better than Comed. I am so tired of being VICTIM to Comed billing whims.

The ethics by which ALL of a corporate employees - even DRIVERS -should conduct business on behalf of ComEd/an Exelon company
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- There is NEVER a LEGAL 'reason' why any employee of a corporation with the size, consumer need for, and public identity of Commonwealth Edison Electric Co./an Exelon Corporation to WILLINGLY/ PURPOSEFULLY VIOLATE the rights of a disabled citizen - of a city or town that depends on same co./corporation to be the sole authorized/available provider of residential electric power - by ILLEGALLY parking either partly into or fully in someone's 'signed' Handicapped Permit parking spot in front of their urban dwelling.

This infraction is tantamount to parking so as to partially or totally blocking a resident's ingress to or egress from their driveway by parking a corporate vehicle totally or partially across their residence's driveway. I already have a hard-enough time getting around due to my long (since the age of 32 in 1994), permanently disabling very rare illness (Systemic Vasculitis with Necrotizing Peripheral Polyneuro-pathy) for which I have had/continue to need to have treatment utilizing strong/toxic chemothera-peutic infusions of Cytoxan/cyclophosphamide since that date.

Additionally, I can only 'walk' safely/uneventfully short distances using a four-footed cane. Any longer distance or lengthly duration of time requires me to use an electric four-wheeled 'scooter'/personal mobility device which is stored inside the back interior of my full-size, lift-outfitted passenger van.

If I need to use the PMD by itself to say go across the street from my residence to the Aldi grocery store, I (weather providing, as rain or snow do not allow me to operate the PMD outside due to moisture of any kind [rain/snow] being able to 'short' out the power supply of same) remove my PMD from the interior of my van using a lift arm to place it onto the street, so I also need 2-3 feet of space behind my vehicle in order to be able to do so, and then I am able to 'ride' my PMV on the street to the intersection nearest my home, cross the street at the crosswalk/street light, and get to the Aldi/shopping center in that manner.

Likewise, I have to be able to do the same in reverse when I return the PMD to its place inside my van - which ALSO entails being able to safely and with ease get back into my legally-parked vehicle in my properly signed (and also easy to see the signage defining) handicapped parking-by-permit parking spot. While you may think or feel that this complaint is someone who is overly frustrated and singleing out a big corporation and one of its' employees just because they are a big corporation, I can assure you that this is NOT the case here.

I simply believe that improper behavior or attitudes can never change or be changed unless the superiors or the company which employs such politically-incorrect and illegally-behaving/ acting employees act in concert to, through corporate 'sensitivity' training seminars for employees, make their employees aware of proper and legal acts/actions with regards to all those who are physically challenged ('disabled') and already face obstacles on a daily basis getting to and from the places they need or want to go to without having to have additional obstacles placed in their 'paths' by 'ignorant/careless' employees of the firm/corporation.

If it's not politically correct or legal to 'discriminate' against anyone based on their gender, race, etc. in the USA, why then should anyone who is unfortunate enough to have to live with a physical challenge on a daily basis ADDITIONALLY have to worry about having easy access to their own properly licensed/permitted vehicle simply because an employee of a GIANT corporation doesn't care enough to not infringe on their rights as disabled citizens?

StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

We spoke with ** to book the property. In our first conversation with **, she mentioned the rate must have been reduced because the balcony would be closed due to painting. When we balked at making the reservation and told her we would would talk it over, she immediately called back to say the balcony would not be closed until after June 23, our departure date. She stated the reduced price was due to a last minute cancellation. We were also "assured" the balcony would not be inaccessible. In good faith of what we were being told, we went ahead and booked the condo.

However, on the third day of our stay, our 15 year old daughter walked into the condo to be greeted by three men. They had entered the unit without any notification to us. They had brought all balcony furniture inside the living room and were bringing equipment through the condo to the balcony. We were then notified the balcony would be closed off for the remainder of our stay due to the contractors needing to drill the concrete on each balcony (not just painting, but drilling). Even worse, our balcony would be the main support and storage for the scaffolding and equipment used on each unit.

We were woke up each morning with drilling so loud we could not hear one another inside the condo. We could not even open the drapes due to all the eyesore equipment on our balcony, not to mention men. We contacted the owner, **, and were told in an email, "We have 2 months (June and July) to try to make money to carry over for the rest of the year and now to have repairs to deal with these two months, is unimaginable." Obviously the owner is willing to take all measures necessary to get the unit rented. Even if it means being dishonest.

They have refused to issue any type of credit due to the major inconveniences we have experienced. Which confirms to me, they are needing to "make money" at everyone's expense. We rented a gulf front unit with full use of the balcony in good faith that was what we were getting. Our once a year beach vacation was not the stress free, peaceful vacation we had hoped for. Had we known the events that were to take place, we would have rented a different unit or property. We have rented from others on VRBO over the past several years and have never been disappointed. This was certainly an eye opener.

Just plain bad
By -

JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- Just too many horror stories for me to list with this company but I'll use my all-time favorite. I came home one day from work to no electricity. When I called to report an outage, I was transferred to customer service who told me our service was disconnected due to a past-due bill of $154.00. I tried to explain to them that this was a mistake and we just paid our bill and it wasn't anywhere near 154. They kept insisting that's what it said on their computer and their computer is never wrong. I was forced to pay the bogus $154.00 over the phone along with a convenience charge just so I could get them to restore service which they said could take up to 72 hours.

After all was said and done with this nightmare and hundreds of dollars in food spoiled and a hotel stay because of the heat, here they transposed one of our account numbers while processing our payment and credited someone else's account. 6 months later it happened again with the account number mix up but at least we weren't disconnected. Our electric service is unreliable and basically a joke. All this, and a hefty rate increase.

High rates bad service!
By -

We live in a rural area and one night the neighbors powerline came lose from his house. It wasn't storming, but the wires were live and laying across the road. I called Com ED in ALL 7 times, and every time they said they were going to send someone out right away. An hour later my husband got off work, drove home as far as the wires would allow. He sat there for four hours waiting on them. Finally I called the sheriff's department. A guy who worked for comEd heard the report on his home scanner and he called Com ed to see if they wanted him to fix the downed wires!?! Good Lord!

Over charge
By -

ILLINOIS -- I cannot believe what I am being charged for the electric I use. My Feb. bill was an estimated bill for $324.00 and my last bill for Mar. was a meter read bill for $270.00 and these charges are for a 1100 sq. ft. house and I have added nothing electric to my home.

I would say that in the past, my average bill from ComEd was around $120.00 per month. When I took a look at the past billing I noticed that the only fee that changed on my bill was something called a franchise fee which went from $30.00 to $76.00. I am living on a fixed income (retired) and because of these outrageous bills, have been force to do without some of the comforts of life. I wish there was someone who could investigate this company for their outrageous charges.

Inability to listen & follow through.
By -

BLOOMINGDALE, ILLINOIS -- I moved out of state for a job and notified Com Ed of this. Since I had just made a payment, there wasn't a huge balance for my final bill that I requested be sent to my mother's home. I figured it would be faster making payments that way rather than waiting for the mail to be forwarded. Com Ed never sent final bills, either to my mother or through the lengthy postal service forwarding system. However, they were quick to send me to collections for $25.27 and make my life miserable. Both my mother and I had called three (3) times to get a final bill and were told the same thing over and over. We mailed it. Well, if you mailed it, it would have been paid.

For a lousy $25.27, they would try to ruin a person's credit when all they insisted was to get a final bill so it can be paid. It cost them more to send this lousy bill to collections and it would have been to just write it off, or perhaps, send the FINAL BILL. How simple and economical that would have been. Com Ed, you do not deserve any rate increases, pay increases for your employees who cannot follow very very basic instructions. After 4 months, I finally cleared this up, but only after it went to collections and was part of my credit history. Thank you Com Ed.

Bad Billing Practices
By -

I was living in a walk-up in Chicago with my husband. We paid our electric bill faithfully and never had a problem with their service. We even continued to pay after both my husband and I faced lay-offs at our companies. I opened the bill one day expecting to see the usual amount that we owed or close to it. The bill was over seven hundred dollars! I was shocked. I immediately called and tried to find out if it was some sort of mistake. But they told me that it was not. Apparently I had been paying an "estimated" bill and that they had been unable to get into the building to check the meters.

I had no access to that part of the building as it was solely under the control of our landlord who was never reachable (except on rent day) and lived several cities away. I told them I had no access. "Well ma'am," they told me, "You should have called your landlord and told him to open the door." His number is clearly written on the building. I don't understand why they could not contact him. They told me it was my responsibility and since I had not done it, I was being charged with fees dating back over a year. And to this day, the balance is hanging over our heads, and my husband and I, though jobless, are trying to scrape money together to pay it.

Coal sourced from companies using mountaintop removal
By -

I just followed a link called My Connection, at the URL **. I have no reason to disbelieve their information that Com Ed sources coal from companies practicing mountaintop removal to get the coal they sell to Com Ed. Mountaintop removal ruins human communities, rivers and clean water supplies; destroys landscapes and ecosystems; and is a part of the recent sludge flood caused by a dam failure at a holding lake. We should be moving away from such destructive practices and investing in clean energy sources (nuclear isn't "the answer," either, unless fusion is perfected). I would like to know what Com Ed is doing to move in the right direction.

Shut-off notice assistance
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I would like to say that Com-Ed does not want to work with customers who show that they are trying to pay their bill, but are having financial difficult time. And we get a shut-off notice and go to Com-Ed for help and they tell you there is nothing that can be done - leaving children in winter with no lights or heat.. Sad that Com-Ed does not live up to their so called ComEdCares program...

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