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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I am a business owner and my mother got very sick. I had to close my business so I could take care of her. The bills for the business fell behind. I received a notice from Com Ed stating that they were going to disconnect my service if I did not pay my bill. My mother just passed away recently and I contacted Com Ed to ask them if they would work with me so I could open my business back up and send them money until I was caught up. They said that there was nothing that they could do for me because I was a business owner. I had to take all the products out of my store so nothing would go bad and prepare for disconnection.

I closed my business for good because they would not work with me. All this because they would not work with me and told me they were going to disconnect service and they ended up never disconnecting my service. Why did they do this to me? I do not understand why they did not work with me and now after all this time the service never got disconnected. They caused so much grief in my life and I am afraid to open my business back up again for fear of not knowing if they will disconnect service and I will lose all of my products. This is unfair treatment and I have a right mind to talk to a laywer about this.

When my business was in operation they came out to check my meter each month and pushed my dumpster against the back door of my business so we could not get out. This had to be reported 3 times until someone finally listened. They did not take this complaint seriously nor did they listen or have any compassion. In closure, they want to raise our rates for what? NOTHING in my book!!!

Just plain bad
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JOLIET, ILLINOIS -- Just too many horror stories for me to list with this company but I'll use my all-time favorite. I came home one day from work to no electricity. When I called to report an outage, I was transferred to customer service who told me our service was disconnected due to a past-due bill of $154.00. I tried to explain to them that this was a mistake and we just paid our bill and it wasn't anywhere near 154. They kept insisting that's what it said on their computer and their computer is never wrong. I was forced to pay the bogus $154.00 over the phone along with a convenience charge just so I could get them to restore service which they said could take up to 72 hours.

After all was said and done with this nightmare and hundreds of dollars in food spoiled and a hotel stay because of the heat, here they transposed one of our account numbers while processing our payment and credited someone else's account. 6 months later it happened again with the account number mix up but at least we weren't disconnected. Our electric service is unreliable and basically a joke. All this, and a hefty rate increase.

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