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2011 Lexus
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Rating: 2/51
BAYTOWN, TEXAS -- On August 16, 2014 I purchased a Lexus from Community Toyota. I paid all fees, taxes, license, registration and state inspection ($99. For inspection) the sticker was three months old at that time. They were supposed to mail my license and registration to West Virginia where I am under doctor's care. Six weeks later and still no registration nor license.

Their excuse now, is they lost the inspection form and I need to bring the car back to Texas to get it inspected. We are talking about a 1400 mile (each way ) trip. Normal expenses for this round trip is $ $1200, as I am handicapped and need at least 2 overnight rests. Again, like other reviewers, they don't return calls.
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Deceptive Sales Practices
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BAYTOWN, TX, TEXAS -- Purchased a used vehicle from this dealership Feb. 2008.

Was informed by 3 different sales persons that this vehicle had no damage, clean title, or had ever been in a wreck. I was even provided with a CarFax report with no wreck history.

When I arrived to purchase the vehicle I was informed that the Check Engine light had come on while they were prepping it for me. I also noticed that the vehicle had a cracked windshield. They subsequently repaired and drove the vehicle to me.

I would only a month later find out the vehicle had been in a previous wreck when I was showing a mechanic friend my car.

I contacted back my sales person informing him of what I had found out and that I would be sending him pictures of the vehicle. I asked to be compensated back for 50% of the vehicle value as I was misled and purchased a vehicle that was not worth near what I paid for.

Driver side damage from previous wreck
VIN painted over
Damage from previous wreck
Sales person went on to say he would have to speak with his manager and would contact me the next day. I never heard back from him and called him for the next two weeks with no answer to my calls or messages I left.

I finally got fed up and asked for a manager which was very rude and had a "couldn't care less" attitude toward my situation. He would later go on to inform me that he needed to speak to his manager and call me back.

In turn of course I never received a call back and would have to call back on my own again, only to speak to his manager and have to explain everything all over again.

This would drag on for another week and a half, which I would have to call every day because they would never contact me back. Finally I get an answer and only to be offered $500.00 of "depreciated" value. Manager stated that a vehicle would not lose that much value after a wreck. Which I would subsequently ask would he buy that vehicle for half of my purchase price which he wouldn't answer. He also stated that you can expect damage on used vehicles.

I couldn't grasp the audacity that he would say that...

Do not buy from this car dealership... Deceptive sales people and management & owners that DO NOT care...

Jeers for selling me a vehicle under false pretenses...
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 04/18/2008:
Unless you have rock solid proof that they knew the car had been in an accident, you don't have much to go on here. They ran a Carfax, it was clean. Chances are they took it in on trade and they weren't informed of the damage by the previous owner.

You didn't specify the year or model of the car, but a 50% reduction in value for repaired damage is shooting a bit high. You might see if you can negotiate up from their $500 offer and move on. Best of luck.
FoggyOne on 04/18/2008:
If a car was in a non-reportable accident (like running in a light pole) and the repair shop does not report it to CarFax then it looks clean. CarFax is a help but not a gospel. If the car is safe I don't think you have much recourse.
Aerocave on 04/19/2008:
Hugh is right on all points. You are being unrealistic expecting a "50% compensation" for the fact of this vehicle being in a prior accident. Many dealers (and customers) trust the reliability of a CarFax report...but this shows that these are sometimes inaccurate. Nevertheless, if the dealership (which many do) utilize the CarFax report to accurately relay information on a used vehicle to a customer--you cannot blame the dealership in this case. You are making too big of a deal about this.
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Toyota Deceptive Trade Practices
Posted by on
BAYTOWN, TEXAS -- Community Toyota
4701 Interstate 10 East Freeway
Baytown, Texas 77521-8884
Sales (800)260-9256
Service (281)839-7700

The $39.99 oil/filter change sounded too good to be true. It was!

After a recent oil/filter change at Community Toyota, Baytown, I rechecked the engine oil level and it was about one (1) inch above the "Full" mark. The oil was removed and measured, it was indeed well above the proper level. Also the removed "new" oil was very dark and smelly. The Community Toyota service manager said it would not hurt the engine to overfill it and was very discourteous.
How many unsuspecting Community Toyota customers, women, retired seniors, have to rely on these bozos to provide the proper level of service they pay this business to perform and receive this treatment in return???

Frank Ward
Baytown, Texas
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User Replies:
jjop on 12/16/2007:
That's too much to pay for an oil and filter change
Anonymous on 12/16/2007:
I have a Toyota and I change my own oil. It's way cheaper
JOHN GAULT on 12/18/2007:
The $39.95 charge is for an oil and filter change
and tire rotation.
JOHN GAULT on 12/19/2007:
First, let me say that I own several Toyotas and all are service at Community Toyota. The people
there are the most professional, dedicated, customer friendly dealership people around. They
are not perfect and will be the first to admit that. However, if there is a problem, they will
go out of their way to resolve it to the customer's satisfaction.

As for Mr. Ward's claims. I spoke with the dealership service people and got the scoop. The oil and filter were changed as well as a tire
rotation and vehicle check were done for the 39.95. This dealership is the least expensive option for virtually all Toyota services.

What Mr. Ward doesn't say is his oil change was done in September. Anyone with a clue knows that oil will get darker with age and mileage. He was offered another oil change and refused. He was asked "What can be done for him?". He answered "nothing". The dealership acknowledged that while unlikley, it was possible that an overfill happened. He was asked if the vehicle had any problems. He answered "no".

Mr. Ward came in 2 1/2 months after having the work
done and after going to an independent shop. He never gave the dealer any opportunity to deal with whatever the problem may have been.

Mr. Ward appears to be more interested in making
some obscure point than resolving the issue.
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