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Posted by Capnrico on 02/02/2007
Many time I have tried to book a flight to many different destinations. Rarely do they have any seats for the routes with $335 companion fare. Finally I got one from PWM to SAN 3/12/07 to 3/20/07 for $540+. When I searched through Travelocity the fare was $240 each person. This company is BAD!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-02-02:
I wouldn't say they are bad, just taking advantage of people who don't do the leg work first.

Therefore search Travelocity or Orbitz first. Then go directly to the airline web page to find a better fare and book it.
Posted by CATFISH DUNKLEBURGER on 2007-04-22:
I tried 14 different scenarios....all were "not available, didn't qualify...or were available for $502.00 for a $340.00 flight" (which are available through the airlines for $289.00) We got this through Bank of America....what a joke!!!
Posted by walnut on 2007-11-10:
I got a voucher from an American Express offer. I have tried numerous random dates some as far as 10 months out (tuesdays, wednesdays & saturdays as they suggest), but every flight search comes up none available. Even if I could find a flight the savings would most likely be minimal given the numerous blackout dates.

the voucher was essentially free - just a complete waste of my time.
Posted by pingel on 2008-07-15:
I got one of these Vouchers throught American Express. Tried to use it, and ran into the same issue. The company pretty much changes the price to twice the price of a ticket, and then if you are "stupid" enough to accept the price, not only do you use up the voucher, but you also pay for two tickets.

I tried just as an experiment to see how far out I had to book it in order to get the original promised rate, and I had to book it 4 month out !!! So it is possible to actually use it, but ...

I have learned so far: If you sign up for anything that will promise a voucher for a free airline ticket or a free companion ticket - only do that if you are interested in what they are offering - don't do it for the ticket. It is absolutely not worth your efforts and frustration.
Posted by Steve from Albany on 2009-08-22:
This company divides the country into zones and presets the price for travel within and between the zones ... for example: Flying from NY State to Tampa Florida (Zone 1 to Zone 7) is preset at $406 (August 22, 2009) ... however, to fly the same route via Southwest costs $218 round trip(online lowest price) ... adding in all the taxes etc. using the companion voucher would save a grand total of $10 ($466 vs $475) ... Yippee ... imho, what a ripoff !!!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-22:
Steve from Albany? Wow, do you know Eileen? (JK)
Posted by Heidi from AZ on 2013-03-14:
I have a voucher I'm trying to use. The biggest issue is, I usually fly Delta and get free checked bags with my American Express card. So If I could actually find a flight that was even $10 or $20 less, it would still cost more after paying the baggage fees. So my voucher will likely go unused.
Posted by maria from orange county on 2013-06-13:
its a total scam!!!!!!! Stay away
Posted by Janet from Morgan Hill, CA on 2013-06-27:
This company is a scam. I have tried to book travel using the voucher. the cost is either more or the same as buying 2 tickets on your own and if routes and times available are always very inconvenient. DO NOT do business with this company!
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Posted by Dangus00 on 10/13/2010
This is for a "buy one/get one free" deal where you buy an airline ticket and get a second one for free. This is very misleading as they jack up the price for the one ticket to the price of basically two tickets. For example: I was trying to fly from Louisville, KY to NYC - you can get one ticket online for like $229 roundtrip. At Companionbooking.com it cost me about $450 for one ticket. Oh, that's great - I get the second one free! I hate this company - I wish I hadn't gone to all the work to get this.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-13:
Thanks for the warning.
Posted by Hopeful on 2013-03-15:
I agree that this is misleading "Two tickets for one low price". When I was searching to go to Vegas which is a trip that I supposedly won, I was offered this travel voucher. When searching for flights and pricing, it seemed very high and I compared them to other travel websites such as Orbitz and priceline and found that companion booking was not discounted. Their prices were very similar, if not more than the other travel sites. It was disappointing and am convinced that this is very misleading.
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Don't Trust Companion Booking
Posted by Russ1000 on 01/07/2011
Companion Booking is a scam, don't fall for it. The deal is that you receive 1 free companion airline ticket when booking a full price ticket. This problem... is that that the cost of one full price ticket is MORE than the cost of 2 airline tickets directly from the airline. I'm not saying the cost of one airline ticket is through companion booking is the same amount as 2 tickets through the airline, I'm saying it's literally MORE than the price of 2 tickets. I've checked about 10 different vacation locations and dates, each of which is MORE than double the price of 2 tickets through an airline. The sad fact is that this was offered to me through American Express. I thought I was a loyal customer, but any company that purports to assert that the companion ticket is free is deceptive and misleading. I'm personally commencing a small claims case for $50 just for principal. Russ
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Posted by Skye on 2011-01-07:
Thanks for letting others know. The time to shop around for the best prices, should be before you make the final purchase, not after.

Bottom line, "Buyer Beware".
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-07:
Your complaint confirms what those who say book directly with the airline, hotel, etc. That is always the route to go. It is sometimes more to keep track of than booking all services on a travel website, but ends up saving the consumer money.
Posted by Ben There on 2011-01-07:
You can also buy full fares directly from the airline... that is what you get when you tick the boxes saying you want a flexible ticket.

People who want flexibility in their travel like business travelers or those that travel last minute often get full fare tickets. However, if you are the type of traveler that only flies a few times a year, don't need flexibility and plan far in advance, the price of a full fare ticket compared to advance purchase fares can be surprising.

American Express does a lot of business travel, so probably a lot of customers are used to full fares.
Posted by dan gordon on 2011-01-07:
I know Alaska airlines cc offers a companion ticket for $99 and there are no restrictions on fare basis. Delta started offering that on domestic tickets as well.
Posted by bob wolf on 2014-03-03:
I have to disagree with some of the comments stated. I am trying to take a trip to the west and,I found a round trip to my destination for over $700.00 with a discount of over $200.00 for a total of around $567.67. No problem here, maybe those people are from other travel sites.
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Not As Advertised-Blackouts No Matter When
Posted by Paris!!! on 02/05/2008
I have tried several times to make reservations and no matter what the date or place, it is always blacked out. This company falsely advertises and it is nothing but a scam!!! There is no way to get what you need at all.

Do not believe any ads for this company.
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Companion Booking.....Fraud Is It's Middle Name
Posted by Travels4fun on 05/06/2013
AGUORA HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- Upon receiving a voucher for BOGO from campionbooking. com from a company I deal with, I thought it would be nice to use to take a special vacation. However, If you read the restrictions on the voucher and what it does include and not include, there is a section on the front that says the "fare includes and estimate of all mandatory taxes, fees and surcharges", but in their terms and conditions it says many times you are responsible for those items. False advertisement. That is what got my attention, so I tried anyway just to see what would happen. After weeks of calling everyday to see if they had a flight available for my destination to no avail like most of you, I decided to look up the company to find an address or phone number. As rookie on the computer I stumbled on to this information and this how I found it. For those of you who is the IP look-up the first IP address is labeled for private internet access only. Here is the correct one that takes you directly to Geo info and you can go from there. 207.178.197251 or, you can use the following:

Look up companionbooking in Agoura Hills, Ca.
Click on companionbooking. com DA-Whois should be 6th header down.
This should take you to a cite the gives you the Domain info.
They are registered under Network Solutions LLC
Click on Whois and under companionbooking. com the Geo. info lists Internet Specialists Inc. Bankruptcy Info. You can see the docket filed, case number, assets, liabilities, judges name etc.
Then go to Internet Specialities lawsuits and read how in the past they were sued for fraud. I know legal writing is boring but this is extremely interesting and informative. Companion Booking is hidden with a Domain name of Network Solutions LLC and the parent company is Internet Specialities West Inc. It was a challenge for me, but, I did learn how to look up an IP address during this search.

So, if you can't seem to get a flight you want or the prices are cheaper on the internet now you know why. They don't want you to use the voucher because they can't afford it! I rate this company a big ZERO! Need I say more? Happy surfing!
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Airfare Is Doubled, There Is No Free Companionfare.
Posted by Pachie on 04/15/2014
Buy one get one free is a lie, the prices are doubled....a waste of time.
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