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Taken Advantage of

MIDDLE ISLAND, NEW YORK -- I have purchased 2 cars from this dealership and my father recently purchased an automobile from this dealership on my recommendation. My car is leased and was in accident. I needed my car inspected to get the check from my insurance company endorsed. I also needed a brake job and was planning on taking it to someone I have used for years and trust. Andy, the service manager, when I called to get a time to bring my car in for the inspection advised me to have my brakes done there. I brought my car in and was advised by Robin **.

He called me at around 10:00am to tell me that the brakes in had in my car were brand new but were 'defective' and the wrong ones for my car. He said my rotators were damaged as well. I asked him if he could give me the defective brakes and if he can put in writing what he told me so I could get my money back from the business I had the work originally done. He agreed to do so. He noted on my invoice 'Defective Front Pads Glazed and Noisy'. I paid twice as much to have this done at Toyota. I took the original brakes and my vehicle back to the place I had the work initially done at.

He removed my wheels and compared the brake pads and they were the same ones. The brake pads I was given back were not damaged nor defective upon looking at them. I called Robin ** at Toyota back to find out exactly what was wrong with the brakes so I could explain this to the mechanic. He then claimed he did not say they were defective. I said "you wrote they were defective". He said "I wrote that because they squeaked, thus meaning they were damaged and defective". This to me is a play on words and an obvious attempt to try to lie to me.

I also questioned why he told me they were the wrong brakes. And he said he just said they were not Toyota brakes, they were made of different materials and they do not recommend the use of these brakes. The brakes are manufactured by Bendex which is the same as Toyota brakes. I do agree my rotors needed to be fixed. But I did not need new brake pads. I now just purchased brakes 2 times in a couple of months. When I told him he was lying, he said 'Do your brakes work?' I replied yes and he said 'Then what do you want me to do?'. I said I want my money back.

He said "but they work and they didn't before, what's the problem". I said "I will explain to my mechanic what you said, thank you". To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: I feel that as a repeat customer, I was ripped off and lied to. I would like all of my money back $227.41. I feel that he used different wording to get himself out of a lie, and that he purposely uses this wording to confuse people and knows how to turn it around so that the customer is at a loss.

I am disappointed to say the least that I am a good customer of Toyota and did not appreciate being played with and taken advantage of due to my lack of knowledge on cars. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

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