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Worst Customer Service
Posted by on
I choose this company for data recovery because the Rep I spoke to, told me that they can recover data even if the drive is encrypted. I shipped a hard drive to them and called them when my hard drive arrived. I talked to a representative to find out when my hard drive will be looked at, and the representative told me the next day. I called the next day, and the representative told me that the tech will look at it that day. I called the next day, and the representative told me that the tech wanted to know who installed the encryption on my hard drive. Does it really matter who installed the encryption? The hard drive was sent to them because they claimed that they can pull data out of the hard drive even if it was encrypted. I told the representative that I installed the encryption. At this point I felt it was easier for me to talk to the tech to get all his questions answered. The representative told me that I could not talk to the tech and that the tech will have a conclusion on my hard drive issue by the start of a new week.

Week Two
Monday came and I ended up talking to Katie (the customer representative that happened to come back from vacation). Her Customer Service was terrible. When I first spoke to her, I wanted to find out the status of my case. She spoke to me in an aggressive tone of voice as if I was stressing or bothering her with my call. Katie told me that the tech is still working on my case. I asked her to ask the tech if the issue was with the hard drive components, and if so; can the tech place the hard drive data platter onto a new hard drive. She told me that she had to contact the tech to find out my case status and that the tech would call me. I called the next day because the tech never called me. Once again, Katie spoke to me in an aggressive tone of voice as if I was stressing or bothering her with my call. Katie told the tech is still working on my case. I asked her if she found out if my case issue was with the hard drive components. She responded to me in an aggressive tone and she did not attempt to understand what I said. She told me that she wrote exactly what I said, but I can tell in her voice that she was frustrated that I was calling everyday. She told me that a tech would call me if they have any questions. I called the next day, and as soon as I told Katie my case number, she spoke to me in an aggressive tone of voice as if I was stressing or bothering her with my call. She asked for my encryption password. I told Katie that I would have to work with the tech because the encryption password was based on a challenge and response system. Was again, she told me that a tech would call me if there was anything they needed. I called back 2 days later so that I could give them time to look into my hard drive issue. I spoke to Katie again, and now she spoke to me in an aggressive tone of voice with heavy frustration breathing as if I was stressing or bothering her with my call. She told me that a tech cannot call me to complete the challenge and response that is needed. She told me that the only way they can look at my drive is if I remove the encryption. This company is funny. If there was no encryption on it, then there would be no reason to send the hard drive to them. I told Katie that the customer service that I received was terrible and I tried to talk to her and explain why I felt this way. While I was talking to her, I could hear the phone being dropped to the table. When I heard the phone hit the table, I immediately said hello twice. When Katie heard no sound, she picked up the phone and spoke as if she was listening the whole time. I confronted her about what she did, but she denied it. When I told her that I said hello twice, she changed her story and said she was grabbing a pen to write down my statement. It should not have taken 2 weeks to find out that my hard drive cannot be worked on by a tech. If I spoke to a tech in the first place, then all of this customer care middle man stuff would not have been necessary.

Please be very careful when choosing this company. You should ask if you can talk with the tech about your hard drive issue. This company did not attempt to have the tech contact me. I lost two important weeks on an issue that should have been completed in less than 1 week.
Company Response 03/29/2010:
Hello Mr. Nole & all my 3 cents readers:

First off, we'd like to apologize for disappointing our customer in our services. We did not mean for this to be such a drawn out case and to be so frustrating for our customer. We strive to provide accurate and friendly customer service. So we do appreciate your feedback.

This case was a bit confusing in the way that it was handled. We could not access the user's information by our normal protocol. We made several attempts before contacting the customer to explain how his software was blocking all of our attempts. The drive was encrypted, which we all know can be extremely difficult unless accurate clearance is provided BEFORE beginning any kind of access procedure.

We did ask our customer for information regarding the media - obviously, the password. He could not provide it as the PointSec staff had a prompt and response procedure for allowing third party access to the drive. Our technicians do not work with customers by phone. We would have needed to send the media BACK to the customer, to have the customer do the encryption removal before even attempting to work with the drive.

This process seemed to prove far too time consuming, so both parties decided to have the drive re-issued to the customer. The customer opted to send in a prepaid shipping label to us. When we received the drive back from our lab (several days later) we shipped it to the customer.

We disagree with any accusation of "holding the drive captive." We service several hundred drives/media at a time and we do everything in bulk. For example, if one customer asks for their media back, we wait until the end of the week to see how many cases wish to be canceled, before collecting all of the drives and processing them in our shipping department. This is the reason for the delay, no other reason.

So once again we'd like to extend an apology to this customer, but readers, please understand we did not mean to make this such an ordeal. As you can see, encryption caused a lot of our time delay and we feel that the customer did not fully appreciate the extent to which we attempted to make this quick and painless. It was simply impossible.

Regarding our customer service team, we will take the appropriate action to ensure no future customer feels any sort of neglect or unhappiness regarding our staff.

Future or current customers, please feel free to contact our staff regarding any of your data recovery needs. We are more than happy to assist you as well as explain the sometimes time-consuming process that data recovery entails.

Call us, we can help!

Stephanie at CompuRecovery
866-424-5123 x 5007
Emergency Line, after hours: (440) 382-8826
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Anonymous on 03/19/2010:
You really needed to give them the password. Did they actually charge you for the time they had your drive?
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Credit Card charged; no service performed.
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EASTLAKE, OHIO -- I sent my hard drive to Compurecovery in 2008. My VISA account was immediately charged $1299.00 in October of 2008. I was told that they needed a donor drive and that the drive that I submitted was not common and it would take time to find it. I waited for almost 2 months with no response or communication about my drive. I found another company which had a donor drive available and requested Compurecovery send my drive back to me. I understood that they had some diagnostic time and freight charges to get the drive back to me, which I offered to pay ($100 and $25) respectively. An audit of my credit card revealed that Compurecovery had not credited my account. I contacted the Company and was told that a credit would be issued to me (May 2009) I was told it would take up to 2 billing cycles for the credit to post. In November 2009 I again contacted the company about my credit. I was told that someone would look into it. In April 2010, I contacted the company and spoke with Katie. She said that she would check with someone in accounting and let me know. I received no response so I called the company on May 25, 2010. Again I spoke with Katie. Today she told me that I was not due a refund because they fixed the drive and returned it to me. I said that they had not fixed the drive, another Vendor was able to repair it and that I was due a refund. I asked to speak with someone else and she said that she would talk to someone and took my telephone number. That was 2:49 PM on May 25, 2010. It's 7:25 PM and I have not received a phone call or other response. I sent emails to support, sales and at 4:30 PM. Again, I have not received a response or acknowledgment. If Compurecovery had completed the work, why would I have sent the hard drive to another vendor and paid them (substantially less than what Compurecovery charged me in advance of providing the service) I am awaiting the response from Compurecovery and will update as necessary.
Company Response 06/01/2010:
This case is actually much more simple than as is displayed here.

The customer sent his hard drive in for the data recovery service. We examined the drive, we found the issues to be mechanical. We explained to the customer that DONOR drives (twin/identical drives) would be needed to ATTEMPT the data recovery procedure. The customer agreed, to the non-refundable donor drive purchase fees, which were tied into the $1299 service price. We have a signed copy of the agreement, stating that the fees are non-refundable, under any circumstances. The customer agreed, signed and issued the data recovery process to begin.

We completed the data recovery, using several donor drives, each costing around $250.00 each. We moved the recovered data onto an external drive and prepared the package for shipment. The customer suddenly, when he found out the procedure was complete, attempted to cancel. Keep in mind, he had already signed and agreed to our terms WEEKS earlier. So he let us do the work, with the expensive parts, and waited 2 weeks before notifying us of having second thoughts. We apologized for the inconvenience, but explained that the work is non-refundable and he said he understood. So we sent the external drive, with all of his recovered data, back to him.

As far as we knew, he was satisfied, but then two years after the fact, he calls us to complain and wants a refund.

Non-refundable work done and completed is just that. Non-refundable. We cannot reverse time, and we apologize that the customer feels like we owe him something. The terms were agreed upon, he signed the agreement and then tried to get a refund from us. This is the exact reason why we have everyone sign the terms, and we make sure they understand the terms of the agreement.

If there are any questions, we can be reached at or at 866-424-5123. Thank you!
Company Response 06/02/2010:
I made a mistake in the first posting. I apologize. The customer contacted us after the work was performed. After the recovery was performed, the price was approved and the signed authorization form was sent to us he contacted us via email 2 weeks later, stating that he found a back up drive with the data he needed. However, the work was already done, so we cannot provide a refund after the time and labor exerted to complete the case.

Thank you.
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User Replies:
BEJ on 05/25/2010:
Dispute the charge with your credit card company.
grandma005 on 05/25/2010:
The time limit is up to dispute the charge with with ConpuRecovery and that is why the Company is giving her the run around. They know that her credit card will do nothing.
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Thank you!
Posted by on
EASTLAKE, OHIO -- I looked up the closest locations that offered data recovery, and I found CompuRecovery on google. I looked at their website but wanted to call to speak to someone instead of trying to understand the terms and fill out the forms (I'm lazy and I was in a hurry!)

The Geek Squad at Best Buy in Olmsted Falls, OH told me that they could not do anything with my flash drive, that it was beyond their service technicians' expertise. So they actually told me about three companies: "major company 1 on google, major company 2 on google" (I don't know if saying their names is against the rules here... and last and NOT least, CompuRecovery. The first two companies told me that Toshiba drives only had a 50/50 shot and that they would charge me $149 (and one of them said $199!) just to LOOK at the media. This rang false, so I called CompuRecovery and spoke with Stephanie (did not get a last name).

She said I could drop it off that day and she would personally make sure the technicians saw it first thing in the morning. I didn't make it out to their facility until AFTER their scheduled closing time but they waited for me, which added to my confidence in a LOCAL, friendly firm.

The next day I received an email report of the problem with the media and as I was reading the email my cell rang and a technician wanted to discuss our options for the drive. He explained what would be done and how to go about moving the data onto another drive, which I also purchased from CompuRecovery at a fair price, considering if I ordered it for cheaper online it would delay my already impatient situation.

The price was more than I thought data recovery cost, but they explained that a clean room facility would be used. I didn't know what this was and now I do because I asked. They managed to get the data, send me screenshots of the recovered data and they waited until I came to their office again before billing me, so I could see them hook up my new external drive and show me how all the files were not corrupt or not missing.

This was done in a matter of 8 business days. This kind of service is so appreciated. I waited a month to write this review, to see if they would send me a follow up email seeing if everything was okay, and I received it this morning. So gold stars all around for CompuRecovery. Thanks for helping me and I will tell ALL of my friends.

Fran Takacs
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Big ripoff
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EASTLAKE, OHIO -- Do NOT use Compurecovery. Despite what was written by someone from the company, the previous reviews are correct. I was given an estimate of $199 and then when they got my drive they said it would be $2500. They said there was no guarantee they could fix it so I told them to send it back. Next I get an email saying they had a way to recover my data for $500, the same data they said couldn't be recovered. I have been asking for them to return my drive and now they want $45 to ship it back when it cost me less than $10 to ship it there for their "free" analysis. These guys have trouble speaking English and still have not released my drive. I will report them to the AG and the FBI. Holding my drive hostage is identity theft.

As of 5/29, compurecovery has attempted to get my posts removed as "slander". It would only be slander if it were not true, which it is. If Compurecovery wants to come after me, HAVE AT IT. I have receipts from Reliable Runners, and can get the courier and the agent to both verify all events, and emails from COmpurecovery and can prove everything I have written. Compurecovery should be avoided.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 05/19/2009:
I believe you 100%, voted helpful. Good luck.
cpurecovery on 05/21/2009:
Message for the user (compurecovery sucks), first. If you are/were a customer of Compurecovery you would KNOW that we NEVER GIVE out quotes over the phone!! Note: How can ANYONE give out an ESTIMATE when they haven't seen the product perform??? Duh?? So, Your ESTIMATE of $199 is completely BOGUS and FALSE!! Secondly, We don't issue out a price to you until you are 100% satisfied with the Media Evaluation report and then we will send you a AUTHORIZATION Form that ONLY you can Either approve or deny if you want us to provide the services or not. Thirdly, (and this is definitely a bunch of crap!!) Shipping and handling is a optional service!!! YES!!! NEWSFLASH!!! OPTIONAL!!! You can either pay us $45 dollars to ship your drive back or send us your own inexpensive label to ship your media back. It is entirely your choice!!! Finally, just to keep things legitamite for all of the world to see. What was your CASE# for service?? I would really like to expose your issue and help you if it is something that legitamately needs to be look into. Keep in mind, if things are legitamite, we will do everything that we can to help you. We will be more than happy to support or help anyone that legitamitely needs it. However, all of this other stuff needs to go!! If we are wrong, then we will post an apology, then a remedy for resolution. However, if you are wrong, then you should remove your complaint. So, Please post your CASE#.

Lead CPURecovery Technician
MRM on 05/21/2009:
Its good to know the other side of the story.
Soaring Consumer on 05/21/2009:
Something tells me this is a bogus explanation in an attempt to make the OP look bad. Remember this company has an F rating with the BBB.
BokiBean on 05/21/2009:
Indeed it does, Soaring. Getting an F must take extreme dedication and work! You've almost got to be single-minded about it...
MSCANTBEWRONG on 05/21/2009:
Wow! Just based on your responses, which sound snide and condescending, would keep me from ever doing business with your company. F or no F...
jktshff1 on 05/21/2009:
ccovery, I hope your boss doesn't see this. You realize you aren't helping things with your attitude.
cpurecovery on 05/22/2009:
Wow!! (OMG!!) All of you guys that are responding harshly, really are a piece of work!! It is funny, almost crazy that everyone here on this thread jumps on the "Fallen Consumer" bandwagon!! What is nuts, is that everyone in this thread and on all of these complaint sites are doing what is expected: which is VENTING!! However, when I chose to VENT and share MY 3 CENTS, NOW WE are sounding "SNIDE" and "Condescending"!! Unbelievable!! No one made any comments/responses to Mr.(so-called)"Soaring" Consumer when he slandered and demeaned our Company for no reason? Did they?? "What a double standard!! The Truth is, is that what I said is in no difference than what anyone is posting here. Also, Note for user: (mscantbewrong) The sole reason for my "so-called" snide response is that I am un-happy and TIRED of seeing people posting FALSE information about our company and using it as a slander tool to hurt businesses. I take a lot of pride into my work and love my job and will DO EVERYTHING in my human Power to help anyone that is deserving so. So, if you, user: (mscantbewrong) don't want to do business with us based on my response, then I am utterly sorry for that. We do very good work here, and I evaluate everything as if it was my own. What I am most surprised about all of this, is that NO-ONE, I MEAN NO-ONE is asking for the FACTS of all of these BOGUS COMPLAINTS to make sure that they are even real problems!! I am CHALLENGING any/all customers that has a legitamite problem with their recovery or our company to LIST YOUR CASE# so that we can allow everyone to see how we handled the issue. Sound fair?? I will even admit any fault of our own if there was any, here on this site. But, Please LIST YOUR CASE#!! I believe in posting the Truth and so should everyone else!!


Lead CPURecovery Technician
BokiBean on 05/22/2009:
cpure, care to explain away the F rating that Better Business Bureau gave you? Are those fake complaints too?
DebtorBasher on 05/22/2009:
I have to give kudos to cpurecover's first response. Not many reps from a company will provide feedback or their side of an issue. I don't see him as 'snide' but I do see that he wants some facts to back up the complaint made towards his company. I can't say I blame him for that, with all the complains I've dealt with over the NCO complaints, I have to say I understand him. If what the poster claims is true, then he'd have no problem giving more info so he can get the help he needs or apology if one is owed to him. But I honestly don't believe the poster of this complaint is going to provide that info online or privately.
BokiBean on 05/22/2009:
Come on Basher, we're talking about a company with an F rating with the BBB. Apparently, even when provided with all the details of a complaint through an intermediary, they can't get it right.
Slimjim on 05/22/2009:
As luck would have it cpurecovery, I popped by. Anyone who knows me here will attest I'm usually skeptical of complaints and tend to wonder what really happened. I've been in business many years and am well seasoned by unreasonable customers, as well as, disgruntled ex-employees. I don't care how well a business is run, neither of the above are avoidable.
Onward. This compliant is similar to the other one here. It is probably legit, but there is no compelling evidence that it isn't a competitor or bad ex employee writing both. cpurecovery is passionate about the attack on his company so who knows. A little benefit of the doubt could be extended since no one here knows what happened when the day is done.
Two things said are valid. cpurecovery, you are a computer guy first I'm guessing and business correspondence isn't your best asset. Take it to a higher level when rebutting to give your place more cred. Also, do something about that F rating. To get one of those, you must be blowing off BBB complaint(s). A competitor didn't cause you harm there. Where there is smoke, they say.
compurecovery sucks on 05/22/2009:
I have news for you all. The compurecovery guy is full of crap. They email you after they get the drive that it will be $2500 and then when you start to complain, the price starts to drop.

I emailed them after they wanted $45 to send the drive and told them I was sending a courier to pick up the drive, since I did not trust them with a credit card (and you shouldn't either). WHen the courier arrived, they refused to give him the drive, and then tried to refuse me when I called. "We don't do that", they said. After I demanded to speak to the owner and being put on hold, they gave up the drive.

I went to Best Buy and got an enclosure and despite bad sectors, I have recovered almost all of my data. $2500? NEVER.

If you doubt my story, you can call Liz at Reliable Runners, the courier service I called since I am out of state. She can tell you how Compurecovery refused to give up the drive. And the enclosure...for about $60 at Best Buy you can get a Rocketfish.

If you believe anything that comes out of Compurecovery, after all the BBBcomplaints and stories like mine, including those about credit card abuses, you do so at your own peril.

I'll keep my 5 digit(13xxx) Compurecovery ID number between myself and the Attorney General. I don't want to talk to Compurecover, now or ever.
cpurecovery on 05/22/2009:
Message for user: (compurecovery sucks), you have me curious. I am confused and disturbed at the same time by your post. You claim to have a Case#, but you will only post it with the Attorney General office?? Why not here?? What is the difference?? All I want to do is try to resolve your issue that (OMG!!) had to escalate all the way to the Attorney General!! What did we do?? Did we keep your drive?? or better yet, did you NOT receive your drive back timely?? This needs to be exposed!! Sir, just for the record, we (just like everyone else) do have a shipping policy/procedure in place to protect your merchandise/data. However, if you sent a courier to our address unexpectantly, we probably wouldn't release the drive. We do on the other hand accept pre-paid faxed or emailed shipping labels from the customer to ship back. In all likeness, without even knowing who you are: I APOLOGIZE TO YOU that you didn't receive your drive back timely. Is this why the Attorney Generals Office and everyone here needed to see this?? Quick question, if we did evaluate/diagnose your drive with the estimate for $2500 which is a lot of money, then your drive would NOT been diagnosed by BEST Buy with an enclosure for having only Bad Sectors!! Com'on, Who's leg are you trying to pull!! Sounds fishy to me!! I can't imagine why you wouldn't have tried that first, and sending it in to Best Buy for $60. Especially if you thought the drive only had bad sectors. I would really like to know who you are and what your case# is so that I can telly everyone the TRUTH!! Or so I can explain our side of the story. I can bet that your drive had some mechanical failure or severe issue for us to quote you $2500, but not bad sectors!! We handle those cases all day for $119 or more depending on the data size. Your story is VERY incomplete!!! And for the record, if Best Buy restored / recovered most of your data for $60, then GOD Bless You!!! However, believe me, DON'T Go on this site praising the GEEK-SQuad for providing the ultimate recovery solution for $60 dollars, because I can guarantee you that they will NOT provide professional higher end services and may cause more harm to your media than good. They ARE NOT CERTIFIED PROFESSIONALS IN THIS LINE OF WORK!!. Where they provide only a 50% chance of recovery, we provide 98% chance of recovery. It is totally up to you guys!! Trust who you will!! I have stated my peace, and I have offered to be upfront with you, but you still hide behind your demeaning user id: compurecovery sucks. I'm sure you will leave a lot of people wondering why you didn't try Best Buy in the first place though!! You know, CompuRecovery is a DISASTER-RECOVERY data center. We handle big and small jobs, but mostly 2nd or 3rd tier level jobs. We handle jobs that Best Buy CANNOT HANDLE!! If you wish to leave your case# privately, then please do so. Why not even give us a call?? Have you tried that?? Oh well, do what you want to do. I just don't like falsely led posts!! NOT COOL!!


Lead CompuRecovery Technician
Slimjim on 05/22/2009:
Sorry cpurecovery, but you are losing me. By the accounts of this complainant, you should know who he is. If not, you have way too many unhappy customers at a given time. How many BBB complaints did you get recently that you can't decipher which one was this poster's. I think the deciding factor for me is your BBB F rating. Either you are not even responding to that large amount of BBB complaints or not very well. My guess, both.
Also, you want him to contact you, but won't even give your first name to identify yourself? Stealthiness doesn't command a warm and fuzzy either.
Slimjim on 05/22/2009:
^^ once again, I cry bs! You know, damage control is definitely not your guys specialty.
BokiBean on 05/22/2009:
Let the parade begin... *yawn*
Soaring Consumer on 05/22/2009:
You need to quit making excuses. They are legitimate complaints and that is the truth.

After all, you shouldn't have a problem with a customer contacting the Office of the Attorney General. If you are willing to cooperate with him and are doing the right thing, what is there to worry about?

I am not slandering and demeaning you. I am telling the truth based on the truthful resources and your words, which indicate at this point that you are desperate for an easy way out. Obviously there is a reason for my posts since you are busy ripping off customers and you have an F rating with the BBB that supports my side. Its not slander if there is reasonable cause to believe it is the truth.

It's not cool huh? Feeling the heat now aren't you? You know what to due to fix this, yet your measly attempt to remain defiant is only hurting your reputation ever more.

It is quite humorous watching you threaten all of the complaint websites that host complaints about your company's poor practices with the same threats of legal action that you posted here. Oh my, what are we going to do, we are so scared. NOT!!!

And now I see that you just registered another account in a futile attempt to glorify yourself. Hilarious.
compurecovery sucks on 05/22/2009:
The compurecovery tech apparently has trouble reading English. I made it clear I bought the enclosure and recovered the data myself. They had my drive for a month and I called 3 separate times and asked for it to be returned and got no drive, otherwise I would not have had to hire a courier to go and get it.

As far as the Attorney General is concerned, any business with as many complaints this one, including reports of identity theft/stolen credit card numbers, needs to be investigated.

Your attempts to sell me $2500 in repairs, to replace the heads, to charge me $600 in clean room charges, were unnecessary and based on your analysis of my drive, which I will past here:>>>>>>

We have completed all diagnostics on your media: Hard Disk

Your media has severe physical failures. The crashed media has a lot of

damaged sectors as well.

When the platters spin up, they rotate at anywhere between 3,600 rpm and 7,200 rpm.

To the head, the platter seems to be moving at about 150 mph, and a very thin cushion of air forms between the head and the platter so that the head "flies" over the platter. If even the smallest bit of dust makes its way onto the platter, the flight is disrupted and the head "crashes" into the platter, scratching it. The crash, of course, sprays a lot more dust and debris onto the platter.

That is common way for a drive to fail.

On average, a drive fails after the specified number of hours, with half of the drives lasting more than that and half lasting less.

It may still be possible for us to recover your data, in order for us to proceed we would need a confirmation either by e-mail or by phone from your side

as soon as possible.

From the moment we receive your confirmation the recovery

process will begin. However we cannot always guarantee a totally

successful recovery as well as maintain the time frame promised.

Price for the recovery comes to $2499.00.


If you deal with Compurecovery, you do so at your own risk. You can do MUCH BETTER.
Soaring Consumer on 05/22/2009:
Voted your comment helpful.

This staff member has revealed his company's true colors to us too:
compurecovery sucks on 05/29/2009:
Moved From Other Review: My experience with this company has terrible, and will be reposted here soon and on as many other sites as I can find. I am not alone:

Rated "F" by Cleveland Better Business Bureau.
ziny on 07/03/2009:
Doing some basic research on compurecovery's website found some interesting details: NONE of the people or companies on the 'testimonials' page could be verified. They have one 'client' named 'Brier & Frier Intellectual Property Lawyers' that does not exist anywhere, it was a complete fabrication, as were all the others.
They also claim to have existed for 9 years but the WHOIS info on their website shows they only created it in 2007.

Just reading their website with grammatical errors means they can't afford a proofreader and have a limited grasp of English. It looks like one guy runs it out of his basement.
Soaring Consumer on 07/03/2009:
Very good find Ziny.
ziny on 07/03/2009:
S-consumer, what is disheartening is they happen to come up at the top of Google searches for "data recovery" along with a very prominent quote of $119 for their supposed services. That's why I had to perform some due diligence on them, which is how I found this site as well.
Anonymous on 07/03/2009:
Yep, I would say CompuRecovery is pretty much full of crap. They claim 9 years in biz and yet have only been in business since 2 22 2007. Things are not adding up here.
BokiBean on 07/04/2009:
Well ziny, stick around! That was a neat little piece of detective work...
cpurecovery on 07/06/2009:
You guys have got to be kidding me!! I mean I cannot believe what I am reading!! As I said before in my prior posts, if you are actually a customer and have a legitamite problem with our company, then by all means post your CASE# to validate your complaint!! Otherwise you are considered to be a BORED individual who likes to just get a rise out people!! It is just that simple!! I mean, (Ziny)- Who are you and why didn't you just simply call us if you had questions about our company?? I mean if you have questions about our company and the time that we have been in existence, we could have helped you easily understood about our company history and concerns a lot easier by just calling us instead of posting your phobia's about using our company's services. I mean it is simple, (Not to steer you away or anything) but, if you don't feel comfortable about using our services, then simply use another company to recover your data!! Again, I am NOT stating this point to steer you away from us, but just making a point that it is not proper to post negative comments on issues that you are uncertain about. First off, We have been in business for over 9 years however, just didn't incorporate our business and website until 2007. We are a LLC company and actually have about 15 years of experience in the data recovery business. The company Brier & Frier Intellectual Property Lawyers was a very good customer of ours, however since 09/2008 have changed their name. Also, all of our testimonials are all 100% real and can easily be verified, but to protect their confidentiality and the privacy of our customers, we don't display complete detailed information. FYI - to you (Ziny) or anyone else wanting to "perform some due diligence" on us, our customer service number is 1-866-424-5123. Yes, our prices can start out at $119, but we technically do NOT offer prices without witnessing your media in house first!! OUR TECHNICAL EVALUATION OF YOUR MEDIA IS FREE!! After that, if our quote on the services to retrieve your media is not satisfactory, then by ALL means you get your media back!! You, however (the customer) are responsible for shipping (you can provide your own labels) to save $$$. This would have been explained to you (Ziny) if you would have called us. In this reply, If I sound a little bit sarcastic or bitter, I apologize. I just know how passionate we are about our jobs here and our business. I just get irratated to see these annoying, fruitless comments about our company "posted here just for fun-bashing". (Ziny)- Next time, try calling first so that you will get a better understanding. As for the other "bandwagon web-bashers" (superbowl, bokibean, s-consumer, and whoever else), I hear that the local pound is giving away free puppies to cure your BORDEM!! You guys need to occupy yourself with something useful other than finding our company in your Crosshairs!! Believe me, there are a LOT more useful things for you to do other than waste your time/day posting comments about us. The funny thing is that NONE of you (superbowl, bokibean, s-consumer, and whoever else) are not even our customers or have any affiliation with us!! If you are our customer, then Generally, We will bust our tail ends to make sure that we do everything to recover your data expediciously and completely to make you satisfied. If you are NOT our customer and just enjoy "chiming" in to the fray of negativity, then I suggest directing your energy towards something useful such as taking your wife or girlfriend on a loving walk or read a book or something!! I don't know, Get a life!! Something other than this!!! Oh well, I have expressed enough here. Please just call us to express your concerns or questions about us. 1-866-424-5123
Anonymous on 07/06/2009:
Yawn... Cpurecovery, still trying to perform damage control? Go back to school and learn how to write. Proper sentence and paragraph structure can be your friend. No one is going to read that rambling mess you posted above, the OP has pretty much knocked the silly out of you.
Soaring Consumer on 07/06/2009:
I am having fun watching this guy dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole.
cpurecovery on 07/08/2009:
Like I said, You negative guys are extremely BORED and need to find something else constructive to do!! All customer's or people that have issues with us, PLEASE CALL 1-866-424-5123 before stating a ridiculous post here or anywhere!!


Anonymous on 07/08/2009:
jktshff1 on 07/08/2009:
cpure, yep, I did it yesterday and today and they are blaming the north koreans!!! Lots of fun and made the news.
jmoh on 09/22/2013:
I dealt with Compurecovery and they kept the 32G SD card. They wanted another card, which I sent them, to put the recovered data on. I got that card back but not the original. When I talked to them about it they promised to send it back. NEVER GOT IT AND NO REPLY FROM THEM!!!!!
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