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Unprofessional/Unsatisfactory Customer service and store policies
By -

BRANDON, FLORIDA -- Unprofessional and downright poor customer service at the store below.

17 April 2010. Store Number: ST7N0028 363 SALE. CompUSA - Brandon FL. 11211 Causeway Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511. (813) 681-7778. Concerning: Product, Kingston 64gb DataTraveler. $165.99. $ 11.62. $177.61.

Thank you for taking time to read this as I rarely write these types of letters. My name is ** and I am a retired NASA engineer and a disabled Gulf War veteran. I however do a lot of tech work 'on the side' and while I order a lot of things online I spend hundreds of dollars at CompUSA on a pretty regular basis. I want you all to know that I now intend on doing my best to avoid having to use CompUSA for ANY more of my business and I insure you my colleagues feel the same way! Here was the last straw:

I recently had yet another very poor experience at my local CompUSA. I was having trouble with my second KingstonĀ® 64 Gigabyte 'Thumb' Drive. Like the first one it became unreadable on all four of my computers even with different operating systems. While I had every pretty much backed up the process of storing programs and processes on each thumb drive took about 28 hours total. Well needless to say I was not very happy and just decided I wanted my money back with no questions asked. I went to the 'tech station' and informed the tech on duty that the disk was defective and I just wanted a refund.

I had the original packaging, the receipt dated 4/02/10 from the same store which was well within a 15 day possible purchase deadline. Well the tech did not even bother to check it and just sent me to a 'front' register to get my refund. The clerk at the front desk (**) looked at the thumb drive and proceeded to ring out/up the refund amount. I do not recall if the clerk called him over or he just stepped in but a manager by the name of "**" took the drive and said "I cannot give you a refund until it is tested"? I asked: "why didn't the tech over there [pointing to the tech desk] just send me here then without testing it when I informed him of my issue??"

Mr. ** totally seemed to ignore my question and told me that he would have to test the drive. ** then walked over to a register, inserted the drive and said to me that he could not access it. I replied "of course you cannot access it sir I told you and everyone else it is DEFECTIVE". He told me again that he had to check the drive but the reason it did not work at the register is because of a 'security' lock out on the register. Incredulously, I then had the nerve I guess to ask him "well why did you check it there then instead of a terminal that you know would work??"

His reply: "Even though I cannot access it due to the security issues at this register I know it works because I could see the drive letter saying 'removable drive". I told him that it says that on all of my computers too but it is still not accessible! I also submitted to him that I have purchased several drives like this in the past and when they are working correctly the moniker on the drive letter is always "KingstonĀ®" and not the generic "removable drive" name.

He then started to lecture and 'talk down' to me about the procedures that CompUSA *must* go through to verify that this drive is bad - I cut him off and said "I'm not shopping here anymore just give me my refund and let me go about my business". I just want my refund and you can do ALL the checking you need when I am out of here." No such luck - how DARE a simple customer get away without following store policy! I finally got my refund of a $177.24 cents and left the store as quick as I could after the usual CompUSA 'door guard officerette' approved my hasty exit by checking my papers and writing the usual 'kryptic kode' on my receipt.

Just a note about 'yours truly' here, I am a pretty outgoing, patient and ebullient person with a smile for everyone but alas this has not been my first poor experience with the CompUSA management I informed another manager by the name of **. I received NO apologies, NO real satisfaction, was treated like a second class customer when I plainly am spending more than the average ** (no pun intended.) Where do you dig up these guys?? I appreciate your reading this drawn out letter but I felt compelled to write it that way because if something is not said then it is "my" fault if the issue is not fixed.

I formerly request at least an email back from you people or I will have an editor 'touch this up' and I will be submitting everywhere including the Better Business Bureau.

CompUSA Very Negative Experience
By -

NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS -- I'm typing this message in order to bring to somebody's attention the very negative experience I had at the CompUSA Naperville, IL store. I've been a long time customer and have purchased many items at the store without an issue. On Oct 27th my wife purchased a JVC video recorder for my son as a Christmas present. The box was not opened until Christmas morning when my son opened his present. Unfortunately the device did not work. I immediately the following morning brought the item back to the store.

The manager was called to review the purchase and would not return the item or exchange the item. Since the item was a Christmas present I would have though the manager would have made an exception to the 30 day policy. It was not like I ordered it online or was using it and then it broke. The item was broken from the day it was opened. He refused to return the item and told me to send it back to JVC. Now my son needs to wait another 4-6 weeks to get his Christmas present.

The manager could have easily replaced the item and send the defective item back to JVC, but he decided to place that burden on me, which is why I will never purchase another item from CompUSA and I will suggest the same to everyone in my breath. All this over a $65 item. I've worked in retail for 15 years and that is not good customer service. I mostly feel bad for my son, who was very disappointed on Christmas morning.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

WICHITA, KS, LOUISIANA -- My husband and I decided to treat ourselves with a flat screen TV. We saw that CompUSA had a better price than the other guys. We went to the store only to find that they didn't even have any of the TVs in stock. We had to go to a competitor's store just to see the product up close. We decided we still wanted that TV so we returned to CompUSA to order it. It took us 2 hours just to place the order because ** had no idea what he was doing. Thanks to his incompetence my husband filled out a CompUSA credit card and a Sony card when all he needed was the Sony card. Thus, he took two hits to his credit score.

** told us the TV would be in by 12/28/06 or by 1/2/07 at the latest. That Thursday and then Tuesday rolled around with no word. I began to call at that point. ** informed me that my TV was being delayed by the snow storms in Colorado. I continued to call. She said she would call me back and let me know exactly where my TV was. One week later, after much calling, I finally get a hold of **. He informs me, on 1/8/07, that my order never went through because it was lost. Great. I asked him why they couldn't have informed me of that the first 20 times I called. He was apologetic but not very effective in fixing my problem.

I talked to ** all day 1/9/07. He had yet to offer me any solution. He just kept telling me that he was trying to figure out what was happening. I let him know that my husband and I would be coming in on 1/10/07 at 5:30 pm. He let me know that that time would be perfect. He didn't let me know that the reason it would be perfect was because his shift ended at 5 pm. We ended up dealing with **. Who got the TV re-ordered from **. He tried to impress us by telling us that he "had connections all over the place" and that it took him no time at all to get the problem fixed. I asked him why he couldn't use his connections two weeks ago. He remained silent.

I kept trying to voice my complaints only to have him keep cutting me off. He said he would compensate us with $50 or $100 in store credit. I don't want in store credit because I am never shopping there again. Oh, and we have yet to see any of that in store credit.

Update. We finally got our TV after harassing CompUSA a bit more. It got here on Tuesday Jan. 16th. I had reached an agreement with **. She had agreed to take off the delivery fee and credit us $100 in place of an in store credit (because like I said, we are never shopping there again... just to clarify for you). When my husband got there to pick up the TV ** wasn't there. The guy my husband was dealing with called her.

** told him that she would only give us $50. After my husband undoubtedly made some crazy frustrated faces, the guy agreed to give us the $100. I am glad that this ordeal is finally over. I hope that nothing happens to our TV. We bought a 4 year warranty, but after reading the other complaints about CompUSA, it doesn't seem like they honor their warranties.

Toshiba Laptop Purchase
By -

CompUSA. 11350 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines, Florida 33026. In September of 2004 I purchased a Toshiba laptop for over $1500.00 including the 2 year extended TAP warranty plan. I was a new CompUSA shopper as this was a new store and I had never had one nearby me before. The salesman informed me during his sales pitch that all repair work was done right there in the store (lie #1) for which I liked since I would not have to have it sent away.

I was also told this TAP warranty (like other warranties I had purchased in the past on computers in a competitor's store) would begin the day the manufacturer's warranty ended - making it in essence a 3 year warranty. Let me also add that when you purchase this extended warranty, you get no paperwork (or at least I didn't) - it is just reflected that you purchased it on your purchase receipt. Within 1 month I began to have various problems with this computer. Constant blue screen crashes, error messages, total shutdowns OR reboots in the middle of my work.

I also could not keep a charge on the laptop when plugged in, meaning a short or some type of connection issue with the power supply cord. I took it to the store for repair and was informed, "oh no we send all Toshiba laptops out for repair!" I was without for nearly 3 weeks. Finally got it back (motherboard replacement) and home only to find the same issues wrong. To condense the story, numerous trips in and arguments with the tech people who told me that "there is nothing wrong with this computer, we tested it."

Now WHY would I continually take it in for repair issues and do without it for weeks at a time IF there is nothing wrong with it?? Because I consider this entertainment?? I took it in for the 3rd time (same issues) and was told "sorry we won't do anything since your warranty expired last week." I replied with, "NO, I have another year left." I was then told the TAP warranty began the day I purchased the laptop which made it only a 2 year total warranty - (Lie #2!) I raised cain until Corporate Headquarters finally told them to fix it.

My last trip in I insisted on a new hard drive to take care of the constant crashing issues since the techs could not seem to diagnose the problems. They tell me they replaced the HD and the motherboard (2nd time now). I picked it up and guess what? THE SAME issues are still wrong with it! This computer has been nothing but a lemon since the beginning! Corporate Headquarters will do nothing for me either. I am told that before they will replace anything, it must go in for repair 3 times and have the SAME part replaced 3 times. It doesn't matter how inconvenienced I am having to do without it over and over again for weeks at a time.

I have now been without my computer a grand total of nearly 2 months off and on and still the same issues. WHY oh why didn't I remain a customer of the competitor I used to shop with for my computers? Let me also mention that during the course of this 2 year period, I spent A LOT of money there in purchasing also a desktop computer, ipods, flat screen monitors, GPS system, computer accessories, digital camera, etc., etc. And this is the treatment I get for being a loyal spending customer... NEVER AGAIN!

Simple repair turns to nightmare
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I brought my computer to compUSA's repair center because its power went out on Saturday, April 1st 2006. The receptionist quickly checked the machine and gathered that the power supply was out of order and might need to be replaced but they would have to confirm that. I could choose between simply having the power supply changed for $40 or having a full diagnosis done for $99 because there might be other issues. I opted for the $99 service.

She also offered me the option to back up my data just in case. She told me that when the power supply is out some other parts might be out as well. Once the hardware issue is resolved they would have to make sure that no other issues came in play and so the data would have to be backed up just in case. I elected for the option. I called back on Sunday, April 2nd for a status. I was told that the technician was about to call me to confirm that the power supply was indeed out and needed to be replaced but they need my consent. I agreed for the replacement.

I eventually got a voice mail on Monday from the technician, named **, saying that the computer was ready and that he was sorry for the mistake. I didn't know what he meant but I went to compUSA to pick up the computer on Tuesday, April 4th. I picked up my machine and received some paperwork saying that the machine was fine and virus-free. When I brought it home and booted it up I realized that all my desktop settings were lost, all the data in My Documents and on the desktop were missing. An XP cd was in the drive, meaning they had reinstalled the OS.

I brought back the machine to compUSA but the technician was gone and I asked why it was returned to me with missing data and I wasn't told about it. They didn't know because the technician, **, was out so he was the only one who knew what was going on. A technician looked for the data backup but couldn't find it. He assured me they would fix the problem because "the data had to be somewhere."

I asked to be called for any status at all but to this day I have not received one call. I called several time the past few days but every time it was a new technician taking care of my computer, supposedly still working on it. I asked for the manager on Wednesday, April 5th and he assured me that everything will be recovered and fixed. I asked for an ETA for my computer and I was told a day.

I asked why all the data was lost and why the OS had to be reinstalled and he told me that the virus had wiped out all the data. I work in the software industry and I have never heard of a virus discriminately wiping out data from my documents, the desktop and changing the desktop settings. I told him that this was highly suspicious but he said that they "didn't do anything on purpose to mess up my machine." I asked if he could justify the $140 I spent for this kind of work and he told me that the technician was working very hard and was doing a "fee-waiving job." I asked to get a phone call no matter what happens.

I called again on Thursday, April 6th because I never got a phone call but the technician was gone for the day. I spoke with another technician who said the data was being recovered and that ** was gone until Sunday but **, the tech lead, would take over. It is now Friday and when I called this morning ** told me he was busy but would try to get to my machine today before he left at 1:30 pm. No matter what he can do with it he would call me before he leaves.

At 2:00 pm no one had called me. I called CompUSA and got ** on the phone. He said that no one was working on my computer because only the person who worked on it last night knows what is going on but someone would get on it at 6:00 tonight. I asked him if he could look at the computer but he said he didn't want to "mess up" my computer. He then told me that I had to "stop calling and that they would call me when needed."

I fell I have been given the run around for too long now and that they made some mistakes and are trying to cover themselves. I am going down to pick up my computer tonight to see what was backed up and will take it with me. I filed a report to the Better Business Bureau.

misrepresentation of warranties
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I would like to express my extreme displeasure at what I consider deceptive business practices that took place at the Orlando Florida CompUsa store. In April 2005 I purchased an HP Pavilion zx5000 at this store. I also purchased the three-year extended warranty plan. Before purchasing this extended warranty I was very specific regarding my questions as to what was covered under this warranty. I was told by two salespeople that the warranty covers screen damage, battery replacement and ANY damage to laptop components. This extended warranty cost $369.99 which was almost half the price of the laptop after rebates.

To cut to the chase, on Sept. 29 I was setting the laptop from my lap to the couch when my hand inadvertently touched the eject button for my cd rom drive causing it to eject and strike the couch as I set it down, which damaged the drive carriage. When I returned it to the CompUsa store for service I was told it had to be sent to hp because it was still under the manufacturer's warranty the first year but that I "saved myself a whole lot of money because the part was still under warranty." hp determined that the damage was caused by customer abuse and refused to honor the warranty.

At first I was told by the service tech the repair would cost $387.00. When I questioned why this wasn't covered by any warranty I was told "well didn't you read your contract? Does it say anywhere in the warranty that it's covered?" His immediate combative attitude told me right then this is a common occurrence with their customers. Besides his unprofessional attitude he was obviously used to dealing with people like me who trusted CompUsa salespeople who are either misinformed during training or intentionally lie to boost sales. Granted I should have read the contract regarding the warranty but I erroneously trusted Compusa to be honest.

When I read the clause returned in my email by Compusa customer service, that clause basically states the warranty can be determined to cover basically nothing. When a manager called me back I was told the repair would be $285. I still didn't agree with that charge either by I needed the laptop back so I authorized the charge. When I picked the laptop up I was charged $402 for the repair and tax. I had to pay it because I needed the laptop for business. As another sign of CompUSA's unprofessionalism I had to call the store to find out if my laptop was ready because customer service reps are either too busy or too incompetent.

Now here is the real galling part - while my laptop was in the shop I started talking with hp reps and was given the following answers: Hp charges Compusa only $229 to replace the drive. I could have purchased the drive or sent it in directly to hp and had it fixed for $299. So basically you crooks at Compusa charged me $160 to mail my laptop to hp. To add to the insult, hp offers a two-year insurance plan for $250 which would have covered this repair but Compusa does not reveal this. This was the first of two laptops I purchased from the same Compusa store but you can bet I will never spend another cent with either hp or Compusa.

This whole problem could have been solved if hp had a locking device on the cd-rom drive to prevent it from popping out by accident which would have made this a product malfunction which would have been covered by its warranty. We all know both companies make more money with accessories and virtually worthless warranties than on consoles. I am glad both companies are doing so well financially that they can afford to lose customers like me who spend several thousand dollars a year with them due to deceptive business practices.

CompUsa alleges water damage to brush away my claim
By -

NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- I bought a Compaq laptop from CompUSA with 2 year extended warranty. It worked fine for about 14 months before I started having problems with it. Since the location in my area was closed, I shipped it to their repair facility. They replaced the screen with a used "refurbished" one and they replaced the mouse pad. I never knew you pay for extended warranty to get used parts. I wasn't happy with the parts, but I accepted it.

Approximately 3 weeks later, the screen just went black, so it only worked for about 3 weeks. I shipped it back to CompUsa repair facility, but this time, they claimed the laptop has water damage. I assured them that can NOT be true and they asked me to send it back again. It was sent back again to me unrepaired and they emailed me pictures showing a motherboard that seems as if it was dipped in water. Extensive rust can be seen in the picture.

I contacted their corporate office in Dallas and a TAP manager agreed that something isn't right and agreed that a laptop with the kind of damage shown in the picture is likely to have stopped working instantly and she seemed to agree that rust cannot build so bad in the 3 weeks since it came back to me from their repair facility. Once again, I was told to ship the laptop to CompUsa, this time to Dallas.

I called few days later to get an update and was told they need to "locate" the laptop if it has been delivered. I told them I checked the tracking number and it shows it was received. However, eventually, the TAP manager told me the damage the laptop shows matches the damage in the pics (she is a genius). I assured her that motherboard cannot be mine and must have been replaced by ConUSA so that they don't repair the laptop. It is beyond me why compUSA would have me ship the laptop 4 times only to give me the same answer.

Now CompUsa expects me to continue to make payment on a laptop that should be repaired or replaced and also pay for their worthless extended warranty. My next step is to take them to court and have a judge decide. Please avoid CompUsa and spend your hard earned dollars at a business that respects its customers. No wonder they have to close many of their locations.

CompUSA going so low to make money
By -

Three months ago, I purchased a laptop opening a credit card account CompUSA offered at their store. It took me about an hour to select a computer, and the clerk kept reassuring me that if I didn't like it, I had 21 days to bring it back and I would get a full refund. I took it back the next day, and they pointed at a small sign on the counter table where precisely my computer box (larger than the sign) had covered it the day before. According to it, open computer boxes only get store credits. The clerk added, why I had opened the box if I was going to bring it back.

Well, if I knew I going to bring it back, in the first place, I wouldn't have purchased it. And the clerk accused me of opening the warranty box, which certainly I did not open because I had been told explicitly by another clerk the day before not to open it, and I wasn't going to keep the item--why would I open the warranty papers? The clerk literally tried tearing the package in front of me saying that I had opened it. I told her it was completely sealed it, and NOT to break it open herself. This is how far CompUSA people are willing to go to make money.

When I complained to the store manager, very politely and poised (because I know that showing emotion under such a circumstance, only fires back) the guy kicked me out of the store. At any rate, the second complaint is that CompUSA is so desperate to make money that they will openly cheat the customer. I made a monthly payment over the phone on the store credit card paying an extra $15 fee to have the payment go through the same day. Because of a number of fishy practices I had encountered previously, I actually called back that day with the confirmation number to verify that the payment went through. They assured me that the payment went through.

The next month, when I got my statement I saw that they had charged me a penalty fee of $25. I called to inquire about the fee, and they said that they did not receive the payment. I said I even had a confirmation number that the payment went through, and asked whether they could remove the penalty fee. They refused. I have never seen anywhere else such a dishonest business practice. I have other very unpleasant experiences with this store/company, but I'll keep it brief.

Most incompetent and most unhelpful
By -

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- This has been a long nightmare, but I'll try to be brief. In April 2004, I went in to buy a wireless laptop and a router for my desktop PC. In the long long run, after many return visits, I still have NEITHER. They sold me a laptop that ISN'T wireless. I didn't find this out for some time, because I spent so much time trying to get them to set up my PC with a router. They never did, and eventually rendered my PC unusable since it wouldn't boot properly. They sold me some more parts that turned out to be totally unnecessary. I just can't tell you how horrible this whole experience has been. They really know how to wear you down.

I've waited in so many lines, called so many times, talked to so many different personnel. I have moved since all this started, and my paperwork has been lost. Guess what? They don't have any record of my purchases either. First of all, I'd recommend that you avoid this store like a plague. If you DO buy anything, KEEP YOUR RECEIPT and paperwork forever. This is the WORST purchase experience I have had in my life.

Useless Warranty / Poor Service
By -

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a laptop from the CompUSA store in South San Francisco. After only using the computer for 5 days, it stared to have problem with screen. I returned the computer several times, each time required me to leave it for 5-7 days to be repaired. After the 7th time, a repair tech informed me if the problem occurred again, they would replace the computer. Two weeks later, the problem occurred again, I was informed again that the next time they would replace the unit. This time it was the store manager that made the promise, and he assured me that they now know the problem and certain it will be repaired.

Two days later the problem occurred again, I returned the computer on the same day (Sunday) to secure they could witness the problem. Note: Most of the other times, the problem would not occur once I would bring it in. However, two other times in addition to the Sunday visit, the problem did occur for them to witness. After witnessing the problem, I was informed that CompUSA can no longer have the authority to replace a computer and can only be authorized by their insurance company.

I concluded that it was a waste of time to keep dealing with a company like CompUSA and just discarded the computer. Since this was the 3rd computer purchased from CompUSA and I never experienced any problems prior, I later discovered CompUSA was sold after this computer purchase and many consider the new owner is low, low in when it comes to customer service.

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