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CompUSA ERebates- Be careful
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I recently purchased a bluetooth headset from CompUSA, which had a rebate associated with it. I normally don't bother with the whole rebate thing but this one ended up getting you the headset for $4 and CompUSA recently went to a completely electronic rebate system-no mailing in of any receipts or barcodes, so I figured I'd give it a try. Well, I filled in all the info on their site and a day or so later got a rejection notice stating "No matching purchase in our records". I had ordered it online from them and my receipt clearly had all the info and the rebate link right in it, so I sent them an email asking what the problem was. Four days went by (their auto email said I would have a response within 48 hrs) with no answer and I noticed the last day to submit the rebate was approaching so I sent another email, this time demanding that they review my rebate and tell me specifically what I did to not meet the requirement, I stated that I had all my info documented would file a small claims court case to get my money and that if they didn't show up I would win by default for the amount plus all court costs. Within three hours I had an email back stating the reason for my rejection was that the headset was still within the return period and they had to wait to make sure I didn't return the item. The soonest they could process it would be one day prior to the cutoff date for the rebate, and that I needed to check back with them and have them process it manually after the return date. I responded asking why this info was not communicated to me, instead of just the "No matching purchase in our records". They never did respond but I'm sure we all know why, they just hope most people don't bother to follow up with them and get it straightened out, making these Erebates just as hard, if not harder to redeem than a mail in rebate. Just wanted to let everyone know to be careful when you deal with CompUSA Erebates, they seem like a good idea but really are a pain to redeem!
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Sparticus on 07/31/2006:
I hate rebates for the simple fact that most are set up to scam consumers. They make the process so difficult to submit your rebate claim that the majority of consumers never get their rebates. Most people get frustrated and just drop it. More people need to stand up to these programs/companies and get their money. The more they have to pay out, the less attractive the rebate program becomes to them financially. Hopefully most companies will follow in the footsteps of Office Max, who recently announced they will be endding their rebate programs and passing the savings directly on to consumers.
*Brenda* on 07/31/2006:
I don't think most rebates are a scam. I've never had a problem with any. I do advise people to keep copies of everything though, just in case.
silenty on 09/02/2006:
I've never had a problem getting a rebate from any retailer really.. the 2 times a slight issue appeared, I was immediately contacted and was able to solve the issue right over the phone.. and those 2 slight issues were partly my fault.

The process for mail-in or e-rebates aren't difficult at all... all it takes is reading through a single small sheet of paper

however, what happened in the original post shouldn't have... I just did an erebate from Compusa the day after I bought something around a month ago and haven't had any problems at all so far
kasnia on 12/01/2007:
I also got the following comment from CompUSA Erebates

"Your receipt information did not match our transaction records."

...but I checked it and it's all correct. The next button offered asks me to put in all info again, but when I submit, it tells me that it was already submitted. There is nothing wrong with the info I entered. IT's exactly like the receipt, but you tell me that it was rejected with no further explanation.

Staples electronic rebate submission system is far better than yours. If this glitch isn't fixed, I'll never shop at CompUSA again.
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Useless and Expensive Extended Warranty
Posted by on
I had a computer meltdown while travelling abroad. The expensive "International Warranty" offered by CompUSA would seem to have offered some comfort. Alas, no. When the computer was shipped to the Notebook Repair outfit that CompUSA sub-contracts to, it suddenly appeared (from a few digital photos) that my laptop had sustained waterdamage. Nothing was ever said as to whether the water damage was material to the fact that the computer stopped working (it wasn't) but it offered, apparently, a convenient excuse for both CompUSA and the Notebook Repair company to walk away from my laptop. Beware! My experience here is that any excuse will do to avoid a warranty coverage. Tiny stains within the computer (not deemed relevant by Sony repair people in South Africa at the time I first took the PC there) suddenly became "the excuse" when the laptop was sent to the States. Conclusion? The "International Warranty" is a joke. It was wasted money and someone should have a look at how many computer claims are swept aside using "slight water damage" photos as "evidence" justifying a refusal of claim.

Iain T. Benson
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 10/28/2006:
I've always been told by people InTheBiz that purchasing an Extended Warranty is a waste of money...and have been advise against it...they said between the store's warranty and the manufacture's warranty the consumer doesn't need anything more than that.
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Service Center is not honest and not professional
Posted by on
REGO PARK, NEW YORK -- I live in Rego Park, Queens, NY. Four weeks ago I had to take my
just-arrived desktop to the CompUSA service center near my house because
the computer wouldn’t start. In a week, the guys at the service told me
both Motherboard and Memory have to be replaced, and parts are ordered.
OK, I thought – I’ll wait.

In four weeks, after endless never-returned messages to service manager
(his name is Chris Hamilton) and multiple on-site visits (never was
able to catch Chris in the evening) the computer still wasn’t ready
because parts are not arrived.

Now the interesting part. Yesterday I decided just to take the computer
back home and return it to the seller, could not wait any longer for
parts to arrive (I wish I did it from the beginning, but well…). When I
brought it in, I noticed the warranty label is not there. What the hell,
I thought, why don’t I take a look on what’s inside. I opened the box
and found two power wires disconnected. After re-attaching the cables –

Now I’m trying to understand if CompUSA manager and technicians
understand less in computers than I do (which is unlikely), or they were just
trying to keep the newly arrived motherboard for themselves, or what?
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CompUSA out of business
Posted on
Right after the holiday season CompUSA will close all its stores. The online sales will continue. Current service polices or extended warranty's will continue to be honored as they are from a third-party. Do be aware of liquidation sale follies. Most all the good stuff will be marked down maybe 10% from retail. Not much of a bargain.
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User Replies:
MRM on 12/08/2007:
I just heard this on the 6:00 news. I will miss CompUSA in Norfolk,VA.
Anonymous on 12/08/2007:
Yeah I saw it too. Levitz and Comp USA will be having some great sales the next 60 days. Cash and carry only! Good post and info.
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