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CompUSA Warranty Disrepair
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MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT -- I have lost my faith in CompUSA. I am a long time customer of the establishment, with several high priced purchases over the years. One purchase was so large that I was "honored" with a personal thank you from the store manager, who stood and chatted with me at the checkout counter and walked me to the door. My problems began when I needed service on a laptop computer that I purchased at CompUSA, along with their warranty plan.

The short version is that the end result was then returning my laptop damaged, taking no responsibility for the deep scratches on the outer edge of my laptop, as well as them replacing the power cord that they lost with one that is faulty. The cord does not fit snuggly in the back of my laptop, falls out frequently, and my screen sometimes flickers or dims which I am not sure if it is related to the faulty cord or the damage done to my laptop while it was in their possession.

I have contacted the store, the manager, the district manager and the corporate customer service by both email and telephone. I was promised several times that someone from corporate would contact me... It has been over a month, and this has yet to happen. I do not know what to do. I do not want to leave my laptop with them again, but I also only have a month left on my 2 year warranty and feel that I should not have to pay for damage done by them. I would not recommend CompUSA to anyone. The next time I purchase a laptop, I will buy direct from the factory.

Poor Customer Service

SKOKIE, ILLINOIS -- As with a lot of stores these days, customer service is a foreign word. CompUsa "used" to be a fairly nice and friendly store. However, since their last financial bout they seem to have hired totally inexperienced sales staff; not only inexperienced about computers and peripherals but most of them have no clue how to treat and/or talk to a customer. They've certainly lost me as a customer.

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