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Hair Products
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Rating: 1/51

LOSANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Buyer Beware: Scunci girls binders 500 pieces 22534-Advertise no damage, False advertising, not true, they cause a lot of damage, they rip the hair when removing with or without a comb and cause pain. Not one of these binders that I removed had no hair wrapped on them. Stay away from these binders for your kids or yourself. They do a lot of damage.

Excellent De-wrinkler!!
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GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- I recently purchased a Conair Fabric Steamer, Model Number GS7, and I'm very happy with it! My partner works in higher level administration, and looking nice is always a priority. We thought we'd find a fabric steamer to save on drycleaning expenses... sitting at a desk most of the day, or in meetings, her dress pants don't necessarily get all that dirty, just a lot of wrinkles/creases.

I went to Walmart where I found about 4-5 different types of fabric steamers. They ranged from hand-held models to mid-size to 'floor' models. At first I thought I'd just purchase a cheaper hand-held model. But as I spent time examining each type of model, how it worked and what could be reasonably expected, I decided the GS7 (a 'floor' model) would be a much better purchase. (I was specifically looking for something to use at home, not for travel.)

The thing with the smaller, hand-held steamers was, sure they're more compact but at the same time, it would take twice as long to steam a pair of pants. With the GS7, because it's got more power, you expend less effort while getting results faster.

I'm really glad I bought the GS7. I'm not kidding when I say this, but you can get rid of all the wrinkles in a pair of pants in about 5-10 minutes! I was amazed. For example yesterday I steamed a pair of Pendleton slacks (expensive!) and in a very short time they looked like they had been at the cleaners. The only downside for me, personally, since I'm not the most mechanical person, was having to put the thing together. There were about 5-6 parts, and it was a little confusing at first, but the directions were pretty helpful.

When it's all put together, you can easily store it in your closet. Just wheel it out when you need it, plug it in, and poof! In 2 minutes it's ready. It's put together somewhat like a vacuum cleaner. You have a 5-foot hose which has a steamer nozzle on the end. You just run the nozzle back and forth over the fabric you want to smoothen. It's very light-weight also, and has wheels so you can scoot it around. I paid about $70 for the Conair Fabric Steamer GS7. Well worth it because it's more powerful than smaller models and does the job quicker!

Mississippi Burning
By -

I bought hot rollers about a month ago, maybe the box was a warning it says extreme instant heat volume rollers. May I say the heat is extreme first time I ever used them I turned it on and five minutes later began burning my scalp. The rollers were hot that was OK I am not tender headed (if I was I would have gone to the hospital for first degree burns) but once you use the heat conductors (better known as wire clips) you are going to be burned and fast.

I could not get the clips off of my head fast enough. Once that metal clip heats up and it doesn't take long I may have had two or three curlers in when it suddenly felt like someone was sticking my head with a hot poker. I had blisters on my scalp. You would think well she should have taken them back to the store but no I evidently like pain, and I just never had the chance (you have to know my life, too many things at once.) I have had more important things running my life, but I did want Conair to know so they could fix it.

Tried to find online where I could drop them a line but no I didn't find that either when I put how to make a complaint to Conair this site came up and I said "OK good. I will just do it here I don't have the time to keep looking." Like I said I must like pain I do keep using them but I only let them sit 2-3 minutes and use them. It doesn't burn as much (very little), it doesn't really do much for my hair either.

I feel it's too late to take them back that's why I keep using them. I don't have money to throw away, but if it stops someone from buying this or truly getting burned big time, I hope it helps. DO NOT accidentally touch the heating plate (it's what the curlers stand on) while trying to get a curler I burnt my finger big time. You could give this as a gift to your worst enemy but I wouldn't even do that.

We're Sorry
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I have an older phone/answering machine (about 9 years old) and has worked great for years. My problem is not with the product, but the lack of customer service. This morning there was a problem with horrible feedback when someone leaves a message. I did all the things in the manual to reset the phone. Everything else is working fine, but the feedback on the answering machine makes this feature useless.

I went to the website in the manual and there was a message about where to get new batteries and nothing more. I called the customer service number and was informed that due to an inability to get parts for this product (and several others), they no longer provided any service and are sorry for any inconvenience. There was a phone number for Conair hair products, but they only can help with specific products and will not assist with phone or answering machine products.

There is no way to contact anyone to get any kind of help. I guess I could send the Conair Corporation a letter or email, but that would take days or weeks, may not get a response and I need the help now. I have used Conair products in the past and have been pleased, but will think twice about it in the future due to this problem. I feel they have an obligation to help customers with their products. It isn't my fault they have had a supply problem. I understand it may not be cost effective (at least on paper) for them to continue the same level of support, but there should be some kind of help available to customers of the discontinued product.

I am unemployed right now and having the answering machine working is important in helping me find a new job. This problem may be simple to fix, but I will never know as they won't help me. I thought well enough of their product to purchase it, but not feeling like they care about me or my next buying decision! All relationships need 2 way communication to work and they checked out. I am off to buy a new answering machine..... and it wouldn't be a Conair Corporation product if they still made answering machines!

Horrible Customer Service
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After buying a hair clipper for my husband, we tried to plug it in to charge it and the charger/hair clipper doesn't charge. So I try to call the 800 number, and it isn't in service. I email Conair, and receive a response a few days later. I call the number they give me and am told that in order for them to go good on their warranty, I have to pay the postage to send them the clipper, and a check for the shipping to send it back to me.

After I express my thoughts that it isn't my fault they manufactured a product and sold it to me not working, I shouldn't have to pay the postage to and from, the lady says she can waive the fee to send it back to me. I told her that they should send me a return label to ship it to them on their dime. She said they don't do that. I told her I already paid for a working product and I wouldn't pay for them to ship me a "free" one (her words). After explaining that I wasn't paying anything to get what they sold me working, and getting nowhere, I told her I would go elsewhere to find my answers.

Lousy Product
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Rating: 1/51

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- TAD2012 Answering Machine. This lousy product does not provide an erase function. This is both stupid and poor engineering. The company does not have a website either which indicates they do not wish to hear any complaints. The only reference to an erase function requires that the battery and power source be removed. This is a stupid and counter productive solution.

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