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Poor Workmanship, Cheap Construction Material, Violation and Breach of Warranty
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VANCOUVER BC -- Concord Pacific Group sold our family a condo that never should be sold. Amount of deficiency, missed problems are common practice of the company. corners are cut during construction. Problems refused to deal with. Company cover up starting with the management and officers of the company made our life miserable. Company hired consultants could not solve the problems.

We find the staff dishonest. Our experience was hardship and suffering due to Concord Pacific attitude.
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Skye on 04/02/2011:
This is why it's always a good idea to have an inspector come in, and check things out, whether it's a new construction, or old.

If they breached, sounds like you need to contact your lawyer, who you used to close the deal.
ilia bichin on 05/16/2012:
BC government problem is that there is no way working class taxpayer can fight big corrupted corporations. We have plenty of proof to show poor way construction,violations of safety codes but if you want to seattle big corporations take your freedom of speech and sqees you in the corner and never appologise for mental distress they caused for you try to deal with their defishences. they want try to help even we had begged them as our life was unbearable. Justice system supports those dishonest and do not give a damn about your sufferings. Large corporation wash their hands away and even if you provide information that 110% proves negligence tv and newspaper will protect their corrupted friends. what plain Joe suppost to do. because it called democracy?????
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