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Stay Away From Conicelli Honda
By -

CONSHOHOCKEN, PENNSYLVANIA -- My review of Conicelli Autoplex Honda: I was interested in an 06 to 08 Honda Pilot. I arrived at Conicelli after having visited CarSense, where the process so impersonal, it's hard to have a salesperson for more than 5 straight minutes. ** was my salesperson. I explained exactly what I wanted over the Internet, and we began searching as soon as I arrived. The first vehicle she had been drive was Toyota Highlander - not a Pilot - but still, not a bad vehicle.

Finally, we found a Pilot that had just arrived. I sat in a freezing cold car ** for 40 minutes while she tried to find a key to this vehicle. When we got inside, it had not been detailed at all - it was terribly dirty and smelled worse than a zoo. Still, all that can be taken care of, and it drove like a dream...

We went back to the sales office to discuss numbers. It was the usual back and forth with ** having to go to her Sales Manager. I wasn't planning on buying that day, but anything was possible - provided you have the funds. We jockeyed to get to the right number, and finally, we had come to a number with could agree with - even though the Interest rate I got from them was definitely too high. I had a VERY high credit score, so something seemed odd. Nevertheless, I wanted the vehicle.

When we agreed on the final number, I explained I did have to run to a lunch appointment, but that the deal was good, and I was ready to purchase. I explained that I simply had to transfer funds from one bank account to another - and it takes 2 days for it to be accessible. So, I explained I would give them a $500 deposit now - and pay $2,500 within the next 2 days. Suddenly Arlene now had to get ** who came out of his office to explain they wouldn't do that. First, he told me it was a law. Minutes later, he said it was a Conicelli rule because they've had people jump ship on them.

Keep in mind, a) I have a nearly perfect credit score, b) they've now gotten to know me over 2 hours, c) I'm ready to buy this vehicle, d) it's smack in the middle of a recession and the auto industry is crumbling. I look at ** and explain ALL of those points to them and they do not care. They say no. They basically do not want to sell me a vehicle! They say they won't hold the vehicle and that's that. I tell them I will go somewhere else.

Days later, I email the saleswoman ** to say I transferred the funds and still want the truck. She says it's been sold. She added that they sold it to someone else for THOUSANDS MORE! She admitted that. I was shocked. Over the next 3 days I check online - and it's still for sale. I call the dealership and ask them. They say it's still on the lot for sale. I call ** and tell her they're telling me it's still for sale. She says it's definitely been sold. I say, "**, I'm ready to buy - my funds have been transferred - and just call or email me with a good deal on any Pilot."

I NEVER HEARD FROM HER AGAIN! Both ** (who was very rude in his approach and manner - sounded like a complete thug and someone who is out to steal your money) and ** decided to not even accept my business. I did a lot of online research after that episode and came to find out that hundreds of people have been ripped off by this dealership. It had a reputation so negative it spanned the entire Delaware Valley.

A week later, I went to Keenan Honda in Doylestown. I got a car with nearly the same mileage but this was an '07! The one Conicelli wanted me to take was an '06. The Keenan staff was fair, expeditious, and worked with me to get me a good deal. We began running the numbers online before I ever even showed up on the lot, and they were one of the few dealerships to do that. It showed a lot of integrity on their part. It also explained why Keenan was so busy (my salesperson, Matt helped me and then needed to also pay some attention to a couple that came in - he did it all politely and professionally) and why Conicelli was absolutely dead.

Conicelli's shack of a sales building was crowded with several "typical sales guys" who were not afraid to curse and throw things at each other while I waited for my deal to get started. Please, I encourage you to contact me for more information. Conicelli Pre Owned Honda will not be there in 6 months. And if they are, they will be dying a slow death - as it should be. We, the consumers, deserve much better. And don't be fooled by the positive scores on this web site. They are so obviously written by the company itself, it's almost insulting.

So, I got a great deal and narrowly escaped auto-buying disaster. Stay away from this dealership. Go to Scott Honda, Main Line, Keenan, CarSense - anywhere but here. You'll feel better about your decision. Good Luck and Be Smart.

Bad Business
By -

CONSHOHOCKEN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased my used car in May 2010. I contacted my salesperson the next day because the driver's side door handle was broke. He told me he would have it fixed. When I brought the vehicle in to have it fixed I was told I broke the handle and it would cost $600 to have it repaired. It took 3 weeks of protest before it was fixed. Next was all the dash warning lights. This time I was told that they don't have the right equipment for my used car and I would need to take it to a Jeep dealer.

Next was the breakdown because the battery was no good. Next was the brakes, rotors and tires which also was my fault because I "hit the brakes too hard". I was told that I would have to pay for it but because I just bought it they would give me a discount. BUT I would have to take the vehicle to a Jeep dealer to get the vehicle checked out. That was $175, the brakes were $400 and the tires were $300.

I contacted Conicelli multiple times for the "discounted" repair and, needless to say, they did NOT contact me back. I bared the expense when left with no other option. The treatment I received from this company was "nice" until after the purchase. Then they wanted NOTHING to do with me and the $1800 warranty? WORTHLESS!

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