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Unprofessional is an Understatement
Posted by on
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- We have been struggling with Conn's for the last 2 weeks to have our top of the line KitchenAid appliances delivered and installed correctly. Here's a history of the nightmare we've been through with them:

12/2/05- Range delivered and installed. Would have been great, though I noticed a dent on the stainless steel front. Problem: They have none in stock to replace so they leave the dented range for us to use until one comes in. They only offered a $100 price concession for the dent on a $1600 range.

12/3/05- We arrived from out of town to a house full of gas. The gas company came out, turned off the gas and told us the range was not installed properly (they broke the fitting where the gas line connects to the stove). Fortunately our house didn't explode. Conn's came out the next morning to correct the problem by installing a new gas line, but said that's all they could do without replacing the range. It still leaks.

12/5/05- A new range comes in. We had also ordered a dishwasher that would be in stock this week, so we scheduled delivery to have the range traded out and a dishwasher installed on 12/9.

12/9/05- I took the day off work to expect delivery since they can't be more exact than a 3 hour time block. After not receiving a call making us aware of the delivery time, I call the warehouse. They inform me that the dishwasher hasn't come in yet, so they will not be delivering anything. I have wasted my day and my frustrations mount. I call the salesman to find out why we didn't get a call in advance. He was going to contact the "district manager" (who I am now convinced does not exist) and let us know what is going on, but our calls were not returned.

12/12/05- Salesman calls and says our range can be swapped out at our convenience, so we set it up for the following afternoon.

Salesman shows up in his beat-up pick-up truck with our $1600 range in the bed. He comes with no one to help him unload it, so he expects me to help him drag it into my house! Then he goes to disconnect the original dented range, but after pulling it out and trying to unhook the gas line, he tells us he's not authorized to touch gas lines. How did he expect to swap them out in the first place?? He leaves us with two stoves and calls the install guys to set up a time to come by the next day to install the new stove and take out the old one.

I call Conn's to speak with the manager to let them know the situation and they freak out and tell us that we can't have two stoves in our house since we only paid for one (even though we also paid a comparable amount for our dishwasher that still has not come in) and says she'll have to send him back out to pick up the new one they just dropped off. We told them we wouldn't be home.

12/14/05- The install guys call and even though they get my voicemail, they come by anyway at 9am (even though the salesman told them we would not be available until 4pm--luckily my husband was working from home and here when they came by). The install guys unwrapped the new range and noticed that it is not just dented, but the entire side is caved in. Hmmm...couldn't have been a result of unprofessional delivery, now could it?

Then they tell us that they can't take either of the stoves away because they were only asked to install the new one. They tell my husband they can come back in the afternoon after getting permission to take the range away, but they never do.

I call the salesman who returns my call an hour later. He tells me he can have the new stove and dishwasher installed on's a fairly pleasant conversation and I say okay. I also let him know that if there is any kind of problem with the appliances, we will be returning both for a full refund.

Then it goes downhill...
He asks if he can come by tonight at 7pm to pick up the range. I tell him that it's not a convenient time since we have plans, so he suggests coming the next day telling me that they are adamant that we not have two ranges in our house (do you think we want both?). Then he asks if he can come by at 6am before we go to work and I tell him that I don't want to deal with this before my day even begins. He mumbles something about his manager calling us, says he understands what I'm saying, and hangs up on me.

Next time we're going to Sears.
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crewboy on 12/15/2005:
You are a lot more patient that I would have been! By this point I would have demanded that they cancel both the range and the dishwasher and refund all of your money. If they refuse, I would take them to small claims court since you have the documentation. Enough is enough already.
Anonymous on 12/15/2005:
I was in appliances as a manager for a while. It's difficult to hire, keep and schedule help to do the work for that wage. I'd suggest you call the company and let them know your problem. Call and call again. Some of us regulars have pull, and can maybe make a phone call.
KateM on 12/15/2005:
You could have sued their asses for the gas leak alone. I say give them one more chance to rectify the situation and let them know your lawyer is getting involved. After all their BS and the VERY dangerous gas leak they should be giving you the damn thing for free.

Oh and Pirate your advice is stupid. Keep calling? Yeah right, no wonder you work in a dead end job at an appliance store you have no sense.
spiderman2 on 12/15/2005:
I can't believe that after the gas leak thing they didn't bend over backwards to take care of you. Can you image the lawsuit if they had blown your house up. Remind them of this.
Slimjim on 12/15/2005:
Kate, like everyone else, cares less what you want pirate. She certainly has more right than you to post her opinion here, especially when it's so drop dead true.
fletcmo on 03/05/2006:
After receiving 4 defective refrigerators in less than a week from Conns Lakeline mall store and constant dissatisfaction from the managers, I called for the CEO, TOMMY FRANK.Supposed to get my money back but, still working on food spoilage.Never to return or recommend. Free advertising. Good luck. BBB,ATTORNEY GENERAL AND CHANNEL 7 ON YOUR SIDE ARE GOOD SORCES TOO.
LoveyOne on 08/13/2006:
I know this great attorney out of san antonio, Texas that can help if they are herassing you or destroying your property in any way. they also handle the debitors, collectors, and herassers from companies give them a call! the Law Offices of David Schafer. they can help with NO UPFRONT COST!!! 1.210.348.0500
darth_salesman on 04/06/2008:
yeah, but the salesman took time out of his day to get back to you, I work for this company. it can be a little hecktic sometimes.
jewely1781 on 01/06/2009:
I have the same problem! I paid an exorbitant sum for my washer and dryer. I also purchased the extended warranty. My dryer did not work for approximately the first month and a half! Any calls to the customer service line was useless! I even went as far as contacting the VP of Service-Farah, and the VP of Customer Service-Allen Sheppard-who basically wanted me off his phone as soon as possible. When Farah contacted service in Dallas-they even gave her issues. Now my machine is broken-again-even though they originally replaced major parts-motor and heating elements-multiple times-not to mention replacing the whole unit. I did NOT buy bad machines-my in-laws are from overseas-and they are some of the best selling-most requested machines over there! The problem here is the fact-and the latest service repairman admitted to it-they do NOT know much about these machines. Why sell them-with a warranty-if you don't have trained technicians to repair them? I have even offered to pay the manufacturer to come out and repair them-at my cost and have Conn's re-imburse me. The manufacturer can't because Conn's has to give them the approval to repair-and even after asking Conn's multiple times to give the manufacturer approval-they still haven't. Now-they were supposed to overnight a part last Friday-to be installed last Saturday. It is now Monday-and I haven't even received a call back. And when I call in-I get the run-around. And this is after waiting over a week for them to come out to even look at the machine. Do NOT let them fool you-the Service manager would have you believe that their repairmen don't work after 6pm-the service team has no problem working late when it serves their purpose-we once waited all day on a Saturday for a service guy that was supposed to be there before 12pm-he didn't show until approximately 8:30pm. This is not my only issues with this company. When they delivered-we paid for next day delivery-it didn't arrive. Also, we once waited over 3 1/2 hours for a salesperson to help us in store-cash in hand to buy a sofa and 37 inch TV. We stayed only because my husband and I-newly wedded had searched far and wide for a sofa and this was the only one we could agree on. This was of course-the day after we bought the washer and dryer-it hadn’t delivered yet-other wise I would have rather sat on the floor than to give them any more of our money! I used to be a loyal customer-as was my entire family-we will never shop there again. We would rather pay more-and have good service!
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Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I had to finance a refrigerator through Conn’s, then a few months later I lost my job. I had been unemployed for more than a year and still found some way to pay the Conn’s bill. When all of my savings dried up ran out and I am no longer able to pay.

The automated phones calls start the day after the due date even though in writing the person has a 7 day grace period before you start to accrue late fees. These automated calls happened everyday sometimes 3 to 4 in one hour from several phone numbers. After a while people started calling also from several different phone numbers.

The first person I spoke to I explained my situation and still they suggested I ‘put my wife to work to help pay off the bill.’ I of course do not have a wife and what I do in personal life is none of Conn’s business. After a back and forward argument with the collections representative and their supervisor the supervisor also told me ‘Conn’s was there for your when you needed us, now we expect the same in return.’ So I offered Conn’s the last 17 cents to my name and she replied with you can’t do better than that? Finally, I told her I am hanging up and she said she will mark me as a refuse to pay and will be reporting it to the credit bureau.

Almost an hour later another call from the automated system at 8:30 pm, the following day another call from a person, and the next day each of them telling me the same suggestions on what I should do and questioning why I am able to pay my other bills except for Conn’s which is of course again none of their business as I have told them several times over and over again.

I am unemployed, no one is getting paid, my phone may be cut off soon and my car repossessed, and no I do not have a wife to send into the work force. Just ridiculous, they are by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
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Defective/Used products and horrible customer service
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Rating: 1/51
CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- Had a couch delivered Monday July 7 at 11 AM, I did not notice the problem area(s) until after the delivery. On the back of the couch (where the back panels meet in the corners) its peeling back on most of the corners and you can see screws and Staples. There is also material that has been rubbed off on the corners, like its been dragged on the ground.

I was told by delivery that I had 72 hours to call if there was an issue. I called 623-882-2400 at 830 am on July 10 (NOT YET 72 hours). Once I received a call back @ 1:53 PM (now after 72 hours) I was told that it’s over 72 hours (because Conn's counts days not hours) and they will send someone out to repair it. Why do the delivery drivers say 72 hours if it's not really 72 hours?

I called customer service and no one can help you, they tell you to call the store, the store tells you to call customer service and they in turn transfer you to the "correct" department, but it's never the correct department. They open tickets and then close them as resolved without ever communicating what the resolution is. They tell you oh I am waiting for corporate let me call you back and they never call. On Saturday July 12, I finally called the manager at the Chandler store, Joe, and he told me that they were going to replace the defective section of the couch. The delivery people called that same day to set up a time to come out and replace the defective couch. Sunday, July 13, the delivery driver is at the house and tells me that Conn's ordered the wrong one. You deliver a couch that is already falling apart and then when you try to correct the problem you mess that up too. I had other items that we purchased (oven, rug and microwave) that have not been delivered and I have already canceled those. On Monday July 14, I called customer service yet again and asked them to come pick up their defective couch and to close the credit account.. I was told they could come get the couch, for a $129.00 fee and then I could exchange it for something else, or I could do a voluntary repo but I am still responsible for payment.

When you make a big purchase, such as a couch, you are not only paying for quality merchandise, you're paying for quality customer service. Since the couch was delivered defective and then you sent the wrong couch out to "fix" my issue and the complete lack of customer service, I would like for Conn's to come pick up their defective couch, which still has all the tags on, and close my credit account with no negative impact on my already good credit.
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Conns Refuses to Replace Defected Computer and Loses It!
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Rating: 1/51
THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS -- I am or should I say I was a long time customer of Conns.I purchased numerous TV's, lawn mower, TV mounts, refrigerator, but my complaint is on the computer that I purchased in January 2013.

The computer stayed in the box for 3-4 months due to office remodeling and once we opened and stared using it the computer crashed after about 6-10 hours of use! It didn't even last a week! I took it to Sugar Land to get it fixed and when it was being fixed I contacted the store I purchased it from, which was in The Woodlands, and spoke to manager. The manager agreed to replace it and if there was a cost difference I would pay.

It took me some time to go over to The Woodlands, I leave about an hour plus away for there, and when I was ready to head over I called to let him know and he said it was too late! Apparently there was an expiration on the replacement! Too bad he failed to mention that the first time he spoke. Why he wouldn't, I have no idea.

We argued over the phone and I gave up. So I went to Sugar Land to pick it up and spoke to the manager there, he suggested that I contact Conns directly. So I left the computer and tried with no success to get it resolved, no returned calls, nothing! All the while, I had paid my bill every month for a computer that I did not have and did not even work!

I finally went back to the store to go pick up my computer, and even though it wad in the store (yes I said in the store) Conns refused to let me pick it up because their computer showed it was "in transit", so I left again with no computer and extremely angry. What a waist of my time and money! I am finally at the point were I refuse to pay for this computer, I get 3-4 calls a day on my payment, but NO calls on the lack of their customer service, no calls on the repair or replacement of my computer that they have! Today the last draw I spoke with Conns and they show in the computer that I picked it up!

NO, Conns you still have or lost or sold or whatever you did to it, I don't! I am not a complainer I typically don't write review or anything online, but this is just ridiculous!

I will tell everyone I know about this experience and tell them to never to go Conns!Don't waist your money at this store. af858
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User Replies:
cmthru on 10/20/2013:
Every store has a set time, usually printed on the receipt or posted in the store, declaring the return period for merchandise. For example Best Buy allows only 15 days. Although you waited for the remodeling to be finished you should have unpacked the computer and tested it. Then you have been able to exchange it within the return period. Now you have to deal with a warranty repair scenario which as you now know can be a nightmare. Regardless of the situation you are still obligated to make payments.
trmn8r on 10/20/2013:
There are a few things that stand out prominently in this complaint. The first one is that the computer was far beyond all return periods I have heard of. Therefore, I would expect this to be a warranty repair - the initial offer to replace by the manager was generous, and I can understand it being retracted. It is hard to tell from the complaint, but it sounds like the computer is not lost but sitting on a shelf somewhere. It is just a matter of exhausting communication, which has broken down. Conn's has every right to pursue payments that the customer agreed to make. The customer mentions a "waste of money" - it will be a true waste of money to not pursue having a warranty repair of this computer done, and to walk away. My advice would be to get to the bottom of its location, for starters. Given payments ceased, that may be difficult to do.
Old Timer on 10/21/2013:
Conns customer service is dismal at best. Time delays and their terrible way of taking care of problems was a double hit this case.
conns sales on 07/08/2014:
It was the sony wasn't it, I refused to sell that computer, it came back every time, same story crashed within 3 days
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Keeping Track is Hard to Do!
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Rating: 2/51
HOUSTON -- I’ve bought MANY things at Conns. I’ve had several accounts – and have paid those accounts off in full. In November I went in to purchase a washer and dryer. I was VERY VERY specific with the sales person – “I have TWO accounts – I do not want this purchase set up on a THIRD account.” You know every time you call to make a payment over the phone they charge you $3 for EACH account – and having three was ridiculous. So the sales person promised me faithfully that it would be set up on TWO accounts. I make my payments – via the phone – calling Conns corporate to make the payment. Long story short – the sales person “missed” one of my open accounts (after all there were TWO) – and then created a third account for the new purchase. NONE of my payments had gone towards the new account – and their friendly collections department started calling me – and did not accept my story that there should only be two accounts. SO, it’s another phone call to the store – a trip back to sign a NEW contact condensing two accounts into one.

Meanwhile – while I’m waiting for this to be straighten out I can’t make the UNEXPECTED payment until my next check, collections is calling my cell phone at 9pm, and calling me at work. Plus I'm pretty sure that when it's all said in done someone will eventually inform me that I've lost my 0% financing because of the late payment. Joy. I asked the sales person – who was basically responsible for this mistake – to call off the collections call – she cannot. “Just ignore them.” Up to this point I was a happy camper - but this is just unnecessary stress that I didn't need. This will be my LAST purchase from Conn’s. Customer Service has just gone OUT the window. Not happy.
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olie on 01/13/2013:
When you purchased your appliances, did you take your already-opened cards or statements? This would allow the salesperson the opportunity to make sure your purchase was entered on one of the accounts you already had.

Sometimes, though, the store switches credit companies. Our local appliance store has done this. We've gone in with a "current" card, and found out that the store was no longer using GE Credit or HSBC or whatever.

And a lot of companies charge extra for human service, whether it's over the phone or at a teller. We use a bank teller to get a cashier's check to pay our mortgage,and it costs $3.

We'd tried online payments, but the mortgage company would take 4 or 5 days to withdraw the money. We weren't getting late fees, but the delay would wreak havoc with my check register balance. (As trmn8r suggests, I use a register and not the online banking to try to keep track of my balance.)
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Microwave Don't Work and Getting Run Around, Techs Coming Wrong Dates Wrong Address
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MESQUITE, TEXAS -- I am very displeased and upset. My microwave gave out and it hasn't been 8 months since I bought it.

When I initially called to report this, I was told a local company would call me. Service tech was for 3/24, I hear representative call out wrong address I corrected her 3 times and tech shows up wrong house, so I had to reschedule for 3/28. The tech comes out and states they can't fix it and will forward the information to Whirlpool. I have no one calling back to give me an update, instead they are trying to schedule another tech and actually scheduling a date without my permission. In the meantime, I am calling and following up between conn's service and Whirlpool, which should not be my job. I am the consumer, this should have been replaced per 1st tech that came out. Instead it's just dragging now. This last tech showed up on 4/7 and took my microwave. He said he would see what the problem is and get back with me sometime next week.

Meanwhile I have a gaping hole above my stove, looks very ugly not to mention having to go without a working microwave. I am at my witts end, I just want to either have this replaced or my account credited. I will say this, I will close this account once it gets resolved/paid out. I will never buy anything else from this company again. I have never experienced this in my life. Reps type your wrong address, while I am correcting them on the phone and still sends the tech to wrong address, again and again and again.

If it wouldn't be for me to go out there across the street today on 4/7 I would have probably missed this tech as well. I asked the tech, "are you here to service my microwave?" He states, "I'm told to go to 2625." I advised you are at the wrong address my address is across the street [snip]. So he follows me back across the street to my house. I can't even get a tech to come to the right address to service the [snip] thing to begin with and now they take the microwave.

I want to be compensated for the whole month I've gone without a microwave and want my account credited for my family being inconvenienced by this whole deal.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 04/07/2012:
Compensation for your inconvenience will happen on a cold day in Hades. At best, they'll give you a gift card to use in their store. At worst, they'll tell you to pound sand. But, if it can't be fixed, the lemon laws might apply. Otherwise you might have some recourse with a manufacturer's warranty. If they took your microwave and you don't end up getting a straight answer regarding its repair, you might be able to sue them in small claims court.
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Grant Your Warranty!
Posted by on
RICHARDSON, TEXAS -- Where do I even begin...My husband and I purchased a living room suite from Conns almost a year ago, but mind you that we started having issues with the company about 6 months into the purchase. During those six months we also purchased other items, that totals our purchases to over 3 grand! Well our sectional began drooping, coming apart at the seams and needed a good cleaning. We were sold the warranty because the saleslady told us they fix and clean our couches. "Its a really great warranty!" With a smile on her face! I called Conns. Came to tell me its wear and tear! They don't clean the couches they only repair tears, stains, or broken frames. Okay, now come a few months after, there was an accident that caused a tear in my couches. Call the warranty dept of Conns, set up a date for them to look at, no one came out, took time off work and such. We call and they pretty much in a nice way called me a liar. I never called anyone, yet how would I know what time, that the tech will call 30 minutes prior to showing, and yet, wrote down the operators name time and date! Hmmm, go figure! Anyhoo, took another month to get someone to come out, finally did, about 3 months later into getting someone here to look at my couches. The guy walks in, looks at it, takes 2 maybe 3 pics, and tells me we will receive a call. A lil over a month later, no call, but my husband calls. Tell him its neglect! Took over 3 months for someone to come out and look at the couches...We still have to sit on them, still have to be used, still have the darn tear in it, the constant use will not help the tear, so of course the tear will get worse, because fabric stretches, even it it isn't meant to stretch! Duh!!! So basically my husband was told that they will not fix the couches, they will not speak about it again, and they will appreciate if we do not turn customers away, like my husband says, he will make sure the friends and family we recommended to go, which are a lot...Make sure they realize, Conns...The name says it all!!!

All we asked is for them to grant the 500$ warranty we purchased, we didn't want money or brand new couches, all we wanted was our $1000.00 Couches fixed!!!
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HonestForSure on 07/27/2011:
In May 2009, the Texas AG took action against Conn's deceptive business practices when it came to selling extended service plans. Check out the gov't/AG website and search this date. I'm surprised they are still selling them, much less in business.
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You should work for these guys
Posted by on
DALLAS/FT. WORTH, TEXAS -- I know you have a complaint about the sales persons, but honestly I work for them and I can tell you the sales persons get NO good training, then are turned loose in the store trying to hold their heads above water. They have to listen to irate customers who want what they want and want it NOW when we are working with a computer system AS 400 that has been used for at least 25 years. Its ancient, long, and not operater friendly, especially to those of us that are not totally young and computer nerds. So, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to check out some persons and that is ridiculous. I agree, but its what we have to work within this 21st century top of the line company. During Christmas all the stores do well just because of the rush, no more. Then when the January slow down hits, All of us Sales personnel get chewed out and blamed for the low numbers and told theres the door, if you don't get on board your fired and we don't want you here. One of the district managers that is really bad about this and all of his managers, is Bill Ward. He told us "we want you to make money, but really your just a number with Conns and I don't give a "s***" if your here or not." I have heard from other sales persons that this is the normal ritual, not an exception. I have been told many times we are only a number to Corporate, and they don't give a crap for any of us or our families. This is the 21st century and its time someone told these dictators that this type of dictatorship don't work any more. this is not the military and its not Nazi leadership. We go to meetings, and every time one of the owners or big bosses coughs or blows his nose, a manager will run up on the stage with his hands over his head clapping and ordering everyong to clap and yell. Its pure nonsense and assinine. They have no respect or dignity working for this company. Don't shop there, even the managers can't make decisions without contacting the district manager, Bill Ward. You have a complaint or you want to help the misdirected sales persons, call Bill Ward, and give him a head full of the mistreatment of not only you in the stores, but of the sales persons that are not equipped to sale properly to you. Help us make a stand.
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jktshff1 on 01/07/2011:
Really bad day, huh? All any Corp cares about is the bottom line.
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Conn's Repair or Avoidance?
Posted by on
I'm pretty sure there are a lot of dissatisfied customers out there... with complaints such as this. We are probably just considered unlucky. As people from my country say, "we have to pay for the broken dishes".

BUT here's my complaint:

Why should the time it takes for an appliance to be repaired (or the time it takes the ordered parts to arrive) be included in the guaranty?

We bought an Ashley set of leather couches at Conn's about a year or two ago. Within a month or two the leather's color was fading. I didn't know leather faded just like that. We called in for repairs and they came and the repairman told us that the leather was no good... and that the couch (the three-seat) was poorly made.

We never thought to ask him for a written statement (which was pretty dumb of us)... but once he left, my mother called again to tell Conn's... and guess what happened?

They sent another repairman... and HE said he needed to order some parts. We called two weeks later.. and they told us that the parts had not arrived. We called again the next week and they said parts arrived and that the repairman would be there within a week. He never dropped by. We called again and they said he DID drop by... but that no one was at home (we hardly went out). However, don't they leave notes?

After that... the guarantee wasn't valid anymore... and they wouldn't do a thing about it. We took a trip to the store we bought it from and the manager called Ashley Furniture (the manufacturers?) but they never answered so she left a message. I guess I should give Conn's credit for at least calling Ashley Furniture for us, but what about the delay? Shouldn't Conn's have replaced the couches within the year guaranty if they were no-good to begin with?

What's more... we were never able to talk to Ashley's Furniture about it... and my mom insists Conn's should take care of it... since they didn't do a thing when we were within the year guaranty.

Something like that happened to my computer too... but that's a whole other story.
Company Response 2/15/2010:
Dear Conn’s customer,

We would like to apologize for the problem you have had with our company and would like to resolve your complaint for you. Please contact us at:

1-877-358-1252 or via the web at

Thank you

Conn’s customer support
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User Replies:
Mark F Barnes on 06/01/2013:
This sounds like a Mirror image of what happened to us through the Conroe Store, and I called the 1-877-358-1252 and NOTHING was resolved, multiple visits from repairmen coming from San Antonio, they just were terrible. Had to replace the furniture with quality stuff from a reputable company. We even bought the extended warranty from Conn's. WORTHLESS. NEVER BUY FURNITURE FROM CONN'S
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Deception, Fraud, Wrongful Terminations
Posted by on
BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- To Whom It May Concern:

I am a previous employee of Conn’s Appliance. The attorney generals office recently sued them for Fraud in Houston Texas. I will let you know that this company is a horrible employer with employees being discriminated against as well as customer discrimination. I am going to explain to you that I have documentation of everything that I mention in this email. I need help. I have some lawyers who will be handling my personal case, however some of you on these complaint boards were victims of credit fraud. In fact this company writes up to over million dollars month worth of it. I am just going to brief you on some of the things that I have. If you need details and want to help me give the company what it deserves then send me an email about your situation at I will address all emails. I want to know if you received random payment books or harassing phone calls when you did not buy anything. I want previous employees to contact me if you were terminated for no reason. Conn's directed district staff to let all associates who want Sundays off for church could quit. We were told to worship around Conn’s time. Anyone who would like to get involved with a class action lawsuit or if you just are tired of being harassed by them let me know. Now what I have.

Over 1.2 million dollars of credit fraud from just one day.
Proof of Conn's not allowing associates to worship. (I am also sending this to all churches and would like them to help me as well).
Proof of discrimination.
Unfair credit practices.
Wrongful terminations
Unfair consumer practices i.e. returns, service and customer complaints.
Taught us if you come in with a problem, call your wife or someone else and pretend you are trying to help them.
I have numerous letters from Previous employees and current regarding fraud against the consumer.

This company is dirty from the top down. And I want all the ammo I can get. Please help.
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User Replies:
Starlord on 01/17/2010:
You cite Conn's not allowing you to worship. That is ridiculous, unless you were trying to worship on company property and on company time. Did your attorneys tell you to post this? If they did, I would suggest you find new lawyers. Sorry, I just can't buy this, as it just sounds like sour grapes from someone who was fired for cause.
jktshff1 on 01/17/2010:
NO, I am not going to listen to those dang voices.
Anonymous on 01/17/2010:
What a bunch of hooey.

Ugh, you could go to church on other days besides Sunday. I used to do it often on Saturday nights..
Ponie on 01/17/2010:
Mass each Saturday, 5:00P. If I miss, I can go as late as 6:00P on Sunday.
Don't we have a member by the name of James with a couple of digits as the rest of his nic? Maybe he's her lawyer.
jktshff1 on 01/17/2010:
lmao Ponie.
moneybags on 01/17/2010:
I'm Jewish. My Steinmart manager told me I could NOT be off at 5 p.m. on Fridays so I could attend Sabbath services, which started at 5:45 p.m. I had been off at 5:00 for 3 years previously. I just had a new supervisor who was very prejudiced. She said that no one else got off to go to church. Well, duh! Steinmart opens at noon on Sunday just so the other employees can go to church! I was the leading salesperson and had 9 superior Customer Service Awards. I went back to school at night and became a top producing realtor! Then I quit.
Anonymous on 01/17/2010:
+10 Ponie
Skye on 01/17/2010:
Your lawyers will not appreciate you posting this letter.
Connslegal on 01/18/2010:
My lawyer does not care what I do with this information. I was injured on the job and suspended while I went to a workmans comp visit. Obviously my case is different then what I am posting here. If you think statements are not true then contact any store you want and ask the manager. I encourage you to talk to any location. Understand this is not harsh words from an ex employee (maybe a little). They just paid 42.5 million dollars to the attorney general for fraud, and you doubt my allegations? do your homework. these are crooks and I will bury them in the media.. just wanted some help from other consumers... just read the complaints on this site from you... the consumer. google there lawsuit with the AG's office.. why did they not fight? Why did they not go to court? Because they can't. It was all true. If you don't believe me, but you are a consumer who cares. Just do some homework and then comment. I only posted to this site because of the bloggers on here saying they are getting bills in the mail, but never bought from them. That is the credit fraud I am talking about. So before you make accusations.. check them out.
Vicky-pyon on 02/13/2010:
Well... I don't like how Conn's handles year guaranties. We got it for our Ashley set of leather couches. Within a month or two the leather was fading. I didn't know leather faded just like that. We called in for repairs and they came and the repairman told us that the leather was no good... and that the couch (the three-seat) was poorly made. We never thought to ask him for a written statement... but once he left, my mother called again to tell them... and guess what happened? They sent another repairman... and HE said he needed to order some parts. We would call.. and they would tell us that the parts haven't arrived. We called again and they said he would be there within a week. He never dropped by. We called again and they said he DID go by... but that no one was here. First of all, don't they leave notes? After that... the guarantee wasn't valid anymore... and they wouldn't do a thing about it. My mom got frustrated... because Conn's should've replaced all three couches if they were poorly made. What's more... we were never able to talk to Ashley's Furniture (the manufacturers, I believe) about it... and my mom insists Conn's should take care of it... since they didn't do a thing when we were within the year guaranty. Something like that happened to my computer too... but that's a whole other story.
cnava on 04/19/2010:
I was injured because there were no lights in my work area and was told by my immediate floor mgr to plug in a cell phone. The plug was under my desk I am a 63 yr old woman and because of their negligence I fell backwards hurt my head, neck, back, wrist and hip and they suspended me indefinite? Conn's is a ridiculus company. If I can help please email me. EMail Address:
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