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Defective/Used Products and Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- Had a couch delivered Monday July 7 at 11 AM, I did not notice the problem area(s) until after the delivery. On the back of the couch (where the back panels meet in the corners) it's peeling back on most of the corners and you can see screws and Staples. There is also material that has been rubbed off on the corners, like its been dragged on the ground.

I was told by delivery that I had 72 hours to call if there was an issue. I called 623-882-2400 at 8:30 am on July 10 (NOT YET 72 hours). Once I received a call back at 1:53 PM (now after 72 hours) I was told that it's over 72 hours (because Conn's counts days not hours) and they will send someone out to repair it. Why do the delivery drivers say 72 hours if it's not really 72 hours?

I called customer service and no one can help you. They tell you to call the store, the store tells you to call customer service and they in turn transfer you to the "correct" department, but it's never the correct department. They open tickets and then close them as resolved without ever communicating what the resolution is. They tell you, "Oh I am waiting for corporate. Let me call you back" And they never call. On Saturday July 12, I finally called the manager at the Chandler store, **, and he told me that they were going to replace the defective section of the couch.

The delivery people called that same day to set up a time to come out and replace the defective couch. Sunday, July 13, the delivery driver is at the house and tells me that Conn's ordered the wrong one. You deliver a couch that is already falling apart and then when you try to correct the problem you mess that up too. I had other items that we purchased (oven, rug and microwave) that have not been delivered and I have already canceled those.

On Monday July 14, I called customer service yet again and asked them to come pick up their defective couch and to close the credit account.. I was told they could come get the couch, for a $129.00 fee and then I could exchange it for something else, or I could do a voluntary repo but I am still responsible for payment.

When you make a big purchase, such as a couch, you are not only paying for quality merchandise, you're paying for quality customer service. Since the couch was delivered defective and then you sent the wrong couch out to "fix" my issue and the complete lack of customer service, I would like for Conn's to come pick up their defective couch, which still has all the tags on, and close my credit account with no negative impact on my already good credit.

Conn's Will Conn You For Sure
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- My experience with CONN'S has been by far the worst experience yet!!

PART 1: I went into the store Friday with a friend who was purchasing some merchandise. After listening to the sales pitch I thought to myself this isn't a bad place. Maybe I should see if I get approved. Of course I was approved for the $2000 amount (which I'm not finding is a norm). I picked out a couch and a camera. For whatever reason the transition couldn't be completed that night and I was asked to return the next day.

PART 2: Saturday morning I'm getting calls from Conn's to come by the store and finish my purchase. I arrived Saturday afternoon and was sitting around the store for several hours not doing anything. I left went and sat down at a deli, ate and came back and STILL had to wait some more. When I finally told the sales man ** I was leaving and I wanted to just say forget the whole thing, he hurried and followed me to the car with his manager, ** who would assist me from there. All the sudden everything went really fast.

He told me to sign some papers not really explaining them and told me to sign two of each and I received neither. He gave me the camera and set up a delivery date for Monday and because I work it would be before 11 am but he didn't know an exact time. Mind you I haven't paid for anything yet.

PART 3: I leave the store with my friend who originally went in to make a purchase. She had to pay a deposit and it was really weird that I didn't have to. We were in the car and Conn's hadn't collected any money from me nor did they have a way to. I considered not worrying about it but then thought that was really the dishonest thing to do. So about an hour after leaving the store I called back and made them aware of the store manager's mistake and paid over the phone. I was told that I would receive my receipt and some important documents Monday during my delivery.

PART 4: Monday comes around and I'm sleeping in waiting for my delivery. I've taken off of work so I'm losing money but I don't mind you have to do these things sometimes. At about 8 am I receive a call and it's the warehouse. The guy on the phone lets me know he'll be there to deliver my couch anytime between 1 pm and 4 pm. Uh hello sir, just like you I have job that I need to go to and I live alone. I was told in the store before 11am. I would've taken off work but I had an important meeting right at 1pm.

I was then informed that I would get another call on Tuesday and that the time would be unknown again. I was told by the CSR that they would make sure it would be before 11 am this time.

PART 5: Tuesday comes along and so does 8 am. No phone call from Conn's. So I finally decide to call about 9 am and talk to the warehouse. I'm now informed over the phone that my delivery will come between 3 and 6pm. I'm sitting at home waiting because you said 11 am. Okay oh well. I go into work (late mind you) and tell my company president I'll have to leave early at 3 pm. Thankfully it wasn't a big deal.

I asked to get a 30 minute call prior to getting my furniture so I could leave work and meet them. 3 pm comes and no call so I keep working and working. At 4 pm I decide to leave work and go home and wait for my delivery. I'm sitting at home at a 5 pm. I decide to call Conn's right when I decide to call them and cancel the whole order literally as the man on the phone was pulling up my account the delivery man calls and states that he's lost outside.

PART 6: The delivery man was beyond rude on the phone and this would later continue in person. It was at this time about 5 pm so traffic was kind of bad and it had just finished raining really bad. I gave him perfect directions to my building but because he had to make a sharp u-turn and then an immediate right in a large truck he wasn't able to get to me which I completely understand. On the phone he has an attitude with me like it's my fault though. He ended up parking his truck 2 building over from mine which meant they would have a little bit of a distant walk.

I tried to get him to come into the back parking lot but he had an attitude at this time and was rude and irritated. They decided to dolly the furniture from the truck pass two buildings and up to the 3rd floor where I live. LOL bad idea but hey whatever. So, they finally get the furniture to my apartment and he asks me to sign a paper confirming I received the delivery. I did. I asked for my receipt and paperwork and of course he had no clue what I was talking about ugh!

PART 7: I'm not worried about the paperwork at this time I'm just finally happy to have my new couch. Now I can move around and worry about other things in life lol. As I'm touching my couch on the back end of it it's a huge metal piece sticking out the end! It's small enough not to see if you're not looking for it but big enough to see now that you know it's there. Being that I didn't know it was there I cut my thumb really really bad. Majority of my thumb was sliced across this metal piece which caused bad bleeding and is restricting my typing right now (I'm sure you can tell) lol.

PART 8: The next morning (today) I called Conn's to get my paperwork and tell them about the metal piece. Here is where the fun begins. I called the (877) 358-1252 number and get an immediate answer after like 1 one ring which was really weird to me for such a huge company. The girl who answered the phone was beyond rude and ghetto (ugh I hate using that word because it can be a good thing but it was bad in her case... very very very bad lol). I was informed for the first time ever that paper I signed with the delivery man was stating the we inspected the couch and that it was perfect therefore I wouldn't get an exchange.

Then when I said I wanted to return the couch I once again hear for the first time that there is a no return policy which was NEVER mention to me. She called the store manager who told her he told me all this when he took my payment and gave me a receipt and some booklet brochure type thing. Hello?!? How can I get that if I didn't pay in the store. Remember I paid over the phone being stupid honest Billy?!? Anyway she argued with me, refused to allow me to speak and then hung up on me.

PART 9: I called back. (Wow this story is getting long, let me speed it up). I called back talked to a nice guy named ** in collections. He said, "Oh no worries. We'll help you out. It hasn't even been 24 hours yet. Let me get you to the right department for a return." He transferred me to another lady who was equally as rude as the first. I'm at this point hot and want to return the cramp because I now hate this company with a passion. Her attitude was off the chain and I couldn't deal anymore so I asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me she was the supervisor.

After going back and forth for a while she finally transfers me. The next lady, **, I spoke to was very calm, polite and helpful (so I thought). She informed me I couldn't return the cramp but I could do a volunteer repo. At this point that's exactly what I want to do. I don't care what it does to my credit I just don't want to deal with Conn's anymore. She tells me to go to the store and they will help me with the volunteer repo and they will come pick up the furniture. I'm finally happy and can breathe. Mind you ALL these phone calls are while I'm at work.

PART 10: Less than 5 minutes after happily ending my last phone call, I get a call from ** the store manager to find out what's going on. I tell him the whole very long story and he tells me I was informed wrong. I was told not to come back to the store ever again if I planned on returning the stuff. If I wanted to return it I needed to speak the customer help line that I just hung up with and that I would have to find a way to return the material myself. I didn't want to stay on the phone with him long because he too was very rude so I hung up the phone and called back the helpline.

I now get a chance to talk to **. I'm learning names very well lol. She tells me this whole long story about the last lady was wrong and that they won't pick up the furniture but I can still do the volunteer repo. She transfers me. I'm on hold for 20 minutes and nothing. So I call on my other line. Now I'm on hold for the repo department on two phone lines. The second line I had been on hold for about 5 minutes when a lady answers I tell her what I'm waiting for and she puts me back on hold. About two minutes later ** answers the phone surprised that it's me. I know this because she says

Purchase and Return
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I will never EVER buy anything from Conn's again!!! Anybody thinking to buy from these people better "buyer beware"!! We purchased a Bose system from them last weekend ($1625.00) and after hooking it up, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Today I want to return it but noooo... it won't be that easy. Apparently in their return and exchange policy, you have to pay 15% restocking fee!! In other words... I have to pay $244.00 to return a product that I'm not satisfied with! What a rip off!

The kicker is the salesman that sold me this thing, didn't mention a WORD about the restocking fee while he was busy selling me the extended warranty, but he was all about telling me how I would get a phone call from Conn's asking if he gave me good customer service.

Even better, I was thinking to buy new furniture from them after Christmas, but according to their "return policy", you "can't return furniture, mattresses, d├ęcor OR accessories unless it's inspected by a Conn's Service Tech and found to have a manufacturer's defect". What the hell?? I would NOT have had these problems if I would've just used Best Buy!! With Black Friday around the corner... Consider yourselves WARNED!!!

Does Not Stand by Their Return Policy
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Rating: 1/51

HUMBLE, TEXAS -- On 6/1/2014 went with Humble Conn's because they stated if we did Not like the mattress we could exchange it for $129 fee. Bought the set for $1515.00. Brought it home... HATED it. Woke up stiff with achy hips. Called our sales lady. She told us she would talk to manager and call us back.

3 hrs later she called and said we would have to sleep on mattress for 7 nights then we could proceed with exchange or we could call customer service and they would come and inspect the less than 24 hr old mattress and decide if it was in a exchangeable condition. Are you kidding me? Their policy states "You May Return/Exchange Mattress Within 14 Days Of Purchase!!"

Given the Run Around
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Rating: 1/51

LUFKIN, TEXAS -- In March of 2011 my husband and I bought a bedroom set with mattress and box springs. We had to have it delivered/setup, the delivery guys would not come into our home and did not set up our bedroom set. We noticed when we were setting the bed frame up that the head board and foot board had some problems. The head board had a crack all the way down the back of it (like someone stepped onto it) and the foot board had spots were someone had touched it with glue on their hands then tried to stain over it letting the stain run all the way down the foot board.

I called Conn's and spoke with my salesman about it. He said "hold" and got the manager on the phone then the manager told me "we will order you a new head and foot board it will be here in 3 days." 4 days later I called to check on the bed and found out it was never ordered. The salesman then ordered it and hand delivered it plus set the whole thing up for nothing for all the problems I had with the bed and the manager.

In February 2012 I called to set up service for my mattress I had purchased in March 2011 due to the mattress starting to sag and push out the sides it was set up for. March 2012 the service tech came out took his pictures and measurements and sent in his report. I called 2 weeks after the service tech was out and check the status of the report I found out that it was closed due to "nobody was home to do a service call for." I gave them the name of the person who came out the time they arrived and the time he left. They then informed me he no longer works for them and they will set me up for another service call in 6 months since I missed the last service call.

In October 2012 the service tech came out and took pictures and measurements again. (This time it the sagging was much worse than before.) The guy said he would file the report and I could call in 3 days if I have not heard anything. 3 days came and I was about to call them and a voice mail came in telling me to go pick out a new mattress. They were replacing it.

In early November of 2011 my husband and I purchased a living room set from Conn's. Had to pick it up because it was going to be after Thanksgiving before they could set up delivery. We picked it up and set it up at home. On the loveseat the whole chair started falling toward the left and it was becoming noticeable when you looked at it. In March of 2012 I called and set up service the first of 4 (8 if you count the 4 for pictures and then 4 for the service) service people came out did his pictures and said we need to order parts. They will be shipped here and a tech will come out and replace the parts.

The parts arrived and set in my living room for a week before I called service to ask when they were coming out. I was told there had been no request for a tech to come out and they would schedule one. He came out replaced the parts and that was that about a 2 weeks later. I had to call service again for the same problem (this time you would just fall to the arm of the chair.)

The service guy came out took pictures and ordered the same parts and told me the same thing about "when the parts arrive the service tech will be out here to fix/replace the parts." I waited 3 days and called to make sure a service guy would be coming. (He was.) He came out and fixed it again and told me the same thing "if there is anymore problem just call service".

In July of 2012 I called for service to come back out for the same problem. They again did the same service and I ended up call for them again. In September 2012 when the tech came out to do the pictures and all that he does. I let him do it. Waited a few days. Called to check on the service. Was told the man was going to be there Monday between 8 am-11am to fix the problem. I said that was fine. The guy arrived with the part fixed and was about to leave when UPS dropped off the part.

He told us to keep the extra part if we wanted to which we did. I called in again but told them this was going to be replaced because they have already been out to fix the same issue 4 times. They told me I could not get it replaced because I did not buy the warranty. I then told them that I have not even had this a year and it was sold to me broken. They said all they can do is keep sending out service techs to fix the issue and I could only have it serviced 6 times before I was charged the service fee.

I told them that there would be no reason to set up service because I was going to the press about this and would be bring the furniture back to their front door. I hung up with that person. Got on the computer and sent emails to the local paper about what was going on I also called BBB and Cat napper (the maker of the living room set).

I was called in September 2012 by Conn's head office saying that a new loveseat was ordered and I could pick it up whenever I wished. I went to pick it up and the store manager told me that I would have to load it myself that her employees would not touch that couch. I said "that was fine with me." I went to go find it and she told me I was not allowed to go in the back room. That she would have it brought to the front door for me then I must load it myself. 2 really nice young men brought it to the front and loaded it for me and told "Here. She could not do that to a customer." (They were both fired 2 weeks later).

In April 2013 we had to buy a microwave due to ours catching on fire, so I went to Conn's and picked it out. I had to do an in house credit for personal reasons, got everything done and even showed them my homeowners insurance. I was going to have an 11.00 a month payment for 12 months. I went in on May 19, 2013 and made a payment of 11.00. Before I made the payment my balance due was 105.33 so, when I made the payment my payoff should have dropped to 94.33 which I thought it had.

I went in on May 21, 2013 to go ahead and pay it off. The new pay off was 106.48 after the 11.00 was taken off for a payment. The cashier called customer service. They told her the computer was right and the customer was wrong. I asked to speak with them. She then told me that because I was paying it off sooner than the 12 months that there is interest. That is where the balance of 106.48 comes in.

When asked why my sale slip says 105.33 due in full, she said it was an error and Conn's is not responsible for errors like that. I told her my payment book tells me that I owe Conn's 94.33 and that is what I will pay. If there is any problem then Conn's can take me to court. She then told me that I was being rude and not giving here a chance to fix the mistake/misunderstanding.

I asked her if she could please tell me why there was and additional 5.00 charge on this account and she said "it was for insurance." I told her she was wrong because the salesman took my papers and made copies of them showing my home owners insurance. So I asked her "So I was being charged for insurance which I already had, plus I'm being charged more for paying it off early." She said, "No, you are going to pay the 106.48 owed on the account or it will be turned over to collections." I said, "I will not give you a dime. You can turn me over to collections and I will contest this and see you and Conn's in court." I then hung up.

Two hours later, my cell phone rang and Conn's was calling me to tell me there was a misunderstanding and my balance due is 95.00. My husband went and paid it off, even after telling him not to.

No Interest scam, three ways.
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MCALLEN, TEXAS -- A couple of years ago, we got a front loader Whirlpool Washer and Dryer from Conn's in McAllen, Texas. They were promoting a "No Interest" payment plan. So, like naive idiots, we jumped in with both feet, since our washer was on the fritz. They had the monthly payment price figured so the interest would kick in, so we asked the salesman to figure the payments so we would have everything paid off in full by the final payment, with no interest.

He did (supposedly) and we made our payments of $118 on the due date, or during their 10 day grace period, though they released the hounds on you, calling you with extremely harassing calls if you were in the "grace period". We were never, ever late.

Well, we were getting down to the last payment, and I noticed that if I made my last payment of $118, I would be $3 short of having the total amount paid off, and the $500 of interest would kick in. I realized that despite our request to have the entire amount paid off before the interest kicked in, they were making it a few bucks short. So if we didn't catch it, they would still make their money from us off the interest. Feeling good that we didn't get caught in their little deceptive trap, I knew I had to pay $121 on my last payment. (August 2009) And I'd have it paid off, and would be saved from having to pay $500 in interest.

I went in a Conn's store on Monday, August 3rd to make my final payment, and was told that because I didn't make the final payment the day before on Sunday August 2nd, that I was going to have to pay ALL the interest. I told the checker that I didn't even know they were even open on Sundays to take payments, which she said they were. I asked her what about the 10 day "grace period" to make the payment, and she said that it doesn't apply on the last payment. She said that all the interest was accrued at midnight on August 2nd, and even though I was paying just a few hours after that, I would have to pay ALL the interest, and not just some of it for being a few hours "late."

So, we got the people on the phone at Conn's "Customer Service" and they gave me the same old lines they probably tell all the other "suckers" like me that had been screwed over by Conn's on this deceptive "no interest" program. So, I asked for a manager. And she explained to me that she could put in a request for "forgiveness on the cash option," and that it would be reviewed by senior management. And that I would be notified within a week.
Never heard from anybody after a week, so I called them up. And was told that the request was on file, but it had not been reviewed yet.

She said that there were so many of these requests, that they were taking a long time to get through all of them. I guess a lot of other people were getting screwed over too. She finished the conversation by saying that I should call by the end of the month. So, I called at the end of the month, and was told the same thing (hadn't been reviewed due to huge backlog of similar requests, and to call again next week). Well, today, on September 4th, we started getting harassing calls from their collection people wanting us to pay up. So, I called to talk to the customer service, and was told the same thing, it hadn't been reviewed and to call back later.

I told her if I did that, the payment would be late, if it wasn't "forgiven." She said that's all she could do, so I talked to her manager. This person, who was talking so ghetto, I could barely understand her, started out saying the same thing. She said I could fax in the receipt with an explanation, and that would be reviewed by Senior Management, which had never been mentioned by any of the previous people I had dealt with at Conn's.

Then after going around and around with her for about 10 minutes, she finally came out and said, "No one is going to even look at this, because you were supposed to make the payment on that Sunday, and even if you didn't know we were open, and made your payment a few hours later on Monday, all the interest is now due. There's no way out of it, and there's no use in waiting any more, because you will be denied." Then, when I tried to explain the situation. She wouldn't even let me explain, she would just butt in during the middle of my sentence, saying we had nothing else to talk about!

When I told her I would appreciate it if I could finish my sentence, she started getting really rude! She said there was nothing more for us to talk about and I had to pay the extra five hundred bucks, and there was no way out of it. That she was the highest level of management I could talk to, since senior management did not take phone calls. I asked her, so why she told me to fax the receipt to them then, and she just kept telling me how I just needed to make the payments, and then she hung up on me.

So, beware of Conn's "no interest" program, because if you make every payment in full, and on time, they'll figure the payments deceptively so you'll have to pay the interest anyway. And, they'll set it up for you to make your final payment on a Sunday, (which isn't a typical day I pay bills since I'm in church and spending the day with my family), so you'll hopefully pay a day late.

Then, they'll tell you to keep jumping through hoops and giving you hope after the fact, and wasting your time by telling you they're going to review the situation, which they were never planning to do from the start. None of the things that they said was true, and all they are out for is a one-time customer, and not return customers.

Our next purchase after getting this washer/dryer paid off is for a 52 to 55 inch LCD flat screen TV, and Conn's would have been one of the companies we would have shopped. But after their deceptive practices, we will NEVER, EVER step foot in a Conn's store again!!!! Somebody else will be getting our business. And with a family of four young children, we will be buying a lot more appliances, computers and furniture that Conn's could have been considered for. But not now. Plus, we own a photography business, which uses camera and computer equipment which Conn's sells.

Sorry Conn's, after this little rip off scheme you pulled on us, you burned the one and only bridge between us! You, Conn's, are the losers in the long haul. And it's kind of a bad time to be alienating and ripping off your customers that have made on time payments over two years, when the economy is this bad. As a business owner, we know it's much easier to keep an existing client, than to go beat the bushes to find another faithful client. We'll make sure to tell all our friends and family (which are a bunch), and will post this all over the web and on Facebook, on which we have hundreds of friends.

The good thing is we have come out a little wiser (though this lesson cost us $500) to these types of schemes and will hopefully be able to not fall for this sort of thing in the future. We just hope this helps someone else out, and can keep someone else from getting ripped off by Conn's (which is such an appropriate name!!!)!!!!

Company Response 1/29/2010:

Dear Conn's customer,

We would like to apologize for the problem you have had with our company and would like to resolve your complaint for you. Please contact us at:

1-877-358-1252 or via the web at

Thank you

Conn's customer support

Conn's Appliance Store Automated Calling System
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I am a customer of Conn's and have been for over 10 years. I have bought every major appliance I own plus smaller items from Conn's. When I need anything electrical, I go to Conn's before anywhere else. I am extremely shocked and appalled with the way Conn's has been treating me. After YEARS of never missing one payment on my Conn's accounts, I have begun receiving numerous phone calls from an automated system from Conn's reminding me to make my payment. This wouldn't be so bad if it was once, but is numerous phone calls for several days on every phone number which belongs to me, even if I have already made the payment!

When these phone calls started in August, I called their customer service department to ask why I was suddenly receiving these calls. The representative gave me a stock answer that it was just a simple system set up to remind the customers about payments. He agreed with me when I pointed out my excellent payment history with Conn's and he told me that he'd get the system to stop calling me.

Imagine my surprise when just TWO days after Hurricane Ike badly affected my area, Conn's automated system called every phone I own 5-7 times each day again. Did they honestly believe that in the middle of recovering from a hurricane my family needed the added burden of dealing with these relentless phone calls?? Again, a one time reminder would have been sufficient, IF they felt the need that you had to it all, which I still cannot comprehend. How about after a natural disaster, they just turn the system off for a few days?

This morning I took the time out of everything else I had to contend with to actually make the payment to my Conn's account (via the telephone so it would be immediate) just so that Conn's would stop tying up my phones with these relentless reminders. Imagine my disgust, when Conn's called three more times to remind me that my payment is due.

I have just called the customer service number again after the THIRD time they have called today, only to be told by their representative that "that's just the way the system is set up..." I asked the representative to please only deal with those customers who are delinquent with payments and leave me alone, or suggesting to call just ONE time if they really felt the need to call all loyal customers. I told him that I had actually MADE the payment this morning and could he please get the calls to stop?

He gave me a verbal shrug and just kept repeating that "that's the way it's set up."I asked him who could fix it and who I could talk to. He then gave me the number of a "corporate office"713-676-1153guess what? It's not a working number. Can I now call and harass Conn's several times a day to "remind" them to give customers working numbers?

You'd think a company who could come up with a system who could "speak" my name every time it called, could at least have a working phone number for a corporate office or have a representative who could give me the correct number. I didn't dare call him back again to actually get the correct number and waste more of my precious time.

I am going to find every public forum I can to let the public know of the insensitive and shameless methods Conn's uses of "getting" money, especially during this trying time. It's bad enough when families are not recovering from life changing disasters, but to have this happen only two days after my family has suffered losses, is trying to reach family members, and is trying to get life back to normal is absolutely unforgivable.

I also feel that the system should be "set up" in a much more accommodating manner. It should not call customers who are not delinquent or late with payments and it should not call so many times, for so many days, on so many phone numbers.

For heaven's sake, we have NEEDED our phone lines the last three days for more dire purposes. I am sorry I ever did business with them and I am even more sorry that I was such a good customer who gave them all my business and who made my payments on time each month, as I've been given no accommodations for that whatsoever. I've only been harassed.

Bad Customer Service
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FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I would like to first thank you for reading this email. I feel it very necessary to tell you about my recent experience with your store manager at the Cherry Lane Fort Worth Texas Store. After many purchases made at this store and receiving wonderful customer service each time, my husband and I decided to purchase an HD TV. On January 7th 2008 we went to the store and ** was our salesman. He was a nice young man and we looked at several TVs but ** pointed out that he had a TV on clearance that should be just fine for us.

This was an AKIA 32" Flat screen HD TV. I told him that I felt unsure because I had not heard of this brand before but he assured me that it was a really good brand and your store had been carrying it for quite some time and never had any problems. So we purchased this TV for $499.99.

Well sometime in July 08' while watching TV it just turned off. After looking around and trying to plug it into a different outlet, I determined that it was the TV. I asked my husband to take it to Conn's and find out what we should do (we had purchased a service warranty). When my husband got to the store he approached a salesman and explained the problem. The man directed him to a phone, dialled customer service and handed my husband the phone and walked away.

After waiting on hold for about 10 minutes my husband got frustrated, hung up and left. So then a few days later I went to the store myself and requested to speak to the store manager. This was Mr ** and at the time he was busy so I patiently waited for him.

When he approached me I pleasantly told him of my dilemma and requested he tell me what I need to do to fix the situation. Well this is where it gets good. Mr **, in a VERY condescending way said: "Mrs. **, just as we probably explained to your husband, this TV is no longer carried in this store so there is nothing we can do to fix it. Now what we CAN do is sell you a more expensive TV as long as you are willing to pay the difference in cost."

This confused me a little since I purchased a warranty so I said: "Can we not send the TV to get repaired?" and his response was this "Mrs. **, we could send it to our service department but MOST likely the problem will turn out to be customer abuse so it would be in your best interest to let me see what we have in stock and you can upgrade as I said before."

All of these things were said to me in a very condescending way with him standing over me as if I was some really stupid little girl. So I stood up and told him that "there is no way it could be customer abuse because the TV has not been moved." And then he says (I cannot believe this one), he says: "Ma'am have you ever heard of a power surge!"....

At this point I am so stunned by his tone with me and his inability to just simply say "Mrs. **, here at Conn's we try to make sure that every one of our customers have a wonderful experience with their purchases and I am very sorry that this has happened to you. I will be happy to refer you to our service department or you could upgrade your TV today its up to you." These are very easy and non confrontational words but Mr. ** is VERY incapable of such. I ended up leaving very upset (to the point of tears) and calling the AKIA warranty department.

This of course brought me nothing because AKIA no longer exists (which may explain why the TV was on clearance and ** was so eager to sell it to us and with a boss like **, who has no integrity, I would not be surprised that his employees are the same way.) Anyway the warranty company had some man come and pick up my TV and they kept it for 6 weeks before giving it back to me the same way he took it.

AKIA is not shipping out power supplies and so any AKIA unit can not be repaired. So here I am back to square one... Well the point of this email is really to let you know how horribly I have been treated by ** at this store so I will get to it.

My next trip to the store was Friday September 5th. I had been speaking to ** in Beaumont. She said that she would call Mr ** and tell him to get me a new TV. When I arrived at the store he said he had not talked to her and then he starts calling service. (This is of course after he made sure to condescend me some more by explaining that he couldn't possibly remember me since he deals with so many customers everyday.) Well this email is already too long and I am just going to say that he humiliated me in front of other customers and my husband and refused to satisfy me as a customer of Conn's.

He had a Toshiba 32" Flat Screen HD TV for 569.99, which is only $70.00 more than what I paid but he refused to write off $70.00 and exchange my TV. As he and several other employees at your company explained to me, Conn's does not and will not ever write off $70.00 in order to keep a customer's business. The funny thing is that all the times I was on hold with your customer service department, I get to hear a recording that says that Conn's has been doing everything in its power to make sure every customer is satisfied since 18 something. What a joke!

The interest that I have paid on this TV that does not work is $109.75 so why is it that I cannot have the Toshiba for $70.00 more. That does not include the interest that I paid from purchasing a dishwasher, dryer, stove, 2 laptops, 3 I-Pods, a flat screen monitor, microwave, pots and pan set, freezer, sweeper and a futon.

I think that my service to Conn's is well worth $70.00 and I am so very disappointed by the way that I have been treated that at this point it is all principle. I will never ever purchase anything from Conn's again and I will definitely let everyone I talk to know how I was treated. Strangers and friends alike will hear my story since I plan to contact the local television station here who loves to catch businesses practicing unethically.

I am very sorry that you had to be bothered by this as I really did make GREAT attempts to reach ** who is the District manager in this area. However after being told by several of his managers at others stores that he would not help me anyway, I finally gave up. (I did leave many messages for him with no response.) I would strongly advise that you remove ** from contact with customers as I cannot see how there would be any way he can manage this store that is in a very bad location without running it into the ground. I appreciate your time.

Never Buy From Conn's. Ever!
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- I have been witness to two horrific accounts of rude customer service, overcharged billing, unwillingness to cooperate with existing warranties, and just overall poor business ethics. My first encounter occurred when I was working at a Lamar State College Port Arthur's theatre department's office. We had ordered two huge flat screen plasma TV's and mounts for our stage, and they were to be delivered the next day. They promised they would charge us 899 each for the TVs and 200 each for the mounts. It didn't arrive the next day, it arrived four days after the order. We needed the TVs for a show that was opening soon, and that four days stressed us.

When we unpacked the TVs, one was broken. It would not turn on. So we called and they said they would be out the next day to bring a new one and replace it. They arrived a week later. We got it up just in time. (Note: each time we called, we never got speedy, friendly service; we were always put through the wringer.) Then our financial office called us a month later. CONN'S charged us $999 each for the TVs, not $899.

We called everyday for three days straight to get them to fix it. We didn't understand, we wanted to pay them, but no one would help us. We got the wringer, no one knew who could fix the problem. We left messages with everyone. The last day, we were transferred around for an hour and a half. No one was in to help us, everyone had left, or was still at lunch, or on vacation. (It was 2:30 on a Wednesday). We finally got through to someone who said it wasn't her job to help us, but she would because she felt sorry for us. We made it clear that our department would never buy from them again.

My parents had purchased a washing machine about a year and a half ago, and a warranty. So when it stopped spinning, we called them to come fix it. A few days later they came to fix it. They said it couldn't be fixed, and we could get it replaced. The next week (and lots of dirty laundry and trips to the laundromat later), they called and told us to come in tomorrow to find a replacement. They were treated to a money hungry, commission seeking, totally disrespectful sales person, who refused/ignored my parents' request to see a copy of the original warranty and receipt.

The girl told them at one time that the machine was less than a year old, and another that it was a year and a half. She protested when my mother implied that they would haul off the old machine, saying, "why would Conn's want a broken machine." Without giving them a copy of the original receipt, she stated that my parents paid $300 to for the old machine. My parents paid over $500. She tried to blow it off by saying that it was like a car, "it depreciated in value over time, so that's why it was less."

Then later she said that was what they paid, it didn't depreciate. Without an original receipt or warranty, how were they to know if that was true? This situation just happened today, and we have still not completely resolved it. We will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, and it has become my job to post this all over the internet. They are an awful company, who don't care about quality or service. The way I see it, it's my duty to complain to everyone. Moral: NEVER BUY FROM CONN'S. EVER.

Forgot to send my payment book
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I just want to add my complaint about Conn's Appliances to this to help warn people about this shady operation. I bought a refrigerator from Conn's and they forgot to send me the payment book. When it came time for me to make my first payment, I called them and asked them for the amount and to send me a statement. They told me they would send me the payment book. In the meantime, they asked me to make a payment over the phone which I agreed to do but the problem is that they went into my bank account and took not only the amount we agreed upon but something they called a late fee.

We never talked about a late fee since it was their fault they did not send me the payment book. The point is I never agreed to any addition amount beyond the specific amount of the monthly payment. In the meantime, they reported me to the Credit Bureau as a late payment in spite of the fact that I agreed and made the payment. It seems they had some kind of internal mix-up inside the screwed up Conn's operation where the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing or something like that.

I have been disputing this with them for five months now. They refuse to admit they were wrong to go into my bank account and take more money than I authorized. I notified them to never go into my bank account again as I was rescinding any and all authorization giving Conn's any access to my bank account. They have retaliated by refusing to correct the bad marks they put on my credit. They refuse to admit they were wrong to take money I did not authorize from my bank account. I have had at least a couple of dozen phone calls with them and they are rude and disrespectful.

They make all kinds of threats that stop very short of being illegal. They have called my house at all times of the day, numerous times to try to inconvenience me. They call on Saturdays and Sundays. They call early in the morning and late at night. They harass and threat by leaving messages on my answering machine that give the impression of being from "Conn's Corporate Offices" or from "Conn's Legal Department". In their message they lead me to believe they are going to work this issue out with me but when I talk to them they refuse to say specifically that they will correct and resolve anything specific. They use pressure tactics.

They even sent me a bill saying I am being penalized by raising the total amount of the refrigerator up an additional $275.00. The past Sunday ("Sunday") they left a flier on my door threatening more legal action leading to repossession. They did this while I was inside my home hosting company.

This CONN's APPLIANCES is a mean, vile, dirty, vicious and ruthless company. The name Conn's fits them perfectly because they ought to be behind bars somewhere. Now that I am researching complaints against them on the internet, I want to warn other potential victims to take these complaints seriously. Like they say, let the buyer beware when dealing with the cons at Conn's Appliances.

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