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Conn's Appliances
3295 College St.
Beaumont, TX 77704
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Sleepless From The Smelly Mattress
By -

ADDISON, TEXAS -- I purchased a Serta Jubilee mattress from Conn's store in Addison. During the sale the salesperson, ** assured me that Conn's and Serta stood behind the product. At that time I also purchased a washer & dryer. I was also told delivery was free. However, when I finalized the purchase they tacked on a $69 delivery charge and said I would receive rebate documents. (Never to be seen.)

The delivery men showed up with the mattress and asked what I wanted to do with my old mattress. I told them I thought they were taking them. The delivery man then began to cite federal law on how they could not take an old mattress. When I decided to refuse the mattress all of the sudden they were willing to violate federal law and take my old mattress.

After they left my apartment was muddy from dirt on their shoes and smelled funny. I thought they just hadn't bathed and sprayed some Fabreeze. However, the odor remained. After washing linens and looking for other sources of the odor I realized it was coming from the mattress. It reeked! I contacted attempted to contact **. He was off and I spoke with the store manager **. She was going to call me back but never did. I then contact ** and they sent out a technician to come SMELL my mattress!

He confirmed the odor and said it was from too much Scotch Guard being sprayed. I asked what he was going to do and he didn't have an answer. He didn't bring a replacement mattress. No follow-up came from the store. No answers, no solutions.

I called ** and asked what was going to be done. He asked if ** called. I said "no." He didn't have an answer. I told him I wanted a refund or a new mattress that the one they sold me was not usable. He couldn't/wouldn't do anything. I was referred to ** their Customer Service Manager in Beaumont.

He too has been non-responsive. He asked if the technician called. Again, I said no. No one from Conn's initiates or returns calls. He stated that the technician said the odor was a normal odor from the fabric. I informed him that was news to me and reminded him of the Scotch Guard overspray. He became argumentative. I asked him what they were going to do. "Essentially nothing" was his response.

They won't exchange or take the mattress back. He would not provide a superior's name or contact information. If they weren't going to remedy this matter why did they send a technician to smell the mattress? Just so I could lose more time from work? Quite frankly, I beginning to wonder with all the complaints if a Class Action lawsuit asserting Deceptive Trade Practices can't be brought against these Conn Artists. By the way, I contacted Serta and they referred me back to Conn's. Sleepless in Addison.

Never Shop Conn's!!!
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I will start this review by stating that this is my first (and LAST) experience with Conn's appliance store. My husband and I have been shopping for a new TV for some time, we found the exact TV we wanted at Conn's for an amazing price. We live in Central, TX and the closest Conn's store that had our TV was located in Houston, TX. We called the Houston Conn's store and told them our situation. We lived 3 hours away but really wanted this TV, we were told as long as we showed up that day the TV was ours and that our sales representative would hold it for us. We offered our credit card number but were told it wasn't necessary.

My husband was in love with the TV, so we packed up myself, my husband and our 4 year old son for a road trip. Borrowed a truck and drove 3 and a half hours to Houston, TX. Upon arriving we waited 15 minutes for our sales representative to wait on us. He then had us go and sit at a desk. After typing in several numbers in his computer he said "well, we have a small problem." By small problem he meant that they didn't have our TV.

He then started to try to sell us a completely different TV at a no way discounted price. ($100 off when the TV was more than $800 more expensive than the one we wanted.) He then went on to explain that he understood our frustration and that now we probably "just wanted anything." I informed him that we didn't want anything, we wanted the TV we came here for, not anything. He then told us that it was OUR fault that he didn't have our TV because we hadn't given him a credit card number when we called to ask about the TV.

I then informed him that we had offered a credit card number and we were ASSURED that as long as we arrived that day that we would get the TV. He said he was sorry for the miscommunication and then went on to assist other customers and to chit chat with co-workers. I asked for the manager's name and district managers name and phone number and we left to make the long trip home angry and without our TV. After spending most of our afternoon there we arrived home at 11 pm.

I called the warehouse that stores Conn's TVs this morning and was informed they have two of the TVs we wanted at their warehouse and if our sales person had taken our money we could have picked it up from the warehouse the same day. For all of you thinking about going to Conn's for ANYthing, buyers beware!!! I was also listening to Conn's "policies" while I was on hold this morning and was surprised to learn that "if we don't have something in stock we will give you the next size up at the same price."

Conn's Appliance Store Automated Calling System
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I am a customer of Conn's and have been for over 10 years. I have bought every major appliance I own plus smaller items from Conn's. When I need anything electrical, I go to Conn's before anywhere else. I am extremely shocked and appalled with the way Conn's has been treating me. After YEARS of never missing one payment on my Conn's accounts, I have begun receiving numerous phone calls from an automated system from Conn's reminding me to make my payment. This wouldn't be so bad if it was once, but is numerous phone calls for several days on every phone number which belongs to me, even if I have already made the payment!

When these phone calls started in August, I called their customer service department to ask why I was suddenly receiving these calls. The representative gave me a stock answer that it was just a simple system set up to remind the customers about payments. He agreed with me when I pointed out my excellent payment history with Conn's and he told me that he'd get the system to stop calling me.

Imagine my surprise when just TWO days after Hurricane Ike badly affected my area, Conn's automated system called every phone I own 5-7 times each day again. Did they honestly believe that in the middle of recovering from a hurricane my family needed the added burden of dealing with these relentless phone calls?? Again, a one time reminder would have been sufficient, IF they felt the need that you had to it all, which I still cannot comprehend. How about after a natural disaster, they just turn the system off for a few days?

This morning I took the time out of everything else I had to contend with to actually make the payment to my Conn's account (via the telephone so it would be immediate) just so that Conn's would stop tying up my phones with these relentless reminders. Imagine my disgust, when Conn's called three more times to remind me that my payment is due.

I have just called the customer service number again after the THIRD time they have called today, only to be told by their representative that "that's just the way the system is set up..." I asked the representative to please only deal with those customers who are delinquent with payments and leave me alone, or suggesting to call just ONE time if they really felt the need to call all loyal customers. I told him that I had actually MADE the payment this morning and could he please get the calls to stop?

He gave me a verbal shrug and just kept repeating that "that's the way it's set up."I asked him who could fix it and who I could talk to. He then gave me the number of a "corporate office"713-676-1153guess what? It's not a working number. Can I now call and harass Conn's several times a day to "remind" them to give customers working numbers?

You'd think a company who could come up with a system who could "speak" my name every time it called, could at least have a working phone number for a corporate office or have a representative who could give me the correct number. I didn't dare call him back again to actually get the correct number and waste more of my precious time.

I am going to find every public forum I can to let the public know of the insensitive and shameless methods Conn's uses of "getting" money, especially during this trying time. It's bad enough when families are not recovering from life changing disasters, but to have this happen only two days after my family has suffered losses, is trying to reach family members, and is trying to get life back to normal is absolutely unforgivable.

I also feel that the system should be "set up" in a much more accommodating manner. It should not call customers who are not delinquent or late with payments and it should not call so many times, for so many days, on so many phone numbers.

For heaven's sake, we have NEEDED our phone lines the last three days for more dire purposes. I am sorry I ever did business with them and I am even more sorry that I was such a good customer who gave them all my business and who made my payments on time each month, as I've been given no accommodations for that whatsoever. I've only been harassed.

Never Buy From Conn's. Ever!
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- I have been witness to two horrific accounts of rude customer service, overcharged billing, unwillingness to cooperate with existing warranties, and just overall poor business ethics. My first encounter occurred when I was working at a Lamar State College Port Arthur's theatre department's office. We had ordered two huge flat screen plasma TV's and mounts for our stage, and they were to be delivered the next day. They promised they would charge us 899 each for the TVs and 200 each for the mounts. It didn't arrive the next day, it arrived four days after the order. We needed the TVs for a show that was opening soon, and that four days stressed us.

When we unpacked the TVs, one was broken. It would not turn on. So we called and they said they would be out the next day to bring a new one and replace it. They arrived a week later. We got it up just in time. (Note: each time we called, we never got speedy, friendly service; we were always put through the wringer.) Then our financial office called us a month later. CONN'S charged us $999 each for the TVs, not $899.

We called everyday for three days straight to get them to fix it. We didn't understand, we wanted to pay them, but no one would help us. We got the wringer, no one knew who could fix the problem. We left messages with everyone. The last day, we were transferred around for an hour and a half. No one was in to help us, everyone had left, or was still at lunch, or on vacation. (It was 2:30 on a Wednesday). We finally got through to someone who said it wasn't her job to help us, but she would because she felt sorry for us. We made it clear that our department would never buy from them again.

My parents had purchased a washing machine about a year and a half ago, and a warranty. So when it stopped spinning, we called them to come fix it. A few days later they came to fix it. They said it couldn't be fixed, and we could get it replaced. The next week (and lots of dirty laundry and trips to the laundromat later), they called and told us to come in tomorrow to find a replacement. They were treated to a money hungry, commission seeking, totally disrespectful sales person, who refused/ignored my parents' request to see a copy of the original warranty and receipt.

The girl told them at one time that the machine was less than a year old, and another that it was a year and a half. She protested when my mother implied that they would haul off the old machine, saying, "why would Conn's want a broken machine." Without giving them a copy of the original receipt, she stated that my parents paid $300 to for the old machine. My parents paid over $500. She tried to blow it off by saying that it was like a car, "it depreciated in value over time, so that's why it was less."

Then later she said that was what they paid, it didn't depreciate. Without an original receipt or warranty, how were they to know if that was true? This situation just happened today, and we have still not completely resolved it. We will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, and it has become my job to post this all over the internet. They are an awful company, who don't care about quality or service. The way I see it, it's my duty to complain to everyone. Moral: NEVER BUY FROM CONN'S. EVER.

Forgot to send my payment book
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I just want to add my complaint about Conn's Appliances to this to help warn people about this shady operation. I bought a refrigerator from Conn's and they forgot to send me the payment book. When it came time for me to make my first payment, I called them and asked them for the amount and to send me a statement. They told me they would send me the payment book. In the meantime, they asked me to make a payment over the phone which I agreed to do but the problem is that they went into my bank account and took not only the amount we agreed upon but something they called a late fee.

We never talked about a late fee since it was their fault they did not send me the payment book. The point is I never agreed to any addition amount beyond the specific amount of the monthly payment. In the meantime, they reported me to the Credit Bureau as a late payment in spite of the fact that I agreed and made the payment. It seems they had some kind of internal mix-up inside the screwed up Conn's operation where the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing or something like that.

I have been disputing this with them for five months now. They refuse to admit they were wrong to go into my bank account and take more money than I authorized. I notified them to never go into my bank account again as I was rescinding any and all authorization giving Conn's any access to my bank account. They have retaliated by refusing to correct the bad marks they put on my credit. They refuse to admit they were wrong to take money I did not authorize from my bank account. I have had at least a couple of dozen phone calls with them and they are rude and disrespectful.

They make all kinds of threats that stop very short of being illegal. They have called my house at all times of the day, numerous times to try to inconvenience me. They call on Saturdays and Sundays. They call early in the morning and late at night. They harass and threat by leaving messages on my answering machine that give the impression of being from "Conn's Corporate Offices" or from "Conn's Legal Department". In their message they lead me to believe they are going to work this issue out with me but when I talk to them they refuse to say specifically that they will correct and resolve anything specific. They use pressure tactics.

They even sent me a bill saying I am being penalized by raising the total amount of the refrigerator up an additional $275.00. The past Sunday ("Sunday") they left a flier on my door threatening more legal action leading to repossession. They did this while I was inside my home hosting company.

This CONN's APPLIANCES is a mean, vile, dirty, vicious and ruthless company. The name Conn's fits them perfectly because they ought to be behind bars somewhere. Now that I am researching complaints against them on the internet, I want to warn other potential victims to take these complaints seriously. Like they say, let the buyer beware when dealing with the cons at Conn's Appliances.

By -

ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- Consumers shopping at Conn's Appliance & Electronics stores need to beware. I purchased over $1,500 in appliances and was very unhappy with Conn's service. I was never told at the time of purchase about a 15% restock fee that they tack on if you return the item. I purchased a beverage dispenser and freezer and paid a $50 delivery charge. At the time of delivery the original packaging was torn off and discarded by the delivery men. After 7 days, I decided the beverage dispenser was not what I anticipated. I had not attached or used the appliance at all. Everything was in its original box except for the big box that covered the appliance.

When I called the store I talked to the manager. He told me it did not matter what happen, they would still have to charge me a 15% restocking fee because it was not in the original box. When I tried to explain to the manager that the delivery men took the original box he was very rude. I was also told that I would have to pay another delivery fee for them to come and pick up the appliance. The manager then told me it would be better to bring the item to the store. He did offer to at least take the appliance out my SUV when I returned it to the store. I thought that was very big of them especially since I paid $1,500 the week before for a freezer and beverage dispenser.

The manager was very rude, unconcerned and arrogant. I will never purchase another item from this store. I just want all consumers to beware of some of the hidden issues when returning an item to this store. Ask questions, especially on returns. In all fairness to the salesman, he was a very nice and respectful fellow. As for the manager, he definitely needed an attitude adjustment and needed to be retrained on how to treat his customers.

Unprofessional is an Understatement
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- We have been struggling with Conn's for the last 2 weeks to have our top of the line KitchenAid appliances delivered and installed correctly. Here's a history of the nightmare we've been through with them:

12/2/05- Range delivered and installed. Would have been great, though I noticed a dent on the stainless steel front. Problem: They have none in stock to replace so they leave the dented range for us to use until one comes in. They only offered a $100 price concession for the dent on a $1600 range.

12/3/05- We arrived from out of town to a house full of gas. The gas company came out, turned off the gas and told us the range was not installed properly (they broke the fitting where the gas line connects to the stove). Fortunately our house didn't explode. Conn's came out the next morning to correct the problem by installing a new gas line, but said that's all they could do without replacing the range. It still leaks.

12/5/05- A new range comes in. We had also ordered a dishwasher that would be in stock this week, so we scheduled delivery to have the range traded out and a dishwasher installed on 12/9.

12/9/05- I took the day off work to expect delivery since they can't be more exact than a 3 hour time block. After not receiving a call making us aware of the delivery time, I call the warehouse. They inform me that the dishwasher hasn't come in yet, so they will not be delivering anything. I have wasted my day and my frustrations mount. I call the salesman to find out why we didn't get a call in advance. He was going to contact the "district manager" (who I am now convinced does not exist) and let us know what is going on, but our calls were not returned.

12/12/05- Salesman calls and says our range can be swapped out at our convenience, so we set it up for the following afternoon.

Salesman shows up in his beat-up pick-up truck with our $1600 range in the bed. He comes with no one to help him unload it, so he expects me to help him drag it into my house! Then he goes to disconnect the original dented range, but after pulling it out and trying to unhook the gas line, he tells us he's not authorized to touch gas lines. How did he expect to swap them out in the first place?? He leaves us with two stoves and calls the install guys to set up a time to come by the next day to install the new stove and take out the old one.

I call Conn's to speak with the manager to let them know the situation and they freak out and tell us that we can't have two stoves in our house since we only paid for one (even though we also paid a comparable amount for our dishwasher that still has not come in) and says she'll have to send him back out to pick up the new one they just dropped off. We told them we wouldn't be home.

12/14/05- The install guys call and even though they get my voicemail, they come by anyway at 9am (even though the salesman told them we would not be available until 4pm--luckily my husband was working from home and here when they came by). The install guys unwrapped the new range and noticed that it is not just dented, but the entire side is caved in. Hmmm...couldn't have been a result of unprofessional delivery, now could it?

Then they tell us that they can't take either of the stoves away because they were only asked to install the new one. They tell my husband they can come back in the afternoon after getting permission to take the range away, but they never do.

I call the salesman who returns my call an hour later. He tells me he can have the new stove and dishwasher installed on's a fairly pleasant conversation and I say okay. I also let him know that if there is any kind of problem with the appliances, we will be returning both for a full refund.

Then it goes downhill...
He asks if he can come by tonight at 7pm to pick up the range. I tell him that it's not a convenient time since we have plans, so he suggests coming the next day telling me that they are adamant that we not have two ranges in our house (do you think we want both?). Then he asks if he can come by at 6am before we go to work and I tell him that I don't want to deal with this before my day even begins. He mumbles something about his manager calling us, says he understands what I'm saying, and hangs up on me.

Next time we're going to Sears.

Purchase and Return
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I will never EVER buy anything from Conn's again!!! Anybody thinking to buy from these people better "buyer beware"!! We purchased a Bose system from them last weekend ($1625.00) and after hooking it up, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. Today I want to return it but noooo... it won't be that easy. Apparently in their return and exchange policy, you have to pay 15% restocking fee!! In other words... I have to pay $244.00 to return a product that I'm not satisfied with! What a rip off!

The kicker is the salesman that sold me this thing, didn't mention a WORD about the restocking fee while he was busy selling me the extended warranty, but he was all about telling me how I would get a phone call from Conn's asking if he gave me good customer service.

Even better, I was thinking to buy new furniture from them after Christmas, but according to their "return policy", you "can't return furniture, mattresses, d├ęcor OR accessories unless it's inspected by a Conn's Service Tech and found to have a manufacturer's defect". What the hell?? I would NOT have had these problems if I would've just used Best Buy!! With Black Friday around the corner... Consider yourselves WARNED!!!

Does Not Stand by Their Return Policy
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Rating: 1/51

HUMBLE, TEXAS -- On 6/1/2014 went with Humble Conn's because they stated if we did NoT like the mattress we could exchange it for $129 fee. Bought the set for $1515.00. Brought it home... HATED it. Woke up stiff with achy hips. Called our sales lady. She told us she would talk to manager and call us back. 3 hrs later she called and said we would have to sleep on mattress for 7 nights then we could proceed with exchange or we could call customer service and they would come and inspect the less than 24 hr old mattress and decide if it was in a exchangeable condition. Are you kidding me? Their policy states "You May Return/Exchange Mattress Within 14 Days Of Purchase!!"

Additional Charge Added to Your Payment for Processing Center
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Rating: 1/51

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- We bought a table from Conn's and have been making monthly payments. Somewhere along the line they changed to Bank of America for card processing. Bank of America is supposedly charging them $3 for every payment processed and rather than consider it a cost of doing business they passed the charge on to their customers. I have a hard time believing that such a big company could not negotiate a better deal on processing and feel that they are actually charging more for this than they are being charged. I will not purchase from them again. I can't bring myself to do business with a company that charges you to pay your bill.

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