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Cons at Conn's
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First of all in my line of work I deal with the public and I mean a lot of people which are now not shopping at Conn's due to my personal experience. Conn's has owed me a little over 100.00 dollars for 5 months which they took out of my personal checking account after I paid off my mattress set. They have given me the runaround at least 2 times a week since October. I have been a loyal customer for 3 years. I should have been aware after the dishwasher I bought for 475.00 broke down 3 days after warranty and they would not send out a repairman.

I paid 75.00 for a repairman from my area to come to fix it but, he said that the dishwasher had internal problems and could not be fixed. Because 3 days is 3 days and I try to follow the rules of a establishment that I do business with, I accepted the situation and bought one from Sears, which is still working great after 2 years. Well a good sell at Conn's turned my head and I again bought from Conn's, a mattress and box springs. Which I paid in good faith, even paying off early. Conn's let the consumer set up payments 3 months in advance so that is the how I set my payment plan up with Conn's. Every 3 months I called and set up the 3 payments from my checking account.

I paid off my mattresses off early and told Conn's to not take out any more payments due to pay off. The next month they took out a payment. I called them and told them of the mistake on their part. They wanted proof so my bank sent proof. They said they would send me a check in 10 days. In ten days, no check. But 10 days late another withdraw to Conn's was taken out of my account. I called, was sent to 3 different departments, said again to send the proof. I did this. I called a week later and found that I had been taken out of the system. It took 2 more phone calls to get me back in the system. I have ask to talk to a supervisor and have been told to leave my number.

Five months later I have never received a phone call from a supervisor or anyone else for that matter. So, I have taken the matter to a Lawyer, and me and about 32 other people are sending out mass emails and forwards telling people to stand together and don't let the big businesses take our hard earned money out of our pockets anymore. And start holding them responsible for how they treat the people that have made them who they are. We have lined their pockets the least they can do is return to us respectable, fair and courteous relations.

Conn's will lose a lot more if everyone stands together and stops buying from businesses like Conn's that get rich off of people that look for deals and have to watch their pennies. Most people that buy from Conn's live from paycheck to paycheck. We deserve better treatment. I now save my money and pay cash and only when the item is on sale. That interest that you will save by not buying at Conn's on Credit will hit them hard if you take your business elsewhere. Thanks.

Beat Conn's
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If you buy a product from Conn's and it's not working properly, simply call Conn's 409-832-1696, the operator will pick-up, just simply ask for the Legal Department. Tell the legal department that you are hiring a lawyer to represent you in court. Ask the person for their name and extension number. Ask them who should the citation be issued to?
Ask them if they have notated your account properly that your product was sold to you defected? *More than likely Conn's Legal Department will not sue you on default payments if it's notated properly that the product was sold defected and you have not gotten proper service on it. Call as soon as you feel your product is not right.

Also, if you have a medical issue that is keeping you from making payments make sure you tell them the exact medical issue. Conn's do not like to notate cancer, hospital, death, shot, fire, etc. Because this will keep the attorneys from pursuing it as a legal matter. Listen to me! Always call this number and ask for the legal department and give your exact medical situation. Do not talk to LDRT-Legal Dispute Resolution Team, they do not care! You want the Legal Production team. Have Legal repeat to you what they have notated in your notes. Never settle for the terms "medical issue" or "health issue".

Tell them what you want it to say, it's your account. *You have a 99% chance that your account will never go to court. You may get a demand letter, sue letter. If a case is filed, more than likely it will be dismissed. *THEY WILL SEND YOU A REINSTATEMENT LETTER, BUT NEVER SIGN IT. Another smart move is to have the Post Office send your mail back to them as Temporary Away. Don't answer the phone, do not have your name on your voicemail, tell neighbors do not answer questions concerning you, other than you moved to Mexico. LOL. Conn's will call you from personal cell numbers in your area, don't answer the phone.

They won't leave a voicemail, they will wait for you to call the number back and say "Hi.... this is Conn's." You simply state, "I don't know you." and hang up. They have 5-10 local numbers to call you on. It's not unheard of for people to buy a house full of merchandise and move to Mexico, or become suddenly ill, or suddenly die. They won't sue in Mexico or a dead person! Also, never say you are married, they will harass your spouse... Never say you are married, they will harass your spouse.

Don't take my blog as a means of legal advice, contact a lawyer. This is my sole opinion, just in case you have someone that try to retaliate. There are plenty lawyers right now suing Conn's for harassment, record your conversation and call one today. I almost forgot. If you have an unauthorized payment on your account, call the Legal Department and tell them. For sure they will not sue. Fax proof to Legal Department fax number. Make sure you get it from them. As always, I hope you are dancing!!!! Conn's cannot win................

Conn's, The Name Says It All!
By -

TEXAS -- I have been without an oven since 3/9 on a stove that has only been used for a little more than 2 years. This means we were unable to have our traditional Easter family lunch and dinner. The stove was purchased brand new with an extended warranty from Conn's. The stove and the extended warranty have been paid in full for some time. The stove is a GE glass top, stainless steel model number GLEFZ379FC also not recommended. The extended warranty is through 11/16/2010. Total paid was $1,004.54; all paperwork is available for proof. I previously purchased a chair, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a microwave, air conditioner, and a TV.

I have repeatedly called and I have been repeatedly promised that someone will call me back. There was to have been a service person to repair the stove on 3/20. The person never called and never showed up. When we called the following Monday we were promised that someone would call us back, but we also found out that no part had been ordered. This game went on and on and we were repeatedly promised that the part had been ordered and that someone would call us back with an explanation.

On 4/03 someone slipped and admitted that the part had not been ordered, but that it could not be ordered until Monday 4/6 because of inventory and we were promised a call back confirming the ordering of the part. Needless to say no call came Monday 4/6 and 4/7 I called and no part had been order and there was no explanation of why, when a part would be ordered, an offer for a manager to call us back, and no apology whatsoever!

The customer service is beyond atrocious and the only responses I get are sarcastic "I do not knows" and "I cannot answer for someone else" and there is NEVER a manager available to speak to me. I called one of the stores in an attempt to get some help and they openly admitted that they cannot get any further with the situation than what I can. The store number I called is 512-335-1001 and the customer service number, if you can call it that, is 1-800-280-1514. The store that attempted to help me called and acted as if they were me and they were equally as appalled by the customer service attitude.

The person at the store repeatedly apologized that there was nothing he could do, but there was no way for him to push anything any further and that his service manager said that I needed to call customer service; the manager still said this even after the helpful person told him that not even a Conn's employee could get an answer out of customer service.

With this experience, I am MORE than shocked to see A+ BBB rating especially coupled with the number of complaints filed in the last 36, which totaled 1,930! These circumstances are making me rethink my belief in using and the credibility of the BBB itself and businesses that are BBB accredited.

Update 5/5/2009: This all started with a repair issue on my oven, see above. Well, once I filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (they deal with warranty issues) my stove was magically fixed the following day. People need to file complaints with state and/or federal organizations, these entities work off of numbers and unless the public registers complaints they never know there is an issue to be investigated. The real kicker is that it took 5 minutes, yes 1, 2,3,4,5 whole minutes for the part to be replaced and the oven to once again work. Conn's is so messed-up that they called 3 days later to schedule a repair person.

However, now what is most concerning is that the BBB actually sent me a response from Conn's that was 2 sentences. The stove was fixed on 4/20 and we are sorry for the inconvenience. In my BBB complaint I specifically requested an explanation of why it took so long, what would be done to improve customer service, and a full apology from Conn's.

I obviously rejected the BBB letter as settling the matter and stated I wanted what I requested along with an explanation from the BBB as to why Conn's still has an A+ rating with 1,972 complaints in the last 36 months as of 5/5 and why the BBB would accept such an unbelievably weak response from Conn's on my complaint. I requested this explanation from the BBB on 4/18 in a separate e-mail to the BBB of Southeast Texas and in my rejection letter on 4/22 to the BBB.

I have yet to receive an acknowledgement of my request for an explanation from the BBB, much less an explanation. I will wait a full month for a response from the BBB and then I will file a report with the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive practices and contact one of the local news stations. All I can say is do not trust the reports on the BBB and look-up complaints on the BBB; once you do you will see that there are many legitimate complaints on the organization! People need to be educated on what a scam the BBB really is!

Never Shop Conn's!!!
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I will start this review by stating that this is my first (and LAST) experience with Conn's appliance store. My husband and I have been shopping for a new TV for some time, we found the exact TV we wanted at Conn's for an amazing price. We live in Central, TX and the closest Conn's store that had our TV was located in Houston, TX. We called the Houston Conn's store and told them our situation. We lived 3 hours away but really wanted this TV, we were told as long as we showed up that day the TV was ours and that our sales representative would hold it for us. We offered our credit card number but were told it wasn't necessary.

My husband was in love with the TV, so we packed up myself, my husband and our 4 year old son for a road trip. Borrowed a truck and drove 3 and a half hours to Houston, TX. Upon arriving we waited 15 minutes for our sales representative to wait on us. He then had us go and sit at a desk. After typing in several numbers in his computer he said "well, we have a small problem." By small problem he meant that they didn't have our TV.

He then started to try to sell us a completely different TV at a no way discounted price. ($100 off when the TV was more than $800 more expensive than the one we wanted.) He then went on to explain that he understood our frustration and that now we probably "just wanted anything." I informed him that we didn't want anything, we wanted the TV we came here for, not anything. He then told us that it was OUR fault that he didn't have our TV because we hadn't given him a credit card number when we called to ask about the TV.

I then informed him that we had offered a credit card number and we were ASSURED that as long as we arrived that day that we would get the TV. He said he was sorry for the miscommunication and then went on to assist other customers and to chit chat with co-workers. I asked for the manager's name and district managers name and phone number and we left to make the long trip home angry and without our TV. After spending most of our afternoon there we arrived home at 11 pm.

I called the warehouse that stores Conn's TVs this morning and was informed they have two of the TVs we wanted at their warehouse and if our sales person had taken our money we could have picked it up from the warehouse the same day. For all of you thinking about going to Conn's for ANYthing, buyers beware!!! I was also listening to Conn's "policies" while I was on hold this morning and was surprised to learn that "if we don't have something in stock we will give you the next size up at the same price."

Worst Company Ever!
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CEDAR HILL, TEXAS -- Do not ever buy anything from Conn's. The salespeople are very nice until you make your purchase and walk out the door. Everyone is really nice until the sale is complete and you have any problem. All the things they say about their "€œguaranteed satisfaction" is a crock. I will personally guarantee you will not be satisfied. I purchased a laptop in October and it crashed the second week of November. I took it in to be repaired and was told that "€œthis happens with these all the time."€ Not what they said when I bought it but OK.

It was sent to the repair department and six weeks later I started calling everyone from Dallas to Louisiana to try to find out what is going on. Everyone I spoke to was rude. The only nice young lady I spoke to promised to turn it over to the escalation department and I would definitely hear from them within 48 hours, that was a week ago. I started being rude too and all that will get you is hung up on. They acted like they were my customer. Acting like they were doing me a big favor and asking really dumb questions. What is the serial number of your computer? When I said "I wasn't sure", they told me to just look on the back of my laptop.

When I said "I do not have the laptop, you do" they hung up on me. One manager said to me "€What is it that you want me to do?"€œ I said "either get me my repaired computer or give me back my money." He said "€œI cannot do either of those."€œ I have never been so angry and frustrated in my whole life. I started Googling "Conn's Complaints"€ and found out that I am not alone. Washers, dryers, TVs etc. No one can believe the after purchase customer service of this company. I finally was told to call Hewlett Packard and then I got to speak to everyone in Asia.

Finally after two days I found a lady who told me that they had already authorized Conn's to replace my computer. When I told Conn's they started explaining to me what I NEEDED TO GET FROM HEWLETT PACKARD TO GET THAT DONE! I did not buy my computer from Hewlett Packard. I finally got what they needed and they promised to call me back and never heard a word. Finally I waited a day and started over. They told me that my computer was at the store repaired. Then I called the store. I was hung up on 5 times. I finally spoke to the manager who promised to call me back and never did.

Do not believe anyone at this company. They do not do their own repairs like they say. But from what I have read on the internet I was lucky they sent it to Hewlett Packard. If anyone promises to call you back, get it taken care of or ask you to hold you can forget it. Check the internet there are lots of us. I got my computer back, cancelled my extended warranty and purchased an extended warranty directly from Hewlett Packard. I plan on never having any contact with Conn's again. Do your homework. I can say that one day I will get to smile - WHEN I READ HOW THEY WENT OUT OF BUSINESS!

Faulty Merchandise and Extortion
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I am getting married. As a wedding gift, my soon-to-be mother-in-law purchased a new set of appliances for our kitchen (including a dishwasher, over-the-range microwave, and a refrigerator). The dishwasher and microwave are just fine. But the first refrigerator had a faulty ice maker on delivery. I called and requested a technician to come out and make sure that it was turned on or whatever.

As with all the other reviews, I had to take the entire day off since the best they could do was to call me in the morning and tell me what time they would be arriving (approximately). I took the whole day off, the technician arrived, and came to the astounding conclusion that indeed my ice maker was defective. He said that it could take up to 8 weeks to get the part. I said that was unacceptable, and I demanded a new refrigerator. He said he would have to call me the next day.

Surprise!!! No one called me. I called the Store Manager the following Tuesday (I still had faith at this point) to find out what was going on. The Store Manager informed me that nothing had been done on the account and he said he was going to have someone call me the next business day. Surprise!!! No one called me. My mother-in-law came to town on a visit and went to the store. The Store Manager said he would give her a credit for the refrigerator and she could have a new one delivered the next day.

The new refrigerator showed up the next day and it was installed. Ten hours later, the refrigerator had not cooled down a single degree (it actually got warmer). I called the store manager and told him about the situation. He called the warehouse and called me back stating that the refrigerator could take up to 24 hours to cool down. When confronted, he gave me the phone number to the warehouse.

I contacted the warehouse and spoke with the representative who the Store Manager spoke with. The warehouse representative told me that I should unplug the refrigerator and plug it back in. He stated that it could be four hours before it would start working, but his warehouse would close in less than thirty minutes. Obviously that didn't work, or I wouldn't be writing this. I checked the refrigerator the next evening (Monday evening) and it still wasn't cooling.

After speaking with my mother-in-law to see what she wanted to do, I called the Store Manager the next day. He said all he could do for us was give my mother-in-law credit for what she paid and she could pay more money to get something else (although he acknowledged that we have been incredibly mistreated). I went to the store and spoke with him in person. He said he had put in a "Hot Shot" which meant that someone from the service department would be coming to look at my refrigerator in 24 hours.

Let this be a warning, if you have ANY INTENT WHATSOEVER of returning merchandise, do not allow them to place a service call. Apparently once the service call is placed, there is no way Conn's will allow you to return the merchandise. I told him that I didn't want a refrigerator of the same model. I told him I expected to be taken care of for all the trouble I have been put through. He flatly refused to do anything, and his bosses aren't any better.

Thus far I have left messages for the Collections Manager, the Collections/Customer Service Director, and the Vice President. None of them have returned my phone calls. The e-mail complaining I sent to Conn's has remained unanswered. The company is now telling my mother-in-law that all they are willing to do is to send her a new refrigerator (same model) still in the crate and SHE CAN SELL IT. The last time I checked, my mother-in-law did not have an appliance store. That is extortion, plain and simple.

We are well within the 30 day of receipt window. The product has not been used, because the product is defective. Yet, Conn's refuses to give any refunds or release my mother-in-law from her obligation. Extortion, extortion, extortion. I have written complaints to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC complaint # **) and the Better Business Bureau (BBB complaint # **). Please feel free to reference these in any complaints you wish to file.

Whirlpool Duet Sport Washing Machine - Sold to Us by Conn's
By -

SOUTHEAST, TEXAS -- WE PURCHASED THIS NEW WASHING MACHINE ON JUNE 16, 2008 from Conn's in Houston, Texas the I-H 45 store. Since June 17, 2008 we have been trying to get the washer fixed. We are on the phone with Conn's Monday through Friday 2-4 times a week talking to everyone from sales, to service, to supervisors, to the assistant to the owner of the company. Hold times to talk to a live person who you pray can help you are long, up to 45 min.

We have had Conn's service techs out to the house to repair this brand new appliance, we have had A&E Factory Service on behalf of Whirlpool (who Conn's got involved) come to our home numerous times to repair this brand new appliance... The new parts for the repair have been sitting in our garage for weeks. The latest date being yesterday 9-22-08, the techs came out to fix the washer. Now the washing machine is no longer operable. When you open the door, the inside has parts just laid in there. The technician's comments: "Found tub bearing bad and threads on basket damaged, order parts".

We have once again talked to everyone at Conn's. We feel they should pick up this washer and have Whirlpool fix it on their showroom floor, not at our house because after 3 months that does not seem to work. Now we cannot wash anything with this brand new washing machine. This is the very short version of what we have been going through with Conn's. It is not good and we would recommend to anyone to do your shopping somewhere else. The headache is so not worth it. You cannot get anywhere climbing the ladder to talk to the owner of the company because the steps you have to climb they just seem to brush all your effort of getting there away.

Then when you rattle the cage such as we have done for 3 months, your payments seem to not get posted or posted weeks after you have sent them in, mind you this is mail being sent from the Houston area to Dallas. You can drive it there yourself in 3-4 hours. We have sent ours in weeks ahead of time and??? So that lesson learned, we now bring it to the store.

One more thing, BCM you wrote in 9-17-08 that is what caught my attention. We paid our bill before IKE pounded this area, but due to the mass destruction in this area Conn's was not even around when everyone else in their stip center was open for business to correct their mistake. When we were able to and we got another apology from Conn's, how many does that make? We still got a nasty letter from them. Mind you we have never been late on paying anything, how come we have to struggle so extremely hard to get Conn's to replace the lemon that they sold to us???

This is the very short version of the major problem we are having with this company. It has been a nightmare and a situation that just may be too big for the average person to handle by themselves. An attorney and the local news media are our next bet. After the three months of a very hard fight against a company that seems to not really care about their customers or what kind of products they sell and do not stand behind. We have to say we have tried our best on our own.

We believe anyone who is in the market to purchase anything from Conn's especially an appliance you better do your research and look into consumers' comments about the company 98% of them are not good. See how many people have had major problems with Conn's before you buy. Just type in Conn's and start looking on the web you will find complaint after complaint. Use your head, it is not worth it. WATCH OUT FOR CONN'S.

Conn's service department is a CON
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- First issue is when I initially bought this window unit, I also bought another unit in addition for my master bedroom. I was told by the salesperson that this was an excellent product and that her brother had it and it would "freeze" his room. When I got it home, it would not cool off my room at all because there was not enough BTU for the room. I called the store on the next business day and they told me that I could not return it, so here I am stuck with a AC that I can't use due to the salesperson lack of knowledge on the unit and also informing me of false information. I still however had the unit in question in the living room and LOVED it.

Well on Wed, Aug. 6, 2008, after having it at only 3 months it stopped working. So we went to Conn's and bought a new one for the bedroom since it would not cool off the room, needless to say it would not cool the house off either if we opened the doors. So we got a new unit from Conn's on 08/06/08, came home and put it in and was too late to bring the broke living room one in. So my husband took the day off from work so he could bring it in to the service dept. He was told to wait in the lobby because they had nothing in the back and they would be able to look at it right then. He waited for about 20 min. before someone came out and asked if he had been waited on.

He told them that it was back there and they told him to wait some more time that it would be looked out. After waiting another 20 min. approximately, they came back out and told him that it would be another 15-30 min and for him to come back. Well he told them that he would have to come back home since we don't live in that city and he had nowhere to go. They told him that they would call him and let him know what they found. I waited on Friday and Saturday for a phone call and nothing ever came.

Well on Saturday I called the "service dept" and found out that they closed at 5 pm and it was 5:22 pm. I called corporate to complain and figure out why no one called to let me know what was going on. Well I spoke to a Customer Service Representative and he let me know what the manager's name over the local service dept. and told me that he could not really do anything that I would have to call on Monday. He also told me that they could have "loaned me out an AC." I was so excited over the news that I could possibly have an AC unit until I would get mine fixed.

I waited until Monday at about 1:30 pm and tried calling the Service Dept. again thinking it would have been enough time for lunch. I called the automated answering service and waited 8 min. and hung up and called again and waited 10 min. I called the College St. store and asked if the Service Dept. had another number that I could call, because I do not live in the same city so I could not just drop in.

He let me know what they were at "lunch" and I told him about the "loaning out an AC" and he told me that they stopped doing this YEARS AGO and that the Customer Service Representative just told me something so he could get off the phone. So that right there really upset me. I waited a few more min. because the person at the store told me to wait because they were at "lunch."

I finally called again and waited for someone to pick up the phone with no avail. I finally called back to the store and they told me that I had to WAIT on the phone until someone answer. He gave me an extension number of #81, even though they automated answering service says 4 digits, no 2 digits like he told me. He told me to get comfortable and don't hang up that it would take a while before they answer. I called again and waited 16 min. before I hung up.

I then called corporate again and got this wonderful person on the phone who told me that she would get an Expedited Form on it and make it a priority. I told her that I was going to run to the Service Dept. since they were not answering the phone to see what kind of progress they were doing. I walked into the Service Dept. and they looked up the service slip. He told me that there was no "update" on the status of work. I asked him why they told my husband originally on 08/07/08 that they would call him. He told me that he didn't know why because they don't tell people that.

He then told me that they don't tell people to wait while they look at it because it takes up to 14 days to EVEN LOOK AT IT, NOT TO GET IT FIXED. I told him that I would like a timeline and he said that according to when I brought it in that it would be 14 days to look at it. He said that it could be while before it got fixed. He then went on to tell me that he could not "prioritized" my service to put it in front of others, that it would not be fair.

I then told him that I was not saying that I was anyone special that I just wanted some answers and wanted to know if I needed to go ahead and buy a new one while it was getting fixed. He would never look me in the eyes and never would give me a straight answer.

I asked him to get the manager. He told me that he would be with me in a minute. The manager came out to the lobby looking at who might have wanted to talk to him. I told him that it was me that wanted to speak with him. I told him that my first issue was with them not answering the phones. He then told me that the calls go to a Call Center at corporate and they don't get any calls. I asked if they had a direct number and he told me NO! Then I asked why my husband had to unnecessarily wait on 08/07/08 and he said he had no idea why they told me that because they don't do that.

Then he told me that there was nothing that could be done that it would get looked at in the order that the services were brought in. Which is totally understandable. I just want some answers. I told him that I was not happy with the treatment that I have had and that it would be the last time I spent any money at Conn's. I told him that I had contacted Corporate on them and that there was an Expedited Form being put on it to get fixed, so I guess they had never seen that yet because he had no idea what I was talking about.

He then told me that I had his word that he would get someone to look at it this Wed or Thur, 08/13/08 or 08/14/08. I once again asked if I had his word on that because I didn't want to have to raise HELL. I just want my AC fixed. By this time, the woman behind me proceeded to tell me that it has taken 3 months to get her weed eater to get fixed that they had just called her and she was there to get it. I asked him if this is the normal procedure about how long things get fixed. Then there was others in there by this time and I asked them if this had happened to them. I had one guy tell me it took 4 months before he got his laptop computer back.

Another guy told me that he has brought his AC unit back 4 TIMES. He also told me that each time he has been in there that there was always someone else complaining about their service. Another woman told me that it took 3 months for her camera to come back. I then asked him again if this was normal. He said that with the weed eater that the Lawn and Garden is a different dept. than the Appliances. He told me that when they had their stuff in there that they had been extra backed up and it was rare for it to be like that. I then asked if it was going to be 3 months before I got my AC back.

He told me again that someone would look at it on either Wed or Thur of this week. I then told everyone in the lobby that everyone needs to write to the local paper and express our feelings at Conn's Service Dept and Conn's itself.

I didn't want to start trouble I just wanted answers. I told him that if you say something, then you should act upon it. If someone at the Service Dept. told my husband that they would call him back, then call him back and let him know that it is still getting looked at. And when someone brings something in to get fixed, then their policy should be that they tell the person that it would be up to at least 14 days to get around to it.

I told him that after this was paid off I would NOT buy anything from Conn's again, thinking this could happen again. I have had the worse time with Conn's service, Customer Service on the phone and in the store with regards to the Salesperson telling me false information. I am very upset and will make sure others know of my problems with them. I have now bought a total of 3 window units in 3 months, 1 of which should not have been purchased at all.

I have now written to the BBB since they are a member. I also sent a letter via email to "customer service." I also told them if I didn't receive feedback on this matter that I would be taking my story to all local papers. I know it might not do anything, but it would at least show people what kind of crooks that Conn's are.

Black & Decker 12V Cordless Weedeater
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I purchased this Weedeater on the 6/28/08. I followed the instructions as to how long to charge before use, charge for 24 hrs. Let me also mention that I have a very small lot, as most of the newer homes do in Texas. We went out to trim and edge the front yard only. The battery lasted only 15 mins. We got 1/2 of the yard done. Which again is very small. My lot is about 1/6th of an acre. This was only the front yard. We figured it was a fluke and again charged it the 2nd time, it did the same thing.

I called the store at Cherry Lane and spoke with Billy. Who informed me that we would have to send the Weedeater to service. I inquired to why could I not exchange it for the 18V? He spoke of store policy and so on. I said I would call customer service. I called and spoke with several people before speaking to Kimberly, a service manager. She explained that it was a store level decision. I asked her so when I asked Billy if I was screwed, and he said, "Yes, Ma'am". That is what Conn's stands behind? I have nothing against sending items into service.

However, with their track record it takes 2 months to get items back. I have a HOA and if the yard is not well maintained, you get fined. This meaning I would have to purchase another Weedeater to maintain the edging, etc or hire someone to do it. So I am out even more money. I have a call in now to the person over that store. I surly doubt that anything will be done. I will chalk this up to a lesson learned... and chunk it in the trash.

I will not buy another thing from Conn's and I urge everyone to beware. If you get a product that does not work or does not fit your needs.. you are stuck.. or without it for months. I have read on this site as well as others the stories of sending it off to service or having them out to service your product. Read all of it and beware... CONN'S does not guarantee satisfaction.. Once they have you sign that paper... you are stuck with it. I wish I would have bought it at Home Depot or Lowe's because I could have exchanged it.. returned it.. whichever.. without the hassle.

With the high price of gas you would think that Conn's would be a little more understanding that people in the working class... are on a tight budget and although this is only a 62.99 dollar Weedeater.. that is a tank of gas... or part of your grocery bill. I will wait and see how they respond before actually chucking it in the trash.. but I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel. I don't have a lot of extra money.. with my husband in heart failure.. I do what I can with my income.. and his disability check. Conn's... h'mmmm Conn-Artist...

Conn's Service?
By -

TEXAS -- I purchased a 52" 1080p from Conn's at the end of 2006 with a three-year extended warranty. 9 months after the purchase, the lamp burned. This was fixed by service. At the time of the purchase I was told the lamp burns every 2 years. A few months later from time to time I started having airflow issue. TV would start shutting down.

• Friday May 30, 2008: The airflow problem became consistent. TV began to shut down whenever I turned it on. The message indicated an airflow problem. TV would start shutting down each time this message shows up.

• Friday May 30, 2008: Called service and was placed on hold. Unable to speak to a rep, I called Conn's store and asked for their help securing me a call from service. Store said they would try to get service to call me that afternoon. No call from service.

• Saturday May 31, 2008: I called service at 10:32. Spoke to a service rep. She said that she would call me back with an appointment. I mentioned to her that I was out of town and asked her to please call my cell phone, and leave me a message. She said that she would. No one called. In the meantime I am tired of this cat and mouse game and the TV started behaving a little. I could watch it for an hour or two before it gives me the same airflow message and shut down.

• Friday June 6, 2008: Service called my work in the morning. Left a message to confirm an appointment for 01:00 PM. Wondering when that appointment was made, I called service & told them that I was at work and not aware of any appointment. The lady said that she will cancel & call me back. Received no call. I called service to see the status of the appointment. She said that she would give me an appointment for Monday June 16, 2008 (that would make it 16 days after my original attempt to call service). I accepted it and said to her that I would call the store. She said that I could but if the store calls her, she would tell them the same thing that she told me.

• Saturday June 7, 2008: Frustrated with no TV, I called the store to complain. I was told by an honest and yet a frustrated employee that there were plenty of people calling and complaining. I was asked to call the HQ at 800-280-1514. Folks, start calling this number.

• Saturday June 7, 2008: I called the HQ. Spoke to a customer support rep. Explained my dilemma and asked him for direction. He asked me to call Monday at 08:00. Gave me a reference number.

There are two issues I am battling here.

  1. Product issue: I have checked a few websites and blogs. Come to find out that I am not the only one who is having the same problems. I found plenty of complaints about lamps burning a few months after the purchase and airflow problem. I have notified the Mitsubishi HQ. As a consumer, try to find out who to contact.

  2. Service issue: This is not so much about a bad product but the service that was sold to me. Conn's cannot back its own warranty in a professional manner. I am not playing politics with these guys. I have done more research than Conn's would like me to.

Conn'€™s service department is a joke. Like a circus without a ringmaster. It consists of people who are disorganized, rude, lazy and completely unaware of the company's bottom line which is to provide service. Stores are overwhelmed with calls from unhappy customers. So, take it easy on those store associates.

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