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Whirlpool Duet Sport Washing Machine - Sold to Us by Conn's
By -

SOUTHEAST, TEXAS -- WE PURCHASED THIS NEW WASHING MACHINE ON JUNE 16, 2008 from Conn's in Houston, Texas the I-H 45 store. Since June 17, 2008 we have been trying to get the washer fixed. We are on the phone with Conn's Monday through Friday 2-4 times a week talking to everyone from sales, to service, to supervisors, to the assistant to the owner of the company. Hold times to talk to a live person who you pray can help you are long, up to 45 min.

We have had Conn's service techs out to the house to repair this brand new appliance, we have had A&E Factory Service on behalf of Whirlpool (who Conn's got involved) come to our home numerous times to repair this brand new appliance... The new parts for the repair have been sitting in our garage for weeks. The latest date being yesterday 9-22-08, the techs came out to fix the washer. Now the washing machine is no longer operable. When you open the door, the inside has parts just laid in there. The technician's comments: "Found tub bearing bad and threads on basket damaged, order parts".

We have once again talked to everyone at Conn's. We feel they should pick up this washer and have Whirlpool fix it on their showroom floor, not at our house because after 3 months that does not seem to work. Now we cannot wash anything with this brand new washing machine. This is the very short version of what we have been going through with Conn's. It is not good and we would recommend to anyone to do your shopping somewhere else. The headache is so not worth it. You cannot get anywhere climbing the ladder to talk to the owner of the company because the steps you have to climb they just seem to brush all your effort of getting there away.

Then when you rattle the cage such as we have done for 3 months, your payments seem to not get posted or posted weeks after you have sent them in, mind you this is mail being sent from the Houston area to Dallas. You can drive it there yourself in 3-4 hours. We have sent ours in weeks ahead of time and??? So that lesson learned, we now bring it to the store.

One more thing, BCM you wrote in 9-17-08 that is what caught my attention. We paid our bill before IKE pounded this area, but due to the mass destruction in this area Conn's was not even around when everyone else in their stip center was open for business to correct their mistake. When we were able to and we got another apology from Conn's, how many does that make? We still got a nasty letter from them. Mind you we have never been late on paying anything, how come we have to struggle so extremely hard to get Conn's to replace the lemon that they sold to us???

This is the very short version of the major problem we are having with this company. It has been a nightmare and a situation that just may be too big for the average person to handle by themselves. An attorney and the local news media are our next bet. After the three months of a very hard fight against a company that seems to not really care about their customers or what kind of products they sell and do not stand behind. We have to say we have tried our best on our own.

We believe anyone who is in the market to purchase anything from Conn's especially an appliance you better do your research and look into consumers' comments about the company 98% of them are not good. See how many people have had major problems with Conn's before you buy. Just type in Conn's and start looking on the web you will find complaint after complaint. Use your head, it is not worth it. WATCH OUT FOR CONN'S.

Conn's service department is a CON
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- First issue is when I initially bought this window unit, I also bought another unit in addition for my master bedroom. I was told by the salesperson that this was an excellent product and that her brother had it and it would "freeze" his room. When I got it home, it would not cool off my room at all because there was not enough BTU for the room. I called the store on the next business day and they told me that I could not return it, so here I am stuck with a AC that I can't use due to the salesperson lack of knowledge on the unit and also informing me of false information. I still however had the unit in question in the living room and LOVED it.

Well on Wed, Aug. 6, 2008, after having it at only 3 months it stopped working. So we went to Conn's and bought a new one for the bedroom since it would not cool off the room, needless to say it would not cool the house off either if we opened the doors. So we got a new unit from Conn's on 08/06/08, came home and put it in and was too late to bring the broke living room one in. So my husband took the day off from work so he could bring it in to the service dept. He was told to wait in the lobby because they had nothing in the back and they would be able to look at it right then. He waited for about 20 min. before someone came out and asked if he had been waited on.

He told them that it was back there and they told him to wait some more time that it would be looked out. After waiting another 20 min. approximately, they came back out and told him that it would be another 15-30 min and for him to come back. Well he told them that he would have to come back home since we don't live in that city and he had nowhere to go. They told him that they would call him and let him know what they found. I waited on Friday and Saturday for a phone call and nothing ever came.

Well on Saturday I called the "service dept" and found out that they closed at 5 pm and it was 5:22 pm. I called corporate to complain and figure out why no one called to let me know what was going on. Well I spoke to a Customer Service Representative and he let me know what the manager's name over the local service dept. and told me that he could not really do anything that I would have to call on Monday. He also told me that they could have "loaned me out an AC." I was so excited over the news that I could possibly have an AC unit until I would get mine fixed.

I waited until Monday at about 1:30 pm and tried calling the Service Dept. again thinking it would have been enough time for lunch. I called the automated answering service and waited 8 min. and hung up and called again and waited 10 min. I called the College St. store and asked if the Service Dept. had another number that I could call, because I do not live in the same city so I could not just drop in.

He let me know what they were at "lunch" and I told him about the "loaning out an AC" and he told me that they stopped doing this YEARS AGO and that the Customer Service Representative just told me something so he could get off the phone. So that right there really upset me. I waited a few more min. because the person at the store told me to wait because they were at "lunch."

I finally called again and waited for someone to pick up the phone with no avail. I finally called back to the store and they told me that I had to WAIT on the phone until someone answer. He gave me an extension number of #81, even though they automated answering service says 4 digits, no 2 digits like he told me. He told me to get comfortable and don't hang up that it would take a while before they answer. I called again and waited 16 min. before I hung up.

I then called corporate again and got this wonderful person on the phone who told me that she would get an Expedited Form on it and make it a priority. I told her that I was going to run to the Service Dept. since they were not answering the phone to see what kind of progress they were doing. I walked into the Service Dept. and they looked up the service slip. He told me that there was no "update" on the status of work. I asked him why they told my husband originally on 08/07/08 that they would call him. He told me that he didn't know why because they don't tell people that.

He then told me that they don't tell people to wait while they look at it because it takes up to 14 days to EVEN LOOK AT IT, NOT TO GET IT FIXED. I told him that I would like a timeline and he said that according to when I brought it in that it would be 14 days to look at it. He said that it could be while before it got fixed. He then went on to tell me that he could not "prioritized" my service to put it in front of others, that it would not be fair.

I then told him that I was not saying that I was anyone special that I just wanted some answers and wanted to know if I needed to go ahead and buy a new one while it was getting fixed. He would never look me in the eyes and never would give me a straight answer.

I asked him to get the manager. He told me that he would be with me in a minute. The manager came out to the lobby looking at who might have wanted to talk to him. I told him that it was me that wanted to speak with him. I told him that my first issue was with them not answering the phones. He then told me that the calls go to a Call Center at corporate and they don't get any calls. I asked if they had a direct number and he told me NO! Then I asked why my husband had to unnecessarily wait on 08/07/08 and he said he had no idea why they told me that because they don't do that.

Then he told me that there was nothing that could be done that it would get looked at in the order that the services were brought in. Which is totally understandable. I just want some answers. I told him that I was not happy with the treatment that I have had and that it would be the last time I spent any money at Conn's. I told him that I had contacted Corporate on them and that there was an Expedited Form being put on it to get fixed, so I guess they had never seen that yet because he had no idea what I was talking about.

He then told me that I had his word that he would get someone to look at it this Wed or Thur, 08/13/08 or 08/14/08. I once again asked if I had his word on that because I didn't want to have to raise HELL. I just want my AC fixed. By this time, the woman behind me proceeded to tell me that it has taken 3 months to get her weed eater to get fixed that they had just called her and she was there to get it. I asked him if this is the normal procedure about how long things get fixed. Then there was others in there by this time and I asked them if this had happened to them. I had one guy tell me it took 4 months before he got his laptop computer back.

Another guy told me that he has brought his AC unit back 4 TIMES. He also told me that each time he has been in there that there was always someone else complaining about their service. Another woman told me that it took 3 months for her camera to come back. I then asked him again if this was normal. He said that with the weed eater that the Lawn and Garden is a different dept. than the Appliances. He told me that when they had their stuff in there that they had been extra backed up and it was rare for it to be like that. I then asked if it was going to be 3 months before I got my AC back.

He told me again that someone would look at it on either Wed or Thur of this week. I then told everyone in the lobby that everyone needs to write to the local paper and express our feelings at Conn's Service Dept and Conn's itself.

I didn't want to start trouble I just wanted answers. I told him that if you say something, then you should act upon it. If someone at the Service Dept. told my husband that they would call him back, then call him back and let him know that it is still getting looked at. And when someone brings something in to get fixed, then their policy should be that they tell the person that it would be up to at least 14 days to get around to it.

I told him that after this was paid off I would NOT buy anything from Conn's again, thinking this could happen again. I have had the worse time with Conn's service, Customer Service on the phone and in the store with regards to the Salesperson telling me false information. I am very upset and will make sure others know of my problems with them. I have now bought a total of 3 window units in 3 months, 1 of which should not have been purchased at all.

I have now written to the BBB since they are a member. I also sent a letter via email to "customer service." I also told them if I didn't receive feedback on this matter that I would be taking my story to all local papers. I know it might not do anything, but it would at least show people what kind of crooks that Conn's are.

Black & Decker 12V Cordless Weedeater
By -

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I purchased this Weedeater on the 6/28/08. I followed the instructions as to how long to charge before use, charge for 24 hrs. Let me also mention that I have a very small lot, as most of the newer homes do in Texas. We went out to trim and edge the front yard only. The battery lasted only 15 mins. We got 1/2 of the yard done. Which again is very small. My lot is about 1/6th of an acre. This was only the front yard. We figured it was a fluke and again charged it the 2nd time, it did the same thing.

I called the store at Cherry Lane and spoke with Billy. Who informed me that we would have to send the Weedeater to service. I inquired to why could I not exchange it for the 18V? He spoke of store policy and so on. I said I would call customer service. I called and spoke with several people before speaking to Kimberly, a service manager. She explained that it was a store level decision. I asked her so when I asked Billy if I was screwed, and he said, "Yes, Ma'am". That is what Conn's stands behind? I have nothing against sending items into service.

However, with their track record it takes 2 months to get items back. I have a HOA and if the yard is not well maintained, you get fined. This meaning I would have to purchase another Weedeater to maintain the edging, etc or hire someone to do it. So I am out even more money. I have a call in now to the person over that store. I surly doubt that anything will be done. I will chalk this up to a lesson learned... and chunk it in the trash.

I will not buy another thing from Conn's and I urge everyone to beware. If you get a product that does not work or does not fit your needs.. you are stuck.. or without it for months. I have read on this site as well as others the stories of sending it off to service or having them out to service your product. Read all of it and beware... CONN'S does not guarantee satisfaction.. Once they have you sign that paper... you are stuck with it. I wish I would have bought it at Home Depot or Lowe's because I could have exchanged it.. returned it.. whichever.. without the hassle.

With the high price of gas you would think that Conn's would be a little more understanding that people in the working class... are on a tight budget and although this is only a 62.99 dollar Weedeater.. that is a tank of gas... or part of your grocery bill. I will wait and see how they respond before actually chucking it in the trash.. but I do not see a light at the end of the tunnel. I don't have a lot of extra money.. with my husband in heart failure.. I do what I can with my income.. and his disability check. Conn's... h'mmmm Conn-Artist...

How to Avoid a Problem With Conn's
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

ARIZONA -- Read the small print! I did not need the insurance so I took a copy of my renter's insurance in and had it removed from the policy. The item I purchased was interest free for 12 months and they gave me a payment book. I sat down and figured out that I had to make double payments each month to get the item paid off in time to avoid their high interest (on a computer that was already overpriced..but I REALLY needed it).

I made my first payment two weeks early and always made double payments online. When I got a bonus or some extra money, I'd get online and pay and extra 50 dollars or so. When paying online you can see what the payoff is to avoid having to pay interest. I made paying them off a priority and determined I'd not charge anything else till they were paid. I didn't deal with in store people, customer service or anyone.

One day I realized that I was four months ahead on the payoff. I then figured out what I owed to pay them off and picked an amount to pay them every two weeks. I never had any problems with them and I love the computer. I didn't get any of their extra perks because I have a good computer guy if my computer breaks, take good care of it and also it's still covered by the original manufacturer warranty.

Now if you only make the monthly payment and think you are going to get by "interest free" you are fooling yourself. Conn's will send you a letter telling you what you have to pay and the date it has to be paid to avoid interest. Since their items are always higher than retail, avoid paying the extra money by paying attention, reading the small print, make paying the bill a priority. If you do this, you won't be one of the people on here writing about being "conned" by Conn's.

Personally, I would not buy anything large that has to be delivered based on what I've read. I took my computer home with me and it was fine. But had it not been, I would have taken pictures of it, then gone right back to the store with it the next day explaining the problem and showing the pictures to the salesperson and asked for a replacement and waiver of their "restocking" fee. Hope this helps somebody.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I had to finance a refrigerator through Conn's, then a few months later I lost my job. I had been unemployed for more than a year and still found some way to pay the Conn's bill. When all of my savings dried up ran out and I am no longer able to pay.

The automated phones calls start the day after the due date even though in writing the person has a 7 day grace period before you start to accrue late fees. These automated calls happened everyday sometimes 3 to 4 in one hour from several phone numbers. After a while people started calling also from several different phone numbers.

The first person I spoke to I explained my situation and still they suggested I ‘put my wife to work to help pay off the bill.' I of course do not have a wife and what I do in personal life is none of Conn's business. After a back and forward argument with the collections representative and their supervisor, the supervisor also told me ‘Conn's was there for you when you needed us, now we expect the same in return.' So I offered Conn's the last 17 cents to my name and she replied with "you can't do better than that?" Finally, I told her I am hanging up and she said she will mark me as a refuse to pay and will be reporting it to the credit bureau.

Almost an hour later another call from the automated system at 8:30 pm. The following day another call from a person. And the next day each of them telling me the same suggestions on what I should do and questioning why I am able to pay my other bills except for Conn's which is of course again none of their business as I have told them several times over and over again.

I am unemployed, no one is getting paid. My phone may be cut off soon and my car repossessed, and no I do not have a wife to send into the work force. Just ridiculous, they are by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Interest Free Offer Is a Scam
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Rating: 1/51

PLANO, TEXAS -- Conn's does live up to their name. I've purchased a Stove and Dishwasher in Dec 2012. I was given a 6 month interest free sales plan. I was excited at the time of purchase with the no interest for 6 months. I've paid each of my instalments prior to the due date and towards the 5th month, I tried to get a full pay off amount that would complete my contract and be paid in full. This was evidently a difficult experience for Customer Service and I had to call several times to confirm what was reported to be the correct amount. I paid in full and thought this transaction was completed.

In April 2014 I received a brochure that showed that my credit has been increased and on this document I noticed that their records show that I still owed $1,072.47 which was totally incorrect since it was paid in full nearly a year prior. I started on a calling campaign trying to get this issue resolved and was given several different amounts that they showed it was due even though it was paid off. I was then instructed that I must wait 24 hours so that the Finance department could review and they would advise what the problem was. Customer Service could not explain what the charges covered and could not give any explanation.

I called after the 24 hours and then was told that I must wait another 72 business hours before this process was entered and then reviewed. Each time I called back within the 72 business hours and was given another runaround and was told that all of these charges were due in full and need to pay starting August 2014, although they still could not explain what the charges were related to. I requested proof of the amount due in a statement so I could understand why Conn's demanded payment on something that was paid in full of March 2013.

This has been a horrible experience and at last count I made over 18 calls trying to get resolved or get some kind of resolution from Conn's store or Management. This company is extremely difficult to resolve disputes and only want to collect money that is not due to them. I finally received a letter stating that my account was paid in full and that I never actually owed the $1,072.47. My advise to everyone is to stay away from Conn's, very far away!!!

Conn's Repair or Avoidance?
By -

I'm pretty sure there are a lot of dissatisfied customers out there... with complaints such as this. We are probably just considered unlucky. As people from my country say, "we have to pay for the broken dishes". BUT here's my complaint: Why should the time it takes for an appliance to be repaired (or the time it takes the ordered parts to arrive) be included in the warranty?

We bought an Ashley set of leather couches at Conn's about a year or two ago. Within a month or two the leather's color was fading. I didn't know leather faded just like that. We called in for repairs and they came and the repairman told us that the leather was no good... and that the couch (the three-seat) was poorly made. We never thought to ask him for a written statement (which was pretty dumb of us)... but once he left, my mother called again to tell Conn's... and guess what happened?

They sent another repairman... and HE said he needed to order some parts. We called two weeks later.. and they told us that the parts had not arrived. We called again the next week and they said parts arrived and that the repairman would be there within a week. He never dropped by. We called again and they said he DID drop by... but that no one was at home (we hardly went out). However, don't they leave notes?

After that... the warranty wasn't valid anymore... and they wouldn't do a thing about it. We took a trip to the store we bought it from. And the manager called Ashley Furniture (the manufacturers?) but they never answered so she left a message. I guess I should give Conn's credit for at least calling Ashley Furniture for us, but what about the delay? Shouldn't Conn's have replaced the couches within the year warranty if they were no-good to begin with?

What's more... we were never able to talk to Ashley's Furniture about it... and my mom insists Conn's should take care of it... since they didn't do a thing when we were within the year warranty. Something like that happened to my computer too... but that's a whole other story.

Company Response 2/15/2010:

Dear Conn's customer,

We would like to apologize for the problem you have had with our company and would like to resolve your complaint for you. Please contact us at:

1-877-358-1252 or via the web at

Thank you

Conn's customer support

Deception, Fraud, Wrongful Terminations
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- I am a previous employee of Conn's Appliance. The attorney generals office recently sued them for Fraud in Houston Texas. I will let you know that this company is a horrible employer with employees being discriminated against as well as customer discrimination. I am going to explain to you that I have documentation of everything that I mention in this email. I need help. I have some lawyers who will be handling my personal case, however some of you on these complaint boards were victims of credit fraud. In fact this company writes up to over million dollars month worth of it.

I am just going to brief you on some of the things that I have. If you need details and want to help me give the company what it deserves then send me an email about your situation at **. I will address all emails. I want to know if you received random payment books or harassing phone calls when you did not buy anything. I want previous employees to contact me if you were terminated for no reason. Conn's directed district staff to let all associates who want Sundays off for church could quit. We were told to worship around Conn's time. Anyone who would like to get involved with a class action lawsuit or if you just are tired of being harassed by them let me know. Now what I have.

Over 1.2 million dollars of credit fraud from just one day. Proof of Conn's not allowing associates to worship. (I am also sending this to all churches and would like them to help me as well). Proof of discrimination. Unfair credit practices. Wrongful terminations. Unfair consumer practices. i.e. returns, service and customer complaints. Taught us if you come in with a problem, call your wife or someone else and pretend you are trying to help them. I have numerous letters from Previous employees and current regarding fraud against the consumer. This company is dirty from the top down. And I want all the ammo I can get. Please help.

Sleepless From The Smelly Mattress
By -

ADDISON, TEXAS -- I purchased a Serta Jubilee mattress from Conn's store in Addison. During the sale the salesperson, ** assured me that Conn's and Serta stood behind the product. At that time I also purchased a washer & dryer. I was also told delivery was free. However, when I finalized the purchase they tacked on a $69 delivery charge and said I would receive rebate documents. (Never to be seen.)

The delivery men showed up with the mattress and asked what I wanted to do with my old mattress. I told them I thought they were taking them. The delivery man then began to cite federal law on how they could not take an old mattress. When I decided to refuse the mattress all of the sudden they were willing to violate federal law and take my old mattress.

After they left my apartment was muddy from dirt on their shoes and smelled funny. I thought they just hadn't bathed and sprayed some Fabreeze. However, the odor remained. After washing linens and looking for other sources of the odor I realized it was coming from the mattress. It reeked! I contacted attempted to contact **. He was off and I spoke with the store manager **. She was going to call me back but never did. I then contact ** and they sent out a technician to come SMELL my mattress!

He confirmed the odor and said it was from too much Scotch Guard being sprayed. I asked what he was going to do and he didn't have an answer. He didn't bring a replacement mattress. No follow-up came from the store. No answers, no solutions.

I called ** and asked what was going to be done. He asked if ** called. I said "no." He didn't have an answer. I told him I wanted a refund or a new mattress that the one they sold me was not usable. He couldn't/wouldn't do anything. I was referred to ** their Customer Service Manager in Beaumont.

He too has been non-responsive. He asked if the technician called. Again, I said no. No one from Conn's initiates or returns calls. He stated that the technician said the odor was a normal odor from the fabric. I informed him that was news to me and reminded him of the Scotch Guard overspray. He became argumentative. I asked him what they were going to do. "Essentially nothing" was his response.

They won't exchange or take the mattress back. He would not provide a superior's name or contact information. If they weren't going to remedy this matter why did they send a technician to smell the mattress? Just so I could lose more time from work? Quite frankly, I beginning to wonder with all the complaints if a Class Action lawsuit asserting Deceptive Trade Practices can't be brought against these Conn Artists. By the way, I contacted Serta and they referred me back to Conn's. Sleepless in Addison.

By -

OK so yes I work for Conn's and I don't have a problem doing my job but I just want to inform everyone that goes past due on their account of a few little facts.

  • You go past due one day we are calling you... Too bad, get over it, we have the right (if you read the fine print in your contract we state we can). *Most of you don't read that so start*

  • Payment books are a courtesy to you... Do you need a reminder when you car payment is... Be adults people.

  • If you are a having a situation financially and we are calling you to get the payment, tell us what is going on. Some of us *like me* will try and do everything possible to help customers out when they are in a bind... It happens and I understand that. Don't pick up and hang up, don't tell us you are going to make your payment when you feel like it... TALK TO US. We aren't paid on how many accounts we get... We are paid hourly. Don't have your children answer your phone, you are showing them bad habits.

  • If you are having a service issue and your account is past due get it up to date ASAP. If you get it up to date you can take it in to get fixed but your account HAS TO BE UP TO DATE. *Read your contract it states that*

  • All of the people I work with don't like confrontation but we get it a lot and we expect it but here is a little hint for you, if you talk to us without getting frustrated and thinking we are like every other collector that is calling you for other bills you would be surprised how much we can help.

This is just for those that need it...

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