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Tucson Conns You Out of Money.
Posted by Scorpin3 on 08/03/2013
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- My mother went to this place to get a refrigerator ,(she is on a fixed income) bought one with cash. They offered free delivery and set up on a rebate type system ($80.00) so they dropped off the unit inside the front door. That's no set up and it wouldn't fit. I called Conns the next day to see what the return policy is and the sales person told me we will get a call from the salesman who sold it. Of course, no call I.

I took it to their store and they said they don't take back returns at the store and laughed at us, and this is a manager. I informed them that they will take it back and give the money back and we will not be doing business with them. They informed us that we will be charged for delivery and set up and re stock fees will apply. So, they conned us out of $250.00.

Very bad service, please never do business with this company. May they end up like all the other companies that go against the big box stores .
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-04:
It's the customer's responsibility to take measurements beforehand to insure the new fridge will fit. Last year I bought a new fridge, and I measured where the fridge was going to go, I measured the doorways to make sure the new fridge would make it through the rooms that lead to the kitchen, and I measured for new water line as well. All of that is the customer's responsibility. Conn's has no idea if the fridge will fit or not, and it's not their job to know that. They will sell you a fridge and bring it to your house, and hook it up. If you selected a fridge that can't fit, then they'll bring it as far as they can. And it sounds like that's what they did.

I think the restocking fee is reasonable, as there's apparently nothing wrong with the fridge.

Also many stores don't take returns of large appliances at the store because the item is shipped directly from a warehouse to your house when you buy it, and if the item needs to be returned it has to go to back to the warehouse, not the store. In this instance the store will have to pay to have the item trucked from the store to the warehouse, and they will pass the cost onto you.

You weren't conned, it just seams that you made a series of mistakes. The only example of bad service was that the original salesman failed to call you back. But regardless of that Conn's return policy is easily found on their website.
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Conn's Just a Bunch of Con Artist
Posted by Nichole75134 on 07/09/2013
DALLAS, TEXAS -- We went to purchased a big screen TV and stove top. We were going to pay cash but the representative talked us into starting a same as cash credit account. We made our payments and a few months later went back and paid cash for a washer/dryer, and camera during a black Friday sale. We were still making payments on the TV and stove top when we were notified that we weren't sending in enough money. When we called to check this out we were notified that our purchases made on black Friday were also added to our credit account. We argued, sent in copies of receipts and did everything else within our power but they still would not remove it.

When we withheld payment, they took the voided check we had to give at the start of the account and began removing money from the acct. We tried doing stop payments but they changed the check number and dollar amount every time. And it was legal because of the authorization you have to sign when writing a check to them.

We ended up having to change our banking info because everything the bank did to stop them... they were a step ahead. To this day the account is unpaid and with the money taken from my account the TV and range has been paid for twice with interest.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2013-07-09:
I don't see how the authorization you sign when writing a check to them, would ever allow them to do this. When YOU SIGN a check to them, that's one thing, but it doesn't give them the right to use a VOIDED check by changing the number and helping themself to your checking account...ESPECIALLY when you have proof that you already paid for those items with cash!

You need to keep fighting this one!
Posted by CU on 2013-07-09:
The reason they ask for the voided check is to get the account information on record. Unfortunately you are also agreeing to the account access.
What you probably ought to do is gather up all your receipts and payment information, as well as the receitp for the cash sale, copy it and go in and show them. If they fail to resolve it on the spot, use the same copies to file a small claims court case.
It shouldn't be this tough. If they indeed took cash and also booked it as a credit sale, they had to be out of balance that day in the store. Some bookeeper would probably love it if you could solve this one fo rthem.
Posted by gm on 2013-08-24:
get a lawyer, I am
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Defective Ashley Furniture and Lack of Repair Service
Posted by Mfbarnes on 06/02/2013
CONROE, TEXAS -- Conn's - Ashley Leather Couch Set,
We bought an Ashley set of leather couches at Conn's three years ago. Within a month or two the leather was peeling on the Reclining Love Seat left side. I didn't know REAL leather peeled. We called in for repairs and they came and the repairman from Kelly's Furniture Service in San Antonio told us that the leather was no good and he's have to order a new cover. waited weeks for the parts to arrive. by that time the couch was doing the same thing, and the relining mechanism on the right side had quit working properly. Called to complain and once again the sent out a different guy from Kelly;s repeat of the same story, had to order parts, waited waited waited. after four months another repairmen showed up with the correct cover to fix the love seat left side, by then the right side was peeling too, needless to say ordered more parts. I asked about the reclining part of the couch and was told it was back ordered due to a rash of the same problems.

Months went by called to complain more times than I can count, same story, finally the furniture was in such bad shape I had to replace it with real leather furniture from a real furniture company. Told Conn's I refuse to pay the balance for furniture that they failed to repair and wasn't even real leather as it was represented.
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Posted by gm on 2013-08-24:
get a lawyer, I am
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Given the Run Around
Posted by Yellowrose2102 on 05/21/2013
LUFKIN, TEXAS -- In March of 2011 my husband and I bought a bedroom set with mattress and box springs. We had to have it delivered/setup, the delivery guys would not come into our home and did not set up our bedroom set. We noticed when we were setting the bed frame up that the head board and foot board had some problems the head board had a crack all the way down the back of it (like someone stepped onto it) and the foot board had spots were someone had touched it with glue on there hands then tried to stain over it letting the stain run all the way down the foot board. I called Conn's and spoke with my salesman about it he said hold and got the manager on the phone then the manager told me we will order you a new head and foot board it will be here in 3 days. 4 days later I called to check on the bed and found out it was never ordered, the salesman then ordered it and hand delivered it plus set the whole thing up for nothing for all the problems I had with the bed and the manager.

In February 2012 I called to set up service for my mattress I had purchased in March 2011 due to the mattress starting to sag and push out the sides it was set up for March 2012 the service tech came out took his pictures and measurements and sent in his report, I called 2 weeks after the service tech was out and check the status of the report I found out that it was closed due to "nobody was home to do a service call for" I gave them the name of the person who came out the time they arrived and the time he left they then informed me he no longer works for them and they will set me up for another service call in 6 months since I missed the last service call. In October 2012 the service tech came out and took pictures and measurements again (this time it the sagging was much worse then before) the guy said he would file the report and I could call in 3 days if I have not heard anything 3 days came and I was about to call them and a voice mail came in telling me to go pick out a new mattress they were replacing it.

In early November of 2011 my husband and I purchased a living room set from Conn's, had to pick it up because it was going to be after Thanksgiving before they could set up delivery. We picked it up and set it up at home, on the loveseat the whole chair started falling toward the left and it was becoming noticeable when you looked at it. In March of 2012 I called and set up service the first of 4 (8 if you count the 4 for pictures and then 4 for the service) service people came out did his pictures and said we need to order parts they will be shipped here and a tech will come out and replace the parts. The parts arrived and set in my living room for a week before I called service to ask when they were coming out I was told there had been no request for a tech to come out and they would schedule one, he came out replaced the parts and that was that about a 2 weeks later I had to call service again for the same problem (this time you would just fall to the arm of the chair) The service guy came out took pictures and ordered the same parts and told me the same thing about "when the parts arrive the service tech will be out here to fix/replace the parts" I waited 3 days and called to make sure a service guy would be coming (he was) he came out and fixed it again and told me the same thing "if there is anymore problem just call service".

In July of 2012 I called for service to come back out for the same problem they again did the same service and I ended up call for them again In September 2012 when the tech came out to do the pictures and all that he does I let him do it waited a few days called to check on the service was told the man was going to be there Monday between 8am-11am to fix the problem I said that was fine the guy arrived with the part fixed and was about to leave when UPS dropped off the part he told us to keep the extra part if we wanted to which we did. I called in again but told them this was going to be replaced because they have already been out to fix the same issue 4 times they told me I could not get it replaced because I did not buy the warranty I then told them that I have not even had this a year and it was sold to me broken they said all they can do is keep sending out service techs to fix the issue and I could only have it serviced 6 times before I was charged the service fee. I told them that there would be no reason to setup service because I was going to the press about this and would be bring the furniture back to there front door, I hung up with that person got on the computer and sent emails to the local paper about what was going on I also called BBB and Cat napper (the maker of the living room set).

I was called in September 2012 by Conns head office saying that a new loveseat was ordered and I could pick it up when ever I wished. I went to pick it up and the store manager told me that I would have to load it myself that her employees would not touch that couch, I said that was fine with me I went to go find it and she told me I was not allowed to go in the back room that she would have it brought to the front door for me then I must load it myself, 2 really nice young men brought it to the front and loaded it for me and told here she could not do that to a customer (they were both fired 2 weeks later). In April 2013 we had to buy a microwave due to ours catching on fire, so I went to Conn's and picked it out. I had to do an in house credit for personal reasons, got everything done and even showed them my homeowners insurance. I was going to have a 11.00 a month payment for 12 months. I went in on May 19, 2013 and made a payment of 11.00. Before I made the payment my balance due was 105.33 so, when I made the payment my payoff should have dropped to 94.33 which I thought it had. I went in on May 21, 2013 to go ahead and pay it off the new pay off was 106.48 after the 11.00 was taken off for a payment, the cashier called customer service they told her the computer was right and the customer was wrong. I asked to speak with them she then told me that because I was paying it off sooner then the 12 months that there is interest that is were the balance of 106.48 comes in.

When asked why my sale slip says 105.33 due in full she said it was and error and Conn's is not responsible for errors like that. I told here my payment book tells me that I owe Conn's 94.33 and that is what I will pay if there is any problem then Conn's can take me to court. She then told me that I was being rude and not giving here a chance to fix the mistake/misunderstanding.

I asked her if she could please tell me why there was and additional 5.00 charge on this account and she said it was for insurance. I told her she was wrong because the salesman took my papers and made copies of them showing my home owners insurance. So I asked her " so I was being charged for insurance which I already had, plus I'm being charged more for paying it off early." She said, "No, you are going to pay the 106.48 owed on the account or it will be turned over to collections." I said, " I will not give you a dime. You can turn me over to collections and I will contest this and see you and Conn's in court." I then hung up.

Two hours later, my cell phone rang and Conns was calling me to tell me there was a misunderstanding and my balance due is 95.00. My husband went and paid it off, even after telling him not to.
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Keeping Track is Hard to Do!
Posted by Deborah77484 on 01/11/2013
HOUSTON -- I’ve bought MANY things at Conns. I’ve had several accounts – and have paid those accounts off in full. In November I went in to purchase a washer and dryer. I was VERY VERY specific with the sales person – “I have TWO accounts – I do not want this purchase set up on a THIRD account.” You know every time you call to make a payment over the phone they charge you $3 for EACH account – and having three was ridiculous. So the sales person promised me faithfully that it would be set up on TWO accounts. I make my payments – via the phone – calling Conns corporate to make the payment. Long story short – the sales person “missed” one of my open accounts (after all there were TWO) – and then created a third account for the new purchase. NONE of my payments had gone towards the new account – and their friendly collections department started calling me – and did not accept my story that there should only be two accounts. SO, it’s another phone call to the store – a trip back to sign a NEW contact condensing two accounts into one.

Meanwhile – while I’m waiting for this to be straighten out I can’t make the UNEXPECTED payment until my next check, collections is calling my cell phone at 9pm, and calling me at work. Plus I'm pretty sure that when it's all said in done someone will eventually inform me that I've lost my 0% financing because of the late payment. Joy. I asked the sales person – who was basically responsible for this mistake – to call off the collections call – she cannot. “Just ignore them.” Up to this point I was a happy camper - but this is just unnecessary stress that I didn't need. This will be my LAST purchase from Conn’s. Customer Service has just gone OUT the window. Not happy.
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Posted by olie on 2013-01-13:
When you purchased your appliances, did you take your already-opened cards or statements? This would allow the salesperson the opportunity to make sure your purchase was entered on one of the accounts you already had.

Sometimes, though, the store switches credit companies. Our local appliance store has done this. We've gone in with a "current" card, and found out that the store was no longer using GE Credit or HSBC or whatever.

And a lot of companies charge extra for human service, whether it's over the phone or at a teller. We use a bank teller to get a cashier's check to pay our mortgage,and it costs $3.

We'd tried online payments, but the mortgage company would take 4 or 5 days to withdraw the money. We weren't getting late fees, but the delay would wreak havoc with my check register balance. (As trmn8r suggests, I use a register and not the online banking to try to keep track of my balance.)
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credit compiney calls every body on the calling list 1 day after due day
Posted by Ai_ni_vol on 01/06/2013
ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Ok my payments are due on the first of each month with a 15 day grace before late charges. Well on the second day after the first they call everybody's number you gave them about 5 to 10 times a day until they get there money. What happen to the 15 day grace time. When I pay the bill off I will never never do business with conn's are automated clearing house association never. I tell my friends what they do and any body I here the name conn's come out of there mouth and I say if you don't believe me look up. There consumer complaints page just think about it 1 day after your due date all your friends and family thinks that you can't make your payments on time then they have people to call like they are having trouble with there power and need help so you can call them back to here automated voice saying to call conn's. Conn's sucks
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-01-07:
I do not use credit anymore but when I did I always paid 1 month in advance. It simplifies life and reduces stress.Your problem with Conns is partly your fault. Technically you are past due on the 2nd of each month. Whatever you buy on credit you should consider the first payment as a down payment. An example of this would be--You purchase a car with 36 monthly payments. When you receive your payment info immediately pay payment #1. When payment #1 would normally be due pay payment #2. If you cannot do this due to financial restraints you are probably overextended and should not have made the purchase to begin with.
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This Is the Fourth Mattress
Posted by Marzeentee on 12/10/2012
BURLESON, TEXAS -- I have had to have three mattresses exchanged for sagging and sinking. I feel as though I am sleeping in a canape. Called Conns and had tech to check mattress. So on Saturday I got a call saying tbey would replace the mattress, to go to the store and pick another one.

Well the price of the mattress has gone up and they don't want to honor their agreement. I called Alen [snip] the regional manager all day Saturday. he never returned my call. I was laid off in 2010 and had to file bankruptcy and continued to pay Conns when I was under no agreement to pay them and this is what I get!

I am going to call Fox 4 news and see if we can get this resolved. I will never purchase anything else from them.

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Posted by Nohandle on 2012-12-10:
When did you purchase the original mattress that these replacements pertain to?
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-12-11:
An interesting review to say the least.

I would have the same question as Nohandle, in that I'd like to know what the original purchase date was. The way the review has been written, it was prior to declaring bankruptcy in 2010.

This, to me, is looking at the proverbial glass being half full as to half empty. Mattress' change and to get a new one, several years after the fact, for nothing more than the cost of an upgrade, sounds like a reasonably good value.

Most individual store accounts operate under the premise of secured debt. Not paying this form of debt, even under the form of bankruptcy, means forfeiture of the merchandise being purchased. It's ultimately why such accounts still get paid for under bankruptcy. The alternative is allowing the store to repossess a mattress or appliances -- things which one would normally not want to live without. If you had already partially paid for the merchandise, it would only mean having to find a way to repurchase them again; only without credit.

Hopefully you've found new employment and are otherwise enjoying the holidays. Best of luck to you.
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Return Policy
Posted by Nancyward on 09/03/2012
BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- I purchased a $269.00 A/C unit the night of a hurricane while running all over town getting supplies for my 80 year old mother in law so she would not need to sit in the heat should she loose electricity. My husband also purchased one from Sears the same day for our home. We were very blessed in our city and the hurricane spared my neighborhood.

The morning after the storm I went to the store to return the A/C unit which was still unopened. I was told they had a no return policy on seasonal items. This was purchased 2 days ago, WE ARE IN THE SAME SEASON, I was not told of this policy, in fact I have purchased 4 TV's and a dishwasher from this same store. I can't believe this policy. Sear's returned the one my husband purchased with no questions asked.

I called the customer service department and explained that I would be happy with a store credit, they were very rude and explained that it was not their policy to tell customer's that things can't be returned, that I should have read the red envelope that they gave me AFTER THEY checked me out!.

I will NEVER SHOP at Conn's again, because of this policy. it's a shame to have such a policy. Conn's was worst than the hurricane !!!
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Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-09-04:
OK, I have to ask: If the power had failed, how were you going to run these air conditioners?
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-09-04:
Maybe they had a generator? I imagine it might take less "juice" to run a window unit than the central air.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-09-04:
The return policy is the way it is to keep people from "renting" items. In your situation since it was unopened, I think it would've been fair to allow the return. But what they are trying to prevent is people buying a window A/C unit, using it when the power is out, and then trying to return it when the power comes back on. I'm kinda surprised Sears didn't at least hit you with restocking fee.
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Can Conn's Come to My House to Get Appliance Because of Misdue Payment
Posted by Buddhaman on 07/28/2012
A while back my mom receive a call from Conn's appliance stating that if she don't finish paying on her bill that they would come into her house and take the furniture and stuff back. Can they do this?
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Posted by JISCal2 on 2012-07-28:
It depends on the type of credit used. If the credit was somehow secured and the furniture/appliance that was purchased was also put up as the collateral, I believe they can.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-07-28:
Look very carefully at the papers signed at the time of purchase
Posted by leet60 on 2012-07-28:
In most states if the purchase/credit contract indicates the merchandise is secured the creditor can take repossession. Depending on the laws in your state they may require a court order. In no instance can they forcibly enter your home to repossess merchandise, nor may they "breach the peace" trying to do so.

If you do a google search there are attorneys in Texas that are working with consumers regarding Conns. They may be able to help.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-28:
The first two replies nailed it. There is very little online, but it appears Conn's offers two types of credit - one a credit card and the other an "in-house" credit line that appears to *not* be a credit card. Check the fine print either on monthly statements or the original paperwork.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-07-28:
short answer is, yes. if conn's is like any other rental center they have the right.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-07-28:
Conn's also rents appliances, if she's renting the appliances, yes they can come and take them for non-payment.
Posted by melissa253 on 2012-09-04:
Yes, they can take them back for non-payment but 'NO' they cannot enter your house without your permission. Now if you rent, they may be able to get permission to enter from your landlord. This is a slippery slope.
Posted by Hector on 2013-05-13:
Conns is not a rent to own. Your mom probably got her credit checked got declined and sent to RAC which is rent to own inside the store. They are completely separate from any conns policies, so as a rent to own they can go repo if not payed.
Posted by Shadow on 2013-09-11:
I HATE THAT DAMN STORE!! I am 5 days late and they are acting like I stole te stuff!! I tell them everydaybim making a payment next Friday and I still et calls! I was in the middle of swithing jobs and I asked I could please make a double payment and the lady asked me if I wanted th to come et the stuff!!! Noooo!!! Il never deal with them again!! They don't listen to a damn thing I say!
Posted by ZiM on 2013-12-22:
I'm not too sure, but they gave me a certain amount of credit. They made it sound clearly as it was credit. I went back to try to get something for XMAS and they referred me to this RAC crap which I knew right off the bat was Rent A Center disquised as some sort of division of Conn's. If they tell you to go through those people, that's when you say "I think I'll wait and think about it. The RAC division clearly had nothing to do with Conn's because they were asking me for all kinds of information that Conn's clearly already had on their computers. Which are outdated trash using old DOS programs and stuff. I couldn't help but laugh the first time I got credit there. I asked them if they were using DOS or Windows 3.0.
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Remove service agreement
Posted by Cliffbowetruc on 05/16/2012
DALLAS, TEXAS -- I purchase a washer machine from Conn's on 4/13/12 with a two year extended service agreement. When the washer was delivered on 4/13/2012 G E offered a 3 years extended warranty for less money. I went in the store on 4/16 and signed a request to remove the warranty. The sale representative was not nice at all. Spoke with the customer service manager on 5/12 and refaxed my request I was told that they would not lower the payment or send me in writing the balance, payment amount or the number of payments. Today 5/16 the agreement have not been removed from my account.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-05-16:
To me, this depends on what is written in the contract. Does it say anything about refunds?

In the alternative, you would have to find out of you can nullify such a contract in your state within X days of agreeing to it. In any event though, it sounds like you submitted a signed request and at a minimum they owe you a reply.
Posted by Churro on 2012-05-16:
In Texas it has absolutely nothing to do with the written contract (as is the case with most states). Below is a blurp from the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. It should be noted the Texas AG has nailed Conn's in the past for deceptive extended warranty malfeasance.

"If you bought your service contract on or after January 1, 2012, you may cancel the service contract at any time, even if you have made a claim under the service contract. The amount of refund will be determined based on when you canceled the contract and if you had any claims.

If you cancel a service contract before the 31st day after the date of purchase, the provider:

(1) must refund to you or credit to your account the full purchase price of the contract, decreased by the amount of any claims paid under the contract; and

(2) may not impose a cancellation fee.

If you cancel a service contract on or after the 31st day after the date of purchase, the provider:

(1) must refund to you or credit your account the prorated purchase price of the contract reflecting the remaining term of the contract, based on mileage, time, or another reasonably applicable measure of the remaining term that must be disclosed in the contract, decreased by the amount of any claims paid under the contract; and

(2) may impose a reasonable cancellation fee not to exceed $50.

The provider must pay the refund or credit your account before the 46th day after the date notice of cancellation is received by the provider. If the provider does not meet this time period, the provider owes you a penalty amount for each month an amount remains outstanding equal to 10 percent of the amount outstanding. This penalty is in addition to the full or prorated purchase price of the contract that is owed to you. "

Posted by KevinTX on 2012-05-16:
I agree with Churro.. I have cancelled a number of warranties and have NOT have ANY problems (I am in Dallas too).

Stick to your guns Cliff, don't let them get away with this... the salesman is simply watching out for his commission (I would bet)!
Posted by Hector on 2013-05-13:
Service plan from conns is different it covers parts and labor ANY part. With GE your only EXTENDING the limited manufacturer which is worthless, that is why it is cheaper.
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