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"Con" Service Scams Not Delivering The Billing Statements On Time
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LOGAN, UTAH -- In April2010 disconnected Con service Hoa solutions from my existing condo unit at $0.00 paid account for Jan & Feb 2010.Con service are out to get you with deceptive billing be aware. They don't send out there bills on timely manner, last bill I got was in Feb 2010 then Jul2010 then Oct 2010, between the months they add on $5.00 per late fee Plus $7.00 for the 8 months you did not receive a bill. This is how they make money what a crappy company to work for. These people should be ashamed to even enter the public because they are GRIMMY people how can they live with themselves?

I know how much electricity I use, I know hw much water I use. Now I get a bill for $127.00 for the months of September & October 2010 what a rip off. Now I'm battling with Con service to remove the charges since they are saying the charges are correct! Stay away from con service at all cost they are CONs real talk.

Any advice from any one would be appreciated how to get my money back!

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Alain on 10/20/2010:
Contact the Utah Public Service Commission, or call 801-530-7622 or 800-874-0904.
imperial357 on 10/21/2010:
Allan thank you, will call them in the morning to sort this con service out.
imperial357 on 10/21/2010:
Additional info conservice:-
Conservice 595 south 80 East, Logan UT 84323

Registered agent
Contact person David Jenkins conservice hoa soultions-
595 riverwoods parkway
Ste 300, Utah 84323
P.O box 4696
Logan ut 84323
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