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Consumer Cellular Uses Deceptive Advertising
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- We left Verizon, who is notoriously bad, for Consumer Cellular because they were recommended by AARP (shame on AARP). The lady set up with smart phones and reiterated 4 times we could cancel anytime within 45 days for ANY reason and pay nothing, there were NO restrictions, we asked 4 different times and there were two of us on the phone.

The phones, Huawei, was complete garbage, did not work right or were hard to use. I spent 3 hours on the phone the day before Thanksgiving with different people who would reverse what the person had said before them, were insulting and definitely were unhelpful. The last rep- supervisor Jeannette, was the most insulting, most unhelpful and a complete waste of time. Unknown to me, they closed at 8pm and she was just trying to waste time so she could get off the phone. I could NOT get my voice mail set up because they were clueless.

Two days later, we were informed we were at 3 times our data usage even though we had our phones off and used NO data. They tried to explain with examples that were so ridiculous- our phones were off, how can you use anything with the phones off???

After 10 days of insulting customer service people we are now at a point of frustration and will be quitting the service and sending the phone back-the complete piece of crap phones that they are.

I would NEVER use these people and feel they are predatory to seniors.

I have lodged a complaint with the attorney general in Oregon, the BBB and will complain to the FTC. Why isn't there a class action law suit against these jokers (I am NOT laughing)??? Just curious.

Illegal Practice
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Rating: 3/51

FLORIDA -- About 2 months ago I obtained phone services with Consumer Cellular; I thought I would be saving money by didn't as I was spending more than the basic unlimited plans to 2500 minutes. I decided that this does not make sense and have been trying to have my number released back to my prior carrier. Folks, it has been over a week and the excuses are beyond me; I finally had to obtain a new number and you can well imagine the inconvenience this has caused...I am very dissatisfied with this action and will be having individuals I referred to this service terminate.

Sales Rep Lied To Me To Sign Me Up! Read Below
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Rating: 1/51

ALL USA -- Stay away from them. They will lie to sigh you up. I spoke with their representative and before I gave her my SSN, I asked her several times if she is going to hard pull or soft pull my credit (soft pull does not show on your credit report). She said it will be a soft pull. I told her that I am buying a house and that I can't afford any inquiries on my credit. She assured me that will be soft credit pull and there will be no inquiry on my credit. There is one. She lied. I tried to dispute it with the credit bureau, but no luck. Consumer Cellular doesn't want to take any responsibility for it! They will tell you any lie to enroll you in their service. Now I'm stuck with extra inquiry on my credit that will cost me money on my APR of my house purchase. If I was told the truth I would not sigh up for service until I buy the house. I tried to dispute it with BBB, but their answer was ongoing "yes, we pull credit", they didn't want to acknowledge the fact that I was lied by the sales representative I called and asked to speak with a manager, because supervisors don't care. I was told that the manager will call me but he never did. No interest in solving the issue.

Consumer Cellular Has Some Bad Phones
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Rating: 2/51

FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA -- My wife and I joined Consumer Cellular about 6 months ago and the service is good. However after the first month my Motorola 340 stopped sending and receiving phone calls. Consumer Cellular sent me a replacement because I was within the 45 days window since I am an AARP member also. I got the replacement phone in July and this one died with the same symptoms after about 3 months. Since I am disabled and this is my only phone I quickly ordered a phone similar to my wife's since she has had no problems with it.

However - Consumer Cellular will not provide any retroactive compensation for the two bad Motorola phones they sent me. Rather they are telling me to send it back to the manufacturer to get it fixed or replaced.

I would have hoped Consumer Cellular would provide a partial credit to my account for the bad phones they sent me under their name.

After talking with 4 different Customer service reps I could get no answer any better than that.

This has been my only negative experience with Consumer Cellular but it is a huge one for me.

Continued to Charge Me When Phone Was Unusable.
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- When I ordered the phone and service, I was unaware that the battery could not be replaced easily. The battery didn't last very long at all and CS told me I would have to mail it back in and then wait about 2 weeks to get it back.

They ran a diagnostic on it and agreed the battery was bad. However, they continued charging me for service I didn't have access to. I refuse to pay the remaining balance because I did not have the use of the phone. I am appalled that AARP would allow themselves to be associated with a company like Consumer Cellular.

Not Like Real iPhones
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Last August, Consumer Cellular advertised that they now have iPhones (refurbished 3gs) available for $200 each. Only after getting them, do you realize that you can not attach a picture to a text message that you are sending. Nor, can you receive a picture with a text message.

Now who in these United States, besides Consumer Cellular customers, have the fabulous iPhone that will not allow the simple task of attaching a picture to a text?

I requested a return of my two iPhones or for them to send me two phones that would allow pictures on texts. They told me that I had exceeded my 45 /days, 45/minutes, 45/text message, 45/mb (whichever comes first) timeframe to return any phones. They basically told me that they would do nothing about my phones and that I could buy new phones from them or...........I could change carriers and use my iPhones like everyone else.

I filed a complaint with the Portland BBB. Which cost me two weeks of back and forth banter with the Consumer Cellular “We do not care” department? But, they stuck to their have 45/days, 45/minutes, 45/texts, 45/mb. (Whichever comes first) ..........and did nothing.

Well tomorrow, I am changing carriers. And, Consumer Cellular....GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

Horrible Service

ARIZONA -- What a week. I will never tell anyone to buy this Consumer Cellular phone service. They never did their job. The truth is my first priority not theirs. I now have my service from Sprint again. They should be investigated. Please share this complaint. The phones are poorly made. I had trouble getting them on the phone, the only good thing is I cancelled the service.

Pre-Paid Phone
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I saw the commercial like everyone else, said to myself why not. Didn't know they prey on the elderly and people with not so perfect credit that why they don't require a credit check. I received the phone on June 21, 2011 and didn't get in touch with them until June 22, 2011 because of the sorry customer service. They paged me on the same day said that the minutes was at the limit and I needed a more advanced plan, (keep on mind they have already been charging me since June 13, 2011). When I talked to customer service that expressed to me that it was not PRE-PAID (What a Lie).

So June 23 I when to the Post Office and sent it back to them and put a tracker on the package. They want you to use the number you already have so that you are dependent on them and you don't have a choice but to continue using their services, but I made them give me a number instead of canceling my old phone. Touched basis with my bank so they may be aware of any advance charges, and they are going to replace my funds.

Don't deal with them unless you want to loss money on a not so PRE-PAID PHONE as they would put it. They are crooks and customer service knows it.

Excess Minutes/ Overpricing
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We had 450 minutes to share for years with another company and never used them all creating huge carryover minutes. With consumer we had 500 supposed minutes and they said we went 450 over. Not possible since we used an Internet connection for all our outgoing calls which we didn't have with the previous company.

Also anytime you checked or listened to phonemail it comes off your usable minutes. What a crock! When your bill is supposed to be $48 and you are billed $130, time to go somewhere else.

Not Given the Truth About Coverage
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PORTLAND, OREGON -- Consumer Cellular allowed me to continue service for 18 months without disclosing that they did not have ample coverage in my zip code. Granted, I live in coastal North Carolina and it is somewhat remote, I was told by consumer cellular that I should try different tricks to get better service in or near my home.

I wasted a lot of time with them prior to switching services. Get coverage maps before starting service if you live in a rural area.

I expected a bit of honesty that I did not receive from Consumer Cellular

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