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I Don't Know What Is With Consumer Cellular
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Rating: 4/51

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My Consumer Cellular account records show one and two more minutes on each one of my calls than my iPhone 6. Their customer support said that they do not know anything about it.

Can't Get the Driver to Connect Phone to Internet
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Rating: 2/51

WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA -- After spending hours trying to find a Driver for the Envoy Phone from Consumer Cellular, I've still had no luck. When I called CC they told me to go to the Mfg. website. Did that and of course, it's from China. To summarize, I can't connect the phone to my PC to download pictures. If anyone has or knows where to obtain the driver, Please let me know.

Consumer Cellular Is a Rip-Off Company
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- Filed against: Consumer Cellular 7204 SW Durham Rd Ste 300 Portland OR 97224. Complaint Description: Consumer Cellular misrepresented their phone service. Had nothing but problems with their phone from the first day we had it. It dropped calls constantly and got spam text messages from people we didn't know. There was also at least one time when his phone didn't disconnect for an excessive period of time. Nobody explained that we would be charged every time we checked our own voice mail and the first salesperson led my husband to believe there would be free mobile-to-mobile calling.

We cancelled the phone after 2 weeks of complaining about the service and were told we would owe no money. Yesterday we received a past due notice that we owe $33.66. I called to try to get the charge waived and instead was met with two extremely militant supervisors who refused to listen to anything I said and just insist I pay the full bill. They were not in the least bit interested in the fact that I was thinking of giving them a 2nd chance in September, nor did they care when I said I can get word out to at least 3000 people as to what a rotten company they turned out to be.

All the supervisors can do is repeat how excessive our minutes usage was, and would not listen to my side of the story that not all of that was our fault. We only had service from about March 1st to about March 15th. Might I add: I spent the better part of an hour on the phone arguing with the two supervisors ** tonight. I ended the call by telling ** he can take his phone service and "Stick it where the sun don't shine". That's not how it started out either.

My husband and I started out being very nice about the bill and calmly explaining our situation. There is no excuse for this kind of lousy customer service and they should be ashamed of themselves. I told ** that AT&T and Comcast have never treated me with such disregard.

Plus: They assigned a ad phone # that may have belonged to a drug dealer. We even had a call from some drunk who wanted to kill someone. I told ** I had serious health problems and this just adds to my stress, but he could have cared less. Additionally: We did not even get a full refund when we returned all of the equipment. I did not complain because it was only $11.00, but combined with the bill, it adds up. I am disabled and have gone without pay for almost 2 years (Old complaint filed against Cigna). Desired Resolution: I just want them to waive the bill of $33.66 they sent, especially since we were told that we would owe nothing when we closed the account.

Customer Service Is Deplorable
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Rating: 1/51

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I ordered a phone from them last month. Checked to insure I could port my old cell number on their site which said I was good. Received my phone 5 -6 days later and tried to activate SIM card and then found that the number was not available. OK so one mistake is acceptable. Then they send a second SIM card programmed to the same non working number. After a wait time of 1/2 hr to get to customer service. I decided that I would rather not have to deal with customer service so I said OK I want to swap this phone for a very basic phone that I can sync contacts and appointments.

CS No help here. Did not know products at all. So I decide on a different phone then ** (cs agent) tells ME THEY WANT AN ADDITIONAL $75 to ship the new phone. I said no, asked for an RMA and Refund under their 100% satisfaction policy. ** said she would ship a return label and refund my account once the phone was received. At that point I felt relieved that I would NOT EVER have to deal with this inept, unprofessional company again. I'm done Yeah!

The next day I find out they had charged my bank account without my authorization. So I call them back 20 min to get to a cs agent ** and asked for a manager. He said he needs to verify my information then tells me its another 20-30 minute wait to get to a manager.

Then I mentioned I was filing a complaint with The NH AG and all of a sudden a manager was available.. ** I believe her name was. Who insisted they put a hold on my account and did not charge it. I explained to her that I did not authorize them to do ANYTHING with my account and explained that their "hold" was going to cause overdraft charges.. She could not have cared less and did absolutely NOTHING. So not only did they NOT provide me with a phone, or any kind of competent customer service, their ineptitude and apathetic attitude has caused me additional fees to the now $215 of my money they have tied up.

This company is hands down the WORST. I left Verizon because their customer service was poor. Consumer Cellular makes Verizon look like a customer service all star.. *** AVOID CONSUMER CELLULAR *** JUST ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF Big Business Screwing the consumer!

Ineffective Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- My experience is unbelievable. I purchased a Consumer Cellular phone for my husband and plan 6/20/2014 approximately 6:30 p.m. I gave all of the pertinent information and on the way home, approximately 7:15 p.m., my cell phone was deactivated, not my husband's. Our numbers differ by a single digit. When I realized what happened, I call Consumer Cellular's customer service. **, probably in a West Coast office, persuaded me; my cell phone company just sent my phone number to Consumer Cellular without my authorization or standard industry protocols, like an account and/or pin number.

The following day, Saturday, I spent about six hours trying to get my service restored. Instead of Consumer Cellular acknowledging their mistake, they blamed my former cellular company. Similar attempts made on Sunday to port my number back to my cellular provider were unsuccessful. My cellular company wanted to charge me an activation fee even though I paid my monthly bill 10 days earlier and did not authorize Consumer Cellular to port my number to their company. I need a cell phone for my husband who has Alzheimer, but remembers my cell phone number.

Having explained this situation repeatedly to representatives and first line management of Consumer Cellular, they offered no equitable resolution. The company would not pay the activation fee because it lacked the policy to address this expenditure. In the meantime, my husband has no cell phone. I have purchased two sim cards that are invalid because they are associated with my cell phone number hijacked by Consumer Cellular without my authorization.

I failed to mention I am unemployed and use my cellular number as my contact number on job applications. By now, you must wonder what it would cost to restore my cellular service…. $50.00. When you are elderly and unemployed, $50 equates to the cost of filling a prescription or food. Shame on you Consumer Cellular.

Not Good Service - Tracfone Can Be Cheaper but Good Service
By -

CHESTER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Consumer Cellular is not what they advertise on service or phones. We are seniors [old folk] & AARP, retired their service has been poor. We had 2 phones 200 min ($28 a month) - one free, one bought. I bought a Nokia because out of 4 we had with other company it did much better than the others. Handicapped son died. We no longer needed $90 a month phone bill. Went to TracFone for a while then tried Consumer Cellular. Have cut one off the Nokia. Went back to a Trac, cut the other off today. For folks like us that use so few minutes the deal is go to TracFone. About a $60 start up cost, buy phone, double min for life of phone card and $20 min card.

Then, my next cards cost me around $10, 20 card every 3 mos, have minutes left over. If we use less than 30 min a month on 2 phones rest of time we use house or Google voice. Consumer Cellular will not get a good signal on mine when it did could not hear. They would not try to correct it, they post good reviews but not the bad ones. Prices are not exact, but close. Trac contact service has been and was great going to reactivate other Trac. Trac has a phone for around $10 on up if you like. We got one cheap, one higher. They have/did beat the heck out of Consumer Cellular in cost and service.

ALSO I am talking about low usage. Not sure this would be best on lot of usage, so do your math. The only minor problem ever had with Trac was bought one from a box store was not compatible with our area. Exchanged Trac easily, transferred my cards to it when I contacted them.

Unauthorized Charges to Debit Card for Supposedly Free Battery Replacement
By -

First, let me mention, that I only chose Consumer Cellular as my mobile phone carrier because AARP recommends them. That decision was a mistake. My recommendation is to do your own research and due diligence, because thus far, AARP has been non-responsive, except for acknowledging my complaint, since I first reported this unauthorized withdrawal of $17.50 from my bank account for a free battery.

My phone stopped working in March. Prior to this I'd experienced multiple dropped calls and 'failure to connect' reports. Upon contacting Consumer Cellular, and going over the troubleshooting protocol, the call center representative tried to upgrade me to a 'free' newer model, and, I only had to pay an activation fee of $35.00: I declined. He then said there was probably nothing wrong with the phone, and, since it was still under warranty, I was qualified to receive a new battery shipped to me at no charge. Free.

A review of my bank statement disclosed that a charge of $17.50 was tucked into my monthly bill. After many emails and calls to various supervisors, I am still not pleased with how this complaint is being handled by Consumer Cellular nor AARP.ORG.

If anyone is having similar billing, rude and non-responsive customer service issues from one or both of these companies, I suggest filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at 1 (888)-CALL-FCC; fax: 1-(866-418-0231; email: Also, contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at (1-(877)382-4357, to file a complaint. If you are a member of AARP, their contact information is

Be sure to have pen and pencil ready to record your case or reference number with the FCC and FTC. According to their websites, the more people who contact them with complaints, the better able they are in protecting consumers by investigating, and in some cases, filing court actions against companies that don't follow rules and regulations.

I Regret That I Tried Consumer Cellular
By -

I can't believe that AARP is allowing it's name to be connected to Consumer Cellular phone company. I wonder if AARP did it's homework first or just accepted what Consumer Cellular was claiming at face value because of cheap monthly rates? I tried Consumer Cellular for a short period of time and regret that I left Verizon wireless. The Consumer Cellular connections only worked for me about 80% of the time, compared to Verizon's 98%. The cheap little cell phone Consumer Cellular gave me was barely readable, with the keyboard difficult to navigate.

When I disconnected Consumer Cellular, they tried to collect over $100 for about only 4 or 5 days of service.... So much for "no contract" and "no surprise charges". I only tried Consumer Cellular because I thought that I could trust anyone that AARP endorsed..... Not!! Good luck to anyone that decides to try them.

Defective Phone
By -

I went online and ordered phones (2) and service from Consumer Cellular on 8/15/10. I received the phones on 8/19/10. One of the phones was a defect. The back did not fit and left a gap. When I called customer service I was told to send the phone back and they would send me a replacement. Here's the catch. They also wanted me to pay another $35.00 to activate the replacement. I had already paid them $70.00 up front to activate the 2 phones they had just shipped.

The phones had not been activated due to one being a defect. They refused to send out a replacement unless I sent the other one back first and paid the extra $35.00 up front. I refused and canceled the service. I was told by the customer service representative that Consumer Cellular would send a box postage paid for me to return both phones in. They went on to tell me that my $70.00 would be refunded. OK, all was well.

Then I received an email later that day telling me that I would receive an invoice for the partial month of service. What service? The phones were not even activated! There was no usage. I had just received the phones on 8/20/10 and canceled on 8/21/10. They want me to pay from the time I placed the order on 8/15 until they receive the phones back. What the heck! What service?

I don't have a problem at all sending the junk back! After all its no good to me if it hasn't been activated. I'm sure they would like me to send that "free" phone back, so they can send it to the next poor sap. Why don't they just tell the truth, the "free" phones are not "free". They cost $35.00 each. They just call the $35.00 something else. All I'm asking is that Consumer Cellular send the call tag out or whatever method they used to pick up the phones. And refund my $70.00 for the "free" phones! And by the way if I get something from the store that's "free" and it's junk, I throw it away. I don't return it!

Beware of Consumer Cellular
By -

TIGARD, OREGON -- I initiated cellular service with Consumer Cellular. On 7-9-2010 I received two Motorola EM330 cell phones. On 7-12 one phone locked up. Upon advice, I removed the battery to reboot the phone. When doing so, the battery door latch became disengaged from the phone body. I then advised Consumer Cellular of this event. I was IMMEDIATELY told: 'now you'll have to buy a new phone'. That's a direct quote. Phone less than four days old?

“The buy a new phone” statement made at least 8 times as I worked my way up the staff levels of customer support. I was ultimately able to reinstall the battery cover latch button, and decided I had made a grave mistake of choosing Consumer Cellular, and elected to return everything per the terms of their ‘45 day return policy'.

Unbelievably, I was then told in no uncertain, terse terms: ‘We won't accept the one phone back. We don't accept broken phones for return. You can keep that phone, it's yours now'. The phone WAS NOT ‘BROKEN'! I had never described the phone as ‘broken', only that the battery cover latch had become disengaged. I had already managed to successfully reinstall the latch release button.

Their oratory during the sales pitch was filled with accolades of self-praise as to what a great service they provided, how they were the “no argument” cellular provider. ‘We're different'. Different they ARE! I have never witnessed such a Jekyll / Hyde transformation of any entity in my life. The mood went from ‘kissy-kissy' (for lack of better term) to outright acerbic, rude, and irresponsible dialogue in the transition from sale to service issue. Actually the Motorola EM330 was a poor choice, being cheaply made and overly fragile. Doubly so when dealing with a cell provider with the post sale policies of Consumer Cellular.

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