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CPS misleading warranty
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1678 MCDONALD AVENUE BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- In December 2008 I purchased 2 Magellan 4250-R GPS from the Factory Outlet Store with a free 2year warranty provided by Consumer Priority Service. The cost was @$179each. Last month I returned one of the units for warranty repair to CPS and was informed it cannot be repaired. My choices are a replacement unit which is only guaranteed for 7 days or a check for $130(market value) that includes my $20 return shipment fee. FactoryOutletStore is still selling them for $179. Calls to both companies have been useless. Never buy from them again
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 09/01/2009:
What does it say in your warranty about repair or replacement value?
DougG on 11/26/2009:
I am one of many people that purchased a Samsung TV and after just over a year the power supply went out. This is another whole story. I have a In-Home Extended Service Plan with CPS, Consumer Priority Service. I called them Monday November 23, 2009. The customer service person took my information to file a claim. I thought I asked all the right questions, this being my first claim with them. Not one time did this person ever tell me they needed the sales receipt and copy of my membership card. I received a email requesting this later that evening. Of course I sent it in and waited for a call or email telling me when a service person would be out to repair my POS Samsung. I called today 11-25-2009 and asked about the status of my claim. The person told me I would receive a email telling be the next step. NEXT STEP good grief....just call a repair service company and have them come out and fix my TV. So I get a email asking me for a credit card number. NO where and I mean no where does any of their paperwork or website mention about this STEP. Shame on this company to not disclose this anywhere in paperwork or on their website. They do mention on their homepage "Rapid Claim System" If this is rapid I would hate to see slow.

I talked to their Department Manager "Ralph" he gave me a lot of "I Don't Know" he didn't even have a phone number to call his supervisor. I wonder who he calls when he is sick or really needs help from him? All I received from him was "every one has to give us a credit card" I requested a refund on my policy and he didn't know who I needed to talk to or how I went about getting it. When I asked Ralph about why don't the CS person tell us on the first phone call they need the sales invoice and membership number, or anything about giving them a credit card number. His words were" they don't know all the steps it takes to make a claim" WHAT? I would think it might be helpful if they would know that. Bottom line, he was no help at all and he just had a lot of "I don't know" even when I asked the question is there someone else I can talk to that would know? NOPE he didn't know that either. Customer service was at a -9!

It's a shame that companies are allowed to not disclose all the steps to file a claim up front. So be careful if you decided you want to do any business with this company.
Michael on 10/18/2012:
I purchases a CPS extended warranty for my pioneer amp. I was told by the seller that it was for in home service. Have a problem with one hdmi connection. After an hour and a half on the phone with CPS they finally said I could send the amp to them in NY, I am in colorado with $20 for return shipping. I can't believe they have no way to service this unit in Denver. What a rip off. Will never buy an extended warranty without checking out the company first.
Dr. Jack on 06/03/2014:
This company CPS is a ripoff!!!
We were told that we bought " repair or replacement" . Nobody said "replacement" was a tiny check for "market value".
Our microwave convection oven went out after 2.5year. CPS says that repair is uneconomical and offers about 50% of new value.
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