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Dishonest used car dealership
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MILFORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- When our 5th child was born we realized our minivan would not hold 4 car seats and our 11 year old comfortably so off we went to "look" at cars with all five kids in tow. Our first stop Contemporary Chrysler Dodge. We told them of our need for a full sized van, told them our price range and began what ended up a very long exhausting day.

We are by no means idiots, my father is a car salesman in Florida for goodness sakes. But being tired after a very long day, I guess we got talked into a van we didn't want. I mentioned it had a smell and was promised it would be taken care of to my satisfaction. We waited for them to deodorize the van. So we did the paperwork, turned in our van and stupidly drove the other van home. I knew within 24 hours the smell was unacceptable. We returned the van the next day and insisted they give us back our van. We were told that was no longer possible and that they would refund all of our $11,000 toward an acceptable van, so again being gullible we went home.

Yes as you can imagine they forgot all about there little promise. After 6 months of calling once a week we began calling 3 times a day. That finally got us attention. They called us with the perfect van, of course now $15,000.

We went to see it, when we insisted on taking it to our mechanic for an appointment we'd made for the next day we were told to take it to a mechanic they suggested because it could not be held till next day. Of course it passed with flying colors, we asked to test drive it and they attempted to talk us out of it, no way! We loaded up all the kids and headed out. We liked the van, although I did notice the salesman followed us in his car, weird.

After an hour we arrived back at Contemporary and said we'd make the trade, they were ready to finance us right then but we had already decided to finance it at our bank. They looked worried and suggested we unload our 5 kids , car seats and all and put them back in our van to go to the bank 5 miles away for the paperwork. Well that was enough! I said we'd be taking the new van and be back in an hour.

While waiting in the parking lot at the bank in our soon to be new van the engine nearly blew up! It appeared to the mechanics that came to help that the engine was in really rough shape and the oil had run out while we were test driving it and doing the paperwork! No wonder they didn't want us to take it to our mechanic or out for a test drive or to our bank even!
I can't believe anyone would do something like that to a family with little kids or anyone, we could have been hurt!
They had the van towed back to there establishment and never so much as called us to apologize for what had happened. Because of that we are sure they new what condition the van was in.
We still own the stinky van. It sits in my driveway and has for 2 years. I drive a different van but I can't sell that one to someone and know it stinks when you turn on the heat, so we just keep making payments on them both now.
Because we didn't get anything in writing the Better Business Bureau said there was nothing that could be done. We admit were we made mistakes but taking advantage of us was wrong non the less. We have only CONTEMPT for CONTEMTorary Chrysler Dodge!

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/17/2008:
Saying "Dishonest used car dealership" is like saying "wet fish".
sarahnkrystal on 01/18/2008:
Did you ever have anyone check to see if a mouse died in your heating system? You mentioned that it stinks when you turn your heat on. It is common for mice or other small creatures to crawl up into these systems to escape the cold, and then are unable to get out, and then they die, which stinks. It is actually very common.
rcoutu on 02/12/2008:
Trying to contact Matt Simard about the issues he is having with his vehicle. We have gone through all of our files within the dealership and can find no records of this incident taking place. As I am the Service Manager, I would appreciate if this customer could give us a call because that he is listed on the Do Not Call List.

Some of the facts are the van was bought from us on 12/08/2004 and not returned for the issue of smell until 02/09/2005 at which time the vehicle was ionized and a full reconditioning was performed before vehicle was returned to customer. On 4/11/2005, the vehicle was brought in for a NH State Inspection and there was no mention of the smell to the Service Advisor. I would really like to speak with this customer because that we have not heard from him in three years. We do everything in our power to have completely satisfied customers and would like the opportunity to resolve the problem, if possible.

Russell Coutu - Parts & Service Director
Contemporary Chrysler Dodge
603-673-5511 ext 128
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