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Pre Mature wear on tires
Posted by My300c on 11/21/2006
NEW JERSEY -- My 2005 Chysler 300c was purchased with Continental Conti Seal tires . After 20,000 miles they were in need of replacement. Dealer sent me to a local tire rep who took information and placed a call to the tire company. I was put on the phone and was told the issue was with my maintenance schedule and improper tire pressure, I proceded to advise them of maintenance reciepts I would furnish for every 5,000 miles/ I was told that was not necessary because tire tread wear was not under warranty. I returned the next morning to drop off the car. The tire dealer informed me that Continental would only afford me a 35% reduciton on replacement tires. I proceded to explain my outrage tom the Continental service rep and was told do to the make of the car and soft tread and driving habits i should be oproud of the life of the tire i got. After further debate I was informed that a refuction of 50% would be granted.After more research I learned that Chysler was reciebing numerous complaints regarding these tires. I called back and informed them that it wasn't my maintenace schedule or my driving habits in fact there were numerous complints received with these tires . I was told I can deny my claim of 50% and return to the dealer for assistance. In closing i put the tires on my car for a cost of over $300 including mounting and balancing and will return to the dealer to see what Chysler is going to do about this. Wish me luck

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Posted by Noneill on 2006-11-22:
Once we needed new tires and went to Costco to have them put on. Turned out the tires were Michellin and under waranty. So we got 4 free tires. Apparently they wore out faster then they were suppose to, but we didn't know that. I was very impressed.
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