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Do Not Use This Company, They Will Try to Keep Your Money After Cancelling.
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Rating: 1/51
NEW YORK -- Turn and run away fast. This company is very unreliable and has told us nothing but lies from day one. We ordered their Internet service, then found out we needed a modem. We then ordered one from them. We waited two and a half weeks and still didn't receive the modem. We called them back and told them, they checked and said it was “ a glitch in their system”. When we did receive the modem, the included disc was broken. We still had no Internet access due to not having the modem. We contacted them again and told them we wanted our money back for the modem and for the month we paid to have Internet which we still could not get. They would not return our first month payment. They said we would have to return the modem and them they would put back on our debit card the amount we paid for the modem. They told us it would be 3-4 days to be back on our card. One week later, still not on card. I did give them extra time due to the Christmas Holiday. I called back again on the 26th and they said it would be back on our card the next Friday. Well it is now Sunday and still don't have it back on the card. So everyone out there, do not waste your money on this company.
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User Replies:
Tezrien on 12/31/2012:
To be honest I didn't even realize that there were dial-up internet providers that were still in business.
At Your Service on 12/31/2012:
Modems are required for any internet service. It's unfortunate that you received one with a damaged disc.

Computers are a frustrating product at times. I can appreciate that they wouldn't refund your money until they received the modem back. I'm sure they were referring to the fact it would take 3 to 4 days AFTER they received the modem back and, depending how it was shipped, would take the additional time.

Keep an eye out for the refund. Let us know if it doesn't show up.

Best of luck and thanks for posting.
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This Kind Of Customer Service Will Put A Company Out Of Business
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CINCINNATI, OHIO -- I cancelled my account as instructed to do - 2 times via e-mail on June 14 then by fax on June 15. They never responded. Finally I called them back and the said I had cancelled on June 24th and service would stop July 14th. That was a lie on the date. Then they sent a bill for 3 months of service I would and did not receive. When I called they said I owed 1/3 of that amount but said they were going to put me on the will not pay list then hung up on me.

After more e-mails that told me to call customer service I called and after 5 times on hold for 15 min. left a message in which I was never called back.
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Fraudulent Practices
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WILLIAMSVILLE, NEW YORK -- I canceled service in 2004 and they continued to bill me through 2007 (my accounting department didn't tell me I was still being billed on my credit card). They called me today and indicated I owe them claiming they received my cancellation and 3 days later I called and reinstated, which I didn't. They would not collaborate the information or validate its source, only said "our notes indicate you reinstated". It appears they make it very difficult to cancel and falsify information on their "NOTES" to keep you on the hook.

I will be going after them for the payments they took from my credit card. Do not do business with these guys.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/02/2008:
Sounds like the same game AOL is playing on people right now too. Guess these dial up companies see the end is near and are grabbing all they can first.
jonsr49735 on 10/07/2008:
I agree they made it almost impossible to cancel my account. I emailed them and then they said I had to fax it or snail mail it in order to cancel my service lucky I caught it after they billed me the next time but never returned the payment. They are about a crooked as they can get in my opinion!! They make it next to impossible to cancel in hopes that you will let it ride so they can scam you for another month or two's service! Piss poor product so they have to figure out a new and different way to make money, scam the unknowing! You guys will be out of business soon! GOOD BYE F---Kin' LOW LIFE SCUM! Prime example of what is wrong with this country today!
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Canceling Service
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DAYTON, OHIO -- The customer support of this company is horrible. I was a customer of Corecomm for 6yrs and when I wanted to cancel my service, it took approximately 6months to do so. This started in Nov. 2006 and lasted until April 2007. I sent my request to cancel in Nov. Received a bill in Mar. again tried to cancel, received a late notice and then when I finally got someone to cancel my account. This company had the nerve to bill me for April service. Called and harassed me for $21.95 for the month of April. Would not stop calling until I paid the $21.95 and threatened to turn over to collection agency. Do business with this company at your own risk!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/18/2007:
What kind of company is this?
chemman on 06/18/2007:
I had their service about 6 to 7 years ago (they are a phone company in the midwest) and I had a number of issues with them. One of which was, about a year after I had discontinued service I started receiving bills from them, when I called the rep said that all the accounts had been sold to a new billing company and that many were re-activated by accident. It took a couple of calls to get them to stop billing me again.
Anonymous on 06/18/2007:
November 2006 to April 2007 is only five months not six.
adzidek on 06/18/2007:
Not if it's November 1st to April 30th. That's six. Besides, the post says "approximately".
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