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Posted by on 07/10/2003
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-04:
I have had several conversations with this company. I never signed anthing, never gave them the right to access my personal information (which they have) and had never heard of them until I got billed. SBC is giving them everything they need to set up the account. I have asked them several times to close the account and they tell me that if I do I will not be able to receive any collect inmate calls. My mom and my sister both get collect calls from my brother, but neither of them has correctional billing on their phone bill. I have paid my May and June phone bills and yet they don't show it. Tonight the Girl (Leanne) said well when you pay your phone bill you have to call us. Well how was I to know since I have never, in 11 months, received the first piece of mail from them? No bills,rules or anything. I have even requested copies of what they are billing me for and they promise to send them,I verify my address and yet, no bill. If they expect me to pay I expect a bill that shows what I am paying for not just a total. I also think SBC needs to hear from some of us getting treated like dirt by rude customer service. I love my brother and would do anything for him and that is the only reason I put up with it. I guess they know that when you have a loved one in prison you are emotional and stupid. Writing this doesn't change anything, but I feel better.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-08-25:
I was told that because of the "special equipment" that was used, they needed to charge this high rate to pay for this "special equipment". So if you believe them, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you. To put this simple, you and everyone else is being ripped off. Contact your State Reprehensible person.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-09:
I am having the same issues with Correctinal Billing Services. I am disconnected all the time as soon as I press 3 to accept the call. It happened 3 times on September 1, 2003, just one example. I sent a fax request to have it researched on September 2nd and have not heard anything yet. I think it's a rip off what it costs to talk to our friends and family members that are inmates. The cost to talk for 15 minutes is $13.50. UNBELIEVABLE. You would think they could have a better system for that price.
Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-10:
I added a comment yeaterday about the quality of service that I received from Correctional Billing Services. After I wrote my complaint I decided to go to the Better Business Bureaus website and see if there were any complaints filed and there are several unresolved issues/complaints. I think we should all file a complaint with the BBB. Here is their address: PO Box 55268 Birmingham, AL. 35255-5268. I'm not sure if it will help for us to file a complaint but it sure wouldn't hurt. Maybe if we all do this we might get something accomplished. Good luck.
Posted by Pritchard18 on 2004-02-04:
AGHHHHH SBC...It drives me nuts. Like some of the others on this page I have a love one in Prison. And like the others on this page I will on the phone with him for around 2 minutes and get disconnected. these calls arent cheap! $4.75 just for 15 minutes. I called to complain about this happening to me more then once and all they could say is it must be the jails system. NO! SBC is the one charging me NOT THE JAIL!!!!!!!!!!! And then to top it off they have put a limit on my phone in which i didnt request where i can only recieve so many calls a month. Dont we wish they could feel and see what its like to have someone you care about in jail and not be able to talk to them.
Posted by pekelady on 2004-02-22:
I agree with all of you. Correctional billing is so far behind the time it is pittiful. My daughter's husband is in prison and my phone bill is not to bad because I put a limit on the amount he can call. However it still doesn't seem to stop them going over my limit. These people just don't realize if our family cannot communicate with the inmates, that makes for very unhappy prisoners. We are supposed to keep in contact with them to keep their spirits up, but with the high cost of phone calls it makes it almost impossible. There are things we don't want to write due them reading all our mail, so the phone is the best thing. They are robbing us blind. If you can find out how much the prisons make on these calls you will be astonished. They get a percentage from Correctional Billing and you can bet it is making them rich in the process.
Posted by grandma98 on 2004-03-01:
I live in Columbus,Ohio...and we have the same problem here. Our calls cost 2.50 plus tax a call and we were getting disconnected on at leaste 6 calls a week. I made numerous complaints and was given a long list of excuses as to what may have caused the calls to disconnect I was even told by one customer service rep to buy a new phone. Each time i was told they would investigate and I MAY receive a credit if it was determined it was there fault in 7-10 days. I continued to call 2-3 times a week with a list of dropped calls and was finally told to write to there p.o. box, which I did. I recieved one credit of 30.00 and am still waiting on 2 more. I also think it is outrageous that they charge 8.00 if you pay by credit card on your prepay account.I think it is sad that a company would prey on people who have no choice but to pay them if they wish to speak to there loved ones.
Posted by michellelovesalbert on 2004-03-24:
i have payed the corretional billing company over 200.00 and i just payed them 105.00 and they are going to put anthor block on my phone those people are messed up
Posted by sarahjazzy on 2004-03-27:
Number one SBC does not charge you for these phone calls. I work for SBc in the billing department. We are a third party biller which mean each months companies send over their charges and we place them one your account. The limits come from the company. Anyone has permission ro have your comany records if yourequest to do service with them. The charges that you charge are FCC mandated and also company priced. One idea if you do not want the charges on your bill is to ask for a misc charge block which means any charges tha do come over will be sent back to the company.But beaware becasue alot of companies will make you a prepaid account only
Posted by BgSxy on 2004-05-19:
Hey everyone i wanted to add my 3cents/ i have a loved one in Ray county mo. and I live in kansas city mo. , about 50 miles away and the call cost me 10.00 for a 14min call. Then they put a block on my phone and told me that i have to prepay the account before they take off the block, this is crazy. please contact me if anyone has found som help with these outrageous billing charges. Flygirlkc@juno.com THANKS
Posted by MISSMYBABYTAZ on 2004-05-25:
My husband is in a prison here in california....4 years for a clean urine test..some justice system huh?..and then to top it off CBS puts there hands in for a price....what ever happened to just plain collect calls that we used to be able to receive(still can from family--ex: teenagers with no change that call collect from a payphone whe they need a ride home, etc.)..But did all of you also know another fact about this whole billing that is costing us??...The prisons excepted CBS to control the phones like they do (BIG RIP-OFF!)and in return the prisons and county jails that use CBS to charge us (overcharge I should say) make a percentage off of every call we receive also?? ......So if us family members and friends and loved ones out here that except and pay for these calls (because we CARE!!) and the system is making a profit off of us, then why is it that inmates still get released with fines that are still owed?? You thwe would have paid them off by the time they get released right?....I know I paid $925 in 2 months to CBS (prepaid account mind you) and when I asked for a statement to prove I had used my prepaid limit I gave them, it took the company 6 months to mail me a statement showing my charges for calls, the dates, times, and my total I paid to them in advance!!...And they blame us "consumers" for their mistakes??...If they aren't trying to cover up their fraudulant business, then what would they come up with this time (I have heard every excuse in the book) for their reasons for such SLOW,UNSATISFACTORY CUSTOMER SERVICE?? I call it TRING TO COVER UP WHAT THEY KNOW THEY ARE ILLEGALLY GAINING BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT REALIZES WHAT A FRAUD THEY ARE AND TAKES IT TO COURT THEMSELVES AND MAKES THE COMPANY PAY ALL OF US CONSUMERS BACK FOR OWED FEES WHICH WERE NOT REGULATED OR LOOKED INTO BY THE REGULATORY PART OF WHATEVER SEES INTO THEIR BOOKKEEPING!!!..AND PEOPLE USED TO SAY BILL GATES WAS A FRAUD?? CBS HAS HIM TOPPE DFOR SURE!! Just let us go back to the days when the calls used to come from the jails and prisons directly to our homes and where it was just OUR business and not the worlds that we consider incarcerated individuals HUMAN BEINGS and not expect to make a buck off the ones that are paying for companies like this to remain "ALL MIGHTY"....all they care about is stealing from the hands of the ones they complain and say don't deserve phones (inmates) but deserve to be incarcerated for crimes..I think the company should be the ones incarcerated for THEIR CRIME...THEFT IS A CRIME CBS!!!..then let us control your phone calls and take from the hand that is doing his/her time to society and give you all a better picture of how you are STEALING what the families (we aren't the criminal) have left during this time in their lives and then you will also probvably blame WELFARE PROBLEMS on us that are out here (not the criminals...the victims of your crimes instead)because who wouldnt need welfare (we pay into that too as working individuals) to help afford YOUR LOUSY SERVICES.....GET OUT OF OUR STATE AND GO RIP OFF YOUR FAMILY ..WE DON'T NEED YOUR SERVICES AND WE DID FINE WITHOUT THEM UP UNITL YOU CAME ALONG....WHY FIX WHAT AIN'T BROKE?? GO TO OTHER COUNTRIES AND GIVE IT A TRY AND SEE IF THEY DON'T NOTICE.....GET OFF AMERICA'S BACK CBS!! THE WAR ISN'T HERE OR AGAINST AMERICANS TOWARD AMERICANS ....GO FIGHT YOUR FRAUD WHERE NO ONE WOULD NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE!....OH YEAH, THEY DON'T USE TELEPHONE SERVICES AS MUCH AS US AMERICANS DO NOW DO THEY??...NOT ENOUGH PROFIT THERE FOR YOUR COMPANY I SUPPOSE!!!....BUT STOP THINKING CRIMINALS AND THEIR FAMILIES ARE SO UNEDUCATED NOT TO NOTICE YOUR FRAUDULANT ACTIVITIES .....BECAUSE WITH AS MUCH AS YOU DO, EVEN THE DUMBEST DOOR COULD FIGURE THIS ONE OUT!!YOUR COMPANY IS A FRAUD!!
Posted by gingerrr on 2004-12-14:
I am in Florida & have ran into Correctional Billing services. The phone company I have pays them directly then bills the customer. When I first received a bill it was about 2 months after I had been receiving calls through them. The first time I had attempted to call Correctional billing I did actually reach a live human. Now this is impossible, however I have found DBailey@evercom.net to e-mail. When I first challenged their bill I was ignored, until I contacted the Federal utilities commision for our area. Florida has a cap on local collect calls, so they did have to credit my account, after I had paid it in full. I too get disconnected occasionall, but with the cap on local collect calls of $2.25 per call & no per minute fee it makes no difference. However at least 2 to 5 times a day I receive automated computer calls from them regarding my account. Contacting the person I listed above as I now have no other way of reaching anyone ever. After several e-mail follwed by what seemed to be smug responses, I was assured these call would stop, but they have not I have paid my bill in full, my new bill is not due yet, but still the herrassing calls continue. I plan to recontact the Federal utility commisioner and then lodge a formal complaint with Planet Feedback. They contact several companies on behalf of the consumer, as well as a lot of potential consumers & stock investers check out the site before making any moves. By the way did you know Evercom is owned by Sprint?
Posted by CJ2920 on 2006-09-05:
Your in jail....deal with it. Did you repay your victims. I thought not.
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Unsatisfactory BBB Record
Posted by Pookster on 05/11/2004
While "Correctional Billing Services" in Selma has a satisfactory BBB record, "Evercom Systems" and dba "Correctional Billing Services" in Irving has an unsatisfactory record. I am beginning to see why. My gripes/issues:

1) They advise to go to a non-existent web-site "www.correctionalbillingservices.com," and won't answer an inquiry as to why they do this.

2) They request one call during "non-peak hours," but don't say when those are. Also, it seems I get this message no matter the day or time of day I call.

3) Cut one off at 9:00pm, even though one has been on hold for 20 minutes.

4) I do not understand why it takes 24 to 48 hours to post a payment to a prepay account.

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Posted by Jenel on 2004-05-12:
I also had a problem with this company. I tried for 2 days to get through. One time I spent 3 hours listening to the hold message! When I did get connected, I got an extremely rude CSR. I emailed them to complain and did receive a nice letter from a supervisor who was concerned about the bad service.
Posted by Cinnaberry on 2004-05-13:
Be careful if doing a check by phone. They may screw you over as they did me. Check out issue titled "Their mistake, my problem" if interested. After writing and faxing Evercom headquarters I still have yet to hear from them. Best of luck to anyone who uses this company!!!!!!
Posted by shoegal on 2004-05-13:
has anyone else tried to go to www.correctionalbilling.com....? give it a try! It's a farse.
Posted by bencolleen on 2004-06-03:
i tried for two days to fix my bill and 3 hours waiting at the local phone company waiting to post a payment that i was told would take three to five days to be posted
Posted by ASK_MACY on 2004-06-08:
it takes 24-48hrs for a pymt to post when you make a check or credit card pymt over the phone because banks and Credit Card companys put holds on payments once they are processed for a 24-48hrs period. So they can't post the pymt until the Bank or credit card company lifts the hold on the pymts and give cbs their money.
Posted by DoubleD on 2007-08-11:
Correctional Billing, Evercom, Tenetix or whatever your fake ass company name is, I agree, it takes too long for payment to post but what really gets me is wait 24 hrs for one phone call then another 24hrs before any more calls can get threw. Slow at posting money but quick as hell to take it!!!!!
Posted by Shorte on 2007-11-26:
This company is a joke!! They cannot be serious I have tried to contact them by phone and e-mail . They obviously don't give a darn they must be making a fortune to not care about good customer service.This company is joke.
Posted by Principissa on 2007-11-26:
Google search all the complaints on this company. No offense intended but I swear you will just want to stick to good old pen and paper and snail mail.
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terrible customer service skills
Posted by on 07/17/2003
DALLAS, TEXAS -- To whom this may concern:

My name is Ebony Walker, and I am writing this letter in reference to an
experience I had with one of your workers on the morning of July 15, 2003. I just want
to start off by saying that I was very offended by the manner in which the representative
conducted himself. He was very rude, cocky, belligerent, and inattentive.
I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I was under the impression that occupations in
customer service called for good listening skills. However, he seemed to be so
preoccupied with hearing his own voice that he lacked to comprehend what I was
During the conversation I could hear myself begin to raise my voice in return due
to frustration, however, I was able to refrain form lashing out in ignorance. I could see
that we were headed nowhere and decided to end the call, but not before requesting the
workers name and a number to call for complaints. He refused to give me a number and
full name, saying “Randy is enough.” I asked him how to spell it and he sarcastically
responded, “You don’t know how to spell Randy?” Contrary to what Mr. Randy may
believe, there is no one universal spelling of the name, and I questioned in order to be
sure, rather than assume.
He then repeated the spelling over and over. “That’s Randy with a Y and one R”.
I took this gesture as a sign of him underestimating my intelligence, or rather
overestimating his.
I can honestly say that from start to finish of the conversation, the only decent
thing said by Mr. Randy (one R and a Y) was “May I help you with anything else Mam?”,
and even that was said with a devilish undertone.
As you can see, I was in no way pleased with the service provided to me. Despite
this fact, I still had a situation to rectify and I took a chance in speaking with another one
of your representatives by the name of Lynn. Lynn was actually able to bring closure to
the ordeal in a matter of just a few minutes. She was kind, understanding, attentive, and
willing to provide the exceptional service that Randy seemed to not even attempt.
I believe that he could definitely use a few pointers from this woman. I’m not
sure how long Randy has been a member of your establishment, but someone should
inform him that good work performance is not judged by time served, but rather quality.
And if that episode I experienced with him was a display of his usual performance, than
he is striving.
In saying all of this there is one thing that I would actually like to thank Randy
(one R and a Y) for. I thank him for testing my faith, and forcing me to prove to myself
that in being humble, I am the better person. In times like these I don’t need to react in
anger, but instead pray for patience and strength to hold my peace. I was taught to
always treat others as I wish to be treated myself. So instead of turning my nose up over
Mr. Randy (one R and a Y). I am going to pray for him also. And if he doesn’t do the
same himself already, than maybe he should try it some time.

Thank You,

Ebony Walker

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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-10:
I added a comment yeaterday about my experience with Correctional Billing Services. Later that day I decided to go to the Better Business Bureaus website and see if any complaints have been filed with them. There are several unresolved issues with them so what I am asking everyone out there to do is to file a complaint with the BBB. I'm not sure if it will help but it sure won't hurt. I am also sending a letter to AT&T to let them know how bad the service is. AT&T is the provider for the Mississippi Correctional facilities. If your facility is with AT&T, or who ever, then I would suggest writing them as well. Maybe if enough people complain then something will be accomplished. Good luck!!!
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continued how Evercom/cbs works
Posted by Evilfemale on 11/18/2004
ALABAMA -- To Avoid Being Disconnected To talk on the phone with someone confined in a correctional facility, you must use a touch-tone telephone.
If you do any of these things during the call, you could be disconnected, so... DON'T:
transfer the call
put the call on Hold
use or answer Call Waiting
use a cellular phone (static could cause disconnect)
use a cordless phone
press extra (additional) numbers on the touch-tone keypad
stop your conversation for any length of time (a period of silence may cause a disconnect)
try to make any kind of 3-way call
Why Are Calls Blocked? Calls made from a correctional facility are generally collect calls. You may not be able to accept collect calls for several reasons:
A collect call restriction placed by your local telephone company may prevent you from getting your calls from the correctional facility. You must call your local telephone company to have this type of restriction removed. Please note that once the restriction is removed, it may take up to 72 hours for a collect call to go through.

A new telephone number or changes made to your telephone service (such as a temporary disconnect, changes in your telephone features such as Call Waiting, area code change, etc.) could put a restriction on your line. Please allow 72 hours from the time your number was activated or the changes were made for your collect calls to begin coming through.

If you have received calls in the past from a facility handled by Correctional Billing Services but no longer can, you might have exceeded your payment verification point. Call us at 1-800-844-6591 for additional information.

If you have a new telephone number, it is possible that the previous owner of the number requested a restriction on the line. Call us with the date when you received the number from your local telephone company, and Correctional Billing Services can remove the restriction
How to Block Your Line If you would like to prevent collect calls from a correctional facility (handled by Correctional Billing Services) from reaching you, please call us at 1-800-844-6591 and a representative will work with you to place a restriction on your line.
There is no charge for a restriction. We make every effort to stop the collect calls; however, we cannot guarantee this service for correctional facilities that we do not serve. If collect calls still come into your home from a correctional facility more than 48 hours after a restriction has been placed on your line, please call us at 1-800-844-6591 or send e-mail to support@CorrectionalBillingServices.com to see what more can be done to prevent the calls from reaching you.
About My Bill When an inmate calls your number and you answer, you should hear a brief message that identifies the call as being collect. Information about the name of the correctional facility or the name of the inmate may also be provided. You will then hear instructions to press a button on your touch–tone phone or say "yes" to accept the call. If you do not accept the call or if you just hang up, the call will not be billed to your number.
Calls will appear on your bill only if someone accepts the call. If you don't recognize the calls on your bill, please check with other members of your household or business (or anyone else who may have access to your telephone) to determine who may have accepted the call.
Rates-Due to security considerations, the corrections industry typically requires that all calls made by inmates in a correctional facility be collect calls. The intent is to ensure that all calls are positively accepted by the called party. This ensures that harassing or unwanted calls are not placed to witnesses, lawyers, judges, or others. This also allows friends and family members to manage telephone bills because they can choose to not accept calls with their associated charges. Collect calls are considered "operator-assisted calls." The cost of providing operator assisted calling is substantially higher than the cost of providing normal or long distance calls because special equipment and services are required (equipment and maintenance, billing validation, collections, customer service, etc.).
Additionally, there is a surcharge applied to this type of service which is in addition to the applicable per-minute rate of the call.
Individual calls from a correctional facility will usually have a time limit which varies depending on the facility. While another call may be made to the same number, the surcharge will apply to each call.
The contract to provide collect call phone service to a correctional facility is usually granted based on competitive bids solicited by local, state, or federal authorities. Bidders must meet strict requirements which ensure that they can provide the necessary level of security while providing competitive phone service.
Evercom's rates are competitive and comply with all applicable state and federal regulations.
To request rates use this form
Account Charges You can check your charges with Correctional Billing Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using our automated service at 1-800-844-6591. If you make payment before your charges reach or exceed your payment verification point, it will prevent a restriction from being placed on your line.
If a restriction is placed on your line because you have reached or exceeded your payment verification point, you will need to pay your bill in full before we can remove the restriction.
Local Telephone Payments
If your local telephone company has blocked (restricted) your line from receiving collect calls, you must pay your local telephone bill to remove that block. You should also notify Correctional Billing Services to ensure that we do not restrict your line from receiving collect calls. To report a payment or discuss a restriction, call us at 1-800-844-6591. You can report a payment by faxing a copy of your payment receipt to us at 1-800-578-2627.
Correctional Billing Services (CBS) offers a pre-paid plan that can prevent your line from being restricted as long as there are available funds in your account. Here’s how it works. You sign up and send an initial payment of a least $50.00.
Our automated system can notify you when you need to make additional payments to prevent your line from being restricted. Payments must be a minimum of $50.00. If you choose the prepaid plan, you will not receive any further charges on your local telephone bill.
Payments on pre-paid accounts can be made through Western Union® online.
Or, you can pay in person at a Western Union Agent location near you

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Posted by dirtybekki on 2010-10-17:
i had the same problem and it ended up not being evercom.. the calls were suddenly blocked after like a week and after an hour of back and forth crap i found out that after so many calls the system at the jail does a security check and if you have call waiting, three way and/or call forwarding on your line (WHICH EVERYONE DOES- IT JUST COMES STANDARD WITH EVERY PHONE COMPANY) it sees it as a threat and blocks the call. you HAVE to call your provider and request those features be taken off your line. THERE IS NO WAY AROUND IT- TRUST ME I TRIED. and yes that means your phone will have to run old school style.. no call waiting.. if i get a call while i am on the phone (a cell with at&T) to the caller it just goes straight to voicemail.
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Posted by Firestarter on 08/11/2006
TEXAS -- Correctional billing services are nothing but pirates. My conversations with a supervisor at their 1-888-241-1290 # in Canada was most interesting. I was declined a collect call from an inmate in Texas due to the fact I had not set up an acoount with them in the ammount of $50.00 plus a handeling fee of $8.00. My phone service provider assured me that they had not put a collect call block on my phone and did in fact accept third party billing. Our little friends at T-Netix had decided to do so from the correctional facilities they contract with to monitor calls. No notification, no agreements with me as to rates that will be paid, no quality assurances no contract other than they want you to know that you will indeed be held hostage by the desperate feelings you have for that loved one that happens to be incarcerated, and pay any and all monies they see fit to rob you of. Folks this is extortion at its finest. How many inmates and their families have to suffer under these faciest business practices. Time to call your local Reps and Senators. If we all took the few minutes to do so each and every day and maybe start picking up a pen to write depriving correctional billing the up front monies they so desperatly need we may end up changing things for ourselves. Lets do a little telephone boycout. Any one interested in joining me? I know many inmates and their families...it would not take much effort.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-11:
There was a time when they didn't have hardly any phone privileges. Prisons are run as and in some cases by private businesses these days so get used to their "fascist" ways. Write often.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-12:
“Folks this is extortion at its finest.” Sorry about your situation but extortion at its finest is a learn skill that they have acquired form the very people you propose to write to. Asking a criminal to police a criminal is like saying your vote counts.
Posted by Des on 2006-09-12:
Anyone out there have any ideas to expose the oppressive and outrageous telephone charges that families must endure when they have an incarcerated member of their family. I am shocked at that the Correctional system and telephone company is able to exploit this!!!!
Posted by ever_rep on 2007-06-11:
i dont beleive that # even exists to evercom?? are you sure you werent speaking with a supervisor at your phone company????????????????????????/
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How Correctional Billing/Evercom Can Control My Home Phone!!
Posted by Bs105 on 02/26/2006
MACUNGIE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Recently I have a sister who was picked up and is presently in a correctional institute. She kept trying to call me collect, and I know I have no block on my phone and was getting frustrated calling my phone company etc, trying to find out what's going on, I will accept her calls, but she couldn't get through. Finally a few weeks go by and I receive a call from a company to call them" about someone calling from a correctional institute, so when they called of course I stayed on the phone and pressed whatever key the automated service told me to, and low and behold I get a person, or I should say she portrayed herself at the time to be one, and she proceeded to tell me that I must" go through her company to receive any calls from my sister in Florida, and she told me to give her my credit card etc, and charged another fee of $8.00, I guess for her pocket, for "handling fees" then when she told me the amount it would cost per phone call, I asked why so much almost $30.00 a call, and my mother accepts a few calls from my sister at a third of the price I have to pay, she said "because your in pa!! And we don't have that contract yet!! I told her the wrong people are in jail, now after one week she had gotten deathly ill in jail,and tried to contact me yesterday, again today, and no calls will come through!!

So what did this company do, I can't even get a phone number for either, I called national information, no listing, I finally tried the internet, and I found them, but no phone number to call them, they have job offerings, and all the bull, but no number to contact them, first of all to all the so called human beings that work there, I wouldn't work for your company for any amount of money, because I have a heart!!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves for ripping family's off that are already dealing with their loved ones that are away, guilty or not, and for trying to break the families that are trying to be there for them, instead you are making it financially impossible, and if this is America, "where is our freedom to have control over our own home phone!!! You people do and are holding us all up for ransom, at your demand of payment to talk to out love ones, who are victims of the system!

What has happened to this country and people with no heart and no compassion, just the almighty dollar! You people from Correctional Billing/Evercom should be ashamed of yourselves and "remember it could happen to you and yours, what goes around comes around, and you think you have all the power, well think again!! Your a disgrace to the American public, "claiming to be provide a service!! A service to yourself that's about it!! And your getting away with it, well I won't quit till I write and call who I have to , to put a stop to you thieves! And I will find out how to get hold of you, even though you don't have a number posted!!

One pissed off customer
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-26:
ow my eyes....my eyes...
Posted by mrsroadhawg on 2006-02-26:
Now if typing in ALL CAPS were a crime....
Posted by UnIcOrN_LoVeR on 2006-02-26:
I just want you to know that I stopped caring after the first few sentences because of the use of all caps. Turn off your caps lock if you want to be taken seriously.
Posted by tander on 2006-02-26:
Oh here we go again, not taking someone seriously because they have caps on, I don't get it, why do you people who complain about spelling, commas and all CAPS, why is it necessary to remark and think that one's post is not as important as another just because of a spelling error or because caps are on. If you can't read what they type, then get your GLASSES ON!!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-26:
That is a scam...I hope you didn't give your credit card info out to them...I've read about these types of scams before...they call and tell you to enter certain digits on your phone, you are opening your phone line for their long distance calls......
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-27:
Instead of bickering with the people on the thread how about some advice there, tanderoo? Why don't you put your "thinking cap" on? *???* Good luck to you and sis, Bs105. Never encountered that problem out here.
Posted by SilverEmania on 2006-07-23:
they can stop you from getting the call cause it's their service.. do you eat the BigMac before pay McDonalds for it? Do you go to Blockbuster and take home the movie to watch before paying for it? Stop and think about it before you get all rightious on these poor people who are just trying to provide a service. I've posted to an Evercom message before.. it's cause I've had to use their service quite a bit. None of the above is how their service operates in relation to having you pay. bs105 sounds confused and just plain angry.
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Collect Calls
Posted by Shortiboxx on 06/03/2004
ORISKANY, NEW YORK -- I've been receiving collect calls for the last 4 months from my husband. Then all of a sudden this service put a block on my phone claiming that I had exceeded my limit. When I called their toll free number they put me on hold until they verified my telephone number and then had the nerve to tell me that I had entered into a contract with them. When you listen to the recording before you accept the call, it does not state that you are entering a contract nor does it tell you how much per minute your call will be. Additionally, I had no idea that they gave me a credit limit or had the ability to put a block on my phone. I was soooooo pissed I cursed out the customer service representative because I felt violated that these people had the nerve to enter me into a contract blindly without issuing any terms or conditions and secondly, who the hell do they think there are putting a block on my phone without checking with my home service to see if I paid my bill. Once they checked with my home service they realized that my phone bills were all paid and current. They were very hasty to put a block on my phone before checking with my home service to see if I paid my bill. It's a shame that their company needed me to call in order for them to verify that I paid my phone bills. Furthermore, who do they think they are charging excessive rates per minute just because the person is incarcerated! I believe that the Better Business Bureau should investigate the excessive rates that this company is charging for collect calls from jails. Especially when we do not have to pay that amount for regular collect calls. The rates are so high I think that I am accepting calls from some one in Jamaica!
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Posted by bill on 2004-06-04:
You said you felt violated, well now you kow how the victims of your husband's crime feel.
Posted by waxlips24 on 2004-06-08:
Exactly Bill...I hope the company bilks you for every dime you have....
Posted by ChowderHead on 2004-06-11:
You say you had "no idea" about the ability to block your calls...it's called READING A CONTRACT before you sign it. Ignorance is NO EXCUSE.
Posted by lilwoman1978 on 2004-06-27:
how in the hell do you all know what her husband s crimes were? In this F..... up country people who are not guilty go to prison every day, and when you accept a collect call there are no contracts to sign jack a.. so she could not of had on to read.
Posted by okiedokie729 on 2004-07-08:
phone companies are already condemming the families by taking advantage,and charging outrageous amounts. So I dont see it necessary for society to condemm these people, as it was not them for whom commited the crime. It is only them who must be related, or committed to by relationship. As most of these families are hard working folks who have the same stuggles and pay the same taxes. Lets also remember that all convicts are not murders and rapist, some are in these institutions for minimal crimes such as not returning a video tape to Blockbuster, and some for crimes for which they did not commit such as identity theft. And the majority of inmates that are taking up the most of our tax monies are charged with alcohol and drug related issues, and addictions, for which a dungeon will not cure!And last but not least, some inmates are products of their environments, for which they were born in, and do not know any different, and society, and this USA is too selfish and greed stricken to enable these people to a better way of life, for which you and I often take for granted. Such closed minded individuals, with such hateful comments. And for what, because this poor woman complained on a company. She never said she wasnt grateful of the Department Of Corrections for providing her husband/relative/ect the priviledge of calling. She is only upset with outside companies taking advantage of her and her family. THE ONES WHO DID NOT COMMIT ANY CRIME AND CITIZENS AND HUMAN BEING SUCH AS YOU AND ME!!!!
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Posted by Tuga on 05/02/2004
DENVER, COLORADO -- First of all I would like to know why this company offers a website when there really isn't one. And second of all, why is it that after prepaying for phone calls, my line becomes restricted? Even though I have paid a certain amount to receive calls, my line is restricted because of a certain amount of activity in 24 hours (I guess). That's DUMB!!!! And then I receive a message about a restriction after the company has closed. GIVE ME WHAT I PAY FOR!!!!
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Posted by anonymous2 on 2004-05-05:
The website: www.correctionalbillingservices.com

If you are on a prepaid account with cbs then the only time your line is restricted is if you use up all the money you put on the account.

If by pre paid you mean paying your phone company in advance then you might want to contact them and find out where your payments are being applied to because most of the time the phone company will take out whatever you owe them, and the remainder will be applied to cbs charges.

here could be a number of reasons your calls are restricted: If they have a block on your line, if you've hit your spending limit with cbs, if you've accepted over $50.00 worth of calls in a 24 hr period, if you have any privacy features on you phone line, like call rejection or call forwarding, if someone in your house has hit the button on the phone that restricts that facility from calling you number.

The best way to find out exacxtly why your calls have been restricted is to call cbs at 1.800.844.6591
Posted by tuga on 2004-05-06:
In response to Sunnyice (or whatever). The website DOES NOT WORK!!!! And I have called 18008446591 about not receiving the amount of calls I received for the money I prepaid. If I prepaid the same amount each time, then I should get the same number of calls each time!!!!
Posted by anonymous2 on 2004-05-08:
Then try CBS' parent website www.evercom.net it looks like the cbs site is down. I was just on it a few weeks ago though. WHen you called, did you get the rep to explain the charges to you? Or you can request a statement of your call history. They will mail it to you and it usually takes 7-10 days. As far as getting the same number of calls, that only applies if the rate for your calls is flat (same amt. no matter how long you're on the phone). If the rate is a per minute rate then the number of calls depends on how long you talk on the phone. The reps can also rate the calls for you. It might be easier if you call their direct number. 1.888.693.1046
Posted by Amanda (CBS Rep) on 2004-06-10:
Dear Customer,
There is a block that CBS called a high Velocity Block, which restricts you when you accept $50 worth of calls in 24 hrs. This is considered rare calling activity, the reason for the block is to prevent other people using your phone from accepting hundreds of dollars worth of calls and you being left to pay for them!---
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Why is it? What is the truth?
Posted by Nluvmichael on 03/08/2005
SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA -- Ok its like this. Correctional Billing supposedly doesnt have a contract with AT&T. Ok explain this to me. A friend of mine had verizon phone service yet when his bill came in correctional billing was being billed on behalf of AT&T. I have the bill right here in front of me. It says AT&T and gives Correctional Billing Services Number to call. Another thing I dont have a block for third party billing yet my fiance still can not get through. What gives. There is no difference to where my friends wife is at and my fiance. SO that couldnt be the problem. Ok tell me Whats up. I dont understand why they wouldnt have a contract with AT&T. It seems to me that if AT&T could bill verizon they would have no problem billing one of their very own customers. The bill doesnt lie. Its in black and white. SO if I dont have a block of any kind I know I checked with AT&T and had all blocks removed tell me why am I still not able to recieve calls. I think guys are making what is a difficult time already for most of us having our partners in custody even more difficult to handle. I hope your never in our places, and if you ever are I hope you go through exactly what we go through. FAIR IS FAIR!
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Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-03-08:
You hoping the same thing happens to others is the type of attitude that makes people hope your "other" rots in jail, as he should.
Posted by wearecruisers on 2005-03-08:
Hey legal, that's a nice way of sugar-coating it.
Posted by scoooter5111 on 2005-03-24:
Correctional Billing Services
P.O. Box 1010
Selma AL 36702

Kim Smith
huntsville, AL 35810
code number: 908 350 790 XXX 59

I attempted to contact you by telephone and e-mail. Apparently your business model is set up to discourage demands for refunds or adjustments. The following text has gone out over the internet in places where thousands of readers in all walks of life will read what you are about.

On Sunday, March 20, 2005 My wife tried to call me from the Lawrence county Jail, Moulton AL, and a representative from your company helped me set up an "account" so my wife could call home.

The call she tried to make; did not go thru, your "service" does not even work.

I attempted to make telephone contact with your company today, March 21, 2005 to have my master card credited for the $25.00 you charged me.

My wife is home now and I have no further use for your predatory "service". $33.00 for a 15 minute call that would only cost me less than $1.00 is obscene.

Your "service" prevents 80% of the inmate population from having any contact with their own families.

Your monopolistic predatory business model is a contributing factor to the recitivisim rate due to the isolation these prohibitive costs inflict on the poor families who do not have the means to pay these obscene rates.

Your telephone contact number provides no means of speaking with a representative when a refund is in order, nor do any of the menu choices provide a means of seeking a refund. Most of the people your "service" victimizes do not have computers to contact you. Your "service" is apparently set up to discourage the request for a refund.

That fact is patently immoral and reprehensible.

I demand that my mastercard account be credited for the $25.00 you charged me for a worthless service I no longer need.

I promise you that thousands of people will be reading this as well. Also: further action WILL be taken to cause as much damage to the reputation of your "service" as I can do in a lawful manner.

Untill my card is credited and you provied a service that works at a more reasonable price: my intention to drive you out of business or into court will continue.

Best Regards,

Kim and Faye Smith.
Posted by hicktown girl4 on 2006-05-28:
im not exactly sure how people can be hateful towards people who are just doing there jobs.. the representatives at correctional billing services cannot help their job description... they have to abide by company rules.. how can you get mad about that.. its not like they can help the 8$ fee... give some ppl a bit of slack... im sure they dont like being yelled at by the people who are trying to get calls.. its not their fault...
Posted by ajmadd on 2006-07-12:
I know exactly how you feel, my son is also incacerated & the problems that we have had from CBS have also made this difficult time even worse. We have had to turn off our answering machine because if it picks up we are charged for the call, we had 30 calls on our bill that were 7 minutes or less because we were cut off in mid conversation or the machine picked up. We are told that the computer can not tell if it is a machine or not but that is bull you are suppose to press 0 to accept the call but yet we are charged for these calls if the machine picks up. It took us over a month to get it straightened out. We finally had to call the corporate office in Dallas, Tx.. Go to this website: www.ripoffreport.com & you will see that this is a problem all accross the nation with this company. I hope that you & your fiance are able to talk with each other now & that the one thing you can do is just continue to be there for him. Good Luck & God Bless.
Posted by firestarter on 2006-08-12:
If everyone who calls a loved one in prison or jail has to put up $50.00 plus $8.00 for processing, WOW. What would happen if all those phones went silent for a month? It can be done.
Posted by Blahzay on 2006-10-13:
Just FYI, I have been in the position of being incarcerated, and have witnessed first-hand the frustration of having my love for family exploited by evercom and their nazi-fascist telephone charges. Their bills are ridiculous, and they should be ashamed of themselves. The way they take advantage of their "captive audience" (pun intended) is astonishingly un-American (considering America was founded by Felons)and disgusting. Furthermore, now that I am out, an accomplished artist across the nation, rent MY OWN SPACE and OWN MY OWN CONDO I will be voicing my opinion about Evercom most vehemently. All the money I sent my folks for telephone calls at over a dollar-per-minute deserves such a response.
Most Sincerely Evercom’s Greatest Enemy,
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Highway Robbery!
Posted by JJ on 04/10/2004
MICHIGAN -- Talk about the fleecing of America!

Correctional Billing charges me $17.34 for one 15-minute phone call from Michigan to Colorado. That is a whopping $1.16 per minute. I can only accept $50 worth of phone calls in a 24-hour period or my line is restricted and so everything that needs to be discussed between myself and my significant other must happen in 30 minutes or less. I am 2000 miles away from him so visits are impossible. Snail mail is also unsatisfactory at times (even though we write every day) as it takes him 5 days and longer to receive my mail and sometimes up to 5 days for me to receive his.

I have had several occasions where I have had to talk with customer "service" regarding the status of my account. Their billing system makes absolutely no sense and every time I call, I receive a different answer to the same question from each new person I speak with. I have attempted on numerous occasions to escalate my problem from the 1st point of contact person to a supervisor/manager and each time am told that there is no manager available nor does anyone have a direction extension and they are not forthcoming with information on how to file a complaint. I am not allowed to have a 3-way call between my local phone carrier (the billing agent) and Correctional Billing (according to Correctional Billing) so any time there is an issue with the amount I have paid, I have to call my phone company, back to Correctional Billing, then back to my phone company etc ad nauseum. I have wasted hours of time on hold just trying to get a small question answered or a problem resolved.

This company is the worst I have ever had to deal with. They charge exorbitant rates, are rude and disrespectful and have no regard for their consumer.

I understand inmate communication via telephone is a privilege not a right. However, I am not an inmate, I do not appreciate being treated as though I am, nor do I find it amusing that every time I accept a phone call - a phone call that I need more than he does - I pay to keep him incarcerated.
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Posted by Mama Sue on 2004-04-14:
I too pay $17.34 for a 15 min. call from one of my sons, and 12.85 for 10 min. from another son. These charges are astronimical and I hope that this system will be banned. What are we paying for and why is it necessary to be charged such outrageous prices? Someone please tell me!
Posted by tracker on 2004-11-14:
All Correction facilities in Michigan receive a "kickback" from their phone carriers. This overcharging has been going on for years. Even if you lived in Michigan, the calls would be extremely expensive. All calls from a correctional facility (even to a local number) are billed collect at xxx times the normal rate. Many are routed further (from a more distant town) in order to inflate charges. I believe there was a class action lawsuit filed in Michigan a few years ago concerning this matter. I don't know if it is still ongoing... if so, add your name to the list. Just hope that Michigan doesn't outsource the correction facility phone systems (like everything else they outsource)... or calls will be routed through India. Side note** Thank you Michigan for outsourcing so many of our jobs. California does a very good job producing our Driver Licenses. I no hour skools hav got $11 billion from the lottery so far... dats good. Sum day wen we reelie need jobs and get teknolojikully advansed mabee we kan make hour own lisenses?
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