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Corters Flooring America
2005 Lycoming Creek Road
Williamsport, PA 17701
570-360-8476 (ph)
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Powder Post Beetles in New Hardwood Flooring
By -

STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We purchased 3/4" tongue and groove hickory flooring from Corters Flooring America (manufactured by Clear Lake Lumber of PA)to be placed in our new home. Within 8 months of placement we began to discover tiny holes accompanied by small piles of x-fine sawdust throughout our 1800 sq. ft. of hickory flooring. We immediately sought the opinions of experts - two separate Pest Control Specialists and the Urban Entomologist at Penn State University. All three agreed that our new flooring was infested with Powder Post Beetles. They also agreed that the beetles had to have been present as larvae in the flooring when it was placed in our new construction. Corters Flooring refuses to take responsibility and replace the flooring. We do not want to take legal action. We just want flooring that won't eat us out of house and home.

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