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They Are NOT Men of Their Word.
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WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA -- We purchased a carpet from Corter's in our old home. It was the busiest room in the house so we told Dave in the State College store, we wanted the best carpet with the best warranty. We got a Shaw carpet that failed within 2 years with a 20-year warranty on it. We contacted Shaw who sent out a representative to take samples and have them analyzed and of course, the tests came back as there was nothing wrong with the carpet. It was so matted in high traffic areas, we couldn't get a professional carpet cleaner to get the pile back up. Dave came out and looked at it and agreed the carpet had failed...kind of hard to miss.

Dave offered us a free carpet and install when we were ready, to replace what should have been replaced by Shaw...AWESOME! Skip ahead through my deployment to the Middle East, coming back having surgery from an injury sustained there, and looking for our next home. Before we sold the house we asked Dave if we could take the credit for the new carpet with us. We weren't sure if the next owners would want to keep carpet in the room and we didn't want to “waste” the credit. Dave told us we could take the credit with us as it was the carpet that failed and nothing to do with the location…awesome!

We sell the old home, move in to the new home and it doesn't need carpet replaced so I decided I wanted to refinish the basement. When I'm finally finished with the basement, I go to visit my State College Corter's to order the carpet, lo and behold…they've closed the store. I contact the Williamsport office to find out Dave has retired, remembers everything about our situation right down to the two dogs we have but just can't seem to remember telling us he would cover the carpet…how convenient.

Of course Dave never put an entry about the credit in our file…also quite convenient. The best Jim would do was give it to us at his cost…sure. Because cost is SO close to free let me jump on that offer! Jim and Dave, you have no honor and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I, and no member of my family will ever shop a Corter's store again!

Powder Post Beetles in New Hardwood Flooring
By -

STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA -- We purchased 3/4" tongue and groove hickory flooring from Corter's Flooring America (manufactured by Clear Lake Lumber of PA) to be placed in our new home. Within 8 months of placement we began to discover tiny holes accompanied by small piles of x-fine sawdust throughout our 1800 sq. ft. of hickory flooring.

We immediately sought the opinions of experts - two separate Pest Control Specialists and the Urban Entomologist at Penn State University. All three agreed that our new flooring was infested with Powder Post Beetles. They also agreed that the beetles had to have been present as larvae in the flooring when it was placed in our new construction. Corter's Flooring refuses to take responsibility and replace the flooring. We do not want to take legal action. We just want flooring that won't eat us out of house and home.

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