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Dropped Like a Rock
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When our flight from a Midwestern town to JFK in New York was cancelled recently due to stormy whether in New York we never heard from our tour operator Cosmos with whom we had booked a tour to Morocco. I expected to be rerouted that same day or at least to be re booked on one of the future tours but nothing, nothing, nothing, total silence. The tour operator kept our money and that was it, no word! We were dropped like a rock.
Is there anyone out there who has experienced the same? My conclusion was: If everything had worked perfect in an imperfect world we could have had a wonderful experience but let anything, just anything go wrong and you are dropped like a rock.
Was the whole trip a scam?
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Ben There on 10/28/2010:
Did you book the flights with the tour company? Also, did you call the tour company to let them know that your flight was cancelled?
James_236 on 10/29/2010:
You haven't given the details, but I'm assuming you booked with Cosmos a holiday starting at JFK to Morocco to include hotel and other things in Morocco and then flight back to JFK. Your JFK to Morocco flight and return were likely charter flights. The flight you complained of that was cancelled, and I assume again, was booked separately by you to get to JFK to start the Cosmos holiday. Your package holiday would have required you to present yourself at a check in counter at JFK which you did not do, through no fault of yours, but at the same time through no fault of Cosmos. Your seat on the flights to Morocco and your hotel room in Morocco would have been already reserved by Cosmos. I can't see how they would be in a position to refund you. Travel insurance does not pay for many things, but I think this is one that insurance would have readily covered.
rockfishing on 10/29/2010:
What did they say when you contacted them?
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