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Never Use Cost U Less Insurance (You Must Read)
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REDDING, CA, ALASKA -- Recently, my driving record took a hard hit forcing me to look for a new Auto Insurance Company.

I too was offered a reasonable telephone rate by Cost U Less Insurance. I was asked to come to their office to sign papers. I sat in their office sooo long, I was tired and just wanted to get this over with. The rate kept going up and up. (The Broker told me that there was a small problem that she could clear up later and my rate would then go down (IT DIDN'T). I was asked to write two checks, 1) a DEPOSIT, 2) the FIRST MONTHS PREMIUM.

Two weeks later I found a Broker who got me a rate LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE OF COST U LESS. Cost U Less 6 mo. Premium was over a thousand dollars, Schraeder Insurance found a 6 mos. premium for $449 with NO FEE. Cost U Less charged me a $220 broker fee for this expensive policy and did not even mention it to me. What they called a "deposit" turned out to be a non-refundable brokers fee (by the way, the insurance company pays that fee, talk about a double wammy).

I spoke to customer service at COST U LESS. They couldn't care less that I found a rate less than half of what they found. And, they refused to give me a refund.

I am very happy with Schrader Insurance Agency in Redding. I got the best rate ever and no Brokers Fee. Cost U Less Sucks!!!
Scam from Cost U-Less Insurance
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CHICO, CALIFORNIA -- For anyone who is considering to get car insurance from this company. I want to make the consumer aware that this company is a car insurance broker, who have access to many different companies just like Eastwood Insurance does. When I called Cost U-less insurance from the Chico, CA. brach office they gave me a quote through the phone that I thought was a good deal. I showed up to their office and the quote change to a much higher insurance quote. They also charge me $250.00 for their broker fee. My brother also went through this company and got charge the same price, when he cancelled his insurance a month later from Cost U-less Insurance they refused to give him a refund. I also run into one of their agents at a night club and I told her about my experience about her company. I told her that Cost U-Less Insurance was a rip-off company and she agreed to my story. I highly recommend not to get insurance from this company because their services and prices are bogus and extremely poor.
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