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2 Yr Old Child Injured and Bullied by Claim Adjustor
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DANVERS, MASSACHUSETTS -- I am writing to you about an incident that happened to my 2 year old son at the Danvers, MA Costco. On April 12th, my son and I were shopping at Costco, when he had his finger stuck in one of the holes on the metal post of the shelves that can be found all over Costco. When he struggled to free his finger, he cut his thumb on the metal edge of the hole which caused it to bleed heavily. Since the laceration was made near the tendon area where there is not much flesh to protect it, we were very concerned that he had injured his tendon. In addition, the cut was made on a piece of metal, so there is a chance he needs a tetanus shot. My husband and I took him to the ER immediately after the incident.

While controlling one's child is ultimately a parent's responsibility, Costco has a responsibility to ensure that it is safe for all age visitors or visitors should have been warned in advance of the unsafe areas. My son was using the property normally when the injury was made. The metal post that had inflicted his injury was not marked unsafe by any sign of warning, which indicates that Costco was not aware or not concerned of its potential danger. But just because you close your eyes to danger doesn't mean the danger don't exist, and that is where the liability law comes in play.

I have communicated with the claim adjustor Ms [snip] for several months since the incident. When I told her my son had experienced pain and stress because of his injury, she brushed it off by saying "kids don't feel stress" and "they don't remember pain". No need to say how offended I was. She was not there to witness when my son cried in pain while the nurse treated his wound, his disappointment when he couldn't play with his little friends at the playground because it hurts every time he used his left hand to hold on; or his disappointment when the weather is finally nice, yet he still couldn't play with his favorite water table because he wasn't supposed to get his injured thumb wet. Ms [snip] has many times ensured me that Costco is not at all liable for the incident because Costco was not aware of any danger in the area where the incident had occurred. What kind of reasoning is that? There is always a first for everything. Plus, if what she said is true then there is no need for liability law since anyone can just claim they weren't aware of danger so they can get away with anything.

When I suggested that Costco should do something to prevent this happening again, Ms [snip] quickly replied with "there is nothing Costco can do". On the contrary, there are things you can do to fix the issue. For example, a very simple solution to this problem would be to wrap the lower section of the metal post with plastic tarp. My whole experience talking with Ms [snip], left me with the disgusting feeling have been bullied.

I think Costco should take this opportunity to think about how to fix this issue rather than trying to escape its responsibility.

We have been loyal customer of Costco and have recommend Costco to many friends and family. I hope Costco can be reasonable in resolving this case, so we can continue to enjoy your service long after.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 07/27/2013:
First, I'm sorry your son was injured. I have two children myself and I think we parents hurt almost as much when our little ones are in pain. What the claims adjuster said about kids not feeling stress or remembering pain is pure baloney.

Unfortunately though, I have to agree with the adjuster that Costco won't assume liability. You don't mention if you had brought the incident to Costco's attention at the time of the injury and filled out an incident report. That's key in most cases to having any chance of a store reimbursing you for medical expenses, etc. I know that's the last thing you think of when your little one is bleeding all over the place and screaming in pain, but without it any Joe off the street can claim that their injury occurred at any store and try to get a payout.
Nohandle on 07/27/2013:
I'm sorry to hear of your child's injury and am in no way defending Costco. That having been said with complete sincerity there are a few things to consider. Small children obviously have tiny fingers and are apt to stick them anywhere they think the fingers might fit, out of curiosity if nothing else. There's no way a business can look around and protect children from every conceivable injury any more than a parent can take a child shopping and watch everything a child does.
madconsumer on 07/27/2013:
was the child secured in the seat of a cart? or just walking freely?
More coffee please!!! on 07/27/2013:

This is a great learning lesson for your child, don't put your fingers into strange places otherwise you might get hurt. It is how kids learn and it is up to the parents to teach the child this is not a playground it is not safe. Didn't your child already have the infant shots? DTaP the T is for tetanus.
ilovemyson on 07/27/2013:
I'm sorry your child was injured, it breaks my heart to see kids get hurt.With that said I'm sorry but your child shouldn't be walking freely in stores like that and if he was secured in the cart you are the adult and should be watching him and teaching him not to stick fingers in things. I know kids want to explore and feel things but stores like costcos, sams club, Home Depot big warehouse type stores children should never be unattended, there are forklifts being used and big carts and pallet jackets its just not safe..
pi_pi_8888 on 07/27/2013:
Thank you all so much for your kind words and understanding. I will try to clarify something of the issues you've mentioned. Answering clutzycook: My husband did fill out an incident report while I took care of my son. That is probably why the claim adjustor even bothered to hear me out. Answering Nohandle: You do have a good point. They can't think of everything, but that is what the consumers are for, right? I hope they don't wait till something more serious, like a lost finger, to motivate them to do something about it. Answering madconsumer: at the time he was walking but I wouldn't say freely, I was about 5ft away and watching him pretty closely. It only took him few second to get his finger caught. Answering More coffee please!!!: You are absolutely right, we learned later from the ER nurse that he already had his tetanus shot. I really wish he had learned his lesson. I bring this up frequently, to remind him what has happened.
FoDaddy19 on 07/27/2013:
Sorry to hear that you child got hurt. But this wasn't Costco's fault IMHO. It's your responsibility to watch over your child. The claims adjuster wasn't exactly nice about it, but he does have a point. I certainly can't remember anything that happened to me at age 2, and I doubt that if even ten years down the road your child will remember this incident either.
yoke on 07/27/2013:
I feel bad that your son was injured, but a 2 year old should not be walking freely in a warehouse, even if the parents are 5 feet away. I think it is unreasonable to expect big warehouse stores to babyproof them.
pi_pi_8888 on 07/27/2013:
I am confused with the term walking freely? What is the definition of freely? My experience is if a child walks on his own without holding on to a parent's hand, it is impossible for him walk next to the parents at all times. When I am out with my child at a store, when there is a lot of people or we are surround with thing he shouldn't touch I would hold his hand. But when there is not a lot of people and for example, its the bread isle, his perimeter would increase slightly. But in all cases I maintain a full visual of him.

By premises liability law Costco has the responsibility to ensure that it is safe for all age shoppers or warn in advance of the unsafe areas. Costco has fail to do so.

I do feel I have a valid complaint and its likely I will consult an attorney if this matter doesn't get resolved soon. For those of you who think I whine etc, I am sorry I have wasted your time. But I hope parents with small children who shops at Costco can learn from this post, and make sure your kids don't try this at the store.
Susan on 07/27/2013:
The definition of "walking freely" means that he was not secured in the shopping cart provided by Costco.
capell2b on 07/27/2013:
Firstly, let me say I'm sorry that your child was hurt. Secondly, parents have one of the hardest and important jobs in the world- bringing up their children. Thirdly - Children need to be constantly watched whether its on the street or a warehouse like Costco. In this case, the responsibility is yours. Was your child left to run around while you shopped, or were you distracted having a
conversation with a shopping buddy or on a cell phone. (Which I have unfortunately seen all too often) And, if your child stuck his finger in a door jamb, cabinet gap, a drain, or something else in your home, would you say it was the responsibility of the company that makes it? I really must side with Costco. It's unrealistic to ask a warehouse, meant for adult shoppers, to be child-proofed.
Sorry, but, the truth sometimes hurts.
pi_pi_8888 on 07/28/2013:
to capell2b: both my husband and I were not distracted by anyone, nor were we on our phones, my child was not left to run around unattended. I too dislike parents who let their child go wild in public areas, that is why I make sure my child is not like that.

to Ilovemyson: Costco does not require children<3 yrs of age to be secured in push cart. This type of request will probably cost them a lot of customers. Though after this incident I would highly recommend parents to do so. I don't hope someone like to you or McLaughlin to understand my feelings, after all it is not your child who is hurt. But I do hope other parents can learn from what has happened here and take up the responsibility of making our environment safer for kids.
yoke on 07/28/2013:
If a 2 year old is able to get 5 feet from either parent then IMO the child was unattended. I'm sorry, but the parent is at fault with this one, not Costco. Costco would NOT lose any customers if they required parents to secure their children in the carts provided, most parents already do it. Not that many parents allow their 2 year old to walk alone 5 feet in front of them in a warehouse.
pi_pi_8888 on 07/28/2013:
Yoke do you have children of your own? How long since you've last took care a 2 yr old? How many 2 yr old do you know can sit still in a push cart for more than half an hour at a time and be happy about it? Have you witness a child climb out of their seat in a push cart? I have, because my child can do it with no problem.
yoke on 07/28/2013:
Yes I have 3 children. At 2 years old they stayed in the cart or if they were out of the cart they had to hold my hand. I took care of a 2 year old yesterday. Went to the grocery store and she stayed in the cart no problem. I have seen kids climb out of carts and it is scary. It happened when the mother was not paying attention. I would NEVER let my 2 year old wander 5 feet away from me in a store never mind a warehouse. I really am sorry your child was hurt, but the blame is not on Costco. They should not have to babyproof a warehouse because parents feel it is OK for their 2 year old to be able to walk freely. What would have happened if your child ran into another cart, would that have been Costco's fault or the other persons fault also? What about if he pulled things off the shelf and got hurt, would that be Costco's fault too? There is no way they can wrap the shelves as you feel. It is the parents job to make sure kids don't put their fingers in places they should not be, not Costco's.
pi_pi_8888 on 07/28/2013:
My experience is girls and boys are different in the sense that girls are usually more calm and less active than boys. And every kid is different, you can't really say your kid can sit in a push cart for 20 minutes therefore, other should be able to too. When you have an active child who is constantly trying to reenact a prison break, I assure you, you will not be able to do your groceries.

If Costco don't want to "babyproof" their warehouse then they should have a policy that shifts all the responsibility to the parents. For example, a policy that children under a certain age needs to be secured in a push cart at all times. Without such policy, it is same as telling the shoppers that Costco is a safe environment(except for the warnings etc) for your toddlers to be in.

You are absolutely right, it is the parents job to tell their kids what not to put their fingers in. As a parent you should know we have to constantly remind them what not to do for them to remember. This is exactly why Costco needs to do something to bring it to parents attention that these metal slots poses danger to those little fingers, so that the parents have a chance to warn their child. I am not sure why you feel it is impossible for Costco to wrap the bottom part of the post with plastic tarp, but there are other solutions too. Costco can put signs around their store if that is easier.
yoke on 07/28/2013:
Having 3 children with 3 different personalities I know not all kids act the same. BUT, if you know you have an active child who is into everything do not allow him to walk without holding his hand in a warehouse full of dangerous things. There is no reason Costco should have to babyproof their warehouses. They should not have to put signs up warning parents that it is dangerous for 2 year olds to roam freely and put their fingers in a place they should not be. When you allowed your toddler to walk without holding your or your husbands hand you took full responsibility for what happens to your son.
pi_pi_8888 on 07/28/2013:
My son is active but he is a well behaved boy. He can be curious sometime but not wild in any sense. When I tell him not to run in the store and watch for push carts he would listen to me. When I tell him not to touch the roasted chicken shelves, he would listen to me.

Yoke, you have your opinion and I have mine. What really comes down to is whether or not Costco have met the premises liability law. In this case Costco have not.
yoke on 07/28/2013:
Costco has met their premise of liability. They are not required by law to babyproof their warehouses, which is what you are expecting. Costco does expect parents of 2 year olds who allow them to walk freely to keep an eye on them and not put their fingers in places they do not belong.
pi_pi_8888 on 07/28/2013:
Yoke, thanks for the lesson on liability law. But I will leave it to the professionals to answer my questions.
ontario_girl on 08/12/2013:
I know this is delayed, but I have to add something. Recently in Ontario, a two-year old girl died in an unlicenced daycare. The cause of her death is still unknown. Allegedly, the daycare had over the legal limit of children and was filthy. The parents are now suing the daycare and the government. While this is a sad case, I fail to see how it is the government's responsibility to make sure people's children are safe. That's what parents are for. Not Costco. Not Walmart. Not the government. No one except the parents. When will society stop the "blame everyone else but me" attitude and start taking responsibility?
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Had To Buy 2 Laptops Because One Was Faulty
Posted by on
I am writing this as a saddened long time fan of Costco. I like buying from Costco because I travel a lot and have always thought Costco takes care of product issues. I shop at the Costco in Kailua-Kona, HI whenever there and in Burlington, WA when I used to live there.

To make a long story short, I bought a brand new laptop from Costco in Kennesaw, Georgia, Store #189 on 2-8-2010, I paid with my Am Ex Costco Card. I build websites for a living and I thought the computer was awesome, I had read a ton of online reviews and they were all great. It has a giant screen which I thought would be great when traveling because I have 2 desktops and they both have big screens, and they are both great machines. My old laptop was 4 years old so I replaced it.

I didn’t use the laptop much because obviously I have 2 desktops and all my graphics, etc. other programs are on my desktop.

I flew out to Los Angeles on 02-06-2010 because my husband was going to be here on an extended business trip and the weather is better than Georgia this time of year.

Now, when I saw I build websites, I am not talking about “dragging and dropping” and whatever people think, I have code to type when modifying and I have to type CSS and PHP quickly. While in LA working on one of my clients sites I found the keys periodically skipped. I would find letters here and there missing when I typed a long slew of code. It cost me HOURS to go through all the lines of code and try to find where I was missing letters, colons, etc. It was extremely frustrating.

I thought, “hm, I must be tired” and put it away. The next day after a couple hours of use it started doing it again. Again, I thought maybe it was just my touch was off on a new keyboard I hadn’t used. I put it away. Later that day my husband was using it to work on his screen play and after a while I hear him swearing….. Now, my husband types with only 2 fingers, very slow……. I ask him what is wrong and he said, “The keyboard keeps missing letters when I’m typing. Watch.” And I watched as he poked various keys and sometimes the keyboard responded and sometimes it didn’t.

I told him it was doing that to me too. We found it does it sporadically. Sometimes it works just like a new laptop should, sometimes it doesn’t. I checked online for any complaints online, found none. Then I called the Costco in Van Nuys, CA, the closest to where we are staying right off Mulholland Drive. I asked to speak to someone, a manager or something. I asked him if had this problem with this model, he said no. I told him I bought this in Atlanta, CA, he said it didn’t matter, he would exchange it and he wanted me to be happy.

I went in on 2-8-2010, to the Van Nuys store. They were very busy, the line for returns went down the side of the building. We finally got to the front and the girl had someone come up from wherever and you could tell he was trying to see if there was something wrong with the keyboard. Then the girl tells me she can’t exchange it because she thinks it came with a disk. I told her I was pretty sure it didn’t come with a disk. It was the best laptop I had ever bought in terms of setting up, I just turned it on, entered some stuff and voila!

She said she can’t get credit from HP without a disk. I told her I was sure they had the same model, she said they don’t. She said take it back to Atlanta and just buy a new one here.

UNBELIEVABLE!! I was pretty sure it didn’t come with a disk, and I didn’t need the box or anything else, I just needed a new computer. She said she would call someone over to the laptops to help me pick one out.

SO!! I go over there and wait. Guess what? No one came. And my husband and I held my laptop up to 2 of the big laptops and they looked IDENTICAL. I mean same exact everything!

So I can’t afford this to happen again, I have deadlines, I have clients. So I bought the smaller one but still $799. I don’t care as long as I have a computer that works. So after a hectic checkout and having to get my out of state check verified twice because whoever did it the first time didn’t initial it or whatever. Then I stood at the cage for quite a while because they couldn’t find the computer. Finally they found it and I was able to go home.
Guess what???? NO DISK!!!!!!!!!!!! Just like I told the gal IN Costco I was pretty sure it had NO DISK!

The story gets worse!! Not only do I have to lug 2 laptops across the continent. I get in the DAY MY 60 DAYS IS UP!!!! And I don’t live anywhere NEAR Costco!! I leave at midnight on 2-1 and land at 7:00 AM on 2-2!!!! I live an hour and a half away from the airport!! So I have to get a little nap and drive the one hour each way to the Costco in Kennesaw, GA to return this laptop!!!! Why?????

This is sad and complete madness. I can’t believe Costco doesn’t have a customer care or help center because this is just not reasonable!!!!!
So Costco, are you sure I can’t return it before I fly? And the Costco in Kennesaw better take this back no problem. Surprise, this laptop has had no problems. I am severely disgusted, sick to my stomach over this disgraceful debacle.

Shame on you Costco………….
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User Replies:
Critical_level2 on 02/25/2010:
You made want to check the dates, as I was reading it, you were going back in time. You bought it in Georgia on 02/08, went to CA on 02/06, Returned home on 02/01 and 02/02.
jktshff1 on 02/25/2010:
minimum of 50 bucks a year for the right to buy something at a "discount"
??? I don't get it.
JodiA on 02/26/2010:
Yeah, I was at Costco yesterday and saw it's 90 days not 60 days!! And a professional web developer writes code and shouldn't use a Mac unless you need gimmicks to help you.
Anonymous on 02/26/2010:
jktshff1: Is that your standard response to every Costco concern? You don't understand why people seek discounts? You don't understand why people join clubs? So what?
jktshff1 on 02/26/2010:
Pretty much, do you have a problem with that? Skip my comments.
No one has ever explained it. I've tried it and was unable to show a savings over other stores after "shopping around". 50 bucks is 50 bucks and if I can't at least recoup my $$ (though you should be able to "profit" ie save more than your fees) It's throwing money out the window. Better use would be to donate it to a charity to get the tax deduction.
That being said I'm also a person who saves the cash to make a large purchase then finding a deal, rather than "just have to have it right now" (weapons excepted).
Have a nice day :)
Anonymous on 02/26/2010:
You'll more than likely save more than $50 a year on the gas discount alone. I seriously doubt you've really looked into it. Just Google something like "How much do people save at Costco" and you will find overwhelming testimonials. Toodles.
jktshff1 on 02/26/2010:
Look again, I stated that I tried it. I was a member for a year. Did not save any $$$ versus buying at non membership fees.
I travel all the time (purchased car in late 07 and just turned 150k on it) and gas purchased is another place where savings at the pump don't necessarily mean savings down the road. My mileage decreased with "cut rate" gas by 4-5 miles per gallon as well as carburetor adjustments and sparkplug wear and tear. I've tried several major brands and have narrowed it down to a couple that I use.
Google whatever statistic you want and you can get any answer you want.
I am just passing on the information I have.
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What Return Policy/what Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
VICTORIA -- Hello Resolution Specialist

So this is how you deal with escalated matters concerning consumer complaints???? I was told that I would at least get the courtesy of a phone call; instead, you emailed the wrong person dealing with this matter, which is an extraordinary display of incompetence. Talk about tragic customer service. You don't even have the integrity to attach your name as you pawn off this matter…cowardly to say the least. Your response is filled with irrelevant information, which my previous correspondence had already prefaced. You clearly were unable to comprehend the issue at hand. Your response merely reiterated Costco policy which is not new to me. The following is for the record and likely outside the scope of your comprehension, said Resolution Specialist.

The reason we purchased a hot tub from Costco and not a local retailer specializing in hot tubs was for the following reason only. We have experienced a past Coscto policy that would include unparalleled customer service and backing of the products sold. This perception confirmed by other members I've spoken with is based on your past policy, issues concerning Lemons was satisfaction guaranteed, i.e. replacement and/or and unparalleled refund policy. Since you know nothing of the details of my situation as your response clearly states, please don't once again waste my time pointing out the matter of warranty, which we have already clarified for you. It certainly is my fault for not being aware of your new corporate policy... a painful lesson contradictory to your now unfounded reputation for customer service and product responsibility. At this point my only recourse is to make sure that your members are educated to the new corporate policy and to dispel the myth that surrounds Costco.

As a business owner in this community, even as a small fish in a big pond, I am able to wield a fair amount of influence, and through multiple sources, including social media such as Facebook, blogs, websites, and news letters, we will ensure to tell this story to help provide prospective to our clients and local constituents. Please note that we will be terminating our membership. In addition, we have 11 other card-carrying family members who also will be terminating their Costco membership. It would have been in your best interest to have shown customer courtesy by properly investigating this matter. Your losses will far exceed the cost of dealing with matter professionally. The financial impact my re-education program will have in the short term to this company will be negligible. The long-term effect my proactive insight as to what Costco is really about most definably will be costly. As a Resolutions Specialist, these points are beyond your comprehension thus your station in this matter, Costco shareholders likely will think otherwise.

We are not interested in your uninformed, too late too little approach to this matter, we have already repaired the lemon your company is promoting (at our cost of course). Please note that we had an expert remove and examine the malfunctioned heater, the consensus was a defective heater (the second of which in less than 2 years), substandard quality element based on it state of deterioration.

Thanks you for your consideration to these facts.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 01/08/2013:
With respect Craig, your letter does absolutely nothing in explaining an issue you may be having, nor does it suggest, in my opinion, that you were treated poorly or in any way negative.

In this case, you've posted a letter you've written to someone by the name of Victoria. Suggesting that you've purchased a hot tub and not been given ample service when you've needed it. Unfortunately, you've not explained the problem, what you communicated with the retailer and what was then communicated with you.

As far as the consideration to these facts, I have no idea what you intend to gain with the letter especially in the way you've posted it.

This isn't to suggest you may not have a legitimate complaint and one very much worth discussing. If you'd like to post it, I'm sure everyone here would be willing to read it.

Best of luck. Hope we hear what the issue is.
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Fantastic Return Policy
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Earlier this year, I bought an HP All-in-One printer from Costco, and it really just did not meet my needs. After more than nine months, I was done messing with it and decided to get a new All-in-One.

I checked Costco's Return Policy online, and did not see any restrictions specifically cited for printers. Just in case, I called their Customer Service line, and they assured me I could return the printer, despite how long I had had it in my possession.

I boxed it up (original box), took it in (with my receipt), and, without question, they accepted the return and gave me my money back.

I bought a new All-in-One (from Costco) and love it (Cannon).

Then I remembered that I had bought a bunch of ink for the original printer -- ink I no longer needed nor could even use.

I also had NO receipt for the ink, which cost more than $100 (minus $20 because I had bought it with a coupon).

One day, now it was more than 10 or 11 months since I had bought the ink, but one day when I was at Costco, I stopped by the Customer Service desk and asked if it was possible to return the ink WITHOUT a receipt. They said sure, as long as it was still in the original packaging.

A few days later I returned with the ink, they accepted the return and refunded my money (just a bit over $90, as I recall). No questions asked.

They did, of course, pull up my account and confirm the purchase and all before accepting it back, and what I was returning was still in the original packaging, had not expired (I'm pretty sure there was an expiration date on it), and was good to just place back on the shelf.

Bravo, Costco! What a great way to treat your customers. I am proud to be a member and encourage others to join as well!
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User Replies:
ok4now on 09/08/2012:
Bravo!!! Excellent review about Costco and how they treat the customer right. I love this store and am amazed with their pricing, fantastic customer service and liberal return policy. They really set the standard on how to treat the customer. The $55 membership fee is well worth it.

In the last 10 months I have spent over $5000 at Costco. I purchased a Samsung 55 inch HD TV for $2000 which was cheaper than Amazon pricing. They extended the Samsung warranty an additional year. Then for $100 bucks I bought an additional 3 year in home zero deductible extended warranty from them. They also have a concierge service that offers free tech help. Beat that Best Buy and Sears.

I upgraded my membership to Executive which gives a two percent cash back return on all purchases. They just mailed me a $110 check that can be applied to my membership renewal. So now for the next year my membership is free and I'll continue to earn the two percent cash back. This is a sweet deal!!
Izzy on 07/24/2013:
Given the crappy quality of HP printers these days, Costco's "no questions asked" return policy is a huge win for consumer protection. The top document feeder of my HP 7525 printer broke shortly after purchase. The rest of the printer worked fine, so I just made do. Today (5 months after purchase) I needed that feeder, so I returned the printer and picked up an equivalent Canon Pixma MX922. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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Rude jack rabbits that worked
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Every time I go to a Costco, I never have any positive experience. I swear bad chi followed me around whenever I went to a Costco! My sister and I, went there for a simple purchase, 2 package of toilet paper, 1 watermelon, 1 package of canned chicken, and 1 box of beer and upon paying for the purchases, the cashier girl asked for my sister's id since she was paying. Once she saw that the name on the card was not my sister, she asked who was the card belong to, and we told her that it was our mother's. However at the time, our mother was not with us to make these purchases. Mine you, my sister and my mother looked alike, plus we have the same last name. So the cashier proceed to explain the Costco's policy to us, and basically told us that the only thing we could purchase, was the box of beer without the membership. Plus our mother's card would be confiscated, and that our mother would need to make a special trip out of her way to pick up her card. When asked why could we only get the alcohol, cause if anything, we careless about the liquor, the cashier told us that under the state law, they can't refused a sale of alcohol. That's bull, really we don't care about the box of beer!!! Then the cashier told my sister that the card was Costco property now. My sister refused to leave the card in Costco and requested to ask for a manager, so cashier called for one, and shortly a supervisor showed up. He proceed to explain the policy to us again, but at the moment, my sister was like I am not leaving here without my card. The card was in the cashier's hand, but my sister's quick hands snatched it away from the cashier. In fear, the cashier thought my sister was going to hit her, plus the supervisor as well. He told my sister to claim down, and that it's not way she should treat the Costco cashier that way. So at the moment, I got mad, and said well, that's no way of Costco treating us that way either. My sister and I were not criminals, who was the one paying for the bill? Who gives the right to Costco to take the card away because of its redicious policy? The membership policy should be re-establish and allow the offspring to use. We were the one having to pay for the dam membership and same billing address family member can't even use the card? Also at the exterence door, why do we have to show the membership card upon stepping foot into that property which people pay to get in?? We get it that only membership holders could get in, must we need to reach into our pockets/wallet/ purse to proof that? If the enterence door was only for incoming customers, then why do the workers took the Liberty to exit out of the incoming traffic of people trying to getting into Costco?? I once was yell at for using the enterence doors as exit when there was no one getting into Costco!

In another incident, on a rainy day before we step inside to another Costco, my sister slip an fell in front of the enterence, and the door greeter, do not even say anything or do anything. .At the time, I was mad because I felt like the least the door greeter could do, was to acknowledge that my sister was okay. The door greeter was looking right at us, and she was like I saw nothing. My mother and I complaint to the supervisor, at the time, took an incident report, but it was bull, Costco don't care about anything but themselves. The supervisor was like since my sister fell outside of Costco, it was not Costco property once its outside of the Costco prison doors. Are you kidding me? Not Costco property?!!? No one followed up anything and good thing my sister was not hurt otherwise I would sue Costco.

I have many more horrible stories from Costco, but too long to continue on. If it's up to my lonesome decision, I would careless for this communist faculty. To this day, I don't know why my mother would continue to put up these rude jack rabbits that work there.

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User Replies:
clutzycook on 06/28/2012:
If you all live in the same house, you should be able to get a card of your own. My husband and I pay one membership fee, but we each have our own cards.

As to your complaints about showing the card to get in, using which exit/entrance, and their insistence that the card matches the member; it's their club, therefore they make the rules.
GenuineNerd on 06/28/2012:
I don't belong to Costco, but I know that Sam's Club has similar policies, and I assume the same way with BJ's.
frak on 06/28/2012:
Costco's rules are Costco's rules. I personally am annoyed when they stop me to check my cart against my receipt as I am leaving, but that's the rule and I agreed to it when I signed up.

frak on 06/28/2012:
By the way, it would have been nice if the supervisor had explained the "Costco Household Card":

"A free Household Card is available to a primary or add-on cardholder’s spouse, domestic partner, or immediate family member over the age of 18 and living at the same address. Household Cardholders will be asked to present proof that they live at the same address as either the primary or add-on cardholder."
copper_works_ on 06/28/2012:
Also it might be Costco owns the card, just like credit card companies own their cards. An employee can take the company owned property back. I wouldn't be surprised if you mothers membership is cancelled over this.
Anonymous on 06/28/2012:
You don't even have to have a family membership to add an additional person to the account! My husband added me to his when we were dating, for no additional cost. As a long-time Costco member, I applaud Costco. No wrong doing on their part. Your mother is the member, not you. Not your sister. You are not entitled to the privileges of her membership unless your name is on the account too.
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This Company Is Ridiculous
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I had a problem with the hard drive on my laptop and called in. They made me dump the computer and reboot with the original programming provided by the laptop company. It still had the problem,so they took it in for repair. They decided it was the fan, replaced it and sent it back to me. The laptop still had the problem, so they made me dump the computer again. It still had the problem so they took it in again and still found nothing wrong and sent it back saying it was fine. Even though it was NEVER FIXED, they then told me I had to see if the problem still existed. DUHHHHHH, if you didn't fix it, why would it suddenly work??????????? I spoke with these people on the phone soooooo many times it was unbelievable and still don't have my laptop fixed. I'm sure when I run it this time and it still has the problem, I will, AGAIN, have to dump the programming and reboot, explain it once more, send it in again, and still not have it fixed. This company is a scam to keep from actually fixing problems. The goal is to wear you out. This is NOT a benefit when you buy from Costco, it is a huge hassle. I will now have to buy my own new hard drive for my paperweight of a laptop in order to make it useful again. Thanks for the hassle Costco!!!!!!!!! I won't buy another computer there.
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User Replies:
Tezrien on 12/28/2012:
So exactly what is wrong with the laptop ?
ok4now on 12/28/2012:
Costco has excellent customer service. Did you try speaking to a supervisor to remedy this problem?
At Your Service on 12/28/2012:
Replacement of a fan implies there is a problem with overheating. You haven't given any explicit details as to the problem, but I might suggest making sure to use the laptop in a way to keep it well vented. Some laptops get their cooling from underneath and if used on a soft surface, a bed for example, can run into a problem with getting adequate cooling.
madconsumer on 12/28/2012:
very helpful review, and voted as such!

thank you for taking the time to post your review here.
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Kirkland Car Battery, Great Price and Warranty
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
My five year rated car battery is approaching six years old. It has not failed but it's at the end of the life cycle. Not wanting to take a chance and be stranded I researched new batteries. Checked all the top brands, Interstate, Everlast, DieHard etc. They were all priced well over $100.00. Then they whack you with a $25.00 installation charge. What a rip.

Costco had exactly what I needed for $78.00 bucks. This is not some junk economy battery. Consumer Reports rated it a Best Buy. It comes with a 100 month warranty with a full replacement the first three years. The Cold Cranking Amp is a whopping 850 compared to the 500 Amp of my current battery. When you return your old battery to them you get $9.00 bucks back for the core lowering the price. The savings for this one purchase easily paid for my yearly membership. I have their Executive Card which gives me additional cash back. This is a sweet deal, check it out.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 11/30/2012:
Very informative review. The area in which I live, unfortunately, does not have a Costco. I had battery problems about a year ago and purchased a new battery at Advance Auto. I was pleased that they also did the installation for free.
MRM on 11/30/2012:
Ok4Now! Long time, no see!

Hoorah to Costco for providing you with great service!
Old Timer on 11/30/2012:
I have used their batteries before, they are good and last. I checked them out, Johnson Controls is one of the suppliers for the Kirkland brand car batteries. Same outfit that makes the Die Hard for Sears etc.

Love Costco, all savvy consumers should join Costco!
trmn8r on 11/30/2012:
Old Timer - unfortunately, the "Johnson Controls" name isn't the be all, end all. I had two bad batteries, out of two, from Wallsmart.

It is a great company, but appears to also make low-end stuff for low-end retailers.
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Did You Know This?
Posted by on
Hubby and I have been Costco Members since 2005. Typically we only buy gas there since it can be up to 10 cents cheaper than anywhere else in the immediate area.

About 5 years ago, we decided to try the Executive Member program. For an extra $50 a year, you will receive 3% back on your Costco purchases. Thinking we'd at least get a return on our investment, we signed up. At the end of the year, we got our check--well, it was actually a voucher that could only be used at Costco, and it was only for $3! What we failed to read in the fine print was that gas doesn't count. So, we went back to the regular membership around the time Baby Clutzy was born because even though we were spending about $120/mo in formula, that was pretty much all we were buying there, and a year's worth of formula purchases still wouldn't even allow us to break even. I was asked once or twice that year if I was interested in the Exec program again, but I always turned it down.

Fast forward to 2012. I am once again buying formula, this time for Baby Clutzy Deux. I usually have to go twice a month, and up paying about $40 a box for it. Every single time I go, however, they're asking me about joining the exec membership. I always decline and explain that the formula purchases won't even get us close to our $50 back. They try to argue back that if I'm here, I might pick up other stuff that might bring the total closer to the break even point. I counter back that because the formula is a straight shot from the entrance, and right next to the cash register, I am a virtual ping pong ball going directly to the formula and then straight to the checkout. I don't pass go, I don't collect $200.

Tonight, I needed to make another formula run. And yet again I'm asked about exec membership. I once again explain my position. I must have looked extremely cheezed because he guy offered to put a notification on my card so I'm not asked again. Seriously? They can do that? I acquiesced immediately and the guy stepped away with my card. He returned a minute later and handed me my card saying I was all set. On the back of my card was a big, underlined NO written in black marker. Are you serious? That's all it takes? Heck, if I had known that, I would have written that on my card myself years ago!

With one of the 500 Sharpies I bought there. :)
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 07/17/2012:
Instead of signing my credit card, I wrote on the signature line, 'See ID'...You'd be surprised how many cashiers turn the card over, then just hands it back to me...obviously they just turn them over out of habit and never even looks at the signature...
ok4now on 07/17/2012:
You accurately explained that your purchases at Costco mostly consist of formula for baby Clutzy and gasoline. Buying an executive membership with a 2% reward for an extra $50.00 a year would be a waste of money for you. I agree. Have you shopped in the store and looked at the tremendous values they offer? They have fabulous organic meats, poultry, seafood and those huge roaster chickens for $5 bucks. Their frozen food section offers a wide variety of delicious entrees at wholesale prices. I always stock up for a quick easy dinner. Have you checked the pharmacy prices? Forget Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreen etc. Costco has them beat. Sounds like you are not taking full advantage of your membership.

My situation is different. I have an Executive Membership and it was well worth the money. Presently I have spent over $8000 in this store. This includes a 55 inch HD TV, electronics, jewelry for my wife, big food orders etc. Already I have qualified for a $160 Reward and I have four months to go before the renewal.

FYI: The Executive membership is a lot more than 2% back. You get additional savings & benefits that really add up. Here's a few.

1) Auto & Home insurance
2) Costco Auto program
3) High Yield Savings Accounts & CD's
4) Identity Protection
5) Personal Health Insurance
6) Online Investing
7) Business & Personal Checks
8) Electronic Health Records

I find the additional $50 well worth it for the Executive Membership. Check it out.
Alain on 07/17/2012:
Good information, Clutzy! With any retailer, I'm always looking for the 'opt out' clause. For the ones that insist on an email address, they get my special one (I refer to it as the trash can) that is dumped on a regular basis.
clutzycook on 07/17/2012:
OK4, I have ventured into the netherreaches of my local costco. I typically buy AA batteries (we go through a lot with 2 kids) and occasionally I'll buy milk there if that's the only other thing on my list. Even with all that, it still wouldn't add up to the nearly 1700 dollars it would take to turn a profit on the exec membership. The problem is that most of the sizes are just plain too big for my family. I once bought a bag of baby spinach there and even eating a giant spinach salad every night of the week, I still had a ton go bad.
MRM on 07/17/2012:
Speaking of Costco, there was a documentary on Costco last night on CNBC. Very fascinating documentary. An interesting point is that they don't put signs of where things are so that you'll wander all over the store.
MRM on 07/17/2012:
Clutzy, that was one of the complaints is that some things are too bulky and the other complaint are the long lines.
jktshff1 on 07/17/2012:
Costco will get none of my business. Private club and totally within their rights, but won't get my $$$.

"Costco does not believe that it is necessary for firearms to be brought into its warehouse stores, except in the case of authorized law enforcement officers. For the protection of all our members and employees, we feel this is a reasonable and prudent precaution to ensure a pleasant shopping experience and safe workplace. Our policy is meant to protect our members and employees in all warehouses around the world. This is not a new policy and we do not customize the policy for each individual city/county/state/country where we do business.The shopping experience is not enhanced by bringing a firearm into our warehouse."


Stephanie Bradley
Executive Assistant to:
. . Joel Benoliel - SVP-Legal & Administration
. . Paul Latham - VP-Membership, Marketing & Services

onlooker on 07/17/2012:
Another good reason to renew my membership
KevinTX on 07/17/2012:
We bought forumla gift certs off of EBAY and saved us TONS of money.... they are good at all stores that carry the brand.. NOT just COSTCO!
CowboyFan on 07/17/2012:
The problem is explaining the answer. The easiest answer is just say "no." Don't explain, say it firmly, and when I have done so, I have never had any discussion about it. I realize it is part of the clerk's job, and it is no big deal.
clutzycook on 07/17/2012:
OK4Now, I wanted to comment further on your post now that I'm at a "real" computer and I'm not trying to beat the clock and get out the door for work :).

1: We already have good auto and home insurance of our own. Besides, I've seen some complaints here about the companies that Costco uses and I'd just as soon pass.
2: Cars are paid off and we don't plan on buying new ones until we absolutely have to.
3: That's why we have banks/credit unions.
4: You got me there, this wouldn't be bad-unless they're as bad as Lifelock.
5: Hubby and I both have health insurance through our jobs.
6: Don't do this now, so I doubt ponying up an extra $50/yr will motivate me further. In fact, it might motivate me less because now I'm $50 poorer, LOL.
7: People still write checks? I'm still on the original two boxes my bank gave me for free when Hubby and I got married in 2006, LOL. 8: I'm not exactly sure how this works unless it's a one stop shop for all of your medical records from all your providers. Since Hubby and I and the girls are all reasonably healthy, this would be a waste because our med records are all with our respective primary care physicians (the girls' pediatrician isn't even electronic right now).

Frozen entrees: I have a picky hubby and a picky 3 year old. Those huge portions would be wasted on us. Besides, I'm on WW and most of that stuff would blow my diet (excuse me, lifestyle change) all to pieces.

Meat: Hubby only eats chicken and beef. We get beef from my dad and the price per pound for frozen chicken breasts is almost equivalent (sp?) at Aldi.

Pharmacy: None of us is on prescription meds aside from my "pills." We have prescription coverage with our health insurance, which is generally only a $15 copay. I doubt Costco would beat that often enough to justify going out of my way and having to get out of the car and walk into the store to get a script when I can pull up to the drive through at Walgreens.

CowboyFan, I'm in healthcare, so it seems to be in my nature to explain my rationale. :) In the beginning, I used to just say no, but they kept pushing, so I decided to try to push back.

Kevin, I love the coupons I get from Enfamil. Formula is expensive no where you buy it,but it's on of those things you got to have if you're not breastfeeding, so I try to maximize my savings, which means getting my formula at Costco. Without the coupon, A box of Enfamil at Walmart, which contains two pouches, is approximately $38, which works out to be 99 cents/oz before tax. At costco, I get 3 pouches for a little more than $42, or 81 cents/oz. With the coupons, it's even cheaper. Plus, with the formula from Costco I usually get an extra week between purchases, which saves me time and aggravation.

Jktshff, I don't have to worry about carrying or not carrying my gun into Costco. For one, I don't have one :). Second, Illinois is the only state in the Union where you can't have a concealed weapon anyway.

MRM, on weekends those lines are NUTS! At 8:00pm on a Monday night, not so bad :)
trmn8r on 07/17/2012:
An employee at my local Sears hardware has been soliciting my for a Sears credit card for 6 years now. When I complained, he said he was told to by management. When I complained to managemement, it changed for a short time. Now we are back to him asking me.

Sadly, printing NO on the back of my Visa won't prevent him from asking...

I ALWAYS read the fine print. Always. They make it small and hard to find for a reason.
clutzycook on 07/17/2012:
Yeah, I was young and idealistic back then :)
DebtorBasher on 07/17/2012:
I remember when I actually WANTED a Sears credit card (to establish a credit history)...they kept turning me down because I didn't have enough credit history. THEN, I got a job at Sears Credit and they automatically 'approved' a credit card just because I worked credit history lacked, but I guess that suddenly wasn't important. Man-O-Man at 21.99%, I dropped them like a hot potato! I was paying more than the min. payment, yet my balance kept going up every month without any new purchases...I transferred the balance to a lower rated card and closed the Sears' card.
madconsumer on 07/17/2012:
very helpful review and voted as such!!
jktshff1 on 07/17/2012:
Great response clutzy. I guess that's why there are never any shootings in Chicago.
clutzycook on 07/17/2012:
Lol. Never said that everyone obeyed the law. Personally, I avoid Chicago whenever possible. I stay West of the tri-state if I can help it.:)
jktshff1 on 07/17/2012:
I paid off my Sears card in 1974, and cancelled it. Never regretted it.
DebtorBasher on 07/17/2012:
Paid it off in 1974? must be 120 years old!!! *Hiding behind Clutzy's Apron*
jktshff1 on 07/17/2012:
I know I'm old. At that time my housenote was $119.00/month
DebtorBasher on 07/17/2012:
That's OK, JKT...I still love ya!!!
ok4now on 07/18/2012:
clutzycook: Your most excellent detailed response was highly appreciated. Not many people would take the time to respond with such specificity. You answered each point with an accurate honest answer.

Costco is a wholesaler with a niche market base. What works for me may not work for you, that's okay. I spend a lot of money in this store because it saves me money. As I previously said the Executive membership with the 2% cash back and added benefits is not for everybody. My post was to make people aware of the benefits and they can decide if it's worth it to them.

What is important to you is baby clutzy and getting the formula at a discount price. This alone is worth the $50 membership fee and the other savings Costco provides.
clutzycook on 07/18/2012:
You absolutely right, OK. We each use our memberships how we need to use them :).
Nohandle on 07/18/2012:
There is not a Costco in my area and I've never set foot in one elsewhere. That having been said, do have a Sam's business membership which obviously is obtained through my place of business. I think the membership fees might be about the same as a regular but I can go in before regular shopping hours which is nice on occasion.

I probably don't get my money's worth either because I don't shop there often but they do carry a few products I enjoy. Do not equate Sam's with Walmart's. I know, same ownership but the fresh foods at Sam's are far superior.

Nice review Clutzy.
Starlord on 07/18/2012:
Sorry, Clutzy, but the membership in Costco is not designed to make a profit. The idea is not to break even or make a profit, it is to swave on the stiff you buy, the returns are a gift, and not meant tro enrich you. We got our Vizio TV at Costco, and were well pleased with it, and the amount we got back on it was a give me, not an investment.
ok4now on 07/18/2012:
Starlord, I disagree. If you watched the special about Costco on MS-NBC recently they stated that most of their profit comes from membership sales. Their profit margin is a low 14% on sales which is why they depend on the membership fee.
Costco Employee on 12/17/2012:
I've worked at Costco for almost 15 years and I hate the way we push the executive membership. All you have to do is stop at the membership counter and tell them you want to opt out of the executive block they put on your account. Then write in permanent marker "NO EXEC" on your card. Be firm and tell the "executive floater" to back off! Good luck to you all!
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Guess I won't see these guys at Indy anytime soon...
Posted by on
LAKE IN THE HILLS, ILLINOIS -- Last fall, I bought new tires for my car at Costco. Of course, I had to pay an additional $60 for the installation package which included free tire rotation for the life of the tires. After 5000 miles elapsed, I went in and tried to have them rotate my tires. They quoted me a two hour wait. Since I wasn't able to wait that long, I declined and left. By the time I went back, another 5000 miles had elapsed. This time, they told me they couldn't do it because they were an hour away from closing. I asked to see the manager and I threw a small fit (not that I'm proud of it) and they had my tires rotated in less than 30 minutes.

Which brings me to this weekend. It was time for yet another rotation so I headed for Costco on Saturday only to be told that there were already nine cars in line and they couldn't even give me a time estimate. I said I would come back in the morning. Since the store opened at 10, Baby Clutzy and I were at the store 20 minutes early, at the door 10 minutes early, only to be practically mowed down by 4 other shoppers heading for the tire center when the doors opened ( I was carrying Baby C and wearing high heels so I couldn't run terribly fast). By the time I got to the front of the counter (20 minutes later), they told me that because 4 other people were in line first, it would be a 2 hour wait! The combination of my aching feet, the overly long wait, and the fussy and wiggly toddler I held forced me to the brink. I asked why they couldn't get 4 cars serviced in less time than that and their response was that it was the first day of their sale and they only had two people working. I know it wasn't the person at the register's fault, but why didn't they think to have an extra person or two on hand to handle the obvious influx of customers a tire sale is going to bring in and they had no one who could do a simple tire rotation. The guy just said "sorry." I stormed out and left. I called the store manager and read him the riot act and told him that I have gotten faster service at Walmart and they're slow enough as it is. The manager just kept saying "sorry I can't help you." Finally I just hung up because driving angry is never a good thing. I went home and wrote a complaint on their website. I'm sure I'll never hear a thing from them, but it felt good to vent. After I did that I called up the local CarX and they were able to get me in right away. Ten minutes and $10 later, my tires were rotated and I was on my way home again. I still have to go to Costco and get them inflated with nitrogen, but hopefully they have someone who can do that relatively quick.

Bottom line is that from here on out, I would rather pay to have my tires rotated by friendly staff than get the blank stares and insincere apologies that I have constantly gotten from Costco tire center.
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User Replies:
raven2010 on 09/19/2010:
Skye on 09/19/2010:
Ya know CC, I would avoid these types of places for any type of vehicle maintenance. Ask around, friends, neighbors, co-workers to recommend a local mom and pop mechanic shop for you. Word of mouth I always found works the best.

Thanks for warning others!
Anonymous on 09/19/2010:
I can't believe that the other customers would practically run over a woman with a child.
rockfishing on 09/19/2010:
This is what happens when you want to save a few pennies at these giant superstores. You get the service you pay for.
clutzycook on 09/19/2010:
Unfortunately when I needed new tires last year, we were in a bit of a financial crunch so we had to go where we could get the best deal on tires. Believe it or not, it was my first experience buying new tires, so I didn't know for sure. And Skye, I have neither friends nor family up here so I'm kind of SOL.

Yaya, you should have seen it. It was like a scene out of "Jingle all the Way." People were literally running to the tire center!
Anonymous on 09/19/2010:
clutzy, I find that Saturdays are the absolutely worst time to get anything done. I have also had to wait at my favorite tire place (Les Schwab) for rotating, etc on the weekends. Now, when I have to take my car in, I ask someone to go with me in their car and I drop my car off. Then I come back at my convenience. I hate waiting for anything to do with my car, especially when I have other things that I can be doing.

I think that some Costco tire centers are better than others, but I know the wait is long at ours too on the weekend. If I can go during the week, it's quite a bit faster. By the time I'm done with my shopping, they'e been done.

Anyway, glad you were able to find a place to get it done quicker. Thanks for the post.
Starlord on 09/19/2010:
Clutzy, my dear. Just a tip to pass on to you in regards nitrogen. you didn't say how much they charged you to inflate your tires with nitrogen, but as a former tire man, I do not consider it worth it. Think about it, nitrogen makes up about 72% of our atmosphere to begin with. Since your tires are not vacuum-pumped down, like they do with A/C systems, there is some residual air in your tire before they hit it with the nitrogen, so you do not have 100% nitrogen in your tires. Most places charge from $5 up to inflate each tire with nitrogen, you are paying to end up with almost the same amount of nitrogen in your tires as is there without their expensive machine, which is why they have to charge so much. If they ever get to the point where they will inflate your tires with nitrogen for free, go for it. Until then, I consider it a waste of time and money.
Alain on 09/20/2010:
2nd on the GRRRRR!
Anonymous on 09/20/2010:
Starlord, the tires you buy at Costco are inflated for free with Nitrogen. Then, anytime you are there (at least where I live in WA), you can drive up, they will check them and add more if necessary.

I bought tires at Costco because after shopping around, they were the best quality for my money (at the time).
Venice09 on 09/20/2010:
Jingle All the Way.. haha

Some people are just uncouth.

Good review.
clutzycook on 09/20/2010:
Thank you singsing. I had no choice with the nitrogen. Believe me, if I could have, I would have just requested that they just fill them up with plain air. There are very few shops that do nitrogen, so I'm kind of stuck with Costco. I'll probably head over their next week sometime and ask them to fill them up. Hopefully that concept won't be too over their heads
Anonymous on 09/20/2010:
clutzy, the air should be quick--at least it has been for me. But, if you're in a hurry or have low pressure in your tire(s) at some point, you can also just use regular air.
clutzycook on 09/20/2010:
The guy at CarX said that my tires could use a fill-up but there weren't dangerously low. Yes it should be quick, but after my experience at Costco, I'm preparing to have to speak slowly and use small syllables to these guys. Sure wish there was another Costco nearby...
Starlord on 09/20/2010:
Thanks for the info, sing. They pay about $11,000 for that nitrogen gear, and most places charge from $5 to $40 per tire to give you not much more nitrogen than already exists in air.
clutzycook on 09/21/2010:
Kind of a rip-off, huh?
clutzycook on 09/22/2010:
I got a canned reply from Costco yesterday afternoon that said that they would forward my message to the correct department at the store. I'll be sure to hold my breath waiting for a reply...
Anonymous on 09/22/2010:
Well, clutzy, that's a start. Maybe someone will do something so the wait isn't so long--like hire more people. Costco usually has pretty good customer service, so I'm rooting for you!
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Costco Tire Center Reviews Clackamas Oregon 97015
Posted by on
CLACKAMAS, OREGON -- Recently when I was considering the purchase of a new set of Michelin Tires I had to evaluate my relationship and experiences with two different Costco stores. I feel that I am a loyal Costco customer shopping at Costco a couple of times a month.

Living in Portland Oregon there are several Costco stores to choose from.

The first store is the Costco Airport Store located at 4849 NE 138th Ave Portland Oregon 97230 (503) 258-3700. The telephone number for the Costco Airport Tire Center is (503) 258-3708.

My experiences with the Costco airport tire center have always been amiable; the staff managed by Tire Center manager Tom knows how to sell. His product knowledge is the best I have experienced in the Portland Oregon metropolitan area and the Costco Airport Tire Center staff is always eager to please.

The Costco Tire Center staff located at 4849 NE 138th Ave Portland Oregon 97230 seems genuinely interested in making you happy and does not have any problem making small comfort settings in the nitrogen pressure. Nothing that will cause serious safety or reliability issues and that demonstrates they want their customers to be happy.

Next is the Costco Store located at 13130 SE 84th Avenue Clackamas Oregon 97015
(503) 794-5500. The telephone number for the Clackamas Oregon Costco Tire Center is (503) 794-5513.

On one balance and rotation job the Clackamas Tire center returned my car with a variance of four to five pounds per tire. This is a dangerous driving condition and is strongly advised against by the Michelin man. I used a side reading high quality American made tire gauge to check my nitrogen pressure. I always double check the air pressure myself to verify Costco’s work quality.

On another balance and rotation job the Clackamas Oregon Tire center returned my car with cracked green tire valve caps. Costco admitted there was a known issue with the green tire valve caps cracking. The Clackamas store had an ample supply of new replacement green tire valve caps yet inexplicably elected not to replace them.

Cracked or broken tire valve caps will allow dirt and debris to get into the tire valves potentially causing a slow nitrogen leak which could result in a low pressure thread separation scenario reminiscent of the massive tire failures that plagued Firestone tires on Ford vehicles.

On a routine nitrogen refill at the Clackamas Oregon Tire center I asked for a one pound accommodation in my nitrogen pressure for comfort. The employee ignored my request and set the nitrogen inflation pump to the pressure that he thought was best.

It’s my back in that driver’s seat not his. When I pointed this out he became disingenuous and tried to further deceive me.

Being overbearing and inflexible is not the best approach if you want to sell product and build customer loyalty.

If the Costco executives located at 999 Lake Drive Issaquah, Washington 98027 want to know why the Clackamas Tire Center is underperforming in their monthly tire sales you need look no further then their point of view.

In baseball you get three strikes and you are out. The Clackamas Tire Center employees appear to be following the store management’s strict instructions and appear fearful of contradicting the administrative manager.

The administrative manager at the Clackamas Store appears to be the source of the antagonistic behavior. Fast Eddy as he is known does appear a little too tightly wrapped and in the past has demonstrated obvious contempt and disrespect for his customers.

These are not good management traits if you are trying to motivate the staff and build customer loyalty.

Personalities are very important as it’s much easier to do business with a store when their management and employees are pleasant and respect you.
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dan gordon on 02/16/2010:
you must be the engineer type eh? Since when is car tires filled with Nitrogen? A cracked valve cover cap can cause a fatal crash? I think your being a little dramatic.
Starlord on 02/16/2010:
At least Dan knows what to call the caps. One's complaints aren't taken too seriously if you call valve caps value caps. Dan, there has been a move recently to fill tires with nitrogen, to cut down coddosion of tires and wheels, and to hold pressure longer. Since nitrogen composes 78% of regular air anyway, and the highest concentration that the machines at dealers can achieve is 85%, one must wonder if the practicew is all that effective. It just doesn't seem to me that 7% is going to make that much of a difference. When you factor in that the machine for filling the tires costs up to $10,000, as I have seen given in other locations, it is easy to understand up to $40 per tire to use nitrogen. The businesses who purchase those machines are getting scammed and passing it through to customers. I worked in tire shops, and even went to Montgomery Ward's school for tire installation and maintenance. I for one follow the recommended pressure in tires, and will adjust that for the customer's comfort, after warning them that fuel consumption may be affected. Let the customer make an informed decision.
tom c on 06/22/2010:
Upset about a 1 pound difference, sounds like maybe he's not the inflexible one there buddy. I''m always happy at costco
SAM391188 on 07/27/2010:
One time while I was answering the Phone at Costco (the only employee who would) the first time someone on the other line asked for the Tire Department I thought they said FIRE Department and I told them I thought they had the wrong number. Luckily they said - isn't this Costco? And then we cleared up the mix up.
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