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Kirkland Men's Jeans Offer A Great Value
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
I am pretty fussy about the jeans that I wear. They have to be comfortable, wear well and withstand repeated washing. Until now my favorite has been Levi's 550 relaxed fit retailing for $58.00. I can usually find them on sale in the forty dollar range. Recently while shopping at Costco I spotted a pair of Kirkland jeans for $13.95. My first thought was they have to junk for that price. Upon closer inspection they were made of heavy denim, seemed well made and had a relaxed fit. Costco has an easy return policy if I'm dissatisfied.

After washing them there was very little shrinkage and they fit perfectly. Repeated wear and washings have had little effect. The quality is as good as the higher priced name brand jeans. These are not designer jeans, the "Kirkland" label is on the back pocket advertising that you didn't over pay. So what, you got a great value. My wife has found that the women's clothing offers an equal value. Check it out.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 02/17/2013:
I've bought jeans there before for my husband. They're pretty good!
JAKFK on 02/18/2013:
I wish they had a Costco in my area:(
MGB on 07/24/2013:
They are "new" in Rochester MN. I joined 3 weeks ago. Been there twice. I am a committed shopper. GOOD MEAT!

My boss was in town today, he's from Callifornia. He makes serious $ and I noticed he had Kirkland blue jeans on.
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Costco Concierge Services Couldn't Even Read the Manual Correctly
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I bought a TV from Costco, even though it was available for less elsewhere, because of Costco’s "added value"—additional warranty and “Concierge” technical support. Then I had a dreadful experience with Costco Concierge Service.

Having discovered that the TV did not have built-in WiFi, I called Concierge Services to ask if I could access the WiFi features by connecting my computer, which has WiFi. The representative immediately told me that the TV--a Panasonic TC-P55UT50-- DID have WiFi built in. When I said it did not, she argued with me. I repeated my question, trying to get the information I needed without an argument. She said, "Let me look at the manual," and insisted again that the TV had the feature and all I had to do was select it. Please understand that the TV does NOT have the feature; an optional WiFi adapter is required, as I explained to the "concierge." That fact is clearly stated in the manual—the very one the technician had to read to provide technical support!

This incident makes me doubt the veracity of the claims made about the service. The agent was most definitely NOT an "expert-level technician!" She could not even read the manual correctly, much less treat me with respect!

Frankly, I think Costco should do something either about the qualifications of its employees or about its false claims of "expertise."
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 02/04/2013:
I had the same thing happen to me with a Sony Blue-Ray player I bought a couple years ago. It was wi-fi READY, not wi-fi Equipped (needed an adapter too). Two different things and that's something the concierge person should have realized.
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Go Elsewhere For Your Glasses
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
ORLAND PARK, ILLINOIS -- Based on a Consumer Reports 'Best Buy' rating we purchased frames and lens. The frame hinge one one side only tore apart making it impossible to connect ear piece to lens portion. We were told there was NO GUARANTEE connected with the purchase of either the frame or the lens.

We could not believe it. Costco has an absolutely outstanding customer care policy - we know that over our years of being members. Even the bargin eye glass stores have some measure of protection on the frame and lens. Costco has none on either part!

We still can not believe what we were told. Buyer beware!
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User Replies:
ok4now on 01/08/2013:
This is highly unusual for Costco to not warranty a product they sell. Did you try to speak with a manager? My experience has been they will bend over backwards to please a customer.
At Your Service on 01/10/2013:
How long had you owned said glasses before the issue came up?
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False Advertise
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TIGARD, OREGON -- Two years in a row, Costco advertised Black Friday sale for artificial X-mas tree which they are under stock or don't even exist. Last year I went online a little late, in the middle day of Black Friday. I consider it was late but actually it was a 3 day sale. This year I am more prepared because I promised my children I will get it this year for sure, so I didn't go out for Black Friday. I just stayed home, jumped online when the time just exactly 4:59 AM to be sure I'm the 1st one. It turned out they don't even have any in stock. I called customer service and patiently waited for 1 hour to be able to talked to a representative. All she can say was, "It sold out, product discontinued".

I went to Tigard Store, the manager told me the same thing, he added " you & your children may not have this X-mas tree this year maybe wait until next year then" I feel so lost, my Holiday spirit is over, I'm so disappointed, their business just like Best Buy and Fry's Electronic. They all try to advertise to get customers attention for which they just have a few or none, we are a victimize. Like me I really wanted that X-mas tree so I don't even sleep on that night so I don't missed it. Oh well, I guess nowadays, that's how stores does business.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 11/25/2012:
"I just stayed home, jumped online when the time just exactly 4:59 AM to be sure I'm the 1st one. "

Chances are you weren't even close to being the first one. This is doubly true if their website is pulling from the same inventory of that of the physical product in the store. If that's the case, then you would've had to have been in line sometime Thursday morning in order to get a tree.
Tezrien on 11/26/2012:
You would be better off buying a tree at a local store or even getting a live one (If you can have one where you live) from a local tree farm. I'm getting our first real tree in years from a local farm this year and it's only going to cost $30. And with LED lights, which don't get hot, it's just as safe as an artificial.
At Your Service on 11/26/2012:
I have to Echo FoDaddy's comments. Thinking you can jump on-line a minute before, is nearly the same thing as thinking you would be the first one in line at a store because you showed up a minute early.

My concern is placing some magical spirit around materialist merchandise. There are a lot of places which sell both real and artificial trees. Just because one merchant runs out of a particular stock doesn't mean you can't get a different one or one somewhere else.
clutzycook on 11/27/2012:
Christmas shouldn't be ruined because of a particular tree. I still use the pre-lit hinged 6 footer I paid $20 for at Walmart 3 years ago (I even wrote a review about it here). But it's never been about the decorations, it's about being around family and/or friends and enjoying their company. I bet your kids will be just as happy with any tree you can find. Try not to let this ruin your holiday spirit.
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AMEX C. C. Cash Back Deal Offered To Costco Members
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
Since buying a Costco membership one year ago I couldn't be more pleased. As a former BJ's and Sam's Club member Costco has them beat. The in store and online product selection is far superior. They offer great pricing, excellent customer service and 90 day returns.

There are two memberships available. The standard cost $55.00 which is well worth the money. With the huge savings you will recoup this quickly.

Then they have an Executive Membership for $110.00. This is where you get the perks. You get 2% cash-back on all of your purchases. This adds up fast. It also makes available to you the full buying power of Costco. Auto & Home Insurance, Auto Program, ID Protection, Mortgage & Refinancing, Online Investing...the list goes on & on.

Here's the AMEX deal only available to Costco members. Zero percent interest for the first 6 months. Earn a $55 statement credit after your first purchase. No annual fee. Cash Back for the following. 3% for gasoline, 2% for restaurants, 2% for travel and 1% for everything else. Plus you still get the 2% Executive Reward.

If you only spend a few hundred dollars total this will be meaningless to you. However if you combine all of your purchases using this card and take advantage of the cash back the savings are significant. Something to consider if you want to save some money.
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Excellent Pricing / Warranty on HD Televisions
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
I currently have a four year old Samsung 46 inch LCD HDTV that has been completely trouble free. Recently while shopping at Costco I was quite impressed with their wide selection of HD TV's, Blue Ray disc players and Wall Mounts. On display was the new Samsung LED 55 inch Smart TV. OMG the picture quality was jaw dropping. Built-in Wi-Fi, Skype, Apps and able to display full 3D movies, glasses included. It's only 1.2 inches thick with a frame-less boarder. Regular wholesale price was $2700, on sale that week for $2000. I checked Amazon pricing and they had the older model which did not include the 3D glasses for $1850. It was close.

Here's where Costco has them beat. When you buy any TV from Costco they automatically give you a second year warranty for free. Then you can purchase an in home zero deductible three year extended warranty for $100 bucks. I'm not done. Also included is their free tech service. They give you an 800 number to call that will assist you with any problem. This is service and treating the customer right. Are you listening Sears and BestBuy? The yearly membership cost is only $50 bucks, I definitely got my moneys worth.
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User Replies:
Churro on 03/08/2012:
Oh man I want a Costco in my area.

Good review!
jktshff1 on 03/08/2012:
Aside from being anti 2A and a "members only" joint, they seem to be OK.
Anonymous on 03/08/2012:
pphhsstt, jk.
Old Timer on 03/08/2012:
We have a Black Membership -via- our company. Between the yearly rebate and low gasoline prices we are ahead before we buy anything in the store. Love Costco!

Great review!!
Venice09 on 03/08/2012:
I guess I'll just have to move where there's a Costco.

You are a savvy consumer, ok4now!
onlooker on 03/08/2012:
Costco has always done right by me, and my friends. We returned a 3 year old lamp - the plastic on off switch was disintegrating, wires were starting to show. No push back, no nothing - just a smile and cash.
Problems with other stores seem to come from suppliers and mfgs that do not respond.
So how is the TV?
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Good News
Posted by on
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I know how easy it is for people to complain about every little thing but I just want to take a minute to say that I've been a customer with Costco Pharmacy for over 4 years now and, besides the length of wait, have nothing but accolades for these folks.

First, the attitude of all employees is very positive and friendly. Cost-saving information is offered without request, suggestions regarding medication which may cause a minor side effect are addressed and calling your physician if your refill has expired or is non-existent is looked at as part of their job.

There are no fewer than six people working at any given time but the sheer volume of patients enjoying the cost-savings always exceeds the limitations. Call-ahead refills is an easy way to eliminate any wait for your prescriptions but original Rx's or controlled medications will always take longer due to state and federal regulations.

People have questions and when they do they're lead to a private area and another employee will take over processing customers. They're not 24/7 like the "other guys" but that attributes to the low cost. They also have a mail order division, which I've tried once and could not have been more dissatisfied (just horrible). So make a trip to the store and follow my suggestions and I suspect the dreaded inconvenience of handling your prescriptions will be much easier.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 06/15/2011:
With all the complaints about pharmacies, It's so nice to see something positive. We've been using Stop & Shop (formerly Grand Union) for around ten years and have been 99.9% satisfied. It's a small operation, but the personalized customer service and accuracy are both excellent. I'm glad you found a pharmacy that meets your needs and expectations. It helps ease a lot of the stress that comes with medical issues.
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Tire Fiasco
Posted by on
I couldn't decide if this should be a complaint or compliment because it is actually both; I erred on the side caution and went with a compliment because of the way it was ultimately handled.

I had four tires put on my car at COSTCO, they cross threaded one of my lug nuts and destroyed a second one (both on the same wheel); the bad part is they let me drive off without telling me. I was not happy when I saw the missing lug nut.

I called the Tire Center and got little satisfaction, so I went back and spoke to a manager. He was apologetic and offered to pay for the repairs plus a $50 gift card. The repair was $131; I took my receipt back yesterday and got fully reimbursed and got a $50 gift card with no hassle.

COSTCO is still one of my favorite stores, they hire great managers, but I don't think I'll let them touch my tires again.
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User Replies:
Churro on 06/07/2011:
I agree what happened was inexcusable but I must say I'm knocked out by Costco's customer service. You did the right thing labeling this a compliment because quite frankly this write-up makes me want to be a Costco customer.

Good review!
Starlord on 06/07/2011:
I applaud Costco for the handling of the incident, and also shiver when I read the part about cross-threading the lugnut. It is best to follow a standard procedure every time when doing mechanical work. In this case, it means turning the nut on by hand sufficiently to know that it is turning before hitting it with the impact wrench. If the lugnut tries to cross-thread, it is easy to feel that there is something not quite right. While it irue that sometimes, lugnuts are hard to turn, the shop I worked at would run a thread chaser on the lug to be sure it was clean, rather than just putting the impact wrench on it. Another reason that I prefer, when I am able, to do my own work, or have my son do it. That way, I know it is done right.
jktshff1 on 06/07/2011:
Good review,
Alain on 06/07/2011:
Good review, MDS. Very fair and objective. I agree with you, the manager did the right thing, but I don't think I'd be taking my car back there.
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Giving Me The Run Around!
Posted by on
CHICAGO -- I recently was thinking of renewing my membership at your Lincoln Park location on Clyborn in Chicago, IL. However, my thoughts were instantly changed by the Customer Service, or should I say lack thereof.

I had heard that CostCo offered great pricing on Birthday cakes, so I decided to call and place an order. After calling and trying to explain what I needed to the only CostCo representative who answered, I was quickly cut off before finishing my wants and needs to your representative saying " I don't handle this, let me transfer you." I felt completely un acknowledged. Then, after being instantly transferred, all I got was ring tone after ring tone. Imagine my frustration.

I then phoned back and explained to the young lady on the line in the Food Court that I needed assistance and that the extension she transferred me had no employees on the other end. She then transferred me to the photo department who then said they could not help me. By this time I was so appalled by your Customer Service, that I knew I would not renew my membership through Cost Co.

Trying to keep my word to a friend to help order her a cake, I then phoned one more time to your Administration who seemed to be of cooperation. The woman kindly took my order and said that she would put it in through bakery. To be assured that my cake order would be ready, I phoned back today, 02/19/2009 and phoned Administration, knowing I would get an actual representative and not ring tone after ring tone, and the woman who answered was so extremely rude right away. From the way she answered her phone representing CostCo, to her loud sigh when I asked her to help me, to her slamming the phone and putting me on instant hold when I asked her to reach a bakery attendant for me.

I am completely unsatisfied with CostCo Lincoln Park Customer Service. I feel as though CostCo could hire more adequate employees willing to offer their customer service skills.

Very Unsatisfied Customer!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/19/2009:
I understand your frustration. But, the person answering the phone tried to get you to the right place. I hate going through my entire call for 10 minutes and then the person says, "Oh, I don't have anything to do with that, let me connect you to...". Costco should have taken steps to ensure that all of their extensions are answered within a ring or two.
emworld on 06/23/2009:
Easiest way to order a or in the store.
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Negligent, Untrained Employees
Posted by on
BELTSVILLE, MARYLAND -- This afternoon my wife and I were at the Costco warehouse in Beltsville, Maryland
There was a young girl about 4 feet tall with shoes on that have the rollers in them.

Twice she bumped into my wife who was pushing our cart.
My wife has degenerative arthritis in her knees.
My wife is 63. When we got through the checkout line we got a couple of hotdog's and sat down.

The other family also got something to eat and the child was still wheeling around on the shoes.

I went to one store employee and told him what had happened and he said he would get someone to talk to them. He did nothing. I then went to another Hispanic female employee and told her of the problem, she had me talk to the supervisor there in the checkout area. Well then the supervisor (a woman of India decent, I think) had the Hispanic employee to go and talk to the people.

I went to a store employee because I thought it unwise to say anything directly to the family.

Well, as she the store employee was talking to the family she pointed over at us. Then the woman stood up and said to us "You have a problem with my child?" She called us stupid and a few other things. I told her she was stupid to let her child us the shoes in the store where she has bumped into others. We got up to leave and of course They were still yelling at us. I told them how stupid they were to allow her to use the shoes in the store.

I was headed to the door with another store employee when the other woman with them ran up behind me, Knocked the store employee down and ran her hands into my back trying to push me down.

The female store employee had NO BUSINESS TELLING THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAD MADE THE COMPLAINT!! And POINTING TO US! Your store employee put my wife and myself in the situation of being verbally and myself physically attacked.

Finally the manager of the store was called, but the other family had left.
Never have I seen such sloppy handling of a customer complaint.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/07/2008:
OK..I'll go first..
Why didn't you just politely ask the child to be careful where she was wheeling around? I know what shoes you are referring to, they're called Heelys, I won't let my daughter have them but that's not relevant. The point is, be an adult and say something yourself.
seriously? on 10/07/2008:
What does the race/nationality/decent of ANYONE have to do with this? I agree with justcuz, you could have politely handled this yourself.
madconsumer on 10/07/2008:
if you felt so assulted, did you make a police report?

I too believe, if one asks or mentions polite, with a smile, to the offender, they often stop their actions.

I would also like ot hear the stores side of this.
bargod on 10/08/2008:
I stopped listening to this complaint when they started pointing out the race/nationality/decent of all the employees involved (like what does that have to do with any of it?)
Anonymous on 10/08/2008:
I'm not so quick to write off the OP as a bigot as I think he was using the employee's ethnicity to substantiate to whom he had complained. He and his wife did the right thing. Given the outcome, going to the parents directly would have probably resulted in a much worse physical confrontation absent of Costco witnesses. I hope the OP files a police report. If the assaultive group purchased anything, Costco can supply the police with their names.
bargod on 10/08/2008:
I can see putting ethinicity in a police report, but I think in a forum like this there is no point to it. It was handled very poorly by Costo though.
weixiyen on 12/03/2008:
Costco is completely ineffective when handling disputes between consumers. In this case, the OP was physically assaulted as well.

Despite Costco hiring full-time security right outside the exits to make sure nobody steals items, they cannot order the same people to hold an assaulter responsible?

Also never underestimate a husband's duty to protect his wife, even from a child. If the child injured his wife, that family should apologize on the child's behalf, or the child should at the minimum be ordered by Costco to not use the wheels.

But you know, children can't do wrong and all. They're just perfect and should be allowed to do anything they want to. And they're so CUTE too >_>
DebtorBasher on 12/03/2008:
Was there a Chinese and Korean couple there too?
DebtorBasher on 12/03/2008:
Most places would have stopped the girl from skating through the store. I've seen employees at other stores "informing" kids that they are not to be using those in their store...I've even noticed some places with signs up, stating they are not allowed. Not so much because they are concerned about the customers, but it's a liability if the kid gets hurt or knocks something over and gets hurt.
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