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False Advertise
Posted by Tinatramvo on 11/25/2012
TIGARD, OREGON -- Two years in a row, Costco advertised Black Friday sale for artificial X-mas tree which they are under stock or don't even exist. Last year I went online a little late, in the middle day of Black Friday. I consider it was late but actually it was a 3 day sale. This year I am more prepared because I promised my children I will get it this year for sure, so I didn't go out for Black Friday. I just stayed home, jumped online when the time just exactly 4:59 AM to be sure I'm the 1st one. It turned out they don't even have any in stock. I called customer service and patiently waited for 1 hour to be able to talked to a representative. All she can say was, "It sold out, product discontinued".

I went to Tigard Store, the manager told me the same thing, he added " you & your children may not have this X-mas tree this year maybe wait until next year then" I feel so lost, my Holiday spirit is over, I'm so disappointed, their business just like Best Buy and Fry's Electronic. They all try to advertise to get customers attention for which they just have a few or none, we are a victimize. Like me I really wanted that X-mas tree so I don't even sleep on that night so I don't missed it. Oh well, I guess now a days, that's how stores does business.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-11-25:
"I just stayed home, jumped online when the time just exactly 4:59 AM to be sure I'm the 1st one. "

Chances are you weren't even close to being the first one. This is doubly true if their website is pulling from the same inventory of that of the physical product in the store. If that's the case, then you would've had to have been in line sometime Thursday morning in order to get a tree.
Posted by Tezrien on 2012-11-26:
You would be better off buying a tree at a local store or even getting a live one (If you can have one where you live) from a local tree farm. I'm getting our first real tree in years from a local farm this year and it's only going to cost $30. And with LED lights, which don't get hot, it's just as safe as an artificial.
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-11-26:
I have to echo FoDaddy's comments. Thinking you can jump on-line a minute before, is nearly the same thing as thinking you would be the first one in line at a store because you showed up a minute early.

My concern is placing some magical spirit around materialist merchandise. There are a lot of places which sell both real and artificial trees. Just because one merchant runs out of a particular stock doesn't mean you can't get a different one or one somewhere else.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-11-27:
Christmas shouldn't be ruined because of a particular tree. I still use the pre-lit hinged 6 footer I paid $20 for at Walmart 3 years ago (I even wrote a review about it here). But it's never been about the decorations, it's about being around family and/or friends and enjoying their company. I bet your kids will be just as happy with any tree you can find. Try not to let this ruin your holiday spirit.
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AMEX C. C. Cash Back Deal Offered To Costco Members
Posted by Ok4now on 09/19/2012
Since buying a Costco membership one year ago I couldn't be more pleased. As a former BJ's and Sam's Club member Costco has them beat. The in store and online product selection is far superior. They offer great pricing, excellent customer service and 90 day returns.

There are two memberships available. The standard cost $55.00 which is well worth the money. With the huge savings you will recoup this quickly.

Then they have an Executive Membership for $110.00. This is where you get the perks. You get 2% cash-back on all of your purchases. This adds up fast. It also makes available to you the full buying power of Costco. Auto & Home Insurance, Auto Program, ID Protection, Mortgage & Refinancing, Online Investing...the list goes on & on.

Here's the AMEX deal only available to Costco members. Zero percent interest for the first 6 months. Earn a $55 statement credit after your first purchase. No annual fee. Cash Back for the following. 3% for gasoline, 2% for restaurants, 2% for travel and 1% for everything else. Plus you still get the 2% Executive Reward.

If you only spend a few hundred dollars total this will be meaningless to you. However if you combine all of your purchases using this card and take advantage of the cash back the savings are significant. Something to consider if you want to save some money.
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Did You Know This?
Posted by Clutzycook on 07/17/2012
Hubby and I have been Costco Members since 2005. Typically we only buy gas there since it can be up to 10 cents cheaper than anywhere else in the immediate area.

About 5 years ago, we decided to try the Executive Member program. For an extra $50 a year, you will receive 3% back on your Costco purchases. Thinking we'd at least get a return on our investment, we signed up. At the end of the year, we got our check--well, it was actually a voucher that could only be used at Costco, and it was only for $3! What we failed to read in the fine print was that gas doesn't count. So, we went back to the regular membership around the time Baby Clutzy was born because even though we were spending about $120/mo in formula, that was pretty much all we were buying there, and a year's worth of formula purchases still wouldn't even allow us to break even. I was asked once or twice that year if I was interested in the Exec program again, but I always turned it down.

Fast forward to 2012. I am once again buying formula, this time for Baby Clutzy Deux. I usually have to go twice a month, and and up paying about $40 a box for it. Every single time I go, however, they're asking me about joining the exec membership. I always decline and explain that the formula purchases won't even get us close to our $50 back. They try to argue back that if I'm here, I might pick up other stuff that might bring the total closer to the break even point. I counter back that because the formula is a straight shot from the entrance, and right next to the cash register, I am a virtual ping pong ball going directly to the formula and then straight to the checkout. I don't pass go, I don't collect $200.

Tonight, I needed to make another formula run. And yet again I'm asked about exec membership. I once again explain my position. I must have looked extremely cheezed because he guy offered to put a notification on my card so I'm not asked again. Seriously? They can do that? I acquiesced immediately and the guy stepped away with my card. He returned a minute later and handed me my card saying I was all set. On the back of my card was a big, underlined NO written in black marker. Are you serious? That's all it takes? Heck, if I had known that, I would have written that on my card myself years ago!

With one of the 500 Sharpies I bought there. :)
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-07-17:
Instead of signing my credit card, I wrote on the signature line, 'See ID'...You'd be surprised how many cashiers turn the card over, then just hands it back to me...obviously they just turn them over out of habit and never even looks at the signature...
Posted by ok4now on 2012-07-17:
You accurately explained that your purchases at Costco mostly consist of formula for baby Clutzy and gasoline. Buying an executive membership with a 2% reward for an extra $50.00 a year would be a waste of money for you. I agree. Have you shopped in the store and looked at the tremendous values they offer? They have fabulous organic meats, poultry, seafood and those huge roaster chickens for $5 bucks. Their frozen food section offers a wide variety of delicious entrees at wholesale prices. I always stock up for a quick easy dinner. Have you checked the pharmacy prices? Forget Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreen etc. Costco has them beat. Sounds like you are not taking full advantage of your membership.

My situation is different. I have an Executive Membership and it was well worth the money. Presently I have spent over $8000 in this store. This includes a 55 inch HD TV, electronics, jewelry for my wife, big food orders etc. Already I have qualified for a $160 Reward and I have four months to go before the renewal.

FYI: The Executive membership is a lot more than 2% back. You get additional savings & benefits that really add up. Here's a few.

1) Auto & Home insurance
2) Costco Auto program
3) High Yield Savings Accounts & CD's
4) Identity Protection
5) Personal Health Insurance
6) Online Investing
7) Business & Personal Checks
8) Electronic Health Records

I find the additional $50 well worth it for the Executive Membership. Check it out.
Posted by Alain on 2012-07-17:
Good information, Clutzy! With any retailer, I'm always looking for the 'opt out' clause. For the ones that insist on an email address, they get my special one (I refer to it as the trash can) that is dumped on a regular basis.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-07-17:
OK4, I have ventured into the netherreaches of my local costco. I typically buy AA batteries (we go through a lot with 2 kids) and occasionally I'll buy milk there if that's the only other thing on my list. Even with all that, it still wouldn't add up to the nearly 1700 dollars it would take to turn a profit on the exec membership. The problem is that most of the sizes are just plain too big for my family. I once bought a bag of baby spinach there and even eating a giant spinach salad every night of the week, I still had a ton go bad.
Posted by MRM on 2012-07-17:
Speaking of Costco, there was a documentary on Costco last night on CNBC. Very fascinating documentary. An interesting point is that they dont put signs of where things are so that you'll wander all over the store.
Posted by MRM on 2012-07-17:
Clutzy, that was one of the complaints is that some things are too bulky and the other complaint are the long lines.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-07-17:
Costco will get none of my business. Private club and totally within their rights, but won't get my $$$.

"Costco does not believe that it is necessary for firearms to be brought into its warehouse stores, except in the case of authorized law enforcement officers. For the protection of all our members and employees, we feel this is a reasonable and prudent precaution to ensure a pleasant shopping experience and safe workplace. Our policy is meant to protect our members and employees in all warehouses around the world. This is not a new policy and we do not customize the policy for each individual city/county/state/country where we do business.The shopping experience is not enhanced by bringing a firearm into our warehouse."


Stephanie Bradley
Executive Assistant to:
. . Joel Benoliel - SVP-Legal & Administration
. . Paul Latham - VP-Membership, Marketing & Services

Posted by onlooker on 2012-07-17:
Another good reason to renew my membership
Posted by KevinTX on 2012-07-17:
We bought forumla gift certs off of EBAY and saved us TONS of money.... they are good at all stores that carry the brand.. NOT just COSTCO!
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-07-17:
The problem is explaining the answer. The easiest answer is just say "no." Don't explain, say it firmly, and when I have done so, I have never had any discussion about it. I realize it is part of the clerk's job, and it is no big deal.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-07-17:
OK4Now, I wanted to comment further on your post now that I'm at a "real" computer and I'm not trying to beat the clock and get out the door for work :).

1: We already have good auto and home insurance of our own. Besides, I've seen some complaints here about the companies that Costco uses and I'd just as soon pass.
2: Cars are paid off and we don't plan on buying new ones until we absolutely have to.
3: That's why we have banks/credit unions.
4: You got me there, this wouldn't be bad-unless they're as bad as Lifelock.
5: Hubby and I both have health insurance through our jobs.
6: Don't do this now, so I doubt ponying up an extra $50/yr will motivate me further. In fact, it might motivate me less because now I'm $50 poorer, LOL.
7: People still write checks? I'm still on the original two boxes my bank gave me for free when Hubby and I got married in 2006, LOL. 8: I'm not exactly sure how this works unless it's a one stop shop for all of your medical records from all your providers. Since Hubby and I and the girls are all reasonably healthy, this would be a waste because our med records are all with our respective primary care physicians (the girls' pediatrician isn't even electronic right now).

Frozen entrees: I have a picky hubby and a picky 3 year old. Those huge portions would be wasted on us. Besides, I'm on WW and most of that stuff would blow my diet (excuse me, lifestyle change) all to pieces.

Meat: Hubby only eats chicken and beef. We get beef from my dad and the price per pound for frozen chicken breasts is almost equivilent (sp?) at Aldi.

Pharmacy: None of us is on prescription meds aside from my "pills." We have prescription coverage with our health insurance, which is generally only a $15 copay. I doubt Costco would beat that often enough to justify going out of my way and having to get out of the car and walk into the store to get a script when I can pull up to the drive through at Walgreens.

CowboyFan, I'm in healthcare, so it seems to be in my nature to explain my rationale. :) In the beginning, I used to just say no, but they kept pushing, so I decided to try to push back.

Kevin, I love the coupons I get from Enfamil. Formula is expensive no where you buy it,but it's on of those things you gotta have if you're not breastfeeding, so I try to maximize my savings, which means getting my formula at Costco. Without the coupon, A box of Enfamil at Walmart, which contains two pouches, is approximately $38, which works out to be 99 cents/oz before tax. At costco, I get 3 pouches for a little more than $42, or 81 cents/oz. With the coupons, it's even cheaper. Plus, with the formula from Costco I usually get an extra week between purchases, which saves me time and aggravation.

Jktshff, I don't have to worry about carrying or not carrying my gun into Costco. For one, I don't have one :). Second, Illinois is the only state in the Union where you can't have a concealed weapon anyway.

MRM, on weekends those lines are NUTS! At 8:00pm on a Monday night, not so bad :)
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-17:
An employee at my local Sears hardware has been soliciting my for a Sears credit card for 6 years now. When I complained, he said he was told to by management. When I complained to managemement, it changed for a short time. Now we are back to him asking me.

Sadly, printing NO on the back of my Visa won't prevent him from asking...

I ALWAYS read the fine print. Always. They make it small and hard to find for a reason.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-07-17:
Yeah, I was young and idealistic back then :)
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-07-17:
I remember when I actually WANTED a Sears credit card (to establish a credit history)...they kept turning me down because I didn't have enough credit history. THEN, I got a job at Sears Credit and they automatically 'approved' a credit card just because I worked there...my credit history lacked, but I guess that suddenly wasn't important. Man-O-Man at 21.99%, I dropped them like a hot potato! I was paying more than the min. payment, yet my balance kept going up every month without any new purchases...I transfered the balance to a lower rated card and closed the Sears' card.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-07-17:
very helpful review and voted as such!!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-07-17:
Great response clutzy. I guess that's why there are never any shootings in Chicago.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-07-17:
Lol. Never said that everyone obeyed the law. Personally, I avoid Chicago whenever possible. I stay West of the tri-state if I can help it.:)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-07-17:
I paid off my sears card in 1974, and cancelled it. Never regretted it.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-07-17:
Paid it off in 1974? WOWWWWWWW.....you must be 120 years old!!! *Hiding behind Clutzy's Apron*
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-07-17:
I know I'm old. At that time my housenote was $119.00/month
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-07-17:
That's ok, JKT...I still love ya!!!
Posted by ok4now on 2012-07-18:
clutzycook: Your most excellent detailed response was highly appreciated. Not many people would take the time to respond with such specificity. You answered each point with an accurate honest answer.

Costco is a wholesaler with a niche market base. What works for me may not work for you, that's okay. I spend a lot of money in this store because it saves me money. As I previously said the Executive membership with the 2% cash back and added benefits is not for everybody. My post was to make people aware of the benefits and they can decide if it's worth it to them.

What is important to you is baby clutzy and getting the formula at a discount price. This alone is worth the $50 membership fee and the other savings Costco provides.
Posted by clutzycook on 2012-07-18:
You absolutely right, OK. We each use our memberships how we need to use them :).
Posted by Nohandle on 2012-07-18:
There is not a Costco in my area and I've never set foot in one elsewhere. That having been said, do have a Sam's business membership which obviously is obtained through my place of business. I think the membership fees might be about the same as a regular but I can go in before regular shopping hours which is nice on occasion.

I probably don't get my money's worth either because I don't shop there often but they do carry a few products I enjoy. Do not equate Sam's with Walmart's. I know, same ownership but the fresh foods at Sam's are far superior.

Nice review Clutzy.
Posted by Starlord on 2012-07-18:
Sorry, Clutzy, but the membership in Costco is not designed to make a profit. The idea is not to break even or make a profit, it is to swave on the stiff you buy, the returns are a gift, and not meant tro enrich you. We got our Vizio TV at Costco, and were well pleased with it, and the amount we got back on it was a gimme, not an investment.
Posted by ok4now on 2012-07-18:
Starlord, I disagree. If you watched the special about Costco on MS-NBC recently they stated that most of their profit comes from membership sales. Their profit margin is a low 14% on sales which is why they depend on the membership fee.
Posted by Costco Employee on 2012-12-17:
I've worked at Costco for almost 15 years and I hate the way we push the executive membership. All you have to do is stop at the membership counter and tell them you want to opt out of the executive block they put on your account. Then write in permanent marker "NO EXEC" on your card. Be firm and tell the "executive floater" to back off! Good luck to you all!
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Rude jack rabbits that worked
Posted by Dreamlandx314 on 06/28/2012
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Everytime I go to a Costco, I never have any positive experience. I swear bad chi followed me around whenever I went to a Costco! My sister and I, went there for a simple purchase, 2 package of toilet paper, 1 watermelon, 1 package of canned chicken, and 1 box of beer and upon paying for the purchases, the cashier girl asked for my sister's id since she was paying. Once she saw that the name on the card was not my sister, she asked who was the card belong to, and we told her that it was our mother's. However at the time, our mother was not with us to make these purchases. Mine you, my sister and my mother looked alike, plus we have the same last name. So the cashier proceed to explain the costco's policy to us, and basically told us that the only thing we could purchase, was the box of beer without the membership. Plus our mother's card would be confiscated, and that our mother would need to make a special trip out of her way to pick up her card. When asked why could we only get the alcohol, cause if anything, we careless about the liquor, the cashier told us that under the state law, they can't refused a sale of alcohol. That's bull, really we don't care about the box of beer!!! Then the cashier told my sister that the card was Costco property now. My sister refused to leave the card in Costco and requested to ask for a manager, so cashier called for one, and shortly a supervisor showed up. He proceed to explain the policy to us again, but at the moment, my sister was like I am not leaving here without my card. The card was in the cashier's hand, but my sister's quick hands snatched it away from the cashier. In fear, the cashier thought my sister was going to hit her, plus the supervisor as well. He told my sister to claim down, and that it's not way she should treat the Costco cashier that way. So at the moment, I got mad, and said well, that's no way of Costco treating us that way either. My sister and I were not criminals, who was the one paying for the bill? Who gives the right to Costco to take the card away because of it's redicious policy? The membership policy should be re-establish and allow the offspring to use. We were the one having to pay for the dam membership and same billing address family member can't even use the card? Also at the exterence door, why do we have to show the membership card upon stepping foot into that property which people pay to get in?? We get it that only membership holders could get in, must we need to reach into our pockets/wallet/ purse to proof that? If the enterence door was only for incoming customers, then why do the workers took the Liberty to exit out of the incoming traffic of people trying to getting into Costco?? I once was yell at for using the enterence doors as exit when there was no one getting into Costco!

In another incident, on a rainy day before we step inside to another Costco, my sister slip an fell in front of the enterence, and the door greeter, do not even say anything or do anything. .At the time, I was mad because I felt like the least the door greeter could do, was to acknowledge that my sister was okay. The door greeter was looking right at us, and she was like I saw nothing. My mother and I complaint to the supervisor, at the time, took an incident report, but it was bull, Costco don't care about anything but themselves. The supervisior was like since my sister fell outside of Costco, it was not Costco property once its outside of the Costco prison doors. Are you kidding me? Not Costco property?!!? No one followed up anything and good thing my sister was not hurt otherwise I would sue Costco.

I have many more horrible stories from Costco, but too long to continue on. If it's up to my lonesome decision, I would careless for this communist faculty. To this day, I don't know why my mother would continue to put up these rude jack rabbits that work there.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-06-28:
If you all live in the same house, you should be able to get a card of your own. My husband and I pay one membership fee, but we each have our own cards.

As to your complaints about showing the card to get in, using which exit/entrance, and their insistence that the card matches the member; it's their club, therefore they make the rules.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-06-28:
I don't belong to Costco, but I know that Sam's Club has similar policies, and I assume the same way with BJ's.
Posted by frak on 2012-06-28:
Costco's rules are Costco's rules. I personally am annoyed when they stop me to check my cart against my receipt as I am leaving, but that's the rule and I agreed to it when I signed up.

Posted by frak on 2012-06-28:
By the way, it would have been nice if the supervisor had explained the "Costco Household Card":

"A free Household Card is available to a primary or add-on cardholder’s spouse, domestic partner, or immediate family member over the age of 18 and living at the same address. Household Cardholders will be asked to present proof that they live at the same address as either the primary or add-on cardholder."
Posted by copper_works_ on 2012-06-28:
Also it might be Costco owns the card, just like credit card companies own their cards. An employee can take the company owned property back. I wouldn't be surprised if you mothers membership is cancelled over this.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-06-28:
You don't even have to have a family membership to add an additional person to the account! My husband added me to his when we were dating, for no additional cost. As a long-time Costco member, I applaud Costco. No wrong doing on their part. Your mother is the member, not you. Not your sister. You are not entitled to the privileges of her membership unless your name is on the account too.
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Kirkland Turkey is Great
Posted by on 04/06/2012
I tried the Kirkland Oven Roasted Turkey Breast from Costco today for lunch. This is sliced turkey meat for sandwiches.

The ad I read said it is: "freshly carved from single turkey breasts - just as you would do the day after Thanksgiving."

This is great turkey - it smelled great, had great texture, was thick (about an eighth of an inch) and tasted just as you would want it to taste.

I was pleasantly surprised. Costco continues to impress me, especially with its Kirkland products.
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Posted by Alain on 2012-04-09:
I have a friend who shops at Costco and loves it. I'll let him know about the turkey & thanks!
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Excellent Pricing / Warranty on HD Televisions
Posted by Ok4now on 03/08/2012
I currently have a four year old Samsung 46 inch LCD HDTV that has been completely trouble free. Recently while shopping at Costco I was quite impressed with their wide selection of HD TV's, Blue Ray disc players and Wall Mounts. On display was the new Samsung LED 55 inch Smart TV. OMG the picture quality was jaw dropping. Built-in Wi-Fi, Skype, Apps and able to display full 3D movies, glasses included. It's only 1.2 inches thick with a frame-less boarder. Regular wholesale price was $2700, on sale that week for $2000. I checked Amazon pricing and they had the older model which did not include the 3D glasses for $1850. It was close.

Here's where Costco has them beat. When you buy any TV from Costco they automatically give you a second year warranty for free. Then you can purchase an in home zero deductible three year extended warranty for $100 bucks. I'm not done. Also included is their free tech service. They give you an 800 number to call that will assist you with any problem. This is service and treating the customer right. Are you listening Sears and BestBuy? The yearly membership cost is only $50 bucks, I definitely got my moneys worth.
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Posted by Churro on 2012-03-08:
Oh man I want a Costco in my area.

Good review!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-03-08:
Aside from being anti 2A and a "members only" joint, they seem to be ok.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-03-08:
pphhsstt, jk.
Posted by Old Timer on 2012-03-08:
We have a Black Membership -via- our company. Between the yearly rebate and low gasoline prices we are ahead before we buy anything in the store. Love Costco!

Great review!!
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-03-08:
I guess I'll just have to move where there's a Costco.

You are a savvy consumer, ok4now!
Posted by onlooker on 2012-03-08:
Costco has always done right by me, and my friends. We returned a 3 year old lamp - the plastic on off switch was disintegrating, wires were starting to show. No push back, no nothing - just a smile and cash.
Problems with other stores seem to come from suppliers and mfgs that do not respond.
So how is the TV?
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Purchase Return
Posted by Bronde1 on 06/17/2011
EUREKA, CA, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased an AT&T phone system from the Eureka, CA Costco store. After 1 year it proved faulty. We returned the product to the same store and was told the product was not purchased from a Costco store.

The clerk who handled this was very polite and thorough in placing the info in her computer set up. She even asked another employee to go over the info with her, with the same result.

We would like to discuss this situation with a person in corporate headquarters.

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Posted by MJGoldfarb on 2011-06-17:
You would have to contact Costco headquarters to get a reply on your issue. Unless someone from Costco is on this website, they will not hear of your complaint. That information as well as a phone number is found on their website.
Posted by The Pauper of the Surf on 2011-06-17:
Where's your receipt?
Posted by bcd on 2011-06-17:
If the receipt is not available Costco will check your purchase history [upon request] when presenting your membership card.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-06-17:
BCD is correct, you don't need a receipt to make a return at Costco, just your membership card. And I *think* non-members are prohibited from making returns. Either that, or they need the original receipt.
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Good News
Posted by Nopatience on 06/15/2011
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I know how easy it is for people to complain about every little thing but I just want to take a minute to say that I've been a customer with Costco Pharmacy for over 4 years now and, besides the length of wait, have nothing but accolades for these folks.

First and foremost, the attitude of all employees is very positive and friendly. Cost-saving information is offered without request, suggestions regarding medication which may cause a minor side effect are addressed and calling your physician if your refill has expired or is non-existent is looked at as part of their job.

There are no fewer than six people working at any given time but the sheer volume of patients enjoying the cost-savings always exceeds the limitations. Call-ahead refills is an easy way to eliminate any wait for your prescriptions but original Rx's or controlled medications will always take longer due to state and federal regulations.

People have questions and when they do they're lead to a private area and another employee will take over processing customers. They're not 24/7 like the "other guys" but that attributes to the low cost. They also have a mail order division, which I've tried once and could not have been more dissatisfied (just horrible). So make a trip to the store and follow my suggestions and I suspect the dreaded inconvenience of handling your prescriptions will be much easier.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-06-15:
With all the complaints about pharmacies, It's so nice to see something positive. We've been using Stop & Shop (formerly Grand Union) for around ten years and have been 99.9% satisfied. It's a small operation, but the personalized customer service and accuracy are both excellent. I'm glad you found a pharmacy that meets your needs and expectations. It helps ease a lot of the stress that comes with medical issues.
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Tire Fiasco
Posted by MDSasquatch on 06/07/2011
I couldn't decide if this should be a complaint or compliment because it is actually both; I erred on the side caution and went with a compliment because of the way it was ultimately handled.

I had four tires put on my car at COSTCO, they cross threaded one of my lug nuts and destroyed a second one (both on the same wheel); the bad part is they let me drive off without telling me. I was not happy when I saw the missing lug nut.

I called the Tire Center and got little satisfaction, so I went back and spoke to a manager. He was apologetic and offered to pay for the repairs plus a $50 gift card. The repair was $131; I took my receipt back yesterday and got fully reimbursed and got a $50 gift card with no hassle.

COSTCO is still one of my favorite stores, they hire great managers, but I don't think I'll let them touch my tires again.
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Posted by Churro on 2011-06-07:
I agree what happened was inexcusable but I must say I'm knocked out by Costco's customer service. You did the right thing labeling this a compliment because quite frankly this write-up makes me want to be a Costco customer.

Good review!
Posted by Starlord on 2011-06-07:
I applaud Costco for the handling of the incident, and also shiver when I read the part about cross-threading the lugnut. It is best to follow a standard procedure every time when doing mechanical work. In this case, it means turning the nut on by hand sufficiently to know that it is turning before hitting it with the impact wrench. If the lugnut tries to cross-thread, it is easy to feel that there is something not quite right. While it irue that sometimes, lugnuts are hard to turn, the shop I worked at would run a thread chaser on the lug to be sure it was clean, rather than just putting the impact wrench on it. Another reason that I prefer, when I am able, to do my own work, or have my son do it. That way, I know it is done right.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-06-07:
Good review,
Posted by Alain on 2011-06-07:
Good review, MDS. Very fair and objective. I agree with you, the manager did the right thing, but I don't think I'd be taking my car back there.
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33 Gal Trash Bags Leak (Kirkland)
Posted by Herrick9 on 12/03/2010
For the most part I'm pretty happy with what I purchase at the COSTCO Warehouse....Oh sure flings with their apparel have been disappointing given their woefully inadequate size-spec'ing etc. but I generally find that if I stick with core items I'm ok....WEll at least to the last purchase of their KIRKLAND brand 33 gal trash-bags, Model 384324.
Someone would have to explain to me how you put your name on something like a trash-bag that LEAKS....Not just a couple of times either....
Too lazy to make a separate trip and return and simply relegated to dry goods only...

The good news I guess is that at least I didn't have to wear them....
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2010-12-03:
You must have got ahold of a bad batch; I use these and love them. They are thicker than most others, less expensive and make great liners for my cat's litter box.

I suggest you take them back and get a replacement box
Posted by Geezer Bob on 2011-07-09:
We also have had mixed luck with them. The 33 gals with the red ties are very inconsistent in their quality control.

One time when our California mountain village was threatened with a fast moving wildfire, we furiously bagged pine needles and brush in order to clear a wider area around the house. On every bag the red tie pulled out of the weld making it impossible to seal the bag and quickly transport it to waiting vehicles.

We are 40 miles from a Costco and taking an hour and a half to get another case was out of the question. If we had left the community, the fire service would have never let us back in. So it easily took twice as long to do the job.

Thanks to many tanker water drops the fire coming up the canyon was stopped about 6 blocks from the village limits, but it was a very close call made more anxious by the non performing bags.

We had used them all so there was nothing to take to show our local Costco and when telling them of our experience the response was basically "I'll tell them".

We use many, many bags and since then have had some that performed OK and some that have not. They claim that the more recent ones with the dimpled surface are better, but that has not been our experience. They are somewhat more flexible, but puncture quite easily and appear to be no stronger than before.

We depend on COSTCO and are generally satisfied with their house brand products, but someone up there in the Ivory Tower should get on the QC at that vendor.

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