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An Ongoing Saga Of Ineptness
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- My wife was rear-end by a Cotton States insured driver (CSd) who was ticketed for following to close. We called concerning the claim that evening but they go home at 5 pm. When we finally reached someone the next day I was told that their insured had to be contacted before they would do anything for us and that may take 48 hours. 5.5 hours later on a call I made back to them the adjuster said that she had spoken to the insured and that she would recognized that we had been hit. This stonewall had been put up even though they knew of the accident and had it in their system from the evening before through the PD. We were given a rental car company that we had to call and possibly be bill from. Luckily they did (after insistence did make a short reservation) and we had adequate but not equivalent wheels. Discussions with the body shop informed us of the 3+ day progress on an adjustment and declaration of a total because Cotton States never once call or emailed though they had all information. They tried to let the rental lapse until we forced the issue and to date 7 days after the wreck they have never called never indicated a status and have passed off to a new adjuster who hasn't ever contacted us. If you are hit by a Cotton States driver be proactive and initiate a case with the State Insurance Commissioner, you will need their assistance and a lawyer if you have one.
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JR in Orlando on 11/03/2009:
Groundcontrol to d.witham: Cotton State is not your insurance company, they don't owe you any customer service. They don't have to talk to you. They don't have to reimburse you. They don't have to pay your claim. You are the enemy because you want to get paid and they don't want to pay you. You have no valid complaint.

Their only obligation is to protect THEIR insured if he is sued or otherwise held liable for the accident in A COURT OF LAW. The only reason an insurance company pays earlier, is that it is cheaper and exposes their insured to less risk than going to court. Be grateful. That's why you should carry collision coverage on your vehicle.

clutzycook on 11/03/2009:
Why aren't you talking to your insurance company? They should be fighting this out with Cotton State, not you.
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