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Do not buy from Cottonwood
By -

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- I too am having trouble with this company. I wish I had done more research about this company before buying our futon there. My situation is that we bought a futon last year which has a 10 year warranty. We use it almost never, probably 10 to 15 times. It's been used in the past year. Last weekend, a friend is in town and we pull it out and it just falls to pieces. Two pieces broke off, including one where the metal on the frame actually split in two. We have no children or pets that jump on this futon or otherwise could damage it, and as mentioned, we never use it. It's solely for when guests come in town.

So I call Cottonwood and email. I get 2 very unprofessional emails in response. Poorly typed and formatted, indicating to me that this is a company that doesn't have a clue. They refer me to 'technical support' and tell me to call them. I would have hoped they may have been the ones to call me since I inquired several times just to get any response. I called 'technical support' to find that Cottonwood Futons has a pretty inept customer service center.

I told my story to Cottonwood Futons on the phone. The guy put me on hold. Another picked up and I said that I was already being helped. The guy said that the person I was talking to had to take another call that was very important that he'd been waiting for all day. Hey, thanks! I'm glad I'm so important too. So I told my story AGAIN to this new guy, and even sent him photos. He said that they would replace the parts, BUT then we get an invoice for roughly $100 to cover the cost of shipping and handling.

I cry foul and say that this is obviously the result of poor craftsmanship, because we don't even use this futon form Cottonwood Futons. They say, "Sorry, we're not charging you for the replacement parts." Well no kidding! The last time I checked, a warranty meant that if something went bad with it, that you fixed it for free. Not the case here. I may as well buy a new futon for the cost it's going to incur to have me fix this one.

I've dealt with several unprofessional people via email and phone on this now and am disgusted. I filed online with the BBB as well. If you're searching for a futon online, DO NOT BUY FROM COTTONWOOD FUTONS. Go someplace else. Your futon will break no matter how little you use it and their service is a ripoff.

Cottonwood Futons is not a reputable company, and I wish I had done my research on them more before purchasing from them or I never would have bought it. It doesn't surprise me to see so many complaints with the BBB and online on various forums. Cottonwood Futons is a bad business. I too am having trouble with this company. I wish I had done more research about this company before buying our futon there.

I think they're pretty good
By -

I wanted to share my experiences with Cottonwood because after reading some of these reviews I almost had a heart attack when I had a problem with my order. I ordered a “Classic” all cotton futon in California king size from Cottonwood. Got my futon pretty quickly, hauled it up two flights of stairs, and discovered that they had sent me a regular king size. I went looking for the Cottonwood website and saw a bunch of complaint sites on Google. My heart dropped and I privately got ready for a fight.

Called them up and had pretty much the same experience as other people that had made complaints – you get transferred to “tech support”, no one seems to want to talk to you, if you call the lady on the order line she's fairly gruff. I left a phone message and email. Nothing the first day. I'm nervous because of everything I've read and thinking different scenarios of having to fight for shipping costs, whatever. No response from them the second day until around 5, I get an email. It apologizes for the mistake, tells me they're sending me another, and has a link to a free return FedEx label.

I pack up the futon, which was a pain in the ass, and ship. Two days later I get my replacement futon (which means they trusted me enough to ship BEFORE they received my return), it's the proper size and everything's great. Regarding the futon, I'm pretty impressed. The second one came in a zippered cover, I opened it up and the futon inside had some minor black marks that looked like they happened in shipping. I'm cool with this, there's no real damage, it's new and the cover is fine. I'm using it as a bed, I can see where someone using it as a futon with no cover might not care for this, but I'm fine with it.

I opened the futon and it is exactly as they described no foam or denim scrap, just untreated cotton. The futon has a garment/chemically smell to it that isn't strong and seems like a type of thing that goes away quickly. I don't think its 6” thick, but its close and they didn't skimp on packing it full of cotton. In the large size the thing cost around $250/no shipping costs and I feel like I got a really good deal.

Regarding the return. Don't believe everything you read. Cottonwood would be well served to work on their people/response/courtesy skill, that's true, but the facts are that they had an equal or better response to my return then a place like Amazon. I have absolutely no problem with the way they handled the entire transaction, they were consistently honorable. I'm writing because I'm a little ticked off that I spent brain space letting myself worry because of these postings. I would recommend Cottonwood to a friend.

Assembly nightmare
By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I ordered a futon from Cottonwood a few weeks ago, got it and went to assemble it with a friend last night. On the website it says that assembly is relatively easy and should take you about an hour. This could be true if the directions were clear or if the futon frame was even crafted correctly. First, the directions contradicts itself right off the bat by telling you to use one type of bolt in the first paragraph then a completely different one in the next, even though it was talking about the same part.

The picture suggested to assemble it in a way that the end of the bolt would stick out on the side of the futon, which could be potentially dangerous. This made it incredibly difficult to know if what we were doing was even correct!!! To top it off, none of the components actually matched up correctly where the bolts were supposed to go. Some of the holes were too small, some were in the wrong spot; just ridiculous! We spent more time trying to correct the company's mistakes with the construction that it took us nearly 3 1/2 hours to finally get it somewhat done.

I found it comical that they say that the only other tool you could possibly need is a pair of scissors to cut the strapping aside from the ones they provide. What they sent was a joke and barely worked. I am good at assembly. I know what I am doing and am good with directions. I don't doubt myself, but KNOW this company is just in it for the money! Now that I have it up, it is obvious to me that this frame will not last. The base is flimsy and the metal grid that the futon actually sits on is already bent. Such a disappointment!

Cottonwood Futons - Recommend do not buy from them
By -

WISCONSIN -- I am very dissatisfied with Cottonwood Futons. Like the person said in their last review - I wish I'd have done more research on them. I purchased two full-size futon mattresses and two lounger mattresses. Loungers were OK - but the full-size mattresses were NOT what I ordered and they will not pick them up, will not send what I ordered, will not provide a refund.

I planned to order another brand from them - but I called because I had trouble finding the loungers. The person I spoke with said that I should buy their brand full-size mattress (Springaire) because they were better and less expensive (i.e. Better value) than the Gold Bond mattresses I planned to order. So I went with her recommendation, and when they came they were not 8" mattresses as indicated both on their website, and specifically told to me by this person who talked me into them. Instead - they are 6". We called to talk to someone - had to leave a message. My husband tried to reach them by phone also. They would not deal with us by phone - only email.

They told us that they only make an 8" mattress and that we should measure the corner seams. We did had already done that of course. Then they said to send them pictures. Did that too - had some pictures with the tape measure against the seam - clearly showing they were 6". In the end, they said "unroll your mattresses and let them re-fill over 2 weeks. Enjoy your mattresses - you will love them." That was their response to an email telling them to send what we ordered and pick up the 6" mattresses. Haven't heard from them since - it's been weeks. I would NOT recommend this company to anyone. Very poor service, and very dishonest.

Stay Away From This Store & And Tell All Your Friends
By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I purchased Convert a Couch sleeping sofa-futon from this store a month ago. We used it as a sleeping sofa for a week and a half, and the mattress caved in. I called the store followed a direction left message once, twice... five times - no response. I called again and stated that I do not to leave any more messages and would like to talk to a live person. The "lady" on the other end said "no you need to leave a message", when I said that I will have to complain to the BBB she hang up on me!!

When I get the e-mail that stated: "You contacted us regarding your order," we have emailed you several times asking you the nature of your question so that we can put you in touch with the appropriate department. To date we have not received any response. Cottonwood has a strict no tolerance policy to rude, inappropriate, and threatening behavior. We just contacted you by phone regarding the nature of your question. As shared with you, your problem is handled by a technical support group.

We have forwarded your comments on to them. Normally we would provide you with their contact information but your prior behavior concerns us to the point that we've decided to have them contact you. So that you are forewarned, the technical staff has been advised that they are to discontinue the conversation if any conversation occurs outside of your specific problem. Once your problem has been identified and the solution determined, technical support will order the replacement parts needed and have them shipped to you at no cost to you whatsoever.

All future communication will be limited to email. Any inappropriate behavior sent via email will result in emails being blocked resulting in communication limited to U.S. Postal Service. Cottonwood Futons. So, I responded that it is a false accusation and that I still would like to resolve the matter peacefully, but if that does not work I will hire the Attorney. After that I get the following response: "Oh my... we have blocked email as well..." - STAY AWAY FROM THIS PEOPLE. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM!!! IT WILL COST YOU MORE!!!

Fraudulent service
By -

We ordered and paid for their top of the line item -- a stickley model futon. Because it was a custom item, we were told that it would take about a month for delivery. After about 6 weeks I checked, and was told it would be sent the following week. This little routine continued for 4 more weeks --with a simple e-mail from me and an oddly rude but reassuring message from Cottonwood that shipment was imminent. By the time 10 weeks rolled around, I called and asked if the item was really coming; if not, then I requested my money back. They reassured me that the item was coming -- it was right on the shop floor and looked great. So I said great, just keep me apprised.

About 4 hours later I received a call asking if I still wanted the item since they had another buyer. I said yes, I still wanted the item. Then the following morning I received an e-mail notifying me that my order had been cancelled and my Visa would show the credit in a day or so. I found this stunning. The company held my money for 10 weeks, then up and cancelled my order without my permission. I complained to the BBB, but that got me nowhere. So here I am now. I warn anyone against dealing with this company.

Poor quality product
By -

The Cottonwood Bali futon frame is poor craftsmanship at its laziest. The instructions must have been poorly translated from another language. I can forgive the occasional typo, but when the typos are so numerous that critical parts are mislabeled, it makes the instructions almost useless. Most of the parts don't fit to the others. Only by bending and warping the product can you make any of the pieces fit. Even the "finishing touches" just fall out as if they were never measured for the complementary parts. Overall, Cottonwood just makes a very poor product. I wish I had never bought from them and I shall never do business with them again.

P.S. The futon mattress that arrived may be the one I ordered, but it doesn't look like what was described on the www site. Unfortunately, there's no way to tell because Cottonwood did not label or identify the mattress in any way.

P.P.S. One positive note. After leaving a message on the technical support voice-mail, I did receive a call-back a day later.

Horrible, horrible, horrible
By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I would not recommend this business!!! Do not use this company!!! It has been over 3 weeks and I still cannot get anyone from customer service to answer my e-mails or any of the messages I left. I have not received the whole product and when I do talk to someone they inform me that they only take orders, then disconnect and hang up. I continue to call and have not been able, in the 2 continuous weeks of trying, been able to actually talk to anyone who works for this company that can help me find my order. I would love to find the CEO and torture him/her at this point...

Terrible Customer Service
By -

This company has about the worst customer service I've ever experienced. Actually there is NO customer service. I tried for 2 weeks to contact them via phone and e-mail regarding sending back my order and had NO response of any kind. For that reason I would not buy from them, nor recommend this company to anyone. However, the quality of the futon cover and the pillows we ordered was excellent.

The need to return it was because I ordered the wrong size, not because of a mistake on their part. So it is actually disappointing to write such a negative review given the quality of the product. But a place that ignores their customers (despite promising a 24 hour response time to questions) is not a place I wish to do business.

Fraudulent Product
By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- The customer service over the phone was rude, nasty and ugly. After paying an extra $25 for rush delivery it took over 3 weeks to get a mattress because it got sent across country and back. They refused to refund the extra money I paid for expedited service. Then after only 2 years the mattress was lumpy and worn - it had a 5 year warranty that they would not honor. The woman on the phone said their mattresses do not get "lumpy" - I would like her to sleep on mine. I wish I had researched the company as I have read dozens of reviews that were all bad. I hope this will help someone who is thinking of buying from them.

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