Country Club Rottweilers and Bullmastiffs

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Fantastic Loving Puppy Grown Into Great Dog.
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Rating: 5/51
GREENSBURG, INDIANA -- I have recently read some poor reviews of country club rottweiler and Bullmastiffs. I would like to share my first hand purchase of a brindle bullmastiff. I was specifically instructed to wait till the puppy was weaned (not like the person who claimed they were made to pick up at 5 weeks) at which time I purchased my puppy. He has grown wonderfully, has solid joints, and a wonderful temperament. Beautiful dog from a kind breeder. Just didn't think it was right to not comment after reading these bad comments.
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VS on 11/11/2014:
A bit concerned about some of the inbreeding allegations from around the time i got my rotti from them. Also, looks like they shut down their operation, their site is down, no contracts listed around the web. Any idea if they are still in business?
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Hip Dysplasia, Contract Non Compliance
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BOWLING GREEN, INDIANA -- My family found her website and it looked great, I read her guest book checking out what people had to say and things looked on the up and up. We drove two hours to purchase our new puppy. For 800 dollars we were to get our female. When we arrived it looked nothing like the website, the owner had just gotten horses that were being checked by a ferrier. The grass was extremely tall, too tall for dogs to be in due to ticks, fleas etc. You could barely see them, the mastiffs were all in a small 'house" and we could not go in. The father was on another property because he was owned by a family member. Only the mother was inside with the pups, she was pretty skinny looking for a new mama. She claims they all take turns being inside to be socialized but I find that hard to believe. I understand they would tear up the house. The pics on the site are outdated, don't be fooled. We took the pup because we wanted to give her a home, she had a strange parasite, covered in fleas to a point it was unhealthy at five months she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. We notified her of the puppy guarantee and she claimed that she had no puppies at this time, OK, she has been horrible about getting back to us, we even did certified mail. I recently took my dog back to the vet because of behavior issues, apparently she is in the advanced stages of hip dysplasia and is on constant pain meds. She was only given about a year if that on being able to walk. I am sick, this is my baby, I am so tired of people not giving a damn and living on the backs of defenseless animals. SHE HAS TO KNOW ABOUT THE Dysplasia. its a genetic defect, it is bred into these dogs. I will not be played a fool. I do not want any more animals to suffer or any more owners to have to go through what we are. She needs to be stopped.
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Paul on 02/18/2014:
The most important aspect of buying a puppy is choosing the right breeder. If you don't choose a reputable one, you are increasing greatly the chances of getting a poorly bred/socialized puppy, which translates into lots of heartache and often high vet bills.

Personally I would not give a breeder a deposit until I visit in person. Then, if I didn't like what I saw, I would not follow through on the purchase to "save" the puppy. A lot of people do this and then later complain. There is so much bad breeding being done that one can't begin to "save" all the innocent victims (puppies).

One good way to find a reputable breeder is going on a site like AKC, and locating breeders and breed clubs in your area that are listed. Call a club rep and speak with them. I used this approach and found a very honest breeder. After speaking with me for 2 hours on the phone, she gave me 2 other good breeders that may have puppies, and said she didn't want me to think I had to deal with her. When I visited her home, I met all the relatives, saw the conditions, etc.

Once you choose a breeder, a contract, promise, etc will usually do very little to protect you or make you whole in the event an issue arises.
MDSasquatch on 02/19/2014:
The best way to stop puppy mills and predatory breeders is to adopt from shelters and rescue organizations. Better yet, adopt a mutt, they have less genetic issues in my opinion.
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Breeder Misrepresented Puppy
Posted by on
BOWLING GREEN, INDIANA -- We paid $800 to Country Club Rottweilers and Bullmastiffs in Bowling Green, Indiana, for a rottie puppy born on March 7, 2010. She was one of a litter of five. We were told she was the result of an outcross rather than a line breeding. When we received her AKC papers with her pedigree, we were surprised to learn that her parents were full siblings.

We were told female dogs had only one litter a year. Now we see on the breeders' website that the same mother is expecting again sometime this month.

According to information on the breeders' website, the dogs are family raised. What we saw was a small home and lots of dogs outside in fences. Only a favored bullmastiff puppy, the rottie puppies and the mother of the rottie puppies were in the house. We were asked to pick up the puppy when she was five weeks old and we were told at that time that she had been taken from her mother a week earlier. That isn't good for the puppy, but we took her anyway because we felt we could provide for her better than the breeder.

When I last looked at the breeders' website, she had 12 pups for sale and was expecting another litter in September. We were desperate for a puppy or we would not have dealt with a backyard breeder. We hope you are not as desperate and that you will ask for your information in writing. Beware of what you hear from these breeders. Or buy your puppy from a breeder who isn't in the business of breeding just for the money.
Company Response 01/21/2011:
I hope I am placing these details in the right place... I just noticed that I had a negative complaint on this site, by a costumer of mind. I think it is unfair to place negative comments and not let the company respond in any way. I have been in contact with these people since they bought their dog. I have offered a replacement puppy out of our next available litter, and they are not interested in the dogs we have. I did not tell these people to pick out their puppy at 5 wks, they demanded it!! As far as us living in a small house, I’m not really sure why that matters, I’m sorry my house wasn’t big enough for them, but as explained, we are not a large scale breeding kennel. We are a family owned business, on a 10 acre farm, our dogs have huge fenced in areas where they are aloud to run free and enjoy being dogs! We don’t kennel our dogs like most breeders because we don’t think its fair for the dogs. We don’t have only one dog that’s in the house with us, we take turns on who is in the house, that way everybody gets lots of love!! The puppy she spoke of that was in the house, was not a favored pup, she was still being trained. As far as us breeding one female more then once a year, we don’t. We always skip a heat before we consider breeding again. Which we did do. The female that is expecting a litter this month, its been a year since she had pups, we did skip her in-between heat. We have been breeding Rottweilers and Bullmastiffs for over 14 years now, and are in great standing with AKC and have never had any problems with our dogs or any of the pups we have sold. I feel this was a very unfair complaint, and I would be happy to offer any references, or invite anyone to come out and meet the dogs and see our set up. We are not anything like a puppy mill, and I am highly offended by that insult. We strive to better the breed and offer very healthy happy pups. We raise all of our litter in the house with us, around our family and our kids. Our dogs are out bred not inbred, and we do supply you with a copy of both of the parent’s pedigrees, and a full AKC reg. We are 100% with AKC. Please see our guestbook full of happy costumers. These people came out to my home and saw all the dogs, if they didn’t want the puppy, they didn’t have to get the pup. I don’t understand that if they were unhappy with what they saw when they were out, why did they get the pup?? We are the farthest thing from a puppy mill, or a back yard breed that you can find!! We love our dogs, as if they were one of our children!!
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Anonymous on 09/03/2010:
Heres a more "lesser harsh" comment. I am sure you fell in love with the pup. I am glad you were able to provide the little fella with a better home and environment than the breeder. If I were you, I would contact the humane society and see if they may be able to look into this matter. I hope your pup becomes a happy and healthy family member!
rockfishing on 09/03/2010:
As long as people continue to buy animals from this breeder, they will continue to operate the puppy mill. I would of walked. There are rescue groups for almost every breed out there that would have been a better choice. We got our 2 dogs through a rescue group, both under a year. I hope you don't have to many health issues with your dog.
Starlord on 09/03/2010:
We once purchased a Rottie puppy from a couple near Stanfield, AZ. I felt the conditions were disagusting, but, as they say, hope springs eternal. The back yard was covered in dog feces and dry dog food, along with various and sundry bones. The little girl died within a week and we took her to our vet for a necropsy. She said the puppy died of parvo, and had to have had it when we got her. We went back to the couple and demanded our money back, and they gave it without a battle. I told them who I was, and I would have County Animal Control pay them a visit. Don't do business with puppy mills!
gadjmet on 01/22/2011:
Not true!! What we saw when we purchased our two rotties wasn't anything even close to a puppy mill. We were very impressed with the whole farm.
I asked of we could look around and see her other dogs and Danielle took us on a tour of the property.

We must have gone to different places because what we saw were very large, clean, fenced in areas so the dogs could run and play! There were shelters in all of the enclosures with large food and water tubs and only two or three dogs in each area. There was also a beautiful heated kennel with dog runs in the back for when the weather was too bad. The dogs all looked healthy and happy and well fed.

Danielle brought the parents into the room while we were choosing our pups so that we could meet them and they were the friendliest dogs I've ever been around. The pups were very playful and obviously loved. From what I could see, they were played with and cuddled often.

When we chose our pups we were given a contract and pedigrees for both parents showing their bloodline. How could she do this if the parents were siblings?

There were no cages, or cramped areas, or bad conditions of any kind! There was not anything even resembling a puppy mill!

I don't know why you feel the need to make up these lies, but if you were unhappy with what you saw why did you buy the pup? It doesn't make sense to me!

If I thought animals were being mistreated in any way, I would make sure the proper authorities were notified. I wouldn't buy a dog and then blast the breeder! It's obvious you have nothing to back up your story.

Just look at all of the WONDERFUL remarks made by happy customers in the guest book on her site and then try to tell me she runs a puppy mill.

Jordin on 01/26/2011:
I completely disagree with this customer's comment. I purchased a beautiful rotti and am very pleased. I was given the proper papers and I have not had any problems. Also, the conditions for the dogs were great. They had huge open fields to run in and it was very clean. It was nothing like a puppy mill. The dogs were not crowded at all and they had access to fresh food and water. They all seemed very happy and healthy. There was also a house for the dogs that was heated and it was very nice, even a human could live in it. The puppys were kept inside of her house and they basically had their own room. I don't know how this person could say these things when none of them are true. It seemed to me that Danielle loved the dogs very much and took very good care of them.
trmn8r on 01/26/2011:
I visited that website, and personally I would not use the breeder. First, I see no evidence the breeder participates in showing their dogs. I want to work with a breeder who is breeding to further the breed standard, and not in it for the money. My breeder actually loses money on her love of the breed, and only sells a couple handfuls of pups a year. This breeder appears to often have a couple litters ready to sell.

It concerns me the breeder says they let a puppy go at FIVE weeks because the buyer wanted it. My breeder would never put a customer's wishes ahead of the well being of a pup. Also, they let dogs in the house "one at time". My breeder has all of her dogs in the house.
Anonymous on 01/26/2011:
I cannot figure out why someone would write out a post like this if it were not true, but I feel like I need to address both the op and the puppy breeder.

To the op--If someone asked me to take a puppy at 5 weeks, I would only do it if the mother had passed away. I would have gone elsewhere at that point. As for the breeding of two siblings, this is why so many dogs have so many problems later on--or even sooner. I would have opted out. Please go to a shelter next time. There are plenty of dogs/puppies to choose from. No one is that desperate that they need an animal right now, unless they have farm animals.

To the breeder: Personally, I wouldn't have released a puppy at 5 weeks, whether the customer demanded it or not. It's inhumane! If someone made such demands of me, I would return their money and ask them to look elsewhere. That doesn't sit right with me at all. It really does sound like you were out to make a buck and not looking after the welfare of the puppy.
Mike1234 on 01/26/2011:
I am the breeders brother and the reason you do not see that she shows the dogs is because she is not breeding show dogs, she is breeding family dogs. She does not breed for the money either. If you saw her house you would know this. She has her entire kitchen decorated with pics of dogs. and to trmn8r... when you breed dogs as big as rotties and bull mastiffs its kind of hard to fit more than 2 or 3 in the house at once without having it look like a disaster zone. Of course all of the puppies are in the house at the same time along with their mother. She loves dogs and they are the reason she bought the land in the first place. She wanted to create a place where her dogs could run and play and have fun. She has been to puppy mills and it kills her to think that her farm could be compared to that.
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