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Courtesy Pontiac (Las Vegas) Consumer Reviews

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Courtesy's Magic Act
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- They said it would be a smokin' deal, but it was more like smoke & mirrors! I called days in advance to see a car supposedly on their lot, yet had to wait an hour & ½ while they scrambled to get it from another dealer across town. In fact, none of the 3 advertised were actually there. Is that bait & switch? Not sure. While working with the first salesman, I kept asking how much the price was they were asking on the vehicle and he just kept saying "Well what is the payment you want?" I told him the payment I wanted but still wanted to know how much the price was.

When the first salesman couldn't close on me, they sent in a bigger gun, with whom I negotiated forever on a vehicle. Because it took so long I had to leave & come back, and when I returned, supposed vehicle had been sold. That left a same model, higher priced, for me to negotiate. The bigger gun said there wouldn't be any room for discount on this one because they had not bought it right. He did agree to pay the ridiculous $389 doc fee.

When I returned to sign papers, he was mysteriously gone and unavailable by phone. The original salesman was back on the deal, so I asked to see final numbers before I went into finance. He said he didn't know because I had been working with someone else and he didn't know where the papers were. He told me not to worry, everything was going to be fine. He suggested I move my belongings to the new car while we waited for finance.

When finance got to the end of the papers, I discovered the sale price they listed on my contract was more than $1,000 over their retail price on the internet. They also were charging me for the doc fee that was supposed to be paid by the salesman. That comes to more than $1,500 over. I said no way and then the finance guy called in the manager, who proceeded to raise his voice to me in a tirade about how they are losing money on the deal. I asked why he would do a deal he was losing money on, and he said it was a slow day and they needed a deal. That could be true, it was a beautiful day and hardly anyone around. (I wonder why?)

After getting yelled at by him, I told him to leave the room knowing I would never buy a car from this establishment after being talked to like that. They were clearly angry that I had been such a good negotiator. Then the finance guy tried to trick me saying I wasn't really paying that much because my tax credit would come off the purchase price. Well of course it would, but that has nothing to do with them inflating the price! I had also brought along a certificate printed from their own website for $1,000 off a used car; it specified that you had to present the certificate before you completed the sale.

When I showed it to my salesperson, he said I couldn't use it on an 'internet special' price. I wondered, why do they have it on their internet then, and tell you to present it at the dealership? Maybe not illegal but very, very misleading to the public. While walking out to get my belongings, the salesman threw in some nasty comments as well. They seem to walk the line of what is legal and not, resorting to any kind of trickery to make their deal. It doesn't have to be illegal to be a scam. If you are a female alone, watch out.

I Was Sold a Lemon

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I bought the 1993 Chrysler Concorde on November 28, 2000 from Courtesy Pontiac in Las Vegas Nevada for $5,441. I had the car for less than one month when I began to smell a noxious odor and noticed the brake pads were very bad. Salesman ** and serviceman ** proceeded to tell me that the car needed $1,500 worth of repairs. I politely refused to pay and referred them to my warranty. They decided to reduce the price to $700. Unfortunately, I needed the transportation and although I the automobile was under warranty, I paid the bill.

The vehicle was not properly fixed, still leaks, and has developed serious electrical issues. Both representatives continue to mislead me and avoid my calls. Throughout the ordeal, I have been only professional with these individuals and their outfit. In addition, because the representatives have managed to delay assisting me, my warranty has expired. I am requesting the following:

I simply want the problems fixed (and confirmed) under warranty, and would like a refund of the $700 I paid while under warranty. Or, I would like a dependable, safe replacement vehicle for equal value. Because I feel as though I have been taken advantage of, I have been in touch with the Nevada Consumer Complaint department. I am first attempting, however, to resolve my issues directly with the dealership before I begin documentation and proceedings with Consumer Affairs.

Windows on 2-Door Car
By -

CANTON, OHIO -- We have had this car only 15 months and we have had to have both the window motors and parts replaced because they are made of plastic and break when used on regular basis. The glass company we have used for repairs - they receive 2 to 3 of these repairs every week!!! They have told us that this is flaw in the window design and a recall should be done to fix this problem. I'm wondering if anybody else has ever reported this problem!!! I'm tired of paying to have repairs done when we have never had any problem with any other car windows!!! Thanks for your help.

By -

PONTIAC, ILLINOIS -- I bought a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP approximately 1 year ago. Never had any trouble with it until 1 night about 2 weeks ago. I drove the 6 miles from work, parked in the drive at home, went in the house, started folding clothes, when I smelled something burning. At first I thought it was something in the house,when I saw flames outside. My car was on fire! It started at the front of the car and was burning intensely. I called the fire department, it was completely consumed. Has this ever happened in the past?

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