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Car Had Wheels & Tires Stolen Visible From Front Desk!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- We stayed her Sept 27th and 28th. Left at 6:50am on the 29th to find our car on milk crates from the kitchen area storage and the wheels and tires gone from our 2013 Accord Sport. Could not find wheels and tires on Sunday. Had to stay an extra night.

Had to fight with Manager to get rate we had for the first 2 nights!! They had a shuttle but would not even take us to the rental office because it was an extra exit away!!!! It was about 8 miles from the Hotel. It did go 5 miles to the train station and mall. When we did finally get wheels and tires the service truck put the 2 on the back and there were two cars jammed in on either side of ours. (They were the only 3 cars in that area. It was close to the door and visible from the front desk.) I went in and got the Manager (Mr. Martin) He was not pleasant at all throughout our conversations. I asked if he could use the license plates to see if the guests that owned the vehicles were there and could come out and move them so we could use the jacks to loft our car and get the wheels on it.

I asked if he had asked or instructed them to park there. He claimed he had not. but, one of the women that was parked there was from his office. So when is the last that Hotel employees park in "prime" spaces?

After We got home our credit card started getting charges for phone calls made to find wheels. I am certain if we had left the hotel, they would have had a tow truck drag our car on a flatbed and do more damage to it just to have it out of their yard. They are RUDE AND NOT TRUTHFUL!!! DO NOT STAY THERE!!!!!!!!!

No security cameras in the yard at ALL!!!!!! and no plans to install any. Lighting is also poor in the yard. An employee casually mentioned to another person in our group that "this was probably an inside job" meaning someone from the Hotel spotted the wheels and made a a phone call. They probable even set out the crates to use on our car.

I am disputing ALL charges for this stay!!!!!!
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RalphMan on 10/10/2013:
Unfortunately for you I'm sure there is a sign that says you park at your own risk. Even if the car is in sight of the front desk the clerk does not stand there looking out - especially at slow times at night when they go into the back.
clutzycook on 10/10/2013:
Did you file a police report? Perhaps there's a history of things like this happening in the area.
Jack Goode on 10/11/2013:
It is true that I did not expect them to be responsible for, BUT what I did expect was : -Camera's in the yard for securtiy! -More than one person there between 11pm amd 5:30 am Due to the circumstances they could have taken me the extra 3 miles to get the car rental. -I should not have had to fight to get the same rate for the third night. (After fighting the next day I did get them to cover the cost of the third night.) -Employees that "jammed in" beside my car to block the sight of it should be deciplined by Marriott head office!!
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Front desk customer service
Posted by on
On Friday, August 19, 2011 our initial check in date to, Sunday, August 21, 2011 the day my friends and I experienced the worst form of customer service possible ever given to a human being. We were disrespected, threatened, verBally abused and, felt a form of racism that is both incomprehensible and indescribable. The Assistant General Manager Mariana Sanchez and her staff members Anne and Gillian of the Courtyard Marriott Montreal Airport, Montreal P. Q, CA treated us like we were less than deserving of our rights and our stay at her hotel. Myself being the one who had the privilege of having a "friends and family" discount had four rooms reserved for our weekend stay with a large group consisting of seventeen people. We arrived from Toronto at the Marriott Montreal Airport Hotel at 4:00am and were met by Gillian at the front desk, who upon greeting us sighed and complained that she had just closed off her audits for the night which really was none of our concern, as we were patrons of the hotel not employees. She then asked for our conformation which I provided to her witch stated that we were to receive 2 rooms at a rated of $69 per night (family discount rate)and another 2 rooms at $129 per night (regular rate). Gillian made it clear that the forms that I provided which confirmed the 4 rooms and the rates for each room with totals and amount expected upon check in was not suffice and would not be accepted as an official "employee" confirmation paper, which meant that the rate we were expecting to pay was not the rate the hotel was willing to charge us during our stay. I asked if there was a manager on site that I could talk to and was told that she wouldn't be in until Sunday morning. After a long trip my friends and I just wanted to relax in our expected rooms which took at least 30 - 45 minutes and a deposit of $2000 upfront, $250 deposit and the rate for each room which had to be put on a credit card. In the end we were told by Gillian that we had until Sunday, August 21, 2011 our check out date to provide the correct paper that would give us the original price of $69 per night for two of the four rooms. She agreed that they would accept a fax from the hotel in Toronto which initially provided the forms for me to travel with as long as all the signatures needed was in place. The next day I called the General Manager from the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Toronto and left a message noting our issues at the Courtyard Marriott Montreal Airport Hotel asking if there was anything that could be done to help us with the issue. Once again after no return call from Toronto I proceeded to call the hotel in Toronto again and spoke to a gentleman at the front desk and after explaining the issue to him, he reassured me that the situation was one that could be easily taken care of. I received a phone call from Toronto to my room at 3:30pm by a young lady who asked me a few questions as procedure and precaution to verify my fathers employment and myself being his daughter. She then reassured me that they would take care of the paper work needed via conversation and or fax with the front desk so there was no need to worry and that we would receive the rate initially promised. She also mentioned that "this type of thing happens all the time, and it shouldn't be a problem". I thanked her and asked that if things didn't work out as planned, if she could call and let me know and, she agreed. Sunday morning I proceeded down the front desk where I was met by my partner who was being yelled at and spoken to in a demeaning manner by my surprise it was the Assistant General Manager Mariana Sanchez. I asked what was going on and why was he being spoken to like that. He informs me that he came to check out our rooms and that she was not willing to give us the initial rate promised and that when he asked why not, she basically said that "it is my decision and that I am not going to change it." No real explanation as to why we didn't receive the original rate of $69 per night for two rooms. I intervened and asked if she had received a fax and or phone call from Toronto verifying our conformation, she answered "my employee left me a note" and when I asked what it read she skimmed through it and made it seem like it had nothing to do with our situation, told me that, "it was left to her and was none of my business",proceeded to rip it up in front of our face and threw it in the garbage. I asked if we she could call the hotel in Toronto so that we could get the confirmation once again she stated " yes the phones are around the corner that you can call from, I am not going to call for you". Then she threatened to call the police and have us banned from all Marriott Hotels and, our discount privilege taken away all through a raised voice in front of our friends and other patrons of the hotel. She claimed that we were "rude" All we asked for was the reason why she was giving us such a hard time and why she was not going to accept the paper work via fax from Toronto even tho we had the original conformation papers with us and, a break down of the charges promised beforehand. I have personally traveled over the years to other Marriott locations and the conformation form I provided was exactly the same and accepted at other Marriott Hotels. I couldn't understand why we were being given such a hard time. I felt like we were in the middle of a playground arguing over who was right and who was wrong in a kids game. I have worked personally in the customer service area for 14 years and know that the customer is always right. You do not argue, raise your voice, nor do you converse with your co-worker in a language that is not understood by the client you are servicing. It wasn't like we arrived to the hotel without conformation papers we had the conformation papers given to us by in Toronto HR.
Mariana proceeded to call my father and tell him that she would make sure that his privilege would be taken away and that he would loose his job because we were not representing the Marriott in a good way, she handed the phone to me and as I started to explain what the issue was she hung up the phone as I was in mid sentence with the receiver still in may hand. That caused me to raise my voice and ask "is this the way she dealt with all patrons of the hotel?" I at that point felt a sense of racism and disrespect. At this point we just wanted to end our dealings with this hotel pay our bill and be on our way. We instructed her to bill us all the rooms at regular price. After reviewing the bill for my room 409, I noticed that there was a $7 phone charge added to the bill when I questioned the charge and made it clear that I did not make any phone calls to the Courtyard Marriott Hotel in Toronto, once again with attitude I was told that, "a phone call was made and I would have to pay it, we cannot add phone calls to rooms", with a smirk. I at that point was furious with the way we had been dealt with since the beginning and asked for proof that I made the call. I tired to explain that I received a phone call from that number which was the Hotel in Toronto, to my room confirming that they were going to sort out the issue in question for me. Ten minutes later Mariana returned saying "unfortunately I cannot charge you for this call because there is no trace of it and, I will remove it from your bill" and, provides me with a paper which states just that. I at that point made mention of the fact that she should not hold the position that she holds as Assistant General Manager and that her customer service skills were below expectation for the position that she holds. I also made mention of the video camera that was positioned at the front desk that would show everything, how we were treated and spoken to. I have never been so humiliated and embarrasssed with the level of service I received. I truly feel that had we had been a big group of anything other than African American we would have been treated with respect and given our rights expected initially. When I think and replay the situation in my head, it seems from day one this hotel had it out for our group, from the initial arrival to the departure, we were treated with disrespect. Not only did we leave feeling a sense of racist behavior, we left feeling unsatisfied with the level of service provided by this particular individual and her staff. Word of mouth and youtube goes along way!

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User Replies:
At Your Service on 08/30/2011:
In reading this accounting of what took place, I found a couple of things that stood out. To begin with, I would forget about the racism card. Even by this accounting, the racism is speculative and nothing to do with the facts. I'd also leave out that wonderful phrase, "The customer is always right." They are not.

This places the O.P. in a rather precarious situation. Running around the web, bad-mouthing the company your father works for, could have some serious repercussions. The better way to handle this is knowing that most people have a boss and Ms. Sanchez is no different. If the O.P. was really entitled to the discount, properly escalating it to her boss would be the best way.
FlShopper on 08/30/2011:
What exactly did you provide to them as proof of the friends and family rate? I use that rate a lot with Marriott, and I always provide them with the original authorization form, signed by the Marriott employee, with his employee#, direct contact info, etc.
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Treated Very Rudely/Poorly by Customer Service Agent
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
MIDLAND, TEXAS -- To Whom It May Concern:
I am Appalled by the treatment of one of your Customer Service Agents at the above mentioned locations in Midland Texas. I called around 10:25 P.M. tonight, 02/18/2013 to inquire about the pricing of a two bedroom suite and Melissa [snip] (not sure if this is the correct spelling, she would not disclose in her rudeness she portrayed. When I told her I would just reserve the King size bedroom, since the suite was outrageously priced she apparently made a reservation for two rooms for me. Marriott rewards number 501608699. I asked her why she gave me two reservations numbers she stated because I needed two rooms.

I then explained to her that I had already reserved one room earlier and only needed one more. She became very confrontational and went on to tell me, why did I state I needed two. I then felt since she was questioning me I THE CUSTOMER had to explain, that I had already called earlier and booked one room, so all I needed was one more. Not sure if she has not been trained to handle more than one task at a time, but her behavior and the way she spoke over the phone was Very unprofessional!!

I then asked her what was my final reservation number since she was going to have to cancel one and she hung up on me. I attempted three times to call back and each time I let it ring over 11 times. On the fourth attempt, she picked up and I let her know that she had hung up on me before giving me my reservation number and she proceeded to argue stating that she had given me my reservation number that I must not have listened. I then explained to her that when she had given me the two numbers prior I just was not sure which one she was going to cancel out and that I did not appreciate being talked to by a so called representative the way she was speaking to me, she then told me that she did not appreciate me.

Then I told her she must not be happy with what she was doing and then needed to move on, because it is giving a BAD representation of Marriott. She stated "she Liked her job" That is when I stated we would not continue this ongoing conversation, and I asked for her last name. She hesitated and still provided it, without the spelling. If this location had not been the location blocked for the wedding Party of the [snip] Wedding, I would not be staying there!!! I know that Midland/Odessa is currently in an Oil Boom and the pricing must meet supply and demand, and it is probably Hard to find good employees, but I can honestly tell Marriott, you have an Unprofessional, uneducated in customer service agent working for you, answering your calls and booking the rooms and what I have always known Marriott to be at least a Class "B" Hotel. She makes it a Class "F"!!

This is ridiculous to not have even stayed there yet and I already feel uncomfortable with this location. I am making notation of this email, should something any more unprofessional occur, with my card number, my rooms I have booked or any other so called situation. I can be reached by email, so that there is DOCUMENTATION of this happening! I to this time, do not even know which reservation I have since I felt treated so poorly all we wanted to do was get off the phone. These are the numbers we were given. The first phone call reservation 84202736, 95810,95811. If you notice Melissa gave me the last two reservation numbers and did not even match the total number of numbers the first NICE representative (Hilda) gave me. So I am not sure if I even have reservations? I am too afraid to call back!!
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User Replies:
onlooker on 02/19/2013:
It appears that there was some confusion and bad communication going on.
But was it more important for you to be right and correct the employee - or to get your room needs straightened out.
This entire episode should be presented to the direct manager of the hotel - something incorrect was going on, and the employee needs more training.
Alain on 02/19/2013:
A direct contact with Marriott Corporation (600 Unicorn Park Drive, Woburn, MA 01801) by calling [781] 537-5204 may be useful for you so Marriott can be informed of the problem with their customer service personnel.
shayen on 02/20/2013:
I've always had excellent experiences with Marriott. I'm sorry that you did not. Hopefully, your complaint will reach the property authority and can be dealt with appropriately. Word of advice: going forward, before you start in on comments of a derogatory and personal nature towards an employee, just ask for the manager.
Mark Conner on 02/25/2013:
Sorry to hear your troubles. Clearly this is a franchise Marriott Property because normally if you ask for reservations you are transferred to one of Marriott's regional reservation call centers. Front Office Agents today are under significant pressure to be the hotel's PBX Operator, Reservations Agent, take calls from in-house guest, Check in / out Guest to name a few task. You can always call Marriott central reservations to straighten out the reservation situation. To resolve the issues with the employee, I would suggest contacting the hotel before noon and asking for the General Manager to voice your concerns. After you depart you can always review the hotel on TripAdvisor.
Susan on 01/04/2014:
I would have hung up on you too. Sounds like you are the one with the attitude.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
1780 NONCONNAH BLVD, MISSOURI -- I have had the worst experience with Marriott Courtyard at 1780 Nonconnah Blvd Memphis TN 38132.

I will never ever recommend anyone to another Marriott anywhere. I have filed a complaint with the hotel, BBB, the 800 number, and my bank. This is ridiculous.

I checked in on 10/17/2013 at 10:25 pm me and another person shared rooms. I was there for a work convention. The total on room was 252.76. I paid for 1 night which was equal to 126.38 which I authorized on my debit card then they gave me a receipt and began processing the other persons card for the other night. We got checked in another party that was there with us only had cash so I put the 40 incident fee on my card as well for their room. We all got checked in.

The next morning I checked my account and there was an extra 150 held on my card so I went to front desk talk to Jeremy who was the one who checked everyone in. What was fee - he told me he didn’t know and that it would fall off Sunday when I checked out. I said OK just checking.

Sunday when I checked out there was a young lady name jacques working at front desk. I asked her again what is this 150 hold she assured me it was just a deposit and it will fall off with the 40 incident fee that was charged to my room for other party and that not sure how long it would take because it was at bank discretion which was fine with me.

I get back home to Saint Louis, MO and somehow Marriott drop the 150 charge off account and then charge me for another night. I call back to them and they said they didn’t get the other party card or somehow it didn’t go though so the just charge me. I did not authorize it and not only that I went to front desk 2 days in a row asking about charges while other party was there with me and they never once said they did not get their card info, they told me it was a deposit hold.

So now I’m fighting that with Marriott and bank and now the 40 incident fee for other room is still on my account Marriott has horrible customer service even the manager Gabrielle was rude I have never experienced anything like this and I am going to complain every day to everyone that will listen until you all give me my money back.
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User Replies:
SteveWiginowski on 05/23/2013:
Here's what I think happened:

You used your card for your room and another room (though that room was paid for via cash and you were paying for just their incident hold fee, that put your card on file for their room). This is probably where the confusion occurs. Either your card was charged for their room (along with them taking the cash), or your card was charged for a 2nd night.

I would check back with the other group to see if they actually did check out in time or used the room for a second night, and if so, did they pay for it. If they didn't use it for a second room, see if you can get a copy of their receipt so that you can send it to the Marriot showing that their room was paid for with cash and shouldn't have been charged to your card as well.
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Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Experienced
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO -- I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott in North Olmsted Ohio from Saturday April 14, 2012 through April 16, 2012.I have been staying at this hotel since 2005. I was part of a bus trip that comes for a retreat every 3 months. I have never had a problem before but I no longer wish to stay at your hotel being treated like I was.

On Saturday night April 14th we didn't get back to the hotel till 2am. I was so tired I just wanted to go to bed. I pulled back the blanket to get into bed and there was a dry blood stain on my sheet. The blood was not from me. You could tell it was there for a bit because it was brown. I called the front desk the woman says I will have clean sheets sent up. 20 minutes later a young man knocks and hands me sheets to change the bed myself! I took the sheets and went to make my bed and the sheets were very wet. I call the front desk back she says I'll have more sheets sent up, by this time its almost 3am.

I got all the towels and covered the bed so I could sleep. In the morning I took the bloody sheet as well as the still very wet sheets to the front desk I asked for a manager the woman not wearing a name badge and dressed in a neon green T-Shirt said she was the Manager. I started to explain and she cut me off took the bloody sheet tossed it aside and said oh yeah they gave you the wrong sheets, they gave you the ones that weren't dry yet !! Then she just dismissed my complaint as if it was Not a big deal. Well it WAS a big deal to me to have to sleep on another persons blood and to have my complaint ignored really ticked me off. Do you realize how much disease could be carried in someone else's blood?

Then I reach down next to the chair in my room and find dirty stinky men's sweat socks! Instead of trying to make your Hotel lobby look like your in California with your Retro decor you should have started by training your staff. And the front desk night shift manager needs to take customer service training. Why did you start with the lobby when the rooms clearly should have been first?
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Courtyard by Marriott North Canton Ohio HORRIBLE SERVICE
Posted by on
CANTON, OHIO -- I was married on October 18th of 2009. I had paid the Courtyard by Marriott in North Canton Ohio to do my reception. This was to include tables, food, open bar, linens for tables, etc. Susan Campbell, the Catering and Event Manager, seemed very nice through planning the reception. As the day got closer the weather was not looking so good, so I called Susan to see if I could have the reception ready by 5:00 pm instead of 6:00 pm in case the weather was really bad, just so my guests had somewhere warm to go in case of rain. Well, the D. J. that I had hired also worked at the Marriott with Susan and she took it upon herself to call the D. J. and tell him that we had moved the time. The day ended up being decent so we got married outside and showed up for the reception at 6:00 pm. Upon arriving, we felt very uncomfortable that the employees working that night were very rude and seemed to be in quite a hurry to get us out of there. We had ordered food that was to be in buffet style. There was tons of food but none of my guests got seconds. Five minutes after the D. J. announced that we could go back for more, the food was already being taken away. And we were told that the food was thown away. Even though I had not told the D. J. to show up early, Susan Campbell did, so we got screwed on an hour of service that we paid for but didn't get. (B&F sound was the D. J. Service). They wanted another $100 to stay until 10:00 like we had planned anyhow. The "open bar" ran only had about a 12 pk. of beer, so when my guests went up for more, they were told that they didn't have anymore of that particular beer, even though it was "open bar". How does an open bar run out of beer when there is an actual bar in the lobby of the hotel? It made no sense. On top of everything, the tables were completely cleared off way before the night was over. My guests complained that when they went to the restroom and came back, their drinks, food, and my wedding favors were all gone and thrown away. The day after my wedding, I called Susan to tell her of all the problems, but instead of just apologizing for the mistakes, she insisted that nothing was their fault and by the end of the call she was yelling at me. She even said that he employees were angry that we didn't show until six when it was supposed to be at five. So apparently, if you plan an event here, and you don't show up on time, the employees have a right to be rude to you and your guests all night. Wow, I have never experienced anything like this. In the end, the reception was a disaster and I will never recommend the Courtyard by Marriott to anyone. BEWARE!!!!
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User Replies:
BEJ on 10/21/2009:
You called her and changed the reception time from 6:00 to 5:00. It stands to reason that she would call the DJ and change his time as well. I guess you were expecting all of them to stay late. You created the problem--not the hotel.
PepperElf on 10/21/2009:
For the DJ - you have to PICK A TIME. You cannot say "6 pm, but maybe 5"

You are not entitled to retain his services for an extra hour unless you are prepared to pay for it. That includes telling him to "be prepared to show up an hour early"

why? Because you're not the only client that DJ has. He may have other gigs that day. OR he may cancel other jobs to schedule in your event

so to expect him to keep everything clear just in case you MIGHT hold things earlier? No. You're only paying him for X amount of hours. That means you don't have the right to demand extra hours - even "maybe hours" unless you're prepared to pay for them.

If you disagree with that, review the contract. Cos if you force him to work an extra hour without paying him for it, you can be held accountable for it if he choses to take it to court.
yoke on 10/21/2009:
You changed the time from 6:00 to 5:00. The employees were expecting you at 5 and that is when the food was ready to be served. The reason the food was thrown away was it may have been out the alloted time and for health safety reasons may have had to be discarded. You were an hour late for your reception and then you wanted everyone to work an hour over to suit you.
Nohandle on 10/21/2009:
You and your guests showed up for the reception at 6:00 rather than 5:00 and were angry Susan had made arrangements to have everything ready as per your later request. Is this correct? I'm sorry to tell you receptions, along with a buffet, don't work that way no matter where you have them.

Had you shown up at 5:00 and there was no D.J. or any food ready would that have made you feel a bit better? It appears from what you stated this place made every accommodation they could. As far as the open bar went any place I've ever known of estimates the quantity of each beverage, informs the host beforehand and if any additional is needed the host pays an extra charge. It's not drink all you want of anything and we'll keep it coming. Food service works the same way.

It's a shame your wedding reception was spoiled but someone should have been in charge of communication with Susan throughout the evening. I will say there was no excuse for rudeness on the part of the employees.
Anonymous on 10/21/2009:
It sounds like to me Susan totally blew this one. Some people simply don't know how to deal with the public.

Lately Courtyard has really been pushing their meeting and event services. It seems like every week I get a Marriott ad pleading to let them handle my next event. Perhaps before they start hawking their services they should train their staff on how to actually handle an event. This type of service is inexcusable.

Good review OP. It's people like you sharing your experiences that saves people like me from the likes of people like Susan. (VH)
Anonymous on 10/21/2009:
I concur with the rest of them. YOU requested the change. YOU forgot to changer it back. You caused the problems.
JR in Orlando on 10/21/2009:
When you make arrangements, but then begin to change them verbally, you should always follow that up with a letter as to exactly what changes are being made, the cost of those changes, and what will be the results of those changes. Otherwise, not everyone will be on the same page.
Anonymous on 10/21/2009:
Ohio. Do the math.
Good luck on the marriage.
KristinJ1201 on 10/22/2009:
I think people misunderstanding what happened. I did not intend to "change the reception" to 5:00, but to have the room ready in case we had to get married in doors if it were raining outside. The time before this was to be 6-10, that's because open bar was 4 hours. The food wasn't to be served until 7 had everything went as planned before I changed the time. So, since we showed up at 6, the food should have just been being served or whatever. Susan told me, when I called to complain, that food only stays out for an hour, which had I known, I would have bought my own food somewhere else so there wasn't so much wasted. I don't have a lot of money and the almost 1500 that we spent on this reception took every penny we had. Just for reference, if you are limited on money, don't try to get a
"package deal" like this, it ends up being rather expensive and you don't get to pick from much. I didn't "forget" to change the time back, I just wanted a back-up ceremony place in case of rain. The wedding was always planned at 5. And the D.J., I did not expect anything for free, but if I wanted him to be there at 5, I would have told him so. Maybe is Susan would slow down and not rush every time that I spoke with her, maybe I could have explained myself better and things would have gone better. She was always in such a hurry that while speaking to her I felt like she never had enough time to just talk to me and explain things better. My family was with me on my day, so overall it was OK, but I would never work with this rude woman again. If you don't agree with me, go ahead, plan an event there with Susan and by the end of it, you will see. Once they have your money, they don't care what happens.
Nohandle on 10/22/2009:
Fair enough Kristen and thanks for coming back with additional information. A simple question. You wanted to have the room ready in the event the time of your ceremony was backed up due to the weather. If you and your guests had arrived to an empty reception area and then observed the personnel preparing everything with no food or drink available at that time would that have made you just a bit sore? Your guests just standing around....

You've given a good bit of insight to anyone else who hasn't planned a major function. Thank you for that.
Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
Kristin, I think that there was a misunderstanding between you and Susan. As you can see by how confused WE all were, it is reasonable to accept that somewhere what you said was not what she heard.

I am sorry you had a bad experience, but I feel you have to at least share some of the responsibility. And I am wondering: if you rented this paces for the reception, exactly HOW were they supposed to pull off a 'maybe" back up ceremony place?

I know when I planned our wedding and reception, everything had to be CONCRETE two weeks before. No changes, no maybes. I got married at Ramada Inn.
yoke on 10/23/2009:
You can't just say to them have the room ready at 5 just in case. Either the wedding started at 5 or 6. Can't have it both ways.
michelle81 on 10/27/2009:
When did you call and change your reception time back to 6pm? If you didn't want something set up at the hotel prior to 6pm why did you even call Susan at all? If it rained were you wanting to get married at the hotel itself? Rain or no rain the venue where you actually got married should take care of the accommodations, not the venue where you were scheduled to have your reception. My reception and wedding were held at two different places. It rained on our wedding day, so the chapel where we were married moved us indoors, got us hitched, and off we went to the reception hall...on time. I don't get why you had to back up the time at the hotel, instead of working out the rain contingency plans with your chapel. It sounds real insensitive I know, but hotels have a lot on their plates to begin with. An hour here or there to you may not seem like much, but to a hotel it's major. Who knows, they may have started sending staff home since you didn't show up or call to move the time to 6pm. I just wouldn't be so quick to blame the hotel...afterall they did give you a free hour.
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A Nightmare of a Stay
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ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- I stayed at this hotel this past weekend and will never go back. I booked a room with two double beds but when I arrived only a king room was available. Okay, that's no big deal, it happens, I thought. Well that was just the beginning of the adventure. We got up to the room, unpacked and I sat on the bed to relax for a few minutes. Within five minutes, both my friend and I started to break out in hives (mine worse than his). We called down to the front desk and told them what was happening and they changed our room. We were still broken out in hives but we figured it was probably left over from the previous room, so we decided to go to sleep. The next morning when I woke up, my eyes, my lips, my throat, my hands, and my feet were all swollen. Obviously it was the bed. On our way out to get breakfast we stopped by the front desk to tell them of our predicament. They advised us that some guests do have allergic reactions to the industrial soap they use so they could wash our bedding and towels in Tide (this was the first time I ever had an allergic reaction to any hotel bedding). We went out to breakfast and came back to the room to pick something up before we went sight-seeing in DC and the maid was in the midst of cleaning our room. Our bed had already been made and I asked the maid if the front desk had told her to wash the sheets in Tide, she stated yes they had, and we left. We stayed out most of the day and arrived back into the room around midnight. Again, five minutes after sitting on the bed I broke out in hives. The sheets had never been washed in Tide and still smelled of the industrial soap. We called the front desk and they stated that they would wash new sheets and then bring them up to us. About an hour later the security guard showed up with new sheets, handed them to us and left. We started to make the bed and discovered, the fitted sheet was for a double bed and not a king bed. My friend, went downstairs with the sheet to tell the front desk of the mix up and was told "what do you want me to do about it, there's nobody here". He said well there was someone here to wash these sheets, have that person wash a king sheet. The only two people running the hotel at this point were the front desk person and the security guard. They told my friend that he would have to go to the maids' closet to pick out a sheet if he wanted that done. My friend went, picked out a sheet and handed it to the front desk clerk. An hour later, the fitted sheet showed up washed in Tide (they had never given us a blanket, only sheets). We went to sleep and had no issues. The next morning we went out and returned in the evening to find that the maid had replaced our sheets with those washed in the industrial soap (we never put the card on the bed that was provided if you wanted your sheets changed). We again called to notify the front desk of the issue, but now they just didn't believe us stating they had made sure to tell housekeeping what kind of sheets we needed. I literally had to go downstairs to show them the hives that started to break out after laying on the bed for five minutes. Again they said they would have sheets washed in Tide. A few minutes later, a maitenance person showed up with sheets in packages. He didn't speak much English so he was hard to understand but we think they were brand new sheets that had never been used. He ended up leaving the sheets there and showing up an hour later with the Tide-washed sheets. He made the bed for us but it took a half hour. We had no issues after (we checked out the next morning)

There are some other things to watch out for at this hotel. The parking lot is not big enough and you often have to be issued a pass to park in the lot next door. Also, the parking spots face the wrong way. The building is also in the middle of a construction zone (although that's not their fault).

There are some good points to this hotel, however. It's a fairly good bargain if you're looking for an alternative to high-priced DC hotels. The Metro Station is just down the block. The on-site hotel parking is free (if you could get a spot). Everything is extremely clean and they provide free internet and office services.
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karleebarlee on 10/13/2009:
"(we never put the card on the bed that was provided if you wanted your sheets changed)"
Perhaps you should have taken this precaution.
Mrs. V on 10/13/2009:
karlee, Marriott uses the type of card that you place on the bed if you want the sheets changed.

The OP did not put the card on the bed so that housekeeping would 'not' change the sheets. ^_^
Nohandle on 10/13/2009:
I honestly have never heard of a place that requested one put a card on the bed if the occupant wanted the sheets changed. One place I stayed, several years ago, clearly stated if bathtowels/cloths were on the floor they would be replaced. If left hanging on the towel bar they would be left as is. I learned something new today. Thanks.
JR in Orlando on 10/13/2009:
This was a miserable time for sure. I switched detergents once, and wash most of my clothing. After I had put it all away and slept overnight, I woke up with big rashes. Had to go back and rewash "everything" I owned because was not sure what was washed in the irritating detergents.
JR in Orlando on 10/13/2009:
At the Orange County Jail we have to leave a card on our bunk asking for clean sheets if we want them changed. Even that only gets us 300 thread count sheets, not the smoother 600 count sheets so at times our skin gets a little irritated. The guards fluffing up our pillow and putting chocolate on the pillow occurs without request, but the jail is trying to save water on washing. That's also why they have eliminated the ice sculptures in the jail dining room, and required us to notify them ahead of time how much Perrier water we will be drinking with our meals.
Nohandle on 10/13/2009:
Bad Boy, JR. LOL. Save that response, it might come in handy later.
Mrs. V on 10/13/2009:
Hey Nohandle, I stay at a Courtyard Marriot when we go to visit my inlaws once a month (it's a 6 hour drive round trip). They've redone quite a few things, lately.

The one we stay at has if you put the card on the bed, they change your sheets. If you put towels on the floor, they give you new towels.

Nohandle on 10/13/2009:
I don't recall ever staying at a Marriott, it was another place with the handwritten notice in the bathroom in reference to the towels and bathcloths. I've never seen it since anywhere. At least I'll know if I ever stay at a Marriott.
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Not Fully Informed
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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- My family and I recently stayed at the courtyard by Marriott in Baltimore hunt valley... We were heading back to ny from myrtle beach and at 11:30pm, with a 6year old and a 3month old, we needed to stop somewhere... We promised our 6 year old we would find a place with a pool... I went in and told the man at the front desk that we did not have a reservation and wanted to know if they had an indoor pool... He said yes, told me the rate and I agreed... He asked how many nights we were staying and I said "one night, checking out tomorrow"... I asked him when check out was and he said noon... I then got into a little conversation with him about how excited my son would be when he got to go "swimming in the morning"... The man smiled and gave me my key... I then asked if there was a "complementary breakfast"... He said yes...

Well we get to our room, and it was very nice... Clean, large, and more than we expected for the 89$ rate we were paying... We felt we had finally gained a bit of luck for the day, since we had been in so much traffic all day long and did not get as far as we wanted until midnight...

2Am rolls around and I went for a walk to loosen the cramps in my legs... I found myself at the pool only to discover that the pool is only open from 4:30pm-10pm... So I went to the front desk... The woman there said it is actually open from 5pm-10pm...

Needless to say, I was pissed, and in turn did not sleep too well after that...
After sleeping I headed down to the lobby for some breakfast, only to discover that breakfast is not complimentary and that to feed my family I would have had to fork over another 30$ plus tax...

At that point I went to the room, told my son that he was not going to get to go swimming and packed up to leave...

I then went down to the front desk to check out and told the woman there that I was very disappointed in our stay... She asked why and I explained... All she said was, "oh, I'm sorry".

I guess I can't really expect anything like a discount or a free nights stay, but I felt like I was duped... People work hard for their money, and to pay $101.46 For a room to sleep in for 12 hours is a waste in my mind... We are frugal people, we try not to spend unnecessarily and when we do splurge, it is usually for a good reason... Our 6 year old, who was so patient in the hellish car ride was not only going to have to get back in the car for another day, but was not going to get the much needed exercise and freedom that he was looking forward to...

This hotel was a nice, quiet place to relax in, but all that was crushed... It was not a value at all in my mind and I am just incredibly disappointed... This was the first hotel we had stopped at, but we would have kept looking to find one with a pool, had the front desk clerk been upfront and honest with us... I feel frauded and ripped off... And all they could say to that was, "oh, I'm sorry".

What a waste...
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spiderman2 on 04/18/2009:
Not that they should have misinformed you, but at 11:30 PM with two young children in tow you would have driven around looking for hotel with a pool?
BokiBean on 04/18/2009:
spidey, sure! He was a good boy all day in the car, he deserved a treat!
Anonymous on 04/18/2009:
You lost sleep cause your son wasn't able to swim in a hotel pool? Community pools are gross. They aren't cleaned or maintained very well
Principissa on 04/18/2009:
They should have told this person up front what the hours for the pool were. Coming from someone who's driven 17 hours one way with 2 kids, I totally understand your frustration and him needed to release some steam!
Ponie on 04/18/2009:
Hmmmm--On the way back from Myrtle Beach ($$$) and complaining because $101.46 doesn't include free breakfast for three people and a pool prior to checkout time. Since you make these promises to your 6-year old, perhaps you should have stayed an extra night to satisfy him.
Nohandle on 04/18/2009:
I personally don't think a guest should be expected to ask every question there is to ask before checking in. Upon registration the desk clerk should tell you when asked: Yes, we have an outdoor pool open during the hours of whatever, Yes, we have an indoor pool available during the hours of whatever as well. I don't think it was a dishonest employee but one who just answered your question and no more. Complimentary breakfast should be just what was stated unless you showed up after the serving hours.
goatelite on 04/19/2009:
I do agree that correct information should be given out when asked. but all Courtyard Hotels do not have Complimentary breakfast unless it's on a promo that the hotel is running or included in the rate(which will be the Stay For Breakfast rate). I know most hotels have signs in the lobby saying pool hours.
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Horrible Service At Atlantic City Marriott
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ATLANTIC CITU, NEW JERSEY -- We booked a room at the Atlantic City Marriott on the above mentioned date and had the worst experience ever.

We checked in late around 7:30 and when we walked into the room the Air Conditioning was not working. On our way out to visiting the casinos, we brought the issue of AC not working to the front desk. The lady took down the room number (#1108) and even a guy called Ryan, who helped us check in was also there. We came back around 2:15 am in the room and to our surprise, the AC was never fixed. I called back again at the front desk and Ryan picked up the phone. When I asked about why the AC has not been fixed, he asks me ...oh..your AC is not working, what room number are you in...etc etc.. He asked me who did you tell at the front desk regarding the AC prior to this call and I said some lady... He answers back saying.. she is a trainee and she might have forgotten....

Is that my problem if the people at the front desk are trainees and they forget stuff?

Then again Ryan said that he is sending someone to the room to fix the AC, else if not fixed he would give us a different room to sleep.We waited and a guy named Andre turned up... The temperature inside the room was 76 and he upped it to 85 and when I asked ahy he's doing that, he said that by doing this the AC should start. We waited for the room temperature to go from 76 to 78 and the AC did not work at all, when we tried lowering the temperature.

I called back at 3:00 am again and Ryan said that he can shift us to a different room on the same floor to sleep, so I asked him that we are already so exhausted, if it'll be fine to leave the luggage and just move and sleep for the night. He wasn't sure so he said that you can talk to my Manager, a lady named Christie, who I feel is the rudest person I have ever talked to. When I explained her the whole story...she said that they don't have maintenance after 7:00 pm and I told her that Ryan send the guy name Andre to check the AC. She said that Andre is the security guy and not maintenance....I asked her that how am I supposed to what kind of a guy "Andre" is??? Do I own the Marriott??? She said the only thing she can do is that at 3:00 am in the morning, I will have to move all my stuff to a different room and sleep. and then she hung up on me.

How do you expect a person to move their stuff at 3:00 am in the morning? Is this the kind of service Marriott offers?

Till now, I only had the Marriott rewards card as we always believed in keeping one hotel for all our traveling needs...but seems like I will have to change it to a different one...

I am so disgusted and annoyed by the amount of service provided at the Courtyard Marriott in Atlantic City. We paid a total if $125 for the night and what do we comfort and exhaustion.

Disgusting is the word.... Majorly for the people at the Front Desk.

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spiderman2 on 07/01/2008:
What exactly prevented you from moving your stuff to another room. It shouldn't have been that difficult. They offered you a solution and you didn't accept it.
Anonymous on 07/01/2008:
AC in the middle of the night?? Did they ever get the issue fixed?
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/01/2008:
Sounds like they tried their best under the circumstances to make it right.
Crown Jules on 07/01/2008:
I fail to see any horrible service here on the part of Marriott. You, OP, on the other hand, seem to have a major attitude problem based on your overuse of sarcastic comments. Maintenance wasn't available at 3:00 in the morning (what a shocker!) and you refused their offer of a new room. What exactly did you expect?
Anonymous on 07/01/2008:
"How do you expect a person to move their stuff at 3:00 am in the morning?"

The same way you carried it in. If you had complained about no A/C and they said "too bad, stay in the room and we'll fix it tomorrow." you'd have had a legitimate beef.
Your insistence on leaving your baggage in one room while sleeping in another is a bit odd.
dekydrose on 07/01/2008: read my mind. That comment about how they could expect someone to move luggage at 3 AM was laughable to me.

As far as the OP's idea to leave her luggage in the room and get a different room...that's a HORRIBLE idea. When a guest changes rooms, the old room is then placed as available in the computer system. What if, the following morning,a guest arrived and requested early check-in and had the same room type as the OP's former? Then, on TOP of a broken AC unit, the OP would possibly find his or herself with missing items.

FORREALIAM on 08/22/2008:
WOW HATE MARRIOTT What a chip on your shoulders. OK let me guess since it sounded to me that they tried to help at 3AM Was it the free casino drinks or the fact that you lost your mortgage payment at the casions that brought out the anger? Just because your a Marriotts Reward Member doesn't give you any right to treat the hard working people like crap. Give respect receive respect. I for one always stay at Marriotts and even when problems come up they always make the best effort to fix it. Your the guy in the check in line that complains it took 2 mins longer because the clerk also had to deal with the phones. Do us other loyal Marriott guest a favor and go to a Motel 6 your giving us a bad name.
Slimjim on 08/22/2008:
I'm with the others, how long could it have taken to move whatever you brought to another room right on the same floor. They did the best they could by offering you another room and you refused to cooperate by bringing your belongings to it and instead, illogically insisting on leaving them unattended in a completely different room they obviously would need the key back/reset lock for.
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Disappointed. No alcohol at the pools
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PALM DESERT, CALIFORNIA -- That's right folks. New rules. No alcohol at the pools. ...but wait, what are all those people buying at the bar? ALCOHOL! But no, YOU are not allowed to bring ANY of your own. Nope. Not even cans! Walkie talkie, badge wielding guys in red shirts giving shake-downs of peoples coolers isn't cool. Especially when so many adults are simply enjoying the family-like atmosphere, like we are, and being very responsible (like adults should). Here's a crazy thought, pay those same guys to spot people getting out of hand and ask them to leave. You'd likely get applause from the hundreds of RESPONSIBLE people there! Instead, responsible parents have to explain to there kids why the "cops" were talking to them and asking them to leave!

...Here's another crazy thought: Although I was there with my family and 20 other families from my kids school. We're not coming back. Too many other choices. Buh bye!
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Iris on 06/16/2013:
It's highly unusual for an establishment that sells food and beverage to allow patrons to bring in their own food and beverage. Especially in a pool environment, they need to control the situation or risk a lawsuit.
trmn8r on 06/16/2013:
Alcohol and swimming don't really mix. Just saying...
FoDaddy19 on 06/16/2013:
I'd wager that at some point they did allow it, but there was one or more incidents where someone got liquored up and either had an accident or died by or in the pool, and the hotel was sued over it. And now rather that getting sued again they simply forbid alcohol by the pool.
Chaparrita on 06/16/2013:
Sounds to me like alcohol is permitted, but you have to buy it there, not bring your own. Makes sense to me. No bar would let you bring your own liquor. They are there to make money and alcohol sales help keep them in business.
cwazychicken on 06/17/2013:
You are there with a class and you want to drink!??? sounds a bit odd.
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